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1950's Air Compressor Restoration

  • Published on Feb 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I will restore this vintage air compressor. It is a made for painting with an air brush. The compressor is a bit rusty, has been damaged at some point probably by a fall and the bottom plate has cracked. It also came with an old motor for it which was not working well. It will be a useful tool in the future.
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  • Odd Tinkering
    Odd Tinkering  Year ago +570

    I've gotten quite a few questions about the 3/2022. It's a serial number so it would mean the 3rd restoration of the year and not the month

    • Indra Kusuma
      Indra Kusuma Year ago +22

      Wait, what are 1/2022 and 2/2022 though? Can't seem to recall them.

    • Luiz Henrique Benício Dantas
      Luiz Henrique Benício Dantas Year ago +7

      22:33 => yes!

    • Johnpaul Sein
      Johnpaul Sein Year ago +14

      i have a question... did the paint taste like granny smith or candy sour apple? lol

    • jim s
      jim s Year ago +11

      You may want to add 00 to the number, 001,002,003 ECT. This way everyone will know it's a serial number.

    • Ken Gibson
      Ken Gibson Year ago +1

      This was incredibly confusing while I was watching the video…I came to the comments after I finished the video and now it makes sense.

  • Sam C
    Sam C Year ago +461

    I don’t know if you are a one man team, but if you are, the level of patience you must have is incredible. I make assembly videos of products for a company so I know the tediousness of it all, but these videos are fantastic.

    • Odd Tinkering
      Odd Tinkering  Year ago +318

      Thanks, Iappreciate it. I do everything myself. It still surprises me every time how long quick tasks can take when I need to film it

    • Alexandre Baret
      Alexandre Baret Year ago +7

      @Odd Tinkering Sisu 😁

    • Ilham Amani
      Ilham Amani Year ago +20

      @Odd Tinkering Even you're the one who's editing? What a legend 😎

    • fudgems
      fudgems Year ago +8

      @Odd Tinkering how long is a project vs a filmed project?

    • Misterrorschach
      Misterrorschach Year ago +9

      @Odd Tinkering hire me to do the boring work. I’ll wear funny gloves.

  • xMrsmileyfacex
    xMrsmileyfacex Year ago +371

    The cylinder walls were in fine condition considering how old the compressor is. It was another masterful restoration good sir. Cheers!

  • Feliciana Delacruz
    Feliciana Delacruz Year ago +131

    Pretty awesome to see this stuff restored and put back into use, rather than being tossed away. Fascinating to watch and great craftsmanship.

    • Young Dabber
      Young Dabber Year ago

      Awesome? Yes. Efficient? No.

    • Halo Mika
      Halo Mika Year ago +15

      @Young Dabber Who cares if it’s efficient? It looks good and it works, so ehy not use it?

    • Young Dabber
      Young Dabber Year ago +1

      @Halo Mika it's a waste of earths resources, it's better for the environment to just make a new air compressor. Doesn't take away the skill this guy has, or the satisfaction I get from watching it, I just wanted to point out how wasteful it is, in both time and resources. Have a great day!

    • TheMainCore
      TheMainCore Year ago +16

      @Young Dabber you are wrong though.

    • Young Dabber
      Young Dabber Year ago +2

      @TheMainCore how so?

  • Miguel Arellano
    Miguel Arellano Year ago +119

    Who ever is editing your videos they are doing a great job! Also your restorations are superb!

    • GRFF
      GRFF Year ago +50

      He does the editing if im not mistaken

    • 19 day
      19 day Year ago +2

      It's ext a good! :D

    • Jane C. Montero V.
      Jane C. Montero V. Year ago


    • Huratio
      Huratio Year ago +4

      @GRFF It's amazing that he have so many talents

  • Zzyzx
    Zzyzx Year ago +322

    I had one of these in the 1970s, a Christmas gift. Used it with a Badger airbrush to paint plastic model kits. It was noisy but got the job done and lasted for years; great restoration job as usual! Yours is mounted to a wooden base; mine had four sponge-rubber pads attached to the metal base plate to keep the compressor from walking across the floor when it was running. That motor may not be original; mine was painted the same hammertone green as the compressor. Also, they eliminated the long handle molded to the cylinder and the air outlet was threaded and at 90 degrees to the cylinder. I think my parents bought it from a hobby store in the Chicago suburbs. Thanks for the great memories, spent many happy hours using this compressor for model kit builds.

    • Fishing Zone
      Fishing Zone Year ago +11

      That engine looks familiar to me, its like the singer sewing machines had.

    • Unpainted Huffhines
      Unpainted Huffhines Year ago +12

      I think this one originally came with the rubber feet as well. You could see their outlines when he took off the wooden base.

    • Black Dog
      Black Dog Year ago +7

      @Unpainted Huffhines yeah, after whoever dropped it and cracked the base plate is when I'm assuming the wood base was added to keep it stable.

    • Hyratel
      Hyratel Year ago +3

      Also makes it a hell of a lot quieter I bet

    • Zzyzx
      Zzyzx Year ago +7

      @Hyratel I was amazed at how quiet the restored compressor is. Mine made a loud clattering noise that was totally annoying after a few minutes. I built models down in the basement; my brothers would yell at me from the top of the stairs they couldn't watch TV becasue of the noise.

  • mindblind tina
    mindblind tina Year ago +8

    My boyfriend and I randomly discovered this channel about a year ago and I'm never not fascinated by the entire process. It's always interesting seeing you take stuff apart and insanely satisfying to watch you put it all together at the end. The pure versatility you have in skills to get this stuff done is incredibly impressive. Hats off to you.

  • Matt Haas
    Matt Haas Year ago +23

    It came out so well! The variety between these and the retro tech restorations makes your channel really fun to watch. What wattage is that laser cleaner?

  • Sanne A.
    Sanne A. 11 months ago +12

    I legit laughed out loud when you used the drill powered spraycan shaker, I wasn't expecting that. What a genious invention! :) Also I thought the original patina was so cool! But it had to go obviously, the finished result is beyond amazing. Good job sir!

  • Rev. D.
    Rev. D. Year ago +47

    Ultra-cool restoration brother, well done as usual! It seems that there's nothing that you and Ducktor can't bring back to life. Thanks for sharing your great videos with us. God bless. Rev. D.

  • Dank
    Dank Year ago +6

    As someone whose family was in the auto-body business for decades, your paint skills are pretty damn good! Your bondo work is getting there too! Keep up the great work.

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S Month ago

    You went over and beyond "Just for that plate" I feel like. Your a beast and really admire you dedication to a project brother 💪🏽

  • Criss Meredith
    Criss Meredith Year ago +36

    I was so happy to see that you posted a new video! I'd rather see you use the sandblaster myself, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, wonderful job and please keep doing what you do! 😀

    • Yaima Martinez
      Yaima Martinez Year ago +1

      Same here, I also prefer the sandblaster. 😁

    • Dave Wolf
      Dave Wolf Year ago +2

      I'm the opposite. I'd rather see a laser that doesn't cause lung cancer.

  • José Dias
    José Dias 3 months ago

    Perfeita recuperação parabéns 👏

  • priceoffame
    priceoffame 11 months ago +1

    Masterful work. I love how you even fixed the manufacturing defects. Not just a restoration, but an improvement! You also have a great sense of humor. I was laughing at the part where you "tasted" the paint. XD

  • bishoujo344
    bishoujo344 Year ago

    Always love watching your videos. This is another example of your amazing restoration skills! How long does it take to complete each project, generally?

  • T M
    T M 4 months ago +1

    You do remarkable work. Thank you so much for showing the chemicals/paint and explaining the process used for those of of who want to learn, Appreciate the welding warning too. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Fred Richardson
    Fred Richardson Year ago +1

    Great restoration - that little compressor looks good and works really well! Really like the laser blaster - I haven't seen that in operation in a while and it seems like magic. Very cool video! 👍

  • J Dub
    J Dub Year ago +3

    Another awesome restoration!
    Side note: I would get some 3M lead testers to determine if there's lead paint before I use any method that might disperse it into the air. Also watch out for fiber gasket materials used in older items as they may contain asbestos. If I find fiber gasket material on older things I usually spray them down with penetrating oil before I disturb them to reduce the chances of getting that stuff in the air. Both of those things are nasty!
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress Year ago +1

      Excellent points!

    • Jen S
      Jen S 8 months ago +1

      Wow the lead paint issue didn’t even cross my mind until I saw your comment. Excellent advice and a valuable 2 cents!

  • zaraki119kenpachi119

    i simply do not have the patience to do the restorations that you do, but i absolutely love watching these videos. there's something cathartic about it. i love that there is a start and finish, and you always show the item working, very satisfying...

  • Homebrew Now
    Homebrew Now Year ago +1

    Your videos put me in a good mood my dude❤️... No matter how shitty my day was watching you restore something always feels really satisfying even tho I didn't do anything... Thank you!

    • Nazo
      Nazo Year ago +1

      Me too man his videos always make me feel satisfied, its almost like you're involved in the process.

  • George Brown
    George Brown Year ago +2

    I have never seen one of those laser devices before that removes old paint and rust. Quite novel and clever. Great job restoring the air compressor and it works like a charm, too. Well done.

  • Devin
    Devin Year ago +1

    One of the best channels on YT. I love your work but it makes me want to get into restoration!

  • Zxborg
    Zxborg 3 months ago

    Really beautiful outcome! I love the paint job. Wondering if I missed a strain relief on the power cord, though, it sort of looked like it was just soldered to the terminal and fished loosely through the hole in the housing. Regardless, I enjoyed the vid.

  • Vinicius Sales
    Vinicius Sales Year ago +3

    Ótimo trabalho, é sempre uma notificação muito positiva de receber!

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 4 months ago +1

    Pretty good restoration. Nice paint job overall.I don't think you needed to replace the wood base - you should have restored that too! Also don't paint the part of the pulley where the belt runs & adjust it properly the paint will interfere and end up peeling off..

  • Kingnewcomer
    Kingnewcomer Year ago +1

    Another fantastic restoration, OT! :D Nice to see the return of the laser cleaner, it's always a pleasure watching that machine destroy all that rust, and old paint! Ah, yeah, the Paint Mixer 3000, I believe I've seen the Ducktor use that thing in an earlier video (I forget which one though)! Speaking of which, can't forget the Ducktor taking a nickel-plating bath! :D Loved the little tease of you joking about reusing the vintage air compressor's original pad as wanting to pay respect of its history, only to be shoved into the garbage, and be replaced by a brand new one! XD I'll definitely check out your new tutorial video on your other channel! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Artemário Tadeu Medeiros da Silva

    Parabéns !
    Excelente trabalho !
    Dá gosto de se ver !

  • Eletroriba! Riba
    Eletroriba! Riba Year ago

    Ótimo serviço!

  • Vuusteri
    Vuusteri Year ago +3

    Man, you are so skilled. I can't even cut straight with scissors XD
    Another excellent restoration!

  • Talmiior
    Talmiior Year ago +39

    It would have been a really good idea to have checked the motor's bearings and removed the motor's armature to give the inside a good cleaning and do a grease repack. The motor probably is badly in need of that after such a long period of time, it sounded like it needed it too even after the restore

  • Anthony Tasset
    Anthony Tasset Year ago +2

    Encore une très belle restauration, merci pour la vidéo !!
    J'aime le fait de mettre des plaques de numérotation sur tes restaurations... Hâte de voir la suite.

  • Michael | DM Pope
    Michael | DM Pope 9 months ago

    That laser is SUPER awesome! I'd absolutely get one once I get some more workshop space.

  • CJ Collectibles
    CJ Collectibles Year ago

    I always enjoy your videos. I know you really enjoy bring things back to their full potential. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  • Rudegor
    Rudegor Year ago +1

    Какой красивый компрессор! Умели мастера раньше делать!

  • Doug K
    Doug K Year ago +1

    Of the hundreds of restoration videos that I’ve seen, I’ve never watched someone use a laser for removing paint and rust. Very cool! Everyone uses paint remover, rust remover and or sand blasters.

  • PoohsSmartBrother
    PoohsSmartBrother Year ago +12

    Beautiful restoration!! Granted I'm surprised you kept the motor you were given. I would have found/used a motor spec'ed for 230V 50Hz. Given the US plug, It probably is supposed to run on 110-120V 60Hz. That 10Hz will make a noticeable difference in performance. Love the paint mixer 3000.

    • Briggs & Stratton Power
      Briggs & Stratton Power Year ago +1

      It really won't. It's not an induction motor but instead a universal motor. It could even run on DC

  • charleygordonFFA
    charleygordonFFA Year ago +1

    Wow this was such an intricate and beautiful restoration, well done

  • Robert Pucovsky
    Robert Pucovsky Year ago +30

    There's a text for a single frame at 22:33 that reads "I also made this metal page to stamp a "serial number" on. Should I put these on some of my future restorations?". Don't know if it was a rendering glitch or if it was removed in the Clip-Share editor but I definitely think this is a good idea. Good work!

  • Чёрный Слесарь(Black Locksmith.)

    Прекрасная работа. Браво!

  • Cold Snap
    Cold Snap Year ago +8

    I don't mind your infrequent upload schedule, because your videos are just this good.
    I have an old busted arcade machine I wish I could send your way...

  • Restored Channel
    Restored Channel Year ago

    Beautifully done👌So much work went into this! We need more rustremoval with the laser!😁

  • Mark schwegler
    Mark schwegler Year ago +6

    Surprisingly nice on the inside. Really great work.

    • ZSandmann
      ZSandmann Year ago

      that's because he just leaves his stuff sitting outside to get dirty before "restoring" it

    • James Horton
      James Horton Year ago +2

      @ZSandmann Can you prove that?

  • Xena Wrenn
    Xena Wrenn Year ago +1

    These restoration videos always make me so sleepy and relaxed, I watch them before bed when I wanna pass out quick lol amazing work btw 💙

  • CybertechFoxArt
    CybertechFoxArt Year ago +1

    I always love watching your videos! I'm assuming the original paint color was hard to find? That retro blue is so iconic to that era so it would have been cool to use it.

  • Errolea brown
    Errolea brown Year ago +1

    Beautiful restoration and the engine is still puttering along god love it. It’s amazing what they built way back in the day.

  • Ditz Does Archive
    Ditz Does Archive Year ago +1

    What i love about old tools like this is that they can last forver with proper care and even if they are allowed to get in a state like this you'd only really need to sort out the motor to get it back into working order.

  • starblazers01
    starblazers01 Year ago

    True craftsmanship. Love it how you stay clean!

  • Andrésbdc
    Andrésbdc Year ago +26

    Am I gonna watch a legend restore some stuff for 30 minutes¿?

  • Anna Christensen
    Anna Christensen 9 months ago

    Excellent job Sir! 😍 May I ask why you often use many different ways of removing rust? For fun or is there a meaning behind it all 😉

  • MarioSratss
    MarioSratss Year ago +1

    There really amazing. I love your skills and all the tools you use. Awesome.

  • JR Swackhammer
    JR Swackhammer 7 months ago

    Awesome!! If I ever run across one of these I'll know how to fix it. This is so neat! I've never saw one if these. Its amazing at the gadgets and stuff we've had over the years!

  • Salomão Oliveira

    Seus vídeos nos faz muito bem . Esteja sempre produzindo conteúdos de qualidade .

  • Fabián Riquelme
    Fabián Riquelme 6 months ago +32

    restoration channels are having an arms race to see who can get a part clean in the most overkill way

    • Mur4ad
      Mur4ad 6 months ago +6

      Definetly, hoping to see some atomic cleaning device soon

    • Денис Жаров
      Денис Жаров Month ago

      This channel is the most honest and the best

  • Roland
    Roland 2 months ago

    Wow, great restoration! It's just amazing how much skill and knowledge you have but as I watch your videos I just wonder is there any tool invented that you don't have?

  • Perrain Eric
    Perrain Eric Year ago

    Bravo à vous pour cette belle restauration et qu’elle patience . Voilà un petit compresseur qui n’ira pas à la déchèterie 👍🏻

  • Tud Row
    Tud Row Year ago +2

    I love watching someone who does quality work. And this is quality work.

  • Krouton CrOnCh
    Krouton CrOnCh Year ago +1

    A while back I saw one of his videos and fell down the rabbit hole of restoration videos and channels. I'll never regret it.

  • BpEmpire2001
    BpEmpire2001 Year ago

    Its amazing the amount of tools and equipment you have, would love to see a video of your work area for this tyoe of restorations.

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa Year ago +42

    *Little tip* : when you have a crack in a metal part like the base plate of your compressor, drill a hole on each end of the crack, to prevent the crack from getting bigger in the future. The hole in the way of the crack will stop its expansion. (sorry if my english sucks, I hope you get what I mean lol ^^)

    • Hahaha, No.
      Hahaha, No. 9 months ago

      I didn't know about that :O that's awesome

    • Jason Hudson
      Jason Hudson 2 months ago

      English was a1

    • M
      M 2 months ago

      This is solid advice.

    • MyYouTubeChannel
      MyYouTubeChannel 2 months ago

      Except he welded it, so that’s not necessary.

    • Jason Hudson
      Jason Hudson 2 months ago

      @MyClip-ShareChannel actually a crack like that can easily come back if you didn’t put a good enough root or even if you sand material off the root putting two holes cuts the crack off think of when you have a cracked windshield an you come back to it even worse bout the same

  • Kleytons
    Kleytons Year ago

    PERFEITO 👍👍👍 🇧🇷

  • Sebastian Collante

    Loving this. Your work is amazing

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    Miguel Rodrigo 8 months ago +1

    Magnífico trabajo. Felicidades

  • antonio parra
    antonio parra Year ago +2

    muy buen trabajo señor!!!!! me llamo mucho la atención esa maquina laser no sabia que se aplicaba laser para limpiar partes de oxido y pintura no perdí el tiempo viendo su trabajo mil gracias por el video.

  • 2KG
    2KG Year ago +1

    Jälleen hieno kuvaus ja editointi! Todella viihdyttävää!

  • TobiTechBoy
    TobiTechBoy Year ago +11

    The camera focus on some of these shots is incredible!

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago +2

      Yeah I noticed the new effects really like them

  • oneshot_me
    oneshot_me Year ago

    It looks like it's new again and you did a masterful job restoring it as well!!!!
    Enjoyed your video so I gave it a Thumbs Up as a support

  • sdupre61
    sdupre61 10 months ago +2

    How cool is that! What a neat piece. Kudos!

  • MaedarOH
    MaedarOH Year ago +1

    Good job, a few things I would have done differently but overall solid restoration.

  • Esteban Serafín
    Esteban Serafín 4 months ago

    Hello, the truth is that thanks to these videos I have managed to solve my insomnia problem, it should be noted that it is not boring at all, but for some reason they help me to fall asleep,Anyway, I just want to thank you for making these videos so comforting

  • Zach Sands
    Zach Sands Year ago

    I love the metallic restoration videos. Especially when you use the method of putting them in water and electrifying them

  • Steven Wheat
    Steven Wheat Year ago +9

    These type of vids are great for me. Quite soothing!
    I love taking things apart and putting them back together, but I never put em back properly.
    Interesting Nuke Daddy laser! Excellent on whitening the teeth, id assume..

  • Kaitlynn Mountney
    Kaitlynn Mountney 10 months ago +1

    The duck you had in the solution when you did the screws is one of my favorite things you have done to make your videos special! I play your videos at night to help me relax before going to sleep.

  • Steven s
    Steven s Year ago

    Man I just wanna say you deserve ever sub you get. You're so meticulous and precise. You can see every single second of your experience in just a short video just wow! Bravo and fuck as I was typing this you brought out the paint mixer 3000. Amazing I wish I could sub twice

  • AandB1998
    AandB1998 Year ago

    Nicely done! I was somewhat hoping you would polish the casing of the compressor but then that wouldn't be restoring now would it?!!😁 Still a very good build. Congrats!

  • Chris Cyrus
    Chris Cyrus 9 months ago

    Excellent job I love when you put things back together you know they don't look so great when you get them awesome

  • davouchi1
    davouchi1 Year ago

    Wow absolutely amazing job. Keep up the good work.

  • WM
    WM Year ago +3

    Restoring gaming gears is good, but restoring old machines is BEST. Thanks for awesome video.

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    Mike Barker Year ago

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    T. R. W. Jones Year ago +1

    This is truly awesome! Keep up the good work

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    Omega Bowser 11 months ago +2

    What has it been, two years ? And still you amaze me on each one of your video, congratulation on your work, you're one of a kind !!

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    That laser cleaner was AWESOME!!! You do great work.

  • Angry Aromatisse
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    Dude that machine was ahead of its time, and I'm happy to see get back into working order :)

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    I can just spend hours looking at restorations with the ducktor 😊

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    Paul Orth Year ago

    Nicely done sir very nicely done indeed. Going with the retro paint color really came out well. If you were to actually use this I would tighten the belt a bit. Thanks for sharing. 😁👍🇨🇱🇺🇸

  • shelby arndts
    shelby arndts 4 months ago

    He used a modern air brush to paint a vintage air brush
    Brilliant work!

  • Dead Account
    Dead Account 10 months ago

    Beautiful! I love the little card you made to leave your mark. Very cool! 😁

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  • Andrew Ponti
    Andrew Ponti Year ago

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  • Donald Nelson
    Donald Nelson Year ago

    I enjoyed every minute of this video.The laser was awesome. Thank you. Will be following your videos

  • owen Williams
    owen Williams Year ago +1

    Awesome video I'm a new subscriber this video was on my Clip-Share home screen I liked how you put words in the video it's the actual sound there's no music this is so good 😎

  • Ze MilkMan
    Ze MilkMan Year ago +5

    Another perfect example of “they don’t make things the way the used to” this is over 60-70 years old and it still works

  • Fresh1492
    Fresh1492 Year ago

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  • Mangaloff
    Mangaloff Year ago +1

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  • Anatole Arnold
    Anatole Arnold Year ago +2

    I may be one in the crowd of many who thinks that removing the casting defects of the item and making it smooth with filler removes the originality of the piece in the current state and there for makes it less valuable to purists than if it was rebuilt and painted with the defects. I love the work and all the pieces come out amazing keep it up!