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How Is The OnePlus 10T BETTER?!! 🤔❗: Full Review After One Week


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  • Faizal Mostaffa
    Faizal Mostaffa 5 months ago +5

    Wow, did not expect 10t would be this good. If only the price below 3k, i would definitely grab one. But the price is too steep for me.

    • OhFattKitty
      OhFattKitty 2 months ago

      @Faizal Mostaffa probably China set.

    • Faizal Mostaffa
      Faizal Mostaffa 2 months ago

      @El how you get that price?

    • El
      El 2 months ago

      I just bought mine for RM 1,950 lol. 256/12gb

    • Adham Nufail
      Adham Nufail 5 months ago

      @Adam Lobo TV mfpnaewmkmmkmmmmikokomkkkm.o

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +4

      @Dark Entity that’s a really good point buddy!

  • Real Dolgopolav Most Senior
    Real Dolgopolav Most Senior 5 months ago +11

    refreshing to see someone finally give this phone the credit it deserves. Reviewers generally lose perspective of price to value maybe cos the get access to the best phones directly. but I am to see this review.

  • jagadeesh p
    jagadeesh p 4 months ago +6

    Nice review 👍🏻 everybody mocking 10t for its shortcomings but it's a good package considering the pricing. i am just getting one for 16gb ram and 8+gen 1 chip. And for super fast charging which is a plus.

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  4 months ago

      Great point and great choice too my friend 🙂

  • Daniel Santiago
    Daniel Santiago 4 months ago +9

    I have the OnePlus 10T and I gotta say, it's a spectacular phone. Even better than the Pixel 6 pro

    • Daniel Santiago
      Daniel Santiago 3 months ago +1

      @Adelios Kampos its bright enough. Gets close to 1000 nits of brightness

    • Adelios Kampos
      Adelios Kampos 3 months ago

      What about outdoor visibility screen is bright enough,

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  4 months ago +3


  • Jo Anne Degener
    Jo Anne Degener 5 months ago +4

    Thanks for your great review. I'm a Senior Citizen and a long time OnePlus user - I've had the 3, 5T, 7Pro, 8T, and now have the 10T on order. Some of the reviews I've read made me a little nervous, but your review convinced me I'll love the 10T just like my previous OnePlus phones. Can't wait for it to arrive! Thanks again!

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago

      My pleasure! Glad this video helped you in making a purchase decision 😀

  • Casper Stiffwood
    Casper Stiffwood 3 months ago +1

    Best mid-range phone of 2022, especially if you can find a deal on the 16GB version.

  • asteroidsex
    asteroidsex 5 months ago +6

    The OnePlus 10T seems like the best option to me.

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback man, what’s the current smartphone that you are using currently bro? 🙂

  • cool killer
    cool killer 5 months ago +3

    hey adam, really great review !! keep doing mobile reviews they're the best so far..ordered 10t for my friend. The strange thing is, when i search for reviews of a phone, your channel doesnt show up in my search which is very strange.. i hope you do a galaxy flip 4 review soon .. looking forward to more of these amazing reviews on your channel. and hopefully your videos will pop up on my timeline as well.

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +1

      Thanks man, I hope it does pop up to your timeline too, turn on notifications if you haven’t too bro

  • Amarnath s Nair
    Amarnath s Nair 5 months ago +5

    A genuine review from a genuine human being. thanks mate. respect from UK

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago

      Hey man, thank you for the great feedback, ad glad you found the video great

  • Sallehuddin Alim
    Sallehuddin Alim 5 months ago +4

    Hm to be honest, fair price point after seeing all those performances 👀

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago

      Yeah! Playing Forza on this was just flawless!

  • Tanner Michels
    Tanner Michels Month ago

    So why do most reviewer hate this phone? I want it for the 360° antenna! I do miss the alert slider and a true Water resistant IP rating like ip68. But! It seems like a great phone. Most US reviewers hate it though

  • Ayman HardRace
    Ayman HardRace 3 months ago

    Realme Gt2 pro vs OnePlus 10 T , what is your choice , and why ?

  • Lucky Chukiye
    Lucky Chukiye 5 months ago

    Plan to get this as my first OnePlus :D

  • Don of Dons
    Don of Dons 4 months ago

    OnePlus 10t or oppo find x5 pro? Which one is better?

    TUSHAR KUMAR 5 months ago +4

    Using op 10t since 13 days
    Everything is very good.

  • Navind Chitty
    Navind Chitty 4 months ago +1

    anyone got any idea if volte & vowifi supported on maxis?

  • Braska Bani
    Braska Bani 4 months ago

    Is this the best flat display android phone?

    IKLAUTA🔥 4 months ago

    i ordered 10t ...🔥🤘

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 5 months ago

    Does the 10t take videos in ultra wide mode?
    Thank you!

  • Abraham Olsen
    Abraham Olsen 4 months ago

    If im looking for a good battery life on a phone, which one should i choose between ipho e 13 and onrplus 10T???, Thanks btw

  • Akthar Javith
    Akthar Javith 5 months ago +1

    Good review ♥️👍

  • Corona Chan
    Corona Chan 5 months ago +1

    Great review!

  • Maxi Andreas
    Maxi Andreas 5 months ago

    is this worth changing to this phone from poco f4 gt, am mainly used the phone for gaming

  • Nagato Pain
    Nagato Pain 5 months ago

    should i upgrade from oneplus 9 to 10t? sometime op8 getting so hot?

    • Nagato Pain
      Nagato Pain 5 months ago

      @Tobi Reindl thanks for advice

    • Tobi Reindl
      Tobi Reindl 5 months ago +1

      I change from a 4 months old 9 Pro to the 10T. Do not need the alert slider, the wireless charging and the QHD screen.

  • Azzam Alw
    Azzam Alw 5 months ago

    How is the sound experience with OnePlus buds pro? Is there something missed will sounds ?

  • Tobi Reindl
    Tobi Reindl 5 months ago +4

    I also think that the pictures and videos are much better now without hasselblad, one of the reasons, I ordered the great 10T 👌🏼
    I am also very happy that they changed the frame to a plastic one, because the network signals are so bad on my 9 Pro, the battery drained too much when I am at places, where my phone looks for a connection all time.
    I am also very excited for Android 13 on the 10T. Looks really good 🤫
    Thank you very much for the screen-on-time results, 9h are massive compared to 3-4h on my 9 Pro (also charging for 1h..) or even compared to other phones from other brands. Very impressive!

  • giridhar Bhaskarani
    giridhar Bhaskarani 4 months ago

    S21 fe vs iqoo 9t. Which is best?

  • QUOTEX - ITM forecast

    I want to buy q new phone please suggest me plz ... Should I go for OnePlus 10T or oppo reno8 5g.. please suggest me

  • Mohammed Arabi
    Mohammed Arabi 5 months ago +1

    Which one should me buy op 10 pro or op 10t? 8 gen1 in pro is good?

  • Adam Lobo TV
    Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +4

    Is The OnePlus 10T better than you thought it was? Let me know guys!?

    • E-Drip Drizzle
      E-Drip Drizzle 5 months ago +1

      Im switching from Samsung S22 Ultra to this Oneplus 10t, I cant wait 😎

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +1

      @Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 okie buddy 🙂

    • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
      Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5 months ago +1

      @Adam Lobo TV It's okay Adam

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +1

      @Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Hey man, I wouldnt know why did OnePlus come up with any of the design that they do since I am not part of their design process, sorry 😅😅

    • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
      Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5 months ago +1

      Great video my man Adam .Yes , this phone is insane and better than most smartphones but can i know Adam why does this Oneplus 10T doesn't have a curved screen?

  • Harmjdooon
    Harmjdooon 5 months ago

    Hello, did you know that I pre-ordered this beautiful phone, I liked it, but yesterday I saw a video about the strength test and it was very bad. I hope you can make a quick video about the truth of this matter because I am disappointed. I want the truth. Thank you

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +3

      Hi there, I personally don’t believe on synthetic benchmarks or tests , that’s why I don’t do any such tests when I review any phones. I use the phone daily as my main phone to see how well it performs from a real world usage Instead and based on that I had no issues

  • King Maker
    King Maker 4 months ago

    10t or 10pro wich one better

  • Xerlapis
    Xerlapis 5 months ago

    Still not sure whether I should buy this from my 9 Pro

  • Anildeep Singh
    Anildeep Singh 5 months ago +1

    Great video 😎

  • Sam
    Sam 5 months ago +1

    OnePlus 10t or iqoo 9t ? , which should I go for ? I'm little confused

    • ELI JNR
      ELI JNR 4 months ago

      I’ll explain it to you as someone who has used both. I have the Oneplus 10T 16GB variant to myself. My cousin has the in OO9T but I get about 1 hour battery life than he does. Oneplus is just so optimized. Overall day to day use, there’s no difference at all when it comes to really demanding tasks, the IQ 9T has better bench marks scores and slightly better performance when it comes to extreme Performance test but that comes in sacrifice to it heating more than the Oneplus 10T. Overall the Oneplus 10T is more optimized. I’m not a heavy gamer but my phone has never got really hot. It’s as cool as my other 13 pro max or even cooler.So in conclusion, the Oneplus is just a very well optimized all rounder. The IQ has a slightly better camera and raw power but heat.

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  • Vernonchan.com
    Vernonchan.com 5 months ago +3

    One of the better looking cameras out there in the market today

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago

      Yes abang, I was extremely surprised how good it was compared to when Hasselblad’s image processing was in it

  • Macvixel Obejero
    Macvixel Obejero 3 months ago +1

    why is this not mentioned more? when its only 600 dollars...
    should i get this over poco f4? as my daily driver and mid-heavy gaming

    • Katina Sutherland Whited
      Katina Sutherland Whited 2 months ago

      Of course this phone in my humble opinion is one of the BEST gaming phones period!!!!!

  • Oleksandr Prokhorchuk
    Oleksandr Prokhorchuk 2 months ago

    Hey Adam. Which one would you pick? OnePlus 10T or S22 plus?

    • Tanner Michels
      Tanner Michels Month ago +1

      Honestly I think it comes down to Price and what Features you want to emphasize. 10T has the cellular signal antenna/Fast charging/Oxygen OS at a lower price around 650-750$. While the S22+ has a better display, a different OS, fast charging but not as fast as 10T, and 10T is some reviews I've seen had only slightly better cellular signal (Samsung's are known for having the best android antennas, however the 10T did beat it out in some tests), and it's around 1050$.

    • Pavan Kumar
      Pavan Kumar Month ago +1


    MANGALA KADAM 5 months ago +2

    Is there any chances to drop the price of this phon€???

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago +1

      Hopefully it does buddy, but don’t think it will anytime soon since the phone is just launched

    VIKHAIZII RAOMAI 5 months ago

    Vivo x80 pro and one plus 10 t which one is better

  • Malik
    Malik 4 months ago

    Guys I feel bad to anyone who will buy the OnePlus 10 series bro these phones are bogus 1st of all if an update (software update) bricks it bro!!! Using the msm tool to bring back your device is a hustle it requires you to take your phone to OnePlus or someone with authorized account for msm tool so now phones like this I won't recommend anyone to buy them unless if u have OnePlus services in your country but bro stay away from this bogus watch out!

  • Amin Nazari
    Amin Nazari 5 months ago

    Adam, pendapat peribadi you please. Antara kamera 10T dengan 12s Ultra.

  • noob
    noob 5 months ago +1


  • Kiran Thakor
    Kiran Thakor 5 months ago +2

    Cameras is best.

  • J
    J 5 months ago +2

    Ngl the camera is better than expected!

    • Adam Lobo TV
      Adam Lobo TV  5 months ago

      Same here J, that was the main thing that I was very surprised about man!

  •  The Robloxian CarGuy
    The Robloxian CarGuy 5 months ago

    if mrwhothebossnow was a malaysia aka indian

  • Kanthan Rao Krishnan
    Kanthan Rao Krishnan 5 months ago +2

    Is this a sponsored vid?

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