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Turning a BLOB into PURE GOLD!

  • Published on Jan 13, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A client came to my shop and left me a gold blob. Can I uncover its secrets?
    PART 2 SILVER: • Turning a BLOB in...
    So @NileRed , how did I do? If any of you are interested in a project like this from an actual chemist, I highly recommend you check out his video: • Turning old jewel...
    I would also like to thank @sreetips for all of the informative gold refining videos which helped me navigate my own project.
    Clip-Share- to Modern Goldsmith: bit.ly/34wTGGw
    Instagram- Follow me: bit.ly/2OtLWiV
    Business Website- moderngoldsmith.com
    Description: Gold refining. Turning a gold blob into pure 24K gold.
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  • BlockOfWood
    BlockOfWood 2 months ago +5372

    It's so cool to finally see a non-chemist do this. Honestly you did really well and your yield is the highest ive seen for this, especially for a first try.

    • Bernie Kane
      Bernie Kane 20 days ago


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    • Noompsie
      Noompsie 20 days ago

      What’s a non chemist ? Is that like a non conformist or a non smoker ? Like would it be exciting if someone non dairy were to make a cheese platter? Confused by your comment is all just curious what it means thanks 🙏

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  • Tomáš Celar
    Tomáš Celar 24 days ago +223

    I am 100% sure that if children at school watched this video in a chemistry class there would be a huge increase in interest in that subject, good job on the process and on filming it well (y)

    • Gintas Vilkelis
      Gintas Vilkelis 13 days ago

      Now, all we need, is a blob!

    • Noompsie
      Noompsie 20 days ago

      @It’z l 2 yeah true , I watched Rambo as a kid so I was interested in obtaining ptsd and feeling bastardised by society to the point that violence which was I learned from society can be used against the society for noble purposes. They never had the classes at school for it though so I just did the next best similar thing which was baking and food decorating .
      Good thing about kids is they are naturally interested in things it’s doesn’t matter what you choose to expose them to, the curiosity will always prevail.
      Furthermore school is designed to create effective and obedient workforce to build economic wealth and nothing more. It’s up the individual or parent expose their own beliefs and ideas interests onto their kids because society is already doing that with their subjects that essentially say “learn this to get money and have less adversity via currency” opposed to “learn whatever you are passionate about and innovate it and use it to make our world better “

    • Noompsie
      Noompsie 20 days ago

      Wow I never thought of that. So you are saying that subjects and information can be taught in a school? And not only that whatever the students are exposed to will increase an interest in that subject due to becoming aware of it ? My mind is blown right now omg .
      I’m certain (no need for percentage because any less that 100% wouldn’t be certain would it ?) that you may have just stumble upon why school exists. Anything you show or bring to the awareness of curious learning minds is going to generate further interest it doesn’t matter what the subject is. So I’ll call your comment with a similar bet.
      I’m 100% (certain) that if you handed out money to people on the street some of them would take it and spend it. (Fulfilling its purpose)

    • le epic
      le epic 21 day ago +1

      @It’z l 2 so what?

  • just a small channel :)
    just a small channel :) 26 days ago +325

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much work he put into this gold?

    • just a small channel :)
      just a small channel :) 2 days ago +1

      @SouthAsian Report Ohhhhhh now I understand you misspelled it and because I'm bad at science I thought it was a type of...uhhhmmm...those glass things but I do know what a Glass Vicar is.

    • just a small channel :)
      just a small channel :) 2 days ago +1

      Guys this beat Xaiver's comment and is second place in Likes!

    • Jeff W
      Jeff W 2 days ago

      Why? He did it for a Clip-Share video. It’s not impressive, people have been doing this for HUNDREDS (thousands?) of years.

    • SouthAsian Report
      SouthAsian Report 2 days ago

      @just a small channel :) Glass Vicar may be. Why do u laugh? It's not my native language. 😐

    • just a small channel :)
      just a small channel :) 3 days ago +1

      @Nat Mol Agree I thought it up in under 5 seconds but still

  • herval
    herval Month ago +116

    That was so satisfying to watch! Glad you had the patience to go through the whole process!🎉

  • Xavier
    Xavier Month ago +138

    I recently just bought my first gold bar that is only 1 gram and it was pretty expensive. The fact that this turned out to be 213 grams is pretty wild. To put that in perspective, that blob of gold is worth $14K+ right now.

    • Rumple Stiltskin
      Rumple Stiltskin 3 days ago

      You are close see my comment above.

    • The Bobmaker
      The Bobmaker 14 days ago

      Stop stealing comments

    • just a small channel :)
      just a small channel :) 26 days ago +1

      In CAD it's 17K

    • Past Expiry
      Past Expiry Month ago

      Are you the guy with the hillarious quotes on Twitter?

    • Trevor Talbot
      Trevor Talbot Month ago +7

      @Jaden La-boissiere Depends on your currency, but it's about 12.5k USD at the moment for 213 grams @ highest bid.

  • BM Aus
    BM Aus Month ago +31

    Very good and well described video. I am a retired metallurgist who worked for many years in the gold mining industry in Western Australia. I managed laboratories where we not only conducted our own assays on bullion by traditional fire assay methods - we also produced our own 99.9% "proof" gold to use as standards in the fire assaying processes. Our method of producing "proof" gold was very similar to what you have shown here, except that after the aqua regia digestion, we filtered out any remaining solids (silver chloride) and took the solution up in hydrochloric acid / reduced over heat and re-filtered a couple of times before finally taking up in distilled water giving us about 5 litres of a very clear, but still acidic solution containing the gold. We then slowly added caustic soda to this clear solution while gently stirring - the metallic gold precipitating out of the solution looked like "gold rain" falling to the bottom of the beaker. Precipitate was then washed in distilled water a number of times before drying. We then weighed out one gram lots of this dry precipitate into small china / porcelain crucibles and put into a dedicated furnace to melt down / anneal into small gold buttons or "prills". These were then put through manual "bullion rolls"and rolled out into long strips, which were stored and cut up when required to make "proof" standards to compare routine assay results against.
    You could also purchase certified "proof" gold ribbon and solutions from the Perth Mint for use in making your own "standards" but these were very expensive. As a result, we only very rarely purchased these standards and used them to confirm / validate our own site-produced standards - usually when conducting assays for other clients / joint venture partners etc.

  • Kyle Fogg
    Kyle Fogg 2 months ago +1126

    With such a low Karat Gold, your best course would have been to first use only Nitric Acid, which would have dissolved all base metals and left you with nearly pure Gold that could have then been moved to Aqua Regia for refining. This would have avoided the creation of Silver Chloride.
    I must say though, not too shabby at all for your first time. Keep it up! And feel free to message me if you have any refining questions.

    • Billy Wilson
      Billy Wilson 2 days ago

      ​@Modern Goldsmith How much would you charge for a 26" 18 kt Gold 7mm gold curb chain?

    • Toomas Kotkas
      Toomas Kotkas 4 days ago

      @Modern Goldsmith Yeah, you should've watched the sreetips channel first before your own attempt. That guy refines precious metals at home for living and puts the videos for everyone to watch and learn.

    • IronBrown
      IronBrown Month ago

      enquarting the gold would help speed up the rate that it dissolved as well
      edit: also use distilled water to avoid forming silver chloride

    • chuckdeuces911
      chuckdeuces911 Month ago

      @Alex Frideres so like what everyone else said?

    • mark
      mark Month ago +1

      @Modern Goldsmith hi

  • Marksman230591
    Marksman230591 Month ago +100

    This was so cool and educational. Seeing the whole process of gold extraction from an ore is mesmerizing, and way more complex than I imagined

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    • Knut Olav Bjørgaas
      Knut Olav Bjørgaas 29 days ago

      Absolutely agree it was really cool to see the process. However, the blob wasn't an ore, it was a chunk of metal alloy with gold, silver and lots of impurities.

  • RexSkittles
    RexSkittles Month ago +76

    This is seriously one of the best videos I’ve seen in at least the last year or two! Outstanding work and your diligence is impressive! Thanks for doing this!

    • Tree
      Tree 16 days ago

      if you like this kind of content a channel called Nile Red does quite a bit of chemistry stuff similar to this and in a similar format as well, you should check em out.

    • Bitcoin Management
      Bitcoin Management 21 day ago

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  • Clarie Sage
    Clarie Sage 5 days ago +3

    I really liked the video. I was glad to see a metalsmith with a sense of humor to do the chemical things (with precautions!) to refine this mixed formation. It made it fun to watch. And probably gives us all some hope to find some blobs to turn to gold someday too. How many Troy oz was the refined gold?

  • Baronstone
    Baronstone Month ago +10

    Okay, just for future reference, on your second refining, filter the solution until it is crystal clear! To avoid the silver problem completely, skip the Nitric acid step and just use hydrochloric acid because it can dissolve the silver without any help from Nitric acid. When the solution stops reacting with your gold, then you know that the silver is in the solution and you can pour that solution into a 5-gallon bucket with some big pieces of copper. The copper will cement out the silver leaving you with cement silver that is 98% pure and can easily be smelted and turned into a silver bar.
    Anyway, once your hydrochloric acid stops reacting you have a couple of options.
    1) You can remelt the gold, pour it into a bar and then run the bars through a press turning them into very long paper thin ribbons of metal.
    2) You can go right to making your aqua regia! (Make sure you filter your solution until it is crystal clear!)

  • Furkan Önder
    Furkan Önder 14 days ago +4

    As a chemist im actually impressed 👏Thinks dont always work like the books say and many people in the lab go insane about it and call it a day but you kept trying 🚬you got my respect👊

  • nika andriadze
    nika andriadze Month ago +1453

    A regular chemist wouldn't struggle with the chemical-related part, but would struggle with the actual goldsmith-related part, so seeing a goldsmith who didn't struggle with the gold smithing part, but with the chemical part, is truly an interesting change in roles.
    Also *3:29* RIP blob 2023-2023. He will be missed ;~;

  • Johnnie Welborn, Jr.
    Johnnie Welborn, Jr. Month ago +15

    Probably the last subject I expected to be watching but certainly a pleasantly surprising process for this layman. This could have been a boring process but your production made this quite interesting. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

  • tre 631
    tre 631 Month ago +4

    Seen a million vids of this but it never gets old and you presented it in a super fun & enjoyable way. Diving into the silver extraction vid now, cheers!

  • Oldlander
    Oldlander Month ago +9

    You described everything between an exceptional manner and easy for the uninitiated to understand
    untrained ! I can only congratulate you and express my admiration for your effort !
    Thank You !

  • MyFantasticNails
    MyFantasticNails Month ago +11

    His is one of the best and most entertaining video's I've seen in a while on youtube. I have not seen a video that kept me this exciting from beginning to end, to see what the result was going to be without skipping, although I like science... I really get distracted soon. Also, your voice is very soothing and relaxing!

  • DreadlyKnight
    DreadlyKnight Month ago +4

    This was honestly amazing to watch, its always cool to see chemical refining of gold :). Iirc theres a youtuber that does paydirt videos and gold panning, and keeps the runoff or whatever its called and later refines it in a similar way iirc and gets a good chunk from that. Honestly seeing you get a loss of barely 9 grams was really impressive.

  • Sayer Woadhyll
    Sayer Woadhyll 2 months ago +271

    As a metal detectorist, many years ago, I found a similar yet much smaller blob. It had silver and gold melted together. A local historian (Southern Missouri) showed me photos of recovered items from local bandits. Among the items were 'cobs' that were the stolen booty that the bandits had melted and then distributed to the gang. Apparently this practice was commonplace during and after the civil war for that region. (Quantrill raiders)

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    • Patsk88
      Patsk88 Month ago +1

      @Cherie Homebody Measure its density by weighing its mass in kg and measuring its submerged volume.

    • George Gordon Brown
      George Gordon Brown 2 months ago +2

      @John Jaajaa It´s ndenser than lead

    • Sergin Gullerkoff
      Sergin Gullerkoff 2 months ago +1

      Man thats awesome

    • John Jaajaa
      John Jaajaa 2 months ago +3

      @Cherie Homebody throw it and catch it is it denser then steel

  • Thelongwayback
    Thelongwayback 16 days ago +1

    It's amazing to witness the transformation of raw materials into something so valuable and precious. Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off!

  • Kingrat1 Sa sabungan
    Kingrat1 Sa sabungan 9 days ago +1

    Dude, I used to fabricate on-lays, inlays & even a quadrant bridges made of gold for a long time, kinda missed it, Thanks for reminding me specifically each time you quench it!😎

  • Slapdat HughJass
    Slapdat HughJass Month ago +14

    Awesome! Thx for walking us through what must’ve been a painstaking (but rewarding) process. Glad I didn’t have to do the dishes afterward!

  • David Snyder
    David Snyder 8 days ago +1

    Really enjoyed seeing all your hard work. Great job at filming, editing, and the audio sounded great. Liked and subscribed 🙂 I didn’t know how much work goes into refining gold. I got a real education here. Thank you 👍🙂

  • dylan wight
    dylan wight 19 days ago +3

    when you said you werent a chemist and have never done gold refinery like that before i was skeptical but u did a very thorough job and turned out a great yield well done, that gold looks amazing, never gets old looking at that shiny 24k blob

  • El_Dominikilla
    El_Dominikilla Month ago +671

    These are the kind of science experiments i wished they conducted in high school. Never thought of watching someone turn a piece of blob into pure Gold. You sir are definitely the Modern Goldsmith.

    • Will Hall 7777
      Will Hall 7777 29 days ago

      at least on paper wouldve been cool

    • Sebber J
      Sebber J Month ago

      @Srsli Doesn't it cost on average over $12.000 per year to go to high school in the US? I mean, and that's just high school... Damn I'm happy we have free education where I live, we even get paid to take education!
      but if you're payin like $40.000 just to go to high school, and *every* student with very few exceptions pay that much, then surely the school could afford experiments like this one, just make like 5g-10g of pure gold, and then make it into a ring or earrings er whatever. I mean, I never understood how and why TF a child/teen (most likely the parents) has to spend $40.000 just for a kid to take a few basic classes... But that's besides the point, they could surely afford to make experiments like this one! We made all sorts of experiments, and school is free here...

    • MyFantasticNails
      MyFantasticNails Month ago

      We did stuff like this in our school. Not exactly like this, but learning how reactions work etc. with different components added or removing.

    • Choas_Lord_512
      Choas_Lord_512 Month ago

      @TheHuskyK9 "projecting" is just another word for "i know you are but what am i?" You should evolve your comebacks past the 2nd grade

    • TheHuskyK9
      TheHuskyK9 Month ago

      Also, yeah, I don’t think school boards would approve giving a bunch of gold to high schoolers, especially with that one part where the fumes are extremely toxic.

  • Gio Scacco
    Gio Scacco Month ago +12

    that whole process looked beautiful. the colors, the emotions when dealing with this stuff.. that’s why i became a lab technician / chemist

  • Raghav Rai Ralhan
    Raghav Rai Ralhan Month ago +3

    Hats off to your patience bro ❤️ loved the video loved the process. More power to you!

  • Odai
    Odai Month ago +2

    I’m happy I watched this video, it’s actually very satisfying to see and to know that it is possible to purify metals like gold

  • Ginger Kilkus
    Ginger Kilkus Month ago +699

    World economy in simple words (I'm an engineer, not an economist): First, goods exchange. You hunt and risk your life, you need bricks to build a shelter. You give meat from your hunt to the brick maker for the bricks. But what if he wants something else, not meat? You need to find someone to give you what he wants in exchange for your game meat, and if that one also wants something else situation gets very complicated very fast. But... Someone discovers Gold (or pearls or whatever, something scarce) and convinces everyone to want it, more of it.

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    • David Smith
      David Smith Month ago

      Or Tulips, if you are Dutch! 😀

    • Stephen Widger
      Stephen Widger Month ago

      Yeah but that's actually a myth. There was way more of "i have too much of this and you need it. Take it." Until official money was invented in the 700s BCE in Lydia. There wasn't an exchange, people just kind of have away what they didn't need to the people who did need it.

    • Zion Sky
      Zion Sky Month ago +2

      ONE WORD:

    • Elizabeth O'Neil
      Elizabeth O'Neil Month ago

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  • TwisterChasers
    TwisterChasers Month ago

    I watched every single second of this video and enjoyed every single second! Lol! Well done! Thanks so much for just everything about it. I went panning for Gold in Alaska this past year and there is something about GOLD that is just satisfying to play and work with!

  • Matt Rice
    Matt Rice Month ago +540

    This is easily one of the best, well documented videos I've ever seen on Clip-Share. Amazing watch. Totally captivated the entire time.

    • Richard
      Richard Month ago

      a creature got killed in this video lol

    • Tanel Viil
      Tanel Viil Month ago

      Now give the gold to me... you are already rich ... but i am poor... give it to me.

    • Marvin Martian
      Marvin Martian Month ago +4

      Apparently Matt's only seen 100 videos on YT. Can't wait to see what his next year will be like.

    • AlexDRockhound
      AlexDRockhound Month ago

      This was a very nice video, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for the quality of many youtube videos out there.

    INFINITE Month ago +2

    The amount of time and effort you put into this video is outstanding

  • John Jalufka
    John Jalufka Month ago +1

    This was incredibly rewarding to watch. Thank you for documenting this and sharing the process with us!

    • Bitcoin Management
      Bitcoin Management 21 day ago

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  • Conan H
    Conan H 19 days ago

    You made this process look very simple and very satisfying. I've watched many refining videos and done it myself, and this was a great video

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 2 days ago

    You really deserve such purity level as i can see your determination and hardwork; bro you are really an amazing person

  • Gaming with Dj
    Gaming with Dj 9 days ago

    You entertain me so much and it’s so cool that you don’t do tennis but still able to do all of that extracting 99% gold is very hard so you are very talented

  • Alisa Maksymchuk
    Alisa Maksymchuk 2 months ago +219

    This is definitely not your average jeweller channel 😍 i’ve always loved your videos, and this turn you’ve taken makes you even more awesome

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    • Mister Twisted
      Mister Twisted Month ago +1

      @Modern Goldsmith 12:07 mmm what a tasty orange juice...wanna drink

    • Saltie_ie
      Saltie_ie 2 months ago

      @Modern Goldsmith haha!

    • Alisa Maksymchuk
      Alisa Maksymchuk 2 months ago +2

      @Modern Goldsmith awww 🤗 it looks insanely complicated and dangerous, but you’re still a badass for having done it

    • Modern Goldsmith
      Modern Goldsmith  2 months ago +18

      Thanks! Though I might be done with gold refining for awhile....

  • SilverBack Stacker
    SilverBack Stacker 20 days ago

    The gold and silver videos were some of the best videos I've seen on Clip-Share in a long time. Thanks for taking the time to make them.

  • Young
    Young 23 days ago

    First time watching your video, I really really enjoyed the style of the narration and intermittent jokes! The process itself was really satisfying to watch as well, thank you for a great, entertaining and educational video! The outcome was truly beautiful.

  • William Patrick Furey

    Those look like the regular yellow coded filters, not the "olive" ones; consider getting the multi-gas/vapor ones, they might be better for this. Also, a quick-latch "cool flow" respirator might be more comfortable and ideal for quick breaks full of fresh probiotic rich air depending on where you are/what's in your environment.

  • Dia
    Dia Month ago +22

    Gosh this video made me cry. How far has humanity come. Imagine how the ancient Egyptians were casting gold, or how the Mayans and the Aztecs were doing the same. Wonder how they did it. What they used. But whatever it may be, casting metals is a craft that goes back to the very beginning of humankind. Yet, here I am today…completely blown away by how a piece of rusty metal turned into one of the most beautiful and precious objects in the world. Kudos to you!

    • Julian Brown
      Julian Brown 25 days ago

      @April Matthews it’s great to see respect paid to our ancestors. Too much discussion of aliens used to discredit past human’s ability to do work…like actual work🫡

    • April Matthews
      April Matthews Month ago

      good job knowing your history! I think gold was a lot more common in those times. The acients were hard workers!

  • Seven Figures
    Seven Figures 2 months ago +192

    First time I watched this process was NileRed refining a viewers gold. It’s cool to see a gold smith do it just using some research. The yield was very high I was surprised. In the original block there was a huge section of dirt and other metals and I thought that would bring the yield down a lot from the initial estimate. Great video!

    • Lars Poulsen
      Lars Poulsen Month ago +4

      @Kelvin Luk I suspect you are right, but we don’t really know the lose, since we (as you say) don’t really know if his original measurement of purity was representative. He should have melter the blob and then measured the purity.

    • Kelvin Luk
      Kelvin Luk Month ago +8

      the yield is not really that high considering lots of losses during the process.
      the estimated weight was based on an inaccurate measurement of a non representative sample

  • ChuckCanada
    ChuckCanada 15 days ago

    Awesome video. Good job on the process of extraction and refining. Plus really well shot and great voice over.

  • Kristian Peliz Kapellen

    As a chemist, it hurts so much seeing you use the Erlenmeyer flask with the Buchner filter, and the vacuum flask as an Erlenmeyer. For anyone wondering, the Buchner goes with the vacuum flask joined with a rubber seal, and u connect vacuum on that tube on the side so it filters faster. The erlenmeyer flask has that shape (that kinda cone form) so it reduces the fumes of the solution you have inside. But I honestly have to admit, you did an excellent job!

    • Jio
      Jio 25 days ago +3

      @NickiGames As another human being, it hurts so much to see you crying so much over constructive criticism that wasn't even aimed at you.

    • Kristian Peliz Kapellen
      Kristian Peliz Kapellen 25 days ago

      @Alternating Currents It could perfectly be, if I remember correcly jesse used to cook on a volumetric flask or something and walter gets mad. A volumetric flask is made so that the volume is exact, but warming it could affect its preciseness.

    • Houndz
      Houndz 25 days ago +1

      Didn’t he say he’s not a chemist? Then why the hate?

    • Alternating Currents
      Alternating Currents 26 days ago +2

      I feel like this is a Breaking Bad reference

    • Cristian Lopez
      Cristian Lopez 26 days ago +1

      ​@NickiGames did you type this while hugging your stuffed animal.

  • J
    J 28 days ago

    Well done, man , it's people like you that make humanity continue forward .

  • The Benefactor
    The Benefactor Month ago +3

    It's the mercurial surface tension thing of the heated gold that I hadn't noticed before. Truly an enchanting metal

  • Tolga ARÇOK
    Tolga ARÇOK Month ago

    Not just because I'm tired even watching this incredible work, I'd surely drink that orange juice(I wanted it so much when I saw it lol), so I'll never attempt such a work. A great work!

  • PopFizzPaper
    PopFizzPaper 2 months ago +168

    That’s over $13k of gold?! Did the client pay you with a chunk of the blob? Considering the time, materials, etc maybe they just gave you the blob in whole lol 😅 Excellent video! It was cool to see the chemistry behind the process, and I wish we learned more about this aspect of the craft in jewelery school. 😊

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    • Rasmus Ek
      Rasmus Ek Month ago

      @jimv1983 was intrested cheked some of the acids and powders he used was all priced around 30$/kg(L) so doing this probably cost a fair bit bellow a hundred USD, might missed somethign expensive that was used but dont think so, also I'm sure this can be done cheap in bulk by specialists

    • jimv1983
      jimv1983 2 months ago +2

      @Rara Avis definitely not even close to the value of the gold which is over $14,000.

    • Rara Avis
      Rara Avis 2 months ago

      Cool. You seem to know your way around. Chemist?

  • Selina Oluyi
    Selina Oluyi Month ago

    This was incredibly satisfying to watch! Amazing content. Thank you for sharing.

  • xpez
    xpez Month ago +1

    @12:00 there is a story of an old gold mine in colorado flooding and the water being released accidentally into the Animus river. Subsequently the river turned this color -yellow orange..It reminded me of that and perhaps some of the molecules that floated out of the mine were gold among the other metals that polluted the river. its fascinating because these colors are identical and it was indeed a gold mine!

  • Alisdair Gray
    Alisdair Gray 21 day ago

    fantastic video. Will be sharing with my ASN N4 Chemistry class tomorrow. I love how you have researched the chemistry despite it not being your specialist area!

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      Bitcoin Management 21 day ago

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  • LoadEmUp
    LoadEmUp Month ago +1

    Watching this video is like watching a magician turn a blob of clay into a gold bar, except without the hat and cape! I'm pretty sure if I tried to turn a blob into gold, I would end up with a fancy paperweight at best. But these guys make it look easy! It's like they have the Midas touch, but for blobs!

  • Benjamin Nunez
    Benjamin Nunez 16 days ago

    That was pretty cool man. I've seen this done before but because you said you haven't done this before had me on the edge of my seat 🙂👍🏼. I had to subscribe. I wish you nothing but the best. Thanks for the Video, can't wait to check out the rest. God Bless you brother. Later

  • Digital Genki
    Digital Genki Month ago

    i didnt think i'd watch this all, but this was extremly enjoyable i couldnt stop!. Thank you for making this video!

  • 2472ANDY
    2472ANDY Month ago

    Fascinating to watch, thank you for taking the time to show us this

  • Pikabooxxd
    Pikabooxxd Month ago

    It was amazing seeing clay turned into gold. 🥰

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