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Don’t get me wrong I love my coaches 😂

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Men’s versus women’s gymnastics coaches
  • GamingGaming

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  • evann
    evann 6 months ago +63987

    *lands on head doing double back*
    Coach: “It builds character”

    • Worm | Rust Content
      Worm | Rust Content 6 months ago +335

      Put your faith in Jesus for salvation that He died and rose for our sins and be Saved. Jesus loves you

    • Carl Wheezer
      Carl Wheezer 6 months ago +346

      @Worm | Rust Content just stop

    • Let's Learn It
      Let's Learn It 6 months ago +35

      ​@Worm | Rust Contentsweet love of priest

    • General Ligma
      General Ligma 6 months ago +47

      @Carl Wheezer why should he😂

  • Cochiegloss !!!
    Cochiegloss !!! 5 months ago +5858

    Bro compared a child to a grown man💀💀

    • asterix.equine
      asterix.equine 5 months ago +28


    • deniz2611
      deniz2611 5 months ago +32

      What about the first one tho, it looked like a kid to me

    • Vidhun GamingYT
      Vidhun GamingYT 5 months ago +77

      @deniz2611that’s what he means

    • Cpt. Duck
      Cpt. Duck 5 months ago +41

      ​@deniz2611 that literally what he said..

    • Cochiegloss !!!
      Cochiegloss !!! 5 months ago +16

      @Shreya the awkward comedian idk compare himself to people that match his skill and size?

  • Totally Pucca
    Totally Pucca 5 months ago +7651

    When you're so out of argument that you compare a child coach to an adult coach.

  • Rise
    Rise 6 months ago +11001

    The woman in question: * 10 year old girl *
    The men in question: * complete adults *

    • [ESH]SIIR0bbx
      [ESH]SIIR0bbx 5 months ago +113

      Get the joke ffs

    • Goodhelpful
      Goodhelpful 5 months ago +678

      @[ESH]SIIR0bbx what joke, it’s just a video with no sense

    • Bat Gaming
      Bat Gaming 5 months ago +267

      ​@[ESH]SIIR0bbx tf what's the joke?

    • [ESH]SIIR0bbx
      [ESH]SIIR0bbx 5 months ago +111

      @Goodhelpful he show the contrasts between a coach teaching a young girl carefully and his coaches, he often displays and jokes about how his coaches act like they don't care if he gets hurt, the question of the video is not to showcase how unfair the treatment is between both genders are, because there is clearly sarcasm on the age difference, and to further display how usually he gets treated by his superiors and he's ok with it and just treats it as a funny, it's not about gender, just a funny comparison...

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 5 months ago +1057

    Broooo 💀
    The woman you are talking about is 10 yo

    • AB
      AB 5 months ago +27

      More like 8.

    • Bilbo
      Bilbo 5 months ago +20

      The child looks like she's being trained whereas the man looks like he's practicing or competing. Of course she's going to be spotted well when she's being trained.

  • Chimmy Agubuonu
    Chimmy Agubuonu 5 months ago +493

    I think that's "CHILD'S" coach instead of women's coach. That's like an 8 year old vs a 20 year old man.

    • Alexxbloom work
      Alexxbloom work 5 months ago +3

      I agree

    • yorbriar
      yorbriar 5 months ago +1

      the young boy who fell didn't got any help either so you are wrong

    • cariad
      cariad 5 months ago +6

      A little girl learning Vs an adult man competing -_-

    • Boo
      Boo 5 months ago +6

      @yorbriar there wasn’t any young boy, that was the same dude every time.

    • Hypothalapotamus
      Hypothalapotamus 28 days ago

      When I think of women's coaches, I think of Bela Karolyi.
      Let's just say that I would not wish his methods on my worst enemy.

  • Knockoff Ninja
    Knockoff Ninja 6 months ago +9129

    Bro really comparing adult classes to elementary school classes 💀💀💀

    • R3D3ST
      R3D3ST 6 months ago +69

      It’s called a joke💀💀💀

    • ♡HER♡
      ♡HER♡ 6 months ago +310

      ​@R3D3ST No one said it was a joke and no one laughed either ☠️☠️☠️ (yea I'm taking it seriously) "Your stupid" "What?" "it's called a joke"

    • Knockoff Ninja
      Knockoff Ninja 6 months ago +15

      Lol I got 9k likes.
      And I guess I am I hub for fighting?

    • LearningSkage
      LearningSkage 6 months ago +8

      The first men was a kid

    • TetraCut
      TetraCut 6 months ago +6

      Humans are humans

  • Professor_Espie
    Professor_Espie 5 months ago +20

    Also, can we talk about how well the little girl did?

  • Professor_Espie
    Professor_Espie 5 months ago +232

    So, men want to be treated like 9 year old little girls is what I'm gathering from this post.

    • AngelicDevine
      AngelicDevine 5 months ago +4

      Right! Cause that was definitely a little girl 😂

    • Skellious
      Skellious 5 months ago +1

      Everyone wants to be cared about, yes.

      AUSSIE KID EDITS YT 5 months ago

      Yes so we don’t land on our head

    • The Invisible Woman
      The Invisible Woman 5 months ago +8

      @Skellious that’s not what that clip said. It said treat grown men like children who need to be hand held step by step. It’s not about male and female it’s about how adults aren’t children. Literally grow-n ups.

    • brome
      brome 27 days ago

      yes 🗿

  • Ink Sack
    Ink Sack 6 months ago +7839

    No, this is just
    Kids coaches vs adults coaches

  • Elly
    Elly 5 months ago +24

    that wasn't a woman that was a child😭

  • justanothername
    justanothername 5 months ago +78

    Imagine how insecure you have to be in your own masculinity to compare childrens coachen to grown ups...

    • The Ginch🐸
      The Ginch🐸 5 months ago +8

      Exactly! Plus coaches aren’t even supposed to protect you in this sport

    • some random person
      some random person 5 months ago +1


    • The Invisible Woman
      The Invisible Woman 5 months ago +4

      @The Ginch🐸 also imagine trying to catch a man weighting 200lbs of pure muscle spinning 40mi/hr towards the ground. Nah man, that’s what the mat is for.

  • Argon1te
    Argon1te 6 months ago +6710

    As a girl, I confirm my female coach would just stare with disappointment if I had a fracture 💀

    • Toothless
      Toothless 6 months ago +67


    • Allison Fink
      Allison Fink 5 months ago +46


    • SCP foundation
      SCP foundation 5 months ago +37

      My sister is does tumbling and I to can confirm this is what they do

    • carmel cougar
      carmel cougar 5 months ago +5

      So true

    • Deniz
      Deniz 5 months ago

      Has that something to do with that youre a girl or your coach

  • ShelfWarrior
    ShelfWarrior 5 months ago +20

    That’s a little girl, of course he has to help and make sure she’s safe

  • Gianna
    Gianna 5 months ago +30

    As a female gymnast, I confirm that coaches say either you're fine or walk it off they do not really spot that much.

  • Bella
    Bella 6 months ago +7845

    I mean he literally showed a coach guiding a child

    • MightyCentaur71
      MightyCentaur71 6 months ago +66


    • Azaliaa
      Azaliaa 6 months ago +380

      Fr she is like 8-10yo while the "mans" are like 18+☠

    • Gustavo Fring
      Gustavo Fring 6 months ago +27

      ​@Azaliaa nah they looks more 16-17

    • Azaliaa
      Azaliaa 6 months ago +47

      @Gustavo Fring fr. For me like 18-20 heh

  • Aurora
    Aurora 5 months ago +11

    As a girl, I can say that all coaches that I have/had would just stare at me in disappointment and say “eh it builds character”

    • Joknows369
      Joknows369 Month ago

      Yeah I'll say if you get a female team coach who gives a crap about your safety your lucky all of my coaches from elementary to high school didn't care unless they could physically see bone.
      One game a girl slid into home plate screamed and her coach said walk it off she said I can't my leg is broken coach screamed again and again.
      Finally, the parents felt bad and took her to the ER guess what her leg was broken coach looked and said I've had worse you are just drama seeking like seriously crazy ish the early 00’s was a garbage fire of horrible adults 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️
      Also, the coach was her dad and yes the daughter went no contact after she graduated from high school can't say I blame her at all though.


    Idk man. My sister is 20 now and her coach screams at her like "What did you learn all 6 years of gymnastics for? It's better you just quit". My sister says she misses her first gymnastics teacher cuz cmon, the girl was a kid so received a child coach. But the boys were adults so professional coach. Professional coaches don't go easy on women either.

  • Basil
    Basil 6 months ago +13894

    they just stood there and let you eat the mat like they’re disappointed in your failures 😂

    • Adamant & Mumphry
      Adamant & Mumphry 6 months ago +3

      🤣🤣🤣 the amount of comments I’ve read… this one makes the top 3

    • Drop_shipping_account
      Drop_shipping_account 6 months ago +7

      Yeah, but how are they supposed to catch full grown men like they are little girls

  • FedYep
    FedYep 5 months ago +9

    Correct title: 10 year old girl's coaches Vs. Men's Coaches

  • Liviu Balanescu
    Liviu Balanescu 5 months ago +23

    The first coach was training a kid and the second coach was training a man. And in the first video the kid was doing something hard for it. But in the second video the man is doing something easy for him.

  • °Sofía°
    °Sofía° 6 months ago +5104

    Did you just compare a kid's coach with a professional's coach?

  • Blue Shoes
    Blue Shoes 5 months ago +43

    1. Yeah I don’t think any coach is gonna grab a grown woman like the way the coach did for the little girl.
    2. A coach and a spotter is two different roles. Spotters role is to prevent injuries by physically catching, shielding or slowing down a fall. While a coach’s role is to teach the game and prevent injuries by giving tips and tricks.

  • TOM
    TOM 5 months ago +14

    Bro, let me be honest, I mean what do you want from your coach? 💀

  • Ghosted-
    Ghosted- 6 months ago +675

    Little girls coaches:
    Men’s coaches:

    • Saran Love
      Saran Love 6 months ago +3

      😂😂😂 Correctly... Russian coaches... Yes, they protect against physical injury. But in psychological bullying, they have no equal, Especially little girls. 😂😂

    • Saran Love
      Saran Love 5 months ago

      Totalitarianism, dictatorship and autocracy are often famous for this. Russia is an autocracy, almost a dictatorship. Which category does China belong to? As far as I know, we are kind of friends. In Russia, we say. Tell me who your friend is and I'll tell you who you are. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Reflection
      Reflection 5 months ago +4

      @Saran Love bro is fighting ghosts rn. This is about a child coach against athletes. That girl is like 12 tops while those people are either early to mid 20s

  • •I love cookies•
    •I love cookies• 5 months ago +5

    No one talking about how smooth the girl did that

  • CrownGuard
    CrownGuard 6 months ago +1671

    Bro really compared a 10 year old girl to a 15-18 year old grown ass teen💀

    • Annathecommenter
      Annathecommenter 5 months ago +39

      Ok I’m sorry but “grown” and “teen” do not belong in the same sentence

    • D o v e r
      D o v e r 5 months ago +55

      Still more "grown" than a kid.

    • Noree Gg
      Noree Gg 5 months ago +6

      ​@Annathecommenter because saying grown teens means you are sexually attracted to children right

    • Eddie
      Eddie 5 months ago +46


    • Annathecommenter
      Annathecommenter 5 months ago +21

      @Noree Gg Are you high 😭

  • wt the dog doin
    wt the dog doin 5 months ago +4

    That's not mens coach that's a careless coach

  • Elena Muzi
    Elena Muzi 5 months ago +3

    The women’s gimnastics coach was teaching her a new skill 💀

  • Alexandria Gool
    Alexandria Gool 6 months ago +2722

    As a female gymnast, my coaches only spot me on stuff I haven’t learned once. After that they make me learn how to do it on me own💀

  • Brittan Flake
    Brittan Flake 2 months ago +4

    Bro literally compared a little girl to a freaking grown man and expected us to feel bad for him…💀

  • yazmin milena landriel mansilla

    the difference is that the girl is practicing, the adults are doing it in a competition

  • Annabel Cluck
    Annabel Cluck 6 months ago +2965

    My, female, uneven bars coach just looked and laughed when I sprung my ankle

    • Flame Wing
      Flame Wing 6 months ago +97

      Yeah whoever that first coach was needs an award

    • •puppydogface•
      •puppydogface• 6 months ago +87

      ​@Flame Wing he's a kids coach

    • Ambria
      Ambria 6 months ago +4


    • Unstrict
      Unstrict 6 months ago +16

      ​@Flame Wing i used to coach boys gymnastics and i spotted them on every run

    • Charlye'Charleston
      Charlye'Charleston 6 months ago +4

      ​@Unstrict Good guy Greg we appreciate you!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 🌟

  • Miffy Lindberg
    Miffy Lindberg 5 months ago +11

    She was a child, your really comparing a coach making sure a kid doesn't get hurt to a coach to a grown ass man💀

  • ShotaAizawa
    ShotaAizawa 5 months ago +4

    Why is no one talking about how good the girl is at doing this??

  • sama_hyda
    sama_hyda 6 months ago +88

    She's not a woman, she's a 9yo girl
    You my brother, you're a man

  • Lepidoptera
    Lepidoptera 5 months ago +5

    that girl was like 12, bro chill

  • Elizabeth Ariadne
    Elizabeth Ariadne 5 months ago +5

    Well, of course, she was a little girl, not a teenager.

  • X.gymnastics
    X.gymnastics 6 months ago +7597

    He was more worried abt the equipment being ok considering you’ve broken an entire bar before 😂

  • Fionaa
    Fionaa 5 months ago +6

    The comparison
    10 yr old girl:
    Full grown man:

  • Amaria Jade
    Amaria Jade 5 months ago +6

    Something creepy about calling a 10 year old a woman.

  • H3ART
    H3ART 6 months ago +684

    It was a little girl over an almost full grown man-

    • Sammy_Wolf
      Sammy_Wolf 6 months ago +1

      And...??? What's the problem?

    • Elina
      Elina 6 months ago +44

      ​@Sammy_Wolf the comparison itself, that girl probably barely keeps balance and needs people to guide her, the dudes don't + do you really think a coach will jump in on a dude that is 80+ kgs and spinning like a fidget spinner? Tf.

    • Goddosuraimu
      Goddosuraimu 6 months ago

      ​@Elina well is steel the same, since it happen to with the grow womans, so nothing changes when is a little girl with a big woman, since they have the same thing.

    • Pu
      Pu 5 months ago +6

      @Goddosuraimu ??

    • orangecats
      orangecats 5 months ago +5

      @Goddosuraimu what

  • Sonya Hollingsworth
    Sonya Hollingsworth 5 months ago +4

    Shows a 9 year old girl
    Shows a 30 year old man

  • Anita Chandra
    Anita Chandra 5 months ago +6

    The women's one is a little girl so of course coaches will behave that way with children. The men are adults so they don't need to be taken care of for little things.

  • Ghostie1432
    Ghostie1432 6 months ago +1091

    I mean that “woman” was like 8 years old and would need some more support than those adult men in the other clips

    • beatsjits
      beatsjits 5 months ago +39

      Well, I guess some people regard even 6 years old as woman like some creeps.

    • Pixadragon
      Pixadragon 5 months ago +1

      ​@beatsjits why you being sexist

    • Sunny Johnson
      Sunny Johnson 5 months ago +26

      @Pixadragon It isn’t sexist, the right term would be either girl or younger female 👍

    • diplup
      diplup 5 months ago +5

      ​@Pixadragon they said some people not all men but if the shoe fits man

    • Pug Lover
      Pug Lover 5 months ago +9

      @Pixadragonhow is it sexiest to say a 6 year old girl is not a woman yet?

  • OctoBattle
    OctoBattle 5 months ago +3

    Bro really compared a kid's coach to an adult man's coach 💀

  • Meagan Collins
    Meagan Collins 5 months ago +4

    Kids coaches vs. Adult coaches

  • sxnny
    sxnny 6 months ago +401

    Bro showed a child for women’s gymnastics 💀

    • Zack Pane
      Zack Pane 5 months ago

      Most women’s gymnastics are kids

    • Charlie K
      Charlie K 5 months ago +2

      ​@Zack Pane a child is not a woman.

  • Andi
    Andi 5 months ago +6

    Man really compared a kid's coaches and a adult's coaches, and tryna make gender war bruh

    ILOVENMIXX 5 months ago +5

    that's not a woman, that's a 13 year old girl wtf

  • Stop wasting time-Stream GRL GVNG now piece of ass

    Bro’s comparing a 8yo girl gymnast,to a 16+ man Gymnast 💀

    • Ink Sack
      Ink Sack 5 months ago +3

      Haha ruined your 69 likes

    • cornelius
      cornelius 5 months ago +3

      Hes definitely 18+ and he showed multiple clips for the guy and only 1 for the girl

  • Glatze Metzger
    Glatze Metzger 5 months ago +5

    she's not a woman, just a child

  • Anto
    Anto 5 months ago +4

    The “women’s coach” was teaching a little girl. Obviously he was gonna be careful w her.

  • Aditri Srivastava
    Aditri Srivastava 6 months ago +364

    The woman's coach is literally teaching the little girl how to do that trick, your coach is watching you perform a LEARNED TRICK .
    there's a difference.

    • ayame yukon
      ayame yukon 5 months ago +2

      Yeah ikr they just compared a kid with a teen also 💀

  • Visra
    Visra 5 months ago +3

    You showed a child's teacher vs teenage to adults teacher.

  • Vicky The Vikram
    Vicky The Vikram 5 months ago +3

    Bruh is comparing a child coach to adult coach

  • Zuma Lehmkuhl
    Zuma Lehmkuhl 6 months ago +992

    “He’s fine- AYO WALK IT OFF”
    “I can’t I broke a bar…”

    • zergy23
      zergy23 6 months ago +3


  • uwu i see you uwu
    uwu i see you uwu 5 months ago +3

    See this is how you know men can't tell the dif between a woman and a child 💀

  • Anonymous_xc
    Anonymous_xc 5 months ago +5

    She's a kid compared to a grown person

  • NageelaMom
    NageelaMom 6 months ago +51

    Child's coach vs adults coach.

  • Kokos
    Kokos 5 months ago +5

    I know this is meant to be a joke, but let’s take two things into the consideration:
    First, the woman in this video is a literal child , probably not even a teen, so naturally the coach would be more careful and on alert.
    Second, a female coach would have the same reaction about their female disciple. When I used to train figure skating, my female coach would either yell at me or make a disappointed face whenever I make a mistake or almost hurt myself lol

  • CaptainRedDucky Supreme
    CaptainRedDucky Supreme 5 months ago +3

    Bro was flipping a little girl like them kids who be twirling their pencils💀

  • DP23
    DP23 6 months ago +345

    As a female gymnast whose mom was my coach... she definitely gave me the same looks your coach does.

  •  Rosen
    Rosen 5 months ago +4

    Literally a child in the first clip😭

  • pearl
    pearl 5 months ago +5

    comparing a child to an adult

  • Douma's eyes
    Douma's eyes 5 months ago +977

    It doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy, she's a child and you're an adult, that's the difference.
    (And you can also see that your coach is old, he would get hurt if he tried to help you.)

    • No Connection 🤖
      No Connection 🤖 5 months ago +3


    • edjae david
      edjae david 5 months ago +15

      Not really. I've played several sports when I was young. Most of our coaches were so rough with us saying that we are men and we need to build our body to take such pain. And, make no mistake, I don't resent them since it really made us so resilient. But the same coaches helped with girls' teams and they were so gentle.

    • Neox Editz
      Neox Editz 5 months ago +2

      ​@edjae david yes I agree

    • Maahi Ahmed
      Maahi Ahmed 5 months ago +1

      Adults are more likely to get hurt while falling down

  • Alexxbloom work
    Alexxbloom work 5 months ago +3

    When a guy considers 10 year old as Women💀💀

  • Lauren Hart
    Lauren Hart 5 months ago +1

    Male Gymnast: *snaps neck*
    His Coach: "walk it off"

  • Destiny Walker
    Destiny Walker 6 months ago +45

    Maybe it’s children’s coaches vs adult coaches. Idk tho. I’m not a gymnast 😂

  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon 5 months ago +3

    For 11 years of gymnastics, I probably fell tens of thousands of times, so I didn’t notice it myself, I just got up and did what I was doing again 😅

  • ogLqvh
    ogLqvh 5 months ago +4

    Bro that ain’t no woman its a kid 😂

  • ʙᴀʀʙᴀʀᴀ
    ʙᴀʀʙᴀʀᴀ 6 months ago +19

    Women’s coaches: shows a literal CHILD
    Men’s coaches: shows proffessional grown adults
    sooo unfair 🙄

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago +5

    It's not about gender its about weight and age. Them trying to stop those dudes is more likely to cause injuries to coach and athlete vs. just letting them fall on the mats. The kids, however, are more fragile, and since they weigh less are easier to catch also the mat wouldn't give way for them like they would for something heavier

  • _Lu0?_
    _Lu0?_ 5 months ago +3

    The girl in the start is young. It’s not about women and men, it’s about child and adult.

  • nat in the hat
    nat in the hat 6 months ago +326

    as a female gymnast my coaches have never been like that in fact they’re much more like the mens gymnastics coaches

    • BruhMaster
      BruhMaster 6 months ago +82

      Ofc they are
      This video doesn't even show a women's coach, that's a nine year old girl...

    • Confused
      Confused 6 months ago +1

      I hate when people can’t let a joke be a joke and they need to do this.

    • Fishie
      Fishie 6 months ago +48

      Well, obviously, if clarification needs to be made the joke wasn't really great. Could've just used kid's gymnastic coaches vs adult coaches and i still wouldnt gotten a good laugh lol. the title otherwise implies coaches are nicer with women which can suggestively be offensive
      Also...jokes can be commented on? Like i dont think a comment section full of lols would be interesting anyways

    • Alicia x
      Alicia x 6 months ago +1

      @BruhMaster She’s not 9

    • BruhMaster
      BruhMaster 6 months ago +17

      @Alicia x whatever she looks below 11
      My point was that op compared a kid's and a man's coach so that they can do another petty women vs men
      just another one of those desperate "sigmas"

  • Daria Margine
    Daria Margine 5 months ago +3

    Kids coaches vs men’s coaches…

  • Sanchita Singh
    Sanchita Singh 5 months ago +3

    Get your eyes open it's a child coach.

  • JoyfulJoy
    JoyfulJoy 6 months ago +220

    9 year old girl: doing 5 flips only touching the ground once
    Teen/Adult: using the gymnastics pole and beam
    Be so fr! Why would someone have their arms opened ready to catch an 18 year old guy who just launched 13 feet into the air?

    • {•Mercedes•}
      {•Mercedes•} 5 months ago

      beautiful 😂✨

    • Azure
      Azure 5 months ago +2

      its a joke as you can see from the title of the video

    • Charlie K
      Charlie K 5 months ago +1

      ​@Azure something being classified as a joke doesn't mean it's immune from criticism.

    • Azure
      Azure 5 months ago

      @Charlie K theyre not criticising it as a joke theyre criticising it as if it was to be taken seriously

    • D.A
      D.A 5 months ago +1

      @Azure a joke should probably be funny. If you found it funny cool. Not everyone did

  • kutsuwi
    kutsuwi 5 months ago +7

    since when is a child a woman?

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 5 months ago +1

    Coach: Hardship makes a man.🗿

  • JT MS
    JT MS 6 months ago +234

    Bro, that girl was like seven years old! Of course someone’s gonna spot her!!!

    • Vini
      Vini 5 months ago +1

      Women life is easier. It is so much easier that they try to make it harder with drama.

    • Luna
      Luna 5 months ago

      Bro we have it much more difficult cuz you dont know how it feels

    • Iris Readers
      Iris Readers 5 months ago +2

      ​@Vini no periods no opinion

    • Vini
      Vini 5 months ago +1

      @Luna oh really? Cute. Every living being on earth feels this way but when it comes to women it means more? Hmph, so egocentric.

  • Hb6un
    Hb6un 5 months ago +3

    That woman is like 9-10 💀

  • TheElectGamer
    TheElectGamer 5 months ago +2

    “If he dies, he dies”

  • kokojuiceココヂユス魔入間

    This isn't comparing how coaches treat women and men, it's comparing how they treat inexperienced children and grown as$ and well trained adults 💀

  • Luna Dalton
    Luna Dalton 5 months ago +3

    The best coach is blood sweat and tears, there is no progress without a mistake

  • MrDahQ
    MrDahQ 5 months ago +3

    Kid's coach... Vs adult

  • Grandma's Nipples
    Grandma's Nipples 6 months ago +136

    Let's not compare men to children

    • S. Rodrigues
      S. Rodrigues 5 months ago +7

      If they want to be compared to lil kids then so be it.

    • Grandma's Nipples
      Grandma's Nipples 5 months ago +11

      @S. Rodrigues well mentally they are worse than toddler

  • random people
    random people 5 months ago +11

    Its not woman its a child.

  • Bangtan's Goose
    Bangtan's Goose 5 months ago +1

    As a gymnast, we girls get the same treatment sometimes 💀💀💀💀💀😅😅😅😅😅

  • AnyustMoon
    AnyustMoon 6 months ago +34

    Kid's coaches vs adult's coaches

  • 1RENE
    1RENE 5 months ago +4

    bruh...you simply can't catch an adult the same way you would catch a child if any accident occures :/

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 5 months ago +4

    Aside from the obvious fact that she's a child being compared to adults. It's also easier to assist what she's doing in comparison to what the rest are doing. Imagine the coaches of the males try to do the same assist.

  • Chakolata
    Chakolata 6 months ago +26

    Or kid coach..?

  • Shara
    Shara 5 months ago +4

    That's a little girl, dawg.

  • Synysterdax
    Synysterdax 5 months ago +1

    “He’ll be fine”

  • Kurro
    Kurro 6 months ago +42

    “Women’s coaches”
    The footage: little girl

  • Ayodeji
    Ayodeji 5 months ago +2

    man breaks his neck
    coach: pain brings gain.💪

  • Valeria Burman
    Valeria Burman 5 months ago +3

    More like kid coaches compared to adult coaches 💀

  • binaryphase
    binaryphase 5 months ago +2

    this comment section has not passed the vibe check.

  • Appaddict01
    Appaddict01 6 months ago +369

    That’s what the coaches are like on both sides. USA gymnastics testimony proved that. Maggie Haney is the perfect example. She literally told girls with serious injuries to keep training.