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450 Triple Crown Highlights - Anaheim 2 2023

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 139

  • Vincent Estep
    Vincent Estep Month ago +32

    I love seeing Kenny up there especially what he’s been through

    • Miles Shepherd
      Miles Shepherd 12 days ago

      Ye he’s getting better hopefully he does good this season

  • Centre For Evil
    Centre For Evil Month ago +94

    Suzuki finally on the podium since 2019. Way to go Kenny

    • WhiteRabbit
      WhiteRabbit Month ago

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    • The Hankyman
      The Hankyman Month ago

      German Beast from the East ..... Go Kenny

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago +6

      @Smith_going_90 you mean you don't like Kenny. He's easily one of the top 5 most popular riders out there, and arguably the most marketable

    • Kenneth Wise
      Kenneth Wise Month ago +1

      @Smith_going_90 people can be so rude

    • Smith_going_90
      Smith_going_90 Month ago +3

      Nobody like kenny

  • Dominic Da Silva
    Dominic Da Silva Month ago +131

    Literally tells us who wins in first sentence. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Jay Omodeo
      Jay Omodeo Month ago

      @Victor Hernandez nobody is talking about that.. is the way the channel administered the "highlights" video... dont use google translator budd sometimes does not say what it really says...📝🤙🏻

    • Rito Maglinao
      Rito Maglinao Month ago

      @4touchdowns1game qQQQQQqqqqqQqqqqq

    • #1 XRP (Brandon)
      #1 XRP (Brandon) Month ago

      I was at the race last night, and it was totally unorganized.. not like it used to be.

  • Andrew peakman
    Andrew peakman Month ago +5

    Eli picked the bike up in less than 10 seconds after that massive moment . He's insane .

  • 4touchdowns1game
    4touchdowns1game Month ago +18

    Not only did they literally just say who won but the whole race just showed sexton or some other random person. 99 percent of people were wanting to watch kenn try to make the podium which they barely showed that crazy last minute pass on ferrandis.

    • kneedragger29
      kneedragger29 Month ago +4

      If you're upset that a sub 4 minute clip told you who won too soon, you should literally stay off the internet. People who are interested in specifics of the race already watched it live & literally got to watch what they came to see. It's a 200 second highlight reel. You should literally understand that going in, that's what it's going to show.

    • Plebtile
      Plebtile Month ago +6

      So nice it had to be commented twice.

  • felipe villablanca moreira

    Kenny is a beast

  • Jack McKay
    Jack McKay Month ago +3

    That was an entertaining night of racing both classes all 6 races

  • DeepCode
    DeepCode Month ago +12

    What's status for Eli? He ok?

  • Gawd SZN
    Gawd SZN Month ago +5

    2 perfect rounds from ET & now the point gap is 4 CS & CW tied ..by far best race this season so far ..4-5 rider battles JA21 CS23 CW2 ET3 KR94 plus mookie when he returns

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +33

    Sextons gear with the blue boots looked sick af

    • Dick Berry
      Dick Berry Month ago

      Sick AF bro 🤪

    • Blythe
      Blythe Month ago

      @ahmad 12 Anderson, Sexton and Tomac's are anyway

    • Venice Beach Sports Network
      Venice Beach Sports Network Month ago

      I couldn't see his number all night

    • ahmad 12
      ahmad 12 Month ago

      @Knox 6260 is a ken block tribute ?

    • Knox 6260
      Knox 6260 Month ago +3

      @Kenneth Wise all of the ken block tribute gear looks sick. Loved Anderson's gear too last night

  • qwerty
    qwerty Month ago

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  • Homebuldr1
    Homebuldr1 Month ago +1

    Need DB in the booth EVERY race!!!

    LYKAN Month ago +13

    Finally suzuki on podium

  • tanosam5
    tanosam5 Month ago


    DWAYNE MARTIN Month ago +5

    It's nice to see a yellow bike up front again

  • Leezy
    Leezy Month ago +2

    Tomac was making Webb look like a lapper that wouldn’t move

    • Homebuldr1
      Homebuldr1 Month ago +1

      No Webb made Tomac look like an amateur that couldn't pass 😂😂😂

    • Shauny boy
      Shauny boy Month ago +1

      Yeah it was crazy how there were no spots to pass yet Tomac was trying to make stuff happen and be exciting.

  • gorge metz
    gorge metz Month ago +4

    Let's be honest here Webb held up Tomac to the point that Eli had to gamble and it just didn't work. You can't be patient in these triple crowns. Outside of Eli crashing this #soldout crowd got an insane show. My heart rate was spiking throughout the night. I have to say my Peacock app was flawless. The chef was cooking with Wolf appliances and served up a win. What happened to that p--k Deegan lol. I'm telling you Daxton is going to be a better pro. That Beaumer was the class of futures until his handlebars came loose. IMO I think we have a conspiracy here and I need to see the camera footage to see if old man Deegan didn't sneak in and loosen Beaumer's bars. I'm telling you this group of kids is sick and tired of hearing about danger mouse, and are going to take back the spotlight. Maybe danger mouse has a career as a ramp flipper-like his old man it worked out well for him.

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith Month ago

      Deegan has more skill in his toenail than you got in your whole body... be nice

  • Gawd SZN
    Gawd SZN Month ago +8

    what a pass by chase on ja21 wow

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago

      Anderson acted like he didn't care , that stumble shook him up I guess .

  • Mikko Palola
    Mikko Palola Month ago

    i was excepting better from colt.. i think honda feels bad for letting kenny slide away

  • Crashed it
    Crashed it Month ago

    A clip from this video was nominated for top 10 hits of the week. If allowed to use this clip we would watermark your video with your logo and add a direct link to the description to let everyone know where they can find all the action. Just let us know. The crash nominated to occurred around 220 mark of this video

    • Crashed it
      Crashed it Month ago

      @The98Racer I won’t use without pre approval but thanks

    • The98Racer
      The98Racer Month ago

      Of course I’m not the channel but I assume they don’t check the comments

    • The98Racer
      The98Racer Month ago

      Do it buddy nobody will say anything about it as long as you do that!

  • Nate_deitrick
    Nate_deitrick Month ago +7

    Hell yeah glad Anderson was on the podium

    • John Babb
      John Babb Month ago

      @herb canter did you actually watch that collision, Webb turned down on him and lost his front wheel LOL.

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago +2

      He had to wreck Webb to do it.

  • Mike Berichon
    Mike Berichon Month ago +3

    Can we get a little excitement in your voices guys?

    • DS111
      DS111 Month ago +1

      Are you kidding...? This is a more subdued Carmichael -- which I wish we could have more of. Usually, he sounds like a screaming kid or something.

  • William Quiap
    William Quiap Month ago +6

    KROCZen podium

  • Ted Ulmer
    Ted Ulmer Month ago +2

    What a crazy night of racing. Just goes to show you all those predictions are worthless. I still say injuries and mental mistakes decide Championships. Track was way too tight in my opinion.

    • Pinku Style TV
      Pinku Style TV Month ago

      @Bro Ivert hahah big gamble

    • Bro Ivert
      Bro Ivert Month ago +2

      I can’t imagine how stressful betting on a supercross race would be

  • Trapper Goldsmith
    Trapper Goldsmith Month ago +9

    Why can't you find the 450 full main events on youtube anymore, use to always be able to find it somewhere posted now all we get is highlights

    • Trapper Goldsmith
      Trapper Goldsmith Month ago

      @Pinku Style TV if you post the race will you automatically get a strike on your account?

    • Pinku Style TV
      Pinku Style TV Month ago +3

      @Trapper Goldsmith guys are literally streaming now a few channels and take the vids down before getting an strike on their accounts.

    • Trapper Goldsmith
      Trapper Goldsmith Month ago +1

      @Pinku Style TV they must be getting stricter on their copyright cause use to always be able to find a 450 main the next day after a race someone would have it up

    • Trapper Goldsmith
      Trapper Goldsmith Month ago +1

      @Joshua Wheeler damn can't access peacock in Canada only the US

    • musclemania30
      musclemania30 Month ago +1

      After they show the re air

  • Yours TRULY
    Yours TRULY Month ago +8

    webb riding the whole track cant let faster riders past

    • Shauny boy
      Shauny boy Month ago

      It's a bummer the tracks are one lined almost the whole way around.

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago +1

      @I'll take "Usual Suspects" for $1,000 please, Alex Ha ha ha ha ha , very true . Participation trophies . Everybody's a winner LOL.

    • Baby-Shark GTO
      Baby-Shark GTO Month ago

      @Yours TRULY, I saw that too 💯

    • Baby-Shark GTO
      Baby-Shark GTO Month ago

      @Anton Lundmark no

    • DS111
      DS111 Month ago

      He looks good! What!

  • Mat West
    Mat West Month ago +3

    So weird seeing tomac crash

    • B
      B Month ago

      Go back a few years and you will see plenty

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago

      Of course it's weird it rarely ever happens but he had to take a risk because time was dwindling and he still had to track down the guys in front of Cooper to have a shot at the overall . The only thing I want to know is if he's 100% or is he hurt . If he's OK than no worries he'll be back with a vengeance .

  • Deckard 5 Pegasus
    Deckard 5 Pegasus Month ago +7


  • Patrick Kerr
    Patrick Kerr Month ago

    are the points inverted at the end?

  • Deleau Arnaud
    Deleau Arnaud Month ago +11

    Yes Kenny🤙🏻💪

  • DaBaers
    DaBaers Month ago +1

    Let me do these highlight videos. I’d get them out faster and they would be 100% better

  • CyberWizard
    CyberWizard Month ago +4

    Bro why are these races like at 1 am in the east coast. They need to speed this shit up

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens Month ago +1

    Nice to see some yellow

  • B
    B Month ago +2

    Beast mode! Lol

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago

      Beast mode hasn't been engaged yet , maybe we will see it in Houston.

  • Derick Stephens
    Derick Stephens Month ago +3

    Exactly. Why in the hell are you going to give it all away before we even get to watch it.

    • Derick Stephens
      Derick Stephens Month ago

      @Baby-Shark GTO did you even read the very first comment?

    • Derick Stephens
      Derick Stephens Month ago

      @Baby-Shark GTO no actually it’s just you.

    • Baby-Shark GTO
      Baby-Shark GTO Month ago +1

      No one knows what you are going on about

  • Farel
    Farel Month ago

    Tomac 💪💪💪

  • offroadracer99
    offroadracer99 Month ago +12

    Put the races back on tv not some third class streaming app. Its no wonder supercross cant grow a fan base.

    • DS111
      DS111 Month ago +1

      Yep. My old dad can't even watch on TV until April because he does not want Peacock.

  • justin smith
    justin smith Month ago +2

    blair did a better job then ricky at commentary

  • hence tirta
    hence tirta Month ago +6

    Im hapy ken win .with rmz

  • DS111
    DS111 Month ago +3

    No, no, no...Sexton's mistakes are not "elusive" -- that's the problem.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Month ago

    Lime Green all day KawBoy

    CH2NEAT Month ago +3

    Tomac was way too impatient with webb

    • CH2NEAT
      CH2NEAT Month ago +1

      @Baby-Shark GTO I was hoping to see it, i knew by the way he was riding he was either taking himself out or cleaning webb out… I wish it would’ve been the second option 🤣

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago +1

      @Baby-Shark GTO Tomac don't play that game but he would have finished higher up if he did .

    • Baby-Shark GTO
      Baby-Shark GTO Month ago

      I love seeing Eli wanting it that bad, was hoping he’d pull a Barcia on Webb and move him out of the way.

    • Aaron b
      Aaron b Month ago +2

      @Slim Brady it wasn’t 2 minutes left you are correct. However it was deep enough into the race that he did have to make a move considering Anderson and sexton were who he was really trying to race.

    • Slim Brady
      Slim Brady Month ago +2

      @herb canter Definitely wasn't 2 minutes left. It happened fairly early in the race.

  • CameraManFrank
    CameraManFrank Month ago +1

    So what happen with the guys riding with Go Pro's?

    • CameraManFrank
      CameraManFrank Month ago

      @B oh dang I didn’t truly realize it’s been mia that long

    • B
      B Month ago +1

      They outlawed it, can't remember the lame excuse as to why but that was a few years ago already.

  • eldiablo
    eldiablo Month ago +2

    Where are those people who keep mocking the kick starter at? Who thinks an electric starter has an 80% advantage in a race lol

  • Almighty Sanchez
    Almighty Sanchez Month ago +1

    Thanks for the warning lol

  • Boy Reza muhammad
    Boy Reza muhammad Month ago

    That me honda 🤣

    THE CONQUEROR Month ago +2

    3:26 Nice rapping skills

  • multi tablez
    multi tablez Month ago +8

    under 4 minutes of highlights. You should fire who ever edits the highlights. 4 minutes. lol. lmao . even

  • Bro Ivert
    Bro Ivert Month ago +1

    Basically no where to pass

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago +1

    I hate the Triple Crowns. I wish there was some way to petition Feld and Monster energy to make them get rid of the format. The racers all hate it and it puts too much emphasis on the starts. Conditioning and late race charging has always been a huge part of the sport. It makes SX feel cheap, like an amateur arenacross at some county fair...stupid.

  • ahmad 12
    ahmad 12 Month ago +1

    Slowly tomac🤣

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago

      The other riders must be much slower , Tomac with the # 1 plate .

  • A.G.E
    A.G.E Month ago


    • B
      B Month ago

      @herb canter You are either joking or might have hit your head as hard as Tomac.

    • herb canter
      herb canter Month ago

      Eli said after the race he meant to crash out in that spot , he called it before the race, it was all planned.

    GREENBAY Month ago

    Falsches datum

  • brian fagan
    brian fagan Month ago

    Alpinestars gets my vote for ugliest gear of the year award.

  • Russell Pearl
    Russell Pearl Month ago

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  • nik mxforever
    nik mxforever Month ago +12

    Triple crown format is garbage