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Colin Farrell & Jamie Lee Curtis | Actors on Actors

  • Published on Dec 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • In their Actors on Actors conversation Jamie Lee Curtis and Colin Farrell bond over how they met their partners through the film industry. Jamie talks about the deep emotions hidden in her multi-dimensional character from 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' and why being sober is so important to her acting. Colin Farrell analyzes the story of 'The Banshees of Inisherin' and what it has been like working with Martin McDonagh since 'In Bruges.'
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  • H.M. Flores
    H.M. Flores 3 months ago +2047

    Colin Farrell should be a guest in every Actors on Actors season. Not only one of our best working actors, also one of our most eloquent.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 5 days ago

      @brintey speans same… tbh I’d love a show called Jamie Lee and Colin on actors. They are both so passionate and eloquent when they discuss their craft. I think we’d learn a lot about beloved films and actors because of the deep questions they would think and not be scared to ask. I know Jamie Lee Curtis is NOT shy.

    • kat
      kat 6 days ago +3

      Colin is “ours”, isn’t he, we claim him, don’t we? Jamie Lee, too, she is a treasure. What a sparkling, brilliant, brave, sweet, revelatory conversation between two kindred spirits. Congratulations to whoever decided to put these two in a room and roll cameras because this is art. Art heals. Thankful. Bless them both. 🙏🏻

    • Fã da TV
      Fã da TV 26 days ago +3

      He goes to far. He speaks non stop and interrupts Jamie too much.

    • Lex Kanyima
      Lex Kanyima Month ago

      I want to see Will Smith and Sly Stallone
      And Sly Stallone and Cameron Diaz talk with each other

    • Desley Kakoulidis Gallaway
      Desley Kakoulidis Gallaway Month ago +1

      Totally agree with you 👏🏻😍

  • some__random
    some__random 3 months ago +556

    Colin Farrell: "There's art everywhere. There's art on the street, there's graffiti; the whole world is buzzing with people trying to articulate their confusions and trying to reach each other through the frivolity of laughter and entertainment, or the depth of soul-searching story, narrative and performance."
    I've never heard this articulated so beautifully.

    • Brittni Tovar
      Brittni Tovar 8 days ago +1

      And on the go! I couldn't articulate that so beautifully if I had a whole day to come up with it lol

    • Spherical Hang
      Spherical Hang Month ago +4

      Very insightful and totally beautiful exploration about being human that Colin had in that moment.

    • DemonicTowtoe
      DemonicTowtoe Month ago +4

      This is why street photography is so important

    • Meg Webb
      Meg Webb Month ago +2

      @qwerttzizzi 31:06 yeah that entire speech of art gave me instant tears

    • qwerttzizzi
      qwerttzizzi Month ago +1

      @Mel Looney thx

  • Batman
    Batman 3 months ago +585

    Hahahaha, Colin interrupts Jamie so much. It'd normally be annoying but it's obvious it's coming from a place of childlike enthusiasm for his craft, and Jamie sees that clearly. It's like this manic eloquence that you can't help but love. Great discussion.

    • Cosmic Goddess
      Cosmic Goddess Day ago

      Jamie interrupts him a TON too

    • CG
      CG 18 days ago

      It’s an Irish thing. We’re talker and can’t wait to speak - sorry 😞

    • Sandman
      Sandman Month ago

      @What brings me Peace Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, her parents were class acts or so it seemed (one should never delve to deeply hahaha) but she was always came across sassy, and intelligent and yes you hit the nail on the head graceful and for me oh so beautiful and so totally underused. Aw well

    • What brings me Peace
      What brings me Peace Month ago +1

      @Sandman delightfully, though. I grew up loving Jamie as well. She's aged so gracefully. A real inspiration in a world of plastic faces.

    • Sandman
      Sandman Month ago +1

      @What brings me PeaceI hear ya loud and clear, and the other thing with the Irish is that even though we are speaking English they sometimes have to put up subtitles cause we talk too fast and the accents are thick. Yes he did come off slightly rude even I myself was telling him to breathe ( but I absolutely adore Jamie so I think I would have been the same with the excitement either that or the complete opposite frozen ) Jamie has been over to Ireland so much, bless she knows the score and so I hope both understood and forgave him. See what I mean , this could probably all have been said in one sentence but we Irish do tend to rabbit on.

  • TheMissingLink
    TheMissingLink 3 months ago +1986

    the chemistry between these two is unreal. someone put them in a movie asap!!

  • Brittni Tovar
    Brittni Tovar 8 days ago +6

    My God, Colin Farrell can talk! He is so brilliant, genuine, and poetic; it is quite lovely to listen to him!

    • L M
      L M 8 days ago

      He's amazing I love him...great actor

  • Virtuoso
    Virtuoso 3 months ago +1401

    Not to be dramatic, but I kind of live for Actor on Actor interviews. And this one is the most beautiful conversation about the human experience and art that I’ve ever seen. Jamie and Colin are the best to do this.

    • Ed Alexander
      Ed Alexander 24 days ago

      Passion for life I see

    • Ed Alexander
      Ed Alexander 24 days ago

      They are interesting to listen to . They are true to there artistic form.

    • Virtuoso
      Virtuoso Month ago

      @JokerCrowe agreed. Best idea. Most regular interviewers just can’t connect with the artist and it’s painful to watch. Actors on actors is so much better.

    • JokerCrowe
      JokerCrowe Month ago +2

      Seriously, this premise is so genius, the person who came up with it deserves a raise 😁

    • Lisa GannCampbell
      Lisa GannCampbell 2 months ago +1

      @Natalie Manor Why not ALL of those things?

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 3 months ago +482

    Jamie Lee Curtis is an icon, a legend and she is the moment.
    Can we please see her in more comedies?

    • Lisa C
      Lisa C 3 days ago

      @Virtuoso you are my people!!

    • Lucy Sweeney
      Lucy Sweeney 17 days ago

      See 27.21...Jamie Lee Curtis...kudos to YOU!Take a bow.

    • Virtuoso
      Virtuoso 3 months ago +1

      We love a Wendy reference.

    • Jose Hernandez
      Jose Hernandez 3 months ago +2

      Now come on now

    • MrGenexxx
      MrGenexxx 3 months ago +11

      @J. B. True Lies! Why everybody always ignores True Lies??? GOD DAMMIT!

  • enigmaren
    enigmaren Month ago +24

    “We’re gonna die, and we’re gonna make mistakes.” Then they both talk about sobriety. Powerful.

  • God Emperor of Dune
    God Emperor of Dune 3 months ago +117

    Farrell is the world's MOST underrated actor. His acting has such depth and power.

    • Jissan Huq
      Jissan Huq 2 days ago

      I think he was a for decades but this far along i think everyone gives him his due

    • Anthony Townsend
      Anthony Townsend 3 days ago

      Narr, he's rated about right, his acting has average depth and power. Lots of actors with more depth and power. I've known people personally with lots of depth and power who aren't even "actors". Far too much "celebrity" arse kissing going on in this world.

    • Kimberley Hanlon
      Kimberley Hanlon 5 days ago

      Isn’t he … I adore him
      How he communicates as a person wow
      And draws on that into his acting which resonates to me
      So underrated as you’ve stated

    • Durham Girl
      Durham Girl Month ago +2

      I wouldn’t say he’s the worlds most underrated. They are usually the people we never get to see. There are brilliant actors that never get to his level. He’s lucky to have more chances

  • obiwantchocolate
    obiwantchocolate 3 months ago +875

    Colin is like a beating heart personified. He so readily draws from his deep well of emotions, and it was a truly beautiful thing to behold here.

    • N M
      N M Month ago +3

      i ugly cried listening to him speak so openly, purely, honestly. what a gem of a man our Colin is

    • Malin
      Malin 2 months ago +6

      He's such a gem. Could listen to him talk all day. Incredibly well spoken too!

    • Batman
      Batman 3 months ago +11

      Amazing description, a beating heart personified. Agree completely.

  • Eric Adams
    Eric Adams 3 months ago +50

    Jamie Lee is pure class not buying into Hollywood pressure to make yourself look 20 years younger. Look your age and be proud!

  • kiwigirljacks
    kiwigirljacks 3 months ago +319

    I started crying when Colin played that music and Jamie really felt it with him. This whole sit down was incredible!!

    • Taffy Allen
      Taffy Allen 7 days ago +1

      I did also.

    • edie crawford
      edie crawford 9 days ago +1

      @R Mmm such a grimy comment to make - clearly have no respect for either of them.

    • Sable M
      Sable M 3 months ago +2

      I've never shared such a raw experince with other people. Maybe I should go see orchestras lol

    • Cangaca777
      Cangaca777 3 months ago +2

      I felt it too. very beautiful song!

  • Cote Vallejos
    Cote Vallejos 3 months ago +406

    When Jamie started to talk about her sobriety and the generational pattern with that addiction my eyes started to balling out, and just her voice changing when talking about that just made me want it to hug her! I’ve never struggle with any addiction myself but I have the biggest respect and appreciation for the people who had made it 🫶🏻 You can all do it, always remember that!

    • Vince Commando
      Vince Commando 2 months ago +2

      @Bipolarbear 4873 I am very sorry for your loss. I have no problem believing that they were all good people that deserved better lives than that.

    • Bipolarbear 4873
      Bipolarbear 4873 2 months ago +1

      @Vince Commando me too mate, we had a school reunion in September, 2/3rds of my year are dead😩

    • Vince Commando
      Vince Commando 2 months ago

      @Bipolarbear 4873 You're right about that. I proud of the the ones that do pull through the bullshit and rebuild their lives.

    • Bipolarbear 4873
      Bipolarbear 4873 2 months ago +2

      Some of them don't make it😔

  • Daniela Pallares
    Daniela Pallares Month ago +21

    Both of them at the edge of tears at some points, so vulnerable. You can tell they really feel everything very deep in their hearts! My favorite here is Colin, as he is one of my favorite actors and you can tell he has learned so much after being sober because the way he talks about life is so profound but also protected as if he doesn't want to be misinterpreted, I know that very well.

  • Liam Sheasby
    Liam Sheasby Month ago +10

    Love that Colin sang Kerry Condon's praises. Great actress. I first saw her in 'Unleased' (2005 with Jet Li, Morgan Freeman) and was impressed that she brought some gravitas to what would otherwise have been just a fight movie. She was the perfect choice for Banshees and it showed.

  • Don Morales
    Don Morales 3 months ago +419

    It is time for Jamie Lee Curtis to get her well deserved and overdue Oscar. She's an icon and was incredible in Everywhere Everything All At Once.

    • bztrd80
      bztrd80 20 hours ago

      @Jissan Huq and? did u get paid or you do this for free?

    • Jissan Huq
      Jissan Huq 2 days ago

      @bztrd80 lolol i guess your bold take did not age well

    • Robert R
      Robert R 8 days ago +3

      And she did!

    • A. Milo
      A. Milo 20 days ago

      @bztrd80 Open mouth , insert foot, you spoke too soon ...Jamie won the SAG award over the weekend for her role...."Over the past 28 years, 83 of the 112 Academy Awards winners in the four acting races had first collected SAG Awards. That success rate of 74% makes this precursor prize a KEY BELLWETHER to follow when making your 2023 Oscar predictions." .... Not saying she will win the Oscar for sure, or that this is a guarantee, but wow, maybe just take a moment and think before you start posting as a keyboard warrior....

  • Vince Commando
    Vince Commando 3 months ago +81

    Colin Farrell is so unbelievably talented and he has a deep appreciation for life. Seeing art and artists for joy they bring others. Jamie Lee Curtis has done such a massively wide range that most actresses will never match. Her humor and her sincere appreciation for not underdogs, but overlooked champions. All so inspiring that we all go through life doing the daily grind. That most of the time we overlook so many beautiful things and brilliant people. I would love to see that attitude end and everyone go through life feeling like they belong anywhere.

  • simonjenkin
    simonjenkin 3 months ago +231

    i really think colin will win the oscar for banshees. it was such a vulnerable and open performance, with such depth and humanity, while also managing to be laugh out loud funny. i hope brendan and kerry win oscars for it too, but i really think it's going to be colin's year

    • bee
      bee 7 days ago

      congrats to brendan

    • Pasty 365
      Pasty 365 21 day ago

      It's going to Austin, I think... I hope I'm wrong.

    • Skyebright1
      Skyebright1 22 days ago

      @Durham Girl I think being younger he has other Oscar years ;)

    • Debbie Stokoe
      Debbie Stokoe Month ago

      Sorry but it’s Austin’s

    • Durham Girl
      Durham Girl 2 months ago +1

      I love it but the Austin butler performance was extraordinary I mean the WORK

  • ed1rko17
    ed1rko17 3 months ago +103

    Variety was really like "let's just get the two most charismatic, personable people in Hollywood in a room together" and we are all here for it. Listening to Colin Farrell and Jaime Lee Curtis talk is like listening to poetry. That sounds pretentious but seriously, these two individuals are one of a kind.

  • Brittany Cunningham
    Brittany Cunningham 2 months ago +21

    I’ve never heard anyone speak as beautifully and the most eloquently as Collin Farrell does. I’ve never cried during an Actors on Actors until this interview. I’m in total awe

  • brownyuio
    brownyuio 2 months ago +42

    I don’t think I’ve been this attentive to an Actor On Actor on this level before. I feel like I’m part of a scene in Waking Life or something - amazing stuff. A delightful pairing!

  • pureb
    pureb 3 months ago +318

    The pairing I never knew I needed but it makes total sense. I agree about Kerry Condon in this movie. She was brilliant. Definitely deserves an Oscar nom for her performance. "Tell me about the donkey". 🤣 Words I thought I'd never hear Jamie Lee Curtis say.

    • Vince Commando
      Vince Commando 3 months ago +2

      Didn't see the donkey coming either. Let's all say a prayer for that donkey. So it knows we all with it in spirit.

    • Christopher Liston
      Christopher Liston 3 months ago +2

      Now that's Funny! Cheers!

    • Laura Carter
      Laura Carter 3 months ago

      Here’s the full vid: that explains
      after so long, it’s here.

  • Whitney Faust
    Whitney Faust 2 months ago +43

    The interviews were actors talk technique is very interesting to be sure. But this... this was breathtaking. A beautiful, genuine experience of human connection. Honesty, sadness, joy, gratitude. It filled me with the indescribable joy of hearing someone put into words a feeling or thought you believed you were the only one to have experienced. Didn't want this conversation to end.

  • booniegran
    booniegran 3 months ago +256

    Wow. This is a powerful pairing. Witnessing them sharing their hearts and thoughts with one another really moved me. After watching this I appreciate them on an entirely new level. Actors don't merely entertain, they inspire depth of thought and sense of connection.

  • Senefra
    Senefra 3 months ago +126

    Marvelously inspired pairing, the ease of seeming familiarity they share with each other, even though they've only interacted a few times over the years, is so endearing. It was like seeing an approvingly responsible big sister catch up with her energetically enigmatic little brother.

  • Kathy Turner
    Kathy Turner 2 months ago +7

    This is easily one of the best Actors on Actors I've ever watched. The connection Jamie Lee and Colin develop right before our eyes is amazing.

  • Dani K
    Dani K Month ago +11

    The loss of a friendship is so painful. The film was an honest depiction of that pain. The way director made you feel for both characters. The journey of their unraveling was beyond the pale.

  • Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell 3 months ago +85

    What a strange and beautiful, thoughtful, generous, and poetic conversation. Truly a lovely interview between Colin and Jamie Lee -- thank you for this. There was eloquence, kindness, and joy here -- I needed this. Kudos to both, and thank you for giving us such a lovely moment.

  • Just Browsing
    Just Browsing 6 days ago

    Never would have expected these two actors to have such common minds & purpose. This was my favorite episode by far. 🙏❤️👏👏👏

  • Bashful Michael
    Bashful Michael 3 months ago +166

    This was much deeper than I thought it was going to be. Beautiful conversation between these two incredible actors. One of my favorite pairings.

  • Epic Nexus Studios
    Epic Nexus Studios 3 months ago +150

    These two could run a talk show on the regular and it'd be better than anything else out there. Love the energy they share here.

  • Katya Vinogradova
    Katya Vinogradova 3 months ago +82

    Wow, what an incredible duo! Most of these interviews are engrossing, but this one was on another level. Such profound, beautiful, heartfelt words said about art and the human condition, and the stories that they shared... Thank you for this!

  • Dani K
    Dani K Month ago +28

    Jamie Lee Curtis blew this role right open. She was unrecognizable. I watched EEAAO again with my teenage son. He sat in shock for a few minutes at the end. It was so beautiful. It stays with you.

  • Giyu
    Giyu 3 months ago +168

    These two are delightful together which is a surprise.
    Also - 5:00 "I believe the kids call it ghosting" that got a chuckle out of me I love Colin Farrell.

    • L G
      L G Month ago +4

      I have partied with Colin. He likes being current with todays slang. He asked me many times what certain words r popularly used in the states, like, he was curious about the expression, “She makes “stupid money”…That was just one. He liked the expression for someone being wealthy as, “loaded”…He liked my usage of what’s typical for US residents, but not for a newbie Irish bloke. I like the UK’s choice in slang for money too. “Quid” is one.

    • Clare
      Clare 2 months ago

      At least colin is honest 🙂

  • Ele
    Ele 2 months ago +4

    Both of them are poets. Listening to how deeply they understand themselves and just humanity and how well they communicate all of it brings me such joy. Absolutely poetic

  • Eddie Cardwell
    Eddie Cardwell 3 months ago +49

    Jamie Lee Curtis was amazing in EEAAO. Even in the silly moments she killed it. My favorite movie of the year. Hearing them talk about Colin’s movie makes me want to go see it, it sounds great. Colin is a big teddy bear, great guy.

  • littlelyds333
    littlelyds333 3 months ago +58

    This interview and these people give me actual hope for the human race
    Intelligence and empathy, kindness and just amazing

  • Dianne Dixon - TeXXic
    Dianne Dixon - TeXXic Month ago +10

    I didn't think I could love this pairing even more. And then came the support donkey.🤣🤣🤣 I have to say that Colin has place in my heart. He seems so tuned-in, and I'm here for it

  • Margaret Sporer
    Margaret Sporer Month ago +11

    What a treat to watch and listen to Jamie Lee and Colin. These are two who have been through the addiction mill and come out the other side brilliantly. Both share the humility of gratitude, and the joy of being authentic, and appreciated for it. Colin is a man fully realized, and he broke my heart in "Banshees', with his hurt and bewilderment at being "dumped so beautifully, painfully portrayed. He is an eloquent advocate for the presence of art in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. Jamie Lee as always a class act ☘☘

    • Margaret Sporer
      Margaret Sporer Month ago

      @L G ??

    • L G
      L G Month ago

      Don’t over kids their arses tho. 🤣🤣👏👏

  • rose_quartz_loveandlight
    rose_quartz_loveandlight 3 months ago +81

    Colin is just so charming and Jamie Lee Curtis is a forever class act ❤

  • Nina Savino
    Nina Savino Month ago +13

    this conversation is so much more than a conversation between two actors about the work they do... such an important deeply important conversation about being human

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 3 months ago +84

    That was a genuinely lovely interview. The film Intermission Colin mentioned was a little gem, also stars Cillian Murphy and Kelly Macdonald. It’s quite a funny, offbeat, crime romance, i highly recommend any fan of Colin Farrell to see it, he has a relatively small part but he really stands out in that film.

    • Creation
      Creation Month ago

      @Niall McKenna Intermission came out in 2003. In bruges came out in 2008

    • Niall McKenna
      Niall McKenna 2 months ago

      I always remember it came out around the time of In Bruges. I loved both of them.

    • Shane Monahan
      Shane Monahan 3 months ago +3

      I agree great movie ,,,, as they say in the states

    • Aileen Lennon
      Aileen Lennon 3 months ago +4

      His friend needed help in getting it made, Colin was home and said that he’d do some work on it, once his name was attached the film went ahead…and the legend that is Intermission was made…

    • phynes1
      phynes1 3 months ago +3

      Classic. Colm meeney too. Top movie.

  • Trevor Tolva
    Trevor Tolva 3 months ago +98

    Someone, please put these two in a movie. I could listen and watch these two for hours.

    • Durham Girl
      Durham Girl Month ago

      This is the movie but it’s mainly about one person

  • aidan kearney
    aidan kearney 3 months ago +70

    Jamie Lee ," sobriety is a legacy she hopes for " just baring her soul. Colin just so deep. Loved this chat.

  • dancedj2k2
    dancedj2k2 3 months ago +64

    When Jamie Lee was talking about the struggle to say sober, I teared up and wanted to give her a hug. Someone give Jamie Lee a hug from me. 🙂

  • Eun-Sol Kim
    Eun-Sol Kim 3 months ago +67

    What a pure and just lovely interview. Could listen to these two talk for hours on end.

  • BR KAZ
    BR KAZ 2 months ago +8

    Have always loved Jamie, but to hear Collin speak is a wonderment. Such depth of understanding of himself. Both films were emotional revelations, but Banshees still resides in my mind and heart, so simple and profound.

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago +31

    The most lovely, sincere and warm talk between actors I've ever seen. Loved it. Even though I wasn't a fan of them before, I am now. Such connection, such deepness, and unexpected similarity of experience, and chance, and fate, and magic and.. oh. Got to be re-watched.

  • J B
    J B 3 months ago +91

    So funny…I lived in LA for sixteen years and worked near the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica. I had the opportunity to meet both of these wonderful people at different times almost in the exact same place. Early in Colin’s career, he’d hang out on the Promenade to simply meet people. He’s a social guy. I was walking towards him and he just said hello and I stepped over to shoot the breeze. Just a ten minute conversation about LA and how it’s so different than Dublin. I’m Irish too so we just talked about that. A few years later, in the same general area I am waiting in line at the cinema and Jamie Lee is in front of me with a friend. Some obnoxious tourist started bothering a guy in front of Jamie and she stepped up and told him to Eff off and leave him alone. She was cool AF and exactly as you see her here. Warm, friendly and lovely. She talked to all of us in the line and kept us entertained until the box office opened. Good people, both.

  • Jake Barnum
    Jake Barnum 14 days ago

    Both of their movies are 10/10 to me and it's wonderful to see them talk about it in this way

  • wuodbonde
    wuodbonde 2 months ago +2

    26:30 when Jamie Lee tells this story, I loved how Colin was listening so intently. The verses she recited at the end were beautiful and heartwarming. What an amazing connection they both have.

  • Sophia a
    Sophia a 3 months ago +43

    These actors on actors series are truly one of my favourite things to watch on Clip-Share. Would love if these were also available in podcast format so I could listen to some of these conversations during walks

    • Amanda
      Amanda 3 months ago

      and also be even longer then

  • Tika Vladi
    Tika Vladi 2 months ago +7

    What A Dialogue !!! Two amazing actors and wonderful human beings ♥️♥️♥️

  • gabzi
    gabzi 2 months ago +2

    17:29 my heart absolutely melted. their expression says it all. absolutely brought tears to my eyes...and Jamie was right. that was meant to be.

  • Nhi Nguyen Thi Yen
    Nhi Nguyen Thi Yen 3 months ago +37

    "Thought about myself took me to thought about you". Oh his honesty. Colin always says something that makes me feel so relatable. I never heard anyone said this out loud and sometimes when I do something nice that make people say I'm good, I feel like I'm betraying their trust and compliment because I already consider everything about me and my situation before I offer some help... or like this case, just thinking about what I need and what other people would also need.

  • Tara Evans
    Tara Evans 12 days ago +4

    I cried, in a good way, during multiple parts of this interview... but I smiled through the tears. What a moving discussion.

  • lian ong
    lian ong 3 months ago +8

    Such profound, intelligent, and passionate conversation! Jamie LC n Collin F are both great actors, artists n philosophers of our time! Love them! ❤

  • S K
    S K 3 months ago +53

    This was so beautifully different from other interviews. With two 'in-the-moment' actors you get nothing else but difference for the better. Where else do you get spontaneous music playing bringing both to tears. So organic this discussion. Well done on the pairing. **Just a small update as I wrote my comment mid- way....so much more to come... So much more substance than just acting...

  • GhoulReviews
    GhoulReviews 3 months ago +8

    I honestly think Colin Farrell might be my favorite actor, I dont think there's anything that dude cannot do in front of the camera and was my favorite part of the latest Batman film. Can't wait to see Banshees Of Inisherin, with the clips i've seen of it it looks like it could be my favorite movie of the year. Him, Martin Mcdonaugh and Brendan Gleeson are the dream team.

  • Kerry Murphy
    Kerry Murphy 3 months ago +27

    Jamie Lee is so confident that it takes someone just as strong as her to match her & Colin did a good job.

  • Kelly Lauren
    Kelly Lauren 3 months ago +17

    This interview is so chaotic in a good way. I love them both, so inspiring.

  • Jissan Huq
    Jissan Huq 2 days ago

    Colin is the long term investment. Been a fan since day one and man did he have his doubters. One of the best actors of our era and happy he never got distracted by big fame

  • LJP
    LJP 3 months ago +5

    Why did I tear up when Jamie was telling us the end of her book. My gosh, that was beautiful.

    • simone
      simone 3 months ago +1

      she is so real i cried too

  • Elizabeth Kuzina
    Elizabeth Kuzina 3 months ago +11

    What an emotional conversation! Colin is such a beautiful soul! He and Jamie have clearly been tormented by life, and I love how they've learned to see the beauty and solace it has to offer in even the smallest of things. I couldn't hold back my tears listening to them.

  • Nikolai508
    Nikolai508 2 months ago +1

    This was fantastic, thank you to Jamie Lee and Colin for being so candid and thank you Variety for putting this together.

  • pandawars
    pandawars 3 months ago +41

    The way Collin receives and respects Jamie Lee as an artist and an actor is so thrilling to watch. I loved this interview. Great stuff.

  • haloedhero
    haloedhero 3 months ago +51

    There’s a magnetic, frenetic charisma and curiosity that Colin posesses and there is a divine poet and craftsmen in Jamie lee curtis.

  • Thomas Riedel
    Thomas Riedel Month ago +4

    This is the first interview I saw where I had to cry. This is also the interview I had to cry a second time. Also thanks for the donkey story! ❤️

  • shelley king
    shelley king Month ago +2

    What a conversation! The two are somehow MORE, or DEEPER than most. They have cores that shine through this talk, shines through their work, through their eyes. The talent comes from that. The need to somehow experience and share the art they are in, and capable of themselves, with the rest of us.

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      Haha 😂 you seem so amazing 😍 I love your comment and I really appreciate your sincere support to my...........career 😊 thanks so much sweet and loving fan 💋 where are you watching from?

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    • Carol Sherfinski
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