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How NOT to get rid of weeds......


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  • Levi
    Levi 6 months ago +3106

    Can confirm this is not the way to get rid of weeds. My dad had a propane torch weed burner and was using it near our 100 year old barn. The weeds were gone, but so too was the barn 😂

    • MattWasabii
      MattWasabii 2 months ago +1

      I shit you not, the exact same thing happened to my uncle's barn!!

    • John
      John 4 months ago

      I have a weed torch as well ,I burn poison ivy with it and start bonfires but it's useless against green grass ,takes forever to get it to burn

    • BillAnt
      BillAnt 5 months ago

      Some people just smoke it themselves. hehe

    • baby ear
      baby ear 5 months ago

      @Bilbo Faggins And if you did it on a windy day in the UK...

    • Bilbo Faggins
      Bilbo Faggins 5 months ago

      I think you would be arrested if you tried this in california

  • Samprit Giri
    Samprit Giri 6 months ago +576

    Don't put the potatoes directly into the soil after splitting them up. Dry the cut portions in sunlight for 2 days and then place it. This will prevent fungal attack on the tubers.
    Love the videos

    • Nyarlathotep The Crawling Chaos
      Nyarlathotep The Crawling Chaos 3 months ago

      @Machina Ex Carne truth. In Eastern Europe we eat so much potato.
      I'm Polish, and I eat potato like every few days

    • Harsh Kumar
      Harsh Kumar 4 months ago

      @Machina Ex Carne It's actually to get more plants out of one potato....

    • Texas Swift
      Texas Swift 5 months ago

      Also, dust them with sulfur prior to the 1-2 day ‘rest’ period.

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 6 months ago +1

      @Machina Ex Carne I think it’s so you can get more plants out of one potato,

    • Mitja K.
      Mitja K. 6 months ago

      ​@Machina Ex Carne that and grandparents used to turn growing part of potato down not up.

  • J. Main
    J. Main 6 months ago +201

    I never thought I would enjoy a gardening video but with both of you commentating it’s very enjoyable

    • Szilard
      Szilard 5 months ago +1

      Same with a farmin video for Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime. Worth a watch.

  • Johnny Cash III
    Johnny Cash III 6 months ago +340

    "Greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes..."
    Dope that you guys are documenting this all for us.

      TRILLIUM 5 months ago

      @Average Jellybean that's hilarious I've been hearing it wrong all this time. :]

    • Average Jellybean
      Average Jellybean 6 months ago +3

      lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkey, rabbit…

    • OTR
      OTR 6 months ago +1

      YOU NAME IT!

      TRILLIUM 6 months ago +4

      Lamb, ram hot dogs 🌭

  • JBourdon
    JBourdon 6 months ago +119

    Hello Zack,
    I’m glad you are back with the vegetables garden a quick tip for next year. “the old soil has to be mixed with the new so that the nutrients do not remain on the surface of the boxes” keep going!

    • XDSDDLord
      XDSDDLord 5 months ago

      @Toaster Neat, thanks!

    • Toaster
      Toaster 5 months ago

      @XDSDDLord just checked back and watched the build video. The beds are open with some weed barrier fabric along the sides to keep the soil from being in direct contact with the wood. So yeah, worms have a straight shot.

    • XDSDDLord
      XDSDDLord 6 months ago +1

      @Toaster It's been a while but usually these boxes are lined with gravel to help stability, water flow, and prevent pests from coming in from underneath.

    • Toaster
      Toaster 6 months ago +1

      @XDSDDLord if I remember right from the build video, the bottoms are open.

    • XDSDDLord
      XDSDDLord 6 months ago +2

      @Toaster What worms? Those are raised, enclosed boxes, there are no worms in there unless he introduces them.

  • Bill H
    Bill H 6 months ago +44

    Hello Zack/Cambry. Just a quick advice, when composting, try to cut things into tiny pieces. This will help composting them quicker. Don't forget to control the humidity and add wood chips if it gets very wet. Good job with this initiative.

    • Tris, Princess & Splashy
      Tris, Princess & Splashy 4 months ago

      You can also do bokashi, seems to speed it up some too. And allows for animal products like bones and meat to be composted.b

  • Volcomintality
    Volcomintality 6 months ago +40

    I can't believe it's been 3 years since he's built the garden. It feels like the project was just completed in 2021. Man how time flies..

  • 𝚆𝝣𝕊 𝙽𝐢𝕔𝚑𝜙𝚕 

    Awe, Jerry Jr. what a cutie, so glad things are going good for ya'll! Can't wait to see how the garden turns out!

    • Sharon Repici
      Sharon Repici 2 months ago

      @LycanHD actually Cyrus

    • John Baron
      John Baron 6 months ago +1

      @LycanHD neither actually but Jerry sounds better imo

    • LycanHD
      LycanHD 6 months ago +5

      ZACK JR.

  • Zoltan Varadi
    Zoltan Varadi 5 months ago +5

    Zack, you're impressive when it comes to breaking things in unexpected ways. the watering system, then your cars drive shaft. great to see I'm not the only one breaking stuff when building my own.

  • Dehan Badenhorst
    Dehan Badenhorst 6 months ago +411

    Zach is really winning at life, so happy for him

    • Saffy
      Saffy 6 months ago

      Sad zoomed noises

    • Rookie Man
      Rookie Man 6 months ago +12

      I know right! This makes me happy!

    • username taken
      username taken 6 months ago

      idk his stuck with tramp woman

  • WyomingExists
    WyomingExists 6 months ago +53

    in the 90's I took second place in the state science fair because I tested a biodegradable pen that we composted for 2 years, it didn't biodegrade and could still write after washing it off. It'll be interesting to see what 30 years of development will do with the new stuff.

    • Scumful
      Scumful 5 months ago

      @Nick lmao

    • Ashr.
      Ashr. 6 months ago +7

      @Nick what the hell, that's not even funny

    • Miky Schuster
      Miky Schuster 6 months ago +4

      From my expiriance: nothing.
      Not even those verry thin compostable plastic bags are gone.

    • Nick
      Nick 6 months ago +3

      you must be really old, hi grandpa!

  • StaleBiscuit
    StaleBiscuit 6 months ago +12

    In my home gardening experience, horse manure has always done the best. Out-performing homemade compost, store bought mixes and steer manure each time we use it. It'll be interesting to see your results!

  • LostMySauce
    LostMySauce 6 months ago +23

    Speaking of weeds, my friend told me about the cardboard method. For my front landscaping I basically surrounded my soil with cardboard, leaving openings for the bushes and hostas. The cardboard keeps sun away from the weeds and will eventually break down, but also create a barrier for them now to grow.

    • Gryyta
      Gryyta 6 months ago +1

      wood chips may be better suited and well, they dont fly away in a storm! plus its easier to spread out...might all be hard though for a wheelchair, so paving or gravel might be the best bet

    • Tyler Braegelmann
      Tyler Braegelmann 6 months ago

      Very true, but it doesn’t look too great either

    • Jaycee Bayer
      Jaycee Bayer 6 months ago

      This is what he should do!

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar 5 months ago +3

    This was good watching. Always good to have Camry narrating with you.

  • Jc Forbes
    Jc Forbes 6 months ago +407

    Hey Jerry I think you should put a net roofing because plants doesn’t actually need direct sunlight and you can also put the watering system in the net roofing, just a quick tip 👍

    • League of legends Shorts
      League of legends Shorts 6 months ago +1

      a good tip

    • Michael Keller
      Michael Keller 6 months ago +10

      Tomatoes don't like rain, giving them all sorts of illnesses and fungi, always ensure the green parts of the plants remain dry - watering the soil around the plants is the better way, also you don't lose as much water to condensation this way

    • Niger Dupree
      Niger Dupree 6 months ago

      Wouldn't that prevent convenient walking/traveling underneath?

    • Daniel Tran
      Daniel Tran 6 months ago +16

      ​@LycanHD he said he responds to both names, so it's okay

    • LycanHD
      LycanHD 6 months ago +19


  • GrammarNazi238
    GrammarNazi238 6 months ago +5

    I love this series. I really like when you arrange your garden and when the fall comes. I think the videos should be longer.

  • Todd Gerhardt
    Todd Gerhardt 6 months ago +3

    Yall have such a beautiful family! Thanks for entertaining us guys!

  • jakethesnakelover
    jakethesnakelover 6 months ago +3

    Man, you making a garden for your wife is so wholesome! You must really love vegetables! Keep up the great work!

  • Oliver D.
    Oliver D. 6 months ago +17

    Such a lovely couple. I love your videos. Its nice seeing you and the wife doing some videos together again!!

    • Hilary Thornton
      Hilary Thornton 6 months ago +4

      @Silent Hill Farms She suffered a spinal injury in a horse-riding accident several years ago, before they knew each other.

    • Silent Hill Farms
      Silent Hill Farms 6 months ago +1

      Why is she in a wheelchair? I'm new to the channel

  • Kool Klan Man
    Kool Klan Man 6 months ago +3

    Jerry really do be living the dream, loving wife, a kid, a home, becoming more and more self sufficient, and just enjoying life in the purest form

    KAIN ARTZ 5 months ago +3

    Everytime jerry mentions how long its been since he did something it always comes as a surprise to me
    idk why but that only happens on this channel
    i literally thought the garden was like a few months old but then there is jerry junior as well now
    Same with the solar panels
    Man, time flies huh

    • Zack Wade
      Zack Wade 5 months ago

      Yeah I found his channel 9 months ago and it just seems like last month

  • Toaster
    Toaster 6 months ago +3

    Cover everything with 4" or so of straw. That allows a thermocline to form and keeps your soil from drying up too fast. It'll also get worms to come closer to the surface to help break down your biomatter. From the looks of it you've got a ton of wood chips in that new "soil" you got. Covering that up with straw and keeping it moist will help break that down into nutrients your plants can use.

  • Snakex64
    Snakex64 6 months ago +3

    Always love those more relaxed "working on your home" videos

  • Peter Middo
    Peter Middo 6 months ago +1

    Great to see Cambry back in one of your videos, Zach. Great job on the garden maintenance. (I've also heard of those blow torches being useless against weeds, too. )

  • Lucun
    Lucun 6 months ago +6

    Commercially compostable items generally needs more heat and time to decompose. A home compost stack might not get hot enough for them, but commercial composting plants can generally achieve higher temps and let things sit longer.

    • Blahorga Slisk
      Blahorga Slisk 6 months ago

      A friend told me that putting shrimp shells in the compost tended to result in very high temperature. So high that his mother had experimented with boiling eggs in the compost. Now this is hearsay, though I don't doubt she did try it, but I'd be amazed if boiling the eggs actually worked. Temperatures that high would kill a lot of the bacteria, micro organism and worms that is what's breaking down the compost.

  • stilcrazychris
    stilcrazychris 5 months ago +4

    Hi Camrey & Zach, I'm disabled to & it's very hard for me to pull weeds in my garden to. Have you ever heard of the Ruth Stout planting method. It takes a long time for me to explain & plus I'm not much of a teacher like you are Zach. I do think you two would benefit from her method.
    Hope this will help you & your wife. God bless,
    Chris from Missouri

  • Ricardo Alvarez
    Ricardo Alvarez 6 months ago +4

    Hey little jerry hope you enjoying life with your great family and well done helping daddy with the garden 😊😁

  • KyleTechne
    KyleTechne 4 months ago +1

    Suggestion! When you go to plant your trees, dig a bigger hole. Try to also break up that root ball that's in those pots, so that way the root structure is loosened up and they'll have a much better chance of sprawling out rather than potentially being bound to their little hole, sucking them dry of chances to get water. Also, try giving them a berm for deep watering, as well as a healthy 1 foot layer of mulch around them, protecting their precious roots from the sun, retaining moisture, and slowly feeding the tree nutrients. You'll have much better success with your transplants.

    GR8TDUCK 6 months ago +3

    Love seeing your wonderful family. Your wife seems really lovely and this is the first vid I have seen with her. Keep doing great vids.

  • Joe_J
    Joe_J 5 months ago

    It's good to see Cambry back on Rog everything. Much love for you guys❤️...and our small guy of course 😂

  • Anna Vannieuwenhuyse
    Anna Vannieuwenhuyse 6 months ago +8

    That composter just gave me a really good idea! There's tons of plastic barrels around here. Drilling some holes to add some pipes as agitation fingers and attaching some bearing rods to the ends should make for a very nice DIY version of this! That is, after adding one or two access panels either side, for convenience. :p

  • Mustafa Kilinc
    Mustafa Kilinc 6 months ago +3

    I think you guys should look into growing cover crops to keep your soil good outside of your crop season

  • Craig Ritchie
    Craig Ritchie 5 months ago +1

    Fun video! I’m glad Cambry was in this one also along with the little one!
    My wife and I also compost as well as have many raised bed gardens that we water with rain from our rain water harvesting system (a bunch of buckets. Lol) plus one 125gal rain barrel with a transfer pump.
    On another note have y’all considered fruit salad trees? We are going to plant some soon.
    Another thing besides the horse manure you can also use mycorrhiza before you plant things as they will help the roots expand and create a symbiotic relationship with them helping them grow big and fast!
    Keep up all the great videos! :)

  • Francisco Lozano
    Francisco Lozano 5 months ago +2

    A good option to help the trees reach a better opportunity to live in the UT climate and soil, is to dig the hole of 1 cubic meter, then fill that hole with good top soil (black full of organic material), or as you point it out, compost and then use to fill those holes. Then a lot of water for the first 36 hours, that would help the roots of the trees to grab the enough nutrients to help the tree grow. And all the burned organic material, used firewood, those weeds made charcoal, all that black stuff would help to enrich the soils.

  • Salvie Albie
    Salvie Albie 6 months ago +2

    Great to watch your videos coming out so often! I'm from El Salvador and over there weeds and grass are all the same. We just kept both in our yards and it was all good. Now I live in Arizona and our front yard is just gravel and two big bushes. I bought a propane torch to burn the weeds and it works great. But there are no buildings or other things that could burn in the front yard tho

  • Ab Renos
    Ab Renos 6 months ago +1

    Talk about a positive experience with your wife and child we love these videos too thanks for sharing your awesome videos

  • Oniel
    Oniel 5 months ago +1

    I remember my buddy when they became parents they had the same eyes... It also shows how much sacrifices and love they give to their little one ☺️

  • Klutzy Taz
    Klutzy Taz 3 months ago

    Never thought I'd enjoy gardening videos but there's something about your gardening videos which make me wanna watch more. I'd love more updates on the garden!

  • Nick Swankie
    Nick Swankie 6 months ago +1

    Tips for your composter.
    Make everything you put in it as small as you can. So for example don't put a whole apple in, cut it up to at least ¼'s. Shred any paper or cardboard things, and don't put too much grass in it. Also you can put your chicken house sweeping up in it, and this will be a good activator, but only do this at the start of the process.
    And don't forget to rotate the composter everyday.

  • Nintenlife
    Nintenlife 5 months ago +3

    This is the kind of thing someone’s husband does while there gone a the store for 10 minutes they burn the weeds thinking it would be a good idea lol 😂

  • Mike Perritte
    Mike Perritte 6 months ago +1

    Great video. Hope your garden does well. Nice seeing the whole family. Have a great day

  • Vishnu JP
    Vishnu JP 6 months ago +1

    Tip :
    The weeds that were pulled out,
    -Portion them into two.
    -Chop them into manageable chunks.
    - Burn one half of the the portion of weeds.
    -Mix it with the other half.
    - Layer it down on the bed and add the top soil on top of this layer.
    -See the magic in a few months.
    This is the best way to reuse weed and it really helps improve the quality of the soil.
    This was the way my Grandmother used to plant veggies and flowers.
    Do try and share if this helps.
    You could also layer the horse manure first.then add the mixed weed chunks and then the top soil.

  • Trevor Cupps
    Trevor Cupps 6 months ago +1

    For the weeds I would recommend a couple tools in unison. A scuffle hoe for large weeds, a co-linear hoe for intermediate weeds, and a wire weeder for maintenance and for weeding between rows

  • Emily Love
    Emily Love 6 months ago +152

    I’m really interested in seeing how those break down in the composter. Thank you for another great video!

    • Tris, Princess & Splashy
      Tris, Princess & Splashy 4 months ago +1

      I'm like pretty sure that some of those items are only compostable in industrial composting systems(often anaerobic, temp and humidity controlled). Not home compost.
      That's the only thing I can see not working but most of them should compost just find.

    • Mr.E
      Mr.E 6 months ago


    • Tullo
      Tullo 6 months ago

      Hi my love

  • Tycoon Ruler
    Tycoon Ruler 5 months ago

    Jerry is already living the retirement life, we all somehow wish for.
    I remember my childhood days when we used to go to our granny’s place and it had a mini backyard garden.
    We used to fight as to who gets a chance to water the plants (also play with the hose pipe by spraying water randomly and at times spraying water at heights and watching that water runoff and marking it out our own river).
    We build smaller dams with clay and tried different mixtures to check which held the water longer (just in case if there was no water and we needed something for our plants, the size of the dam we built was somehow only large enough to have the ants drowned but still we were kids and this didn’t bother us at the age of 6 or 7).
    Now looking at Jerry, I just wish I could return back to those moments to cherish them again.

  • maticuno
    maticuno 6 months ago +1

    You have to catch the weeds right as they start sprouting, and definitely before they go to seed. I've been working on this for the last 7 years at my property and we now have the least amount of weeds of anyone on our block.

  • Artek338
    Artek338 6 months ago +2

    I highly recommend using a thick layer of wood chips. This will prevent the soil from drying out quickly, reduce water usage, and create mycorrhiza, which are fungi that enter into symbiosis with plant roots. It's very cheap and efectiwe way to grow all kind of plants

  • Gee Dee
    Gee Dee 6 months ago

    I love you guys, and I love this channel. I'm so invested in the projects you do, and I'm always eager for the next video! Thanks for doing what you do! Also, your knives are awesome haha.

  • Memer 69
    Memer 69 6 months ago +251

    Burns at level 6 with lethal burns at level 7🙂

    • Raza Haider
      Raza Haider 6 months ago


    • NeXt
      NeXt 6 months ago

      I remember when it had only 13 likes...

    • Gavin Mendonza
      Gavin Mendonza 6 months ago +3

      Editing a comment removes the like

    • No Name
      No Name 6 months ago

      Deeper groves...

    • ELITEhumanKind
      ELITEhumanKind 6 months ago +1

      @Chaseing chase you just wouldn't let him have it🙄

  • Paulman50
    Paulman50 6 months ago +1

    I've been putting the seeds that I harvest every year in the deep freeze. Some have been there for 16 years. When taking them out of the packets, you must not let the rest of them thaw, or they will be wasted.
    Keep up the good work, I love veggie gardening.

  • Simon Hoffmann
    Simon Hoffmann 2 months ago

    can’t wait to see the harvest this year ♥️

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 6 months ago +1

    You guys look so cute together, along with Jr, of course. Good luck with the gardening this summer. We have our two acres of tomatoes in the ground already.

  • MrChocodemon
    MrChocodemon 6 months ago

    For composting I recommend putting in some of your current dirt. The more insects and worms are in it, the better.

  • d4 diy
    d4 diy 6 months ago +8

    Use those mulching films with small holes. It'll prevent most of them. And also won't stop rain water from reaching the soil.

  • The Garden Scientist
    The Garden Scientist 6 months ago +7

    Cool video and "Ghost pepper"😉. I think a great addition to your veggie garden will be some "worm tea", if you farm worms (Vermicomposting🪱) you can fertilise your soil organically, and they eat all the foodscraps for you - completing the circle😁!! 🪱

  • Cesarini77
    Cesarini77 6 months ago

    I love to see you working with your wife as a team. I think it's awesome! And also I love all your videos.

  • Mac Crazy
    Mac Crazy 6 months ago +5

    You should have put the torn out weeds into the composter. Also my granpa used two big composter crates for a much smaller garden and put in grass clipping and trimmed off hedge into them. Took about a year per crate, so he alternated..

  • Richard Budai
    Richard Budai 6 months ago

    Hey Guys, awesome video! For the tomatoes, I've always used a mixture of honey and garlic and spray directly onto the tomatoes. This acts like a natural protection and makes the tomatoes sweeter and healthier. I like to boil some water, let it cool down for two minutes, pour some honey, and put some grated garlic, let is sit until it is totally cool / room temperature and spray it on the tomatoes 1-2 a week when the actual fruit is present. Good Luck!

  • Wali
    Wali 6 months ago

    Happy to see you guys together again. ❤️

  • Super Human
    Super Human 5 months ago

    Hey Jerry, I would love to watch the gardening content regularly.

  • GrandizerGo
    GrandizerGo 6 months ago

    Welcome back Cambri! And little Jerry! I only follow and watch you here, so it has been awhile since I have seen them both. I think you knew the torch would not work on the weeds, hint it does not work on snow removal that well either. :D And smaller ones do not work on defrosting a small fridge. You melt the fridge plastic with the reflection of the heat. :) Note, I watched this happen, I did not do it.

  • Kas
    Kas 6 months ago

    When planting a tree, always make sure the underground is also loose, just put the spade multiple times in and wiggle. Then add some nutrient dirt and make sure the tree is already soaked in water before planting. Then plant the tree en give more water. This should give the tree a head start to make more and deeper roots. So it will survive.

  • Jan Girke
    Jan Girke 5 months ago +2

    You might want to find out what the "weeds" are good for. They might help against some ailments.

  • Subathrann x
    Subathrann x 6 months ago

    Love watching your gardening videos! ❤

  • Artorias Abysswalker
    Artorias Abysswalker 6 months ago +1

    love the garden series ❤️

  • steve_kemp70
    steve_kemp70 6 months ago

    Sorry to hear the watering system died on you, looking forward to seeing the next way of doing it, love the garden video, hope you get a bumper crop, the little man is super cute 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘Cheers from Melbourne Australia

  • George Boahene
    George Boahene 5 months ago

    This man and his family is just incredible. ❤️

  • uncletigger McLaren
    uncletigger McLaren 5 months ago

    A very efficient way to both get rid of the weeds AND slow them from coming back is simply to weed-eat them then without picking them up, run a garden cultivator over the soil. This both digs the roots up and gets rid of the bulk of the weeds. It also aerated the soil and put back the nutrients in the grass. This promotes healthy soil and worms and the like, around your garden.
    If you get everything ready, so you can just run it around all your jobs, you can rent one when it is time to turn over your garden beds and then get all the jobs done in one go.

  • Jaime Clavaguera
    Jaime Clavaguera 6 months ago +3

    Lovely family, God bless you all. Greetings from Canary islands , Spain .

  • Seraph X2
    Seraph X2 6 months ago +1

    the "acting like winter" word: cold stratification.
    Also, putting seeds in water for an hour or two should let you know if the seeds are bad or not. if they sink, they will germinate.

  • Matthew Farrell
    Matthew Farrell 6 months ago

    For around the beds, use tree mulch, the mulch from when they cut down trees. Once it has settled the wheelchair should have zero problems going over it, but what it will do is build the soil around the beds, which means more worms and other good bugs for the garden.
    Also I am still amazed at how the lie that plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, have people never heard of bacteria lol

  • Gearz Pop
    Gearz Pop 6 months ago

    I think having the right amount of different types of compostables will be important in having an effective compost bin. Say lawn clippings, dry leaves, food, etc. Also having it moist will improve the effectiveness of the compost. Maybe add some worms too if the conditions are right, they can help break down food waste.

  • The Observer
    The Observer 6 months ago

    to prevent weeds maybe you can try mulching with dried vegetation? I've been bingeing on permaculture youtube videos lately and a lot of them use heavy mulching to prevent weeds. Also helps the ground to retain moisture and reduces watering needs.
    still, at the end of the day, you do you 😉

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward 6 months ago +1

    Composting is a very easy, but time consuming and tedious way to get more out of your garden. That device seems awesome, and I'd love to know how it does in the future. My dad and I while we lived in Alaska had a huge 10x10 composting area that we would use a snow plow to rotate the compost throughout the year. Worked great, and we always had fresh great dirt. Pretty much any food waste, and any brown paper (non-bleached) would go into the compost bin, and once or twice a month we would go and rotate a bit of it, put the new stuff in, and cover it. Once or twice a year, we would buy/fill a few bucket fulls of worms, and release them into the compost bin. Once we did that, it improved the composting rate by a ton.

  • Robert
    Robert 6 months ago +1

    Use heat tape around your watering tubing to prevent freezing. It’s electric thermal wire you can wrap around pipes that you can plug in to your batteries or an extension cord.

    • seabream
      seabream 6 months ago

      Would it also be a good idea to wrap the pipe in insulation after installing the heat tape, or does that cause problems?

  • fluffizilla
    fluffizilla 6 months ago

    always love your home updates! :)

  • Antonio Tiberi
    Antonio Tiberi 5 months ago

    Hi guys your videos are great. Personally I would either lay asphalt in between each pathway in plantar boxes thereby preventing the weeds from growing and allowing Cambry easier mobility to the planters.

  • Slikx666
    Slikx666 6 months ago +1

    I know it wouldn't be very helpful with all the weeds that you had there, but if you have a clump of weeds, ants nest, wasp nest (underground type) and lots of other things, you can just pour boiling water on it and it'll cook.
    The ground will stay hot for a while some Jerry Jr will need to be kept away, but it's probably one of the most environmentally friendly ways to kill something in the garden.😄
    Also, there's something like a compost heap / bin that could be useful in the garden. It a wormery, it's basically a big trash bin with no bottom, you put your waste in it but instead of bacteria doing all the work the worms in the soil climb up and do their thing. The bonus is you have a lot more worms and bait for fishing. 😀👍
    Maybe there's a chance for a rot-off between the two ways? 🤔👍

  • Muhammad Zeshan
    Muhammad Zeshan 6 months ago +1

    I want someone who watch me like Cambry watch the Zack.
    You both are awesome ❤️

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    Cameron Waldon 5 months ago

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