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Daemon BOWS to Viserys & Rhaenyra is OBSESSED - 1x04 King of the Narrow Sea

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Daemon returns to King's Landing as "King of the Narrow Sea" and pledges his loyalty to Viserys in Season 1, Episode 4 - King of the Narrow Sea
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Comments • 26

  • Daniel Dickson
    Daniel Dickson Month ago +24

    For all the conflicts between Viserys and Daemon, they genuinely loved each other.

  • KnObi1 GonpAchiRo
    KnObi1 GonpAchiRo 2 months ago +52

    "Daemon has no fear of the Commander of the Kingsguard"
    Dude literally walked inside the dark cave that housed the Crabfeeder and his men, and emerged with his foe's severed upper body.
    You think he has fear of a Lord Commander of the Kingsguard?

    • Matthew Riley
      Matthew Riley Month ago

      To be fair, almost all his men were outside getting torn to pieces or burnt to a crisp.

    • Ebrahim Mostafa
      Ebrahim Mostafa Month ago

      If he dies, Viserys can’t do much for the realm

    • AJK
      AJK 2 months ago +7

      Also the fact he is a dragon riding targaryen prince

  • Melie Flynn-Hayes
    Melie Flynn-Hayes 3 months ago +40

    The hug at the end was the best part.

  • Akeem Guy
    Akeem Guy Month ago +12

    How can I not be team Black after moments like these? 💯

  • KnObi1 GonpAchiRo
    KnObi1 GonpAchiRo 2 months ago +19

    The worst part of this scene was Viserys banging the tip of his sword, Blackfyre, on the floor as he walked forward.
    Dude, I know that's Valyrian Steel but damn - show some respect to the blade.

  • TheKellin1
    TheKellin1 3 months ago +20

    Great notes!
    She was obsessed with him at her 18/19 and 10 years later - the same reaction.

    • Ebrahim Mostafa
      Ebrahim Mostafa Month ago +1

      Targaryens love each other too much 😭😭😭

  • Rlando james
    Rlando james 16 days ago +2

    How can someone so cruel n ruthless, a prince like Daemon remain loyal to his brother king?

  • IIMUN Bengaluru
    IIMUN Bengaluru 3 months ago +13

    The Targaryen theme as the court gathers…..Dany’s legacy :’)

  • Austin Duez
    Austin Duez 3 months ago +22

    goated for posting all these clips. love the comments on key moments too

    • Brett Smashy
      Brett Smashy  3 months ago +6

      Thanks! I ❤️ doing deep dives into these scenes. There’s usually so much more going on in HotD than we notice at first glance.

  • Marko Dreo
    Marko Dreo 25 days ago +2

    Otto face
    Brothers 4 ever

  • Alice Bowie
    Alice Bowie 2 months ago +5

    Seems interesting. Not as good as "game of wicker thrones", starring Cameron Mitchell, but still good.

    • Loadsamoney
      Loadsamoney Month ago

      Cameron Mitchell, RLM's favourite ever actor.

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 2 months ago +3

    The comment popups really helped me notice a few things I missed.

  • TheKellin1
    TheKellin1 3 months ago +5

    I love the comments popups!

  • MattJack
    MattJack 16 days ago +2

    How can anyone truly dislike Divorce Rock Daemon? 🪨

  • Elliott sharpe
    Elliott sharpe Day ago

    our love dose not know of titles