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Woman Shares Unfiltered Reality of Tiny House Living + Finances & Parking Challenges

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Stacie shares her experience with tiny house living, including some important lessons learned about designing, financing, and finding a parking spot for a tiny house, all from the perspective of a former apartment dweller in the city who made the leap to move to a tiny home in a rural mobile home park.
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    Stacie had her home custom-built and was able to pay a deposit and obtain a line of credit to cover the remainder of the cost. In the video, she suggests saving in advance if possible, and she also mentions chattel loans, builder financing, and financing from the previous owner as other financial loan options to explore (since many lending institutions and banks might not issue a conventional mortgage for a tiny house on wheels).
    For parking, Stacie wanted a legal setup and spent a lot of time following leads for parking her home on private land, but they often fell through because the municipality wouldn't approve it, or because the landowners changed their minds. At the last minute, she was able to find a spot to park it at a trailer park. Since moving there she's had the chance to visit neighbouring trailers and wishes she had checked them out as an option before having a tiny home custom-built.
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  • Exploring Alternatives
    Exploring Alternatives  2 months ago +53

    Thanks for watching! You can follow and find out more about Stacie's tiny house experience here:

    • Marnelle Corege
      Marnelle Corege 2 months ago

      ​Maria CANCER I wish you all the very best - may God Bless and touch your life - God loves you very much - never give up hope 🙏

    • Michael Gadda Jr fi
      Michael Gadda Jr fi 2 months ago

      Marie I can only imagine how it may feel against such a harsh diagnosis but you will beat it and keep striving for your home. As long as you keep the faith you will achieve what you want.

    • Lais Donella
      Lais Donella 2 months ago +2

      That was the most honest, well explained and realistic overview I have ever watched about tiny houses. And that made me dream myself. I'm also in Toronto like her.

  • donttalktomebye
    donttalktomebye 2 months ago +787

    I'm so glad to FINALLY hear someone who owns a tiny home to being realistic, genuinely transparent, and not delusional about how much this can ACTUALLY cost. So many people who live tiny that I see don't realize how much privilege they have whether its financially or resourcefully. I'm always confused when people say they only paid $50k for the house but how'd they find the land? what about the patio? and their water or electricity?
    this is the first realistic breakdown of the obstacles one can face without trying to make it sound all sunshine and rainbows. While i think she is happy with her home I really appreciate how much they emphasized how hard it was to get there and how many things they still might be trying to adjust to.

    • Clover HighFive
      Clover HighFive 2 months ago +31

      A lot of tiny houses videos I've seen are people who found parking on the family land... or a community... or a super remote land (omg how much $). So the very practical down to the tacks "crap I don't have a spot and regulations make it hard" is interesting to see.

    • B uppy
      B uppy 2 months ago +5

      ​@Clover HighFive
      Except the builder did gouge.

    • Alicia Spears
      Alicia Spears 2 months ago +12

      Really though, tiny houses vary in size and price just like traditional homes do. A lot of it is up to the individual. Buy a modest sized home and it will be significantly less money than the biggest house they will possibly approve a loan for. Come on, it's common sense. Save money, put yourself in a position (over time) to best be able to handle the costs of home ownership. Reduce your debt, reevaluate your discretionary spending. Sacrifice in one area to have the reward down the road in another. That's not "privileged", that's hard work. That's setting a goal and making it to the finish line

    • Ann
      Ann 2 months ago +14

      I don't think anyone needs to talk about "privilege" when buying a tiny home. She's worked hard it's paid off.

    • Clover HighFive
      Clover HighFive 2 months ago +12

      @B uppy that's the thing. Depending on where you are, you gotta do with what's available. And where I am? Oh dear a tiny house wouldn't be cheap at all. Anyway her whole point is, don't take for granted it's gonna be cheap. There's a lot to factor in (like if you're gonna self-build or not, etc.)

  • A Sunbeam
    A Sunbeam 2 months ago +434

    I'm glad she was so honest about the costs.

    • Tonya Brookes
      Tonya Brookes Month ago +6

      But she didnt actually give any numbers...
      Edit: ok, she did give a final build cost but it would've been very helpful to discuss details (down payment for loan, lot rent, utilities, etc)

    • Joanie S
      Joanie S 18 days ago +2

      The bottom line I took away from it, though, is people need to do more research upfront and expect more costs, so be prepared. People can and do build for less for the size, yet current lumber costs will impact both home builds and pro builds. People need to be aware of the parking/zoning issues as well as loan and insurance issues before embarking on this journey. For those who make it happen, kudos to them.
      I bought my 105 yr old fixer upper for the same cost with land, a deep city lot where I can do my organic gardening. For the price of a downpayment on a home elsewhere, I bought my house outright. I was tired of watching my senior friends being outpriced and always looking for a place to live. At this point in life, I'm tired of moving and don't want to end up either homeless or forever paying a mortgage.

    • Candace
      Candace 4 days ago

      @Tonya Brookes her numbers wouldn’t actually be our numbers🤔just need to be mindful of all the hidden cost you don’t realize will come with buying or having a tiny house built. Do your research and then do some more. Some things she needed you might not need or some things you need she may have not needed. So bottom line make a detailed itemized list of all the things you will need. And then budget over that for unexpected costs…that’s what I took away from her video…it was very informative ☺️

  • TJ Cederlöf
    TJ Cederlöf 2 months ago +114

    I would love to see a Part 2, why she talks about living tiny during Winter... Most of these types of videos are shot in the Summer season, an doesn't take cold and wet weather into consideration and how it affects the tiny home. I live in Norway, and a main thing I'm planning for my future tiny, is the wet room/entrance, because living in the North is living with weather.

    • Andre Marie Rieu
      Andre Marie Rieu Month ago

      God bless you gorgeous. How are you today? I just wanna send you a positive message this day and your beauty just dropped something; my jaw. Amazing you're aging in reverse. I hope you had a wonderful night rest last night ?

    • bluejay313
      bluejay313 Month ago +11

      @Andre Marie Rieu weird stalker bot lol? All its replies give off same creepy vibe

    • John Becay
      John Becay Month ago +8

      besides the obvious of having a well insulated house with economical ways to heat it, there are a few other important considerations to living tiny in the cold and wet. hot water needs to be hotter in the winter. be sure your water heater is up to the task. condensation may be a problem so good ventilation is a must. this can conflict with keeping the space warm. air exchangers can help with this. seriously consider a woodstove for at least a secondary source of heat. heat from a wood stove drives out moisture which is great for drying clothes and keeping the inside of the house dry. propane heat does not dry as well. finally design areas outside of the living space that buffer the house from the cold and wet. for example having a deck off the ground keeps snow and mud at bay. a small mud room is a great place to take off wet clothes and muddy boots. good luck with your project.

    • Gina Mindock
      Gina Mindock Day ago

      omg, that was my first thought once I got close to the end of this video. Yeah, totally. How warm is her tiny home. If it was constructed by 'professionals' in Canada I would assume they insulated this properly.

  • Stuart Sutherland
    Stuart Sutherland 2 months ago +293

    Good to hear an honest experience of going tiny! The people interviewed on "Living big in a tiny house" always paint a very rosy picture of tiny house living, almost too good to be true. This woman on the other hand gave a good account of the plusses and minusses of purchasing a tiny house.

    • Alicia Spears
      Alicia Spears 2 months ago +8

      Tiny living is not for everyone. Nothing wrong with people being happy with their choice.

    • Cats Cattying
      Cats Cattying 2 months ago +15

      That channel is full of people living in tiny houses on mommy and daddy’s property.

    • Shirley Ashanti
      Shirley Ashanti 2 months ago +4

      Coming from city life and not being able to drive added an extra level of stress IMHO. A new, gorgeous mobile home would probably have been a better choice, but she didn't know. Financing is easier for one thing, and the homes are very nice nowadays. Live and learn. This home is very sweet; as time goes on, I think she'll be the wiser for the experience. Thanks for sharing.

    • haute03
      haute03 Month ago +5

      @Alicia Spears I don't think Stuart is saying there's something wrong with people being happy with their choice. It's that the channel he metioned *only* shows the positives of tiny house living even though those tiny homeowners more than likely experienced some challenges along the way.

  • Jazzy G
    Jazzy G 2 months ago +45

    Imagine if all of us were taught building, electrical, plumbing skills in school. Since those are some of the biggest financial hurdles the world would be much different.

    • cjasmin
      cjasmin Month ago

      You would be the slav5 they want you to be

    • Inuhund Chien
      Inuhund Chien 27 days ago +1

      Nah, it's land that's the most expensive.

    • Breezy Brookshire
      Breezy Brookshire 25 days ago +1

      Teaching people skills is so empowering, and I don’t know why they don’t have shop classes anymore. Well, we do know. They system doesn’t want empowered people

  • Greg Curtin
    Greg Curtin 2 months ago +114

    Finally, someone speaks to the reality of home ownership. Mainspring and terrifying all at once. My first home... moved in on Dec 20th; had a flood from a 3-day January heat wave. Prepare for the worst and realize that over time it does get better. This is probably one of best episodes on this channel. Thank you Stacie for your honesty and best wishes for the future.

  • Empress Vicky j
    Empress Vicky j 2 months ago +95

    Wow, I appreciate her candid explanation of the reality of purchasing a tiny. She gave me so much to think about that I wouldn’t otherwise thought of. Thank you ❤️🌹

  • Redheaded Gypsy
    Redheaded Gypsy 2 months ago +60

    WOW she is brutally HONEST about real life & the expenses in tiny home living - thanks a million for that!!! Much respect. Too many channels sugar-coat the experience, this experience seems the most genuine - thanks ( subscribed to casa duro)

  • jennifer briski
    jennifer briski 2 months ago +67

    Thank you for being much more honest about the financial aspect than most others have been. It's very much the same with a house as far as unforeseen expenses.

  • Jane Jarve
    Jane Jarve 2 months ago +39

    It's a beautiful home that you've created, Stacey. I'm sorry to hear it's not exactly the dream, but the truth is, no house, tiny or otherwise, will be. I think we all have to "grow into" our spaces as you said. We have to accept the heartaches we suffered getting to the point of moving into our home, and learn to love it as it is rather than as we thought it would be. I found myself quite uneasy in my new space when I moved first. I had moved quickly just as the pandemic took hold, and now, three years later, I'm only starting to get a true feel for the place. Perhaps it's because our priorities are elsewhere for a time, I don't know, but loving where you are is often a challenge. Then again, no place is ideal, and having a place to begin with is a blessing. Anyways, every happiness to you and may your tiny house be your happy home. 🏡 ✨️

    • Jane Jarve
      Jane Jarve 2 months ago

      Sorry, spelled your name incorrectly, Stacie.

  • H. A. Karow
    H. A. Karow Month ago +6

    I am so grateful that you shared your story. The good and the bad. It's especially valuable for viewers who live in Ontario, Canada. I have seen lots of info on tiny living elsewhere, especially in the USA, with different issues, options. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Janina Fisher
    Janina Fisher 2 months ago +16

    An excellent video on the things to look out for when thinking about buying a tiny house - especially all the unexpected costs. In terms of design, when a friend was building hers I mentioned making room for garbage and recycling and she realized that she had not taken that into account. Lots of details. So great that you guys are showing videos like this.
    It is also very nice to hear that Stacie is loving her new home in the country.

  • Eighty Bananas
    Eighty Bananas 2 months ago +59

    I applaud the honesty. Warts and all I still think she’s made smart choices. Good on her also for being able to work from home at the end of 2019, perfect timing as Covid was starting.

    • Timandanna Barrett
      Timandanna Barrett 2 months ago

      I’m happy for this lady, because everything she has done was thoughtful and intentional. Even if her neighborhood degrades as the years go by (it happens!) I believe she will adapt.👍🏽👏🏼🖖❣️

  • Samiksa Love
    Samiksa Love Month ago +6

    Thank you for being so realistic and honest about tiny house living! It will help many people!

  • Caro Abebe
    Caro Abebe Month ago +7

    So refreshing to hear someone being so transparent about their experience!

  • Fill Your Cup
    Fill Your Cup Month ago +4

    Hearing about anything that is realistic and seeing anyone being transparent is a healing experience for me. This was really illuminating for various reasons. Thank you

  • The Universal Fairytale
    The Universal Fairytale 2 months ago +28

    I like how relatable this narrative is to mine. Location as the greatest barrier for placing my shipping container house. Also, the restructuring of costs verses the outcome in 8 years time is really well received. Thanks!

  • Cathy Lynn Pietranton
    Cathy Lynn Pietranton 2 months ago +7

    Thank you so much Matt and Danielle for sharing her story. It was really nice to hear another side of tiny house living. We appreciate her honesty.❤

  • Scifi FantasyGirl
    Scifi FantasyGirl 2 months ago +77

    Rare to see a tiny house vid for Ontario. Building codes are strict as hell here, as well as the rules of parking and land depending on what township you want to be in. I'm not surprised of how much it cost her in comparison with other provinces and especially countries. Materials are super expensive as well. Our province isn't very "self-sustainably" or rural friendly. We're hoping to get land and live in a yurt which is going to be quite the navigation. Her finding a trailer park was undoubtedly the best option for her, especially with her requirements.

    • Sheila
      Sheila 2 months ago +12

      Finding a four season trailer park, where she didn’t have to buy the lot, is a challenge in itself. It’s such a restrictive province right now.

    • Ayela
      Ayela 2 months ago +15

      Honestly, Ontario residents ( myself included) should be leaning heavily on our government to allow tiny homes. The only movements being made on housing are Ford letting his developer friends destroy our protected greenbelt to build homes which will not be even remotely affordable. Investment firms are buying up all the single family homes. This crisis is not going away and we have to push for legislation that allow us to use land for tiny living or we will be priced right out of the province.

    • Sammie Sea
      Sammie Sea 2 months ago

      Do you know of any Tiny Home channels for places in AB or BC?

    • Jesse Mitchell
      Jesse Mitchell 2 months ago +7

      its so frustrating that tiny homes are brually regulated, but nobody wants to regulate rent prices or bar property developers from buying up entire neighborhoods.

  • Noemi Solano
    Noemi Solano 2 months ago +30

    Stacie is right about, if a person has and knows about building, then the cost of building a tiny home is cheaper however if a person doesn't have that building experience or knowledge, then a person has to find a tiny home builder which costs more money. That's why she paid so much for her tiny home.
    I agree that you definitely need to research and find a parking spot for your tiny home because I know my people said that has been difficult to find.

  • nullhill
    nullhill 2 months ago +14

    Thank you for your honesty about the true price and prep circumstances. No sugarcoating it. What a lovely home you've created for yourself.

  • Jane Wright
    Jane Wright 2 months ago +8

    Love the whole design! Personally as an older lady I prefer bed on same level but the rest is beautifully finished 💚

  • Jenny Fulcher
    Jenny Fulcher 2 months ago +10

    Beautifully-designed home. I love the tiles in the kitchen backsplash and shower, the woodwork, and the colorful decorations . It's great that you have a place to garden too and that it's so quiet without light pollution so you can enjoy the moon and stars at night. It sounds like while you have to work more hours that it's all worthwhile. Thanks for sharing. Jenny, USA

  • Sista SOLS
    Sista SOLS 2 months ago +3

    I love this realistic view of tiny home living. I've started looking at the process and the money adds up similarly to purchasing a regular home even though the end results may be less.

  • Lucy Howard
    Lucy Howard Month ago +1

    She's got a wonderful aesthetic! This small space is cozy and airy at the same time with lots of natural light. Great use of space.

  • Ines Pina
    Ines Pina Month ago +3

    Thank you for such an honest review of what tiny house living is like and all the process to get there! There are so many videos out there selling this romanticised idea that it's all easy, cheap and perfect.
    Best of luck!

  • Jessica Strong
    Jessica Strong Month ago +8

    I appreciate your honesty on the reality of a tiny house.

  • Millissent Flemmings
    Millissent Flemmings 20 days ago

    I absolutely LOVED your realism and honesty. Thank you for showing us ALL aspects of tiny home living. I’m very interested in tiny home living, but I would also be willing to look at trailers.

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 2 months ago +5

    Omg this is so realistic! I can relate to major parts of your story. Thank you so much for sharing your experience❤. I had similar experience and I panicked and did something very different. YES -figure out the parking situation before hand. -have a buffer set aside because things come up.

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels Month ago

    First - I LOVE YOUR HOME! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Second - Thank you for being so open and honest. While I love the TH movement and all of the experiences folks share, however, often times the hard truths are not disclosed. I own a piece of land in New York State and and now grappling with the challenges of starting the build. It has not been easy and I have yet to start as the realities are eye-opening. This video is so helpful. Thank you!

  • vanessa hlavaty
    vanessa hlavaty Month ago +1

    This is a great video. I could listen to her all day long. And what valuable advice she gives!!!

  • acchaladka
    acchaladka 2 months ago +10

    This is fantastic, finally some real and deeper information about the realities of tiny home living. Honestly I was less interested in owning tiny because everyone was so constantly vague about the costs... thank you channel owners.

  • TOoBa SoLanGi
    TOoBa SoLanGi 2 months ago +22

    You're doing a brilliant job🖤

  • Lia Nichole
    Lia Nichole 2 months ago +7

    This video was informational and educational! Thanks for sharing and honestly explaining the “little” things we don’t think of or know.

  • May Ling
    May Ling 2 months ago +17

    It is very refreshing to hear someone talk about the true grit of having or living in a Tiny House. Thank you to Stacie for sharing her story with us.

  • Sydni Moser
    Sydni Moser Month ago

    Important information about the reality of buying and managing all the hidden costs of living in a tiny house. It is such a longed for fantasy for many of us imagining all the positive aspects of living small that this dose of reality really hits home. Stacie was wonderful in describing her experience, what a lovely warm person. I do hope she continues to do well and in good health.

  • Purple Ivy
    Purple Ivy Month ago +2

    Thanks for keeping it real 💜

  • Kat
    Kat Month ago

    Really appreciative to see the good and bad side of someone’s experience x

  • Ms. BD
    Ms. BD Month ago

    THANK YOU! I really appreciate the honesty -- both cons and pros. I've been researching tiny houses for a year, and this is the first time I have been shown this view. It did not make me feel negative about this living environment. It only helped me be more realistic, and I really appreciate that. 😊

  • Winna Banks
    Winna Banks Month ago +3

    I hope her partner grows tf up and is willing to move somewhere she'll always have access to emergency care.

  • Petchy
    Petchy Month ago +2

    Thank you for this video! This is so helpful to hear. As someone who has land but has still been trying to figure out an affordable way to live on it, this helps!

  • Nonewhere Listens
    Nonewhere Listens 2 months ago +10

    If you pay this off in 8 years, you'll be golden. Hang in there, Stacie.

  • Richard Bonaduce
    Richard Bonaduce Month ago +1

    I thank her for her honesty and transparency!

  • HannahMitchell-Art
    HannahMitchell-Art 2 months ago +3

    Love love love this erganomic desk / lounge set up. This is what I need to too, so it's great to see someone who has done it well.

  • Andrei Mariano
    Andrei Mariano Month ago +1

    Love how she's transparent with her experience. **I'm taking notes** lol

  • Henrietta November
    Henrietta November 2 months ago +13

    Thank you for sharing this, it is very helpful to us looking into getting a tiny house due to there are almost no place to either buy or rent where we live. (Your tiny house looks very lovely)

  • Jeanne C
    Jeanne C 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful home. This is a very informative about the process and the living situation. Your honesty about the parking, site prep and extra expenses will help a lot of people with their planning.
    Big financil surprises are never fun. Thank you for your sincerity.

  • Carole Warner
    Carole Warner 2 months ago +8

    Nice to hear about some of the financial realities of building and living in a tiny house, particularly if you're paying someone else to build it for you. Also the parking and building restrictions, etc. Lovely house BTW!

  • River Rain
    River Rain 2 months ago +18

    Fantastic honest review of the hardships. Intelligent woman living her best life, awesome

  • Donneczka1
    Donneczka1 Month ago +2

    What an articulate and deep-thinking young lady! Love her honesty and transparency on the whole process! Lovely home! Living should not cost so much for people, however!

  • Line Up The Stars
    Line Up The Stars 2 months ago +6

    It's so refreshing to see Stacie (and others!) finally sharing the realities of finding a place to put a tiny house. My husband and I originally planned on having a tiny house built for us and parked on land we were planning to buy, but even finding a county that allowed you to live in a tiny house was incredibly difficult (prior to 2021, it might still be). We ended up going in a different direction but I would still love to have a tiny house for a vacation home one day. Maybe when we're done building our house haha.

  • Judie Weisenfeld
    Judie Weisenfeld Month ago +1

    Thank you for this reality check! You can always dream big but need this!

  • kateulous
    kateulous Month ago +2

    So nice to see someone from Ontario. I have a feeling we live around the same area, and it's nice to see this way of life becoming a thing here

  • Portia Bharath
    Portia Bharath 2 months ago

    Your home is beautiful! And you seem so wonderful, thank you so much for being transparent and sharing your REAL, honest tiny home experience. There are a lot of people who make it seem like all sunshine and rainbows, when in reality, trying to own anything comes with unexpected costs and stress (especially when it comes to tiny homes there is so much uncertainty and lack of uniform regulations across regions). Definitely going to check out your channel :D

  • Jennifer Leigh Miron
    Jennifer Leigh Miron 2 months ago +2

    So often when I see videos about
    tiny homes itis in the US and it shows the design or talks about the building but not the finances and things of that nature to consider, so I really appreciate her honesty.❤

    • Andre Marie Rieu
      Andre Marie Rieu Month ago

      God bless you Jennifer. How are you today? I just wanna send you a positive message this day and your beauty just dropped something; my jaw. Amazing you're aging in reverse. I hope you had a wonderful night rest last night ?

  • C.E. McKenney
    C.E. McKenney 2 months ago +11

    The loft height is a tough one but I think she did a great job and $80k (USD) now for a home that will be full owned in 7-8 years is a great place to be in at that age.

    • bluejay313
      bluejay313 Month ago +2

      The problem I see is the land is still leased... so she is subject to market pressures for that monthly cost and if she wants to move to a new location would mean losing all the foundation costs she had to fund.

  • M H
    M H 6 days ago

    Many thanks for the details. You are the only one who talks about financial reality and extra costs when considering a tiny house. BTW, your tiny house looks great and I agree that it'd be best to have some more ceiling height for your bedroom.

  • Caroline Pierson
    Caroline Pierson 2 months ago +2

    Fantastic. Love your pragmatic assessment of the pros and cons. Thank you so much. ❤

  • Aquila Clark
    Aquila Clark 2 months ago +3

    Your tiny house is very nice and I admire your dedication and commitment to make up your mind and see your dream over the finish line. I also more than anything and admire your ability to grow such beautiful vegetables in pots.👏🏾👏🏾You’re doing a great job. I’m glad you’re happy with your home and your location. I wish you the very best.🥰

  • Kate
    Kate 2 months ago

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!! As a fellow Ontario renter (Toronto), this resonated so much with the plights of how difficult it is to get into the market and live a sustainable and affordable life. I can't wait to follow her on her journey and learn everything she's learned.

  • Ti Mepi
    Ti Mepi Month ago

    Honesty from someone who still loves living in their tiny home. A grounded, sensible young person who thinks about everything. Building permits need to start adapting existing regs to this new style of housing. Living room height taking away from sensible loft bedroom height makes no sense. Thank you for sharing your experience. Australia is still catching up to tiny house living.

  • JAY T
    JAY T 2 months ago

    This is her reality and it’s nice to hear other perspectives than the sugar-coated ones. Other people have their own circumstances though and many of her struggles mentioned might not be issues for someone else. I do love the little world she’s created out there though. Adorable.

  • Diane Crofoot
    Diane Crofoot Month ago +1

    Love it! You did a beautiful job! So homey!

  • Robert Bell
    Robert Bell 2 months ago +6

    Stacie is fantastic, puts some realism into this whole thing! Thanks for the video :)

  • Catherine Bedford
    Catherine Bedford Month ago

    Wonderful job Stacie! Thank you so much for your insight on tiny living. We know this isn’t in America, because she isn’t bankrupt from her T1DM. She needs to be near healthcare and pharmacy, but isn’t worried about payment. Yay for national health care. Allows all people the chance to seek their dreams. Listen up fellow Americans. We need this too.

  • Ann
    Ann 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful home! And, she seems really smart about everything - - great job planning it all out & making it happen for yourself..... it is one of the nicest tiny homes I've seen. : )

    • Andre Marie Rieu
      Andre Marie Rieu Month ago

      God bless you Ann. How are you today? I just wanna send you a positive message this day and your beauty just dropped something; my jaw. Amazing you're aging in reverse. I hope you had a wonderful night rest last night ?

  • Julia Witt
    Julia Witt Month ago

    What a lovely young woman , totally grounded and upfront about reality. Great video....thank you. Subscribed to see what else you have ❤

  • Desmond Sze
    Desmond Sze 2 months ago +11

    I am so delighted to know that someone like Stacie live tiny just North of Toronto and I like to find out where it could be. I heard lot of people live Tiny in the States and on the West coast but never knew that it could happen in Ontario. I like to find out how to do it.

    • Exploring Alternatives
      Exploring Alternatives  2 months ago +7

      Thanks for watching, Desmond! For privacy reasons we usually don’t share the location of the people we film but I’ve put together a few links that might be helpful!
      The Tiny House Talk website lists a handful of tiny house communities in Canada (at the bottom of the page) here:
      And if you’re in Ontario, Bianca from The Giving Tree has been working hard with municipalities to find ways for people to legally park their tiny houses. You can find out more about this on her website here:
      There’s also a tiny house show coming up in Ancaster, Ontario this summer:
      Hope that helps! Happy Exploring :)

  • Nancy Webb
    Nancy Webb Month ago +1

    Loved the video and how candid and open she was...particularly about added costs and things to consider.

  • usha sridaran
    usha sridaran Day ago +1

    Love how you feel so free and happy to do what you wish, Stacie, wishing you all the good things in life and blessings 💞🙏. Best wishes from South India.

  • L H
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    Melinda Ostergren Month ago +1

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    • Andre Marie Rieu
      Andre Marie Rieu Month ago

      God bless you Laurel. How are you today? I just wanna send you a positive message this day and your beauty just dropped something; my jaw. Amazing you're aging in reverse. I hope you had a wonderful night rest last night ?

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    • Gregory Moats
      Gregory Moats 2 months ago +7

      You clearly don’t cook much. She clearly wanted a full size range, just as I would. An avid cook WANTS a full size oven. And of course gas cook top! Induction has a place but is not the end all be all. And statement that induction cook time is shorter, therefore reducing need for hood as absolutely absurd. You don’t understand air exchange and cfm’s

    • Nono Nono
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      God bless you Jocelyne. How are you today? I just wanna send you a positive message this day and your beauty just dropped something; my jaw. Amazing you're aging in reverse. I hope you had a wonderful night rest last night ?

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  • Kate C
    Kate C 2 months ago +6

    It's good to hear the costs broken down and pros and cons. I did some quick research here in the UK and I think legally people can only park these tiny houses in designated camp ground areas whose monthly cost is the same as renting, so it's even more restrictive here and not viable. It makes me feel sad and a bit stressed that home ownership is now so unaffordable that we're having to build boxes to live in then beg people for land. I could not cope with how claustrophobic her loft looks, she barely has room to turn on her side. The rest of the space looks nice though albeit naturally v small. Another thing is what about winter, it must be hard being in a tiny house in winter if you're not physically able to walk or drive in snow. You could feel claustrophobic and cut off.

    • Timandanna Barrett
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    • Kate C
      Kate C Month ago

      @Timandanna Barrett Yes good point, the lounge could convert into a bedroom at night and the loft could be used for storage instead. I guess everyone has different needs and with custom builds people can design tiny houses for their needs which is good.