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I Bought the most SATISFYING Viral Tiktok Products

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Mamma Bear

    I am 55 and I'm hooked on Hope even though I will likely never wear 99.9% of the clothes she models. I am well beyond the bodycon outfits she shows but I eagerly wait for her videos.

  • CJ Dahlberg

    I’m a 63 year old women who randomly watched one of your videos a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Couldn’t figure out why I loved them so much, and this one finally opened my eyes. It’s your attitude and openness to try anything. Bottom line, your videos just make me smile. My favorite one to date, was the recent one with the Bridal dresses. Keep up your positive attitude and your sense of the whimsy, and I will keep watching❤

  • lychee
    lychee  +391

    The first dress looks SO comfortable and beautiful, I would totally buy the fabric and make different versions of it. JUST IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES

  • Pippa
    Pippa  +334

    You need the Holo Taco Protective Nail Peel to use with that machine! I forget the exact name, but you can paint it on the skin around the nail and then peel it off when you are done painting. I struggle to paint neatly, so it's a life saver.

  • Sam Slattery

    I am so impressed by that dress at the beginning I legit just told my fiancé that’s what i’m having my wedding dress made out of!! He’s a glassblower and uses UV light a lot for his glow in the dark glass so this would be a super cool!!!

  • Gabby V
    Gabby V  +53

    I love when she posts!! It always makes my day better bc she’s got such a happy energy that’s just contagious!!!Thank you for all you do filming for us to enjoy.

  • Charlotte czajka

    I love how hope just is so energetic and happy, she always makes my day when I watch her videos

  • Sam
    Sam  +15

    I love how happy she is and fun, this video made my day. My family has been in a rough time recently and it’s nice to just watch a fun video and relax.

  • geovanna
    geovanna  +28

    I just love how excited and happy you are in your videos. if i spent four hours doing that tape ball and it didn't work i would cry 😭😭 im obsessed with the earring thing!!

  • valued
    valued  +18

    I love how she always puts so much dedication ion in her videos.

  • Psi Loki
    Psi Loki  +23

    I had one of those fiber light things years ago. The fibers started breaking off and getting ALL over my apartment. They were super skinny and would imbed into my feet as skinny glass like splinters. When I’d try to remove them from my feet they would break. It was nightmare inducing.

  • Creating with Kenaniah

    I love your videos Hope! Thanks for posting fun things like this vid! It always is fun seeing your positive attitude and trying to find the brightside for things❤💖

  • Daina McDowell

    The 'tape ball' was covered in plastic wrap which is what made that noise. You can see it in the video. =D Fun as always! Love the pink leopard top!

  • Sara GB
    Sara GB  +28

    I'm SOOO HAPPY you bought the musical glass necklace because I saw it on Instagram and I was obsessed with it too! I want one so much!, but I never actually thought it would look so good on!! it looks way better than I expected. <3 <3

  • قمر,🇶🇦

    Try paintable liquid latex before using the nail printer! You just paint it on your skin and peel it off after the design is done (and it’s ALSO super satisfying!)

  • Emma Emma

    I know there are a lot of people/videos doing what Hope is doing, but not once i feel like watching them. But Hope just gives me hope to start watching hers. Done Subscribing! Time to recap your old videos, Hope ❤️

  • Mariela
    Mariela  +7

    i love hope because she is a famous youtuber (2.3 mil subscribers is famous) but she doesn't act like one of those fake youtubers, she acts real with real reviews, i just love her and her videos! thank you so much hope

  • Kristi & Jeff Gillis

    i definitely went and bought the firework light bulb and the ceral bowl lol and i love watching your videos they help me with my shopping addiction lol Hope you Have a Merry Christmas Hope!!! (:

  • Lexi Morissette

    I love how involved Lee is! He’s too cute. I think we need a dog product haul and video!

  • Candice Williams

    Love getting real reviews. Thank you as always ❤Especially for buying that expensive necklace