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Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Apr 10, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Magic is in the air! Which witch will win this duel?
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Comments • 19 064

  • Jag TheGreatAce
    Jag TheGreatAce 11 months ago +8794

    The fact that so many people didn't know Zatanna was that powerful, really speaks to DC's failure to bring their characters to mainstream audiences. Like yes we all love Batman, Superman and the Justice league, but wow these other characters have so much potential in film and animation.

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop 2 hours ago

      @Winnie You say that as if that isn't the exact same thing marvel does everyone is at least cosmic or omega level

    • Obi-Juan Tacobi
      Obi-Juan Tacobi Month ago

      @dean👀 you're coming in almost a year later, I really don't care by this point.

    • ZonNoDon
      ZonNoDon 2 months ago


    • Rabbit Season
      Rabbit Season 2 months ago

      Zatanna IS a rip off.... A rip off of her father Giovanni John Zatara who debuted way back along with Superman.

    • Scarlet Sky
      Scarlet Sky 2 months ago +1

      Honestly do weeee? Even when they were written well Batman and Superman were always kinda bland.

  • Brantley Hinnant
    Brantley Hinnant 8 months ago +2622

    I love how Zatanna was just casually juggling entire universes like it was nothing, with a smile on her face 😂

    • Richard Nixon
      Richard Nixon 10 days ago

      ​@Nathann your comment now has 69 likes

    • Ootarion Astrofengia
      Ootarion Astrofengia 25 days ago

      @Thor Clarke Yep, Concentration does not mean her spells become stronger, just more focused.

    • Viskyy
      Viskyy Month ago

      @Danielle Hohenseebe for real Wanda negs

    • Viskyy
      Viskyy Month ago

      @Nathann Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker.. zatanna doesn’t even scale that far not even close. Wanda depowered the Phoenix force which should be impossible theyre yin and Yang and you’re comparing midtanna to Wanda Lol

    • Viskyy
      Viskyy Month ago

      @NathannZatanna gets dog walked by Wanda and Phoenix cry they’re both. Yin and yang

  • Alex Read
    Alex Read 6 months ago +1261

    Zatanna's finishing blow being a "saw-in-half" trick was a really great touch. Good work to the animation team, as always!

    • Dora Nicolaou
      Dora Nicolaou Month ago

      yabos ♪ uhmm I know that I thing you tagged the wrong person obviously zatana is a knock off and Wanda is better and more powerful

    • Dora Nicolaou
      Dora Nicolaou Month ago

      yabos ♪ she isn't

    • cupidwasstupid
      cupidwasstupid Month ago

      @Alex Read Lol 😅... the video is trash if you are a comic reader you will know that... one of the many proof of if being a trash is that they shamelessly say Dr strange knock Wanda out 😅🤦 but in comics Dr strange says that he wasn't there and he didn't knock her out,he went on and explain that it was all an illusion cast by Wanda to make them think she was taken care of Lol...I mean how can they miss out such information and feat in a videos like this...😅🤦the video is a joke to make DC fans feel better, even if zatana defeat her(which is almost impossible) scarlet witch is too powerful for her to joke around like that while fighting... don't you think?

    • cupidwasstupid
      cupidwasstupid Month ago

      @Pls buff me ' Lol... strange didn't make Wanda faint or knock her out. it was an illusion cast by Wanda Lol... strange literally showed up later and explain that it wasn't him and that according to the hand gesture of Wanda she probably cast an illusion to make them think that she has been taken care of... this dudes doesn't know who scarlet witch is they just listen to what they rant on screen without ever picking up comic book in their Life

    • Alex Read
      Alex Read 2 months ago +1

      @Pls buff me ' alright take a deep breath and rewatch the video

  • Holy One not a pervert
    Holy One not a pervert 7 months ago +765

    I wanna see Wanda say "no more magic" and both of them just have a massive hairgrabbing, arm biting, face slapping, stomach kicking, cat fight

    • Jake
      Jake 8 days ago

      @Tazman It's true, in fact his ability to alter probabilities is what changes reality, but it's not because of Chaos magic so it's complex, Literally, the magic of Chaos was one of the sources of all creation, so Wanda would win by proxy.

      SWAHILI 9 days ago

      @Knight Hawk absolutely 🤣🤣they even use this fallacy when comparing combat thing with Jean Grey the dark Phoenix LMAO 💀

    • Dr. Manhattan
      Dr. Manhattan 25 days ago

      @skankhunt42 Saying "No magic" in a neutral universe outside of DC wouldn't affect Zatanna at all because she technically does not use *Magic* they way one would think, in the DC universe "magic" is not a cosmic power, but rather (like Dr. Manhattan said in Doomsday clock) an "error code" or forgotten "code" left behind in the universe that is used by people that you could compare to hackers in the pc world.
      Wanda is limited by her thought,mental stability and imagination and doesn't possess omniscience, so unfortunately she wouldn't know that actually the source of Zatanna's magic is actually a defect of the multiverse, while on the other hand most of Marvel's magic wielders either are born with magic powers (like mutants) or have to learn sorcery in Kamar Taj, and sorcery is not the same as magic.
      With Wanda's understanding of Marvel's magic and the lack to omniscience, she probably isn't able to just prevent a DC magic user from using magic.
      I'm not a fanboy for either of the two, but we should take in account that the Marvel universe uses magic the old fashioned way, while the DC universe doesn't.

    • skankhunt42
      skankhunt42 27 days ago

      @Tazman she fog beaten by strange. A less powerful character. Zantana stomps.

    • Tazman
      Tazman 27 days ago

      @skankhunt42 yes to augment her mutant ability and to keep it under control. But no her reality warping ability is not magic. Even if it was Zantana HAS TO SPEAK TO CAST SPELLS. Always has always will. So no matter how you slice this one Wanda wins hands down thye nerfed her and beefed Zantana beyond anything she is capable of showing that they pick favorites rather then like they say taking each one by their abilities alone. Kind of how Iron beat Batman because he did something impossible by hacking the most unhackable system in the universe.

  • Don Dowell
    Don Dowell 8 months ago +963

    The fact that wanda can control the Omni verse and her brother is just fast is dirty😂

    • 🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj
      🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj Month ago

      @Jesse Aactually she was weakened at the time but she can easily beat them she just didn’t know how to hope copy wand power to even match dp cyclops so yeah

    • Jesse A
      Jesse A Month ago

      @Paddy's Corner
      Correct, in the trial of magneto, Beast says exactly that. Wanda can't destroy energy referring to powers, she can only manipulate it. When she fought the phoneix, Wanda said. "That's all I have, I through everything at the phoneix and it didn't even phase it.
      Wanda through, Hexes, warped reality, used her powers to control the odds and nothing worked and that's because the phoneix is energy. It's the nexus of all psychic powers in the multi-verse.

    • wandasolos
      wandasolos Month ago

      ​@Jesse A finally someone said it

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago +1

      @Jack Hamilton That's a big if. But I believe it's possible.

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago

      Gotta love disparity.

  • Mr Enigma
    Mr Enigma 7 months ago +712

    Now I see why Constantine has such a strong thing for Zatanna. She's got way more than just good looks!

    • Jake
      Jake 8 days ago

      @Maskoftacorro the Scarlet Witch absorbed Chthon and merged with the Darkhold currently, so don't say she has to lose control because she seriously has infinite knowledge, much more than Zatanna xD

    • XXXMysteria
      XXXMysteria 10 days ago

      She can easily kill Beyonder thats why you like her.

      CJ HUMALA 2 months ago +1

      @☆Mistress of Chaos☆ Nope

      CJ HUMALA 2 months ago

      @A. A Why do you think he loves her

  • QuesoQuesadila
    QuesoQuesadila 10 months ago +5664

    I like how Wanda has the power of a god and the control of the universe at her fingertips and her twin brother is just fast

    • ILoveDucksVeryMuch, Too
      ILoveDucksVeryMuch, Too 8 days ago

      @Adam hoganWell Wanda’s power grew and became powerful during the Avengers series so that means Quicksilver would probably become hundred of times faster or stronger

    • PeterTSF
      PeterTSF 19 days ago

      Not just fast he's also very very very very very very smart and blue

    • ZERO 00
      ZERO 00 25 days ago

      SuM abilities R leFt in mysterY bouT quicksilver. Lk Deadpool he’s hAs Waaay morE abilities n some go untapped especially whEn writers Put restrainsS seW thEy R knot “over powered” because it would be “unfair” and wouldn’t “make sense”🙄🙄

    • Ootarion Astrofengia
      Ootarion Astrofengia 25 days ago

      @Sketchy Dude I think you mean the "Slower stick" cause she can just warp reality and make him slow down or hell even turn off his super speed (power suppression)?

    • Edxnbae
      Edxnbae 26 days ago


  • ReaperManJones
    ReaperManJones Month ago +84

    I just love how Zatanna, even during all that happened, still had that innocent, playful nature

    • ReaperManJones
      ReaperManJones Month ago

      yabos ♪ what’s that got to do with anything I just said?

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      yabos ♪ facts tell these delusional fans

  • MatiVidya
    MatiVidya 9 months ago +521

    I had the biggest childhood crush on zatanna so seeing her on death battle, being so in character, and shining bright as she deserves to, brings me joy

    • Viskyy
      Viskyy Month ago

      @Bret Beallyes

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse accept it and cry

    • Bret Beall
      Bret Beall 2 months ago

      Am I the only one who has a crush on Raven

    • Colonel Bragg
      Colonel Bragg 3 months ago +2

      @Jaden McMillan Rachel Roth is Ravens actual name

  • DisneyVillainsFan 16
    DisneyVillainsFan 16 7 months ago +134

    Zatanna may not have her own movie yet, but that Megamind Reference was Iconic.

    • Ellen Estelle
      Ellen Estelle 4 days ago +1

      @rascal beats the video says otherwise! I win

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      Zatanna is not powerful debate me I’ll end it in secs

    • Bronze
      Bronze 3 months ago +6

      @fangirl_332 the "PRESENTATION" part

    • fangirl_332
      fangirl_332 3 months ago +1

      What reference?

    • Bronze
      Bronze 4 months ago +3

      it was

  • Jack Hamilton
    Jack Hamilton 2 months ago +70

    Scarlet Witch: You! What sort of two-bit sorceress do you think you are?
    Zatanna: Two-bit?! We're both clearly 16 bit!

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats 21 day ago

      @Therexgenesis12 can’t accept it that I’m right and wanna be biased

    • Therexgenesis12
      Therexgenesis12 25 days ago +2

      ​@rascal beatsmald + cope and ratio. Zatanna is obviously superior just accept and boohoo. Trollololol

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago +3

      Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse ACCEPT AND CRY.

    • Jack Hamilton
      Jack Hamilton 2 months ago +9

      @Michael Garcia Zatana: Oh sure thing

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 2 months ago +9

      Wanda: oh sorry for that… could you send me back now?

  • Hesperus Vorpex
    Hesperus Vorpex 3 months ago +287

    Of all the matches I've seen (yet), this one is a pretty close of a call.
    It's like one of those cowboy duels of which whoever is faster, wins.

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats 11 days ago +1

      @Adrian Herrera her magic is beyond cosmic energy ofc she winning

    • Adrian Herrera
      Adrian Herrera 11 days ago

      Your not exactly wrong.
      I still think Wanda was slightly more powerful in some ways but her mental instability made it difficult for her to do anything clever or tricky against Zatanna.

    • Viskyy
      Viskyy Month ago +1

      Nah this is the most biased video I’ve seen

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago +1

      @Vanguard of the Void Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse accept it and cry

    • Vanguard of the Void
      Vanguard of the Void Month ago +8

      @cupidwasstupid They say in the video that “all of Zatannas spells come from her mental impulses, just like Wanda’s.” That means they can both do magic instantaneously and match each other in speed.

  • Sinblack Bloodred
    Sinblack Bloodred 11 months ago +5853

    I love that while Scarlett was getting angrier and angrier, Zatanna was just having fun the whole fight.

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop Hour ago

      ​@Winnie Wanda isn't a cosmic being or a nexus being they mentioned several times that while she has almost limitless magic she is a very much mortal being that can get killed like everyone else.

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop Hour ago

      @SteVen Yeah zatanna is a freak meanwhile your favorite character ever is over here enslaving innocent people to get the life she wants lol

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop Hour ago

      @SteVen You need to open your eyes to the fact that wanda stands are some of the most annoying people on the internet the whole "mom wanda " can do whatever we want argument is tired. You guys literally use one movie as a crutch anytime wanda is challenged when they literally took on the comic book version which was even stronger.

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop 2 hours ago

      @chuchu Literally they always are

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop 2 hours ago

      @Winnie I don't know why you're over here trying to change everyone's mind when we clearly would saw what happened in the death battle lol

  • Blue_Storybook
    Blue_Storybook 9 months ago +270

    Zatanna cast spells with a lot of morality into it, often thinking about consequences ever since the wiping happened pre 52. The current Z exhibits the same refrain and control compared to Scarlet Witch, whos is just a raging ball of pure power and that to me speaks volumes about Z and her understanding and self restrain she got.

    • Parrydev
      Parrydev Month ago

      dean👀 Just watch the video dawg, it ain't that deep 😪

    • Tina Marie
      Tina Marie 2 months ago

      ​@Jaden McMillan this is scarlet witch not dark hold omega scarlet witch

    • Parrydev
      Parrydev 4 months ago +2

      @Swank It was literally just explained in the video why Zatanna beat the Scarlet Witch, how stubborn can you be?

    • Vim 23
      Vim 23 5 months ago

      @Jaden McMillan no

    • Jaden McMillan
      Jaden McMillan 5 months ago +8

      ​@Swank Wrong,zatanna is also op and have fought people who are more powerful than scarlet witch,so zatanna wins

  • Tylerman2400
    Tylerman2400 4 months ago +74

    Zatanna has always been one of my favorite DC characters. They really need to start doing stuff with her

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      She’s mid Wanda solos

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 4 months ago +2

      She was going to get something like a movie or show but it was canceled by WB Discovery.

  • Dwight Potvin
    Dwight Potvin 2 months ago +13

    I feel like the biggest difference is that Wanda's power is still limited by a magical force/energy even if it is cosmic while Zatanna is purely limited by her imagination.

      SWAHILI 9 days ago

      @Thomas The GreatApe I suppose but I wonder how dark Phoenix vs zatanna/sw fight would look like 😍

    • Thomas The GreatApe
      Thomas The GreatApe 24 days ago +3

      So Zatanna is Scarlet Witch + Green Lantern

  • Just Kirt
    Just Kirt Month ago +18

    No one gonna mention that in her final attack, she said "No more witches" which is a direct callback to wanda's famous line "no more mutants" which is a direct violation to her. No wonder she had that look before dying 😭

  • ※★➷♡𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓽 ♡➹★※

    Random Zatanna Facts (because I love her):
    It is never usually her entire sentence backwards, it's just the individual words (ie: levitate me = etativel em, not em etativel) if the entire sentence is backwards, that means she's putting just a tiny bit more effort into beating your a$s.
    It has been stated multiple time that Zatanna is not using her full potential, even during her greatest feats.
    Due to the fact her father had magic, not all of Zatanna's magic comes from her mother, it's just enhanced in comparison to her father's. (might be wrong there, some origins state her father's magic isn't natural like Z's)

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      MID zatanna stans she loses accept it she depowered Phoenix which should be impossible CRY AND ACCEPT IT

    • ArcticAngel1
      ArcticAngel1 2 months ago

      3:55 Correction. That was actually one of her children who did that.

  • Adam Carlson
    Adam Carlson 11 months ago +3375

    I didn't agree at first, but Zatanna just has so much more experience with actually CONTROLLING her power at the high end of things. Pretty much all of Wanda's big feats are when she's literally at her breaking point and she can't just harness that all the time.


      ​@Gabe ⨳՚༹ exactly they getting so mad

    • JARVIS
      JARVIS Month ago

      @rascal beats
      Also why are you saying Wanda and Phoenix force? What about Zatanna and the ruby of life and the fact that she and Wonder Woman went to go battle the agents of chaos, and again she feared comic book pages like I said last time and last time she wasn’t even amped. I would also recommend reading the seven soldiers arc by Zatanna its short

    • JARVIS
      JARVIS Month ago

      @rascal beats so you’re just gonna ignore Zor, an entity above cosmic level?
      Or how I said “According to Nighmare Nurse, Zatanna does not take advantage of a fraction of her magic, meaning that if with a fraction of her magic she almost destroyed a creature of multiversal level, what could she do with her power at its peak”

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      @JARVIS he’s easily above upside down man if you disagree yall just biased Wanda haters when she’s better than midtanna. he doesn’t have an infinite amount of power/energy literally yin and Yang to Phoenix force. End of debate

  • CarbonMosa
    CarbonMosa 9 months ago +356

    This just makes me wish that DC could put out movies to the quality of marvel. I had no idea this character existed but she looks awesome, I can only imagine what kind of multiverse shattering visuals they could come up with for a movie. But alas, we may never see anything like this.

    • Kid Renegade
      Kid Renegade 3 months ago

      @MajorFanBoy no I’m not pos, name 3 good Phase 4 movies.

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago

      @Cory Morgan Look! There are a lot of superheroes that you can describe and a lot of them don't even have to come from Marvel. And no not all of them come from accidents. Thor got his powers because he was born with them, Iron Man doesn't have any powers at all and uses his wit and technology, Captain America volunteered himself to test the drug to make himself the first and pretty much only Super Soldier to fight the Nazis during World War II, Spider-Man didn't get his powers from an accident, he got because he got bit by a spider, Doctor Strange was from an accident but he didn't developed any powers he was train to get powers all just so he can search to get a cure for his hands, Black Panther got his powers from an herb, Shang-Chi got his powers due to his father being The Mandarin, The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were test subjects on how they got their powers, Groot's was part of his biology, do I need to explain more to this to you. Not every person who got super powers happened because of an accident. If you really think that's the premise of every single superhero movie let alone every movie from the MCU in general then you really haven't watched any of them at all. I'm arguing with an idiot, I AM ARGUING WITH AN IDIOT!

    • Cory Morgan
      Cory Morgan 3 months ago

      @MajorFanBoy Some white guy has a tragic accident and through it discovers powers he never knew he had.
      Who am I describing?

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago

      @Cory Morgan Also, it is not undeniably it is completely deniably.

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago

      @Cory Morgan No, they're not. Phase 4 is awesome. Not as great as Phase 3 but definitely better than Phase 1.

  • Jesse Candelora
    Jesse Candelora 9 months ago +86

    Bringing in Hulk as a play thing for Superman was a great idea. No idea what the outcome would be but they would definitely keep each other busy for a LONG time

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      Plus chaos/Phoenix force are first energies in the omniverse u guys defending a knockoff magican

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago +1

      Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse accept it and cry 💅

    • Jesse Candelora
      Jesse Candelora 7 months ago +7

      @Tupac v2 supes slams in most situations I agree and I'm not even bias, I like hulk more

    • Tupac v2
      Tupac v2 8 months ago +12

      supes slams cause im biased

  • Kinjiru731
    Kinjiru731 8 months ago +116

    I'm glad we're finally seeing a bit of Dr. Fate and we need plenty of Zatanna, too. There are so many DC heroes many people don't even know exist.

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse plus chaos/Phoenix the first energies in the omniverse CRY

    • The Darkest Knight
      The Darkest Knight 4 months ago

      Yeah that's a good point to see it

  • Alovon
    Alovon 5 months ago +57

    A surprising case of Skill vs Power
    Wanda very much had the potential power to blink Zantana out of existence if she had the chance, but Zantana's skill was sufficiently high enough to use her (comparatively) weaker power to bring Wanda's power down to the point she could take her out.

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      @Jxsper Nah chaos magic in unavoidable like Phoenix force it’s the first energy in the omniverse go cry. She ranks above that knock off

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago +1

      @tsaritsa Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse plus chaos/Phoenix the first energies in the omniverse CRY. Zatanna doesn’t end of the debate

    • Jxsper
      Jxsper 4 months ago +9

      She cant blink Zatanna out of existence. Zatanna's magic ressitance was able to even resists the UDM.

    • David Britton
      David Britton 5 months ago +1

      @Michael Garcia well said. Very well said.

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 5 months ago +5

      @David Britton both are very powerful and have the potential to wipe each other out with just the right words it’s just that Wanda is a little hot headed if you know what I mean. Plus Zatanna is way too use to fighting beings who are arguably stronger than Wanda.

  • Lily Edith
    Lily Edith 9 months ago +34

    I did not expect that ending!!
    Is Anyone else dying to see a new live action Zatanna ???!!!!! ❤️

  • Tom
    Tom 11 months ago +8428

    I like how "putting up with Constantine" is listed under Zatanna's feats

    • Itamar Keren
      Itamar Keren 3 months ago

      @Mai Zen I don't think that's the type of "pain in the ass" he implied about her

    • MarloMarz
      MarloMarz 3 months ago

      That's the biggest feat in comic history.

    • A. A
      A. A 6 months ago +1

      So true though lmao

    • ˖ ⊹ maitê ࣪ ִֶָ–
      ˖ ⊹ maitê ࣪ ִֶָ– 6 months ago +1

      @Mai Zen right? I feel like a lot of people dont get Constatine's character he is not a powerful guy that will just do magic out of nothing he needs to use his knowlegde of magic, powerful magic weapons and his tricks to get things done.

  • L M N O P
    L M N O P 9 months ago +64

    Honestly didn't think that Zatanna was this powerful of a magician. She's like Dr Strange/Dr Fate level kinda with being able to do anything she imagines. That's pretty cool ngl. Makes her all the more impressive since her demeanor doesn't show it at all.
    I guess the same can be said about Wanda. Who seems so docile but she can easily warp reality. Two badass heroes.

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago +1

      Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse plus chaos/Phoenix the first energies in the omniverse CRY. Zatanna doesn’t end of the debate

    • Vanda Carneiro
      Vanda Carneiro 4 months ago

      Oohhhh ooooooooook.

  • Matthew Holung
    Matthew Holung 9 months ago +317

    This is probably the highest power scale, these ppl are on an Omniversal level. It doesn't get any higher for a mortal in terms of feats. Zatanna looked like she could give Sailor Cosmos some real problems.

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse plus chaos/Phoenix the first energies in the omniverse CRY. Zatanna doesn’t end of the debate ZATANNA LOST TO JOKER NOT OMNI

    • Heilige Kuh, das ist eine sehr pog-Begrüßung
      Heilige Kuh, das ist eine sehr pog-Begrüßung 4 months ago +3

      We have Popeye lol

    • SleepySquid
      SleepySquid 4 months ago +2

      spongebob squarepants be like: "and i took that personally"

    • The Highest Order
      The Highest Order 6 months ago +1

      Thanos vs Darkseid was on a pretty high scale

    • jessio kim
      jessio kim 6 months ago

      Zatanna hasn't showcased outverseral feats only Wanda has.

  • Gaiden Castro
    Gaiden Castro 6 months ago +50

    Makes you wonder what Batman was thinking when he came up with the idea to disable Zatanna's Larynx.

    • Khanh Nguyen
      Khanh Nguyen 5 months ago +8

      The most non lethal he can think off

  • Rodane Stennett
    Rodane Stennett 8 months ago +44

    "The ones that smiles are always the strongest"
    -The legend-

    • Thomas The GreatApe
      Thomas The GreatApe 24 days ago

      And no, not always. Arrogant people, rarely. Confident, but not overconfident, yes.

  • SpectreN7
    SpectreN7 3 months ago +16

    I enjoyed how the leitmotif from Dr Fate vs Dr Strange's battle was present throughout this battle's theme.

  • Martyrofsand
    Martyrofsand 11 months ago +2492

    Ok Zatana bringing out the Megamind quote and then juggling universes before throwing them at Wanda was freaking hilarious and amazing.

  • UserNotFound
    UserNotFound 9 months ago +43

    Zatanna has always been pretty underrated but her as a character is just so much fun what can I say I love a good entertainer!

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      mid knock off wanda is better by miles same with jean

  • Tammy Jackson
    Tammy Jackson 9 months ago +81

    Of course, I grew up with the scarlet witch being really op, so I wanted her to win, but after researching zattana for a bit, she have a way better control over her mental and physical state of being, Wanda on the other hand was(of course) way too selfless and arrogant (with a little bit of mental instability) to win. I agree, Wanda and zattana are both really op, but zattana has way better control,use, and speed of her powers, so in my case, zattana wins.

    • Helios
      Helios 2 months ago +5

      Well, she's the leader of Justice League Dark

  • michaell8000
    michaell8000 7 months ago +37

    the whole thing with Zatanna using backwards words is a pretty good bluff someone trying to make her vulnerable would immediately go for that and while they're congratulating themselves well surprise you've just been bent over a table and chained to it

      SWAHILI 9 days ago

      @Jonathan J. Wimbush does it mean her reverse spell makes her vulnerabilities non-existent

    • D........@#
      D........@# Month ago

      dean👀 Zatanna: No more witches

    • D........@#
      D........@# Month ago

      ​dean👀 Nice copy paste

    • Jonathan J. Wimbush
      Jonathan J. Wimbush 6 months ago +4

      Oh! The safe word is “Abracadabra” right?

  • Guillaume Milab
    Guillaume Milab 9 months ago +19

    Incredible, probably one of the closest match-ups I saw on this channel, and definetly one of the hardest to evaluate but in the end, the explanation of Zatana's victory totally makes sense imo. And as usual, both amazing animation and sound !

  • Louis Jamal O'Neal
    Louis Jamal O'Neal 4 months ago +6

    This was by far one of the best death battles I ever seen. The Superman card punch alone, was worth it - even if Zatana would have lost. That was hilarious. The whole battle was very fun to watch and worth the build-up. Well done!

  • Robert Hemedes
    Robert Hemedes 11 months ago +2622

    Zatanna never goes insane/loses control the way Wanda does. When it comes to magic and sorcery, its always about who is the most disciplined - not just raw magical talent alone. And yes, Zatanna is excellent at sleight of hand and non magical based illusions, in addition to her actual magical powers.

      CJ HUMALA 2 months ago

      @yabos Tha won't work so easily

    • Dott
      Dott 9 months ago

      Magic isn’t wandas only power tho

    • Wallace Meoski
      Wallace Meoski 9 months ago

      Cept for the boundless possibilities inherent to going full on Jack Nicholson Shining but instead of an ax and a razor sharp wit you have the powers of an even less social butterfly Jean Grey/Pheonix Lovecraft version and a razor sharp wit. Also Zattana banged Constantine and was shocked when it didn't work out so for that alone I gotta call foul.

    • IAmSadAllTheTime
      IAmSadAllTheTime 9 months ago

      i would like to mention that most of wanda's strongest magical acts are when she mentally unhinged. (e.g., quicksilver dies, vision dies, her children die, mostly just when people die)

    • Dat Khornedog
      Dat Khornedog 9 months ago

      @Chen Vang Comic Zatanna is the one they were using.

  • d turpin
    d turpin 3 months ago +52

    This epic battle of omniversal cosmic proportion is entirely in the minds of these 2. The audience is just watching 2 grown ass women on stage pulling each other's hair with an occasional scratch and a slap...the show must go on!!!

    • Kys Die
      Kys Die 8 days ago

      Considering the fact that she both beat and absorbed the upside down man, I'd say she's around that level

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      Go cry

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      zatanna is not omniversal LMAO she’s literally a knock off dr strange

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman 3 months ago +160

    Zatanna made her own Superman. She's drippin'!!
    This comment aged greatly

    • Thomas The GreatApe
      Thomas The GreatApe 24 days ago

      @Tayshaun More yep

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      @Joshua Yang chaos is the first energy in the omniverse … u guys are funny

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats Month ago

      @Tayshaun More Zat gets dog walked Wanda and Phoenix have infinite capabilities and power and is omniversal just held back and on autopilot Zat lost to joker… jean and Wanda can control atoms throughout the outerverse plus chaos/Phoenix the first energies in the omniverse CRY. Zatanna doesn’t end of the debate

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago

      @Tayshaun More The strongest or unstoppable version? Definitely.

    • Joshua Yang
      Joshua Yang Month ago +7

      @Arctic Void Superman is vulnerable to magic he’s not weak to magic

  • McMuffin Booper
    McMuffin Booper 7 months ago +22

    I feel like this fight could've been one of the best if they'd actually let Wanda land some hits. Despite being an extremely close fight they decide to just have Wanda only land like two attacks and just get smacked around and degraded the whole fight. You've got two reality benders fighting and it just didn't feel that way, not to mention Wanda's mental deterioration could've been done better. This fight just really suffered from shortness and not giving both characters chances to go all out.

    • neon raindrop
      neon raindrop Hour ago

      What are you talking about wanda did everything she could despite her "no more" spell being a one time thing like she mentioned in the comics

    • D........@#
      D........@# Month ago

      Zatanna didn't even used her full potential in the fight

    • House Dimitrescu
      House Dimitrescu 6 months ago +4

      Yeah the only time Zatanna is even threatened by Wanda was during the latter's multiversal outbursts, and even then Zatanna was able to quickly counter.

    • Umm yes?
      Umm yes? 6 months ago +6

      Not at all zatanna would win either way she’s too powerful

  • kazemizu
    kazemizu 9 months ago +18

    Zatanna's greatest magic was changing the animation style.

  • Razzrazz90
    Razzrazz90 7 months ago +29

    17:01 I commend Death Battle not just for presenting just how ludicrously powerful Zatanna is, but also how damn charming she can be
    Few characters in DC could believably juggle entire universes in her hands and be so delightfully casual about it lol

  • Jamyang Pelsang - Film Fight Fanatic

    To think that Wanda could be beaten by some old-fashioned stage magic. Zatana is so classy.

    • Nyi Ratu Gedeng Permoni SetroGondoMayit
      Nyi Ratu Gedeng Permoni SetroGondoMayit 10 months ago

      the most fatal way; Zatanna will stop time for a moment or make Wanda freeze. Then quickly and nimbly Zatanna will cut or break Wanda's arm. until Wanda couldn't create the hex ball. Wanda became unable to parry, or withstand any more attacks, she was also unable to fly anymore, with her arms severed. she's in an easy position to beat,, without Zatanna going any further,, and forgave Wanda and gave Wanda a chance to live., the story ends.

    • Fanimation🪫
      Fanimation🪫 10 months ago

      @NinJersey stats alone aren't the one deciding factor. Wanda is definitely more powerful, but Zee has more control & the mind necessary to contest her spells. Zee wins because Wanda loses control the angrier she gets. It doesn't matter how powerful you are if you can't control it. I could bring a shotgun to a knife fight & I'd lose if I can't shoot straight

    • NinJersey
      NinJersey 10 months ago

      @Fanimation🪫 she’s not even in the same league as Wanda let alone the scarlet witch

    • Fanimation🪫
      Fanimation🪫 10 months ago +1

      @NinJersey bears the thing, Zatanna can enforce & deny realities with a thought. Scarlet creates them. Ultimately, Zetanna enforcing authority over reality & being able to keep Wanda our of her head gives her an edge, regardless of whether her magic is weaker or not. It's not a card game about the biggest stats alone. It takes skill into the equation. A person of an ironclad mind can resist Wanda's magic, & heroes don't really come more cool headed than Zatanna. She has all that power at the trade off of not being able to control it because of her unstable emotions, while Zatanna is always in the zone, which gives her a mastery over magic that Wanda lacks

  • Dom Taylor
    Dom Taylor 5 months ago +13

    After all the horrible things that Scarlet Witch did in both Wandavison and Multiverse of Madness, seeing Zatanna win was supremely satisfying. Zee is now one of my favorite DC heroes.

  • SlickVicComedy
    SlickVicComedy 9 months ago +13

    I enjoyed this fight. I was upset about the outcome. However it was understandable. The MCU has shown feats like in the comics for the Scarlet Witch. I'm glad they didn't make her super OP at the beginning and as her arc continued they showed how OP she is. Only can't wait to see what they do next for Wanda.

  • stitch
    stitch Month ago +8

    Did anyone like the part when she said "presentation" as a Megamind reference

  • Keithan Birch
    Keithan Birch 8 months ago +54

    Even though I'm a Marvel fan, I was really hoping Zatanna would win. Scarlet Witch is insane. The irony of this. It must not feel too good getting cut in half.😂

      SWAHILI 7 days ago

      @rascal beats 🙁

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats 7 days ago

      @SWAHILI that’s what I though Wanda hater she’s the hottes one too

      SWAHILI 7 days ago

      @rascal beats nope

    • rascal beats
      rascal beats 8 days ago

      @SWAHILI zatanna is nowhere near Wanda nor Phoenix. Wanda and Phoenix are yin yang Wanda depowered the PF which should be impossible

      SWAHILI 9 days ago

      @rascal beats Jean Grey Dark Phoenix is the nexus of psionic energy
      She's outversal an omnipotent, omniscient and cosmic entity 💥
      Jean Grey Dark Phoenix is immortal and can resurrect herself at will
      She can control reality at subatomic level Wanda could never but rather d I'll magic reality warping
      DARK PHOENIX>>>zatanna>>>>>>sw

  • Gabriel Lima dos Santos
    Gabriel Lima dos Santos 9 months ago +9

    I love this channel. Thanks for delivering such a nice entertainment.

  • bo dreams ASMR
    bo dreams ASMR 10 months ago +2970

    I'm a big DC fan but sometimes I forgot just how powerful Zatanna is

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago


    • Steven Sanchez
      Steven Sanchez 4 months ago +1

      I'm a big Marvel fan but sometimes I forget just how annoying Scarlet Witch is.
      Glad that witch died, she single handedly ruined Darkhold for me.

    • Guywhoexists
      Guywhoexists 5 months ago

      @Mezie Mbamara sorry to break it to you, but I don't think she's being reasonable, like at all

    • jessio kim
      jessio kim 6 months ago

      @X + (-X) = 0 illogical.

    • jessio kim
      jessio kim 6 months ago

      Karna Don't always trust this channels debates analogy.

  • ammash3000
    ammash3000 9 months ago +115

    After watching Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness this made me happy. I woulda been sad if Zatanna lost.

    • Jade Bayo Ba
      Jade Bayo Ba Month ago

      dean👀 she has done more than scarlet lmao

      CJ HUMALA Month ago

      @dean6059 Wanda is a stupid magician tho. She literally couldn't tell the difference between reality and fiction in her own show. Anyways, in James Gunn, we trust.

      CJ HUMALA Month ago

      @dean6059 Source: It was revealed to me in a dream.
      Zatanna just better, can't wait for her to get more clout than Wanda and Jean combined, once James Gunn brings her to live-action🙏

      CJ HUMALA 2 months ago

      @yabos No❤

  • Mr Shadow
    Mr Shadow 9 months ago +9

    I think raven would have made more sense to fight the scarlet witch but it's pretty cool to see Zatanna getting some attention

  • Spencer Sharpe
    Spencer Sharpe 2 months ago

    I like how this was probably the closest fight and also the most big in scale and the overall result coming down to the fact that Zatanna’s magic that she had from the get go has no drawbacks at manipulating the omniverse, while Wanda, no matter how stable she was was going to go crazy the moment she uses the life force to augment her Chaos Magic to match Zatanna (and yes, the life force and Chaos Magic are two different things. It’s only through accessing it that Wanda gets as strong as she was in house of M. And no, her recently absorbing Cthon doesn’t help her because using life force augmentation is going to forcibly drive Wanda nutty regardless of her stability improving or not, it’s been stated officially (it’s like the sorcerer equivalent of spiking someone’s food with psychoactive hallucinogens). Zatanna even now doesn’t have such drawbacks.)

  • Kobe Daniels
    Kobe Daniels Month ago +2

    Zatanna is one of those characters who has the same potential as wanda or even more but never gets shown truly unless you read comics. Zatanna is basically she can do whatever she wants and she will do it with a smile while putting on a show. Just like when she was in a fist fight she used her magic so she would have the same capability as black canary fighting. Canary is an amazing fighter even batman himself has said. If DC put in the same effort as marvel then characters like zee wouldn't be forgotten and underestimated because she isn't shown much or shown what she can truly do.

  • Alexander Yakubik
    Alexander Yakubik Month ago +1

    I'm so happy with the outcome, Zatanna is one of my favorite heroes. But another thing that works in her favor is that most magic wielding folk in DC are also accomplished con artists (Constantine being the most accomplished) since it's more akin to an actual community than Marvel's magic based characters and they regularly come in contact with higher beings they need to outsmart.

  • Weizi
    Weizi 11 months ago +1875

    Damn, I like Zatanna's professionalism in keeping her audience entertained.

    • EDBaitedYou69
      EDBaitedYou69 Month ago

      dean👀 only reason you are saying that is because zatanna isn’t in big movies like Wanda, but zatanna is a very interesting and powerful character. Plus I believe her and Wanda are the same year but I don’t remember

      CJ HUMALA Month ago

      @dean6059 She isn't better if Disney ruined her arc. Her reasoning in MOM doesn't even make sense: "I want to travel the multiverse in case my kids get sick" GTFO here💀

      CJ HUMALA Month ago

      @dean6059 How is she a knockoff if they released in the same year. God Wandastans are so cringe.

    • BloodyBay
      BloodyBay 3 months ago

      @🤍VISXNYAH 💕 She was all right at the beginning of the saga, when she and Pietro/Quicksilver were dealing with Ultron. But as the saga went on and on, she just seemed to become more erratic and irrational.
      I didn't much care for that descent myself.

    • 🤍VISXNYAH 💕
      🤍VISXNYAH 💕 3 months ago

      @BloodyBay I despise the mcus portrayal of Wanda.

  • phothewin
    phothewin 9 months ago +9

    I just noticed that Boomstick pulls out Thor's axe, Jarnbjorn, at 6:46. They never actually explained what the axe was in this episode, and they only explain it in the Thor vs. Vegeta episode that came out nearly a month after this.
    Makes you wonder the order in which they work on these episodes. Did they perhaps originally intend for Thor vs. Vegeta to come out before this episode?

  • Reddiamond _17
    Reddiamond _17 7 months ago +6

    Their are obviously many incredible feats that both Wanda and zatanna pulled off here, but…can we take a minute to process that both of them took some of the most powerful characters in their own multiverses (superman , Wonder Woman, thor, and hulk) and just used them like some sort of Pokémon characters on steroids .

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 4 months ago +4

    Alright after a while and doing more research on both characters I kinda have changed my mind. It’s way closer than it was before but Zatanna still wins and even though Wanda may not have mental instability anymore she’s still not as experienced. Granted she still has decent experience just not quite as much as Zatanna.

  • Eren
    Eren 3 months ago +11

    More magical battles, yes!

  • shady80
    shady80 4 months ago +4

    The scene when Zee started juggling universes was adorable

  • Abigail Aria
    Abigail Aria 10 months ago +3219

    So what I’m hearing is that Multiverse of Madness didn’t exaggerate Wanda’s powers, but actually kind of toned them down

    • Cam M
      Cam M 5 months ago

      Dr strange was more nerfed in his own movies then anyone

    • Nerdbane
      Nerdbane 6 months ago

      Very few MCU characters are not toned down. This is not an inherently bad thing, but it does do problems when you are looking at villains. It can really lower their threat level.

    • Michael Papageorgious
      Michael Papageorgious 7 months ago

      @Micr9n which I would argue is actually a good thing

    • Grandpa Rick's First Assistant
      Grandpa Rick's First Assistant 7 months ago

      @Legentil Debatteur
      Clark Kent would not beat scarlet witch. Superman's second weakness is magic and she has the most powerful kind

    • Jack
      Jack 7 months ago

      @EdG especially wanda

  • Cory Morgan
    Cory Morgan 8 months ago +3

    I never really thought about it, but they did something super clever right at the beginning of the battle:
    They showed us that this was Zatanna's show, and Scarlet Witch was just a stage prop.

  • IHop
    IHop 8 months ago +52

    The Scarlet Witch did NOT defeat the Phoenix, the "No More Phoenix" was taken very out of context. Scarlet Witch was trying to convince Hope to let go of the Phoenix, because that was the only way to "defeat" (if you can even call it that) it.

    • 🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj
      🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj Month ago

      @Jesse A 1. when was magic ever nvm because that literally so wrong
      2. according to the watcher wanda can manipulate and control infinite times lines and realitys across creation like a sheet for paper ..
      3. chaos magic stated to spark creation

    • Jesse A
      Jesse A Month ago

      @🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj The scarlet witch that fought the phoenix was very skilled. I don't know what part of cant be killed or defeated you guys don't understand. The Phoenix is the nexus of all psionic powers., that means all powers magics included come from the phoenix. with out the phoenix there is only the voided. Life exists even Wanda exists only because the Phoenix created her. so no amount of skill can destroy the phoenix force. Wanda is human and mortal the phoenix is immortal and is billions of years old. Jeez you newbies think you know it all when it comes to the MCU.

    • 🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj
      🤘guebehskdbrbekddbj Month ago

      @Jesse Ait was already stated that wanda can beat the phoenix but she wasn’t skilled enough to do so , or strong at the time , hope copied wanda power to even help her on be on top with them both

    • Jesse A
      Jesse A 2 months ago +1

      seriously.. it took wanda and Hope to say the spell "no more phoenix" and a host who wanted to give up the phoenix and it was only half the phoenix at that. and all they did was send it to the white hot room for a second. people just never read the comics. The phoenix literally created the multi-verse and all life within the muti-verse which includes Wanda.

    • theshimmer effect
      theshimmer effect 2 months ago

      @Etro stated feats are not prove. It's like me saying "I can transform into a eggplant". (I can't)

  • Olof Holmström
    Olof Holmström Month ago

    I think my favourite moment from death battle ever so far has been seeing Zatanna juggling freaking universes

  • Autumn Sparks
    Autumn Sparks 8 months ago +5

    Sad how people don't know abt zatanna and how powerful she is. I mean she became Dr. Fate, if that isn't saying something then idk what is. She always has fun and plays by the rules of magic. That's why her character is so great

  • Vincent Lau
    Vincent Lau 8 months ago +8

    aww man probably my new favorite Death Battle lol
    I love how Zatanna was portrayed as fighting a being much more powerful than her but managed to win due to some crafty thinking and a cool head
    as always very close fights are always the best

    • Vanda Carneiro
      Vanda Carneiro 4 months ago


  • Grubbu
    Grubbu 10 months ago +1542

    I think my favorite distinction between Wanda and zatanna is that they both have access to infinite power but only zatanna is actively trying to make peoples lives better with it.

    • D........@#
      D........@# Month ago +1

      Zatanna didn't even used her full potential in the fight

      CJ HUMALA 2 months ago

      @yabos Bro the whole "what ____?" isn't even a comic feat...it's an MCU feat...

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto 5 months ago

      yabos ♪ respect? They're fictional characters my guy, go touch grass

    • the dead rat in the corner of my room
      the dead rat in the corner of my room 8 months ago

      @Blue Bear it was Wonder Woman who defeated him by using hecate’s power (Hecate is the upside down man’s equal/opposite)

    • the dead rat in the corner of my room
      the dead rat in the corner of my room 8 months ago

      @Winnie it’s not, don’t get ahead of yourself, white Phoenix of the crown is a force of nature and the universe, literally top 5 most powerful beings in the cosmos

  • Undead Ban
    Undead Ban 9 months ago +4

    I thought Zatanna was going to lose when I clicked this video but I was hoping she wouldn’t and my wishes came true!
    Love you Zatanna

  • Chuy Roldan
    Chuy Roldan 6 months ago +6

    I love how Zatana alter her reality when she kills Wanda.

  • Oreo and cookies
    Oreo and cookies 7 months ago +5

    I believe zatana won simply because her powers and abilities made Wanda mad again she is not stable on mental and zatana easily manipulated her which caused her to do stupid choices (they are equal in power but only 1 of them has control which speaks LEVELS control does speak if you can’t think you can’t fight which is exactly how Wanda got bodied)

  • Chenier Derrick
    Chenier Derrick Month ago

    16:34 the most savage line ever!
    Zatanna is always been one of my favorites. One of the most slept on comic book characters.

  • Twist Snakeankle's Vids
    Twist Snakeankle's Vids 8 months ago +1

    Wanda's expressions after getting hit in the face with a few universes were perfect. Geez though, is Zatanna really the kind of person who'd teleport the halves of her opponent's bisected corpse onto the stage to display for her audience?

  • Cranjis Mcbasketball
    Cranjis Mcbasketball 10 months ago +1490

    While it is true in my opinion that Wanda is one of the most powerful magic users I've seen, the biggest weakness was indeed her mental state. It doesn't matter how strong you are, if you start to lose yourself like she did, you become erratic and careless, which is how Zatanna was able to deliver the final blow. It's almost unreal the amount of power that Zatanna possesses!

    • NEXIK
      NEXIK 7 days ago

      @Winnie the reason why the dark hold possessed her in the first place is because she had a pre-existing mental problem from the lost of Vision. It took her "hypothetical" children to snap her back into Sensibility. "evil" Doctor Strange only became possessed by the dark hold because he was already broken, but even then he just isolated himself. (after destroyed his universe.) But the canon Doctor Strange didn't let the dark hold take control of him, and instead focused on what mattered, which was stopping the scarlet witch and saving his friends and Love ones. Zatanna's life is all about focus and concentration. That's how her magic works. She has small issues, but she's learn to overcome them proving how much self-control she has. And outside the MCU scarlet witch has PLENTY of examples where she lost control. Power without control is worthless.

    • Winnie
      Winnie 7 days ago

      ​​@NEXIK mental instability? it was the Dark Hold possessing her even dr strange became evil from reading the dark hold but wanda break it from the love for her children dr strange never did.

    • Winnie
      Winnie 7 days ago

      ​@Selina Kyle In the Heroes Reborn universe, Wanda absorbed the speed of Quicksilver after his death. With it, combined with her chaos magic and quicksilver speed Wanda speed was immeasurable she raced and beat Blur. Blur was able to outrace Death across the entire multiverse, run through higher dimensions, sync out of time, and outrun the very embodiment of reality itself, Eternity. She even Amplified Quicksilver’s speed to where he could run beyond the limit of speed itself, moving beyond time, space, and reality. Wanda speed is immeasurable and I'm not even gonna include the fact that she is virtually Omnipresent since the trials of Magneto which would make her speed irrelevant.

    • Mariano Barbuto
      Mariano Barbuto 7 months ago

      The fact is that Wand surpassed that fate, she now has control over her emotion, and this is a good statement for do winning Zatanna, is like thor is stronger than hulk because he is more stable emotionally.

  • Alice Honório
    Alice Honório Month ago +1

    Wanda é demais ❤

  • Ignis Dark
    Ignis Dark 7 months ago +7

    I ca agree with this since wanda loses control too easily and zatana has pretty good control and power similar to Wanda

  • Chris Moua
    Chris Moua 7 months ago +1

    I love them both so much. They are both winners!

  • sampindo2
    sampindo2 9 months ago +1

    The moment wanda says "POWER" just gives chills

  • Mythdrox
    Mythdrox 4 months ago

    I love the part where they are using Hulk and Superman like yugioh cards. That was cool!

  • Downhour Productions
    Downhour Productions 11 months ago +1240

    I love how one of Zatanna’s feats is just being able to put up with Constantine

    • Ellis Winchester
      Ellis Winchester 10 months ago +1

      oi mate

    • TheBadAIDS
      TheBadAIDS 11 months ago +7

      I love how you just copied the top comment almost word for word just for cheap likes and attention. 😂

    • Parry
      Parry 11 months ago +99

      literal demons and angels hate the guy lol. it literally is a feat

    • Firehawk376
      Firehawk376 11 months ago +131

      There are literal lords of hell who can't say the same.

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name 11 months ago +113

      Truly a feat worthy of mention

  • CoolDemon
    CoolDemon 9 months ago +1

    If Wanda didn't lose her sanity at full power, I'm not sure who would win. This really is a close battle.

  • Ryan Tancredi
    Ryan Tancredi 6 months ago +1

    I like to imagine that was the real, honest to goodness superman of this zatanna's universe she summoned, not like, an illusion or something. And he looked around the scene with his super computer processing speed and reaction time and went "Huh, Z needed some help with a magic chick. She's got that, ill just watch her six." And then proceeded to just keep people off her so she could focus more on Wanda.

  • chad d
    chad d Month ago +3

    That surprise Superman punch would have ended the battle right then and there.

  • TheRichmaster
    TheRichmaster 9 months ago +2

    I forgot how insane Zatanna can get

  • swinub reese
    swinub reese Month ago +3

    I like how the auidence started cheering when someone died and literally saw the body

  • Sebastian Quinchia
    Sebastian Quinchia 11 months ago +1315

    Originally I was rooting for Zatanna but thought this was easily a win for Scarlet Witch. But when I saw that Zatanna broke through comics (which is essentially the most OP thing any comic character can do), then recreated the multiverse with Swamp Thing, I knew this would be a very interesting battle.

    • J. Nun
      J. Nun Month ago

      ​@H J She-hulk does that all the time, guess shes gonna smack around Wonder Woman now or something.

    • Wandamarvel
      Wandamarvel  9 months ago

      @Etro uhm I literally gave proof it was retcon many times. Also it not stronger. Many people in dc have chaos magic it not even special.when wanda is the only holder making it more superior. Plus that comic where Wanda said that is was stronger it not even cannon so it really don’t even matter your not lying on the last part but she the embodiment of all chaos so I get why’s she was able to get it and confuse the chaos gods

    • Etro
      Etro 9 months ago

      @Wandamarvel dc chaos magic being stronger doesn’t downplay wanda. it IS stronger, and if anything the crossover shows that Wanda is powerful and capable enough adapt to any environment despite fundamental differences in her own abilities

    • Wandamarvel
      Wandamarvel  9 months ago

      @Etro let not even start where she confused the chaos gods of dc and split dc and marvel …if this was place in dc all wanda have to do was literally use dc chaos magic.

    • Wandamarvel
      Wandamarvel  9 months ago

      @Etro also I was talking about the comic that people like to say to down play wanda saying dc chaos magic is stronger when she only had 5% at that time u sound mad goofy rn like who said anything about dark hold omega? All I did was debunk something that not true .

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 9 months ago +6


  • DaeDae
    DaeDae 7 months ago +7

    Glad Zatanna won, I was hoping she would. She definitely needs more screen time though, it's a shame more people don't know her

  • RandomEnclaveEnjoyer
    RandomEnclaveEnjoyer Month ago +1

    This is the closest thing we'll ever get to a hulk vs Superman death battle we'll ever have

  • Hmsong01
    Hmsong01 6 months ago +6

    Hollywood is all about feminism. Well, bring out Zatanna. She's someone everyone loves, and is actually quite strong and independent, but also very much lovable to all due to her cheerful personality.

  • Riq :D
    Riq :D 8 months ago +1

    In my opinion its just a competition of who can cast a instant kill spell first being that their both mortals, wanda can take away the brain of zatanna and vise versa, killing one instantly but wanda seems more arrogant, and wanda can use multiverse ending spell but at a cost of her sanity while zatanna can do anything without consequences

  • Dawn McAuley
    Dawn McAuley 11 months ago +1482

    I don't think there is a more poignant example of the power levels involved then Zatana literally juggling universes, good one animators!

    • Legentil Debatteur
      Legentil Debatteur 8 months ago

      That Can Defeat or Eliminate Wanda The Scarlet witch are:
      list from DC:
      1. Clark kent /Superman
      2. Diana prince/Wonder woman
      4. Rachel Roth/RAVEN
      5. Kent Nelson/ DR FATE
      6. Billy Batson/ SHAZAM
      7. Teth Adam/BLACK ADAM
      8. THE SPECTRE
      9. Barry Alen/ Wally west THE FLASH & JESSE QUICK
      10. and June Moone a.k.a ENCHANTRESS , THEN : Supergirl, Powergirl, Big Barda , Maxima, Donna Troy, Starfire, Mary Bromfield a.k.a Mary Marvel.
      List from MARVEL:
      2. Jean Gray/DARK PHOENIX
      3. Carol Denvers/CAPTAIN MARVEL
      4. ODIN/ King of The Gods
      7. SENTRY
      9. BEYONDER
      10. ETERNITY

    • David Daugherty
      David Daugherty 9 months ago

      @Super Realme Then why are here, again? If someone is holding you at gunpoint and forcing you to watch these videos, please let us know so we can get police to your location.

    • Sentient Mustache
      Sentient Mustache 10 months ago

      @Youssef Duty cry little boy

    • Nyi Ratu Gedeng Permoni SetroGondoMayit
      Nyi Ratu Gedeng Permoni SetroGondoMayit 10 months ago

      the most fatal way; Zatanna will stop time for a moment or make Wanda freeze. Then quickly and nimbly Zatanna will cut or break Wanda's arm. until Wanda couldn't create the hex ball. Wanda became unable to parry, or withstand any more attacks, she was also unable to fly anymore, with her arms severed. she's in an easy position to beat,, without Zatanna going any further,, and forgave Wanda and gave Wanda a chance to live., the story ends.

    • Louis S.
      Louis S. 11 months ago

      @josh idler Good Point my bad… most people who reply with Why on here usually aren’t big comic readers lol

  • davidsp
    davidsp 8 months ago +1

    The superman punch had me dying in laughter. Seriously though that should have been a death right there.

  • apollo
    apollo 2 months ago +1

    that "no more witches" was just iconic

  • novak winchester
    novak winchester 8 months ago

    I would like to see a Doctor Strange vs Zatanna now we have Wanda vs Zatanna, this one would be a good one.

  • Vince
    Vince 8 months ago

    We all saw how emotions and mental pressure can badly affect the Scarlet Witch's performance in the MOM. And Zatanna's weakness is well, she's human and mortal, just like Wanda.

  • Random Poorly Drawn Dragon

    Wanda was just pissed of the entire fight, while Zatanna was pretty calm and focused.

  • novak winchester
    novak winchester 10 months ago +1330

    The worst thing DC could ever do is not introducing Zatanna in the main DCEU (movies and tv shows) when we already know what she is capable of. Everyone loves Batman and Suerman, but it would be amazing to see others characters besides them in special because there is a lot of characters with potencial

    • Adrian Sandlin
      Adrian Sandlin Month ago +1

      We might get Zatanna and other characters now that the DC movie universe is being rebooted.

    • Zetto Vii
      Zetto Vii Month ago

      Would be fun if Zatanna started off with low power levels, like doing simple tricks and illusion spels... But then gets promoted to full on realiy warping as she uncovers more magic secrets.

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago

      They're going to add her in someday.

    • code :066 Funkin Bird
      code :066 Funkin Bird 4 months ago

      I mean superman is weak to magic either

    • Singled
      Singled 5 months ago

      Atom Smasher, Cyclone, Hawkman is just🔥 but Dr. Fate is freakin nerfed for no reason...

  • Izzy Crybaby
    Izzy Crybaby 9 months ago +6

    I like how effortlessly they just destroyed 4 entire universes without thinking about it LMAO

    • Wavy Saiyan
      Wavy Saiyan 9 months ago +1

      Doesn’t matter bc zantanna can just recreate them😂

  • Austin Kasmeier
    Austin Kasmeier 8 months ago

    You know seeing Zatanna create an image of superman and Scarlet witch creates an image of the hulk makes me wanna see a death battle of hulk vs superman.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago

    Idk I love the characters of Wiz and Boomstick, I wouldn’t mind a third but feel it created a power dynamic that should be acknowledged