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MURDER DRONES - Episode 3: The Promening

  • Published on Feb 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 27 901

    GLITCH  3 months ago +15348

    Ohhhhh boy. There's gonna be a Murder on the dance floor 🔪😈
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  • Megi Moon
    Megi Moon 3 months ago +3521

    It's great to see Uzi finally caring more about N and actually being worried when he is hurt even if he can repair damage on his body.

    • Lord of Hollows
      Lord of Hollows 3 months ago +284

      I personally hope to see a romantic relationship form between N and Uzi. But it's absolutely fine if they just stay friends.

    • Power Bolt
      Power Bolt 3 months ago +91

      @Lord of Hollows thats definately not going to happen tho as this episode builds more on N and Vs relationship

    • Lord of Hollows
      Lord of Hollows 3 months ago +220

      @Power Bolt it seems to hint a bit towards Uzi starting to catch romantic interest in N, but whatever.

    • 336y
      336y 3 months ago +38

      @Lord of Hollows fr

    • Isaiah Olaru
      Isaiah Olaru 3 months ago +144

      @Power Bolt
      It better not end up as love triangle.

  • 《Remedy 》
    《Remedy 》 Month ago +1200

    I actually feel guilty that I’m just now finding out about this show after watching LackaDaisy. The characters and their jumble of personalities and casual nature to murder is just infectious…. And I’m here to stay 😂😍

    • Rave
      Rave Month ago +15

      @《Remedy 》SAME!!!

    • Ansley Bates
      Ansley Bates Month ago +35

      Twinsies 🤪. Mainly came here because of Rocky’s VA being the same as N’s but now I’m invested in the plot

    • Geo: Gamer, Artist, Vlogger
      Geo: Gamer, Artist, Vlogger Month ago +7

      Me too actually!!!

    • Rave
      Rave Month ago +7

      @Ansley Bates EXACTLY

    • Anima_015
      Anima_015 Month ago +6

      OMG same? I thought I was the only one!

  • Mike Hannigan
    Mike Hannigan 21 day ago +196

    Fun fact: if you have your video language set to Russian, Doll’s voice will be translated into English. It also replaces Doll’s “As they say in Russian…” line with “As they say in English…”

    • kiwii
      kiwii 17 days ago +15

      Detalles que mejoran la serie para otros hablantes :D

    • Sav DoesStuf
      Sav DoesStuf 10 days ago +23

      This comment hits different when you're English

    • MonkeyGirl171 Studios
      MonkeyGirl171 Studios  5 days ago +5

      I didnt know that, but that's really interesting

    • Dark Gremlin🇺🇦
      Dark Gremlin🇺🇦 6 hours ago +1

      And in Ukrainian dub she speaks Surzhyk (mix of Ukrainian & Russian).

  • Baked Beans
    Baked Beans Month ago +258

    ok can we just talk about how at 13:48 Uzi catches the knife perfectly in time with the music?

    • Zetsubo
      Zetsubo Month ago +12

      me when I first saw this : *chef kiss* perfect.

    • TymaaX
      TymaaX 22 days ago +6

      It's on purpose, obviously.

    • JBØ
      JBØ 22 days ago +6

      @TymaaXwe know that 😰

    • andrewbest official
      andrewbest official 17 days ago +1

      Ok yeah

    • Destintin
      Destintin 14 days ago

      love it

  • Redwarrior 6
    Redwarrior 6 Month ago +859

    Throughout the episode I noticed Doll STOMPED on bugs when it was presented as a scene, but the others (N and Uzi), hesitated and decided not to. Anyone else see this or am I crazy?

    • nightshade
      nightshade Month ago +138

      Nah its a really good tell about their characters that definitely seems intentional

    • Claire Marshall
      Claire Marshall Month ago +69

      it shows the contrast between the two characters nicely

    • Shreya tries to animate
      Shreya tries to animate Month ago +33

      I did notice it, I think it's mainly due to like a personality trait kinda deal or a difference in the AI

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself Month ago +9

      She is robo-vegan thats why

    • FluffyNull
      FluffyNull Month ago +7

      Your not crazy, I see it too..

  • OnikAndr
    OnikAndr 14 days ago +30

    Hello everyone !
    You might already noticed, but on the first three episodes there is already a Ukrainian dub of our favorite series, dubbed by studios "Lifecycle" (youtube.com/@Lifecycledub) and "Kachur" (youtube.com/@KachurDub). And guess what ? I want to tell you one little fact about ukrainian voice of V.
    Besides Murder Drones, one of the studios, "Lifecycle" also dubbing another popular series called "Helluva Boss". And Ukrainian dub of episodes of "Helluva Boss" are mostly posted on their youtube channel (youtube.com/@Lifecycledub), now you will ask, what's so special about it ?
    Well, you might dont know, but, in Ukrainian dub of "Helluva Boss", there's a character named "Millie", and guess what ? The ukrainian voice of V (Murder Drones) and Millie (Helluva Boss) is the same person ! Yes !
    Her name is Aliona Bilousova ! She even has her own youtube channel (youtube.com/@alionabilousova8367), but she's not posting anything on youtube, for now.
    Well, hope you'll now feel smarter, knowing this.
    And also...
    Slava Ukraini !

  • Stickboi Animations
    Stickboi Animations 3 months ago +30847

    As someone who has a Russian friend, I can confirm that they constantly says, "Whoops, I should've predicted that someone could escape out of a ventilation shaft using discarded mirrors as stairs."

  • Beautiful Man Stan
    Beautiful Man Stan Month ago +738

    AJ Dispirito did NOT need to go that hard on the soundtrack after Uzi kicks the knife into the DJ table. Such an unbelievably hype moment.

  • Drue Venters
    Drue Venters Month ago +204

    Lol, it’s been like a month and no one’s talking about how N and V both left the pod, only to come back for their outfits? We see N do it on screen, where he pops in and out debating and settling with Dapper N, but no one mentions V left after killing/temporarily disabling N. She flys out, not grabbing the dress, but when N powers back on, the dress is gone, and she is seen wearing it when she is made prom queen.

  • Олександр Гевці

    Big thanks to Glitch for making Ukrainian dub.
    Lots of love from your ua fans!!

  • Looni
    Looni Month ago +86

    The fact that this is available FOR FREE on Clip-Share just baffles me. Aside from the pilot, this really feels like it should be like a stream service ONLY show, but the fact that I don't have to pay a cent makes this all the more baffling, can't wait for episode 5!

    • nerf
      nerf Month ago

      Same frfr

  • Vitaliy Rudans'kyi
    Vitaliy Rudans'kyi 14 days ago +18

    Дуже дякуємо за український дубляж. Це просто неймовірно

  • Claus
    Claus 3 months ago +1901

    i've scrolled for so long and haven't found anyone mentioning how doll actually APOLOGIZED and felt sympathy for uzi when she realised she could also utilise absolute solver. is it some kind of curse?

    • Kaoi-chan
      Kaoi-chan 3 months ago +211

      Literally- ntm how Uzi didn't seem to realize that Doll was using absolute solver-

    • Ectoplasm
      Ectoplasm 3 months ago +233

      I think it might be related to uzi consuming oil right before utilizing AS

    • Tad Dad
      Tad Dad 3 months ago +293

      @Kaoi-chan because she had absoltuely no idea what it can do. she knews when her eye goes weird it can crack mirrors. she didn't realize she could do similar until she caught that bullet.
      from what she understood absoltue solver was nanobot shit.

    • Lacey Lopp
      Lacey Lopp 3 months ago +93

      @Ectoplasm Maybe it’s that neck choker thing with the skull on it that lets her control the absolute solver?

    • Frellor
      Frellor 3 months ago +78

      They've both lost family, I think it has something to do with that.

  • Catllie
    Catllie Month ago +334

    It's incredible how Glitch Productions can improve the quality of the serie in each episode. Really good job, Luke

  • John P
    John P Month ago +492

    16:27 pause right here, are we not going to talk about how Uzi totally ate that oil off her finger!? There's even a small popping noise to indicate that she removed it from her mouth!

    • FluffyNull
      FluffyNull Month ago +23


    • GeneralCatDad
      GeneralCatDad Month ago +21


    • Fern
      Fern Month ago +11

      i actually didint notice the smol popping sound lol

    • Kokuhaku Qiun
      Kokuhaku Qiun Month ago +5

      @Toonofii I’m waiting for Episode 5 lmfao

  • Moona_rue21
    Moona_rue21 11 days ago +8

    As usual,the animation,voice acting and soundtrack were all AMAZING this episode. But oml,that part of the music at 13:46 was AMAZING so JAZZY and WHIMSICAL and it fit the scene so well I’m in love with the whole fight scene 😭❤️I just got into this series and I love it ✨

  • Buckets Does Stuff
    Buckets Does Stuff Month ago +275

    I literally just discovered this after finding a "Hang Out with N" video, and I am now aggressively binging the series and screeching to whoever is willing to listen. I am a fan, and I am fairly sure I'm here to stay.

    • Nunya Buisness
      Nunya Buisness Month ago +9

      only 4 episodes so far, I think

    • flesh dadbot
      flesh dadbot Month ago +5

      Hang out with N? What is that supposed to be?

    • KoroksLeaves
      KoroksLeaves Month ago +4

      PERFECT EXPLANATION OF MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Murder Drones has single handedly taken over my life after i watched pilot like less than a day ago

    • Abonation
      Abonation Month ago +5

      (Me watching frame by frame details, uncovering way too much lore)

    • Turkiye Ball Gaming
      Turkiye Ball Gaming 22 days ago

      @KoroksLeaves same

  • Light___Night
    Light___Night 14 days ago +16

    Thank you very much for such prompt work on Ukrainian dubbing 💛💙

  • oti890
    oti890 3 months ago +1446

    In the first episode, Khan closed the door on Uzi. Here, he's trying to run towards Uzi. I love the character development he gets. Hopefully we'll have some flashback scenes with him and Nori.

    • Blank studios
      Blank studios 3 months ago +7

      But I want to see a episode 4

    • Erik McCowen
      Erik McCowen 3 months ago +22

      Is Nori supposed to be Uzi's mother or is it someone else?

    • Plama
      Plama 3 months ago +12

      LoudMouthz i mean it only shows how he like this series lmao

    • Tara Mccann
      Tara Mccann 3 months ago +2

      Yeah I hope so too

    • l1am
      l1am 3 months ago +21

      @Erik McCowen yes, Nori is uzi’s mother

  • Medecko
    Medecko Month ago +345

    For people who couldn’t see the Missing posters names and last seen aside from Angela. From left to right:
    Lainey Gilmore
    Last seen: “Playing the best long-con prank on her friends and family”
    Kenzie Rivers
    Age: 19
    Last seen: “Coonnstantly talking about how her limbs and organs are soooooooo intact, God she’s in sufferable”
    Dillan Halls
    Age: 18
    Last seen: “Being a bad person. So this is okay. This is a fine narrative path to take. This is a good message. I’m a hero”
    Like said before, I cut out Angela because she’s already fully seen

  • Thunderlord301
    Thunderlord301 Month ago +217

    Rewatching after ep 4 to double check what doll says to uzi, and i've just noticed that when uzi is holding the bullet in midair, V HAS HER GUN POINTED AT UZI.

    • Freehand
      Freehand Month ago +27

      Jeez v ain't havin her shit

    • Smol Apple
      Smol Apple Month ago +6


    • Stephwheel8
      Stephwheel8 Month ago +10

      @Smol Apple 17:05
      Real interesting

    • Smol Apple
      Smol Apple Month ago +5

      @Stephwheel8 thx

    • JStarV
      JStarV Month ago +32

      yeah! I was like "B!ITCH WRONG TARGET." I guess she is permanently scared of any drone with the Permanent Solver ability or sm

  • Марко Захарченко

    After rewatching three of these in the Ukrainian dub, I still think it's excellent, however, there are a few minor but still annoying problems.
    1. The voice actors are sometimes too loud without a reason to yell.
    2. Mainly V, and a few others, speak way too high pitched for comfort.
    3. Some of the dialog can be a bit awkward at times (alto not by much)
    4. The Doll didn`t really need to have a different VO.

  • Zirconia Gacha
    Zirconia Gacha Month ago +73

    Best way to stop a murder drone is to get them curious and/or embarrassed in front of a large crowd.

  • LeoLag
    LeoLag 14 days ago +27

    Вже як завжди топовий дубляж під'їхав, дякую ще раз команді за озвучку!💙💛

  • Ari Tanner
    Ari Tanner 3 months ago +1920

    Has anyone else noticed how with each episode, Uzi gets slightly more insane?

  • NotBob
    NotBob Month ago +38

    I love how V was just holding Uzi at gunpoint when she saw the solver 💀

    • Mike Hannigan
      Mike Hannigan 3 days ago

      It is odd though… in that scene V clearly sees Uzi and, in turn the Solver. But in Episode 4 when Uzi uses the Solver again in front of everyone, V looks shocked as if it was her first time seeing Uzi with it

  • Pixel
    Pixel Month ago +26

    Gotta love how this show can just jump between serious and non-serious

  • Florensima
    Florensima 14 days ago +40

    Це було неперевершено та релаксовно. Дякую команді Lifecycle та Studio Качур. Ви неймовірні) Авторам проєкту також вдячність за співпрацю. Наша медійна сфера невпинно розвивається - це прекрасно.

  • BlondeCashew
    BlondeCashew 2 months ago +75

    Going back and watching these episodes, I love all the detail that is just so subtly in the background. Like the "PROM 3071" balloons being white and blue to reference SMG4 colors. It really shows how much the animators care about the other projects they are a part of even if in only a tiny way. Keep up the good work GLITCH and I am DEFINITELY coming back for more!

  • VickyCloud
    VickyCloud 14 days ago +15

    Приємно дивитись ці серії в українському дубляжі🥰🇺🇦

  • Dan_Ganing_Fan
    Dan_Ganing_Fan 3 months ago +3709

    V seems to know what happened in her and N's past, but is too traumatized to talk about it. I can't wait to find out what she's hiding. I also liked how awkward she acted towards being declared prom queen, and that she was immediately, completely outmatched by Doll. It's interesting to see a cold-oiled killer in a completely vulnerable position like that.

    • Genjis51
      Genjis51 3 months ago +259

      Oh, she definitely knows. Also, "cold-oiled", lol.

    • Madam Samoyed
      Madam Samoyed 3 months ago +111

      Yeah, Doll screwed her up.

    • Secret
      Secret 3 months ago +8

      This is the clip u all looking for : clip-share.net/video/mCfYi7634rU/video.html

    • James Lawrenson
      James Lawrenson 3 months ago +26

      There's always someone better.

  • Andrew Dilcock
    Andrew Dilcock Month ago +60

    When this first came out, I had no idea that is even existed. But when I was scrolling on Clip-Share, I found this. Honestly though there are only four episodes, they are all a masterpiece on their own, but when you put the events in order, they are basically perfect. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for episode 5.

    • Christian Martinez
      Christian Martinez Month ago +1

      Me to this is great

    • Michael Mcmillen
      Michael Mcmillen Month ago +1

      I found these do to hellva boss being similar and part of my suggestions. It's freaking awesome.

  • chocolate_caik
    chocolate_caik Month ago +36

    the fact that V is the most violent but the weakest balances her perfectly

  • Матвей Матвийчук

    we are very happy to hear the Ukrainian dubbing🇺🇦

  • Nacc games
    Nacc games Month ago +151

    No tengo idea de en que momento doblaron todo al español, pero no saben lo agradecido que estoy.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Month ago +17

    Are we not gonna talk about the clear Scarlet Witch inspiration behind Doll's powers/Absolute Solver? The red symbols appearing, even if it's code instead of ancient runes, the telekinesis, the ruthless overpowering slaughter, even her Russian accent (since Scarlet Witch was part of a Russian program) is fitting. Of course Absolute Solver seems to be bigger than just telekinesis powers, but the red color scheme seems to at least be a nod to Scarlet Wtich in this instance.

  • Salazar
    Salazar 3 months ago +4386

    “She’s hiding mystery stuff and being over dramatic about it.”
    I love this line so much.

    • astrid pagot
      astrid pagot 3 months ago +74

      Yes hyped Animation is good and murder drones episode 4 coming out. And very good.

    • Skiperowiec
      Skiperowiec 3 months ago +40

      Can't wait to see all the battles

    • DragoZrFried
      DragoZrFried 3 months ago +88

      Literally every sibling in a argument

    • A P
      A P 3 months ago +143

      After the second episode I was pretty sure V's personality got heavily altered when she became a Murder Drone. J and N had their memories erased but I feel like V might not have been violent enough to do the job so her empathy and guilt were suppressed as well. It's just a theory but I do have some evidence.
      1. She seemed gentle and timid in N's flashback which is pretty different from how she is now. Meanwhile J and N seemed to have basically the same personalities from what little we saw.
      2. In her intro scene V says "And yet I still feel nothing" while feeding a father his entrails in front of his family. In a human that would just sound psychopathic but for a robot it makes me think her ability to feel remorse has been turned off.
      3. Flashback V seemed like she might have had a mutual crush on N but for the entire first episode V has trouble remembering N exists. That could've been just a joke but it's possible that having her feelings suppressed made it harder to remember/recognize the source of said feelings.
      4. This one's circumstantial at best but V seems way more disturbed by whatever she remembers than N does. Perhaps she's afraid of fully reversing whatever happened to her and then having to deal with what she did as a murder drone.
      This theory was made after episode 2 and this is clearly the type of story that has mysteries upon mysteries and all that junk. It's possible that I'm totally wrong but I think the evidence is decent.

    • NB
      NB 3 months ago +25

      @A P interesting theory ngl

  • Naz Rael
    Naz Rael Month ago +20

    People have theories about Doll being the only one to speak Russian being important but I have a better theory... Doll was just made in Russia.

    • горящий чел
      горящий чел Month ago +1

      import substitution

    • Smugly
      Smugly 15 days ago

      russian nesting doll

    • Aaron C
      Aaron C 6 days ago

      🤩🤩🤩 Yeahhhh !!! I to had that idea or like her parents were made in Russia and so doll ended up being Russian

  • sonia
    sonia 14 days ago +16

    дякуємо за український дубляж!🎉

  • Voyyaka
    Voyyaka 14 days ago +17


  • RDanimates
    RDanimates Month ago +17

    13:35-13:58This scene looks to badass and when uzi catches the knife the same time the beat drops just so good
    Edit:There I fixed it Mike Hannigan, you happy?

  • СкаженаШкарпетка

    величезна дяка за прекрасний Український дубляж :)

  • BananaSauz
    BananaSauz 3 months ago +2242

    The fact that Doll is theoretically capable of killing as many drones as she wants instantly, judging by she could use Absolute solver to reduce drones to viscera during the prom, implies that she’s only keeping them alive so she has a food source. That’s metal as fuck.
    I love this show so much. What an excellent blend of comedy, action, and horror.

    • Hex Retro
      Hex Retro 3 months ago +40

      very specific naming to what I wonder. What is absolute solver? and why did you type that? is that a tv trope term or something.

    • Andre Rodney
      Andre Rodney 3 months ago +154

      Absolute solver is the name of the program responsible for that monster in episode two

    • Justin Weng
      Justin Weng 3 months ago +65

      @Hex Retro just watch episode 2 and you’ll find out.

    • ultrakill enjoyer
      ultrakill enjoyer 3 months ago +23

      ok. but how do robots make more robots?

    • Savieor
      Savieor 3 months ago +71

      @ultrakill enjoyerQuiet…The rule34 Gods are awakening…

  • Зоряна Тигриця :3

    Thank you for the Ukrainian dubbing, it is very important for us! 🙏♥️

  • Serial Designation S
    Serial Designation S 6 days ago +4

    I love Uzi's gremlin laugh. Gives off me vibes.

  • Олександр Штиркало

    Ще раз дякую вам Глечі і Лайф Сайкл і Качур за Український дубляж🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Daft Duck
    Daft Duck 14 days ago +16

    Thanks to GLITCH Animation and lifecycle teams for the ukrainian dub

  • Yes
    Yes 11 days ago +2

    I’m currently going through every episode/video just to get a reminder of what’s happened because when the fifth comes out, I’ll be caught up and ready.

  • Abdulaziz Rex
    Abdulaziz Rex 3 months ago +2437

    Things in this episode that are absolutely hilarious:
    1. Brayden’s head still on fire.
    2. Khan having a users manual for Uzi labeled “insane daughter unit”.
    3. The presence of human skeletons with dresses.
    4.The prom having a punch bowl 🥣 with a sign!

    • The Anti-Barrel
      The Anti-Barrel 3 months ago +146

      brayden got that Burning Flames unusual effect

    • Sentient lvl.5 Mortar
      Sentient lvl.5 Mortar 3 months ago +60

      @The Anti-Barrel wonder how many keys he will sell it for?

    • Aaron Dekker
      Aaron Dekker 3 months ago +18

      Why not “the promblem”?

    • AdamAddictL
      AdamAddictL 3 months ago +67

      I feel like the punch bowl is a callback to the sign in the pilot episode: “DONT wash your hands(you’re a robot,idiot)”

    • Gus Fring from Fortnite UwU
      Gus Fring from Fortnite UwU 3 months ago +31

      @Sentient lvl.5 Mortar "Hair" isnt as valuable as valuable as other cosmetics. Probably 50 keys

  • Soldier333
    Soldier333 Month ago +16

    I love Uzi's blushes when she's talking to N, so cute

    • Isadaud0101
      Isadaud0101 Month ago

      Security alert🚨🚨🚨
      A red spy in the base

    • Maikn775
      Maikn775 29 days ago +1


  • TTAF Tijuana
    TTAF Tijuana Month ago +6

    Estoy feliz de que murder drones se doblara al español, ojalá también doblen meta runner y sunset paradise en un futuro

  • stoic_rose
    stoic_rose 15 days ago +4

    murder drones has the story complexity of an old newgrounds cartoon series but with the insane production value of a triple a videogame, which is a really weird combination, but im absolutely here for it

  • Jensens Hat
    Jensens Hat 25 days ago +2

    this has one of the most addictive fight scenes I've seen. I keep rewatching. I love the way the music syncs to the impacts!

    • Carlos Guevara
      Carlos Guevara 22 days ago

      Yo tambien me pongo a ver muchas veces esta lucha

  • Wazabi
    Wazabi 13 days ago +12

    Скажу як той хто навіть знає англійську мову, це найкраще відчуття коли виходить така якісна українська озвучка, ще й на офіційному каналі авторів

  • Cody Animation
    Cody Animation 3 months ago +922

    Am I the only one that noticed that Uzi's pain tolerance skyrocketed, because she reacted pretty bad to getting stabbed in the hand in episode one, but she just casually used her hand as a shield and actually started laughing as she yanked it out.

    • The EPIC Mario Bros. 2
      The EPIC Mario Bros. 2 3 months ago +158

      well in E1 she got stabbed by a murder drones tail that injects acid into the victim, so its likely that not only would it hurt more than a regular blade, but the acid likely kept dizzolving more material for a few minutes

    • AleJJtheNinja
      AleJJtheNinja 3 months ago +35

      Funny how that works.
      y'get it it's a joke cus she was laughing

    • Cody Animation
      Cody Animation 3 months ago +11

      @AleJJtheNinja Watching Crafty slowly get better and better at Odyssey while playing hide and seek has been so cool

    • Cody Animation
      Cody Animation 3 months ago +4

      @The EPIC Mario Bros. 2 Ohhhhh boy. There's gonna be a Murder on the dance floor 🔪😈

    • AleJJtheNinja
      AleJJtheNinja 3 months ago +3

      @Cody Animation wwwwwwwhat?
      I mean, I agree.

  • MrLustrous
    MrLustrous 28 days ago +3

    can we just appreciate the very satisfying fight scene

  • Itz_Zane
    Itz_Zane Month ago +8

    Uzi using Absolutesolver is definitely cannon. First time we saw it is when she got stabbed by N (i think im not sure)
    Here's proof 12:54
    Also Uzi probably lost her mom to the murder drones

  • average Person
    average Person Month ago +30

    "If I had a nickel everytime I find a magical antagonistic robot speaking a foreign language made by Liam, I would have 2 nickels."
    "Which isn't much but its funny how it happened twice"

    • Diablokidfan
      Diablokidfan 27 days ago

      What's the other one?

    • average Person
      average Person 25 days ago

      @Diablokidfan episode 3 of internetion cube, a japanese speaking robot appearing to attack the protagonist

    • Maikn775
      Maikn775 4 days ago

      I know what you did there about the nickels, nice one

  • Danielmpbr
    Danielmpbr 27 days ago +4

    I absolutely love the fact that Doll speaks English in the Russian dub.

  • Kitsune of Elements
    Kitsune of Elements Month ago +3

    1:57 anyone else notice that Uzi has the Absolute Solver symbol engraved on the inside of her locker door?

  • AzraelSoulHunter
    AzraelSoulHunter 3 months ago +692

    I find it hilarious how most of the cast at this point are cannibals. This series can be very fun with how dark and disturbing it is. I also hope that Dad will finally get his time to shine.

    • Big Goon
      Big Goon 3 months ago +60

      i think we know how its gonna end up. he will redeem himself but.... no guarantee he survives

    • Ian
      Ian 3 months ago +63

      Khan finally tried to do the right thing this episode and got a fuckign door in his face, I hope he keeps trying

    • Pan
      Pan 3 months ago +29

      Yeah think he didn't help Uzi the first time because he probably got PTSD since he mercy killed his own wife

    • Undead Prince of Chaos
      Undead Prince of Chaos 3 months ago +19

      If they weren’t robots, than this would be absolutely messed up as hell!

    • Joe's Comic's
      Joe's Comic's 3 months ago +1

      @Undead Prince of Chaos I'd watch!

  • ‮
     14 days ago +14

    Дуже оперативно зробили дубляж третьої серії, гарна робота, Lifecycle. З нетерпінням чекаю дубляжу четвертої серії. Велика подяка Lifecycle, Студія Качур та GLITCH, що ви існуєте та продовжуєте тішити глядачів новим дубляжем/епізодом Дронів-Убивць.

  • Cyrus the Great
    Cyrus the Great 23 days ago +3

    I’m surprised that Uzi’s Dad has survived this long

  • Аніматор України

    Дякуємо студіям Lifecycle і качур за якісний Український дубляж вийшло дуже круто буду чекати на нові серії в Українському дубляжі Слава Україні🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
    Змінено: Ого! 13 лайків це мій рекорд дякую!

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +12

    This deserves to be on Netflix. I hope it has many more episodes to come

    • greatesterr boi
      greatesterr boi Month ago +8

      no pls keep this amazing series away from corporation pls

    • PrincessWizzy
      PrincessWizzy Month ago +6

      Netflix would cancel it after Episode 2 🤣

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago +2

      @PrincessWizzy why?

    • nerf
      nerf Month ago +2

      ​@Jay Netflix happens to cancel good shows a lot

  • Eugen Lom
    Eugen Lom 14 days ago +38

    Дуже приємно дивитись в Українському Дубляжі дякую всім кто працював над дубляжем і творцям за цей мультфільм 🙃💛💙

  • Daniel Klark
    Daniel Klark 3 months ago +1004

    I like how Liam's works are always made of 1/3 epic fights, 1/3 silly comedy and 1/3 scary horrors.

  • Squanky McFootLong
    Squanky McFootLong Month ago +8

    my boy Thad deserves more screen time

  • Bacon
    Bacon 14 days ago +12

    We thank you again for Ukrainian dubbing 🎉!!)

  • ♡Meloni Nottengart♡
    ♡Meloni Nottengart♡ 14 days ago +13

    Дякую за український дубляж ❤

  • Goofy V Plush
    Goofy V Plush Month ago +18

    I hope they somehow include Braiden in the next episode. Maybe they use his head to light a campfire

    • Frame By Frame
      Frame By Frame Month ago +1

      His body turned into a fire, a bloody one

    • Goofy V Plush
      Goofy V Plush Month ago

      I know. This is y I hate Uzi (jk) I forgot about this comment lol

    • Skycloudhopper
      Skycloudhopper Month ago

      in the end credits of the next episode theres an "in loving memory of braiden" lol

  • Gello _
    Gello _ 4 days ago +5

    So glad to hear the Ukrainian dubbing here! I love all these voices❤

  • Sarah Hiver Soeur
    Sarah Hiver Soeur 3 months ago +581

    The fact that Doll wasn't just getting revenge on the death of her parents but to reveal that she was a cannibal drone is pretty unnerving once you think about it.

    • brigidtheirish
      brigidtheirish 3 months ago +120

      And seems to be looking for a cure for her and Uzi's... condition.

    • A S-R
      A S-R 3 months ago +93

      @brigidtheirish more like, there reason of existence. I recall V saying that the worker drones are not innocent.

    • brigidtheirish
      brigidtheirish 3 months ago +48

      @A S-R Implying it, certainly, though we don't know if that's true or just JC Jensen propaganda.

    • Solar_Bionic115
      Solar_Bionic115 3 months ago +64

      I'm thinking it's for the same reason the disassembly drones are a little vampiric, the absolute solver causes overheating issues and they need oil to solve that issue, it's just that doll took it a little overboard

    • K1w11sh
      K1w11sh 3 months ago +24

      @Solar_Bionic115 True, plus I think whatever condition doll and now uzi have, I think that desire is strengthened

  • Driver 6918
    Driver 6918 Month ago +35

    With Tessa's arrival, I have a theory for an upcoming episode.
    If Tessa managed to defeat Uzi, there is a chance that Tessa could transform Uzi into a D-Drone, assuming that she has some elements of a D-Drone, such as her tasting dead worker oil at 16:27 and her eyes glitching into yellow near the end of the Pilot. (That is if Tessa was the person who turned N, V, and J into D-Drones, and probably the unnamed robot in Ep.2)
    Edit: OK maybe we don't need Tessa if Uzi had the AbsoluteSolver that could overpower D-Drones as from Ep.4, and also Cyn (The 4th bot) wasn't a D-Drone. Or probably Cyn was also a D-Drone before becoming a Zombie Drone (perhaps it's because of lack of oil during testing by Tessa and overheated...? Judging by how Uzi became a Zombie Drone in Ep.4)

    • Thatonerobloxfan
      Thatonerobloxfan Month ago

      What is D-drone

    • The original (Starwalker)
      The original (Starwalker) Month ago +1

      @Thatonerobloxfan disassembly drone, murder drone that is

    • SlyCooperRocks
      SlyCooperRocks Month ago

      Uzi's already a D-drone

    • Driver 6918
      Driver 6918 Month ago

      @SlyCooperRocks I know, that’s why I edited my comment

    • SlyCooperRocks
      SlyCooperRocks Month ago

      @Driver 6918 Also is Uzi a zombie drone? I thought she was but now I'm thinking she's a disassembly drone and the zombie drones are something that will be introduced to us later on

  • Арсен Сагадин
    Арсен Сагадин 14 days ago +14

    Guys, again, thanks for Ukrainian language, I appreciate that and all another Ukrainian guys.

  • Milki_^low
    Milki_^low 14 days ago +15

    Українскій дубляж неймовірний!

  • Neo Winter Storms {Break}

    I absolutely love this! And when I just saw Uzi’s hand getting stabed by a knife, it made me wonder if drones could feel stuff.

  • Pucca6882
    Pucca6882 9 days ago +2

    I love this series and I can't wait to see more soon. Uzi and N are my faves. 😊

  • Le Kornor Bros.
    Le Kornor Bros. 3 months ago +823

    The Murder Drones is a perfect example of over the top violence being perfectly okay as long as victims aren't organic. It's also a good example of materials containing over the top violence being entertaining if there's a good balance between it and elements that make the story, like characters, writing and various plot points.

    • Joshua Gonzalez
      Joshua Gonzalez 3 months ago +13

      primal: “I’m a joke to you?..”

    • Dean Colon
      Dean Colon 3 months ago +12

      well I think next episode a human is about to be delimbed and mangled... probably will leave and be a simi-constant threat

    • Thegrimgobler
      Thegrimgobler 3 months ago +8

      I feel like any time artificial life like this exists in media, utterly horrific and usually completely undeserved things happen to them. Anyone here play budget cuts vr? How many of the office worker bots did you stab in the head for being mildly annoying? Plus the fact that the security bots were only only obeying direct instructions to kill you, in order to both probably save their own existence, that of their friends and that of the system of life that they all rely on for survival. Basically nothing in the game deserved to die. And yet, almost everything probably did. Painfully. If not from you, than from when the company inevitably folds entirely because of the owners death, the deaths of around 99.999% of employees, the fact that it nearly wiped humanity out, and the major destruction of its infostructure. Most of the surviving bots were probably either sold of, or scraped because they were nearly used to wipe out humanity. So yea, any time robots like these pop up, something dad I'd garentied to happen to them.

    • Rob Rib
      Rob Rib 3 months ago +3

      samuri jack got away with some great battle scenes on CN because of this too, it can be a good trick to use

  • no one you know
    no one you know Month ago +4

    13:48 the knife catch was easily the best part of the episode

  • 🫧•Bubbles•🫧
    🫧•Bubbles•🫧 Month ago +7

    I love Uzi and N’s relationship - so freaking cute

  • Кету
    Кету 14 days ago +25

    Чим далі, тим цікавіше. Тому моя вдячність за можливість дивитися українською тільки збільшується!
    Thanks for the Ukrainian!

  • Thoralmir
    Thoralmir Month ago +6

    Love how V is just nonchalantly chewing on some kid's arm.

  • Slava LS
    Slava LS 13 days ago +11

    Крутяк, крутяк, крутяк. Продовжуємо чекати наступну серію в Українській озвучці))

  • WackyMushrooms
    WackyMushrooms 3 months ago +1140

    17:38 *I love the detail of the first ship crashing and Tessa's being the only one to land because drones weren't taught how to land correctly.*

    • Chainsonic
      Chainsonic 3 months ago +20

      That detail is probably how N, V, Uzi, and maybe Thad and Doll will reach Earth.

    • Aisu Tistoto
      Aisu Tistoto 3 months ago +25

      Y e s

    • Rowan Mulhollem
      Rowan Mulhollem 3 months ago +13

      Why the heck is that anyway?

    • Rapikor
      Rapikor 3 months ago +85

      @Rowan Mulhollem Probably so the ship will break and they won't be able to return or something along those lines..

    • Chainsonic
      Chainsonic 3 months ago +8

      @Rowan Mulhollem Probably so the Disassembly Drones couldn't return to Earth, and would die after all the Worker Drones died, due to a lack of oil.

  • Inky._Nightmares
    Inky._Nightmares 17 days ago +8

    As a Russian I can confirm: yes we do say "Whoops, I should have predicted that they would escape through the ventilation shaft by using discarded mirrors"
    I say that on a daily basis

  • WildMustangxt09 🇺🇦

    The animation and the designs and just pretty much everything about this is just absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work, GLITCH!

  • NoobKing767
    NoobKing767 Day ago +1

    I love how no one brought up how Brayden’s head is still on fire, and just rolled with it lmao

  • Geek
    Geek Month ago +36

    I think I just really like series that have lethal prom dance fight scenes with awesome music.

    • Geek
      Geek Month ago +6

      With the catching of the knife on beat? Glorious.

    • Kalaismyoc
      Kalaismyoc Month ago +1

      Owl House Grom? Do you know that one?

    • Hope_I_Don't_Know
      Hope_I_Don't_Know 25 days ago

      @Kalaismyoc OMG I LOVE THAT ONE :D

    • Kalaismyoc
      Kalaismyoc 11 days ago

      I displayed with my friend, and we learned the whole dance

    • Kalaismyoc
      Kalaismyoc 11 days ago


  • Alaska 231
    Alaska 231 2 days ago +2

    There's a detail i've not had many youtubers (as far as i've seen) point out.
    At 16:40 when doll teleports into the shot if you go frame by frame you can see her appear from a small black hole with glitchy effects around it, not sure how relevant that would be to the plot but it's a detail to point out as small blackholes have appeared multiple times before.

  • Beautiful Man Stan
    Beautiful Man Stan 3 months ago +1141

    The weird things happening with obscure explanations, the mystery, the music, the action, the gore...
    This show is batshit insane and I love it

    • Diana Vargas
      Diana Vargas 3 months ago +14

      That’s a very good theory when episode three didn’t come out I thought of the same thing like she got her killer a robot by her mother

    • ℂ𝕙𝕦 𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪♥
    • BlueyYT
      BlueyYT 3 months ago +4

      For some dumbass reason there's 2 UZI'S in the intro if you cilck the captions button (or pressing C on your keyboard) you can see that the person who died in the intro Is named Uzi which is the name for the main character

    • LavaCreeperPeople
      LavaCreeperPeople 3 months ago +2

      i watched this over a year ago and i returned today just to be shocked to see that there were 2 more episodes that i didnt know about...

    • LavaCreeperPeople
      LavaCreeperPeople 3 months ago +2

      @BlueyYT dang

  • JellyMisa
    JellyMisa Month ago +7

    The way N died various times in this epispde makes me die of laughter 😂

  • Simon Ghoul
    Simon Ghoul 20 days ago +1

    probably the best and most fair representation of an angsty teen, I can't even complain about it and she's not annoying or unlikable

  • Boom Dam
    Boom Dam 14 days ago +17

    Як завжди український дубляж бомбезний жду дубляж 4 серії та 5 як вона вийде

  • Dan-Ker Night
    Dan-Ker Night 22 days ago +3

    Mi personaje favorito en Uzi sin duda, pero Doll me parece tan linda, psicópata y todo, tiene su encanto

  • М'ятнохвіста
    М'ятнохвіста 14 days ago +15

    З кожною серією стає асе цікавіше, це я так розумію людина...

    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 14 days ago +2

      Так, це Тесо з 2 серiï

  • D3ar
    D3ar 3 months ago +603

    The progression this series has with evil villains and murder drones teaming up to fight forces with what’s coming next, incredible.

  • ~{Кики}~
    ~{Кики}~ Month ago +6

    13:20 официально лучший момент эпизода 3. Пересматривала 100 раз но мурашки ещё идут!
    Я рада что у гличей появилась русская ощвучка. Спасибо. Ждём 4 эпизод и с оригиналом и с русской версией.

  • cashier girl
    cashier girl 6 days ago +4