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I bought the strangest smartphones ever.


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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  2 years ago +4561

    I think I need to stop making these videos 😂
    First episode: clip-share.net/video/FXqoPVC72xs/video.html
    Second Episode: clip-share.net/video/zzQY7hjiKtU/video.html

    • Anthony Mather
      Anthony Mather 10 days ago

      Me: Mrwhosetheboss, what do you do with all of the phones you buy?
      Mrwhosetheboss: make fake google accounts and get an extra 100k likes on my youtube videos 😅

    • Guestchalice876
      Guestchalice876 Month ago

      .................. why?

    • Partha Pokharel
      Partha Pokharel 2 months ago

      Make a video about buying anything that looks or feels cool and is under $100

    • adam ridza
      adam ridza 2 months ago


    • Raze
      Raze 2 months ago


  • Narkar Bros
    Narkar Bros 2 years ago +9320

    Those star wars phones are gonna be collector items worth millions soon

    • GeorgeCartwright
      GeorgeCartwright Year ago

      Not with the way Star Wars has been run into the ground its not.

    • John Lynch
      John Lynch Year ago


    • iceman 1841
      iceman 1841 Year ago

      @Zander Witthoft depends on the Android lmao

    • Zander Witthoft
      Zander Witthoft Year ago

      @iceman 1841 if he has an android, probably good.

    • Fuser
      Fuser Year ago


  • CCFIFresno - J Boscariol

    I just watched this today and I have to say Bravo. That was cool AF, who of us hasn't wanted to just dump several K into a bunch of Random arse phone's just to see if they're real. Thank you for the experience brother. LoL

  • I'm a motherfreaking avocado
    I'm a motherfreaking avocado 11 months ago +636

    I love how distracted he gets when shopping on Wish, he's just like "Yep, buying phones... Ooh, gotta get me this mug"

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen 11 months ago +210

    The thermal camera phone seems to be a work phone made for trade workers, like electricians and builders. It would certainly be quite handy for them!

      ITRURELIG1ON Month ago

      And for me to search for weed lockups to rob on the allotments where I live also I’d love a thermal imagining camera phone thanks or an app to do it

    • Kanken 6174
      Kanken 6174 8 months ago +16

      It is, having a thermal camera as a maker or electrician is super useful to detect dead components on a board. Most of these "rugged" phones aren't fit for the everyday user, as they have low specs for their price. But in the right hands they become a powerful tool. Even the chinese ones like blackviews do a good job at that, and i think his video on rugged phones didn't do them justice in that.

  • hatednyc
    hatednyc 11 months ago +27

    This reminds me of the late 90’s - 00’s where mom and pop mobile stores were everywhere selling all kinds of phones. This was before major brands dominated the market as they do now

    • NekroHatred
      NekroHatred 11 months ago +6

      Those were the days. I remember getting a cingular wireless phone from one. Was better times.

  • Aaron Worsnop
    Aaron Worsnop 2 years ago +5400

    I've set a budget of 2 dollars and today we'll be reviewing the strangest paper clips

    • howdy kid
      howdy kid 2 days ago

      yep..and for other tech things there is Arun

    • Makai Stum
      Makai Stum 3 days ago


    • Makai Stum
      Makai Stum 3 days ago


    • Chloe
      Chloe 5 days ago +1

      sounds pretty realistic

    • Slayify
      Slayify 18 days ago +1

      He actually made it

  • likhaivansalmonabo
    likhaivansalmonabo 2 months ago

    But² Samsung galaxy beam 2 was actually impressive!

  • HemTheChicken
    HemTheChicken 2 months ago

    what if the ability of all the phones combine and make one phone. That will be so cool

  • Brandon Giesing
    Brandon Giesing 5 months ago +20

    Regarding the unbranded phone, it's likely cause AliExpress has lots of products you can get in bulk whitelabeled. So the idea is, you ask the seller to slap your brand on then resell it with a massive profit slapped on, that's why it's unbranded and basically sold almost at cost.

  • Khalifa Diggi
    Khalifa Diggi Month ago

    Who would buy this devices 😂😂😂

  • techFAUX
    techFAUX 2 years ago +3913

    King of rickrolling !!

  • shitt_ snacker
    shitt_ snacker Year ago +26

    I’d love a full review of all of these phones! Obviously that would be a lot of work, but I’m most curious about that tiny one! What is the audio/microphone like? What features does it have? Does it have 4G? I’m just so curious haha!

    • Charlotte Dashwood
      Charlotte Dashwood 3 months ago

      That Coca Cola phone is so lovely I’d wear that thing as a pendent

    • zenfri
      zenfri 4 months ago

      yes !! i want him to try and call someone

    • The very cute Rabbit
      The very cute Rabbit 9 months ago

      @Safwan AhmedMia 🤚🤬😤

    • The very cute Rabbit
      The very cute Rabbit 9 months ago +1

      @Safwan AhmedMia stop spamming us especially in the entertainment videos (and why youtube don't ban this kind of people)

  • Darryl Forbes
    Darryl Forbes 11 months ago +16

    The projector phone is actually interesting. I could myself using it as a makeshift projector so I wouldn’t have to pass my phone around to everyone for them to see something.

  • LextoonStudio
    LextoonStudio 11 months ago +9

    i like how he literally spends 3/4 of the budget on regular phones with 1 feature

  • Bjørn von Seefunk
    Bjørn von Seefunk 2 months ago

    I subscribed by accident but I stayed ☺️

    BTS YOUNIVERSE Year ago +3646

    I love how he buys smartphones like they are pencils 😂

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth  11 days ago

      Sponsored the sponsors give him some cash then he will have to pay them back with interest

    • Big dig
      Big dig Month ago

      Well his gain his money on yt way more than that lol

    • sam ツ
      sam ツ 2 months ago

      incredibly poor comparison

    • Hynus Hordizen
      Hynus Hordizen 2 months ago

      @G.I.B.O At least he/she didn't spam 'i LOvE BtS💜💜💜💜' anywhere

    • adam ridza
      adam ridza 2 months ago


  • de_anubis 🇨🇭
    de_anubis 🇨🇭 4 months ago +7

    The drawing tablet is amazing for the price! The fact that ot exists and they didn't send you random cables or something you didn't order is crazy.

  • toshineon
    toshineon 11 months ago +4

    Fun to see some oddities. A lot of phones nowadays, and for the past few years, have been a little bit boring, or maybe sterile is the correct word. Too focused on specs, too little focus on any personal tastes. Preferences don't always make sense after all.

  • William Bryant
    William Bryant 7 months ago +2

    I love how these older videos he has a budget of $4000, and later ones have a $10,000 budget. 😂

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi Month ago

    Imagine using Night vision camera at home and suddenly you see many humans grouping together and asking you too to enjoy and you starts enjoying with them but later you realise that you are single and you live alone...

  • Jacob Bin Ojo
    Jacob Bin Ojo 2 years ago +2300

    My friend: Hey bro what's your phone called again?

      ALTWAYT 5 months ago

      I don't get it

    • Hampter
      Hampter Year ago

      Phone at home:

    • Syafeera Jihan
      Syafeera Jihan Year ago

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    • Lemon200
      Lemon200 Year ago +1

      L ok

    • Plainly Put Truth
      Plainly Put Truth Year ago

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  • Zsigmond Kara
    Zsigmond Kara 11 months ago +1

    The BlackBerry Passport was the best phone I ever had. I still liked the PRIV after it because of the sliding form factor, but the android system was a huge downgrade.

  • NovaRL
    NovaRL Month ago +1

    my guy that wasnt a huawei, that was a huavvei

  • Czar
    Czar 11 months ago +3

    The retailers must have had a good laugh when they got your orders

  • Murf
    Murf 11 months ago +3

    I've honestly seen pretty surprising reviews about some of those CAT phones, obviously they do construction equipment and stuff so they have some aspect of a reputation they wouldn't want to trash so they aren't just all garbage some of them actually seem pretty nice

  • Raymart Mercado
    Raymart Mercado 2 months ago +1

    5:36 Rick Astley 😂

  • Zayd Buhari Nazeer
    Zayd Buhari Nazeer 8 months ago +1

    I love your videos and how much effort you put into them!

  • Pableen Martin
    Pableen Martin 2 months ago

    que buen telefono el bmw

  • southcoaster
    southcoaster 11 months ago +2

    I wish you had spent more time on the Star Wars phones - otherwise, it was really interesting. The Coke phone looks like it would be a good option for a throw-away phone.

    • -XD_Crafter- 117
      -XD_Crafter- 117 6 months ago

      Like from what i could tell its just star wars themed. I can get that "for free" on my phone

  • Ecchinot
    Ecchinot Year ago +2610

    “I bought the strangest smartphones in the world”
    *buys a mug*

    • weegie334
      weegie334 4 months ago

      @Blakksheep Mug. it allows you to store and drink liquids

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 4 months ago

      @weegie334 what does it do?

    • weegie334
      weegie334 4 months ago

      The iMug, priced at £999.99

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 5 months ago

      @Sneaky_Boy why did you steal Sam's mug? He was still using it.

    • gigachad
      gigachad 6 months ago

      @0472he well atleast the "nerd" has a life

  • Noel Small
    Noel Small 2 months ago

    This gentleman, is by far the most eloquent presenter in his field. I’m looking to change my phone, so watched various videos on iPhones, and other make’s. Nobody comes close to explaining the different manufacturers, and the specs there in….
    No question who to take balanced advice from.
    Mrwhosetheboss !

  • dpajc056
    dpajc056 2 months ago +4

    Is the BMW phone gonna charge you a monthly subscription for using the charging port?

  • Teddy Smitht
    Teddy Smitht 6 months ago +1

    I really like the projecter idea. Hell, I would use that all the time.

  • Origami84
    Origami84 2 months ago

    The star wars phone are great. If only they came out before the disney era.....

  • NateIsLame
    NateIsLame 2 years ago +1410

    $69? Nice.

    • RB
      RB Year ago


    • Lol
      Lol Year ago

      @v a j a no one cares 😃

    • About
      About Year ago


    • Romel Villegas
      Romel Villegas Year ago

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    • Footylad
      Footylad Year ago

      Funny number

  • William the doorman
    William the doorman 6 months ago

    Hello my friend you are absolutely amazing you keep everything simple you are very humble person, and a soft spoken gentleman, I love your channel. I've learned so much tech knowledge from you so now me and few friends agree with you %100. And you make so much sense
    Thanks your friendly neighborhood Doorman william from NYC forgettaboutit 👊 😀

  • JuiceBoy
    JuiceBoy Month ago

    Is anyone gonna mention the thumbnail??🤣

  • SickStick
    SickStick 6 months ago +2

    “I bought the strangest smartphones ever”
    Also MWTB
    “Cool mug”

  • ByeTech
    ByeTech 10 months ago +1

    Funny, I never hear him talk about those "Welcome" knock-off phones. In addition to that he also doesn't talk about the Knock-off phone cameras that appear to have multiple cameras although there's only one real camera on the back of the phone

  • Andre Chen
    Andre Chen 7 months ago

    for the unbranded phone, I think the manufacturer was scared that ppl would judge on their phone, yet they want their reviews to be positive if people uses it

  • Annie
    Annie Year ago

    Love your reviews. Very entertaining~

  • Hayet Munna
    Hayet Munna 10 months ago

    Love your videos, I usually don't comment on videos, but weirdly i find your videos to be relaxing and entertaining. Keep up the good work. :-)

  • bruh
    bruh 2 years ago +371

    Man has "Who is the boss?" written in Japanese on his shirt... Actual legend

    • Jascelpher Bayaras
      Jascelpher Bayaras 7 months ago

      Ikr its so cool

    • Rocky Breaking
      Rocky Breaking 2 years ago


    • Idle Bolt Cutter
      Idle Bolt Cutter 2 years ago +1

      Boss in that context? Did he mean the Japanese "canned coffee in a vending machine" brand?

      THIS_DUDE 2 years ago +5

      And his name repeats the question and up to this day ppl can't find out whosetheboss

    • Abhinav Thapliyal
      Abhinav Thapliyal 2 years ago +10

      So MrWhoIsTheBoss is a weeb

  • Danilo Canabrava
    Danilo Canabrava Year ago

    Honestly, one thing about your channel is that you keep so smoothly done, with a smile and enjoy it doing it. Literally, subscribed !!!

  • finnius_winnius
    finnius_winnius 11 months ago

    Imagine having all these phones in your house 😭 what do you do with them after?

  • Bert McHaggis
    Bert McHaggis 6 months ago +3

    2:27 I actually use that speaker myself, its pretty decent.
    Edit: The Wish one, not the real one

  • jaydenscootz🛴
    jaydenscootz🛴 Month ago +1

    Love all the funny sounds by the old phones🤣😅

  • SpeedyGD
    SpeedyGD Year ago +1951

    “Light side, or Dark side”
    Him: both
    *world peace*

  • RavenZ
    RavenZ 11 months ago

    your videos make my free time worth it

  • Tex
    Tex Year ago +1

    6:15 “If IQ was a global brand, like across the US and the UK.”
    Yeah that’s totally global..

  • lorenzo vaniekerk
    lorenzo vaniekerk 6 months ago

    Mahn... great content always, busy laughing at some of these tech items but really wishing you could passme one of those old phones lol. Living in SA no joke, got robbed of both of my last phones, keep up the great show tho..

  • Rope Gaming
    Rope Gaming 11 months ago

    Arun:"We are gonna buy the weirdest smartphones"
    Also Arun: 6:06

  • Raiq GG
    Raiq GG Year ago +1655

    That washable phone doesn't seem like a weird idea now tbh due to the pandemic people end up cleaning there phones with alcohol many times, it would be a lot easier if I could just wash my phone along with my hands.

    • Jan redboyjan Temple
      Jan redboyjan Temple Month ago

      @Prakh if you were vulnerable you may do the same

    • Ben N
      Ben N Month ago

      I dunno, a washable phone sounds like another rugged phone.

    • sam ツ
      sam ツ 2 months ago

      first world problems

    • SharkTac
      SharkTac 2 months ago +2

      My Phone went through the washer just fine, it just doesn’t work anymore 👍

    • NCT's masterpieces✨
      NCT's masterpieces✨ Year ago

      Lol I use sanitizer for my phones

  • Stephen Troyer
    Stephen Troyer Year ago

    What happens to all these phones? Does the video sponsor give you the money, or are you betting on getting the money back from the video?
    Either way, it's entertaining and informative content, my favorite.

    VIP GAMING Year ago +1

    Whoever made the thumbnail... I laughed a lot 😂

  • Marlo Hanks
    Marlo Hanks 5 months ago

    Keep up the great work I love watching your vids

  • Katherine Kennedy
    Katherine Kennedy Year ago +1

    That $14 mug makes me break into a sweat. For context, a good quality mug costs around 70 rand in South Africa, and you can easily get one for less, say R30. $14 is around R215.

    • TheGlassesPro
      TheGlassesPro 3 months ago +1

      Hello there, fellow South African. I know what you mean about that mug being far too expensive.

  • 夢
     2 years ago +371

    That *MUG* was the strangest *SMARTPHONE* I've ever seen.

    • Jeremy Johns
      Jeremy Johns 2 years ago +3

      I really *BELIEVE* bolding and *CAPITOLIZING* your *WORDS* was *NECESSARY*

    • Duck
      Duck 2 years ago +26

      @Luigge Probably since its water cooled.

    • Luigge
      Luigge 2 years ago +26

      Can it run pubg without lag?

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia 2 months ago +1

    ive been watching you for a year before i go to sleep a watch couple of your video i am a big fan of yours sir.. i hope you will notice this comment.. i am from philippines i was amazed by phone you are reviewing specially the signature phones i hope i could have that one too soon ♥️ more power on you ..

  • Jmodderator
    Jmodderator 10 months ago +4

    4:36 is when he starts the unboxing in case the shopping is a spoiler of sorts.

  • eveleqn
    eveleqn 11 months ago +1

    "How much phones do you have?"

  • deadinsidebutstillhorny

    I’ve washed several of my phones’ screens with soap before 😂 Not as vigorously as he did in the video but just enough soap and water to get sticky finger marks and such off

  • happy person
    happy person Year ago +1208

    Hes so good at rickrolling us, he even draw-rickrolled us.

    • baller
      baller Year ago +1

      *"Time to give you up"*

    • coffee bean
      coffee bean Year ago


    • coffee bean
      coffee bean Year ago


    • Exotica!
      Exotica! Year ago +1

      Ty for the warning😁

    • Trap Beats
      Trap Beats Year ago

      @happy person Rolled-RickDrawed

  • Aneta Adamcová
    Aneta Adamcová Year ago

    the phone with a projector is genius. someone should remake it

  • Seema Pahuja
    Seema Pahuja 11 months ago

    This guys always tries to find a way to rickroll us in his videos. LOL 😂

  • Jackson NotFound
    Jackson NotFound 8 months ago

    I need to get that mug for my dad 😂

  • SeeBune
    SeeBune Year ago

    When you want to pick a side but you're too rich and just buy both of them

  • Respect!
    Respect! Year ago +2527

    At this point, the wish theme feels like a rickroll

    • 10riju
      10riju 8 months ago


    • Arn
      Arn 10 months ago

      does anybody know how his browser looks so damn good?

    • John R
      John R 11 months ago +1

      Never gonna let you down

    • hello i breathe air
      hello i breathe air Year ago

      @Blood Cake r/wooooosh with 5 o's

    • King Ghidorah
      King Ghidorah Year ago

      @Episodic Teen Expected nothing less from an anime pfp user

  • ripon alamin
    ripon alamin 7 months ago

    I can watch you for hours 😊

  • • R e n •
    • R e n • Year ago

    I’m actually Intrigued by the projector phone ?!! Like I want that 😂

  • ramiro cruz
    ramiro cruz 11 months ago

    I was just wondering when will these boxes stop coming from his stack!😄

  • scarops
    scarops 2 months ago

    The BlackBerry Passport was the best phone that I've ever used. The software natively gave you features that you have to pay for now such as Clip-Share videos continuing to play when minimized or using another app.
    If it wasn't for the app support starting to fail I wouldn't have switched. I miss my Passport. 😢

  • Jay Pazare
    Jay Pazare 2 years ago +127

    At this point Arun is basically financing the whole of wish.

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 11 months ago

    Being a huge huge huge Star Wars nerd, I am now extremely jealous and want one of those phones XD

  • Josef Muller
    Josef Muller 9 months ago

    14:22 my mom used to have this exact phone, it used to have absolutely unrivaled camera in its time (which was like 2015-ish)

  • Bonnie O'Connor
    Bonnie O'Connor 11 months ago +1

    the reason why I like shopping online (for anything) is like I am buying myself a gift. I haven't touched or seen the item, and receiving in the mail is like Christmas coming early (every time)
    So, looking at these videos is a similar experience lol

  • greenaum
    greenaum 11 months ago

    8:50 Most CMOS cameras of the type used in phones can see infra-red. It's not the same as thermal, which is long-wave IR, those cameras cost a lot of money, and there are legal restrictions on their resolution and refresh rate, because they would make decent sensors for heat-seeking missiles. Honestly!
    But this isn't one of those, it's just an ordinary camera working in short-wave IR mode. IR is a spectrum like visible light is, and short-wave is the end nearest visible light, just below visible red (hence infra-red, since "infra" is "below"). Thermal IR is longer-wave. Anyway most cameras have an IR filter in front of them to stop it picking up IR in the daytime. Otherwise hot objects would appear to glow, as the camera picked up IR alongside visible light and wasn't able to tell the two apart, so a pavement on a sunny day would be super-bright.
    So most normal cameras have an IR filter. I assume the one here has a separate camera with no IR filter, possibly it has a filter to remove ordinary visible light instead. But point is, the silicon is just the same. They're not more expensive to make, so really it's a gimmick, but I suppose it might be a useful one. Security cameras also see IR and usually have IR LEDs surrounding them, to illuminate at night. Of course you can't see them, but to the camera they're like floodlights. That's what the "little infra-red sensors that fly on" are in the video, LEDs, not sensors. Since security cameras are usually B&W it doesn't matter if IR messes up the colour a bit, even if it's a colour camera, nobody takes family portraits on a security camera, the IR ability is more important than faithful colour.
    So, it's not a miracle ability, don't pay too much more money for a phone with it. And don't confuse it with actual *thermal* IR cameras which are different and cost a ton of money, a few hundred $ usually. The CAT FLIR that follows is a real thermal camera. FLIR seem to make nearly all real thermal cameras.

  • Wafi Naseem
    Wafi Naseem 2 years ago +2429

    i swear this guy is the most entertaining tech Clip-Sharer on the planet.

    • TheEpicNachoWarrior
      TheEpicNachoWarrior 7 months ago


    • dabzprincess
      dabzprincess 7 months ago +1

      The absolute best with the least overhead. Smart smart smart and da best hands down. For a 3 man team they kick all the other tech channels arses.

    • Brownrice
      Brownrice 7 months ago

      @Shrey Rai don’t speak Hindi 😕

    • Shrey Rai
      Shrey Rai 7 months ago

      Have you ever heard about tech burner...he is more entertaining tech creator...but in Hindi only

    • Brownrice
      Brownrice 7 months ago

      Definitely agreed

  • Jayda
    Jayda Year ago

    “It’s AliExpress time”
    Killed me 🤣

  • Lotty
    Lotty 9 months ago

    Arun: I bought the strangest SMARTPHONES ever.
    Also Arun: hahaha, what a funny mug, buy now button goes brrrr

  • Zuhair Ahmad
    Zuhair Ahmad 10 months ago

    congrats, he manages to rick roll us every video.

  • Eddy Qi
    Eddy Qi 6 months ago

    He’s like the smartphone version of Gordon Ramsay

  • Sam Dubs
    Sam Dubs 2 years ago +3829

    The effort that was put into this vide. This is why i subbed. Keep it up!

    • bballgod
      bballgod 9 months ago

      i agree rn

    • Nenoteikti
      Nenoteikti 10 months ago +1

      what effort? he doesn't even say a single thing about them, ''haha look, i buy phone, phone go brr''
      are you on crack?

    • EINS
      EINS 11 months ago

      what effort? add to cart? open the boxes and get it on camera?

    • Daniel Rocha
      Daniel Rocha 11 months ago

      @Gopal Das Rao mmm

    • Jerry Robinson
      Jerry Robinson 11 months ago

      @Gokuldass rao wheres the money?

  • Kaci K
    Kaci K Year ago

    Watching you wash a phone felt illegal 😂

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter 11 months ago

    "BTEC version"
    Ah good to be back with UK Clip-Sharers 😉

  • Walking Animepedia
    Walking Animepedia 9 months ago

    0:43 - "This feels like an important life moment here."
    *Yes indeed it is*

  • Apollo the turtle
    Apollo the turtle 11 months ago

    This man must have a garage full of phones but keep the hard work up

  • KamCy Ahaka
    KamCy Ahaka 2 years ago +474

    Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that this guy took three months to make this video? Incredible

    • Hampter
      Hampter Year ago

      @Kas Adam he waited for 3 months to get the phones B*tch

    • SovietFork
      SovietFork 2 years ago +1

      @KamCy Ahaka correct

    • KamCy Ahaka
      KamCy Ahaka 2 years ago

      @SovietFork and I love it. I take it you love it also, else you wouldn't be here

    • SovietFork
      SovietFork 2 years ago

      @KamCy Ahaka thats the whole point it runs like a business therefore no effort=no money

    • KamCy Ahaka
      KamCy Ahaka 2 years ago

      @SovietFork isn't that how every business works??? If you don't put any effort in what you do then no one will give a damn about it either

  • zirak93 - 2
    zirak93 - 2 Month ago

    The star wars phones made this video so worth it. So ridiculous and hilarious.

  • Z-MAN
    Z-MAN 7 months ago

    I remember this phone I had through Sprint that was advertised and endorsed by Beyoncé herself. It was ascreen on one side and a phone keypad on the other

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter 11 months ago

    Was that really an 80" display? 🧐

  • Owl Feather
    Owl Feather 10 months ago

    I’m a Star Wars fan and those phones amaze me, imagine a phone just for Star Wars just think about it

  • big hench man
    big hench man 2 years ago +978

    the amount of verified accounts in this comment section really shows how many people Arun has inspired.

    • henlo world
      henlo world Year ago +5

      no they’re just trying to get more subscribers through his channel lmao

    • Pathetic
      Pathetic Year ago +1

      how many? thats the real question...

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      dingus Year ago

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    • dingus
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    V. SHOY 10 months ago

    My 14 year old Daughter actually got me that mug on father's day....love it!

  • Tobija B
    Tobija B 7 months ago

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    me: intense flashback of me washing phones with soap"

  • Shanaz Parveen
    Shanaz Parveen Year ago

    Honestly the first phone kinda made me wonder 'well who wants to wash their phone with soap anyway?'

  • the drifter
    the drifter 10 months ago

    that phone with the built in headphones is really good for privacy for when your doing something that requires your hands

  • amulya rosal
    amulya rosal 2 years ago +135

    Arun - "Who is going to buy an iphone from wish?"
    Also Arun - *added to cart*

    • Gabriela Lamira
      Gabriela Lamira 9 months ago

      He bought a copy of the iPhone called Phone i13. When he said "who is going to buy an iPhone from Wish" he meant a $500 iPhone claimed to be a genuine iPhone

    • amulya rosal
      amulya rosal 2 years ago +1

      @CHILL hahaha yup but it's funny☺️

    • CHILL
      CHILL 2 years ago +2

      He takes those hits so we wouldn't have to

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