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Clown Behavior

  • Published on Oct 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest clown moment of All Time
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  • Clown Clownolius
    Clown Clownolius 8 months ago +10899

    As a Clown, I can confirm this is my behavior.

  • NvrStpGaming
    NvrStpGaming 8 months ago +8431

    Doug is the kind of dude to have a poster of himself in his room

    • Rich Boy Winston
      Rich Boy Winston 8 months ago +400

      That was the first thing I noticed too: the self portrait behind him lmao

    • Ivan Mora
      Ivan Mora 8 months ago +91

      And with the Faze Clan logo

    • Joe Schmoe
      Joe Schmoe 7 months ago +202

      I thought you were joking till I got to that point in the video.

    • NvrStpGaming
      NvrStpGaming 7 months ago +57

      @Joe Schmoe I wish I was

    • heroino89
      heroino89 7 months ago +10

      Yesss I love Doug the kind of guy memes!

  • skumnut's new wife
    skumnut's new wife 8 months ago +9142

    this dude just helped nadia, he made everyone cringe at him and they all got distracted from nadia cheating allegations. what a hero.

    • Why Hello There
      Why Hello There 8 months ago +214

      Might have been his true plan all along.

    • Sappireflames000
      Sappireflames000 8 months ago +170

      The cheating allegation is the main booster for her popularity. If that were to go away she'd be a normal streamer no one cared about.

    • itsrainingmelons
      itsrainingmelons 8 months ago +111

      I dare to say that he did a PR stunt for her. I have no context on who she is, but I immediately find her to be more likeble than this absolute towel boy

    • L P
      L P 7 months ago +1


    • Rygon Official
      Rygon Official 7 months ago +6

      The video just reminded me of og call of duty Clip-Sharers making their first irl video…
      It’s not that deep lmao
      Honestly 5mins into this penguinz reaction/commentary, I had to switch to the original video and it was way less painful than watching this pointless hate.

  • Brotatochip
    Brotatochip 7 months ago +1994

    Dude, charlies insults come out of his ass and are so top tier i actually verbally laugh multiple times. Love your videos

    • Agustín Bustos
      Agustín Bustos 7 months ago +82

      "He just speedran unlikability"

    • jayvhon calma
      jayvhon calma 6 months ago +70

      "Caught more shit than a latrine"
      That made me laugh so hard I let out a fat one

    • Speedy Boy
      Speedy Boy 6 months ago +57

      “he’s gonna be writing jokes for amy schumer next”

    • Katherine Conrad
      Katherine Conrad 6 months ago +44

      “Silence would have been more productive then everything he’s said so far”

    • madalyn
      madalyn 6 months ago +37

      his brain works like eminem when he raps except with jokes

  • Logan Ducharme
    Logan Ducharme 8 months ago +8208

    He presents the same type of humor that I would see in awkward school presentatons.

    • Fake Name
      Fake Name 8 months ago +391

      Stuff that seems funny when you’re planning it out with your group but then in action it’s just stiff and embarrassing? Yeah.

    • big wolf
      big wolf 8 months ago +73

      @Fake Name yeah i did a pretty good presentation for my comm1020 class and i thought it was pretty funny but the highlight wasn't the jokes which is kinda sad

    • Felix Salazar
      Felix Salazar 7 months ago +11

      @big wolf it really be like that fr

    • m
      m 6 months ago +13

      i think hes trying to do a danny gonzalez type thing, but he's just so awful

    • Raign
      Raign 5 months ago +3


  • Chewy Thomson
    Chewy Thomson 6 months ago +2559

    Man, I'm so happy Charlie is here to introduce me to these weirdos I previously had no idea about and whom I will then go on to immediately forget about as soon as the video is done. Sail on!

  • Leon Lush
    Leon Lush 8 months ago +3444

    i didn't watch after i heard how bad it was, and just the second hand embarassment i'm feeling right now watching your breakdown is almost too much to handle

    • JDTW
      JDTW 8 months ago +84

      The man , the myth , the legend.. Leon!

    • Liqoh
      Liqoh 8 months ago +19

      U fell off bro

    • Andy Quail
      Andy Quail 8 months ago +11


    • Liebe Dich
      Liebe Dich 8 months ago +64

      @Liqoh nah

  • plastacia
    plastacia 8 months ago +4148

    he’s so funny i’m seizing on the floor bleeding and screaming uncontrollably

    • srz
      srz 8 months ago +25

      LMAOO 🤣🤣🤣

    • TweenyTwinkies
      TweenyTwinkies 8 months ago +14


    • Christian
      Christian 8 months ago +64

      that was funnier than dogs whole video.

    • Shocknfunk
      Shocknfunk 7 months ago +13

      Get the neosporin to help with the laughing.

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 7 months ago +15

      That's not laughter, that's an aneurysm.

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 7 months ago +923

    Doug's humor was so funny that I threw myself out of a window

    • Animated
      Animated 7 months ago +8

      Look at that. You’ve almost hit the funny number.

    • Somebody
      Somebody 7 months ago +3

      omg you hit the funny number

    • Animated
      Animated 7 months ago +1

      Pog. The next kinda funni number is 666 but don’t hit that one. That one is bad

    • SpaceMissile
      SpaceMissile 6 months ago +2

      like a clock; time flies

    • Erwin Rommel
      Erwin Rommel 6 months ago +2


  • DoodilyDoo
    DoodilyDoo 7 months ago +401

    I feel like I would hate myself less if Charlie narrated my life.

    • Nick Meyer
      Nick Meyer 6 months ago +38

      Until he starts roasting you

    • Shiny Metagross
      Shiny Metagross 6 months ago +31

      @Nick Meyer at least I would be able to laugh at that

  • Supersonic family
    Supersonic family 8 months ago +361

    I love how Charlie can casually roast someone without any effort

    • Dr. Menyac
      Dr. Menyac 3 days ago

      Ye but this videos kinda a random one. Small, trying to get a little bit of views with his own humor witch is fine, has his moments trailing in the video randomly harped on even tho charlie and every Clip-Sharer ever does, his beggining was straight to the point with being a COD player to justify the vid, this just seems random

  • Monika K.
    Monika K. 6 months ago +882

    "when she said this live I was actually in my hottub, watching..." this sentence is a good summary of the whole video

    • Jose Pablo Bonilla Jimenez
      Jose Pablo Bonilla Jimenez 5 months ago +77

      One of my least favorite type of people are those that so nonchalantly and unnecesarily flex their stuff, its just such a dislikable trait, its like saying "So I was there driving my lambourghini and couldnt find a parking spot..." or something like that

    • Vada Mane
      Vada Mane 5 months ago +26

      Yeah people like him have money as their only personality trait and are probably insecure

    • Blisterdude123
      Blisterdude123 4 months ago +31

      "...and my brain just started to think!"
      I went back and replayed this line so many times, I cannot stop laughing. My god, we're dealing with an intellectual giant.

    • Spoopy Tigrams
      Spoopy Tigrams 4 months ago +9

      @Blisterdude123 love when my brain starts to think, really makes you think thoughts!

    • yang paan
      yang paan 4 months ago

      @Jose Pablo Bonilla Jimenez Why, are you jealous?

  • Professional Amateur
    Professional Amateur 8 months ago +32564

    You know when Charlie says, "I don’t understand what’s going on in the world right now", something terribly serious is happening.

  • Amanda the Jedi
    Amanda the Jedi 8 months ago +1096

    I used to be super into the call of duty scene, I have footage of Doug smashing a monitor at a Call of Duty tournament with his controller. I swear he cycles between behaviour like this and adamantly stating he's winning cod champs every year.

    • Alex Cunningham
      Alex Cunningham 8 months ago +66

      It's crazy to see you out in the wild especially on a Charlie video and I'm certain he would love to see that video as I definitely would

    • Cosmically unstable
      Cosmically unstable 8 months ago +29

      When I was like 11 I used to love faze along with him, now that I'm 20 and looking back and seeing them it just blows my mind what's happened but yeah I agree with the other comment we'd love to see it lmao 🤣

    • DoobieDoo
      DoobieDoo 8 months ago +40

      Unexpected Clip-Share crossovers in this video

    • Composure
      Composure 8 months ago +13

      I love it when people know Doug lmfao, the guy is a clown indeed lmao

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 6 months ago +380

    You don't write jokes for Amy Schumer. You write jokes for yourself and wait for Amy Schumer to take them.

    • Matches_Malone
      Matches_Malone 4 months ago +7

      How do you use "write" correctly and then proceed to misuse it in the same comment?

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson 4 months ago +20

      @Matches_Malone Sorry, I was likely a bit stoned when I wrote that. Oops, I mean rote. Or wait, what? Math is hard!

    • aaron s
      aaron s 4 months ago +2

      @Chris Thompson You were not stoned.

  • Baldy Grey
    Baldy Grey 5 months ago +475

    I think Doug already writes jokes for Amy Schumer

  • Dr Ganja
    Dr Ganja 8 months ago +171

    Gotta love Charlie's professionalism for the way he appreciates dough reacting to his livestream.

  • Emma
    Emma 8 months ago +172

    My biggest fear in life is doing something embarrassing enough to end up as the topic of a penguinz0 video

  • Snack Time
    Snack Time 8 months ago +5896

    When Doug said, "...and my brain just started to think", you could tell he was lying

    • goofy boy
      goofy boy 8 months ago +162

      he wasn't lying, he was doing his best.

    • PragmaticPoet
      PragmaticPoet 8 months ago +80

      That's what smells like bacon frying 😎

    • MuffinCakes
      MuffinCakes 8 months ago +11

      @Dont_click_this_profile ok i wont, thanks!

    • The only Things
      The only Things 8 months ago +3

      Clip-Share comments today be like:

    • patrick tatum
      patrick tatum 8 months ago +18

      @PragmaticPoet I think you mean rubber burning

  • FuckJoeBiden
    FuckJoeBiden 8 months ago +498

    I think hes in that weird stage he can't just simply tell her he likes her lmao

    • Aemilius Roswell
      Aemilius Roswell 7 months ago +76

      Lmfao I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that was actually the case. If I were her I would RUN.

    • Jess
      Jess 6 months ago +6

      Omg you’re so right😭😭

    • Eamonn Doyle
      Eamonn Doyle 2 months ago +4

      Love your name. ❤

  • foxtrot uniform charlie kilo
    foxtrot uniform charlie kilo 8 months ago +136

    Something in the way Charlie speaks is so…poetic. He has a way with words.

    • Juliana Harmatiuk
      Juliana Harmatiuk 8 months ago +23

      It's refreshing to listen to someone who knows how to properly convey their ideas

  • shitburn
    shitburn 7 months ago +57

    he’s really trying to push that “enemies-to-lovers” trope isn’t he?

  • (-_-) ғᴜᴛᴜʀ𝟹ᴀɴᴛʜ𝟶ɴʏ𝟾𝟷𝟺𝟺 (-_-)

    Doug saved Nadia by making everyone laugh at him trying to suction the slightest essence of clout and distracting Nadia’s cheating allegations. What a fucking hero

  • cocaineinhaler
    cocaineinhaler 7 months ago +74

    charlie is the only man i know of who's voice hardly changes with emotion

  • Cory
    Cory 8 months ago +5438

    Charlie is officially a tea channel for all sports, hobbies, and video games

    • Yung Zyon
      Yung Zyon 8 months ago +2

      I create entertaining videos also

    • fslayer1290
      fslayer1290 8 months ago +80

      And it’s piping hot! 😆

    • Skan
      Skan 8 months ago +14


    • epic1234
      epic1234 8 months ago +16

      dont you dare compare legendary king moist with disgusting 'tea channel'

  • Wack Sparrow
    Wack Sparrow 8 months ago +23

    You are a great guy who is clearly genuine. Thank you for the breakdown.

  • TheTwistedSavant
    TheTwistedSavant 8 months ago +39

    I always love seeing people say "i'm not doing this for the clout" after spending DAYS hyping it up in every way imaginable.

  • Kazou
    Kazou 8 months ago +48

    I love it when every community has their own version of LTG

  • GhostL30 05
    GhostL30 05 8 months ago +9092

    This dude managed to single-handedly make a cheating expose situation entirely into a cringe-fest drama entirely onto him in a single video. Rarely do ever people manage to screw up that badly, and this is one of those rare moments.

    • plantain.
      plantain. 8 months ago +104

      I mean that's basically what the chess scandal is.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 8 months ago +3


    • Kaijutoaster
      Kaijutoaster 8 months ago +78

      @Patrick39 impossible

    • Kokey
      Kokey 8 months ago +101

      @Patrick39 ratio

  • Mr. Drobot
    Mr. Drobot 8 months ago +21

    Charlie, this exposure was 100% needed. Thank you for being on the right side of History.

  • super squidkid sofresh
    super squidkid sofresh 6 months ago +21

    Doug's intro to his video made me laugh so hysterically hard that one of my lungs collapsed.

  • Ditzy Archive
    Ditzy Archive 3 months ago +3

    "That's clown behavior. That's what a clown would do." Is an actual quote I said to my friend when they implied people don't like a fictional character I love.
    Considering Doug behaves like a fictional character, I approve of this title.

  • Justin Warren
    Justin Warren 6 months ago +4

    I enjoyed Doug’s video not because it was good but because it was so bad that it was hilarious 😂. The commentary by Charlie just made it even funnier.

  • Erika Rose
    Erika Rose 7 months ago +12

    Doug: "I'm going to make an unbiased video about nadia and I don't care about her"
    Also Doug: Makes a video all about her while being super biased and immature and clearly cares wayyy too much what she does or says

  • e340
    e340 8 months ago +4948

    doug's humor doubles as white noise to fall asleep to

    • a
      a 8 months ago +182

      This is middle school video project cringe.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 8 months ago +1


    • Jebezus
      Jebezus 8 months ago +24

      @a Dannngggg, that is ROUGH

    • Verchiel_
      Verchiel_ 8 months ago +40

      i think id fall asleep better to white noise tbh

    • Huebo
      Huebo 8 months ago +2

      As in who’s right Doug?

  • Crescide
    Crescide 8 months ago +56

    It took me 2 whole minutes to realize Charlie wasn't talking about unfaithfulness cheating, but rulebreak cheating. I'm so bruh

  • Bee See ES
    Bee See ES 8 months ago +17

    This rant video is hilarious lol. I feel you Charlie. I've been frustrated by people who I wanted to be my source material for important infos lol

  • Comatose Hero
    Comatose Hero 6 months ago +22

    im sure its already been said, and i understand the importance of not cheating in this situation, but I just wanna point out that he DEFINITELY seems like the kind of guy that thinks being mean to girls will get them to like you like when youre 8 LOL

  • channingttv
    channingttv 8 months ago +14

    Doug’s version of story telling would make a second grader cry.

  • Original_Demonic
    Original_Demonic 6 months ago +27

    I can understand why Nadia didn’t perform well in a tournament where she’s not on her own setup. I don’t have much experience with her situation, but I know the idea of nerves. When you’re streaming alone, you don’t really see how many people are truly watching you. You can’t comprehend how many people are watching. When you’re in a tournament, where your fans are at least realised a little, you’re not in the comfort of your room, or with your own controls and settings. When you have pressure, you can choke. Or she could just have a bad day. When you stream, you can choose to not stream. You don’t have to broadcast if you’re not feeling it. Tournaments have dates and times. Everyone has off days.

    • -Venomblu Studios-
      -Venomblu Studios- 4 months ago +6

      What about the other people who were in the tournament ? Don't they face the same type of situation she has ? Then how do their performance in tournament is about as good as their normal stream with their own set up ? Nadia doesn't seem like to be a very nervous person in real life judging from her streams (I'll say even arrogant when people accuse her of cheating), and her drastically worse performance in the tournament compared to her own set up especially when she faced heavy cheating accusations is very shady.

    • miiauuu
      miiauuu 12 days ago

      @-Venomblu Studios-i'm not defending nadia because this was the first time i even heard of her, but not everyone acts the same under pressure. And the same person can perform very differently in different situations. For example when i was in school i had the worst anxiety when it came to presentations and i would stutter and shake in front of the class, but for one single presentation i was smooth and confident lol

  • SilentGamePLS
    SilentGamePLS 8 months ago +3

    Nice video!Just when you thought "dad jokes" were bad,now we have this type of "humor",history never fails to repeat itself.

  • Cooper Ponto
    Cooper Ponto 8 months ago +7

    I swear, Charlie could make a video of him watching paint dry and he could still make it interesting.

  • Guinea Pigs and Bunny Friends

    I am so glad I found this channel. I laugh a lot. I can tell he's in love with himself because he has a picture of himself on the wall blown up.

  • C Reid
    C Reid 8 months ago +8

    So glad you covered this, most of your stories are new to me but this I know well and you have covered it exactly as it is.

  • Yoshi_21
    Yoshi_21 8 months ago +2382

    If I commited a crime and had this guy as a lawyer, I would just admit guilt before the trial even starts.

      DONT READ MY PROFILE PICTURE 8 months ago +1


    • TunaminV1
      TunaminV1 8 months ago +80

      Wise decision at that point

    • Zena
      Zena 8 months ago +164

      This guy would earn you a much bigger sentence by just showing up lmao

    • stan clark
      stan clark 8 months ago +1

      hahaha same 😂🤣

  • Sean Galvan
    Sean Galvan Month ago

    Doug is so funny I choked on water and personally did CPR on myself to come back and laugh some more

  • Perla Lujan
    Perla Lujan 3 months ago +2

    This is my first time watching one of Charlie's video and now I'm hooked thanks to my boyfriend. At least I have something new to watch on Clip-Share

    • Warden Ninjen
      Warden Ninjen 2 months ago

      You gotta check his older videos, there are many golden masterpieces! ✨
      I love him

  • Seth K
    Seth K 6 months ago +8

    Funny thing is that she definitely has admitted it but nothing has been done to her lmao

    • jay q
      jay q 5 months ago +2

      cats yeah its just a game realistically lol

  • The Firely
    The Firely 8 months ago +15

    I have watched censor for years. It has been hard to watch him fall off over the past years.

  • The Shaggy Rifleman
    The Shaggy Rifleman 5 months ago +1

    To be honest, if Doug did start writing jokes for Amy I would be impressed. Thats at least a step up, for Amy

  • Chainsaw Lizard
    Chainsaw Lizard 8 months ago +1724

    This man tried to pull an Idubbbz, but forgot the humor, the effective criticism, and funny skits that made his videos enjoyable to watch

    • GZ
      GZ 8 months ago +286

      Tried to do Content Cop, made Content Crap instead.

    • Wilde Sage
      Wilde Sage 8 months ago +46

      My thoughts exactly. Dollar Store Eduuppz.

    • (was) boost mobile gaming
      (was) boost mobile gaming 8 months ago +9

      thats what i was exactly thinking

    • Seapack Gaming
      Seapack Gaming 8 months ago +30

      they both get pegged tho

  • Airsoft Bros
    Airsoft Bros 8 months ago +5

    I'm glad Charlie exists in this universe so that way I can get my internet drama information clear, clean and concise.

  • Salem
    Salem 8 months ago +15

    I honestly laughed at his intro, but it wasnt so much of a "hey this is genuinely funny" laugh, more like a "god please help this man" laugh

  • melhupby
    melhupby 3 months ago +6

    Love that Charlie unironically makes a better point about dolphin jumping towards Nadia lying (and so cheating) while laughing at Doug's shit attempts at cloutchasing by doing the same.

  • Shreksophone07
    Shreksophone07 7 months ago +7

    With all the flexing Doug does (satirical or otherwise) makes me think he's compensating for something

  • EXoTic Boii
    EXoTic Boii 8 months ago +8

    I like when moist Charlie covers topics that are in my interest lol
    Thank you man

  • Olje Moit
    Olje Moit 7 months ago +1

    Can’t help but feel for my boy Doug. Charlie ain’t holding anything back

  • Skeeter
    Skeeter Month ago +1

    Charlie acts like he's never done anything wrong in his life

  • Brodie Morris
    Brodie Morris 8 months ago +2015

    Gotta love Charlie subtly plugging his own biography when he says "It's like something out of the Bible." Takes real Yt experience to get that skilled at plugging your own stuff without most people even noticing.

    • Carl Wheezer
      Carl Wheezer 8 months ago +79

      he is so humble 😖

    • Brodie Morris
      Brodie Morris 8 months ago +48

      @Carl Wheezer I strive to be like him 🛐

    • Jamie Halfkin
      Jamie Halfkin 8 months ago +7

      Y'all still find humor in that stale as fuck joke??

    • Hannah Gibson
      Hannah Gibson 8 months ago

      Tbh, I don't think he was plugging that in. To me, it just sounded like a joke cuz lots of people joke about the Bible. Lots of yt atheists also make Bible jokes cuz lots of them were Christian as a kid, told to read the Bible and such. So some atheists know what's in the Bible anyways even tho they don't identify with that religion anymore
      Just wanted to give my opinion tho, idk what his religion is from the beginning. He makes jokes tho so I assumed that was one

    • Jack Davie
      Jack Davie 8 months ago +30

      You missed the joke

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 8 months ago +13

    I feel like a lot of people can play far better at home than they can in front of crowds or at events purely because of anxiety & pressure.

  • Geraldo Casiano
    Geraldo Casiano 8 months ago +4

    Lol! I love how you roasted this man. What he did was definitely embarrassing

  • Peter
    Peter 3 months ago +2

    I was born in 1986, so my "Call Of Duty experience" was actually "GoldenEye 007" from 1997.
    That game was freaking awesome, and it is definitely one of the most important shooter games ever made --- RC-P90 and Gold PP7 for the win.

  • sopita
    sopita 8 months ago +2

    i used to be a fan of censor and i even looked up to him. this was years ago.
    his habit of not being able to deliver drove me away.

  • XenoBlade X-3
    XenoBlade X-3 5 months ago +6

    Crazy thing is Nadia IS acting and it's working. She's said as such before n folks think she's bullshiting lol

  • Jonyba Brusch
    Jonyba Brusch 8 months ago +3685

    Charlie is slowly becoming a tea channel and I’m here for it.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 8 months ago +6


    • Moose Cannibal
      Moose Cannibal 8 months ago +308

      Yo, just feel I need to add, Kavetion is by far inferior to penguinz0

    • Moose Cannibal
      Moose Cannibal 8 months ago +68

      But yes I agree I'm here for it too

    • Ashley Brooke
      Ashley Brooke 8 months ago +140

      Our Internet messiah turns whine into tea

    • Fnutek
      Fnutek 8 months ago +28

      Hes always been that wdym

  • BreadoGuy
    BreadoGuy 8 months ago +6

    Hearing Charlie talk about “dolphin diving” later on in this video reminds me of his old “Black Ops Fun Tactics” and the “leap frog” tactic. Bring back the Fun Tactics man 🤘😁

  • Joseph Brogdon
    Joseph Brogdon 8 months ago +5

    Man I'm so happy for them hope the wedding is great

  • philomade
    philomade 2 months ago +3

    "Speedran unlikability" had me dead

  • forgotten
    forgotten 6 months ago +2

    I’m still into the call of duty scene but for my own reasons, just running around shooting people for a couple hours, just like I did back in the old cods. No raging, no toxicity, no sweat, nothing. Just vibes.

  • The Fool
    The Fool 8 months ago +1869

    The intro of him in a trench coat and fedora with sunglasses on indoors, lifting weights, instantly blew all of the clothes off of my body with the sheer cringe factor alone

    • FROZI
      FROZI 8 months ago +130

      You got off lucky, i lost all my hair and now look like my profile pic.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 8 months ago


    • Muhd Shatar
      Muhd Shatar 8 months ago +78

      @FROZI you guys have no idea how lucky you are, i lost all of my body parts and now looks exactly like my profile pic

    • The Scatman gang Ring leader
      The Scatman gang Ring leader 8 months ago +54

      @FROZI it blew all of your hair onto my face and aged me fifty years. I now look like my pfp

    • Scorpion
      Scorpion 8 months ago +6

      bUt iTs IrOnIc HumOur LmAo

  • Kendal
    Kendal 8 months ago +2

    I just laugh by myself the entire time. Love Charlie

  • Ames Moore
    Ames Moore 8 months ago +1

    This video is more exciting than watching molasses drip down the bulbous butt balloon of a baboon. Witnessing this beautiful Big Mac of Clip-Share content manifest in front of my unblinking eyes has transmogrified my cells into a seething culmination of bad ideas that metamorphisize into something less understanding of the world in which we live. Love ya Charlie- yer the real clown- in a good way. ;-)

  • Abdullah Masood
    Abdullah Masood 3 months ago

    I hope censor learns from his mistakes and makes good content now

  • All Aware
    All Aware 8 months ago +2

    With all the issues in the world, and responsibilities one can carry, putting my mind at ease watching internet gamer drama is what I'm doing. Woe for what is to come later before glory.

  • Jason Joy
    Jason Joy 2 months ago

    Today, after less than 3 months knowing Charlie and his "life capsules", I have decided to stop thinking and outsource it to Penguin. No troll, 100% truthful. I respect his views and insights to the point I'll simply leggo of mine. I'll be able to coast through life, guilt free, you have a question for me? Go see Charlie. From now on, it'll be gaming, booze and (none of your business). All this wrapped in the comforting blanket of Charlz, I can now leave my brain to rest (I'm nearly 50, no fucking joke, I can't believe it myself believe you me) and just effing chill and spend a little bit of my money on, futile, retributive and oh so, useless things. I love you man. (no mono)

  • GodLikeBr4z
    GodLikeBr4z 8 months ago +1828

    the fact doug waited for 10k viewers to join his live stream then ran 5 minutes ads just says everything.

    • J35ON
      J35ON 8 months ago +121

      It says that he is the greatest call of duty player of all time

    • Co
      Co 8 months ago +19

      Why do people even watch him?

    • Alex Z
      Alex Z 8 months ago +85

      @Co 🤷🏽‍♂️ he was actually making a bit of a comeback after MW since he wasn’t being so “Doug”. He actually played pretty well in SOME scrims and tournaments but then he did a complete 180 and went back to being hated.
      The guy BEGGED to be on a team in the CDL and I think eventually became a bench player for Boston (don’t quote me on that) but then got replaced. Seems like after that the dude just fell off. I never liked him but that’s my take on it.

    • Alex
      Alex 8 months ago +44

      And the whole chat was roasting the video it was hilarious. Highest view count he's had in years and everyone turns on him

    • Sonys dad
      Sonys dad 8 months ago +8

      @J35ON lackluster bait attempt I give it a 4/10

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez 8 months ago +15

    My boy Charlie condemns Censor for taking criticism well then proceeds to annihilate him for the video 😂

  • Vex
    Vex 8 months ago +2

    I like how he mentioned Doug didn't throw a def noodles sized tantrum over the criticism. Good on him, honestly. It's not easy to get roasted by hilarious and popular entertainers.

  • RatatoskrUwO
    RatatoskrUwO 6 months ago +20

    7 minutes in and I just realized she's cheating at games and not on her partner lol

    • JDLupus
      JDLupus 6 months ago +6

      It took me quite a long while to realise that, too 😅

    • RP
      RP 4 months ago +1

      Call of duty was mentioned like 5 times

  • Grat Dalton
    Grat Dalton 8 months ago

    Tbh i think this js exactly what he was going for, he knew it would be cringe and everyone would post videos on it making him relevant, so kudos to him, he did it😂

  • Mr. H.
    Mr. H. 8 months ago +1

    Even I work as a clown and this guy succeeds at it better than me. 🤡

  • Filmography 2.0
    Filmography 2.0 8 months ago +2710

    This guy honestly seems like the kind of guy that acts like "no you" is a good come back

  • Mariana V
    Mariana V 8 months ago +1

    Surprising amount of boomer humor for someone so young

    SUPERFUNTIMES 8 months ago +4

    When that joke hit at 4:00 I violently pooped myself. I can only assume from how funny Doug's joke was. Can't be certain.

  • DarkbloomVis
    DarkbloomVis 2 months ago +1

    Nadia never even cheated she just leaned into it and I don't blame her, these clowns got her so much cash

  • Superbanananinja
    Superbanananinja 8 months ago +1

    Seeing the drama of the pro gaming/social media world makes me feel insignificant...and I kindof like that. Clout is meaningless to me and it's nice to not have that pressure of "needing" it

  • lucid_president
    lucid_president 7 months ago +3

    Seeing all of her videos and really all of it and watching her play I think it's just I think she's just not cheating and people are just upset because she says she's the best player in the whole world which I agree she's good but you never say you're the best that's something because people are going to analyze it

  • MyNameAptis
    MyNameAptis 8 months ago

    i love this from censor most people don't know but this kind of thing is genuinely just how he is, all of his streams/vids this is his personality, you kinda have to know censor to understand it but this ended up blowing up and more people than he expected from outside the cod and his community saw it and took it way to serious

  • Tristan Dippenaar
    Tristan Dippenaar 9 days ago +1

    charlie is a pause god he creates the best thumbnails on pauses he makes on said person

  • Emanuel Dav
    Emanuel Dav 3 months ago

    Charlies tone is evolving into a troll hater kinda thing lately

  • Alps JK
    Alps JK 8 months ago

    Thank you for being the voice to what we were all thinking

  • Chris Cummings
    Chris Cummings 3 months ago

    Someone should tell Doug to make his videos at the gym so that the girls can record him being creepy at the gym.

  • Risus
    Risus 8 months ago +3653

    I like to think Doug got really excited in making and directing the video, its like while filming he just randomly gets an idea and does that and then while filming that idea gets another and the cycle goes on until the end where he had the genius idea of proposing.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 8 months ago +1


    • Nate
      Nate 8 months ago +188

      It reminds me of high school essays of people just writing a stream of consciousness and thinking they're the next Nobel prize winner

    • Brady Smith
      Brady Smith 8 months ago +188

      Bro had the “it’d be so funny if I” thought 60 times

    • Risus
      Risus 8 months ago +5

      @Brady Smith fr ong

    • SupportTheLittleGuy
      SupportTheLittleGuy 8 months ago +2

      Damn why y’all going after Doug 😭

  • Gerald Stewart
    Gerald Stewart 8 months ago

    I love listening to you clown people lol I miss watching you play among us with toast and syk

  • S M
    S M 6 months ago +48

    1. He clearly likes her
    2. She clearly cheats

  • curlyfr1ed
    curlyfr1ed 8 months ago +2

    I mean, you're not that bad at stalling for time either, Charlie.

  • kromit
    kromit 5 months ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy to go hang out at his workplace on his off day.

  • i3 Known
    i3 Known 8 months ago +1

    Charlies not going to see this but i hope he remains unbiased and a neutral figure. Would hate to see my favorite youtuber go down the annoying path of being a drama channel or worst being a part of the drama..

  • EssenceOfMagi
    EssenceOfMagi 4 months ago +1

    I’m pretty sure the point he was trying to make about the acting was that her sand innocence is evidence of her being a terrible actor. Her acting is supposedly so bad that it makes it incredibly obvious that she isn’t telling the truth. At least that’s what I think he was trying to get at

  • Sem
    Sem 8 months ago +3591

    you know the world has a cheating problem when even Ned is caught up in it

    • tarun98
      tarun98 8 months ago +89

      you know ned has a cheating problem when he cheats even though so many have gotten exposed and shat on about it

    • Angie Rodriguez
      Angie Rodriguez 8 months ago +73

      He was over compensating for it in my opinion. With being the "my wife" guy.

    • Goblin
      Goblin 8 months ago +29

      the try guys try cheating on their wives, the try guys need to try harder

    • yuno hati
      yuno hati 8 months ago +5

      Rate plz my english in my last video, wanna some feedback from natives, im ukrainian and i dont have people around that can assess me

    • Rafael Gongrubatatta
      Rafael Gongrubatatta 8 months ago +3

      this is a satirical comment, the hell is with this comment section lol