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Arsenal vs. Barcelona | UEFA Women’s Champions League Matchday 5 Full Match

  • Published on Dec 8, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Arsenal vs. Barcelona | UEFA Women’s Champions League Matchday 5 Full Match
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  • samson Ogundimu
    samson Ogundimu Year ago +80

    Even if the men’s team are messing up, Barca Femini are unstoppable and are so great ❤️

  • Y
    Y Year ago +65

    The first goal was from a very bad pass, yes. But notice how the moment Beattie receives the ball, Jenni immediately waves at Aitana for her to push up towards the space between Arsenal's split center backs, and Aitana immediately understood. That shows game intelligence, coordination and hard running and it always gives you the edge at every level of competition.

    • Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado
      Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado Year ago +18

      Yes, and the most impressive detail for me is the timing of Aitana for the right time of choice between loading and hitting goal, it seems simple but it is not. She had a total mastery of her actions and the gaps that had there.

    • Y
      Y Year ago +19

      @Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado Aitana had a great game. How about this moment at 2:13:09 ? Picked the ball out of a three-woman press, and an accurate cross field pass to teammate in space to initiate the transition. Delightful!

    • J J
      J J Year ago +7

      @Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado True 👏🏼 it is not easy to hold the ball all they way from the center of field and score a goal where the defender put pressure on her. Very intelligent player!

    • J J
      J J Year ago +6

      @Y Yes Aitana is such a big game player ! She scored in uwcl final against Chelsea (she was the MVP of the match), scored against Atletico Madrid in an away game to secure the win (where barca lose to them last season and the only lose they had in the league) and scored against Arsenal at the Emirates this time! It is always joy to watch her play because of her skill, intelligence and work rate ✨👏🏼

    • Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado
      Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado Year ago +11

      @J J yeah, not to mention that Aitana is very young right ... I personally think she has potential to be better than the world someday. She already has crucial importance in this time, the connection between the sectors, the absurd movement intelligence ... I was very happy with world recognition of Alexia coming with the blalon d'or, and I would like this recognition to come to others too, Especially for her and patri, also young. Only a few improvements, and Aitana will also be recognized as deserves!

  • B2020
    B2020 Year ago +44

    Always impressed on how Alexia cherish her Barcelona capitana arm band in every CL tournaments. Always wearing the arm band neat & clean even though CL have their own arm band .Such a true Barcelona leader. 💙❤💙❤💙

    • Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado
      Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado Year ago +11

      How beautiful your sensitivity. Yes, it is a whim, a care and a discipline that goes beyond. She lives football as a life purpose, a transformative purpose of lives. I have this feeling. It's from the most beautiful things

  • Udaco
    Udaco Year ago +49

    These Barca players can pass so accurate and quick between so many Arsenal players in between and that make so much difference. That is why they can create so much space while Arsenal players can't even make a simple pass sometimes. Unable to complete simple passes is so frustrated to watch. Giving away the ball to the opponent really demotivated the teammates. There are countless of incomplete passes and giveaway ball to opponent. Yet our number of passes just 1/3 from total Barca passes. So stress. We were too nervous or panic. Not to mention how strong Barca players. Arsenal just too weak, lack of strength and lost mostly every challenge of the ball. Another thing is we always release the ball too late. Barca players know very well the right timing when to release the ball off from their feet. That is why, we never get or able to intercept the ball during pressing while Barca can intercept our pass during they press us because we hold the ball too long. It means Barca can read our movement better than us. That is why they can boss the midfield area than us.

  • Quan Dinh
    Quan Dinh 5 months ago +4

    I love Aitana, she's an excellent player, calm,
    confident, quick thinking. Aitana, Lucia Garcia, Esther, and Cardonna are my favorites.

  • Ron Simpson
    Ron Simpson Year ago +3

    Watching the highlights I noticed the hunger of the Arsenal players to score

  • Fut & Esportes FEM | Rodrigo Prado

    I watch all Barcelona games, and from that I say this game did not enchant myself as much as it happened in other games. Much because Arsenal handed the game very easily. But also because what Jonatán tried to put Alexia in the position of Patri, more retreated: Alexia is fatal and decisive further, something that Mariona does not do so well. What Mariona, aided by Alexia in the right position, does very well, yes, is to float in the most offensive line, and today the team was not as usual as usual. But Arsenal collaborated immensely to the tranquility of the Barcelona game. Anyway, I expect better spectacles, because this is the best team in history.

    • Teachr Beast
      Teachr Beast Year ago +14

      I see what you are saying. Even tough Patri is Busquets. Alexia played like a boss yesterday on 6 you can't get the ball of her, She owned that midfield the presence she has, the calmness and strength bro. It was nice to see her play as a cdm but the moment she moved up the pitch in her regular position it was over from there she turned into the brunye this woman is madness it couldn't understand the hype first but yesterday I actually saw the strings bro!! Mariona is like a kite she is everywhere there is no defending her and she doesn't miss a step and aitana is the same only more direct. But the coach has to put more trust in Engen as well. She bossed the play when she subbed on. Like she is improving immensely not at the speed as Rolfo but with more game time she will get more comfortable. And she as well has presence if she develops that real aggressiveness like parades she wkl be Unstoppable as well. This team my gawd bro. 🙆🏾‍♂️

    • Rita Sinkovec
      Rita Sinkovec 8 months ago

      "Much because Arsenal handed the game very easily"? Confused, amigo? Arsenal lost 1:4.
      How did they handle (handed) the game? They didn't handle anything. They were slow, their
      running game deplorable, their defense in the first half spotty and mostly lackluster. They
      just didn't try very hard, no one had any fighting spirit, any fire in the belly.

    • Spazz
      Spazz 5 months ago

      They weren’t handed nothing, Barca was just the better team

  • Teachr Beast
    Teachr Beast Year ago +33

    Proud of my Club VAMOSS ❤️💙 excellente!!

  • zuyet Cypri1
    zuyet Cypri1 Year ago +8

    i watched almost all barcelona femini's matches and that was the most easy win for them this season.one real chance the whole match and it came at the 84th minute. Seville even tho they lost 10-1, they were more dangerous had like 2 chances beside the goal.last week they really struggled against l'athletic and ,scored late goals even if it ended 4-0,let alone the match against athletico when they battled to get this 3 nil.Too much respect from Arsenal for this barcelona team,and there are people trying to make the liga iberdola look bad without even watching games becuz femini are winning every games .How can you explain that the 4th and 5th spots in the farmers league give a better opposition than the 1st spot of the "best women league in Europe"? The answer is clear,The WSL is too overrated.The only real team is Chelsea the others are averages

    • Tunde Seriki
      Tunde Seriki Year ago

      You people and your inferiority complex always make it funny how you want to argue your way out of everything. That's how one person also claimed Barca will be winning 10-0 regularly in the FAWSL because they beat the top teams their as if that's how it works. Putting 2 and 2 does not equal 4 in football. That you struggled against a team in your league doesn't mean that team is better than another team you beat in another league. Another person mentioned Real Madrid qualifying ahead of ManCity who are having probably the very worst season they have ever endures and were caught at absolutely the worst time ever. They have struggled in the league ever since. Outsiders playing against Barca will always have a hard time catching up to their game unlike teams within a league of similar playing styles in which their only edge is the quality of players. Barca will be found out eventually. They're in a prime where the rest of Europe may find it hard to catch up quickly this year. But they will be found out. All these defenders of the farmer's league forget that it's just about a year now that Barca has dominated Europe. There's a reason why your teams haven't done much since. It may be improving now and be thankful for that.

  • Àlex Marquès
    Àlex Marquès 5 months ago

    2:08:51 - “here is that penalty challenge” (Mead on Hansen) What do you think?”
    - “there's definitely contact, but I think it's after the ball has left.... it wasn't given anyway”

  • it's everyday
    it's everyday Year ago +5

    I wonder if it's more effective to man-mark against Barcelona. When you look at Arsenal defending, some players are standing in an open space isolated, and Barcelona have open passage to pass to each other.

    • Teachr Beast
      Teachr Beast Year ago

      No you don't man Mark barca players there is to much movement how could you follow mariona or aitana, the would stretch the defence and create to much spaces for others to play/run in.

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa Year ago +5

    ⭐️ [نهاية المباراة!] ⭐️
    ⚔ فوز سيدات برشلونة 4-0 ضد سيدات إرسنال
    هدف أيتانا بونماتي (22’)⚽️
    ثنائية جينيفير هيرموسو (28’)(75')⚽️⚽️
    هدف فريدولينا رولفو (45+1’)⚽️
    صناعة الهدف الثاني فريدولينا 🤝²⁸
    🏆 دوري أبطال أوروبا (الجولة الخامسة)

  • joan6
    joan6 Year ago +19

    Well done!! Catalunya!!💪

  • Total Soccer TV
    Total Soccer TV Year ago +1

    Arsenal coach needs to have a word, my daughter's U19 squad would give these Arsenal gals a game!!

  • bud ekins
    bud ekins Year ago +11

    Barcelona passing the ball around like the Spain men's team = Arsenal losing.

  • Rita Sinkovec
    Rita Sinkovec 8 months ago

    Arsenal lists fourteen (14) players right now who are foreigners, i.e. the are guest players from various countries. English born players are a relatively small minority. This makes Arsenal not a true home team but a team of itinerants. No wonder the number of club fans is so minuscule. How could you develop any sense of loyalty to such a here-today-gone-tomorrow outfit?

  • Total Soccer TV
    Total Soccer TV Year ago +1

    51:35 She deserved two reds for that!!! Outrageous man, 20 mins in!!!

  • Udaco
    Udaco Year ago +3

    I think we make a mistake by playing at Emirates. Should have play at Meadow Park. We knew Barca are way better than us and we really have problem against them at the midfield and slow defenders especially the CB. This pitch is too perfect for them to show what they made of. We asking for the trouble giving them a perfect pitch. Koge only loss to them at home 0-2 because Barca not comfortable with the artificial grass. We have a slight chance to perform better at Meadow Park.

    • Chris Monks
      Chris Monks Year ago +1

      I was thinking theh should of played at meadow park. They probably played there because of money. I think we still would of lost Barcelona are incredible. But maybe not 4.0

    • Teachr Beast
      Teachr Beast Year ago +1

      It wouldn't have made any difference barca are used to play in tight spaces even if the pitch is smaller. We can get thru any block and stretch the defense and midfield by playing in them pockets and we wil force you to choose. You choose by yourself and or we make the choice for you. When we force u to make the mistakes that's when we strike. The issue with KOGE was the dynamics were different, cuz the regular players were rested and the that caused alot of issues in rhythm connection creativity etc. The second half of that game certain players were subbed off and more creative players came in and the issues were solved. Could have scored more but KOGE defended like there lives depended on it. But in the end its inevitable. U can look at it from all angles its just like Bayern vs Barcalona with the men. It was that kind of game. The irony is, we were bayern in this game. And arsenal like the barca men.

  • WheezingMuttley
    WheezingMuttley Year ago

    Big up Pips🔥

  • Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan Year ago +21

    Barcenola best team 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Marvin Brando
    Marvin Brando Year ago

    Love European women. They are so beautiful

  • Spooky
    Spooky Year ago +61

    The mens team is just bad for my mental health at this point. Time to start watching the ladies. They’re the polar opposite of the mens Barca

    • Teachr Beast
      Teachr Beast Year ago +3


    • Tony Irose
      Tony Irose 11 months ago +1

      😂 I stopped watching the men"s team, especially in the CL

  • 😎MƎꓤꓷNⱯ ꓤꓵHꓕꓤⱯ😎

    Arsenal got destroyed by Barça 😱

  • Yoot
    Yoot Year ago +2

    Probably nobody is going to believe me but my lil cousin won two tickets to this game and he is 4 LIKE HE IS SO LUCKY 🍀

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa Year ago +8

    *⭐️ [FT!] ⭐️*
    *⚔ Arsenal 0-4 FCBFemeni*
    Aitana (22’)⚽️
    Jenni Hermoso (28’)(75')⚽️⚽️
    Fridolina Rolfo (45+1’)⚽️
    Assist Rolfo🤝²⁸
    *🏆 UWCL (J5)*

  • Thâkûr ji
    Thâkûr ji Year ago +4

    Someone tell me why Alexia get yellow card 🤨🤚

  • Sudeep Das
    Sudeep Das Year ago +4

    Best club competition in the world - are you kidding me? When will English ex-players, media & experts accept reality and stop blindsiding their passionate fans?

  • bob burroughs
    bob burroughs Year ago +4

    Where's Miedema? Why didn't she start. No wonder no goals.

  • Thâkûr ji
    Thâkûr ji Year ago +2

    Barcelona team players Footwork is way better then Arsenal team
    But Kim little and mid know how to play 👿
    And here's about my favorite team so it's Chelsea 😂💙
    And 2nd ( Barcelona's becoz of Alexia and hersmoso)
    And still in 2nd Arsnal 🙃

  • Claudia Linh
    Claudia Linh Year ago

    Viv wasnt in a start line....🤷🏻‍♀️ What a poor tactics

  • Udaco
    Udaco Year ago +1

    Catley cannot play as CB. Put Sorensen or Schnaderbek. Both first goal have something to do with her.

  • Total Soccer TV
    Total Soccer TV Year ago

    59:15 "the balls are coming here...." C'mon man, who hired this person???

  • Udaco
    Udaco Year ago +4

    Why I find most of Barca players are tall and we look smaller on average? I can see most of them as tall as Beattie while Beattie is our tallest player in the team. Imagine we have shorter players and weaker in strength like Mead, Parris, Nobbs, Maritz, Kim, Mccabe. Just Maanum and Beattie are tall players. Maybe Foord and Catley little bit taller [medium]. Does anyone see who is the shortest Barca player? I thought Barca are playing against the school U16 team. It is weird watching Parris challenging Rolfo. No match in physical. Now, we lack of skill, quality, strength, speed, accuracy, vision and now add some more ..... HEIGHT.

    • Teachr Beast
      Teachr Beast Year ago

      😂 Aitana, mariona Pereira they are small Kim is small but strong. Arsenal have big players to Viv Beattie foord catley the pressure is just different and parris won a couple duels with Rolfo. Cheered her on

    • bud ekins
      bud ekins Year ago +3

      Quality of passing is the main problem.

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo Year ago +13

    Barca womens team >>> mens team

  • robert hoffman
    robert hoffman Year ago +6

    Arsenal need a better coach ,this bloke has no idea.

    • Chris Monks
      Chris Monks Year ago +7

      We're top of the league. We were playing the best womens club team in the world. Barcelona outclassed everyone they play.

    • me
      me Year ago

      @Chris Monksyou guys will drop point against Leicester and Chelsea will win this league again.

    • Chris Monks
      Chris Monks Year ago

      @me well that is speculation. Even if Chelsea do win it we will probably still finish second. Hes still doing well

    • me
      me Year ago

      @Chris Monks arsenal will finish third this season. screenshot this plz 🤣

    • Chris Monks
      Chris Monks Year ago +1

      @me I doubt that with a 7 point gap to Brighton and a 10 point gap to man utd and 12 to man city which are the only teams who could reasonably catch us. The teams ahead of those two wont catch us. Chelsea are the only team who could reasonably finish above us

  • Kaudios
    Kaudios Year ago +9

    2:20:28 Beth Mead fight

  • Eko Budiyanto
    Eko Budiyanto Year ago +2

    di starting arsenal kok ga ada miedema ya....

  • larisa
    larisa 3 days ago

    do anyone know where was mapi?

  • Chigozie James
    Chigozie James Year ago +1

    Lol....can arsenal get past Wolfsburg in quater final?? I really hope they do...so barca can destroy them again!!! WSL teams....full of themselves.

  • Louise ley
    Louise ley Year ago +1

    Haa the little girls was right 4...0

  • Rkovineeth
    Rkovineeth Year ago


  • Len Morris
    Len Morris Year ago +2

    I was there. COYG

  • Sam Skunnee
    Sam Skunnee Year ago

    ขอบคุณครับ สำหรับซับไทย

  • A shiok
    A shiok Year ago


  • Dane
    Dane Year ago +8

    Why are the commentators speaking into WWII-era microphones?

    • The Sundays Music
      The Sundays Music Year ago

      There were no wireless microphone in WWII, those big blue tops are wind muffs.

    • Dane
      Dane Year ago

      @The Sundays Music I'm referring to the mics Scott Booth and Pien Meulensteen are using. See 3:52
      Their audio quality is poor all throughout the match

    • The Sundays Music
      The Sundays Music Year ago

      @Dane Haha, yes they are lip microphones, they are designed to not pick up surrounding noise.

  • Adán Lencina
    Adán Lencina 5 months ago


  • A shiok
    A shiok Year ago


  • Strip Bear
    Strip Bear Year ago

    Wont LOL to much

  • Signals927
    Signals927 Year ago +1

    Pathetic is the word.

  • Ranjan Karki
    Ranjan Karki 3 months ago

    All time my best game girl football I Love you so much in my dreams All an Angel girls

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig Year ago +1


    • bud ekins
      bud ekins Year ago +2

      Even if he had said something no one would have got red.

  • Berto Santiago
    Berto Santiago Year ago +2

    Aitana ❤

  • Ranjan Karki
    Ranjan Karki 3 months ago

    I Love you All beautiful girls best players in the world I Love you All pretty girls

  • LonaZGeist
    LonaZGeist 5 months ago

    The quality of the microphone is horrible

  • me
    me Year ago +1

    jonas eidevall 🐈‍⬛