Italian doctor on how virus 'exploded', having coronavirus & how to fight it

  • Dr Sylvia Bignamini is the Health Director of San Francesco Clinic in Bergamo, Italy, the city at the epicentre of the country's outbreak.
    She conducted the first coronavirus test in her nursing home and also caught the virus herself. She is now living and working in isolation at home.


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  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago

    This Dr is a National Treasure. What a beautiful human being. Take care of her Italia.

  • Cathlina Le
    Cathlina Le 6 hours ago

    Amen thank God .Finally I found my answer.I been thinking that if we scare of that virus it will get you,so I want to share my story just for help other.I been sitting in my house for an hour and I to remember ,Jesus was saying nothing will hided.He always said believe,you will leave and look for it you will find it,but the main point is you to believe his words

  • Earthshine Moonshine
    Earthshine Moonshine 7 hours ago

    I'm getting confused everyday that passes , in America they're considering new measures that will result in different policies for different parts of the US ! I'm sure they know about the situation in Italy so how come they're going for a new policy ?!

  • Sunny Karki
    Sunny Karki 7 hours ago

    Amazing job, medical professionals hats off

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago

      Watch DAVID ICKE videos on COVID-19 crisis! . . . . You will all if you have a mind get the answers !

  • Heather Stephens
    Heather Stephens 7 hours ago

    Warning : Don’t even read the comments. More nuts out there than a packet of peanuts 😂😂

  • Sunny Karki
    Sunny Karki 7 hours ago

    I lived there long time ago...

  • Chandra shaker
    Chandra shaker 8 hours ago


  • Ronald Raymond
    Ronald Raymond 14 hours ago

    Avoid chinese who wants to destroy Christian Churches in their country.

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones 14 hours ago

    it was the "Hug a Chinese person day" to "combat racism" in Italy that caused the explosion.... I imagine they dont want people to remember that

  • Geoff Walthers
    Geoff Walthers 18 hours ago

    It may be too late to limit contact only when symptoms prevail. The best case scenario is to stay home for a 14 day period to ensure
    you're healthy.

  • Mate Rockk
    Mate Rockk 19 hours ago

    End of times Jesus coming soon !

  • Mate Rockk
    Mate Rockk 19 hours ago

    It's probably punishment from God, why ? Well because mostly Italian are gays !

  • Collins Kirui
    Collins Kirui 21 hour ago

    May each country learn from this.

  • Carmel Correale
    Carmel Correale 23 hours ago

    Yes younger people in the 30 40 and up they have young children as they waited till they were older to start a family these people’s children will become orphans they need their parents

  • Yaw G
    Yaw G Day ago

    Keep up the good work doctor, and may God keep you healthy and safe. I salute all the health workers who are risking their life daily to fight the threat.

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko Day ago

    Younger people like myself need to take this more seriously.

  • M
    M Day ago

    Is she the one who killed herself?

  • dolores206
    dolores206 Day ago

  • Mama Laloo Sindhi

    Watch DAVID ICKE videos on COVID-19 crisis! . . . . You will all if you have a mind get the answers !

  • Mama Laloo Sindhi

    Watch DAVID ICKE videos on COVID-19 crisis! . . . . You will all if you have a mind get the answers !

  • Trey Pao
    Trey Pao Day ago


  • Julia Walker
    Julia Walker Day ago

    For those who mock and scoff about being in the end times:

    The End Times are here: Mockers will mock, but: The last 2000 years (roughly), Israel was not even a nation to fulfill prophecy. In 1948 Israel became a nation. These times are way different than any time in the last 2000 years. These mockers need to hear / know this specific detail.

    John writes, in Revelation 11:9, that the two witnesses will be dead in the street of Jerusalem, and EVERY NATION, TRIBE AND LANGUAGE OF PEOPLE will see them for 3 1/2 days. Never, in the last 2000 years (or any time in history), did the entire world have the ability to visually see one spot on Earth at once; not until man invented TV, cameras (on phones, of course), World Wide Web, etc. This happened in roughly the same century as Israel becoming a nation again. So John, 'somehow' knew man would have this ability one day, and back in 90 A.D., they didn't even have electricity, let alone TVs, World Wide Web, cameras on phones, etc. Man did not even have this ability 200 years ago! John got this information from the One Who is outside of time, the Creator of all: God Almighty! Of course. :)

    Now Russia, Turkey and Iran (plus a couple other African nations, which are muslim) are allies, for the first time in history, and these nations are also prophesied about attacking Israel one day. One only need look at the news over there in the last 2 years to see this can easily happen now! Just a "coincidence" these nations become allies only after Israel became a nation? No coincidence at all. :)

    Only today do you see people (including the pope) trying to form one world religion! Never did you see that in the last 2000 years on such a scale. Only today will you see the likelihood of a one world government very soon to come. Could it have happened just 150 years ago? No way.

    The sheer cultural acceptance of immorality - abortion (baby murder), homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, fornication, neo-feminazism -> breaking up of the family unit, etc. - skyrocketing JUST within the last 50 years is further clear evidence that these are the end days.

    Veganism (commanding to abstain from meat) also prophesied to happen in the last days by Paul, in 1 Timothy 4:1-3 -- "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth."

    All prophesied in the bible, nearly 2000 years ago.

    Back to modern technology. When people had read about "the mark of the beast" some 300+ years ago, they probably assumed it'd simply be some type of ink mark you stamp on your skin. The KJV bible has written that this "mark" is put INSIDE the right hand or forehead. Well, with modern technology and the microchip, only seen today, and never any other time in history of man, could this make sense to effectively keep track of people out there. If it was simply an ink mark, people could've faked it easily. Not today, with modern technology + GPS tracking systems, facial recognition technology, fingerprint scanning, DNA testing, etc.

    The lie of evolution, mainly took off especially in the last 100 years, sinking into most societies, giving rise to larger quantities of atheists. This lie (of evolution) which now gives them confidence that God supposedly "doesn't exist," thus they gleefully ignore prophecy. Look at what happened with dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and many others. All atheists or ones who had confidence God does not exist (due to the lie of evolution), thus they commit their heinous acts without worry of being judged afterward. This is why there are so many dictatorships (and elite cultist groups) today that will do what they want and will laugh at anyone trying to say the God written of in the bible is going to judge them for it. The lie of evolution coming about, again, only within the last 150 years is also no coincidence. This is helping fulfill prophecy.

    Daniel (12:4) wrote that man would "travel to and fro, and knowledge would increase." This could really only stand out, again, in the last century. Sure, there was advancements in knowledge and technology in the last 1500 years (throughout all of human history, really), but only in the last 100 years did it REALLY skyrocket. They were riding horse and carriage (as they have for millennia before) just 150 years ago. NOW we have cars, planes, high speed electric / magnetic trains, space rockets, etc. We can travel around the world in a single day. I'd say that is clearly the "knowledge increase" and the "traveling to and fro" Daniel wrote about (which God told him to). It's pretty obvious! :)

    Many in WWII thought it was 'the end,' but they forgot to understand that Israel had to be a nation first! Thus even many Christians were wrong over the centuries, just on that one point alone.

    So when the mockers say anything to you about "nothing happening for 2000 years" be sure to bring up these points. Do more research on how these times are very special compared to any other time in history when concerning bible prophecy signs showing.

    It's not enough to just have head knowledge about Jesus, the bible, etc. You need to become born again of Jesus' Holy Spirit in your heart to enter into the Kingdom of God. Many people out there, including catholics, do not even teach this extremely important fact. Please pray to Jesus right now and genuinely open your heart to Him; receive Him into your heart right now. :) It's about personally knowing Him on an intimate level!

  • Jahvinchee Dop
    Jahvinchee Dop Day ago

    Exploded because of a rate of 50 to 80 percent falls positive pcr tests 😂Italian mainstream dumbasses😋

  • Gisselle ST
    Gisselle ST Day ago +3

    I love this doctor but can’t stand the rude interviewer interrupting her.

  • Joseph fieid
    Joseph fieid Day ago

    Which Italian politician told everyone to hug a Chinese person after trump put the travel ban on China is this liberal not in jail

  • Rodgers Shazhira
    Rodgers Shazhira Day ago +1

    Watch the Film " Contagion" and tell me if this was not prepared in advance. The New World Order is planning to cut world population to 500000000 and their goal and agenda is moving on very smoothly indeed....shame on you those countries who are supporting this and who got involved in the creation of this menace. God is not a fool and is not sleeping. Soon those evil leaders and Rich people will be exposed completely. Shame on you!

  • Nicolo Orlando
    Nicolo Orlando Day ago

    The fact that Italy has been, and probably still is, one of the most corrupted country in Europe and of the highest mafia level in the world, it's a known fact. But, realizing that even doctors lie and deceive public's perception just for a few minutes of fame in front of a camera is just pathetic for the human race as a whole.
    I would like to inform the unethical lady that we know your lie! And, it's time to come out with the true official data reported from ANSA (the National Agency for Associated News or, Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata) and the National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore della Sanita) because sooner or later the whole world will know.
    The ANSA and ISS official report of corona virus victim is, BE READY: 3!
    Patologie N %
    Cardiopatia ischemica 117 33.0
    Fibrillazione atriale 87 24.5
    Ictus 34 9.6
    Ipertensione arteriosa 270 76.1
    Diabete mellito 126 35.5
    Demenza 24 6.8
    BPCO 47 13.2
    Cancro attivo negli ultimi 5 anni 72 20.3
    Epatopatia cronica 11 3.1
    Insufficienza renale cronica 64 18.0
    Numero di patologie (number of pathologies)
    0 patologie --> 3 0.8

    Then we have:
    1) One of Italy's most renown journalist caught on TV saying: we can't make this news public! Italians shouldn't know or they won't believe it anymore!
    2) purposely (or ignorantly) Italian politicians and doctors mixing&matching the very important meaning (medically, socially and scientifically) of 'dying with' a disease and 'dying of' a disease.
    Lady (i would not even consider calling you Dr as your university professors are probably embarrassed and ashamed of you and they will send you back to primary school to learn basic biology), dying of a something means that 'something is the cause of death'. Considering your academic preparation, i should give a 6yrs old child example here: - if you fall from a 100m high building you will probably die and the cause of death is the 'trauma' caused by the fall. If you fall from the same building and have a cold, or a headache, the cold or the headache are not cause of death; it's still the trauma from the fall; the cold or headache was a coincidence -.
    I am really curious as to why an almost bankrupted country is giving this fake news which unfortunately has led the entire Europe, probably the world, to follow when, in fact world renown pulmonologists, epidemiologist and virologist are saying the complete opposite. It's a farse.
    Would it not be more professional to take responsibilities and admit and that the Italian politicians have raped the national health system repeatedly, over the last 20yrs, and now they can't cope with a few already-ill patients who have had aggravations caused by a cold virus? rather than having the entire population, once again, to pay the price for the consequences?

    Even world's leading authors in the financial world such as Robert Kiosaki, have smelled the political involvement.
    Now, the question is: why? why are are you doing this? What are you trying to get out of it? Killing the economy is definitely more painful and disastrous than cutting off the politician's salaries and buy more equipment such as ventilators and hospital beds. What is wrong with people like your Estimate self! (for those of you on fakebook, there is a subtitled version; video name: legally forced to immuno deficiency, from Italy leading voice on pulmonary diseases and international authority on micro&nano pathology)

    p.s.: why does Channel 4 not interview world leading experts of micro biology and/or pulmonologists? rather than 'playing along' with this Mambo Italiano?

    • Nicolo Orlando
      Nicolo Orlando Day ago

      @Christine P Don't like facts? or, don't like reading? i'm not surprised considering the level of modern knowledge

    • Christine P
      Christine P Day ago

      Rant much?

  • Marcin Gruszka
    Marcin Gruszka Day ago

    Maybe there is something we don't know about virus. Maybe for example it can spread through the air for long distance.

  • Maureen K
    Maureen K Day ago


  • ضبط المفسدين في دول الاسلام

    The only quick treatment for you
    It is Islam and you must stay away from injustice to Muslims and non-Muslims. Swear to God, my Creator, and I am Muhammad Abdu and his Messenger. This torment virus will disappear within hours or less. Islam is peace, justice.

  • willard sandy
    willard sandy Day ago

    Has Italy tried the malarial treatment that is purported to work on Covid cases.

  • Antony Liberopoulos

    Thank you Dr Sylvia Bignamini.

  • Samantha108
    Samantha108 Day ago

    Unsung heroes. God bless them!

  • Samantha108
    Samantha108 Day ago


    • Christine P
      Christine P Day ago

      That's when she first encountered it, problem?

  • Miss Bumblebee
    Miss Bumblebee Day ago

    What a sweet person she seems to be. I would like to have her as my doctor.

  • innocent Angel
    innocent Angel Day ago

    Hope u will get out through all wishes from pakistan

  • Steve Spence
    Steve Spence Day ago

    I like her calm refusal to indulging in wild speculation

  • alida flus
    alida flus Day ago

    Simple, allmost all channel with the word “news” in it are just liars, paid and controlled by the elite.

  • kickn-aDead-cat
    kickn-aDead-cat Day ago +2

    I heard there are three reasons. Italy has an older population, 21% of the people smoke, when they greet they kiss on the cheek. A coronavirus smorgasbord.

  • Emma Joseph
    Emma Joseph Day ago +1

    3 days ago was waiting outside a pharmacie for my husbands medecine here we are 2mtrs space between ppl and there you are 3mans in their 20s sharing a can of beer passing it among them close together walking now can we call theses idiots stupids ignorants or selfless p...s

    • alida flus
      alida flus Day ago

      showing no signs of stopping soon.

  • alpha beta
    alpha beta Day ago

    I thought bronchial pneumonia was quite common in nursing homes.

  • alpha beta
    alpha beta Day ago +1

    The word 'exploded' is not her word. It is a word that the controlled Rothschild media is constantly using while raving about this fake pandemic.

    • Christine P
      Christine P Day ago

      You are a fake pandemic.. wait.. you're actually a real one, spreading your idiotic virus.

  • Conor Malone
    Conor Malone Day ago

    The real heroes in this world are the doctors and nurses on the front lines combating this virus.

  • Nickhil G
    Nickhil G Day ago

    Her accent is sooo cute.

  • plejaren1
    plejaren1 Day ago

    Is there 5G in Italy? Chemtrails? because BOTH cause the dry cough respiratory problems- YES. I've read all the research.

  • Lars Hansen
    Lars Hansen Day ago

    She indirectly mentioned that filter masks are better than a surgery mask: I has 2 filter masks :) - and I'm the vulnerable group. I'm glad that I cancelled that DIY project (paint a wall)

  • Iancov m
    Iancov m Day ago

    i cant bear with her, use a translator. This is not times to show off weak language skills. This is time for all of us to be clear and direct. Hercules!!

    • Christine P
      Christine P Day ago

      Weak language skills? Or weak comprehension? I understand every word.

  • Thi Huynh
    Thi Huynh Day ago

    Italy must have been infected for the deaths comes...

    • Christine P
      Christine P Day ago

      No, weeks. Look at the explosion in USA.

  • Raymond Kinsella
    Raymond Kinsella 2 days ago

    One reason Is because Italy is a also crossroads for human trafficking

  • Belle R
    Belle R 2 days ago +2

    My love and prayers to italy😭 💜❤i cant believe this, stay home world

  • Marla K
    Marla K 2 days ago

    Thank you for the forewarning. We can only hope and pray our government will be responsive and adequately prepare for what is to come. We have far less hospital beds and far less respirators than other 1st world countries. We also have no universal healthcare which increases risk for everyone, but for some much more than others.

  • The King of How To's
    The King of How To's 2 days ago +1

    Keyword, "EXPLODED..." As I said before, COVID-19 is likely a biological atomic bomb considering how so unusually fast it spread. It's as if it was detonated in a warhead far above the skies and that spread around the world as small mini versions were planted in certain countries, which also spread. This is just one possible scenario but there are a plurality of possibilities here...👌.

  • Natasha Johnson
    Natasha Johnson 2 days ago +1

    Brave woman . I respect you very much. Please be safe

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi 2 days ago

    bergamo copped direct arrivals from Wuhan

  • K A
    K A 2 days ago

    This is unstoppable, I know so many RNs and medics that have had mild coughs and fevers in the last few weeks. They aren't being tested and are only staying home when the symptoms start. People are asymptomatic as well.

  • Gloria Hanes
    Gloria Hanes 2 days ago

    Our President Trump here in America is hopeful we can attend church for Easter and congregate in a large crowd for mass. Truth be told, this is a very bad idea with the virus showing no signs of stopping soon.

  • Cruzer Six
    Cruzer Six 2 days ago

    Thank you !!!!! I served in the United States Army, but you are my real hero in these times!!!

  • yvonne Fearn
    yvonne Fearn 2 days ago

    Thank you That’s great for trying to help people hear in Australia 🇦🇺 I hope a lot see this and stay home Blessings Love 💓 Light

  • Galina
    Galina 2 days ago

    May God continue to save and protect you and your practical mind.

  • Jon R
    Jon R 2 days ago

    Italy you always had a place in my heart, we are cheering for you. Love from Australia.

  • ronald deavy
    ronald deavy 2 days ago

    735 dislikes, are they mad?

  • Movie Mania
    Movie Mania 2 days ago

    Italy... was always famous about finding excuses, procrastination...Not my ppl, I lived there for few years... You know there that many nurses doctors are ill, and still working and they are clearing up the older ppl this is the reality... This is all about politics. And being a doctor you are forced not to say the whole truth...Ppl were said to be cautius, but no.. italians had to meet with others, parties etc, not obeying now you are in chaos... I am really sorry for the elderly but sadly its political things not to pay pension because the majority ppl you are died old, and had previous disease. And of course some younger ones because it would be suspecious only to target the older ones...I dont belive doctors, you decide you stay alive and who not. Supporting the f.. immigrants and not ur own ppl its disgusting for me. Praying for the old ppl, and ur immigrant and colored ppl, save ur own ppl. Italia, nice future. No need comments please this is my own opinion. Thanks

  • B Ann
    B Ann 2 days ago

  • Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D.
    Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D. 2 days ago +45

    As a neuroscientist with postdoctoral training at Harvard, here's my thoughts since I've already provided professional scientific editing/consulting for over 20 hot-off-the-press forthcoming COVID-19 studies from around the world since the initial outbreak. There are a myriad of specific reasons for shutting down for COVID-19 but not influenza. Aside from the fact that the mortality rate is conservatively at least 10-fold greater for COVID-19 (at least 1%, and as high as 2-6%, according to a recent correspondence in The Lancet Infectious Diseases) compared to that of influenza (0.1%), COVID-19 is even more transmissible. Furthermore, this is an entirely novel coronavirus (the fact that there have been many other coronaviruses infecting humans in the past is irrelevant since this is a novel strain), meaning that we as humans have been completely devoid of any immunity to COVID-19, unlike many of us that at least have some immunity to influenza due to prior exposure in previous seasons. Moreover, we have multiple effective influenza vaccines; in fact, we have quadrivalent flu vaccines that protect against two influenza A strains - H1N1 and H3N2 - and two influenza B strains. In contrast, we have absolutely no COVID-19 vaccines since this is a completely novel viral infection, and we will most certainly not have an approved effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine for at least several years (as safety against vaccine-induced cytokine storms, among other concerns, must first be ensured). Additionally, to assuage any conspiracy theorists, it is abundantly clear that the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) underlying COVID-19 was not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus, as further elucidated in a recent hot-off-the-press correspondence in Nature Medicine, as well as several forthcoming COVID-19-related manuscripts for which I have professionally provided scientific editing/consulting since the initial outbreak. In terms of SARS-CoV-2 potentially mutating and becoming even more transmissible and/or deadly, most (but not all) virologists estimate that this is unlikely in the short term, and a nice piece was recently published in Science on the current state of virologists analyzing COVID-19-related mutations in the underlying SARS-CoV-2 virus and how it seems too early for them to make strong and lasting interpretations. As a final point, the current number of COVID-19 deaths at present pales in comparison to what they will likely become over the next 3-12 months. This is because the proliferation of COVID-19 is still at the low end of a putative exponential function; until this phenomenon exits the exponential phase, talking about the total current death count may not be particularly instructive. There are even more reasons for the COVID-19 shutdown and for not shutting down for influenza, but the above rationale covers the essentials. Nevertheless, we will collectively get through this, learn many lessons, and become more resilient through our combined efforts. If you dig this kind of perspective, I plan to launch a channel (in the coming months, under either my name or the alias, Neuro_Modulator) that will synthesize hardcore neurobiology with actionable self-actualization. Cheers!

    • Foo Barrel
      Foo Barrel 14 hours ago

      Thanks for the info, Doc!
      Please have a look at this intriguing video from MedCram, regarding a biochemical mechanism to inhibit replication of SAR-CoV-2 in human cells by use of hydroxychlorquine and zinc, and let us know what you think of it:

      It appears at least one local Doctor in NY is seeing good results using such a treatment plan early, avoiding the need for hospitalisation in ~500 cases thus far:

    • Nicolo Orlando
      Nicolo Orlando Day ago +1

      Dear Professor, i recall from my academic years that if i mentioned something like 'having an effective vaccine against a flu' to my university physiology or pharmacology professors, they would have kicked me out of college.
      It is my understanding that considering a vaccine for a fast changing virus and which, most importantly, does not give immunity back, is a complete waste of time and a colossal fraud!
      Would you confirm?
      And, furthermore, with what epidemiological data you affirm that Covid19 has a 10fold greater mortality rate than other past flu when, so far, is way lower? Would you say, academically, that yours is an uneducated stipulation?
      Please, enlighten me!

    • Karen Linda Kostin
      Karen Linda Kostin Day ago +1

      I love reading medical information soooo much. Thank you. OK; I can't help but questioning how long this was really taking place in China before that whistle blower /? doctor ( thank God literally! ) exposed what a deadly disease was taking place there. Why did china health officials say what was taking place then? THEY HADN'T ANY CHOICE. The cat was out of the bag, so to speak. How on earth did Italy get the worst hit, Spain, Germany , ... but ITALY so massively? WHY ? IF the Covid19 - virus was only taking place for a short time in China; ... why did it grow like a monster so quickly in Italy? Don't you think it would have killed more in china before Italy since it began there first? I picture a fast growing plant for example; ... it get's planted in fertile soil , watered, and a sprout shows in less then a week but within 4 days. It grows quickly without very little watering it's that successful in it's species; it type. What kind of plant do you imagine I'm talking abut as an example, a comparison to COVID19? The Dandelion. Everything has a begging; as did dandelions; as they do every Spring with new beginnings; ready to get their white puffy circular seeds that blow in the wind, hit the grounds as far as they can spread; right? Whatever country first had these fast spreading weeds ; many many centuries ago; thousands of years ago; ... and to this day, we in Canada see these show up early Spring and if not gotten rid of right away on people's lawns; ... they spread like wild fire. Their roots are long and carrot like, with smaller roots that grown out of the main root. It makes sense to me that this virus of course had a begging; a main root to what taking place all over the world. What is the main root of this killer like demon of death out there? If I were the Ministry of Health in Italy, I'd ask all the airlines to give them the list of Chinese passengers from ; ... lets say the summer holidays from July until November; ... Every country should do this and compare the total cont of Chinese tourists. Whatever country was visited the most by them, ... from the July until November/ even December time frame, ... just might reveal more information as to why some countries got hit up the most and others didn't. JUST MY FEELINGS about this as crazy as I know it might seem to you. God bless and keep you Aaron: This is where no matter what anyone comes up with to do with this isn't going to change it now; so we must walk by FAITH and not by sight. WE must take the good medical advise to wash our hands, stay the 6 feet space apart, eat at home, be with your family members and realize; ... this is a God given test throughout the Nations of the world to get their priorities straightened out: To love God first, love their family members , and love their neigbours as God first loved mankind. To do unto others what they would want done unto themselves. TO not hoard up money on earth when millionaires and billionaires; but to help the poor, to give money for medical research, to give toward research for rare diseases too, to give give give; because life is fragile and we will ll leave this earth one way or another someday; all born with the same disease: Death that will eventually take place, we are all born with a death sentence and will leave this world how we came into it: STARK NAKED AND BARE taking nothing with us. LIFE IS FRAGILE, I say,... HANDLE WITH PRAYER at this time! The world needs an out and out miracle healing in so many ways, not just a healing of this Covid19 viris!

    • magiclion
      magiclion Day ago +1

      Thank you for the analysis

    • Alex
      Alex Day ago +2

      thank you, I will for sure follow such channel if you decide to create. I could understand all what you wrote, so I appreciate you can explain in understandable words for population like me

  • Dudelike Guy
    Dudelike Guy 2 days ago

    Staying home is smart to a point! It is not so much staying home but, when you go out, make sure you stay far away from others. Walking and cycling is essential to mental health. Do NOT tell people not to go out. Go out for exercise and use cause and ....... common sense!

  • Dudelike Guy
    Dudelike Guy 2 days ago

    CHINA virus. Comes from China. Most evil govt in the world

  • Sunil Lamichhane
    Sunil Lamichhane 2 days ago

    Great convo! Thanks 😊

  • Lab rat
    Lab rat 2 days ago +11

    The news anchor needs to shut up. Just like on CNN they kept interrupting the surgeon general here in the United States. JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!!

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 2 days ago

    Father I lift up the Italian people. In Jesus name, amen.

  • Kevin mc namara
    Kevin mc namara 2 days ago

    god bless everyone amen lord mind the people amen

  • Daniel Casmir
    Daniel Casmir 2 days ago

    Hey all - I'm working on a social web app called chatcoronavirus (website, com) - give it some action!

    Still building out features, but it's definitely worth sharing at this point - and time to, too.

  • bjfdog
    bjfdog 2 days ago

    Like religion; if you do not give it a place to stay you will survive.

  • Tania Battiau
    Tania Battiau 2 days ago

    A pandemic is something no one in the world foresaw , the world is doing a great job . We humans have to understand that we are only visitors to this beautiful planet and we should care for all that inhabit it, including our animals . I hope the virus will allow us to reflect on what is important when we move forward and be better than we were before

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili 2 days ago

    Just take it that everyone is a potential hazard.

  • Sergio García
    Sergio García 2 days ago

    This virus was designed by Americans and released in China. Bill Gates and certain individuals at the very top in the USA already knew it was going to happen. This is the evidence they knew it:

  • Karina Torres
    Karina Torres 2 days ago +1

    Bravo Dr Sylvia. Well said, the only way to stop the virus is to limit the population movements. Take care and get well soon.

  • Eric Teokotai
    Eric Teokotai 2 days ago +2

    Limit the spread of the virus by limiting the movement of people.

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 2 days ago

      restaurants/cafes and hug the Chinese immigrants. They didn't test for corona virus people who came from China, they didn't do anything at all. The result was that the epide

  • Kathryn Stafford
    Kathryn Stafford 2 days ago +4

    100s of thousands of tourist came to Italy weekly on cruises and airplanes.

    • Herbert Kroll
      Herbert Kroll 22 hours ago

      An Northern Italy has the biggest Chinese community outside of China...

  • Kizito Edith
    Kizito Edith 2 days ago

    Docter thanks for that message
    God bless you

  • 5 Star MGTOW
    5 Star MGTOW 2 days ago +1

    Stay strong Italia. Much love from Romania