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Caraxes Screen Time - House of the Dragon (Season 1)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Caraxes Screen Time - House of the Dragon (Season 1)
    I do not claim any Material shown in this video, all the credit goes to Warner Bros. and HBO Max
    0:00 Episode 1
    0:38 Episode 2
    1:14 Episode 3
    3:24 Episode 4
    3:29 Episode 6
    4:15 Episode 7
    4:18 Episode 10
    4:33 Total Screen Time
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Comments • 146

  • Tas I
    Tas I Month ago +102

    The best thing is that Daemon treats Caraxes like an equal, not like something to be owned (many other Targaryeans treated dragons as their slaves). Their bond is real and that makes them two of the most interesting characters. You can just see the lengths Caraxes will go in order to protect Daemon and fight for him

    • Neil Zulita
      Neil Zulita Month ago +8

      Same with rhaenys to meleys. Refusing to leave her dragon behind.

    • bitterbites
      bitterbites Month ago +2

      😗 Daenerys targaryen (in Valerian):
      A Dragon is not a Slave.

  • Mohammed Mujeeb
    Mohammed Mujeeb 2 months ago +266

    Caraxes was almost 70 years old during dance of the dragons
    Still so fast and fierce compared to others
    The mighty noodle boy 🐲🖤

    • ADB
      ADB 2 days ago

      That’s like 25 years old in dragon years

    • Kat Su
      Kat Su 13 days ago +1

      i like this flying snapping turtle without a shell too. both are perfect together.

    • Lara
      Lara Month ago +1

      @Delta_0o19 more like 170-80

    • Delta_0o19
      Delta_0o19 Month ago +3

      vhagar was like 200 lmao

    • AJK
      AJK Month ago +17

      70 to 100 is probably their prime age tbh

  • miko Freeman
    miko Freeman 3 months ago +490

    Bruh this misses the high pitched squealing that always comes before he pops up. Thats what i like most of him

    • G Crievous
      G Crievous 6 days ago

      I thought I saw that the show runners mentioned Caraxes also has a slightly crooked septum which does affect his roar and “speech” for that matter. Not sure if it’s true though

    • Dlamini Dlamini
      Dlamini Dlamini Month ago +4

      @MONSTER X ZERO touchè

      MONSTER X ZERO  Month ago +13

      @Dolorous Edd I didn't miss those parts, it's just that these are moments when Caraxes isn't on screen and video is called "Caraxes Screen Time"

    • Dolorous Edd
      Dolorous Edd 2 months ago +3

      Yeah I dunno how this channel missed those parts. Rather unfortunate

    • Alexis Z.
      Alexis Z. 2 months ago +25

      I’m glad they added that because his long neck would give him that screech

  • KayKay2513
    KayKay2513 26 days ago +15

    This is 100% my favourite dragon in this series. He's the most unique of all of them imo.

  • TJ
    TJ 3 months ago +152

    The erie sounds this dragon has makes it a living LEGEND.

  • Emmitt Nervend
    Emmitt Nervend Month ago +20

    Caraxes is like a combination of an Eastern and Western dragon and I love it.

  • Shania Washington
    Shania Washington 3 months ago +251

    They are to me the most linked when Damon put his arm up Caraxes put up his wing to protect him

    • Shania Washington
      Shania Washington Month ago

      @Darth Desec I wouldn’t say servitude like his brother said the fact they think they control the dragon is an illusion because it is they can follow a command but will they always listen no which is why luke died

    • Amin Iqbal
      Amin Iqbal Month ago

      @CrazyFaceChico that's kind of a given, there's a brain somewhere in that fire breathing noggin of theirs.

    • CrazyFaceChico
      CrazyFaceChico 2 months ago +3

      @Darth Desec they say in the show multiple times, the dragons aren’t slaves. No matter how much you train them. They don’t serve you. They work with you as long as they WANT to. They can disobey whenever they want to. They often do and will even in the show.

    • Darth Desec
      Darth Desec 2 months ago

      It’s called training/servitude.

    • CrazyFaceChico
      CrazyFaceChico 2 months ago +6

      The riders and their dragons are essentially telepathically linked in a way. Caraxes screams in pain when Damon is hit with an arrow. Also during Rhaneryas still birth scene. Syrax is elsewhere screaming in pain.

  • Kevin Mathew
    Kevin Mathew Month ago +15

    That noise he makes before his entrance is like the sound of a weapon about to go off. So scary but so awesome to watch

  • Piotr x
    Piotr x 2 months ago +54

    Jesus Christ. Caraxes is fucking scary. Don't get me wrong, Vhagar is basicaly a cthulhu monstrosity but Caraxes is just unsettling. His looooooong neck makes him look like some unnatural dragon mutant

    • Jake Theberge
      Jake Theberge Month ago +7

      That's canon actually. Caraxes has birth defects, his long neck (his unique sounds are from this defect) and wing hind legs.

  • Kayla Dugger
    Kayla Dugger Month ago +9

    I love Caraxes. His look is so unique from other dragons I've seen in illustrations and movies.

  • Katheryn Targaryen
    Katheryn Targaryen Month ago +9

    He's so ferocious but he has the cutest squeaks 🥰

  • Divine Chareka
    Divine Chareka 2 months ago +30

    Hands down my favorite dragon in all George's books

  • Jessie Swaby
    Jessie Swaby 3 months ago +66

    Caraxes, Vhagar, Meleys, Vermithor, Dreamfyre, Tessarion and Sunfyre are my favourites.

  • Kayo Lima
    Kayo Lima 7 days ago

    A criação desse design esguio e com uma aparência meio "desajeitada" não passa em nenhum momento a impressão de fraqueza. O Verme Sangrento é um assassino veloz, poderoso e extremamente habilidoso. Com esse visual, o Caraxes foi fácil o dragão que mais curti na série.

  • sanjaykarthick s
    sanjaykarthick s 2 months ago +66

    2:27 Look how hurt Caraxes sounded when a fire arrow hit Daemon
    Shows their bond👌

    • Dragoninja35
      Dragoninja35 2 months ago +5

      True but the Case is the Same way with Rhaenyra and her Dragon Syrax when she's Having Difficulty Giving birth to her daughter You can see Syrax feels her pain too

    • Cristina Demartini
      Cristina Demartini 2 months ago +2

      @quen tin don't worry: thank you very much for answering me^^

    • quen tin
      quen tin 2 months ago +7

      @Cristina Demartini sorry for the late reply! prior to Daemon, the man who rode Caraxes was Rhaenys’s (Baratheon-Targaryen) father and Daemon’s uncle, Aemon Targaryen (son of Jaehaerys).

    • Cristina Demartini
      Cristina Demartini 2 months ago +1

      @quen tin who was his previous rider?

    • quen tin
      quen tin 2 months ago +10

      especially since his previous rider died by an arrow to the throat

  • Redel Calago
    Redel Calago 3 months ago +75

    Caraxes is the fiercest Dragon in HOTD

  • Binks D. Brook
    Binks D. Brook Month ago +9

    By the gods… Caraxes is just so fucking cool. I’m in love with Daemons pet giraffe.

    • Itsnalya
      Itsnalya 10 days ago

      Pet giraffe? 😂😂
      Your comment made my day

  • Beast Fantastic 101
    Beast Fantastic 101 3 months ago +38

    After drogon , Caraxes my favorite dragon in Westeros !!!

  • gabeiele teixeira
    gabeiele teixeira 2 months ago +28

    foi só eu que literalmente amei o visual do caraxes? ele é bizarramente bonito e aterrorizante, ao mesmo tempo ele parece uma linguiça voadora kkkk ele é um dis meus preferidos. mas eu nao voaria nele, por que quando ele levanta voo, ele sai jogando o corpo para os lados parecendo uma minhoca, para cair de cima dele é 2 polos. mesmo estando dom sela, eu nao seria louca louca de tentar montar nele.

    • Dragoninja35
      Dragoninja35 2 months ago +3

      Well Caraxes is known as the Blood Wyrm

    • vermax
      vermax 2 months ago +1

      Eu montaria, mais sim, deve ser muito difícil de voar nele mesmo sendo uma serpente com asas ,mais o quando o daemon monta, ele nem tem dificuldade de cair aos lados ,eu teria mesmo assim mais vai dar montar nesse dragão

  • sanjaykarthick s
    sanjaykarthick s 2 months ago +12

    The music while Rhaenyra was being named heir was emotional

  • Alvaro Manuel Zerpa
    Alvaro Manuel Zerpa Month ago +1

    Realmente para el espectador y la puesta en escena ... Caraxes es el dragón insignia de la Serie.

  • Anna K
    Anna K Month ago +2

    I wonder who hurt a squeaky dog toy and thought: ah yes, our murderous flying fire noodle!
    Yes, the sound has layers…. But there is an underlying dog toy squeak in it. So deviously, deceivingly, undeniably adorable.

    • TheSaviorOfSouls
      TheSaviorOfSouls Month ago +1

      Would not be suprised if someone behind the dragon effects loved ghidorah from the godzilla universe

  • Milche Sarreal
    Milche Sarreal Month ago +3

    I love the forward facing horns
    Low-key gives him a Tyrannosaurus-like look
    And ofc, the high pitched noises, the snake-like body, and the 4 wings are awesome

  • No. 1 lofi song
    No. 1 lofi song 3 months ago +53

    Caraxes was the only dragon who became powerful and able to kill vhagar because of his dragon rider , Daemon ❤❤❤

    • No. 1 lofi song
      No. 1 lofi song 21 day ago

      @SXE KAY Actually, Caraxes had killed vhagar in the midair he also died because falling from the height in the same fight.So both dragon died ❤️

    • No. 1 lofi song
      No. 1 lofi song 21 day ago

      @SXE KAY Actually, Caraxes had killed vhagar in the midair he also died because falling from the height in the same fight.So both dragon died ❤️

    • No. 1 lofi song
      No. 1 lofi song 21 day ago

      @SXE KAY Actually, Caraxes had killed vhagar in the midair he also died because falling from the height in the same fight.So both dragon died ❤️

    • SXE KAY
      SXE KAY Month ago

      @Levi A Predictably, the fool can’t even punctuate. LMAO. For all future readers: Caraxes and Vaghar mutually killed each other, similarly the way two nuclear powers would eventually if a war broke out. I don’t see the TV adaption veering away from that conclusion for either dragon; they both need to perish to do justice to the Battle Above God’s Eye.

  • Roger W
    Roger W Month ago +2

    There's quantity of time, and then there's quality of time.

  • MCLR
    MCLR Month ago

    Damon Aemond and Jacerys have the best wrap sheet of reasons to be king in competence and inheritance

  • Aaron Overbey
    Aaron Overbey 13 days ago

    I'd bet anything that HOTD will have caraxes be an aquatic dragon. There have been a few clues or knods to this

  • Johny Marcial
    Johny Marcial 3 months ago +19

    Caraxes, the Red Pseudo-Ghidorah.

  • K Lani
    K Lani Month ago +1

    Caraxes is my favorite.....Beautiful & Terrible 🧡

  • Clintoy Clintoy
    Clintoy Clintoy 3 months ago +14


  • Sidhant Poonia
    Sidhant Poonia Month ago +3

    It’s weird that nobody pointed it out buT caraxes had diformity that’s why he/she looks the way it is.

  • s_ shaddows.
    s_ shaddows. 17 days ago

    It's almost like the dragons could feel when the rider got hurt. I think caraxes felt when Damon got hit with that arrow he screamed. Sorry if it's a she I haven't got to watch the show yet.

  • Matodin IV
    Matodin IV 3 months ago +8

    Glorious Terror Goose ❤️

  • Hayley Sheridan
    Hayley Sheridan Month ago

    My favourite whistle fire noodle 🥰

  • Emeros
    Emeros 12 days ago

    I just want to pet him

  • Anna K
    Anna K Month ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful compilation of our beautiful long neck noodle boi with the winged feetsies…..

  • SaiSri Angajala
    SaiSri Angajala 2 months ago +1

    Caraxes and daemon has seperate fan base.

  • Joshua Zertuche
    Joshua Zertuche 3 months ago +12

    I think meleyes and caraxes are supposed to be the same breed of dragon.

    • Joshua Zertuche
      Joshua Zertuche Month ago

      @FACTS FEED tru but I’m talking about their skull shape. Also have u heard the theory that dragons are half wyern half firewyrm, which would explain caraxes elongated body and ferocious nature, cs in the books firewyrms are characterized by their worm bodies and vicious nature.

      FACTS FEED Month ago +1

      Actually they are probably siblings. But caraxes is said to be deformed dragon.

    • Joshua Zertuche
      Joshua Zertuche 2 months ago +5

      Eh. I’m more talking about how the creators said that there are 3 breeds of dragons, dinosaur shaped skull, horse shaped skull, and wolf shaped skull. Dinosaur shaped skull for war like balerion, drogon, vhagar. Horse shaped skull are more so court dragons that’s were more used to humans like syraxe, sunfire, and vermithor. And a wolf shaped skull for tracking, speed, and fierce nature, like meleyes and caraxes.

    • Dragoninja35
      Dragoninja35 2 months ago +1

      I like Your thinking Maybe Meleys is Just a Younger Caraxes?

  • Ritu Chaudhry
    Ritu Chaudhry 2 months ago +1

    Dragon shouldn't have this much long neck easy to cut easy to target, easy to grab by other dragons

    • Morning Star
      Morning Star Month ago

      @Levi A caraxes killed vhager first lol caraxes died a little later on from the fight read the books

    • Levi A
      Levi A Month ago

      @Bradipo Bello • 8 years ago Vhaeger Killed Caraxes

    • Jas S
      Jas S 2 months ago +6

      When flying one way he swiveled his whole head the opposite way and shoot fire.. must be a nightmare to out maneuver..literally no safe side to approach caraxes

    • N to the M
      N to the M 2 months ago +4

      Quite the opposite to be honest. The longer neck is a massive advantage against other dragons as it allows for more mobility when two dragons are entangled mid-air.

    • SirMikey, No Myers
      SirMikey, No Myers 2 months ago +1

      I’d hate to hear what you think of eastern/Asian dragons 🐉 then

  • Sam S.
    Sam S. 3 months ago +8

    Definitely the most bad ahh dragon in my opinion

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy Month ago

    Is that a plane in the air from 2:48-2:55?

  • Marcel Carlse
    Marcel Carlse Month ago +1

    Caraxes is BEST BOI
    Everyone knows that

  • charly aibar
    charly aibar 3 months ago +15

    My Baby boy Caraxes Is so F**** good

  • sarah
    sarah 18 hours ago

    My spaghetti dolphin 😭😩

  • TheSaviorOfSouls
    TheSaviorOfSouls Month ago +1

    He kinda reminds me of ghidorah ngl, obviously hes lacking 2 heads but the sounds and the long neck. Just me?

  • Virile Udosen
    Virile Udosen Month ago

    All dragon riders command dia dragons to spit fire but dis beast spit fire as long as it's rider thinks abt fire

  • Courtney Howe
    Courtney Howe 2 months ago +4

    Sqeeky toy. 😂

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago

    The chad out of all the dragons

  • Captain Petrson
    Captain Petrson 2 months ago

    Legendary dragon

  • nicole elizabeth
    nicole elizabeth 3 months ago +11

    pretty danger noodle

  • Enzo Fagun
    Enzo Fagun 3 months ago +7

    The coolest

  • SugdronaPlayz2000
    SugdronaPlayz2000 3 months ago +1

    Wait is caraxes a female Dragon or male?😮

    • Rocko Tarocko
      Rocko Tarocko 25 days ago

      @f they divide them in male/female based on if they hatched eggs or not, because they don’t know much about their breeding. Dragons like caraxes, balerion and vermithor were males while syrax, dreamfyre and silverwing were female.

    • June's Mind
      June's Mind 2 months ago

      ​@f I read somewhere that Dragons in GOT can actually change their genders.

    • sanjaykarthick s
      sanjaykarthick s 2 months ago +1

      @f some have though
      There are she-dragons too like Meleys,Vhagar, Tessarion,Syrax

    • f
      f 3 months ago +3

      Dragons don’t have genders

      MONSTER X ZERO  3 months ago


  • Korindo Seng
    Korindo Seng 2 months ago +8

    No a single dracarys.. yet caraxes spitting fire like vomit…. That sow how their bond is really strong

  • humble
    humble 29 days ago

    Most aestetics dragon

  • Ma Teresa Lucido Miranda
    Ma Teresa Lucido Miranda 2 months ago +2


  • X Y
    X Y Month ago

    Noodle boi best boi

  • I skunnt I
    I skunnt I Month ago

    Danger Noodle

  • Triangulito ∆
    Triangulito ∆ 3 months ago +5

    Do Seasmoke screen time plis

  • Brandon Raison
    Brandon Raison 3 months ago


  • Danny v
    Danny v Month ago

    The blood werm

  • Ninja Sapphire
    Ninja Sapphire  Month ago

    Caraxes is the ugliest dragon alive and that easily reflects his rider 😭

  • godzilla the yellow crocs has quit

    One thing i don't like from caraxes is his sounds his sound are sucks 💀

    • Raiders989
      Raiders989 3 months ago +1

      @Captinbuzzkill1 the nightfury’s “whistle” comes from its speed and this doesn’t sound like a whistle more like an asthmatic squeaky toy

    • Captinbuzzkill1
      Captinbuzzkill1 3 months ago +4

      @Raiders989 it's more of a whistle, like a nightfurry. Also one of the most dangerous and intimidating dragons in How to train your dragon.

    • Kat Su
      Kat Su 3 months ago +1

      Caraxes got way to less screentime with daemon, they both match so well, both smart, bossy. Caraxes squeeking totally fits to him.

    • Ansar Saidumuhammad
      Ansar Saidumuhammad 3 months ago +2

      @Ogara Roka am sorry. I was wrong. That was syrax.

    • Ogara Roka
      Ogara Roka 3 months ago +1

      @Ansar Saidumuhammad where did you find this information? At least in the series, Caraxes was shown as a male.