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They got a letter from Vex?! | Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 22

  • Published on May 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Imogen got possesed by Vex fore a minute 😂
    Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 21 • Promise and Poten...
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  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods Year ago +69


  • Typh Onyx
    Typh Onyx Year ago +1129

    Laura: “it says *ahem*-“
    Tal: “really?!”
    Everyone: *ignores Tal*

    • Jack Lastname
      Jack Lastname Year ago +64

      Underappreciated joke

    • Cool Cucumber
      Cool Cucumber Year ago +35

      I appreciate you literally spelling that joke out for me. I hadn't clued into the joke; I just thought he had caught a glimpse of the name in the letter or something.

    • Tyler P
      Tyler P Year ago +19

      Seems like it happens a bit, which kind of sucks. But they’re all massive personalities and individually great at what they’re doing, there’s sadly bound to be some thing that gets missed.

    • Braeden Haynes
      Braeden Haynes Year ago +2

      @Tyler P I mean that happens to everyone

    • Rogue Cortex
      Rogue Cortex Year ago +1

      I still don't get it

  • Jet Vulcan
    Jet Vulcan Year ago +1492

    just read it like you think she would sound. how great would it of been if she read it as Jester

    • Best Of Critical Role
      Best Of Critical Role  Year ago +174

      I really like how she did Imogen with a bit of Vex's accent

    • Kurgosh1
      Kurgosh1 Year ago +23

      That would have been amazing.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 Year ago +56

      @Best Of Critical Role And that mad fast snap back to pure Imogen

    • Adam Welch
      Adam Welch Year ago +6

      That would be great! 😂

    • Nafen
      Nafen Year ago +8

      I was really expecting her after that whole thing to read it in the completely most unpredictable voice ever 😹

  • Wilde Child
    Wilde Child Year ago +1138

    When I first saw this my brain instantly went "Oh, she's doing her Vex voic-- WAIT, SHE'S DOING HER VEX VOICE"

    • Big Bundle
      Big Bundle Year ago +61

      i love that you can see liam going through the exact same thing we did

    • Yaang
      Yaang Year ago +16

      and the flawless transition back

    • Unicornburger16
      Unicornburger16 Year ago +11

      @Big Bundle his eyes were so wide for a second XD

    • Charles Kappenman
      Charles Kappenman Year ago +3

      @Unicornburger16 IT'S HAPPENNIIIIINNNG!!!

    • kherubim
      kherubim 11 months ago +5

      Liam/Vax's eyes are going, "Stubby?" (Vex's nickname).

  • Brom Taegan
    Brom Taegan Year ago +914

    Liam's face as he recognises the voice.

    • Pizza Goblin
      Pizza Goblin Year ago +9

      I was about to leave the same comment 😆

    • Mac
      Mac Year ago +30

      I bet that was Orym's face too, Orym seemed surprised how good Imogen's "impression" was lmao

    • Kappa Kiev
      Kappa Kiev Year ago +7

      Liam trying not to cry

    • Elizabeth K Blanco
      Elizabeth K Blanco Year ago +3

      You would have thought it was Vax trying to get out of him.

  • Narval
    Narval Year ago +302

    Liam's face, when Laura starts reading, is everything, he's like. "omg, I know that voice, sister?"

  • Santino
    Santino Year ago +247

    Marisha trying so hard to pass it to Laura when cornered by two of the three embodiments of chaos.
    The immediate shift between Vex and Imogen’s voice was amazing.

  • Tuesday Next
    Tuesday Next Year ago +102

    I'm just imagining Vex at a desk bullshitting that letter

  • Golden_Flute
    Golden_Flute Year ago +694

    And then Sam being like: "Lady VAX'ahlia?" 💀

    • Reyn Roadstorm
      Reyn Roadstorm Year ago +30

      CORN Master!

    • Betsy
      Betsy Year ago +4

      And then there’s Talisin like get it right or pay the price

  • John N. Dehitta
    John N. Dehitta Year ago +512

    I love Orym's concerned but impressed addition.

  • Lily Song
    Lily Song Year ago +474

    Liam’s face is the best thing of this.

    • Cat Abolia
      Cat Abolia Year ago +14

      Liam's face is the best part of anything with Liam's face

    • Naro
      Naro Year ago +18

      Mm, I think Marisha’s look of delighted shock as she realizes who wrote the letter is a pretty strong contender.

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S Year ago +99

    I would like to think that Taliesin asking Sam to say Vex's full name and title was just a little call back to Sam's repeated failures to say Percy's name correctly.

    • cbwroses
      cbwroses 3 months ago

      That’s how I took it

    • BeannyBear
      BeannyBear 2 months ago +1

      He also tried to fuck with Percy's memory of why he gave her the title

  • MegaMinny123
    MegaMinny123 Year ago +96

    Liam looked like he was having a existential crisis for a minute as she read.

  • ChBrahm
    ChBrahm Year ago +69

    Liam´s face when he realized he was sitting next to his sister again xD

  • Lottie Boland
    Lottie Boland Year ago +33

    “Say the whole thing-THE WHOLE THING!” The Percy really jumped out there Tal!

  • Jack Whelan
    Jack Whelan Year ago +18

    Oh my god she just switched into Vex voice on a DIME

  • Renz Esparza
    Renz Esparza Year ago +111

    I love Liams visual “oh-oh wait oh shit”

  • Geldarion
    Geldarion Year ago +258

    As a player, if I have a character in a world that my old character has changed, I LOVE it when I see or hear about my old characters.

  • Crazeace
    Crazeace Year ago +264

    0:31 - She's a better dictator???
    🤣 I know she meant she can dictate words better but yeah hilarious how she ends up saying that instead

    • Direwolf181
      Direwolf181 Year ago +17

      Vex would so be a dictator though XD

    • Crazeace
      Crazeace Year ago +9

      @Direwolf181 I can picture Vex having statues of Trinket erected around Whitestone

    • Direwolf181
      Direwolf181 Year ago +9

      @Crazeace pretty sure that's straight up Canon lol

  • Oaken Shadow
    Oaken Shadow 7 months ago +3

    I love how Marisha was sure to have Laura read it. That is so sweet.

  • Josh Alexander
    Josh Alexander Year ago +20

    Love how Liam is just like “holy shit” when she starts to read

  • Ripple Effect MLP
    Ripple Effect MLP 10 months ago +8

    I know everyone else is going nuts over Imogen speaking in Vex's voice, but my favorite part here is how Matt made his NPC go "Somebody take it," when several hands reached out for the letter then recoiled.

  • cryofpaine
    cryofpaine Year ago +59

    Spoiler for C1:
    I'm disappointed Sam didn't call back his "Mistress of the Grey Hut" from when Scanlan cast modify memory.

  • Ripple Effect MLP
    Ripple Effect MLP Year ago +7

    0:21 Marisha's face!! 🤣

  • whitestoneandy
    whitestoneandy Year ago +50

    Sam of course w the Vax/Vex name troll 🤣🤣 and that snap back into Imogen from Laura was a 10/10

  • Lisa Grimm
    Lisa Grimm Year ago +9

    The best part of LIam's/Orym's reaction is that usually Liam is soooo immersed in roleplay he barely lets out his actual reaction openly but in this case he CAN let it out because Orym has the exact same reaction that he does! Even if for different reasons)

  • Supergiant Films
    Supergiant Films Year ago +29

    Chetney going "YOU KNOW HER?" KILLS ME

  • Brooke .E
    Brooke .E Year ago +4

    This whole clip is amazing but Travis going “she sounds loaded!” I lost it 😂😂

  • Grant Brown
    Grant Brown Year ago +5

    Oh my god, Laura’s range and quick change of voices!

  • Mel the Pirate
    Mel the Pirate Year ago +6

    It's wild since I'm going through C1 while watching C3 so hearing Vex's voice and the NOSTALGIA unfortunately is lost on me, but dang I appreciate Liam's whole face

  • SixUK90
    SixUK90 Year ago +4

    That immediate shift between accents is such a flex

  • Freddy Robles
    Freddy Robles Year ago +4

    I love the face Liam makes how you can tell he had like a flashback remembering that voice

  • Jax017
    Jax017 Year ago +73

    I for one am LOVING the previous campaign tie-ins and it is awesome to see the cast get so giddy when they come up. Hope to maybe see more of it and maybe from C2.

  • Pixel Qube32
    Pixel Qube32 Year ago +36

    Laura should have that letter framed or kept on her phone :D Revel in the joy of being Vex

  • Pax The Skeleton
    Pax The Skeleton Year ago +3

    As of the time of this comment only the first season of The Legend of Vox Machina is out and I just learned that Vex married Percy and I couldn’t be happier. I do not care if it is spoilers, I’m just happy for them and I love the concept of getting a letter from a character from an earlier campaign.

    • Best Of Critical Role
      Best Of Critical Role  Year ago +4

      They have a lot of really sweet moments down the line. I hope we get to see them animated :')

  • Phillip Tivis
    Phillip Tivis Year ago +8

    0:32 Travis possesses a magical laugh. I honestly feel better every time I hear it.

  • Vincent Fiestada
    Vincent Fiestada Year ago +100

    oh no! Is Ashley back to jetsetting to New York every ten minutes? I'd hoped we'd have more of her in Campaign 3

    • Jacob G
      Jacob G Year ago +51


    • Nithun Sridhar
      Nithun Sridhar Year ago +43

      Unfortunately our favourite satyr came down with the covid

    • CatandRobby Flores
      CatandRobby Flores Year ago +7

      Sadly Covid.

    • Scooty
      Scooty Year ago +9

      Nah she wrapped blindspot in New York in like C2 E86 I think.

  • James McCloud
    James McCloud Year ago +80

    Please let there be more campaign 1-2 tie ins the salt in the comment sections brings me nothing but great joy

    • Tim Woods
      Tim Woods Year ago +17

      I'm only seeing sugar. The salt-goblins must have been chased away.

    • Alasdair
      Alasdair Year ago +1

      @Tim Woods There are only giddy dice goblins left here. The great salty scourge have been driven hence!

    • DOOM!
      DOOM! Year ago +6

      congratulations on contributing to why this is THE most toxic fanbase on the internet. it is not SALT to have a negative opinion on one aspect of the show. go. outside.

    • zucchini
      zucchini Year ago +6

      @DOOM! someone’s salty lol

    • DOOM!
      DOOM! Year ago +4

      @zucchini lol ur toxic congrats

  • Wogle
    Wogle Year ago +8

    "Lady Vax'halia."
    Oh Sam... You love to poke the Trinkets, don't you?

  • Polopony20
    Polopony20 Year ago +15

    As someone who nerds out at refrences, YESSSSS
    ESPECIALLY in books, like there was one book I read in school where a main character had the same last name as me, and similar occupation to my brother! I ran around my house screaming when I read that (obviously no book title for you because it's an uncommon name)
    And then there was one called... Lizzie flying Solo (I think?) Where she gets a job working at a polo club cooling off the ponies. As my name suggests, that's a big part of my life. I showed everyone who'd listen that one 🤣

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago +49

    All I can think is LIAM'S FACE at 0:57 :D

  • bandi138138
    bandi138138 Year ago +20

    Fucking tears started flowing the moment I heard her voice again

  • Tex Poseidon
    Tex Poseidon Year ago

    I love the callbacks it’s so much fun and it’s so awesome to see how excited they get about it❣️❣️❣️

  • SolomonBard
    SolomonBard Year ago +87

    Lady Vex'ahlia the Coin Master 🤣

    • Angie Noland
      Angie Noland Year ago +3

      Is Percy the Rate Keeper?

    • zippacna
      zippacna Year ago +9

      I mean... Of course she's in charge of the entire treasury... You really think she would have let anyone else have the job when the position became available?

    • Direwolf181
      Direwolf181 Year ago +8

      @zippacna I mean who better than someone whose greed rivals a frieken DRAGON XD

    • zippacna
      zippacna Year ago

      @Direwolf181 my point exactly hahaha

    • thebluest_blue
      thebluest_blue Year ago +8

      it was revealed in the campaign 2 wrap up iiirc! Master of Commerce of the Tal'Dorei Council, Coin Mistress Vex'ahlia de Rolo

  • Илья Пчельников

    The ending got me thinking.. if FCG is a robot.. does it mean he supposed to have perfect memory? like a Keen Mind of some sort?

  • aarswft
    aarswft Year ago +7

    Who doesn't love some good ole fashioned spoilers in the title...

  • RetroKid Reviews
    RetroKid Reviews Year ago

    Okay so how many more campaign one drops dose Matt have left cause this was amazing

  • Moofy
    Moofy Year ago +2

    Trying to decide whether to read it in a perfect voice or a joke voice

  • Thom Cat
    Thom Cat Year ago +1

    Give.this.woman.a freaking.award.....nei,build her a statue in Dallas,center!

  • pendrake40
    pendrake40 Year ago +31

    I really do not understand the hatred/disdain of tie-ins from previous Campaigns (01-02) to Campaign 03. *:(*
    The Critical Role Campaigns are all set within Dungeon Master Matt Mercer's persistent Campaign World of _Exandria,_ which the Critical Role crew (overall) have helped shape across the years (since *2015).* Likewise. Campaigns 02-03 are all set within Vox Machina's (& The Mighty Nein's) lifetimes, so the Critical Role crew have earned the right to call back to their past roles, when, where, and while they can.
    _Exandria_ itself has evolved and expanded as well, from its own licensed and produced product(s), to its current status as a fully official part of the D&D Multiverse with the *[Explorer's Guide to Wildermount (2020)]* and other content; and later to be even further integrated with the upcoming Spelljammer Campaign Setting(s).
    *_{Side-Note:_*_ Rumor has it that Campaign 04 will be a Spelljammer-themed series, or at least involve Spelljammers.)_
    The only way I would be critical (pun intended) against callbacks is if the CR crew were playing a wholly different Campaign Setting (i.e.: Forgotten Realms) and then tried to do a Vox Machina (or Mighty Nein) callback.
    Thanks for uploading this, *Renzo Mayo.* :)

    • Codex_Jinora
      Codex_Jinora Year ago +13

      ... Who's hating on it? I keep seeing everyone talking about people hating on it, but haven't seen an actual hate comment yet.

    • PithosGloom
      PithosGloom Year ago +2

      @Codex_Jinora ive seen newer fans hate on it because it makes them feel left out, since they’ve never seen the other games

    • Jeremy Hansen
      Jeremy Hansen Year ago +4

      @PithosGloom Sounds like they can do what I've been doing. After watching LoVM I binged C1. Took a few months, but watching it at 1.5x speed and skipping a the Vasselheim arc, it didn't take too long. Now I'm watching C2 at home while listening to the podcast of C3 on my commute. If they're feeling left out, that's on them. Not on the cast.

    • Codex_Jinora
      Codex_Jinora Year ago

      @Jeremy Hansen exactly this. Personally, I binged C1 and skipped C2. And I know Ashton probably has something to do with the shit introduced in C2 (dunamency if I recall?) but I'm willing to accept that I'll learn what that is as I go.

    • Mephiston
      Mephiston Year ago

      @Codex_Jinora alternatively you can just read the wiki episode summaries if you have the time, and get caught up that way.

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob Year ago +35

    The multiverse of maddness...it's so strange...I need a doctor.

  • claus berg
    claus berg Year ago +1

    it would have been more fun if it was grog who had writing the letter

  • Tamás Dukán
    Tamás Dukán Year ago +5

    Downvoted for spoiler! You should do it too. If the creator can't wait 1-2 week to clip something that people either literally just watched, or they haven't watched yet, AT LEAST they should have the decency to not put any spoiler in the name and thumbnail of the video, but even a half decent human would put a spoiler warning at the front.
    I like clips like these just like the next person, but these are mostly useful for remembering good times, but on youtube it just came out yesterday!
    People are making clips faster and faster to fight for views, with no consideration to others! I guess we just have to block these channels one at a time...

    • zachary nyberg
      zachary nyberg Year ago +2

      Well it’s a clip... not a 30 minute montage of best moments. This clip takes away nothing from the episode really outside of a small throwback to C1

    • David Swadis
      David Swadis Year ago

      @zachary nyberg spoil·er
      1. a description of an important plot development in a television show, movie, or book which if previously known may reduce surprise or suspense for a first-time viewer or reader.

    • nick reed
      nick reed Year ago +1

      @David Swadis it was a cool throw back, not an important plot development. By the very definition you shared, you're incorrect

    • David Swadis
      David Swadis Year ago

      @nick reed oh because you know where this plot is going to go for the next year and you understand whether this will be “important” or not. Got it, thanks for clarifying, Miss Cleo

    • nick reed
      nick reed Year ago +1

      @David Swadis it's a letter saying thank you for being with a friend who's dead. I can't see the future, but I know how storytelling works and I can use common sense to deduce whether something is a major plot point or a fun tie in.

  • Uber Persuasion
    Uber Persuasion 8 months ago +1

    Vex'Ahlia DEROLO???? THEY GOT TOGETHER? Called it 🤣

  • Byron Cavendish
    Byron Cavendish Year ago +19

    I know I'll get shit on for saying this, but the weekly call backs to previous campaigns are becoming increasingly old, it reeks of fan service, and it proclaims that the best we can do has already been done (storytelling wise), so let's harken back to it as much as we can.

    • Vincent Fiestada
      Vincent Fiestada Year ago +37

      Well, here comes the shit. The cast is understandably very attached to their old characters. If _they_ think it's fun, then they should absolutely keep calling back to it. And what proof have you that it's fan service and not merely "self service", i.e. that they're not just doing it because it's genuinely nice to hear that the old stories you told are still part of the living tapestry that is Exandria?

    • Jacob G
      Jacob G Year ago +27

      You do realize we are watching their game, it has little to do with any of us fans and more that they are deeply connected to their own characters they have played for years at a time? It's very self-centered to think it's "fan service" when they have callbacks like this. They're doing this because they loved those character and those stories, and cherish them deeply because it is a part of them.

    • Trace Ridge
      Trace Ridge Year ago +17

      I reckon they’ll always have a special connection to their first characters. With the pre-stream stuff they played them a lot longer too, plus yah it seems to make them real happy as players

    • PuffyCloud
      PuffyCloud Year ago +5

      Dude, that stuff makes me cry, give me more. Fanservice, fine, agreed. Take your shit anyway.

  • phantom6
    phantom6 Year ago +11

    "Lady VAX'ahlia..." Sam you delightful troll.

  • Belothra
    Belothra Year ago +11

    Wait, shes a member of the council of taldorei… maybe we should ask who else is on it…

    • VerdaniaMan
      VerdaniaMan Year ago +2

      The Council was, in part, revealed during the Campaign 2 wrap-up.

  • CodeNameX001
    CodeNameX001 Year ago +4

    Gotta love those title spoilers

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black Year ago +1

    Oryms like the forest Gump of Taldorei. He meets a lot of famous people but it's no biggy

    • Best Of Critical Role
      Best Of Critical Role  Year ago +1

      He just happens to be in the background of all these important historical events

  • Loclyn LaBorde
    Loclyn LaBorde Month ago +1

    “Lady _VAX’ahlia?_ Mistress of the Grey Hunt & the Second House of Whitestone’s Corn Master?!”
    Yes, & her brother _VEX’ildan!_ Champion of the Crow Queen & Flècheling within the Clutch of Westruun!!

  • DisasterMollymauk

    I freaked the fuck out when I heard vet's voice. 😭

  • ptah956
    ptah956 Year ago

    Lady Vax'ahlia the Corn Master

  • TheMakromag
    TheMakromag Year ago +3

    Crazy suggestion, maybe don't put spoilers into the titles of your videos.

  • Stephen Carmickle
    Stephen Carmickle Year ago +1

    Yeah, this was pretty cool.

  • PJ gavin
    PJ gavin Year ago +2


    • Francis Caluban
      Francis Caluban Year ago

      They had an entire one-shot of their wedding. They qlso have a daughter

    • Darth Theo
      Darth Theo Year ago

      @Francis Caluban They have more than a daughter. They have five children. Vesper, Wolfe, Leona, Vax'ildan II, and Gwendolyn.
      They only had Vesper when they had their one shot wedding.
      Vesper is the eldest. Wolfe and Leona are twins. Vax II is the fourth. And Gwendolyn is the only child not classified as a half elf, being a Tiefling.

  • Ben Resmi Sığmamış Hıyarım

    To the people who doesnt like c1 tie ins. Laudna's patron one of the biggest enemy of vox machina. Not only that makes laudna a little bit enemy for Vox machina but lets not forget laudna olsa death. I think ı know someone who doesnt like death people rising up and Delilah herself. Hmm I cant remember the name. I think he was a paladin for raven queen. Yes the raven quenn that hates undead. He was olsa a very caring brother if ı remember correctly. Hmmmm Weird.

  • Elwynn
    Elwynn Year ago

    Please don’t put spoilers in the title. I’m a few episodes behind and now I don’t get to have this reveal because you spoiled it for me.

  • KasperKenobi
    KasperKenobi Year ago +3

    Please: Stop Spoilers !

  • Connor O'Connor
    Connor O'Connor Year ago +3

    Corn master

  • youshallnotpass567
    youshallnotpass567 Year ago +16

    Yes please put the spoiler in the title thanks

    • nuru666
      nuru666 Year ago +6

      It's not much of a spoiler... They sent Bertrand back to Whitestone in like episode 19. To Whitestone, where Vex lives. The title is a spoiler warning as it is.

    • David Swadis
      David Swadis Year ago

      @nuru666 spoil·er
      1. a description of an important plot development in a television show, movie, or book which if previously known may reduce surprise or suspense for a first-time viewer or reader.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 Year ago +1

      @David Swadis Yes, and the title LITERALLY SAYS "THEY GOT A LETTER FROM *VEX?*" For a CAMPAIGN 3 EPISODE. The spoiler. Is. The. Fucking. Title.

  • max fire
    max fire Year ago

    wait isn vex dead?

  • Grando Huckabee
    Grando Huckabee Year ago

    Coin mistress?

    • JMT
      JMT Year ago

      Treasurer of the republic of Taldorei, if you didn't know.

  • NewDay NewName
    NewDay NewName Year ago


  • Jeepers McGee
    Jeepers McGee Year ago +3

    how about you don't make the title itself a spoiler?

  • Just a Josh
    Just a Josh Year ago

    Jeez this titles be spoiling like crazy

  • Joe Saunders
    Joe Saunders Month ago

    Isnt it 3rd house?

    • Celedam
      Celedam Month ago

      That was when Percy first gave her the title of Baroness. When she married Percy, she joined the First House - i.e., the main line of the De Rolo family.
      There isn't much information about the Houses of Whitestone, but assuming they're based on actual European history, they're cadet branches that were created for younger siblings and other extended family.

  • Yehnerz the Cranky
    Yehnerz the Cranky Year ago +2

    bruh spoilers, I haven't had times to watch it yet! -_-

  • RaDiumDrummer
    RaDiumDrummer Year ago

    HEY, Renzo Mayo! Why put a spoiler in the title!? That's very inconsiderate. Clip-Share recommended me this video and I saw the title before I saw the corresponding episode. So as soon as Mat started talking about a letter I knew who it was from and You destroyed the surprise for me. You could at least have made the the title vague. Don't do it again, please.

  • Maxine Senior
    Maxine Senior Year ago

    Dude. Spoilers.

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown Year ago +3

    Please stop with these spoiler titles honestly nothing can be a surprise anymore if you don't watch live or as soon as it's uploaded it's so annoying.

    • EJBWolf
      EJBWolf Year ago

      whhy would anyone watch these if it is not caught up?? why would you read this on your feed if you dont want to see it? honestly I keep myself away from any media with tis to things I dont want to know, I see a thumbnail and I just bail until later in the week, month, etc... or go directly to the source if avaiable, while sure people shoulndt post this early why do you thinks thi happens? BECAUSE IT WORKS because people actually see the video out of curiosity, is easy to target xternal behaviour but harder to reflect on your own, don´t watch spoilery content if that is not your cup of tea, you can always tell youtube not to recommend a channel and manually search for it eveery time to avoid having it on the regular feed

    • Cameron Brown
      Cameron Brown Year ago

      @EJBWolf It was on my homepage on recommend when I opened Clip-Share I didn't watch it or seek it out. I get what you're saying and I did immediately click don't recommend channel it's just frustrating. The only reason I commented was simply the magnitude of this spoiler if it's really a letter from Vex (obviously not going to watch it) I was just hoping the uploader reads the comment and thinks more about their titles in future however unlikely. I'm sure I'm not the only one that got spoiled by the algorithm this morning.

    • EJBWolf
      EJBWolf Year ago

      @Cameron Brown I get it however that is our society now youtube is just a reflection and channels need to keep up their view to exist people click on spoilers, we all should work in changing that

    • David Swadis
      David Swadis Year ago

      @EJBWolf "We should all work in changing that," then why post your original reply to this, homie? Just to get mouthy on the internet?

  • David Swadis
    David Swadis Year ago +6

    Cool spoilers, bro

    • Pen15man
      Pen15man Year ago +1

      Pretty sure the title alone would imply spoilers don’t watch clips if you don’t want spoilers in general

    • The Incredible Fella
      The Incredible Fella Year ago +5

      @Pen15man the title spoils. Please become intelligent.

  • Fiery Hephestus
    Fiery Hephestus Year ago

    ... totaly not metagaming... but love it none the less

    • CallMeQuinnOK
      CallMeQuinnOK Year ago +9

      consider: it's actually ok to meta when it's completely harmless silly goofy fun

    • Larry Berry
      Larry Berry Year ago +4

      There are so many things that can be considered metagaming to various degrees. As metagaming is using player knowledge instead of character knowledge, which covers a wide degree of various levels small to large. Most game tables have some type of metagaming that is allowed. Heck even the cleric asking how many hit points people are down to, or even the dungeon master telling them how many hp they are down to is some form of metagaming, that nearly every table allows. The main thing when people say no metagaming, they don't mean Absolutely NO metagaming, but the types of metagaming they agree or the DM says they don't allow. USUALLY this comes down to does it give them an advantage in the game.

    • Jonathan Solberg
      Jonathan Solberg Year ago +4

      How is this metagaming?

    • Fiery Hephestus
      Fiery Hephestus Year ago

      @Jonathan Solberg technically it's knowledge that the character doesn't know that the player does. it's more of 4th wall metagaming, but non the less...

    • David Swadis
      David Swadis Year ago +1

      @Fiery Hephestus The only thing you could be referring to here is Laura's knowledge of the accent. Everything else that impacted play was included in the letter.

  • Karel
    Karel Year ago +14

    Im kind of done with the C1 tie ins, they're rather forced.

    • Closer To The Edge
      Closer To The Edge Year ago +52

      They don't really feel forced to me, it's all within the same world. Bertrand was connected to VM, so that's why this happened.

    • genki wan
      genki wan Year ago +17

      How is it forced explan it

    • silverwolfe3636
      silverwolfe3636 Year ago +11

      Same. It feels like a big "rEmEmBeR vOx MaChInA?" for the cartoon.

    • KURA
      KURA Year ago +42

      They SENT the body to C1 characters, Matt had to give them response

    • Deathly Drained
      Deathly Drained Year ago +33

      A few do. But this made sense, they sent the body of Bertrand back to Vox Machina, of course something would happen.
      It's also D&D and they're all just having fun, it's not like a true movie/book story

  • DOOM!
    DOOM! Year ago +5

    i really wish they would stop with the c1 tie ins now

    • James Bond
      James Bond Year ago +27

      Just each their own but I want many more. I hope we even have a full character appearance.

    • Blade
      Blade Year ago +1

      @James Bond It just kind of makes it hard for people who haven't seen c1 (including me, I've only seen C2). Because there were no times in C2, It just feels like a lot

    • lillewilleman
      lillewilleman Year ago +24

      I've never seen c1, barely any of c2.
      And i want more, more of this. It's pretty cool and it doesn feel forced at all so far.

    • KrackaWoody
      KrackaWoody Year ago +18

      I dont because it seems to be something they enjoy so Im glad they're having fun.

    • silverwolfe3636
      silverwolfe3636 Year ago +4

      @Blade They were there in C2 and they felt just as forced. Maybe you didn't see them as you hadn't seen C1 before watching C2? Like Yasha's whole dream experience with the stormlord was just a worse rehash of Grog's time with EarthBreaker Groon. Pumat was seen by the party as their new Gilmore and forced the character into that mold. Allura, Kima, The Traveller, etc were all just characters from C1. There were more but that's what I recall off the top of my head.