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  • Published on Sep 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Today we are finally telling you her name!! Subscribe for more videos: bit.ly/dailybumps

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  • Cullen & Katie

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful name!! 🥹💕 I was totally expecting the nickname version to come from the first part of her name, so that was a cool extra surprise at the end! So so excited for you guys!! 😭

  • Hal
    Hal  +247

    I love it! Her nickname being Elle is so sweet.

  • Stephanie Harrison

    I love her name and the meanings behind it. So sweet.

  • Sonia’s Way

    Beautiful name. I got chills when her name was fully spelled out ❤

  • Svenja Lia
    Svenja Lia  +124

    I’m so excited to know the name! Also how fun is it that both you and ellie get to have girl now? ❤ so sweet x

  • Lori Davis

    That has to be the most gorgeous little girl name I've heard in a long long time. 🥰 It will grow with her beautifully as she turns into an adult. Congratulations 💜

  • Shelby Wiley

    Absolutely in love with her name! From the beginning I always had a feeling her name would be similar to “Brianna” but would have a new unique twist to it. Just seemed so fitting! So happy for your family 💕

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah  +1

    So adorable! She could go by Elle, Ellie, Bri, and so much more.

  • Lauren W
    Lauren W  +43

    What a creative way to reveal it! ❤ Beautiful name and meaning!


    I named my cat Mae, after a lady I knew. She adored kitty cats, and now that I have Mae, ever since she was a kitten, I would tell her about who she's named after, and just by her description Mae always starts to purr.

  • Marissa Piscitelli

    That is a gorgeous name I love it and the fact that it has meaning behind it makes it even better. I am so happy for you both❤️

  • Kimberly Thompson

    I'm so excited and happy for you guys,this little girl is going to be loved so much. I love her name it's absolutely precious ♥️

  • Chelby Farley

    OH MY GOSH!!! I have been obsessed with the name Brielle since high school and have been saying that I want to name my future daughter Brielle. So I literally freaked out when I saw this. I was super excited to find out her name regardless of what it ended up being, but this is so cool!! And her middle name is great too. So precious.

  • sweetsouthernmama

    My daughter’s middle name is Eloise because both of her great grandmothers were named Lois and Louise. She VERY quickly got dubbed the nickname “louie”. She’s 4 and still goes by Louie 80% of the time ❤

  • carly dehart

    I've been here for a very long time, seeing her middle name gave me flashbacks to you both doing the "draw my life" videos and the story of missy always playing piano with her grandma always stuck with me. I am so happy you were able to give your little girl such a special name.

  • Ainiewainy

    I absolutely love her name! Fits so well with her brothers! ❤️

  • muffin2u63

    Beautiful name! I thought you may include your grandmother's name too. I remember an old video where you were going to name a baby girl after your grandmother because she meant so much to you growing up. I didn't realize Bryan's grandmother had the same name! That works out great! It honors both of your grandmothers. I think Brielle is very pretty as well.

  • Vince Ramirez

    I love her name! I just found out from wife well watching this that you had baby Brielle, so happy for you all! God bless her and you all!

  • Leon du Plessis

    I love the name! It has a ring to it, and is unique enough to make it a special name.

  • Lisa Rene

    What a beautifully creative way to announce baby girls name!! I love her name!