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Touring Michael Jordan's Mansion!


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  • YouTube
    YouTube 2 months ago +3242

    another great tour, enes!! the whole time i couldn't stop thinking about how this is michael jordan's home 🤩

    • 16-Bit Power
      16-Bit Power Day ago

      overpriced corporate facility and someone took a number 23 font replica off the Chicago bulls uniform and stuck it to the front gate. pathetic joke. NO rich person is gonna waste money on this.

    • Krazy
      Krazy 4 days ago

      @Gregg B mentioning pele as a better athlete over ronaldo might be the biggest delusion ever

    • xan_dave
      xan_dave 5 days ago

      @* ironlung why is Cristiano Ronaldo not involved in footballs greatest list? He is phenomenal

    • hex
      hex 8 days ago

      @Gregg B sick bronsexual over here

    • Seth tariah
      Seth tariah 8 days ago

      @Gregg B bro can I have whatever it is you’re smoking?

  • BasArch
    BasArch Month ago +1786

    The chicago bulls team should buy this and rent it to their top players or keep it for the team and host camps there! Perfectly set up for team building activities :)

    • broadstreet21
      broadstreet21 Day ago

      @Henry Johnson-Ville Yeah, I know the saying, and to shoot straight, it's a total misused saying. Because people really have no idea what Heaven is, or how to get there.

    • Henry Johnson-Ville
      Henry Johnson-Ville Day ago

      @broadstreet21 It's just a saying, dude. Meaning some people have to live in a cramped apartment with noisy neighbors, drive to their nearby gym to work out in a crowded room meanwhile living here is like heaven. Amazing! 🤩

    • Dennard Percy
      Dennard Percy 3 days ago

      I totally agree 💯

    • Jayson Abarca
      Jayson Abarca 7 days ago

      yes, exactly - this property is perfect a retreat

    • Jaxz
      Jaxz 13 days ago +1

      Great Idea

  • Allan Reardon
    Allan Reardon Month ago +226

    It's such a unique. Whoever buys would need to be a HUGE MJ fan to keep all the MJ imagery. I definitely agree that this should be bought by the Bulls as a museum piece/training camp for the team.

    • 16-Bit Power
      16-Bit Power Day ago

      this is not a home. it is an overpriced corporate facility and someone took a number 23 font replica off the Chicago bulls uniform and stuck it to the front gate. pathetic joke. NO rich person is gonna waste money on this.

    • naokevbis Bissaolo nadia
      naokevbis Bissaolo nadia 13 days ago +2

      The house is very well, but the furniture is ugly, so brown

    • Spazik86
      Spazik86 22 days ago +3

      It is too expensive and probably huge maintenance/tax bills. Probably the reason why MJ is selling it....

    • Ken Mcjannet
      Ken Mcjannet 27 days ago +1

      @Romeo Stolze build cost was 50m, so not really charging 2m for the court, its a free bee!

    • Romeo Stolze
      Romeo Stolze Month ago +3

      @Racsan indeed, also no one want's to pay 2 mil extra for a basketball court

  • gonebut notforgotten
    gonebut notforgotten Month ago +75

    I would love the added detail of how much it cost to maintain these properties per year. To me it would be an important detail when buying a property at this price point.

    • You who
      You who 22 days ago +1

      Probably 100k+ per month

    • batuhan yesilbursa
      batuhan yesilbursa Month ago +2

      @danimayb People are peopling

    • danimayb
      danimayb Month ago +3

      But people interested in this property are going to get that information from the agents.. Why would they rely on a Clip-Share video tour? lol

    • YS_A1
      YS_A1 Month ago +1

      @batuhan yesilbursa It just looks like you do not find arguments in a discussion that you started yourself.
      And it just looks like you have not understood the use of the comments section of channels like Clip-Share.
      It just looks like you have the personal need to tell other people what to do in life because you cannot get over no matter how much you try.

    • batuhan yesilbursa
      batuhan yesilbursa Month ago

      @YS_A1 It just looks like you're on a fit for no reason and trying to argue with people. Have a good day. And get a life.

  • Rafal Iwanczuk
    Rafal Iwanczuk Month ago +19

    Don't get me wrong, it's massive and expensive, but what really strikes me is how humble it looks from the outside. There's something cosy in the simple design, muted colors and hundreds of trees

    • Max Klein
      Max Klein 7 hours ago

      @Rafal Iwanczuk thats really interesting but I imagine it costs quite a lot to plant them all by a landscaper in MJs property , also the rest of the property definitely has no modesty I guess is my point

    • 16-Bit Power
      16-Bit Power Day ago +2

      it looks like a Citibank headquarters where you go for a job interview. this is NOT a home.

    • Rafal Iwanczuk
      Rafal Iwanczuk 2 days ago

      @Max Klein trees don’t make a property luxurious. My parents and grandparents own a piece of land in Poland, with 2 small houses, a Pond and over 300 trees / plants, the entire thing is currently worth less than 40.000€, houses included

    • Max Klein
      Max Klein 2 days ago +1

      Humble about the hundreds of trees? I think it looks like quite an ugly corporate hotel

  • Zak Adams
    Zak Adams Month ago +17

    I also noticed how amazing the house was kept, this is such a great episode

    • Michael R
      Michael R Month ago +4

      It has been for sale for 10+ years. Probably rented out.

  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly Month ago +503

    Congrats to you Enes. You guys have worked hard to build this channel and now you're given us one of the greatest tours.

    • ForceField9
      ForceField9 Month ago

      @Loy Vetton If this isnt a troll attempt, lmao

    • Andy-GTI
      Andy-GTI Month ago

      @Loy Vetton can you give me some money?

    • Loy Vetton
      Loy Vetton Month ago

      I am interested to see ur YT on how these rich atheles assist the many poor, homeless blacks & minorites in US, some have only 1 meal a day. How promoters gives back some of their profits to fans

    • BeluNav
      BeluNav Month ago +1

      @Andy-GTI he was a real estate agent even before having a yt channel. Guess some adults still haven't matured.

    • Andy-GTI
      Andy-GTI Month ago

      hard work is reviewing houses? geuss you never had a shovel in your hands 😅

  • Thomas Crane
    Thomas Crane Month ago +39

    The most personalized Holiday Inn I’ve ever seen

  • Fereene Walker
    Fereene Walker Month ago +8

    What a beautiful serene tranquil space? The Chicago Bulls should definatey keep this property. My goodness extremely unique, and gorgeous. Such wealth, it is mind blowing.

  • NC Hobbies
    NC Hobbies Month ago +28

    10:24 I like how hilariously small the TV is compared to the size of the family room.

    • Bob Crip (keifff)
      Bob Crip (keifff) Month ago +3

      Proly old aa hell, he doesn't live there anymore he stays in Charlotte

    • Leuel48Fan
      Leuel48Fan Month ago +13

      Not only small, but couldn't notice how wildly out of date all the TVs are lol. A minor cost relative to the entire property, but the whole place needs a technology overhaul

  • P3ABO
    P3ABO Month ago +4

    The whole house is an amazing work of art. Thank you for sharing

  • Paige M.
    Paige M. Month ago +144

    The editing on this 🙌🏽🙌🏽 just the first few mins and I’m blown away. Happy to see your growth and journey on this channel and touring properties in generals. The tours big getting bigger!!!❤

  • Saintwolvinn
    Saintwolvinn Month ago +6

    I'd personally love something a lot smaller, I feel like properties that big remove the cozy "home" factor for me. Great video and great presentation though, it's really entertaining :)

    • Stranger In the Alps
      Stranger In the Alps Month ago

      Agreed, I’m basically Elon Musk, I prefer a one room house, all I need is a bed and a shower. I’m built different so I understand why my lifestyle might not appeal to the sheep

  • ataey
    ataey Month ago +5

    adam bu işi harbi yapıyor ya, helal olsun kral!

    • Wocfix
      Wocfix 26 days ago


  • Laires Makes People Happy

    Most houses I see on this channel are pure luxury.
    This house is luxurious, but functional was the main designpoint with everything I see. So many wide open spaces to relax, just like a resort.
    As a regular human being, this is my place to be!
    And also a 35 million discount!!

      WINSTON LAWRENCE 18 days ago

      @kaptivating49 This house should be donated HBCU

    • kaptivating49
      kaptivating49 28 days ago

      Making it a resort my be the best use of this property.

  • Luxury Hub
    Luxury Hub Month ago +1

    another fantastic journey, enes! I couldn't stop thinking about how this was Michael Jordan's house the entire time.

  • Kelly Sawyer
    Kelly Sawyer Month ago +101

    Great display of such a historic home. I use to drive up from Evanston around Sheridan Dr. and take friends to get a picture at the "23" gate when they came to visit. It was great when the team practiced at the Berto Center back in the day also. I worked for Jim Beam and our office building was just up the street so we could see the players parking in the rear when they came to practice. I've always said, If I could ever afford this home, I would use it as corporate space for fortune 500 companies to have retreat week, team building and corporate events. The staff have done a remarkable job up keeping a home that hasn't had residents for such a long time. I heard that the new owner also gets Nike and Jordan gear for life...

    • Dion Kelly
      Dion Kelly Month ago +1

      @ForceField9 So, whoever buys that house next will have to like exactly the same things MJ likes. Or have the same taste. Jordan should just let his 3 adult kids have that house. There's more than enough room for them.

    • ForceField9
      ForceField9 Month ago +2

      @Dion Kelly I think Jordan explicitly said the furniture cant be sold

    • Mark Gor
      Mark Gor Month ago


    • Dion Kelly
      Dion Kelly Month ago +2

      And also a pair of new Air Jordans!! I just feel sorry for whoever buys that house next,,, trying to refurnish all 56,000 square feet, remove all the MICHAEL JORDAN stuff, and just make the house look the way he or she wants it to. I'm surprised Michael's buddy OPRAH didn't buy that house. Maybe she toured it but didn't want it.

  • Joomla! Via
    Joomla! Via Month ago

    harika bir ev, insan gezerken yorulur 😊

  • Claudia Irons
    Claudia Irons Month ago +8

    For a half a second I thought he forgot his dog. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I always wanted to marry MJ! 😂❤️❤️

  • Terry
    Terry Month ago +2

    This amazing property should sell quickly under 15 mil. Great tour!

  • Ntombiyomusa Msimanga
    Ntombiyomusa Msimanga Month ago +7

    I like MJ because of his respect for people. 💕 💕

  • benjaminniemczyk
    benjaminniemczyk Month ago +185

    It is a phenomenal space. It is difficult to show it in such a short period. It is so over the top! I think the primary reason it remains on the market is that, in addition to the cost, taxes and upkeep, it resembles a hotel in nearly every room. That makes sense, given the amount of time MJ spent in hotels. But how many people want to live in a hotel? Also, each room is so insanely customized to MJ's obviously exquisite taste that I think it is difficult to find a single buyer who identifies with it. The home is just so over the top, like the GOAT himself! I grew up not far from here, so the place, MJ and his legacy hold a special place in my heart. Amazing place. Great video.

    • LoveMyZJ
      LoveMyZJ Month ago +2

      Hotel came to mind right off the bat as soon as I saw the inside...aside from some of the more intimate spaces, nothing about this house says "home" IMO....too clinical, too sterile.

    • Default Workouts
      Default Workouts Month ago +2

      @Christian Northington well said. and having 20 million bucks (and much more of course) is a very small % of the population and they are very selective. like I said, this guy had this thing on sale for a decade with no buyers. obviously something is wrong with the home or the price, no duh

    • Christian Northington
      Christian Northington Month ago +2

      It reminds me of Paisley Park. Looks too 90s and too corporate for a “home”
      That and the location. Rich people can’t justify spending that much on a house and not be on the lake.
      I still wonder why Michael fn Jordan didnt buy in Lake Forest or something.

    • Default Workouts
      Default Workouts Month ago +1

      the home is clearly overpriced or it would have sold already. I think this thing has been on the market for a decade already. we keep hearing about it which means something is obviously wrong with the home (too much customization) or the price.

    • ForceField9
      ForceField9 Month ago

      @Narrow Is The Way You can thank democrats for that insane tax. Just shooting themselves in the foot. Scaring off wealthy potential residents.

  • Jubach
    Jubach Month ago +1

    Congrats on all your success, Enes and Mikey.

  • Sharon Sanders
    Sharon Sanders Month ago +3

    One of my relatives bottom Mansion she had to be in maybe 30 the doors were so tall they look like the sky when I went to the house I was just amazed to see these million dollar home it was breathtaking she's still there 15 years later

  • linda marzano
    linda marzano 28 days ago +1

    can't believe how long the house has been on the market considering it is Michael Jordan .

  • Tony32
    Tony32 Month ago +3

    8:28 "Furniture can never be resold"
    How do they enforce that?

  • neurovairo
    neurovairo Month ago +421

    Came here for the MJ mansion, stayed because of this man's extraordinary presentation skills

    • krisztián p
      krisztián p Month ago

      lol, what a monkey

    • The Joy
      The Joy Month ago +2

      And it's not even his monther tongue. Imagine what he can do in his own language.

    • Devante
      Devante Month ago +13

      Don’t forget the camera guy. He’s equally amazing.

    • Francesco Schettino
      Francesco Schettino Month ago +6

      love enes.

  • Jay Sad
    Jay Sad Month ago +3

    Although the home is so incredibly beautiful, its far too customized for any regular buyer looking for a family home! And the fact that one of the terms is that none of the furniture can be resold is kind of crazy, you’d basically be buying and moving into an MJ museum. With all that said, this house is a beautiful piece of American history and this was a great tour!

    • Stuart Stogdill
      Stuart Stogdill Month ago

      @Winter Roland Not even remotely true... plus this house has been for sale for over 10 years at this point. They also remolded the kitchens and bathrooms as mentioned. Should have seen the way the 90's style was before the remodel.

    • Winter Roland
      Winter Roland Month ago

      And the home style is dated. Going to cost $$$ to bring it into the modern times.

    • Dion Kelly
      Dion Kelly Month ago +1

      Lol. Just thought about how hard it will be for the next owner trying to refurnish all 56,000 square feet and get rid of all the MICHAEL JORDAN stuff. That will NEVER be just another regular family home. They might as well just call it THE MICHAEL JORDAN MUSEUM especially since MJ put so much of himself into every inch of that house. Maybe if KOBE BRYANT was still here, he would have bought that house at some point being that he was the only NBA player who managed to become the next Michael Jordan.

  • Eme An
    Eme An Month ago +1

    Spectacular mansion!!😍😍

  • Ponte Aérea
    Ponte Aérea Month ago

    linda casa 😍

  • Fabian Pola
    Fabian Pola Month ago +1

    Not sure if it was mentioned, I'll have to watch again, but I wonder what the monthly upkeep cost for that home.

  • rowd149
    rowd149 Month ago +69

    It has this strangely liminal feeling, because it's obviously dated, but not in a kitschy way, and it's so well-maintained that one can imagine it having been built only a little while ago. I'd even go so far as to say that many of the "dated" elements are ones that could make a comeback in the future, particularly the curved archiecture and details that 3D printing will make more accessible, and some elements of the color scheme (since that's a matter of taste that can change as easily as designers noticing and realizing an affinity for them). Very happy to see this tour; even if someone buys and renovates the house (again), we'll have this record of its design.

    • LoveMyZJ
      LoveMyZJ Month ago +1

      I got liminal vibes myself, especially when contemplating what it would be like living there alone...the thought of waking up and needing to go downstairs in the middle of the night or something makes me feel uneasy lol

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +1

      thank you!

    • John Bowden
      John Bowden Month ago +3

      Very art deco to me

  • Fereene Walker
    Fereene Walker Month ago +1

    This is nothing short of a castle. Wow!!

  • amiesparkle00
    amiesparkle00 Month ago +2

    Interesting how he had a special room right next to the driveway with Playboy doors, big wide couches, lots of tvs, a fireplace and a pool table. Wonder what those two walk in showers were used for…hmmmm 👀

  • ayden
    ayden Month ago

    There is a reason why this property is on the market for some years. Michael Jordan's home is great to own but that feeling gets old when you have the restrictions, basic home design that does not live up to his stardom.

  • marks x5
    marks x5 Month ago +1

    I CANNOT believe this place didn't sell instantly! I mean as much money as people spend on his products, and memorabilia ide have to think a big baller wouldn't think twice to have his biggest and best piece of memorabilia..

  • Rudy Gee
    Rudy Gee Month ago +21

    Great job of giving such a detailed tour! The real MJ fanatics really appreciate this! I feel like a void has been filled. Thanks for letting us in

  • JOHN J
    JOHN J Month ago +4

    I love how they show the price, no nonsense or gimmicks. I see properties listed for a small fraction of this one on FB and social media, and to fin out the price you have to message them and do an entire rain dance, and once you contact them, you can never get them to leave you alone.
    Class is class.

  • Juan Carlos Gomez
    Juan Carlos Gomez 28 days ago +3

    Está tan limpio que pareciera que nadie vive ahí..!!!!

  • marks x5
    marks x5 Month ago

    ok after watching the whole video, I have to say ALOT of this house/guest house reminds me of a high end hotel...everything.

  • Kenmhilky ong
    Kenmhilky ong Month ago +1

    Wow! What a super big mansion of a celeb.. How id wish i cpuld have even a small lot for my dream house..blessed u and idol.michael jordan💗🙏

  • Enes Yilmazer
    Enes Yilmazer  2 months ago +1434

    Thank you all so much for supporting us and watching our videos for the last 4 years. We feel so honored and blessed to get the chance to tour Michael Jordan's home and be able to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. None of this would have been possible without you, so myself and our team would like to thank each and every one of you for your continuing support!

    • Narrow Is The Way
      Narrow Is The Way Month ago

      @Comedy Vibes hallelujah ❤️

    • Uli Sirius
      Uli Sirius Month ago

      Masanori Fukushima warns government!!!! Alert!!! Be Aware of!!! This is a serious message!

    • Chicago0048
      Chicago0048 Month ago

      I would swap my kitchen for one of his kitchens in a minute.

    • Gregg B
      Gregg B 2 months ago

      Sorry. Lets just clear this right off the bat.
      Michael Jordan is NOT the greatest athlete of all time. Hell, he won’t even crack the Top 20 of all time.
      So just park that statement, and in fact, make a retraction
      He doesn’t hold a candle to some of the best sportsman of all time..
      Eliud Kipchoge - by many heads and shoulders the best athlete/ sportsman to walk the earth.
      Then we can get into the likes of Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Rapahel Nadal, Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis, Serena Williams, Jack Nicklaus, Steffi Graf, Pele, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton
      None of these NBA, NHL, MLB people crack any list.

    • byron fernandez
      byron fernandez 2 months ago

      Your welcome may your good days out number your bad days

  • Babar Baig
    Babar Baig Month ago

    We all love Mr. Jordan but for some reason, I don't know but whenever I see this property, it feels sadness & depression. It maybe the color, design or lighting, have no idea. The design itself looks more like a medical clinic than a house. Even much smaller cheaper mansions here on your channel give us a sense of happiness and joy but unfortunately, this doesn't.
    The mansion that's been on the market for 10 years. Despite how awesome the house seems, it's been on the market since 2012. Jordan tried to auction the house in 2013, but the minimum bid of $13 million was never met.

  • G0Rz1222
    G0Rz1222 Month ago +2

    Definitely needs a lot of renovations, no flow through the house

  • Hink Hall
    Hink Hall Month ago +2

    I’d rather own this than Buckingham palace. 😂

  • badger519
    badger519 Month ago

    Where your treasure is there your heart is also...

  • Busa
    Busa Month ago +21

    Honestly, regardless of this being Michael Jordan's mansion, the styling and overall design of the house is incredible for 15 mil. Most mansions or estates have just one uniformed design language and don't make a good usage of space but Jordan's mansion actually does.

    • Tony Wellington
      Tony Wellington Month ago +2

      it’s mcmansion cheese on steroids

    • Lackesha Gayle
      Lackesha Gayle Month ago

      Why not use it has a tour house so his memory can live on

    • Narrow Is The Way
      Narrow Is The Way Month ago

      If you had $14.5 million I can guarantee this home would be at the bottom of your considerations. It’s a hideous home

    • Ian Golightly
      Ian Golightly Month ago +1

      That's $15 million now that the price continues to drop. I think the property was originally listed for $30 million.

  • CustomMadeTV
    CustomMadeTV 27 days ago +1

    I’ll buy that Home and will leave everything the same Fuxk It. 💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Miguel Velazquez
    Miguel Velazquez Month ago

    Man went from a college kid asking his mom to put a couple of dollars into his bank account, to this. God bless America

  • Jay Yaskiw
    Jay Yaskiw Month ago +1

    Its been on the market for over 10 years. I don't think it's going to sell. You have to buy that furniture and cannot resell? You have to like 80/90s styling and colors. Nah, he doesn't want to sell. I feel bad for the agents.
    They won't show the primary residence because of security reasons? He hasn't lived there for years.
    You can tell someone with to much control of the property has their fingers on the pulse.
    Again, it won't sell because he doesn't care if it does.

  • Bill Hernandez
    Bill Hernandez Month ago

    Great Presentation! A $50 million dollar Mansion selling for $15 million is a steal a great investment for any Billionaire investor 😊

  • slida emif
    slida emif Month ago +22

    Everybody in the team has worked enormously to deliver an amazing tour! I hope you all like it!

  • Lalo y Los Descalzos
    Lalo y Los Descalzos 26 days ago +1

    Dang no MJ fan with 15 million to buy this house? It’s a bargain

  • Phil J
    Phil J Month ago

    Great house, but I just have so many questions regarding that dining table lol...

  • Jim CCC
    Jim CCC Month ago

    Ten years and it hasn’t sold, odd that you can’t show his bedroom since no one has been there for so long.

  • MattsCats
    MattsCats Month ago

    Man, no wonder he can't sell it - that's the least inviting home I've ever seen. It looks and feels more like a generic hotel where a company might hold their yearly conferences at.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    The one thing which always bugs me when fantasizing of owning such mansions is the fact, that you need the help of a lot of strangers from external service providers who help to maintain, secure and clean the mansion. Seems like you lose some of your privacy and freedom in your own home. I would really be interested in knowing how the owners assess this situation.

  • YS_A1
    YS_A1 Month ago

    This was a really good tour. 👍🏼 It would be nice to know how this estate was planned and maybe what couldn’t be realized.
    I personally couldn’t live in such a house. Everybody is just so far away from each other. You have to look for occasions to use all the “themes”.
    I suppose that maybe all family members used to spend a lot of time outside of their home and mostly just met together in the evening and just went to bed.

  • Ashley
    Ashley Month ago

    This is incredible I love the production value, research and how well spoken you are regarding this. I would believe it in a second if this property sold tomorrow as a result of this video

  • Leonardo Alabiso
    Leonardo Alabiso Month ago

    I wonder why they didn't let enes to film the jordan's bedroom while they let him shoot basically the whole House in all its tiny detail

  • Giovanni I
    Giovanni I 2 months ago +494

    You and your crew have come so far Enes, touring Michael Jordans estate is truly an amazing accomplishment!

    • Kapil Sharma
      Kapil Sharma 2 months ago +1

      @Enes Yilmazer Do Elvis Presley’s mansion

    • oakans
      oakans 2 months ago

      @Luka Jozia your mother house

    • Luka Jozia
      Luka Jozia 2 months ago +5

      @Enes Yilmazer Please will you tour Bill Gates Jeff Bezos George Clooney Leonardo DiCaprio Donald Trump houses please please please can you tell 😉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  2 months ago +27

      really appreciate it!

    • Erman Alkış
      Erman Alkış 2 months ago +24

      Thank you very much. It's great to hear that. Our team appreciate that.

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear Month ago

    The basement is badass id leave it old school forsure . If I won 500 mill on the lotto I'd scoop this up and rent it out for weddings and stuff
    Too bad he's been trying to sell it a long time now. Mj should keep it.
    It's the maintenance on the home that people can't afford let's not even talk about the price tag lol

  • iNoiz
    iNoiz Month ago

    gotta be honest im more interested in who maintains the property and cleans the house

  • AlexDogg
    AlexDogg Month ago

    I just moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. And I thought I was living large!

  • Hamod TV
    Hamod TV Month ago +1

    the house is very big i like it but for really it should be more beautifull i mean the house should have more things idk but i like it

  • Cate
    Cate Month ago +123

    As MJ is to basketball, Enes and Mikey are to producing top quality real estate videos.

    • Joe D’Almeida
      Joe D’Almeida Month ago +4

      @Enes Yilmazeryour presentation skills are out of this world. You actually make people tour with you with such grace, clear explanation and expertise. Congratulations.

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +7

      really appreciate it!

  • Rob Frame
    Rob Frame Month ago +5

    $14mm seems so low. I wonder what it costs to run this property each year? Heating, cooling, landscaping, cleaning, maintenance, etc... 56,000sf is like owning an office building. Great job Enes !!!

  • Dominic Bozonier
    Dominic Bozonier Month ago +1

    The house that won't sell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • GleekNoMatterWhat
    GleekNoMatterWhat Month ago

    Congrats enes and Mikey and team

  • Jeffrey Gillum
    Jeffrey Gillum Month ago +145

    This house looks like an expensive rehab facility from the 90s

    • Matthew Kennedy
      Matthew Kennedy 7 days ago +1

      To “air” is human, to forgive is divine.
      That could be the motto for the clinic.

    • Illusion Diaz
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    • Boanerges Eluka
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  • Stealth101
    Stealth101 Month ago +57

    MJ - Here’s $50 Million build me the house that looks like an 80s hotel. Builder - No problem good luck selling it some day for a tiny fraction of what you paid for this monstrosity.

  • Vijay
    Vijay Month ago

    How could someone clean this entire property on a daily basis

  • Stuart Stogdill
    Stuart Stogdill Month ago

    And... the listing price since on the market in 2012 (yes, it's been for sale for over 10 years now) will always add up to "23". Current price is $14,855,000 - 1+4+8+5+5+0+0+0=23

  • orhan Arslan
    orhan Arslan Month ago

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    Tre Alexander Month ago

    Though it is a big property, and yes it’s MJs, in my personal opinion it’s Outdated. I feel that’s one of the reasons why it’s been on the market since 201. But then again, I’m not an agent.

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    French French Month ago +1

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  • Bruce Solomon
    Bruce Solomon Month ago +20

    Congratulations Enes on getting one of the greatest gets of all time in landing one of Michael Jordan’s estates. What can you say about someone who was so excellent in his field that his name became so synonymous with excellence that people use it in sentences to compare him with others as the best in their fields? (ex; he’s the Michael Jordan of computer engineers. etc)

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    Anonymous Month ago

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    Melinda Moore Month ago

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  • Byron Skoretz
    Byron Skoretz Month ago

    The price appears reasonable at it is extremely tacky and needs severe renovation.

  • Zero Dark Thirty
    Zero Dark Thirty Month ago +1

    This is a cool piece of history, but not a desirable home imo. It is way to big and unfortunately is a prisoner to the mid 90's when it was built. I truly don't understand why anyone would spend this much money to live in another man's vision of their dream home. Again, cool history, good presentation, but very little value in the real estate market.

  • Kirsten Eve
    Kirsten Eve Month ago +164

    Expensive. But it does not feel like a home. It feels like a museum

    • New World Grover
      New World Grover Day ago

      @16-Bit Power I get you. Well it’s technically not owned by MJ anymore cause they put it in a trust or conservatorship. The property is the most expensive house in that area basically they don’t have buyers in Chicago who are looking for taxes that high plus energy bills etc. it’s not the house but the location. If that same house was in LA I’d be worth $ 100 million and they’d get every dime. It’s not a bad area but the Uber rich live in the high rises or other areas not where this house is located. Jordan wanted to be close to the place where he plays ball. In real estate it’s location, location and location. That’s a movie stars house or a billionaires house in Chicago a city with the highest crime in the country. And yes it’s custom built for MJ so there’s that. I think they were going to sell it to a hotel chain but I guess that fell through.

    • 16-Bit Power
      16-Bit Power Day ago

      @New World Grover I see. no wonder it looks like this, very sterile, but then who will buy it? this thing has been rotting on the market for nearly 2 decades it seems. I read about this place yahoo! every few years since I was in college back in the 2000s...something is obviously wrong with it. the price or the home itself...

    • New World Grover
      New World Grover Day ago

      @16-Bit Power stay calm. It’s been remodeled and it’s been used by a corporate partners for business meeting and conferences etc. in his playing days it was definitely something different.

    • 16-Bit Power
      16-Bit Power Day ago

      yep! it is an overpriced corporate facility and someone took a number 23 font replica off the Chicago bulls uniform and stuck it to the front gate. pathetic joke. NO rich person is gonna waste money on this.

    • Kamil Urbanski
      Kamil Urbanski 4 days ago

      @freedomm yyy? Every Michael/ basketball fan :D