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It Doesn't Get Much Worse Than This

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • 2k Depression
    2k Depression 7 months ago +3320

    “We all see it, the players all see it, but the professionals who get paid to specifically see it CANT” that’s so accurate for every sport with refs😂😂

    • Darren Stevensohn
      Darren Stevensohn 7 months ago +13

      Umm no. You dont see that much bad calls on volleyball and even if there is, you are given chances to challenge through replay because everything happens very fast and sometimes even the refs couldnt follow. That is actually a bad generalization.

    • John
      John 7 months ago +64

      @Darren Stevensohn Okay then what the fk are replay fors then? Why the fk do you only have ONE challenge for a miss/bad call? And do you think the refs after going through the replay or after challenging the call do you think the refs ego would take back their call? Stop defending the refs lol we get it that sometimes everything is happening so fast but they should after reviewing after replaying take back the miss call and award the freethrows/penalties as it should or else what the hell is the point of a replay??????

    • Joe Lime
      Joe Lime 7 months ago +9

      @John because all that would slow down the game. Nobody wants that. You shouldn’t even want that, this sh*t is supposed to be entertainment

    • Amilcar Safeca
      Amilcar Safeca 7 months ago +7

      @Darren Stevensohn No it's not "actually a bad generalization" it holds true even in volleyball because it's happened before hence it's accurate for every sport, just not as probable for some. Either way, giving one example where it's arguably not true when there are tons of sports does not make it a bad generalization. A bad generalization would be several sports, perhaps even majority where the statement doesn't hold true.

    • Kenney
      Kenney 7 months ago +2

      There's a difference between referring from a screen than referring a live nba game.

  • Sean P
    Sean P 7 months ago +1229

    The Kevin Durant out of bounds “save” was easily the wildest blown call I’ve ever witnessed. Can’t even wrap my mind around that one

    • Thor God of Thunder
      Thor God of Thunder 7 months ago +63

      I'd say a ref tackling a player and blaming it on the other team is far more egregious. I can understand not staring at somebody's feet at moments in a live-action game. They have to watch so many other things.

    • strelicijum
      strelicijum 7 months ago +23

      Rigged, simple as that.

    • JonnyCrackers
      JonnyCrackers 7 months ago +12

      Ref bet on the Warriors.

    • zambot264
      zambot264 7 months ago +9

      @Joseph yup. Ref tackling player and blame it on innocent opposing player is too wild

    • AJ Ye
      AJ Ye 7 months ago +1

      @JonnyCrackersHarden Killed the refs in that game

  • NITZER666
    NITZER666 7 months ago +1931

    The fact that Joey Crawford was 'allowed' to referee NBA games is absolutely mind-blowing.

    • boofbafn
      boofbafn 7 months ago +33

      Lmao I couldn't believe what i saw.

    • Velázquez Quality
      Velázquez Quality 7 months ago +90

      Dawg it's because he was put there on purpose fix matching has always and will always be a thing

    • NITZER666
      NITZER666 7 months ago +93

      @Velázquez Quality definitely makes you wonder. The 2002 West Conference Finals between the Kings & Lakers game 6 is still one of the biggest injustices in sports history.

    • sparkonsight
      sparkonsight 7 months ago +5

      @NITZER666 shoutout bibby

    • Blake Lewis
      Blake Lewis 7 months ago +3

      Jesus Christ is king 🙏

  • Silver Milver
    Silver Milver 7 months ago +643

    The Giannis one I kinda see it being missed by the ref but the Kevin Durant one is craaaazy to miss.

    • Jose Florian
      Jose Florian 7 months ago +12

      I see that one too being miss ref was looking for contact didn’t look at his feet.

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B 7 months ago +51

      Definitely. Especially since his foot started in-bounds and kinda rotated and slid to *just barely* out of bounds. I'd hardly call it egregious.
      Also worth noting that out of the 50 or so people standing in the front two rows of that side of the court, *only* 5 saw it. 10% isn't exactly a consensus.
      Meanwhile, anyone with eyes can see that KD was clearly out of bounds for a solid half hour before "saving" that ball.

    • Daniel Castro
      Daniel Castro 4 months ago +1

      This and the 0.2 second buzzer beater where easy to miss.

    • Abel
      Abel 14 days ago +1

      Read your bible! (KJV, preferably) ♥‎‎ ‎

  • itzTrey
    itzTrey 7 months ago +278

    The one when KD Stepped out of bounds always gets me like how did the ref not see that😂

  • Lo Lingo ENT
    Lo Lingo ENT 7 months ago +265

    Well put together video , frame by frame , humor and even the zoom ins (whole crowd seen giannis stepped out) 10/10

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 7 months ago

      No lmfao
      6:15 Not a bad outcome at all. Are you blind? #1 was fouled on this play, he was held by the arm by the hornets player, preventing him from guarding the shooter.

    • Darragh OConnor
      Darragh OConnor 7 months ago +2

      Yeah but fans always look for calls and 90% of the time there's nothing in it

    • shwickles
      shwickles 2 months ago

      "(whole crowd seen giannis stepped out)" gave bro flashbacks 💀

    • Lo Lingo ENT
      Lo Lingo ENT 2 months ago

      @shwickles 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dudes in the crowd was pointing hard af 🤣

    • Lo Lingo ENT
      Lo Lingo ENT 2 months ago

      @First name Last name what happened?

  • Cyantist
    Cyantist 7 months ago +10841

    Kevin Durant's blatantly out of bounds "save" was super infuriating, but as a Texan it felt real good to see James Harden respond with a game winning 3 over Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

    • Crimzon 【クリムゾン】
      Crimzon 【クリムゾン】 7 months ago +399

      True. I bet even Durant would be baffled that they didnt call that 😂

    • JonjoShelvey
      JonjoShelvey 7 months ago +70

      James Harden❤

    • Michael Pappace
      Michael Pappace 7 months ago +320

      I dont even like harden but that shot is legendary. I was baffled when i saw KD get away with that

    • JayRivss
      JayRivss 7 months ago +137

      On god that was James hardens “I’m him” performance

  • KnowledgeNerd
    KnowledgeNerd 7 months ago +28

    I used to be a referee for intramural college league and I have to say it was probably the worst job of my life. The game moves so fast and there is so much to see and a foul can be so slight (a single finger hitting an elbow, one foot not in the right place turns a charge into a blocking foul, etc) that its really hard to notice. It also doesn't help that literally every single time a player shoots the ball they're yelling in your face that it was a foul, or flopping, or sticking their leg out to have someone run into it. These are NBA refs so obviously they should be held to a higher standard (and there might be some fixing going on) but it's a hard job and it sucks. No matter what call you make the other team hates you and these guys will getin your face about it.

    • Ghostflame92
      Ghostflame92 3 months ago +7

      i was an intramural college basketball ref for about a month before i quit. players took that shit way too seriously. refs are just human like anyone else, they are going to make mistakes.
      however, NBA refs have the benefit of a replay system. they should be able to see controversial calls and overturn them. and in the case of joey crawford, that's just a terrible ref on a power trip. no need for that anywhere. no reason why a player should get ejected for laughing on the bench, or a technical foul while he's warming up in the hallway.

  • lalo malo
    lalo malo 6 months ago +16

    Joey Crawford ejecting Duncan while he's sitting on the bench was hilarious 🤣

  • E E
    E E 7 months ago +109

    this is incredible, the NBA really should reform and fine refree just as much as they enforce fining the players. this video really show you how much of a joke and how much of a power trip the ref have and how incompetent they are.
    Great video!

    • egghead
      egghead 7 months ago

      They are employees of NBA, it doesn't make sense to fine them. Why would you fine your own employee for making mistakes?

    • Its Me Strider
      Its Me Strider 5 months ago +12

      @egghead no, normally employees who make blatant, obvious mistakes out of incompetence get FIRED, not fined, we're actually asking for the bare minimum here.

    • Th3r3isnohope
      Th3r3isnohope 4 months ago +2

      Send them to officiate WNBA games

  • Culture & Conversation
    Culture & Conversation 7 months ago +16

    Happy you are doing this. It’s time for this to change and start holding refs accountable

  • ²ᶾ𐒘Marc
    ²ᶾ𐒘Marc 6 months ago +13

    Harden reaction to KD travel killed my ass 😂😂😂😂😂

  • VentusMaster777
    VentusMaster777 7 months ago +4497

    We should be making videos like this viral so NBA has to notice it and the fact we're not okay with it

    • SulfuricPurge
      SulfuricPurge 7 months ago +183

      LOL yeah they'll definitely care now

    • P K
      P K 7 months ago +263

      They know already and they don't care

    • Alexandra Gomez
      Alexandra Gomez 7 months ago +92

      Mate you're naive if you think they dont already know

    • The K-Dude
      The K-Dude 7 months ago +14

      fr. too bad they don't care. I think nba teams should start boycotting

    • Rafid Ammar
      Rafid Ammar 7 months ago +8

      Nah, they're absolutely gonna do nothing about it

  • Meezan’s Art🎨
    Meezan’s Art🎨 7 months ago +105

    9:43 I was rolling on the floor when he said “No, it’s a foul on Chauncey Billups!”. I didn’t even know he was guarding him, I thought it was so random😂😂😂 Like why’d you have to do Chauncey like that😂😂😂
    Edit: Holy crap how’d I get 30 likes in 1 day!?!

    • AcerolaOrion
      AcerolaOrion 7 months ago +1

      i mean, jimmy kind of mentioned it was one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA at the time

    • Txurdin
      Txurdin 7 months ago

      bro 30 likes in a day isnt rare

    • Meezan’s Art🎨
      Meezan’s Art🎨 7 months ago

      @Txurdin it’s the first time I’ve got that, aaaaaaand I wouldn’t be talking if my average like count is 0

  • The Excel Project
    The Excel Project 6 months ago +3

    All I get from all these is we need the Playoffs now! Let's gooooo

  • Gatlin Campbell
    Gatlin Campbell 7 months ago +6

    Can you do a video about the correlation between where a player is drafted and their overall success as a player? It’s interesting to think about just how many number 1 picks were busts and so many great players were drafted outside of the top 10 in their draft.

    • Gatlin Campbell
      Gatlin Campbell 7 months ago

      And also just by average; what pick gives the player the best chance at success?

  • Hummer Wheels
    Hummer Wheels 7 months ago +2

    You forgot the time Joey Crawford called a foul on Marcus Camby that sent Steve Nash to the line, where Camby never came within 6 feet of Nash. Nash was so confounded he didn’t even agree that he should be going to the line.

  • F Grizz31
    F Grizz31 7 months ago +5

    i had some experience like this, my opponent literally out of bound the ball while i defending him and the ref is just laughing at me as he decided to give the ball to our opponent even though it was clearly my opponent touches the ball last lol

  • Jonathan Gill
    Jonathan Gill 7 months ago +3182

    I'm so glad you brought up the time the REF fouled a player and then blamed it on his defender. Even in some of the egregious no-calls there's at least some plausible deniability that the ref wasn't looking at Giannis' feet or whatever. But it's impossible to collide with a big NBA player and not feel the contact. Crawford 100% knew he was to blame, but penalized the Pistons anyways.

    • Coleson Lamb
      Coleson Lamb 7 months ago +6

      So, I'm a pretty casual NBA fan, can you explain what should've happened? Like were the Heat just supposed to get to inbound the ball? That seems like the most logical thing to me.

    • Bruno
      Bruno 7 months ago +162

      @Coleson Lamb Like Jxmy said, there's no protocol for this because it never happens. Technically, the ref is part of the playable area, and so if you bump into him and lose the ball, you turned it over. If you pass it and it hits him and goes out, it's out on you. So technically here it should've counted as Jones(Heat player) falling out of bounds on his own accord and the ball goes to Detroit. I personally think it should just be Heat ball out of bounds there. But who knows 🤷‍♂

    • iluvdissheet
      iluvdissheet 7 months ago +6

      @Bruno 100% agree with this.

    • rsarin18
      rsarin18 7 months ago +76

      @Coleson Lamb This happens often in soccer, where a ref gets in the way of a player or the ball hits off the ref. The team that had possession of the ball gets it back. So I think for the NBA the team that had the ball should inbound it.

  • Douglas Eicher
    Douglas Eicher 7 months ago +11

    Jimmy I don’t watch bball but I love your videos. Thank you for keeping it entertaining. You do a great job

  • The Ultimate Swan
    The Ultimate Swan 7 months ago +5

    I love that this list is actually terrible officiating, not debating calls on physical plays that were or weren't crossing the line. Just the plain awful ones

  • Nate Scherer
    Nate Scherer 6 months ago

    The Baron Davis one is even worse than you think. The official said he had decided ahead of time to wave off any shot. He made the call without consideration for what happened on the court.

  • Alessandro Poles
    Alessandro Poles 7 months ago

    In the Davis' case I think they called off foul cause he leaves his leg towards the defender, it happened with Lowry as well
    Quite unusual but still

  • ScottizBeatz
    ScottizBeatz 7 months ago +3

    This is a great video. It's packed w reasons we need either challenge flags or sensors on the line.
    Here is my solution for missed out of bounds calls. Lasers can be run along the sideline if a Player or anything crosses that line the red light comes on.

    • MikeyXSkyline
      MikeyXSkyline 7 months ago

      Better off with video review, but I like your idea.

  • Vinny Maye
    Vinny Maye 7 months ago +1589

    KD saving the ball out of bounds is the craziest no call that I’ve ever seen live. The referee was looking RIGHT AT HIM WHILE HE WAS ON THE BASELINE TOO.

    • Sky Blaze
      Sky Blaze 7 months ago +56

      Cause it's rigged they miss it on purpose when are people all going to come together and boycott sports until this stops.

    • Damir Hadžiavdić
      Damir Hadžiavdić 7 months ago +8

      2 refs saw it

    • In Your Face
      In Your Face 7 months ago +8

      @Sky Blaze Golden State lost that game btw lol

    • Isaac
      Isaac 7 months ago +16

      @In Your Face It was still rigged. The thing is Harden made the game winner and everyone saw it so theres no way to rig that.

  • Josh Romero
    Josh Romero 7 months ago +1

    The missed goaltending from Gobert on Dame back in 2020 was kinda crazy too idk how they missed that

  • av namik
    av namik 7 months ago +6

    Im a celtics fan and I even yelled bs when Lebrun didn’t get that call

  • Fitness POG
    Fitness POG 7 months ago

    Now talk about the walk they let Lebron off with before the layup. Or the 6 missed calls in the last 2 minutes and overtime in that hand and how 5 went the Lakers way 🤔

  • Ricardo Tobias Sosa
    Ricardo Tobias Sosa 7 months ago +948

    Pat Beverly has to have one of the most iconic tech oat. He straight up bring the camera to the referee 💀

    • Warmaker01
      Warmaker01 7 months ago +89

      He was a real bro.

    • Adrian Daliva
      Adrian Daliva 7 months ago +188

      if tim duncan laughing at the bench didn't count as a technical, beverley would've had the undisputed greatest technical foul of all time 🤣🤣🤣

    • Number2
      Number2 7 months ago +67

      @Adrian Daliva that tech still gets me heated thinking about it

    • Benthos Undercover
      Benthos Undercover 7 months ago

      100% lol i laugh everytime i see it

    • 047Kenny
      047Kenny 7 months ago +5

      Hall of Fame tech!!

  • Eamonn Kearney
    Eamonn Kearney 7 months ago +4

    I can't believe you didn't mention Dame getting his layup obviously goaltended against Utah during a playoff run in 2020. It even sparked his "plenty money" comment.

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 3 months ago

    I'm a Saints fan. This video made me feel a little better.

  • istrumguitars
    istrumguitars 7 months ago +7

    James was also traveling before a foul ever took place, so technically-according to actual basketball rules and not the NBA fast and loose because “dunks put butts in seats” rules-the call really should’ve been on that.

    J.R ALL DAY 7 months ago +21

    LeBron reactions are so funny 🤣 😂😂

    • Keith Boswell
      Keith Boswell 7 months ago +2

      Yeh what a baby, regardless of the fact he was in the right, act like a damn grown up.

    • J.A.Z
      J.A.Z 7 months ago +5

      @Keith Boswell LeBron cannot win win haters. If he acted indifferent, then he doesn't care and has no love for the game. A statpadder that only care about money.

    • Ghostion
      Ghostion 7 months ago

      @Keith Boswell at this point just let it go man

  • Kiyro viper
    Kiyro viper Month ago

    It’s crazy because in a lot of these cases even someone like me could have done better 😂

  • Christopher Sullivan
    Christopher Sullivan 7 months ago +635

    PatBev coming out like he is the host of a hidden camera show showing the ref the picture of the foul is classic 😆

    • The Stan Man
      The Stan Man 7 months ago +57

      Him walking away after getting t'd while pointing to the camera and yelling "foul" is pure cinema

    • s
      s 7 months ago +4

      Especially bc he choked in same game

    • Aluwin
      Aluwin 7 months ago +9

      @s fym he choked? he almost won the game with a 3 and a putback dunk

  • Meherabad Moments
    Meherabad Moments 7 months ago +1

    That last one had me laughing so much! It is right out of Laurel and Hardy!

  • *erased !
    *erased ! 7 months ago +1

    As someone who did refereeing for middle school kids, bro its way harder than you think being there irl and watching over the whole game in real time

    • LK
      LK 7 months ago +1

      Lil bro they have cameras and SEVEN working officials every game

  • alexlanza7&9
    alexlanza7&9 7 months ago +1

    Nice video but for me even worse was in 98 finals when they took away a 3 pointer by the Jazz at the end of the half that was clearly before the buzzer and on the 3rd they gave to Chicago a 2 pointer by Harper which was clearly after the buzzer, so a 5 points differential in favour of the Jazz that could have potentially changed the game, I'm a hard core Bulls fan, but that was the truth just go and watch it!

  • chris kass
    chris kass 7 months ago

    This happens everywhere.. in European basketball also the referees do their own for some reason. But i have to say some calls in this video are truly ridiculous... never imagined it can happen. Its a shame for their profession and the game they ruin.

  • Iguacu
    Iguacu 7 months ago

    It's always the retaliation that gets seen, especially off the ball. Professional athletes should know that.

  • TheAn9ryRussian
    TheAn9ryRussian 7 months ago +585

    Gotta give credit to Chauncey for his patience and not yelling or swearing at that ref. I’m a pistons fan and that got my blood boiling and I’m just here watching on my phone lol

    • Nate Tinner-Williams
      Nate Tinner-Williams 7 months ago +1

      Because he fouled him first. Lol (you can even hear the commentator saying so in this video...)

    • Mir.-
      Mir.- 7 months ago

      This 😂

    • Alejandro Barquero
      Alejandro Barquero 7 months ago +8

      if this had happened in Detroit....

    • KhaL CS:GO
      KhaL CS:GO 7 months ago +1

      username checks out

    • Matt
      Matt 7 months ago +1

      he fouled him. i’m a pistons fan too. but he fouled him just before. even tho the ref did run into him and it was funny moment

  • marc klar
    marc klar 7 months ago

    Honerable mention:
    Howard Eisley's 3 pointer in game 6 of the 98 Finals where refs also called a shotclock violation with time left on the clock, then later in the game I think a 2 point shot for the Bulls was given although in fact shotclock was on 0. Basically a 5 point turnaround in game 6, which probably never would have given us MJs gamewinning shot and send the series to a game 7.

  • Noah Velez
    Noah Velez 7 months ago +3

    It’s crazy how NBA refs can really make or break a series in the playoffs.

  • Choc Dubbie
    Choc Dubbie 7 months ago +1

    I'm High School official and college official I love this video you should make more on how these dudes mess up so I can get up there and show them how it's done right

  • rumplespliffskin
    rumplespliffskin 7 months ago +2

    Man, LeBron throws a good tantrum.

  • CG Chris
    CG Chris 7 months ago +2

    Who else is pumped to see his video on this years trade deadline and the Nets roster explosion

    • Sandwich
      Sandwich 7 months ago +1

      Bruh, I can't. I always love this time of the season 😩

  • FatmanJonesTV
    FatmanJonesTV 7 months ago +603

    I’ll never understand how that ref didn’t see Durant being 5 feet out of bounds 🤯🤦🏼

    • Cain
      Cain 7 months ago +68

      That million dollar check sent to the refs mailbox is to insure he doesn’t see it

    • Benn Darayta
      Benn Darayta 7 months ago

      Silent Stroke exist though

    • Marcos Patrick
      Marcos Patrick 7 months ago +13

      Cause nba falls under entertainment just like wwe

  • Damon
    Damon 7 months ago

    Jxmy being kind this could've easily been a 2 hour video

  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 7 months ago

    this hurt my soul watching this. Great video just such a hard watch seeing these refs commit crimes against the players 😂.

  • Lebrons daddy
    Lebrons daddy 7 months ago

    It’s not just officiating in the nba that’s getting worse, but sports in general.

  • peepthegame
    peepthegame 7 months ago

    I remember watching that hornets game live. They robbed baron davis. The very next season is when they made it a requirement to review all buzzer beaters

  • TheGreatChrisB
    TheGreatChrisB 7 months ago

    I remember seeing Kevin Durant's out of bounds pass and thinking how did they not see a 6'10 guy take 3 steps, 3 feet outside the line

  • MrFallout2
    MrFallout2 7 months ago +3

    Awesome video dude. Your production has definitely improved since I started watching. You do a great job 👏

  • SalaryCapo
    SalaryCapo 7 months ago +559

    Tatum running away looking back at the ref the funniest part 😂

    • randomyeatfan
      randomyeatfan 7 months ago +22

      Acting like he didn't slapped the crap out of brons hand 💀

    • Jerremie Alforque
      Jerremie Alforque 7 months ago

      @randomyeatfan "didn't"

    • James Mead
      James Mead 7 months ago +1

      It's literally a slap on the wrist. I know with this soft generation they expect that to be called. In my opinion you go to the hole like that you should expect some sort of contact and still be able to finish. Don't go into the hole without expecting contact and to be saved by the ref for your softness not being able to finish with a little contact. Baby generation

    • Crushin Fantasy Football
      Crushin Fantasy Football  7 months ago +3

      Dude wtf are you talking about lol. There's a difference between contact and an absolute hack. Dude literally smashed LeBrons arm while he was going up for the shot. There's no Era of basketball where this isn't an obvious foul

  • YourFitnessQuest
    YourFitnessQuest 7 months ago +1

    Bad officiating is so frustrating but it's part of the game. Great video as always. Those were some great examples of calls that just make you scratch your head.

  • Hoosier Resell
    Hoosier Resell 7 months ago +1

    damn. Pistons fan and I had completely blocked that play out of my mind because we won lol

  • Laurence A
    Laurence A 7 months ago

    Missing the shot is what coast the game. Also, think of it as karma for all the no foul calls he got for his many flops.

  • Pranav Ramaswamy
    Pranav Ramaswamy 3 months ago +1

    Getting in the way of JJ Reddick in a fast break
    Falling down
    Calling a shooting foul
    while on his ass looking in the opposite direction.
    that's brutally honest jxmy

  • Vuk Zivkovic
    Vuk Zivkovic 7 months ago +555

    Surprised how game 6 between the Lakers and the Kings back in 2002 wasn't on here, the amount of bad calls per minute was just outstanding

    • Jason Wolfe
      Jason Wolfe 7 months ago +25

      That is what I thought of when Laker fans were saying that missed called was the worse ever.

    • jbb
      jbb 7 months ago +68

      and remember the dunk by james harden that the net flipped up and it didnt count?

    • Ren
      Ren 7 months ago +17

      I just started watching NBA that year and even if I was still new to basketball, I could tell there was off. The refs gave the Lakers the momentum and Chris Webber's face of disbelief is still etched in my mind. Jimmy might have not watched that game yet. Or he purposely singled that out... because he doesn't want to bring it up. Or is it for another video?

    • Friday
      Friday 7 months ago +57

      Well that series was literally proven to be rigged.

    • Makaveli Today
      Makaveli Today 7 months ago +15

      The series was rigged and its fact.

  • PolarBearProblems
    PolarBearProblems 7 months ago

    This is the stuff that makes me believe the NBA is rigged. So much stuff like this at crucial moments.

  • Charles Groover
    Charles Groover 7 months ago +1

    Absolutely fantastic content, editing etc. My 2 takes are refs are human duh and wow I miss watching Chauncey Billups play. 😂😢

  • Micah Martens
    Micah Martens 7 months ago +2

    4:00 My guy…what!?!
    Curry hit that shot, but it wasn’t the dagger. Harden came right back up the floor and hit a 3 in Draymonds face to win the game

  • Panik
    Panik Month ago

    The clip where Joey Crawford just absolutely linebacks the player just baffles me. Like bro, How is he not fired immediately after that

  • Nick chang
    Nick chang 7 months ago +1

    Waiting for that All time scoring list video!

  • xFlow777
    xFlow777 7 months ago

    I mean some of these were less than a second margin for error, but the warriors kd out of bounce save was just ridiculous

  • Gunner Cooper
    Gunner Cooper 7 months ago +343

    I love that Chauncey kept his arms held up for like a minute after. He was absolutely flabbergasted 😂😂😂

    • Gdirty7
      Gdirty7 7 months ago +2

      not taking the refs side by any means, and its hard to tell because of the quality, but it looks like billups was being a little handsy and maybe crawford was going to call a foul but ran into jones, and then still just made the call. not saying it merited a foul being called, but i dont think he had the chance to call it before knocking jones out of bounds, and it was just an unfortunate chain events that made it appear differently. i could be wrong, given crawfords reputation lmao but id like to think that was the case

    • hittman
      hittman 7 months ago +8

      MJ would probly strangle the ref

    • Renaldy Calixte
      Renaldy Calixte 7 months ago +4

      @Gdirty7 I emphatically disagree. That was an awful call. The ref didn't do his job.

    • Gdirty7
      Gdirty7 7 months ago

      @Renaldy Calixte thats fair. it was mere speculation on my behalf that what i said couldve been the case. noone been joey crawford truly knows what was going on in his head but himself

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand 7 months ago

    I was watching the first game (after watching a Lakers game on a long time) and when I saw this I almost flipped too.

  • Brandt Baughn
    Brandt Baughn 7 months ago

    What about the no call against the Pacers in, I believe 2018, where Lebron clearly goal tended a last second layup by Oladipo to then turn around and hit the game "winner"?

  • Nicole Jay
    Nicole Jay 6 months ago +1

    It’s crazy how nba refs don’t get punish for their obvious miss calls

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence 7 months ago

    I miss watching Chauncey Billups play. Dude was so nice with the ball.

  • Emil Gajšak
    Emil Gajšak 7 months ago +1

    Could you make a video about the most consistent NBA players? Like the players with the least deviation from their AVG during all their games?

  • Noah Welch
    Noah Welch 7 months ago +444

    My biggest issue with the bad officiating is when fanbases cling and hold onto this idea that their team is the ONLY team that is being screwed over. Guys literally all 30 teams at some point get screwed over.

    • Big Ž M
      Big Ž M 7 months ago +10

      what about the lakers in the early 00s

    • CxC
      CxC 7 months ago +34

      @Big Ž M
      Oh yeah… that officiating atrocity against the Kings
      I stopped watching NBA nearly 20 years ago
      It’s a garbage product

    • D Rex
      D Rex 7 months ago +13

      Yep, my thoughts exactly. The only difference is the Lakers handle these things like overly emotional kids whereas other teams accept it's part of the game.
      If you can accept that then it's just 1 bad call and you move on but if you don't then the refs are just the excuse you use when you lost.

    • Dwight Powell Son
      Dwight Powell Son 7 months ago +22

      @D Rex I’m a Dallas fan but the refs definitely have something against the Lakers. That bad call can be the reason for you losing over something that should easily be called

    • Arisho riko
      Arisho riko 7 months ago +5

      so we normalize them now? lol.

  • Arthur Ritis
    Arthur Ritis 7 months ago +66

    Lebrons tantrum was legendary hahaha

  • Voltix
    Voltix 7 months ago

    It's not that the call on celtics vs lakers was bad (it really was obviously) its the fact that happened 4+ times within 2 weeks.

  • 4bidden1
    4bidden1 7 months ago +1

    LeTravel James crying is priceless 😂

  • Aditya Kshirsagar
    Aditya Kshirsagar 5 months ago

    Typing this on the last day of the regular season where all 30 Teams are about to play their last games, Lakers are 42-39 and Warriors and Clips being 43-38. Had the Lakers won this game they would have been the 6th seed. Seems like this bad call could potentially alter the championship and the seedings with a butterfly effect.

  • The West is the Best
    The West is the Best 7 months ago

    I don’t know if there’s any other explanation than the baseline ref just decided not you to call it.
    He was right there and there’s no way he didn’t see it. There’s no where else he would have been looking on a lay up like that

  • Johnny Socket
    Johnny Socket 7 months ago +466

    This NBA season has had some pretty weird calls in it. The rules still need to be adjusted too but the calls themselves are probably more important since your decision could be incredibly important.

    • Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter
      Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter 7 months ago +2

      Not a year goes by where i don't hear someone say "This NBA season has had some pretty weird calls in it. " ......... maybe they're not weird calls/no calls?

    • Zach Martell
      Zach Martell 7 months ago +4

      @Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter The game is fast as hell and there's too much to look at for the few refs on the court. There should probably be seated refs around the basket that look for different things than the floor refs

    • Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter
      Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter 7 months ago +4

      @Zach Martell Or they could just utilize the refs in new jersey who are watching at every angle.

    • Victor Andres R VR3
      Victor Andres R VR3 7 months ago +1

      A call should be able to be changed after video proof. That’s what needs to happen and we need 2 challenges a game like NFL

  • Kostas Music
    Kostas Music 7 months ago


  • Altenhof
    Altenhof 7 months ago

    Ref's face at 3:42, you can see him thinking about the decision on whether or not he should have called it. I'm guessing there had to be a backdoor reason for a no call.

  • Captain MaxeL
    Captain MaxeL 7 months ago

    Same thing happened to Steph Curry. Man clear slapped his arm, but it was called a high five play, they ruled it legal contact and the Warriors lost because of it. So I'm just confused as to how it's called. If slapping someone's forearm is legal contact why it is called a foul sometimes? I don't mind the "high five" rule, but it should be consistent, no?

  • Moonlight 699
    Moonlight 699 7 months ago

    I used to laugh when people say the word "rigged". but at 10:14 you can clearly see the ref chased down the heat player, shoved him intentionally with his elbow, and immediately following up with a foul call on Billups with absolute no hesitation. It's pretty obvious to me he did all that to try to help the Heat

  • Anonymous Wombat
    Anonymous Wombat 7 months ago

    One of the worst calls EVER was when Tim Duncan was thrown out because he was ON THE BENCH laughing and Joey Crawford threw him out. Unreal.

  • Yandee Productions
    Yandee Productions 7 months ago +113

    The Kd clip always makes me laugh because HOW COULD THEY MISS THAT 😭😭

    • iitsTre_
      iitsTre_ 7 months ago +8

      Bro, I watch a lot of pro basketball AND football… and the missed calls that I’ve seen just this season alone are HORRENDOUS! These refs are dumb as hell. Like truly you can’t tell me the game isn’t rigged at this point.

    • Pineapple Gamer
      Pineapple Gamer 7 months ago +5


    • Bruce Rash
      Bruce Rash 7 months ago +6

      Rigged clearly

  • Robert Christ II
    Robert Christ II 7 months ago +4

    Imagine the look on Brons face when he’s playing against Kyrie and Luka

  • Russel Agcol
    Russel Agcol 7 months ago

    4:13 as a warriors fan I'd totally agree on kd's no call, it's so obvious but the refs somehow enjoyed the show and forgot what their job was

  • Caleb Conrad
    Caleb Conrad 7 months ago

    Surprised nothing was mentioned about the no call where James harden dunked the the ball clean on a fast break and they just didn’t see it go in

  • Silkee
    Silkee 7 months ago

    If you have ever coached and you have also had to be the ref in your own practice, you will never complain about missed calls ever again.
    You can not see it all nor can you call every thing you see. As football players will tell you, there's holding on every play.

  • Christan Eirol Manalaysay

    I swear, everytime I watch your videos and Joey Crawford is in it. It's straight comedy

  • cvu
    cvu 7 months ago +480

    “Called a shooting foul while on his ass looking in the other direction” your funny asf keep it up

    • Xavier B
      Xavier B 7 months ago +1

      Great call by ref

    • MultiBearsfan54
      MultiBearsfan54 7 months ago +1

      The dude was on his back and made a call he couldn’t possibly have seen.
      That straight up outs him as a loser, who became a ref because he couldn’t affect the game in any other way.

    • Xavier B
      Xavier B 7 months ago

      @MultiBearsfan54 he rolls and looks and sees contact down low.. you have video and missed it. Bro

    • MultiBearsfan54
      MultiBearsfan54 7 months ago

      @Xavier B bro he blows the whistle the second he gets up he didn’t even look 😂

    • Xavier B
      Xavier B 7 months ago

      @MultiBearsfan54 you have the replay and still cant see..bro lolol

  • K
    K 7 months ago

    This new video by jxmy is boutta go crazy considering how many trades just happened in the past couple days and new teams have chances in playoff success

  • bw4023
    bw4023 7 months ago

    The ref watching Bron dancing in the tunnel 😂😂😂😂😂

  • junior junior
    junior junior 7 months ago

    Thats a travel when he caught the ball and took another 3 steps fir the weak layup.

  • Kritacul
    Kritacul 7 months ago +1

    I can't wait to hear Jxmy's response to Kyrie getting traded to Dallas and being with THE best player in the NBA again.

    • Yuck Foo
      Yuck Foo 7 months ago +1

      Mavs lose their defense for a guard who can score… wait, don’t they already have that 🤔

  • Mohammad Ibn Nabil
    Mohammad Ibn Nabil 7 months ago

    Should’ve put in what led to the entire Cavs team arguing with the refs @ 3:12 one of the most mind boggling decisions by a referee that could only be explained by an attempt at fixing a game.

  • Kevin De Vlieger
    Kevin De Vlieger 7 months ago +7

    To be fair.. the giannis out of bounds is extremely difficult to see as a ref. You aint looking down at that moment; For the thunder it's terrible, but like this we get to see 30 worse calls every night.

  • Sham Rock
    Sham Rock 7 months ago

    I love how Pat Bev took out the camera, and ref was like nah we not looking at that."

  • Kathy Kolcun
    Kathy Kolcun 7 months ago

    Missed and phantom calls are what NBA history is made of

  • Kenny Gee
    Kenny Gee 7 months ago

    As a canadian, we know all about bad calls, theres been many time the refs officiating Raptors games have literally given the win to other teams.

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 7 months ago

    As much as I hate LBJ I actually kind of feel like he really doesn't get calls like other 'greats' in the league. He's his own worst enemy with it too because the more he complains, the more non-calls there seems to be with him.