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I ruined the sims by making a cult

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @CraicDealer

    "Lock door for everyone but Jim" feels like years since I heard those words.

  • @user-cj3qk6yd4z

    i love how kevin refers to himself as jim pickens and refers to the kevin in the game in 3rd person

  • @user-mh1vy9vp5d

    If I had a nickel for every time Kevin made a cult in the Sims 4, I’d be a millionaire.

  • @rebeccaswildlife3870

    Petition for merch that says "Lock Door for Everyone but Jim" on it

  • @potatiobaconio9809

    I loved the arc of Jim fighting against his hair loss.

  • @juliefarrell6688

    I headcannon that sim parents tell their children "Go to sleep/eat your vegtables or Jim Pickens will come for you"

  • @corb3055

    30 minutes of Kevin playing the Sims it’s truly a happy thanksgiving

  • @hopelesswatermelon8543

    "I stole it by murdering people" is just the story of Jim's life

  • @jackdavies1583

    I can’t believe Kevin forgot to ban looking for frogs 🤯

  • @uwae
    @uwae  +384

    bald jim pickens is unironically the most cursed thing to be produced from kevins sims videos

  • @totakluska

    Petition to call Jim's friend group "Jim's culb" so everyone thinks it's misspelled "club" when in reality it's misspelled "cult"

  • @samiam5399

    these bed-bunk bedrooms have strong squidgame energy. wouldn’t expect anything less!

  • @metteabildgaard9764

    Jim gets to profit off of other sims’ misery, and other sims gets to bask in Jim Pickens’ glorious presence. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  • @AtheistPirate

    "It wouldn't be a Sims video without someone getting trapped in the walls."

  • @addysonhatch8679

    Since it’s thanksgiving I just wanna say I’m thankful for Kevin and Jim

  • @ZombieSazza


  • @finngswan3732

    Please continue with this build! I miss the mini stories Jim goes on

  • @liamread6825

    "Here's me making a cult in the sims!"

  • @I_will_commit_war_crimes

    Kevin has amnosia obviously as he does this in every game

  • @armytrainer

    Jim repeatedly loosing his hair is symbolic lol