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The Rank 1 Player Who Trolls: League's Secret GOAT

  • Published on Feb 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Today, let's talk about the rank 1 korean player, and how he's a complete troll. Playing off meta strategies, farming like a bronze player, how does he still climb? What can we learn from League of Legends' Secret GOAT? This video was written, produced, edited, and voiced by Kellen (Exil)
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Comments • 554

  • Exil
    Exil  3 months ago +46

    Check out LootBoy using my link! :) lootboy.page.link/Exil

    • Stone
      Stone 2 months ago +2

      Does it affect your revenue/sponsorship if viewers skip the ad portion of your videos?

    • Vik
      Vik 2 months ago +1

      I dont see any league of legends on there :(

    • Jadonic cryon
      Jadonic cryon 2 months ago

      @Vik Yup same here

    • EY3T1T
      EY3T1T 2 months ago

      supports doesnt work on low elo people just to stoopid to know u want help them u must carry or lose

    • Top Text
      Top Text 2 months ago +3

      good job advertising for something that doesnt even exist

  • xPetu
    xPetu 2 months ago +345

    Exil’s storytelling ability is actually too good for a League youtuber. Loved the video once again!

    • ApplePilot
      ApplePilot 2 months ago +4

      Hi Petu!

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago +12


    • Grey atlas
      Grey atlas 2 months ago +1

      So do your maths

    • Nako
      Nako Month ago

      Greetings dear Petu, I agree! :3

  • SonaK
    SonaK 2 months ago +461

    As one of the greatest league players once said: "League is as wholesome as you make it"

  • Elizabeth Mahers
    Elizabeth Mahers 2 months ago +382

    I like this, because it's basically just final proof that top is completely useless - When the best strat is to simply queue top and play everywhere on the map but toplane.

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago +48


    • Pan Rafał
      Pan Rafał 2 months ago +21

      I dont think its that, its about the nature of the game. Two or even one carry have enough damage to kill anyone, if carries have 2 or 3 supports instead of one then quite often they are untouchable. Support champs can keep enemy top in one place for long enough that they wont be able to do anything, so it doesnt matter how powerful they are in comparison to roaming no cs top. You could swap mid with top and result would be the same. Two/three supports + 2 carries is just a much stronger comp than one supp+rest. We saw it clearly in funnel era. Its just better to have one or 2 strong carries and support them than having standard comp with 4 moderatly strong champions.

    • Maddo Kuma
      Maddo Kuma 2 months ago +24

      Literally true, if some guy can go 0 cs perma roam taric top and win, yeah, he has a good idea, but it mainly means the game design is dogshit as fuck.

    • Gamn
      Gamn 2 months ago +22

      I think you are not that far from the truth, but, i think you are focusing on the wrong part of it.
      Basically what this proof is that you can win a lot more when you play for and with your team, too many top laners are playing farming simulator top and hoping they get feed enough that once laning phase is over they can win alone, but if they fail at that they are completely useless for the rest of the match.
      What Ady is doing is exactly the contrary of that, he is letting enemy top laner win the lane if needed and focusing on helping the team. He is showing LoL biggest problem is the same as it was on day 1, they are asking 5 randoms to trust in each other and play as a team.

    • Maddo Kuma
      Maddo Kuma 2 months ago +9

      @Gamn well yeah, he is doing that, and then the game puts a massive shutdown on the enemy for having a "CS lead" becaue shutdowns in this game are fuckng stupid. Playing for your team is cool and all, but a big part of his success probably lies in a fact that the game punishes people for winning... when they are not really winning

  • Myron Zhang
    Myron Zhang 2 months ago +341

    As usual a fascinating and well made documentary. I've never heard of this man up until now, and will definitely study him. Please keep it up, Exil!

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago +15

      :) I am really glad you enjoyed!!!

  • Alexander Jacques
    Alexander Jacques 2 months ago +113

    To conclude, Ady enjoys playing his favourite game in the way he wants and doesn't care about the sub-optimal ego plays. Embrace fighting against the norms of this game and just have fun.

    • Francesco S
      Francesco S 2 months ago +1

      and that's why i play alistar mid full ap, shaco top, shyvana supp n stuff like this

    • uros
      uros Month ago +1

      the guy just loves the game, but is really smart and undersanda the game completely, and thats the reason he is able to play these "suboptimal" picks that look troll and make them work. he probaby has reasons for picking these champs, imo people like him and baus are the best players in the game without a doubt because they just do whatever they want, play strictly off meta and make it look op.

    • Marcos
      Marcos Month ago

      @uros well tell that to his ap irelia and 3 bans

  • Can aaa
    Can aaa 2 months ago +135

    Appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos and cover such unusual type of players that think outside of the box, keep it up great work as always :)

  • Filip Borkowski
    Filip Borkowski 2 months ago +45

    "You shouldn't get too upset or take things too seriously"
    Well it's been a good run League community, we have been asked to enjoy things and that's a hurdle we cannot overcome.

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago +7


    • H T Spencer
      H T Spencer 11 days ago +2

      "I refuse to enjoy myself!"
      - Me and many league players probably 😂

  • Shaison
    Shaison 2 months ago +20

    I'd love to see your spin on the history of URF and what the first URF was like! I remember Sona being banned because she was just unbeatable, and I swear at one point there wasn't a limit on how many shrooms Teemo could lay down, it was so fun.

    • GucciGang Kaiba
      GucciGang Kaiba 2 months ago +1

      Kayle, Ryze and Karthus were part of the first URF, that chapter in league history was my Vietnam

    • Emily
      Emily Month ago +1

      don't forget hecarim, my god he was OP in URF before they tried to balance it

  • AubreyCtm
    AubreyCtm 2 months ago +84

    It always puts a smile on my face seeing people talk about dangerousboy ady. I remember discovering him and his Shyvana top on s9, and after struggling for the longest time with getting out of Diamond and feeling like i hated league, i tried some of his strategies and had lots of fun with the game.
    I'd eventually hit Masters and become Rank 1 Shyvana top on my own minor server and i cant state enough how much of that i owe to this guy, i hope he gets more of the spotlight he deserves!

    • Mushi
      Mushi 2 months ago


    • non
      non 2 months ago


  • Requieskat
    Requieskat 2 months ago +48

    I remember playing hots with a couple of mates, and i got into an argument with one of them because i played my main a certain way that wasnt the meta choice and he didnt like that. I remember feeling dumb about how i handled it, but i deffenetly don't regret standing my ground, because whats the point of playing a game with choices, if you aint gonna make any and follow what the meta says? "its just a game" became a sort of enraging meme but at its roots its true,and people keep playing a game that makes them unhappy, frustrated, and they normalise it.

    • Leon Paul
      Leon Paul 2 months ago +7

      Anyone who is permanently frustrated and angry at league, but still continues playing the way they do, should not be taken seriously :)

    • Aromatic
      Aromatic 2 months ago +6

      The issue is when you play ranked or a competitive game with your dogshit build, end up throwing for your team, when you can play a perfectly viable meta build. Saying "it's just a game" when you flip the table is just sad.

    • TZC
      TZC 2 months ago +1

      go experiment and int in normals though, why play a competitive ranked game if youre obviously not trying to win i hate that crappy attitude. There's multiple game modes for a reason. It's not even about playing meta sometimes people are ahead of the curve too, just come and play to win as aromatic says dont run it down then justify it with "its just a game" whilst youve literally wasted 30 minutes of the only life i have. I value my time

  • Sthewo
    Sthewo 2 months ago +14

    Ady is just a gigachad who genuinely love the game

    • Mario Jerez
      Mario Jerez 21 day ago

      But he’s also good at the game. Just because u find it fun when ur 0-11 doesn’t mean we will.

  • Musab MASRI
    Musab MASRI 26 days ago

    I’m new to the game (started back in June last year) and my first playing experiences were immediately influenced by the youtuber HappyChimeNoises. The stuff he presents in his channel are still to this day incredibly impressive and it makes me so thankful lol never made a role queue thing like OW to allow for off meta creativity like that. It’s soooo fun.
    Heimer supp is my main btw 💪
    Oh and thank you for the amazing video!

  • Lainbo
    Lainbo 2 months ago +6

    The passage around the end when you say "If something catches your eyes, go ahead and try it" is the best thing i can suggest to anyone no matter their main, it's so good when you manage to find something that is truly you in a near-pure form in gameplay
    For example, i'm the only person i know of to play almost exclusively Poppy with Conqueror and Goredrinker/Stridebreaker, and it allows me to both have fun and be a problem for the enemy team because they have never met someone play Poppy the way i do :)

  • hisnameis kish
    hisnameis kish 2 months ago +2

    Taric Jungle is criminally underrated in Solo Que. The best junglers are usually the ones that require the least amount of resources to be impactful. That's why standard picks in pro play are usually champions that have easy CC combos and decent clear speed. Taric fits this mold almost perfectly with Ghost instead of Flash. You generate so much value the instant you hit level 6 while still having a really good clear speed if you use his passive correctly. I think LoL needs more people who are willing to try out weird picks or at least be more ok with them in their games.

  • Andrés Felipe Cano Sierra

    Thanks for sharing this mastermind, it's inspiring and yet so perfect to see such as great mindset in a competitive environment like lol superserver.

  • Lucas Costa
    Lucas Costa 2 months ago

    I loved learning about this guy, something my friends and random playerrs notice is that I'm really calm while playing, never asking for ganks or anything (I'm a support main) and Ady kinda inspired me to try playing toplane because I enjoy playing exactly like him

  • Dyler Almond
    Dyler Almond 2 months ago +1

    I find it quite funny that I was building spear of shojin and ability haste stacking on Panth for a while now. Its nice to see that its definitely a viable build, even though I felt it already was pretty successful in my own games.

  • Self
    Self 2 months ago +25

    The true definition of "its a game so play it like a game" mindset

    • Mario Jerez
      Mario Jerez 21 day ago

      But he’s good at the game though….

  • Dankster
    Dankster 2 months ago +32

    I reached D2 this season with Singed and Ivern and I am tired already. After this Elo most of the games are based on "meta champs" that are very op and it gets very boring so I am quitting for the moment. I had a lot of fun with Ivern support as it made the games very chaotic so I understand why Ady wants to play something else to have fun and not to play only Maokai, Zac, Gangplank and other stuff

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago +5

      Hell yeah, Ivern support sounds like fun!

    • delitta
      delitta 2 months ago +4

      singed is disgusting broken in soloq tho

    • Dankster
      Dankster 2 months ago

      @delitta he is pretty fun to play with

    • delitta
      delitta 2 months ago

      @Dankster ye

  • Alonzo Thomas
    Alonzo Thomas 2 months ago +2

    "Today on the super server" honestly deserves more subs. Really nice macro and micro explanations of how niche picks work.

  • Jeanne Caelum
    Jeanne Caelum 2 months ago

    That is actually cool to see! I was flamed a while for playing what i have fun with (for example trying Lissandra or Riven jungle just for the fun of it). Enjoying the game in your way, is something we all can learn from Ady.

  • Civee
    Civee Month ago

    I think what this story also highlights is that god level mechanics aren't necessarily all that matters for climbing. If you have descent mechanics and great macro play, then you can really climb. It's like those games where you think to yourself "we were doing so much better than them, how did we end up losing?". I think a lot of people who are hard stuck at low elo who have descent mechanics and do pretty well in lane, but constantly complain about having bad teammates just don't know how to be good team players. I think I have descent mechanics, but my macro play isn't all that good. TBH I just wanna have a good time, but I also wanna try and get better. When I was in college and stressed, I would rage on league as a proxy for taking out my frustrations with my education, but now I don't ever really rage or tilt, my macro play isn't all that good and my decision making just isn't the best. If I lose, even hard lose, now a days I just think "oh well, I'll try to play better next game and try not to do what I did last game that made me lose"

  • cy- taku
    cy- taku 2 months ago

    For me what make me still appreciate the game is the characters and there stories, so its the games lore it self that makes me keep loving this game

  • Rnck o
    Rnck o 2 months ago

    Watching this vid after seeing how Tyler1 flames current broken jungling system is just pure gold.
    As Tyler1 said, with counter jungling being so nerfed, you can just half clear and camp bot forever.
    Hence hearing Taric jungle making more scenes than anything else kinda just rings true to what Tyler1 said.

  • Wafflin
    Wafflin 2 months ago

    I really like this video, I didn't realize there were other people that played in similar fashion. It's all about the win at the end of the day but a lot of people in ranked don't seem to feel that way if they lose lane. It's what makes the grind so boring in ranked.

  • Tiarity
    Tiarity 2 months ago +1

    Thank u for this video, it shows me again that I don't have to give up my dream to be ahri support
    Noone is perfect and noone has to play perfect, and sa to say, this is what everyone mostly forget, even me.
    Hope many people will see this video and will keep the mentality from it to themself :3

  • TeemoMVC
    TeemoMVC 2 months ago +14

    Might be my favourite video on your channel. Great job and can't wait to see more :)

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago

      More to come!

    • TiaguinhoMu
      TiaguinhoMu 2 months ago

      yo what microphone model/name do you use Exil ? tnx in advance @Exil

  • Yummy
    Yummy 2 months ago +3

    I used to play Ashe supp 2 years ago, she worked the same way as today, but people were malding for me picking Ashe supp. However she's been one of top picks for quite a while.
    A few months ago I played Kennen supp with Glacial and Evenshroud + Zhonyas for a few games. No mana issues, has good CC, yet people malding in normals.

  • Aryan Choudhury
    Aryan Choudhury 2 months ago +2

    I love your videos, i hope you never get bored of league and bring us more amazing content like this

  • Elina Sanglert
    Elina Sanglert 2 months ago +7

    good video as always! i never get angry or tilted playing league and i find it weird that there is so much of it in the community. I dont get why so many people play a game that makes them mad? its also weird knowing that my teammates and opponents get genuinly angry and rage quit and stuff, while im just enjoying myself.
    so hearing about this guy was fun!

    • Mario Jerez
      Mario Jerez 21 day ago

      Well I get angry but i never rage quit or troll anything like that. But I do like to win just because u find it fun to lose doesn’t mean most of the people do. Which I don’t understand ur type of people.

  • Orion
    Orion  2 months ago +2

    I’m exactly like that guy, just zen, it was so hard to find a group of League players that wasn’t super toxic though. 80% of the community needs professional help

    • Skeley
      Skeley Month ago

      To be fair a lot of toxicity is thanks to Riot especially in recent years.

  • LuLu
    LuLu 2 months ago +1

    I think the most impressive part about this is that generally the korean servers are very toxic towards anything that isn't straight up "meta", so to hit challanger multiple times and stay up there with a whacky playstyle he enjoys is awesome

  • Longview3K
    Longview3K 2 months ago +1

    Damn, I've kinda took Taric Top a lot of the time and always thought Taric was very underrated. He was always a strong counter against trynd and Fiora and I would win lane very easy against them. Though, I couldn't really win the game because I couldn't help my team much due to my lack of knowledge of the game and mid game, I would always screw up.

  • RoT Coke
    RoT Coke Month ago

    Imagine Ady is just like a super advanced AI and that's why it never tilts lol

  • Nocsu
    Nocsu 2 months ago +4

    Love that you made a video about Ady, it's mind boggling how he competes with the some of the best players of the world with his crazy picks and builds.
    Also, good title!

  • Anthony Browen
    Anthony Browen 2 months ago +3

    Thanks for all the hard work and good research you condense into these fantastic videos.

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago

      I am glad you enjoy the content :)

  • InvertFriend
    InvertFriend 26 days ago

    Normal games are becoming a lot more common, I had a 3 year break from League and when I came back, now, suddenly half the challengers have frequent ARAMs in their history. It feels like people are starting to play more for enjoyment.

  • Sand NuggeR
    Sand NuggeR Month ago

    I think the most impressive thing is that he seems to enjoy the game.

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 2 months ago +2

    Man what you said about trying to have a little fun at the end really resonated with me. Time to take that attitude into my next game and then immediately get tilted and forget all about it.

  • ROL
    ROL 2 months ago

    Lesson: Play with the team to win the team game
    Who would have thought
    On a more serious note: Caring less about stats/KDA and more about effectiveness and "greater good" could help a lot with the rampant protagonist syndrome cases. However, even if you take it easier and dont think too much about the bad things that happened, analyzing your own gameplay is something that should not be neglected. Having stuff go in one ear and out the other helps during the game, but after that is self reflection time.

  • Abel, totally not DNS client or spaghetti

    Who new the one guy who seemingly has a genuinely good time playing the game without ruining other's (allies at least) days would be one of the very best.

  • fonzy maningat
    fonzy maningat 2 months ago

    I really support Exil's point of trying builds that you genuinely think is good. I am a Varus main in Wild Rift and have tried all sorts builds, from full Crit to Hybrids (AD and AP) Support and full AP. Coming from my experience, it is very rewarding. You get to learn what is good and what is bad, improve with the champ you are trying to play, and sometimes have fun. When Riot buffed Varus in Wild Rift I immediately started experimenting Varus AP and haven't changed my items since.
    Also, this video made me want to do better in my games which is quite rare.

  • N a k e d S u i c i d e

    I remember coming across a vid of ady playing Rakan top like a year ago, and he was giga smurfing in a KR challenger game. His micro is top tier as well as his understanding of game mechanics. Truly one of the GOATs

  • El Jorjete Adventures
    El Jorjete Adventures 3 months ago +74

    Of course he is a troll, its league, what do you expect?

    • Exil
      Exil  3 months ago +9

      Fair enough LOL

  • Hepodix UNITE
    Hepodix UNITE 2 months ago +2

    Anyone who plays or thinks outside the box (meta) is something I can highly appreciate!

  • Chris Morales
    Chris Morales 2 months ago +2

    Ady should stream consistently - A bunch of people would watch him, only for his playstyle alone

  • Allan
    Allan 2 months ago

    Addy is the most entertaining and unique player in all of league of legends

  • Viridian084
    Viridian084 2 months ago +8

    I remember when Senna with Guinsoo's was a thing, I made a short pitch to my friends and they sort of just brushed it off as my insane ramblings. I tried it in a game and it was broken, they spectated me (unbeknownst to me at the time) and said the damage from that build was hilariously OP.
    That interaction got removed :) I love Riot sometimes.

  • David Axelsson
    David Axelsson 2 months ago +1

    When you have to show us a pro player laughing when playing league to prove to us that we can still have fun playing it just tells us how addicted we are to playing

  • D'ran Dana
    D'ran Dana 7 days ago

    Nice to see someone can enjoy this game and not get flamed

  • Brent Hydorn
    Brent Hydorn 2 months ago

    Fantastic work. Ady is my spirit animal. Right now I’m workin on PTA Klee and Navori Quickblades

  • tehtayziez
    tehtayziez 2 months ago +1

    The playerbase has always been leagues biggest issue, thousands of people unable to hold themselves accountable for their screw ups, whilst simultaneously hammering everyone else any time something appears to be different or not going perfectly.
    People complain about things being broken or boring, then refuse to try and attack anyone who dares to try new things. The saddest part is that this will never change because Riot gave up trying to do anything about player behavior and even leaned into the idea of "this is just how league is", cementing the environment as exactly that. the vast majority do not play league to play the game, they play to beat someone, whether that's the opponents, teammates, whatever, doesn't matter to them.

  • Jymmy P
    Jymmy P 2 months ago +3

    Amazing video to an amazing player.
    Pls keep up with the passion you put in your videos 🙂

  • Nikolić Pavle
    Nikolić Pavle 2 months ago

    Regarding the off meta picks, мy close friends loves to play Shy top and he goes everything on her. He can go tank, ad bruiser, ap bruiser, sometimes even full ap and it works since he did hit Master few times. The only thing he lacks is that he can't stop tilting when the enemy jungler ganks him.

  • Eraea
    Eraea 2 months ago

    He's the definition of all the old early days of league players, theorycrafting builds to maximize one niche mechanic he they interesting and somehow it works and everyone is left scratching their heads how it works

  • FlemetAeton
    FlemetAeton 2 months ago

    His normal games are always with a duo, not to test out new builds. Also, he has always played a good amount of Taric Jungle mixed in with the top-lane. Lastly, Shyvana is not a low income champion! Especially when Ady plays her AP, which he has done quite extensively. Great video otherwise. I'm glad to see this guy getting recognition he deserves. I've been following him well before he popularized tank Kassadin years ago. It was hard to keep track of him back then because he frequently changed his summoner name every few months and he didn't stream. At the time, he was playing Vi top and that is how I was able to find him consistently since he was one of the only GM/Challenger Vi players in Korea.

  • Alex Saliba
    Alex Saliba 2 months ago

    When Jax said "imagine if I had a real weapon". Ady is like Imagine if I had a real build"

  • Cis Jr
    Cis Jr 2 months ago

    Knowing him now, I reeaally want to see him win in a competitive pro play and see how he did it like imagine how far he can go xD

    • Mario Jerez
      Mario Jerez 21 day ago

      Don’t compare pros with rank players 😂

  • Arkvoir
    Arkvoir 2 months ago

    yeah, i feel this guy because i'm a full AP Rakan mid main, my average elo was always gold, hovering between gold 3 to gold 1 before starting playing this pick and it always got me thinking if i could make it work... turns out i could and got the same rank i used to when i played meta picks, playing only AP Rakan mid.

  • Geron Lee
    Geron Lee 2 months ago +1

    I've been playing league for about 8 years myself now, and last week I had finally had enough of all Tilting players and what not, to the point I was seriously thinking about stopping. league is my favorite game and passion, that I've put so much joy in learning and improving. I decided to take a break from it for a few days to let my own ego cool off a bit lol. But I genuinely needed this video, its not all about rank, being the best, its a game, that I enjoy. And this Video helped with reminding myself that its okay to have fun in the games you love. Keep up the awesome work and videos Exil. Cant wait to see more

    • Mohammad Mansour
      Mohammad Mansour 2 months ago

      Riot made it all about rank
      Balance team does not exist
      Same for game modes team
      Skins are the same (star guardians ....)they over miled them

  • Zack Reed
    Zack Reed 2 months ago +1

    Bout time we got some Ady on this channel. I've been tracking him since the end of s9

  • ryan mclean
    ryan mclean 7 days ago

    This video has made my day I just got suspended last night because I had a terrible mental break in game and just ran it down the mid lane after watching this it makes me want to get back to having fun when my accounts back up

  • Victor Von
    Victor Von 2 months ago +1

    Hope you do a video on Sechepo one day. The rank 1 KR Poppy. He was also rank 1 this season playing Poppy mid. In the past he plays mostly Poppy top and support. I think he is friends with Ady because I've seen them on the same team before and the synergy was there.
    He also plays Warwick, Sett and Ekko.

  • DatBoyGrimace
    DatBoyGrimace 2 months ago

    the craziest part is that he has normal games I couldnt imagine playing league for fun

  • Obnoxious Commenter
    Obnoxious Commenter 2 months ago

    this is an awesome mindset. currently I don't play league, but a less complicated mobile clone. honestly i feel its a little too simple for wacky innovations. this reminded me of how i used to play that game early on. I've lost my way after spending a lot of hours carrying my friends up to top rank. great video, saved

  • A C
    A C 2 months ago

    At least give it a chance
    My teammate : How about Ashe with heartsteel? *Proceed to not get any stack* for an entire game.

  • blueboi12jj
    blueboi12jj Month ago

    Playing league I always felt like their was something inherently wrong with how people played the game. Set rules, no deviation from the meta or you suck. Lose lane, you suck. And I'm not just talking about the super intense toxicity of the community, but the whole meta. No fun to be had unless you're doing it the "right way". This guy sees through all that and plays exactly how he wants, understanding the team dynamic more than anyone else. Literally playing the game for others to win. Truly feel like this is the right way to play. Otherwise anyone playing the game the normal way has give up on anything else in life including their health and mental state to be good. Ofc, I sound like a a madman right. "Just dont let them get to you." "Just mute them" or get so selfish that you win the game by carrying. The amount of content I watch from most people, even the ones who don't rage act like everyone else is the problem. If i ever decide to play again, im definitely playing my way and fuk what everyone thinks. I cant here yall now, " You're probably trash at the game anyways." "Dont play in my game". Kudos to this dude for trolling these stuck up, pompous players who take the game way to serious.
    P.S "ItS NoT JuST A GaMe!!!"

  • josh
    josh 2 months ago +5

    Don’t need to watch this to know it’s about Ady, the greatest, smartest and most handsome toplaner to ever grace this game.

  • Deathsinger
    Deathsinger Month ago +1

    Because of players like ady, me and the rest of us who play off meta troll picks that help us climb bit by bit enjoy the game for what it is
    Thresh Top, Rell Top, Pyke jg etc sound bad in practice until you see someone who learned how to play
    I myself enjoy Rell top for the stalling ability and gank setup, something other free minded players can understand quite easily
    And for what its worth, it keeps the game fresh

  • Unlimited
    Unlimited 2 months ago

    I play electrocute akshan pretty often. Your trades in lane are revolting, and your e doesn't really need a rune to do a lot of damage. Pta will get you maybe like 50-130 more damage but that is instantly made up by electrocute dmg.

  • xX_Hydrag123_LP_Xx
    xX_Hydrag123_LP_Xx 2 months ago

    You are absolutely right 👍🏻, tbh I play mostly normal games to hf ye I ma tilt one time or the other but I love the game and trying new crazy builds / comps 😂💯 so just don't try hard and hf everyone ❤️

  • Typhoonflame
    Typhoonflame 2 months ago +1

    More proof that not being toxic and helping your team wins more games! Thank you, Exil, that was a fun watch!

  • Mark Medina
    Mark Medina 2 months ago

    Some days are better than others. Finding the silver lining is something many have allowed to be taken from them.
    Persians: "We shall rain arrows that will block out the sun."
    Spartan: "Then we fight in the shade." *laughs when it actually happens* ~300 (paraphrased)
    It's a great scene.

  • Tokyo Papillon
    Tokyo Papillon 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much! Love your videos! Always look forward to the next one

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago +1

      Glad you like them!

  • snolls
    snolls 2 months ago +1

    I asked my friend the other day to remind me to play thresh more because i can never tilt on that guy. i really wish league designed its champions to be more like him where you can never get so far ahead that it's ok to turn your brain off but you can also never get so far behind that you're just stick twiddling your thumbs for 20 minutes. And where a lot of getting good with the champion has to do with creative applications of his abilities, good fundamentals, and that kind of stuff. But yeah, have fun when you play the video game, that's more important than either climbing or winning.

  • Bayaz
    Bayaz 2 months ago +1

    When a top laner realizes their role is useless and ADC is OP, so they just take that to its logical conclusion and play second support as a top laner

  • サンチェスエリ
    サンチェスエリ 2 months ago

    As a player who has a similar champion poll, this makes me happy.

  • xTonicWaterx
    xTonicWaterx 2 months ago

    He is the Baus Antithesis , all activity no farm versus no activity only farm
    I've never seen the game at a state where both strategies seem viable it's kind of nuts

  • ShawnBlaque
    ShawnBlaque 2 months ago

    This is like the ultimate example of being good at solo queue but would absolutely suck at pro play

  • DirtyDeeds4Free
    DirtyDeeds4Free Month ago

    This is exactly how i play my other rts games like total war. Sept i lean harder into the memes. Dude is a legend in the making for sure

  • A Rob
    A Rob 19 days ago

    The picks and crazy strats…he’s what I want to be

  • Doob
    Doob 2 months ago

    "The meta forces you to play the best champions in the game"
    Shows a 30% win rate champion

  • Keern Haslem
    Keern Haslem 2 months ago

    Super valid. This game got good for me when I started playing like a kid at capture the flag. Having fun, laughing at my mistakes, joking with others. Accepting that there will still be games when players flame, call others trash, compare kda’s and race to claim diff. Then politely letting them know how the game could have been better.

  • Felix Aubert
    Felix Aubert 26 days ago

    One of your best videos so far, loved it.

  • Megla
    Megla 3 months ago +7

    I love your content, keep it up 👍

  • alch34
    alch34 2 months ago +2

    Fried Ady, the real main character of Thebausff's Korea climb ❤️

  • Kindred Doom Bot
    Kindred Doom Bot 2 months ago

    I love when people asked "Why are you playing norms¿" when I hit master last season. People think you need to live in ranked or try new builds in ranked only and they could not be more wrong. If the rank one KR player is playing norms then it gives me another point to tell them they are wrong.

  • Blythe
    Blythe 2 months ago

    My first reaction to "While never taking flash" was honestly like "You do realize ghost is better than flash and people are just too silly to realize it right?" If you play a squishy "I blow up off 1 mistake or ability" adc flash is better. but if you play a bruiser or anything tanky often times ghost is better

  • Lenard Ekko
    Lenard Ekko 2 months ago

    Isn't ady the person Tyler1 ran into. T1 wrote him off as a troll and by the end of the game thanked him for being the absolute MVP

  • Atrain 103
    Atrain 103 2 months ago +2

    0:42 hearing this isolated really makes me realize how painful it probably was to make that. He does not sound "his regular self" at all.

  • Stefano Biselli
    Stefano Biselli 2 months ago

    reminds me of the original secret GOAT: SilSol. The guy who back in season 2 used to run ignite/heal on every single champ and still got Rank 1.

  • Augusto Yutha Yasuda
    Augusto Yutha Yasuda 2 months ago +6

    That's the video I was in need to diminish my tilt percentage. I was so tilted those days that I've got a chat restriction for 3 days, something that never and I say NEVER happened to me before. I'll manage to get over my tilt and start grinding again.
    Thanks exil for the great content love your vids!

    • Exil
      Exil  2 months ago


    • Top Mid
      Top Mid 2 months ago

      Do not waste your time on league.

    • Augusto Yutha Yasuda
      Augusto Yutha Yasuda 2 months ago +1

      @Top Mid just got into a team to play on stage next month

  • Cottidae
    Cottidae 2 months ago

    I'm not gonna claim I'm on the same level of Ady, I'm not, but we seem to be similar types of players. What matters is winning, no other statistic matters. Help team over yourself as long as it's overall beneficial. Don't play greedy. Don't do things just to make yourself look better. Do things to win.
    I'm also someone who very rarely tilts, which helps loads. I do sometimes get frustrated, but I mostly just try to have fun.

  • Nathaniel Robles
    Nathaniel Robles 2 months ago

    I like ADY now. I see myself in him. I'm not as good as him but I value teamwork more, don't care if I'm the carry as long as I do my job well and I don't care about KDA or kill steal. I don't like being in the meta though I look at references in builds, I still make my own depending on the situation and if I think this build is better. I like to play champs that I want to and not according to meta and make it work as I can. I hope ADY can inspire more players to inovate like Bwipo or Adam playing offmeta champs in proplay and making it work. I'm happy seeing showmaker smile cause the last time he said he plays league now purely 100% for work and not like when he started it was purely 100% passion. Atleast he smiles and enjoys from time to time because staying at the top level is very hard.

  • God'Maw
    God'Maw 2 months ago

    Even if you guys don't believe it, i was the person who created the riftmaker Kog'Maw tank build, this build made kogmaw get a nerf 2 patches after it got popularized... and years ago i created the smite kogmaw with Kitae's Bloodrazor and that build broke the game for a good time (old 5.0 AS kogmaw). I like to create a lot of new builds and strats to my fav champion and i wish people were more like this

  • Arjuna
    Arjuna Month ago

    "Break the meta" When people in S1 could literally counter-meta until it was lost in s4 and u only see some unknown rank 1-30 challengers do it with ease.

  • GreenRay
    GreenRay Month ago

    I think Ady smurfed on me this past week or so, I was playing a lot of jungle and the boy Taric was jungle(the only other jungle Taric player I know is me) and just whooped me hard. Whoever he was, he went Press the Attack.

    LAZYNESS 2 months ago

    Man I wish I had the mentality of a monk while playing league

  • Michael BROWN
    Michael BROWN 2 months ago +1

    My favorite off meta build. Conqueror ahri with a liandries and rylas and a bunch of cdr. Keeping champs that have a hard time sticking to you at arms reach only for them to never be able to disengage, by the time help makes it your conqueror is stacked

    • MasterBel2
      MasterBel2 2 months ago

      Love the idea, imma try it. I'm on a CDR kick on Ahri/lux atm and it's working really well