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  • Published on Mar 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  8 months ago +10124

    A section is finally complete but get your suggestions for the cuboard in and questions for part 9

    • ByronTheUsurper
      ByronTheUsurper 3 months ago

      What do you do with the rocks?

    • The Baconator
      The Baconator 3 months ago


    • FreeMoneyHub , Check About For Disc
      FreeMoneyHub , Check About For Disc 4 months ago

      imagine put the house up for sale. “oh we also have a fallout bunker”

      E-IRONMAN MARSDEN 7 months ago

      For years now since the beginning of the bunker I’ve said, “when the shit really hits the fan, you are gonna have problems with everyone wanting to retreat to your place.”

    • HRU Bricks
      HRU Bricks 7 months ago

      You Must, Must have an Evil Lair Elevator!!!

  • Auto Addiction
    Auto Addiction 8 months ago +23480

    Don't worry, you can keep on showing the digging, welding etc, we love it! Would watch a 10 hour marathon if it was available!

    • JonTheGeek
      JonTheGeek 2 months ago


    • Minnerisland08
      Minnerisland08 2 months ago

      @shiprecked 6 months later he has 23k likes😂

    • Darrell Moore
      Darrell Moore 2 months ago

      Guys, HERE is The Savior
      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins, NOT jesus, and “HERE IS THE PROOF”
      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll:
      "Yad He Vav He" is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)
      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad - "Behold The Hand"
      He - "Behold the Breath"
      Vav - "Behold The NAIL"

    • Hyper Fox09
      Hyper Fox09 5 months ago

      Saaaaammee plezzzz I want nothing moreeeee

    • ricardo1e93
      ricardo1e93 5 months ago +1

      I'm just surprised to see Auto Addiction commenting in here. Faith on the Clip-Share community restored. 💯✅

  • Curtis Alcock
    Curtis Alcock 5 months ago +211

    Loving this series Colin! Every child in the world has imagined having secret tunnels and bunkers in their house, I know I certainly did when I was younger. Thanks for making my dream something that I can see actually done. One thing you could do to really nail it, you mentioned a lift in the pantry. I'm picturing a SECRET lift, to follow the theme of the series. Like, you pull a fake box of tea bags or a book, like in the movies, and the floor just psssssh's down. Thanks again, I hope you see this.

    • Darrell Moore
      Darrell Moore 2 months ago

      Guys, HERE is The Savior
      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins, NOT jesus, and “HERE IS THE PROOF”
      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll:
      "Yad He Vav He" is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)
      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad - "Behold The Hand"
      He - "Behold the Breath"
      Vav - "Behold The NAIL"

    • Clay
      Clay 3 months ago +3

      the fact that he went through it repeatedly like 4 times at the end when it was finished speaks to literally everybody's inner child

    • hydrolisk1792
      hydrolisk1792 3 months ago +3

      NO, it has to be a fake box of tea bags!!!!! LOL

  • TheUcftrainer
    TheUcftrainer 3 months ago +80

    Love what you’re doing, tell us the scary part, THE COST

    • ohdear_marty
      ohdear_marty 2 months ago +6

      he’s mentioned he can’t say exactly bc most of the costs were paid by sponsors and he can’t say how much the sponsors have paid him

    • Swaggaccino
      Swaggaccino 2 months ago +5

      @Jonni IInferno Probably not as bad as you think. Cost drops when you buy in bulk or have hookups. Time to completion drops with experience as well. I remember taking apart my car interior.... first time took me easily 8 hours. Subsequent times took me less than 1 hour. If I had to guess, this tunnel probably took ~3 months and around 10k but it really comes down to how much he is working (8 hour days vs 12 hour days).

    • Jonni IInferno
      Jonni IInferno 3 months ago +8

      and total number of hours... (days, weeks, months, years...)

  • hydrolisk1792
    hydrolisk1792 3 months ago +35

    Alright, you've officially gone mad!!! I absolutely freaking LOVE what you have done! Who cares that it takes 22 seconds to use the tunnel!!! IT IS A TUNNEL!!!!

  • RetroGameLab
    RetroGameLab 5 months ago +90

    I imagine this whole idea was based on walking back from the shed during the rain.

  • Max Fosh
    Max Fosh 8 months ago +13240

    I'm genuinely so proud of a man and his tunnel

    • Darrell Moore
      Darrell Moore 2 months ago

      Guys, HERE is The Savior
      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins, NOT jesus, and “HERE IS THE PROOF”
      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll:
      "Yad He Vav He" is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)
      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad - "Behold The Hand"
      He - "Behold the Breath"
      Vav - "Behold The NAIL"

    • aqrox
      aqrox 5 months ago

      Max fosh how r u here🙄

    • Blanket Rug
      Blanket Rug 5 months ago


      CONCEPTUALMAN 5 months ago

      Now all you need is a subterranean living space under your house. 2 stories worth! Btw, I like the omega man music. 😀

    • Enya Îş řâvě
      Enya Îş řâvě 5 months ago

  • Dartman7712
    Dartman7712 6 months ago +21

    Really enjoyed this series and can't wait to see what you do next. Watching this series with my wife, she is now convinced to let me build my own bunker and tunnel on our property.

  • Nuser Mane
    Nuser Mane 6 months ago +21

    Incredible Colin! You’ve went from plumbing to building this and that, to building a bunker and now you have gone absolutely nuts by building tunnels with an insane amount of detail work!
    I can’t get enough of your videos, please keep up the good work and I wish all the best in the world to you and your family!
    Cheers 🥂

  • Butacup Pucatub
    Butacup Pucatub 4 months ago +4

    Glorious!!!! I’m loving the underground sign and tiles. You’ve really give the space character without being too overwhelming. I love it 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Surcettin R
    Surcettin R 5 months ago +4

    You're living life to it's fullest Colin... you are a super inspiring guy!

  • EEVblog
    EEVblog 8 months ago +702

    I think it should be mandatory for all Clip-Sharers who do VPN sponsor spots to literally ride a shark.

    • Power Press Clips
      Power Press Clips 8 months ago +1

      A good prayer:
      I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
      Romans 10:5/10 ct...❤️k
      If you'd like to call someone who cares
      bc you don't know when you'll die?
      .y r u hesitant......

    • Ron Petersen
      Ron Petersen 8 months ago

      He would definitely win the best VPN ad award.

    • Duck Meat
      Duck Meat 8 months ago +1

      @john wayne rather have a VPN based in a place like virgin islands with a promise not to sell data, than to my ISP which 100% will give it away

    • English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)
      English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED) 8 months ago

      Only with surfshark, all the others would be pointless

    • Jay Mac
      Jay Mac 8 months ago +1

      With an audience of cows 🐄 lol

  • Grendelbc
    Grendelbc 5 months ago +5

    The whole complex is very cool. I remember when you built the bunker. My thought then was "what about rust protection?" It's a legitimate concern. I wonder how much rust has accumulated on the exterior of the bunker?

  • Vortiporius
    Vortiporius 4 months ago +4

    I have to ask, what's the costs involved in this? I live in a mid terrace house, and getting stuff through to the back garden is a nightmare, so I'd love to make a tunnel from my driveway into my back garden that's roughly 2m wide, what should I expect the costs to be on something like that?

    • Cloudminster
      Cloudminster 3 months ago

      It’s going to be a shed load 😉

  • Kyle Edwardson
    Kyle Edwardson 5 months ago +3

    Quite a bit late in seeing this, but have to say hats off to you for this unique project! it reminds me of Wallace and Gromit's house from the films with all the contraptions, saying that I'm sure you would easily create a pond that doubles as a driveway when flipped over.

  • Kristin
    Kristin 4 months ago +2

    I bet you’re REALLY happy to have this built now with the crazy recent events! Great job on ya

  • John Lowrance
    John Lowrance 8 months ago +1405

    Every "secert" tunnel needs a "secret" entrance. Like the standard head bust with a button on it. Or bookshelf with book lever. Maybe pantry has that too. Twist a bottle and the door opens.

    • Darrell Moore
      Darrell Moore 2 months ago

      HERE is The Savior
      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins, NOT jesus, and “HERE IS THE PROOF”
      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll:
      "Yad He Vav He" is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)
      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad - "Behold The Hand"
      He - "Behold the Breath"
      Vav - "Behold The NAIL"

    • Denielle Chapman
      Denielle Chapman 5 months ago

      I like the twist a bottle idea. Have it hidden in the back behind similar looking bottles so no one is the wiser.

    • ForzaMonkey
      ForzaMonkey 7 months ago

      @John Lowrance batman, of course.

    • Dealer U.
      Dealer U. 7 months ago

      The "pantry" door needs to open to floor to ceiling shelves of tea boxes just like before they were removed but only one tea box thicknes instead of three sided walls of shelves.
      Then with accessing the "correct" box of tea these ~15 cm deep shelves all move aside, up, collapse accordion style, or otherwise move out of the way to reveal the tunnel access that you have currently built.

    • bnsmith314
      bnsmith314 7 months ago

      "Put the candle back"...Young Frankenstein

  • Isaiah Welch
    Isaiah Welch 3 months ago +1

    Just gonna say, this is right proper! Just an awesome chap, building what he wants, having a blast doing it -- and all the while, putting out quality content for 11.9M subs.
    Can't get any better than that! Well done, and bloody brilliant, Colin! You've done a heckin' amazing job!

  • John Grepo
    John Grepo 4 months ago +2

    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! The fabrication and end result is top notch!

  • Gfrthhjk Huhgyj
    Gfrthhjk Huhgyj 2 months ago +4

    I don’t know what’s more impressive how much work it took or how good of a job you did. Pretty impressive

  • William Hardes
    William Hardes 5 months ago +4

    this is an awesome achievement. planning, engineering and directional accuracy has been a great thing to see. i know all the keyboard civil engineers will be giving you the the advice and condemnation i can imagine. sorry but i'll be one of them. please put some anti-slip coating or tape or similar on all your ladders. like your work far too much to see you hurt yourself enjoying the fruits of your labour. can't wait till the project finished but that will mean no more Collin the miner. i'm happy and sad 🤨🤨🤨 say hi when you dig all the way to Australia. by the way, i now know who to blame if England has a shortage of steel. lol.

  • Kaleb Dixon
    Kaleb Dixon 8 months ago +853

    this man is living our childhood dream of connected underground tunnels at our houses. congrats man!

    • James
      James 8 months ago

      @Grumbles That and depending on where you live planning permission for underground structures isn't that big of a deal.
      When I was younger my mum had a basement added to the house, no issues at all getting planning.

    • Grumbles
      Grumbles 8 months ago +4

      @Dawid Blazkowicz It helps that he's famous and charismatic, the council's probably 1. Proud of him, and 2. Would rather not push him into moving to another town that wont stop him.

    • Dawid Blazkowicz
      Dawid Blazkowicz 8 months ago +2

      @I-_-AM-_-G Seconded, especially the last part. Don't know how you'd run it by Buzzkill HQ.

    • D.J. Parson
      D.J. Parson 8 months ago +1

      for real!!!

    • I-_-AM-_-G
      I-_-AM-_-G 8 months ago +11

      If you see this Colin would love to see a logistics video after its done... materials used... how many miles of welding wire used... planning permission from council? All the goodies please!

  • Polk County Box Breaks
    Polk County Box Breaks 3 months ago +9

    You are built different dude. Just amazing. There would still be a big empty hole in my back yard.

  • William Dafoe
    William Dafoe 4 months ago +1

    You have to give thanks to Rick and your friends for giving you a hand with this massive project, very well done all round.

  • House Fairy
    House Fairy 5 months ago +3

    What a talented man! Incredible! Not just the tunnel but your other projects.

    RETIRED TOM 5 months ago

    Lots of sheet steel, welding, digging, and above all, quality workmanship. You clearly made a beautiful solid underground complex. I can't imagine all the work but it looks great!

  • Michael Jae
    Michael Jae 8 months ago +357

    I've enjoyed this series SO much, I'm glad to hear that it's not ending
    more sEcRet tUnnEls plz

    • Tomato
      Tomato 8 months ago +1

      wow didnt expect to see you here :)

  • CJ Kitty
    CJ Kitty 3 months ago

    It be cool seeing this done to a whole city, for multiple possible reasons. Including everyday pedestrian use to emergency reasons. Security is arguably the most important aspects of a sovereign society. Being drones are becoming perfected in their use in war, seems this is the future on many levels figuratively and literally.

  • natasha weeraman
    natasha weeraman 4 months ago +1

    I swear this man is a gem,hes sooo happy and content with his work,i have never seen such a genuine person, also crazy to the bone,just love him

  • San Diego Laundromats
    San Diego Laundromats  2 months ago

    Question, how are you planning on, keeping the steel from rusting out over time? I see some of the steel, being in direct contact with the soil.

  • Paul
    Paul 5 months ago

    Looks really good mate! my question is, what did you do with all the mud? Can't imagine you got rid of all that in secret?

  • Rachet Rhythm
    Rachet Rhythm 8 months ago +449

    Can we all appreciate ricks friendship and help with everything colins done with his whole channel and building this tunnel especially. What a lad!

    • TigerValley62
      TigerValley62 8 months ago +1

      @Adam: I don't know why, but Tom seems like the friendliest chap you'll ever meet.

    • JimboJet737
      JimboJet737 8 months ago +6

      Work hard, play hard. Why not do both at the same time?! I’d like to see a couple of videos about the team behind Colin’s mad genius!

    • Adam
      Adam 8 months ago +17

      And of course there's Tom Lamb with all the machines. I think he's a farming/construction contractor

    • mehr schwein
      mehr schwein 8 months ago +32

      I'm pretty sure he is atleast partially hired

  • Smart Home
    Smart Home 4 months ago

    What a wonderful underground project, well done Colin and helpers. Now, as others have commented, the music in the series is great, especially in this episode 8 at around 14:45 minutes in, at the start of the tour. What is the beautiful synth music please ?

  • Cormac O'Hara
    Cormac O'Hara 5 months ago

    Colin's channel has taken quite a few steps up from where he started. Glad he's been able to stay silly and have fun. Also, as a welder, the amount of steel he uses up for creative fabrication makes me wet, like jelly.

  • adzz man
    adzz man 3 months ago +2

    This makes me want to build a tunnel of my own! Love your work :)

  • Charles Kings-Road
    Charles Kings-Road 5 months ago +2

    It looks great, Colin just a simply idea, like they do on the underground posters in each of the sections. Why not have framed photos of all the projects that you have built maybe even dated. it would add to the look and feel....... What do you think?

  • Benjamin Isaacson
    Benjamin Isaacson 8 months ago +454

    Colin is steadily creating the house that every 10-year-old boy wanted when we first heard about the idea of a "Batcave"

    • Benjamin Isaacson
      Benjamin Isaacson 8 months ago +1

      @RK Mix fair enough, who DOESN'T want their car to COME OUT OF THE FREAKING GROUND

    • Benjamin Isaacson
      Benjamin Isaacson 8 months ago

      @Christopher Biomass Oh no let's be clear I'm 20 at this point and I STILL want that house, it's just that 10-year-old me thought of it lmao

    • Matt C
      Matt C 8 months ago +2

      @Peter JF I think that's the point most of us get to provided you don't bury yourself of course! ;D

    • Matt C
      Matt C 8 months ago

      @Christopher Biomass Ain't that the truth?!! :D

      MUTE GAMING 8 months ago

      That's so spot on.

  • Joshua Nicholas
    Joshua Nicholas 5 months ago

    when you run the tunnel to the bunker, won't that affect the sound proofing for when your playing drums or waking up to your bed? i'm sure you have got a solution to this, you always do. love your videos

  • Art Henry
    Art Henry 6 months ago

    Awesome!! Amazing undertaking, unbelievable execution!! I'm having trouble keeping my language family friendly, this is so dang amazing!!

  • Mostly Involuntarily Unkown To Me...

    I love the total surfshark distraction out of nowhere, totally sells it without saying it's what he uses, entertaining as hell, and the only real opinion he gives is 'not this shark' 2 seconds in, rest is contractual obligation. Flawless Victory.

  • Szabi B
    Szabi B 6 months ago

    This so awesome. This is every mans dream to have. Wicked awesome. Very smart going with a domed ceiling, very strong.
    Also cant call it a secret underground tunnel, especially when its on youtube. But hey its still awesome 🤩

  • Steve Mahr
    Steve Mahr 8 months ago +469

    For your Q&A: How are you disposing of all the rubble? Your neighbors have to be pretty used to your shenanigans by now, but it would be fun to hear their take on your new tunnel. What part(s) of the process have been the most difficult? Come across anything interesting in the digging process? Artifacts?

    • The Gobcast
      The Gobcast 8 months ago

      Heard he found a old dildo from the 1700s

    • amp
      amp 8 months ago

      I think if he came across anything interesting whilst digging he almost definitely would have shown it in the video(s)

    • Stefan Dingenouts
      Stefan Dingenouts 8 months ago

      @Reece Martin it is a lot, but as he said it's been 3 years of work. Not full time obviously. Still my back hurts just watching this stuff 🤣

    • Herman Robak
      Herman Robak 8 months ago +1

      @Stefan Dingenouts Under a tree there; you'll know it when you see it; is a conch that does not look like it belongs there. If you put the conch to your ear, you can hear the voice of Morgan Freeman saying "Andy Dufresne was a friend of mine".
      For real?
      *Spoiler alert:*
      Colin does not live in a novel by Stephen King, so I made that up.

    • Chris Goodwin
      Chris Goodwin 8 months ago

      @Stefan Dingenouts and he has a poster of Raquel welch

  • The Youngsters
    The Youngsters 4 months ago +1

    can we just appreciate the effort they put in just for the sponsor? its crazy how much they work for entertainment. I like it!

  • Mavros Titan
    Mavros Titan 4 months ago

    i just watched a series that was 3 years in the making in one sitting and its honestly phenomenal

  • Draeas
    Draeas 5 months ago

    Ahhhh, there's nothing like the feeling when you guesstimate materials and you realise there's no cutting or shaping or modifying required...it just works. You are at one with your build. Ohhh you bloody beautiful shelves you 🥹
    Good story for a blues song!
    🎶"Tunnel man":
    Well once there was a man, who built a great tunnel,
    Under his garden he dug and toiled and pummeled,
    Took the rocks and dirt and sand to hollow it inside...
    To protect his Xbox Series X and PS5! 🎵

  • VinceWestOne
    VinceWestOne 2 months ago

    Love you Furze and your projects! Questions like, why connect the house to the tunnel, STUPID question, WHY not lad? Tunnel to the neighbours Furze why stop here! Absolutely amazing i'm saving for my bunker complex as we speak. Only love from the Netherlands

  • Shadowswarm 0
    Shadowswarm 0 8 months ago +403

    Question: would you be willing to do a video/short where you get a realtor to come out and assess the value of your house? For bonus points, you can have them do an evaluation without knowing about the tunnels, then show them the tunnels and see how the price changes :)
    Also, how does the wife feel about this? LOL

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke 8 months ago +1

      @Dave Totally normal Dawson murica

    • Dave Totally normal Dawson
      Dave Totally normal Dawson 8 months ago +1

      Just for clarity, if Colin wanted to sell the house he would call an 'Estate Agent' not a realtor, whatever that is!

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke 8 months ago

      @janemba42 you can actually do whatever you like without approval. You can however be prosecuted for doing so. But you can also get something called retroactive planning permission, which is when you don't bother with pesky things like following the law, and just do the thing you want to do, and then hope someone says "I suppose it's fine" once you're finished. There isn't anything physically stopping anyone from digging holes under their homes, but that doesn't mean that they should.

    • janemba42
      janemba42 8 months ago +1

      @chillzwinter Uh, no? He wouldn't have even been able to build this without council approval. And besides we all know how greedy your average local council is. It makes zero sense to me that they would make him fill it up, when it's already approved, especially when they could make money off it.

    • Stephen King
      Stephen King 8 months ago

      Colin already has had the house valued off camera. It's already been told to him that if he ever sold the house it would make more money being sold as a bunker with a house attached instead of the other way around. So it's safe to say the valuation would be more than double the valuation of his original house. Something else to add is that these tunnels connecting to the bunker, shed and house are gonna make his house worth millions.
      It's safe to say Colin wont be bragging about this (it's not something most British people do), so sadly you wont get a video of him evaluating his house.

  • KundaliniMaster
    KundaliniMaster 3 months ago +2

    I like your tunnels. I apreciate all the work and effort you've put into them.
    When I helped my mate Pete build the tunnel from the base of his tower (Tower has a five storey periscope inside it*) to the underground dry dock we made sure the tunnel was curved so you couldn't see how long it was :)
    I wish I could share pictures of it.
    *The periscope made a support for the winched platform and a great datum as the tower was built.

  • Robert A. Davis
    Robert A. Davis 6 months ago

    Hey there, I just found your channel, fantastic fun, awesome bunker and tunnel. I think I will make something similar. Will keep watching and checking your videos. You've inspired me. Keep having fun.

  • MrEmileB
    MrEmileB 5 months ago

    Totally geniously insanely brilliant. Great to see your endurance companion! When there is a house warming party, please let me know! :o)

  • magicpyroninja
    magicpyroninja 2 months ago

    I would just like to know if this tunnel system actually increase the value of your property cuz I'd imagine it's got to be a decent selling point for the future you don't even have to go out in the snow to get stuff from your shed just go through the tunnels

  • Nikkolas Diehl
    Nikkolas Diehl 8 months ago +330

    When he started talking about a car lift to go straight into the tunnels, mind exploded with excitement. This project is now INSANELY awesome

    • enduroJayson
      enduroJayson 8 months ago +3

      sameeee i was like are you KIDDING me no fucken way

    • David Edwards
      David Edwards 8 months ago +2

      Yep, exactly, i had to replay that part - i thought 'did i hear that right?!' , how f***ing awesome!!!!!!

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 8 months ago +2

      For real! Same!

    • scout 41741
      scout 41741 8 months ago +3

      yeah like, it was awesome before but with that i can't even think of a word describing how awesome that is.

  • MegaPaul57
    MegaPaul57 2 months ago

    always entertaining the tunnel idea gives an extra dimension to home expansion and you are not blocking anybodys sunlight what about the temperature it should be warmer underground but the steel does not have any thermal insulation in an ideal world you could have 100mm of insulation but the tunnels would have to be bigger thanks for the entertainment

  • Joseph Santa Cruz
    Joseph Santa Cruz 5 months ago

    Love the sheer joy of a man and his tunnel and bunker. But one question can you lock down access if the worst-case scenario happens? Also surveillance systems to let you know if someone is trying break in.

  • Peter F
    Peter F 3 months ago

    Thank you, this was extremely enjoyable to watch!

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark 3 months ago

    My fave part of having that would be when my neighbors start questioning why I come out of the shed to cut the grass but when I put the mower away I don't come back out, then later i'll come out of the house to go for a walk or something, never going between the shed and the house directly.

  • James Woodlake
    James Woodlake 8 months ago +479

    I’d love to know the practical elements from this build:
    -Did you have to get city approval?
    -How much would this cost? (The material cost seems insane)
    -How much did this increase the value of your house?

    • Метал Хедкраб
      Метал Хедкраб 5 months ago

      The real question is why in the world would you sell a house with a tunnel underneath it?

    • Cb17
      Cb17 7 months ago

      He can’t see the house he has to sell the bunker with a house connected to it so even with the tunnels the cost of making it would probably be more that he could sell it for

    • xyz123
      xyz123 8 months ago

      @manicminer yeah, prolly it is in like the 5k a metre range

    • amp
      amp 8 months ago

      around 10k i'd bet

    • WeylandsWonders
      WeylandsWonders 8 months ago +1

      @Asylom 404 His taxes wouldn't change as the band-grade of the area is what his council tax is based on.

  • Ben B
    Ben B 5 months ago

    Hye Colin I just saw a video on a engine called the omega 1 looks like something you would have fun trying to make . Take care and keep digging 👍👍 great work 👍 👏 👌

  • Mr420pan
    Mr420pan 5 months ago

    i love this. ive always wanted to do something like this. good on you for actually doing it, cheers mate

  • Eastwood
    Eastwood  4 months ago

    I would love to see the materials list for this project. I plan on tunneling myself.

  • PCBEaR65
    PCBEaR65 5 months ago

    I have to say this is my 1st of your videos, Colin and you seem completely mental, but in a delightfully giddy way. I compare your zest for invention, whimsy and exploration as similar to Marc Rober. I shall have to explore more of this channel. Subbed and looking forward to catching up. Cheers!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 8 months ago +275

    I envy the people who find this series once it's completed and they get to binge watch it. Definitely my favorite thing I've watched in a long time

    • TigerValley62
      TigerValley62 8 months ago

      Same. It's one of the best Clip-Share series I've come across in a very long time. It's what made me discover and sub to this guy actually.

    • Dan
      Dan 8 months ago +4

      Project binky but underground

    • howard baxter
      howard baxter 8 months ago +4

      So… people 30 years from now? We all know that this project ain’t stopping with the secret car lift and the secret bunker entrance.

  • AudioMayhem100
    AudioMayhem100 6 months ago

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  • Vista Views
    Vista Views 6 months ago

    Absolutely LOVE the car lift idea. I’ve fantasized about doing that since I was a wee lad. If you ever want a grumpy old guy to come help let me know and we’ll sort out the international travel 😂
    I have my own channel on a different profile. Nowhere near your magnitude (yet) but I hope to get there some day!
    Keep up the amazing work Furzee!

  • WICKEDGaming
    WICKEDGaming 5 months ago +2

    Colin, for your safety please get a detector of some kind that detects gases because we don’t want you to forever sleep because of something in the tunnel.

  • Andy
    Andy 2 months ago

    Being from the Uk, I know how strict the councils can be with planning permission. How the hell did you get this passed😂

  • Vincent Tichenor
    Vincent Tichenor 8 months ago +360

    Speaking of current events: Make the hatch able to be hydraulically assisted in opening. Even a bottle jack would work. Or you could adapt the mechanism from a floor jack. If there are several hundred pounds of debris laying on top of the hatch from a building collapse, you’ll need something like that to get it open.

    • Sir Reoser
      Sir Reoser 8 months ago

      @choelstad91 That'd only be a somewhat direct hit that would cause that aye? If it landed off to the side the shockwave would probably only flatten whatever is ground level

    • dave smith
      dave smith 8 months ago

      @Stony PEACE a sandpit over the top of the emergency exit 😉 it could easily be 3' deep and still be safe and secure.

    • Stony PEACE
      Stony PEACE 8 months ago +1

      Make an escape tunnel to somewhere in the yard from the bunker where he + would be . It would only have the lawn over it .

    • Jacob Otstot
      Jacob Otstot 8 months ago

      Yeah, for what it was, not really necessary, but now....

    • choelstad91
      choelstad91 8 months ago +3

      In a hypothetical situation where his bunker or tunnel gets blown up, I would be surprised if it wouldn't breach..
      The concrete isn't reinforced and it's not that deep underground..
      Look at some of the craters the munitions leave

  • Kam G
    Kam G 5 months ago

    We need more humans like Colin on this planet!

  • allforneo261
    allforneo261 3 months ago

    this is so awesome im curious how much it cost? does your channel cover the cost? how many yards of concrete and pounds of steal? and how many hours into it so far?

  • Luffy
    Luffy 5 months ago

    "I don't know if it's the simplicity of it or whatever?" ahh yes, building a tunnel underneath your house. doesn't get much simpler than that.
    but honestly though. this project has been amazing to watch unfold.

  • Hugh Janis
    Hugh Janis 2 months ago

    A lift sounds like an AMAZING idea! 😀

  • C
    C 8 months ago +559

    The fact that you manage to make something that is absolutely devilish with details of planning and consequence so ingestible for a layman is really what I love about this. It's comments like "we need to do this to stop that from happening" that really trivialise how complicated and hard it is to do what you're doing. The last episode with the foundations of the house etc, just the diagram you drew made it look so elementary in nature that even a layman could just say "Oh yeh of course", but the reality is that you had to realllyyyyy graft and put in the hours to make sure every part of planning is done and covered - and even allowed (from a council perspective). You hide all of those boring parts and break them down into easily ingestible parts and for that, I thank you :)

    • Ryland
      Ryland 8 months ago +1

      Well said

    • adrien orlowski
      adrien orlowski 8 months ago +2

      I'd love to hear some of the boring parts

    • Imoasoo
      Imoasoo 8 months ago +4

      I agree, I didn't even realise 20 minutes had already passed when the video was over.

    • ky jen
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      Chris Wyllie 8 months ago

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  • LocklesstoM
    LocklesstoM 5 months ago

    By golly I keep checking weekly for an update. I hope you and the family are okay sir, I want to see the progress. I plan to do something of the sort on my next property. Florida USA doesn't allow for much underground anything at less than 20ft above sea level

  • Phil Percival
    Phil Percival 4 months ago

    You're utterly insane!!! Actually, just what the world needs. Suggestion for your lift. It's relatively inexpensive, won't take up too much space and would look in any Thunderbirds/James Bond Baddie Lair. A long worm-gear, mounted in a split tube(!!) on onto which you attach two matching threaded brackets onto which, one will have attached, a plate big enough to fit your feet on, hand holds on the top one. Obviously, your the engineer, you know all the right terminology and stuff. All you need to know....it wouldn't 'arf look cool and your kids'll love it....but not as much as you will. Massive thumbs up.

  • Clayton Gross
    Clayton Gross Month ago

    You need to put a small slide to get down into the underground in case you can't use the ladder, like if your injured or in case those with you can't use the ladder.
    Also, I love all the stuff you've made so far Colin. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ian Pritchard
    Ian Pritchard 4 months ago

    I’m amazed that those plastic tubs lasted the distance - the handles snap on mine easily, and I certainly wouldn’t want to attach a winch to them and stand below!

  • Lokton
    Lokton 8 months ago +115

    Question: Have you considered locks on your tunnel access to prevent someone from gaining access to your house from the tunnel?

    • Chase Colosimo
      Chase Colosimo 8 months ago +1

      @Alienguy500 Or a Tank of sharks surrounding the wall for his Sponsor Surf Shark

    • Alienguy500
      Alienguy500 8 months ago +2

      @Vin Diesel knowing Colin, he'd probably make a chainsaw around the wall

    • Vin Diesel
      Vin Diesel 8 months ago +3

      @Chase Colosimo he should make some razor wire for his wall

    • Chase Colosimo
      Chase Colosimo 8 months ago +4

      His whole tunnel system is inside the border of his house fence, if im not mistaken, he has a 5-6ft brick wall with a gate on it. if you mean, if someone breaks in and the door is locked, then his shop door would also probably be locked.

    • Beeftec
      Beeftec 8 months ago +7

      15:07 Red lock

  • gareth payne
    gareth payne 5 months ago

    That is some construction. A cracking job. How do you manage to ventilate the tunnel as I should think there's quite a bit of "dead air". Look forward to other projects you may dream up.👍👍👍👍

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    Sparky 5 months ago

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    K Mac P 6 months ago

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  • Anthony Maraldo
    Anthony Maraldo 6 months ago

    Just curious, I'm not sure if you are in a town, city, or village but I know that in England people would often build on top of old structures, foundations exc. And when people dig they often go threw some serious layers of history, and I was just wondering if in all of your digging did you ever unearth anything interesting??

  • Dave Does Stuff
    Dave Does Stuff 8 months ago +222

    The driveway lift for the car will be amazing! Can’t wait to see that.
    Stuff being quicker, it’s about living life fun! Love it Colin. Look forward to the next video.

    • gamechamp
      gamechamp 8 months ago +2

      I hope he wears a batman costume for that finale.

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart 4 months ago

    This is my first discovery of your channel and videos ... so forgive my ignorance ... but I was wondering about heavy rain or flooding ... I saw no drainage or "once in lifetime" flooding mitigation. In Australia, once in ten years, once in 50 years, etc is part of risk management. Good work though and congratulations on both your efforts and your enthusiasm.

  • Justin Harrison
    Justin Harrison 4 months ago

    I think you definitely need a descender mechanism so you don’t need to climb down. Maybe a magnet/copper pipe descent arrester would be a cool project.

  • David Gates
    David Gates 5 months ago

    Also From about center of window down all throughout the house behind your wallboards you should put steel panels and also slidable sheets of plexiglass over the windows at slides back into the wall frames or you can pull forward it helps with flying debris and stuff from the windows from easily getting broken now if you can’t afford bullet resistant glass

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 3 months ago

    OMG! This is amazing! I dream of this exact same idea every day. Kudos!

  • 6ixDeuce
    6ixDeuce 8 months ago +200

    Hey Colin, my suggestion is to finish the cut board so it look like a finished pantry. But, when you step in and close the door, the floor hydraulically lowers into your tunnel. A secret entrance of the sort. Plus it would be great for groceries when you get the front tunnel completed. You could trigger the floor by tugging on the Colin Furze spice on your spice rack or something like that. Great channel, keep up the awesome work.

    • Mon Abri
      Mon Abri 8 months ago

      Yep, good suggestion! Big numbers on the wall to indicate level.

    • Mitch Ontheröcks
      Mitch Ontheröcks 8 months ago

      Do this, PLEASE!!!!!

    • Dustin Tantum
      Dustin Tantum 8 months ago +3

      I'm going to be terribly disappointed if the whole pantry floor doesn't eventually descend like in a cheesy spy movie.

    • Geoff Holmes
      Geoff Holmes 8 months ago

      @zuygj bnsv let’s be fair, it more than just a basement haha

  • Corey Frank
    Corey Frank 5 months ago

    When this is finally finished, you'll finally be able to list your property as a bunker with an "attached" house. Instead of being a bunker and detached house 😂😂

  • RhinoHD
    RhinoHD 5 months ago

    Walls seem kinda thin how well do you think this would protect against an emp?

  • Darren Hanes
    Darren Hanes 3 months ago

    Love this!!! The only thing it's no longer a secret tunnel.

  • Daniel 21133
    Daniel 21133 6 months ago

    Do you have any kind of air filtration system setup for long-term stays in the tunnel? If not, do you plan to buy or fabric one?

  • FPSjordan
    FPSjordan 8 months ago +228

    Man you probably hear this all the time, but still, I just can't express how much I love the content you have been putting out all these years! When I first started watching your videos I was in highschool and now I have a job of my own. All throughout your videos have inspired and entertained me. And after all this time you still appear to be that same old down to earth Englishman in his shed.
    Love this project and I am so looking forward to what is to come!
    Much love and thank you,

    • Lio Elbammalf
      Lio Elbammalf 8 months ago +4

      Colin - so down to earth he tunnelled under it.

  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith 5 months ago

    Would be fun to get an estate agent round to give you a valuation of the house with and without the tunnel/bunker system.

  • Techstuff
    Techstuff 5 months ago

    Colin, with as much affection as I can muster, you are the concentration of everything fun about Nutty Engineers.

  • FatalDragon69
    FatalDragon69 6 months ago

    @Colin Furze.....Nice One, Awesome job but instead of a Ladder to get you in/out of your tunnel/house, I thought you would've put-in an Electric Chair that appears when you press a button, which lowers you into the tunnel when you sit in it, then a floor panel goes back in it's place completely hiding the access !!
    So basically, the cupboard floor looks like a normal cupboard floor until you press the secret button.....Like a secret Dr.Evil escape route type thing !! Mmwaahahaaa
    OR.....Same thing only without the Chair, Just have the floor lower you down (Like a Mini-Lift) then have a floor panel swing back into place as you're lowered in !!
    I think this would be the Cherry on Top and the Coolest Secret Entrance to your Secret Bunker !!
    What do you think though ??
    Keep Up the Great Work !!

  • Richard KalmWater
    Richard KalmWater 4 months ago

    16:37 In tank designs, they discovered they could avoid some electrical issues by having the electrical equipment well above the floor level because water and electricity do not mix...

  • LongboardManiac
    LongboardManiac 8 months ago +146

    Just imagine this house 70 years from now.. It'll be for sale, and the house tours for this bad boy are going to be insane. Your work will live on forever :)

    • Doc
      Doc 8 months ago +3

      @Anel Zukić It is implied that Colin will not live forever and it could (potentially) go up for sale if no family members want it. Though, how could you turn down such a masterpiece?

    • ZenosOsgorma
      ZenosOsgorma 8 months ago +4

      Get covered up, 70 years later.
      We found a secret bunker/tomb. 23rd century history.

    • Anel Zukić
      Anel Zukić 8 months ago +5

      Why sell it? If I would invest this much effort and make it this interesting and unique I would pass it down as family heirloom and even make sure that it has to stay within the family.

    • howard baxter
      howard baxter 8 months ago +9

      So this is the house… and down this ladder is an entrance to a secret labyrinth.

  • JustinWoodruff
    JustinWoodruff 5 months ago

    I think it would be cool to do a lift from the pantry into the tunnel so that you can get bigger items into the tunnel like a larger TV if you want/etc. But also just incase you get injured and ladders aren't really a thing you can do - you can still access your bunker. If you could make the junction going toward the front of your house like a secondary garage so that you could work on larger projects or things you cannot fit through your gate and then just lift them up, that would be so cool, and actually super functional. Whatever you do, even if you have completely different ideas, just know we all love it and we're all entertained and fascinated and more than just a little bit jealous of your bunker/tunnel and the fact that you have the know/how to do all of that.

    • C
      C 5 months ago

      A lift might get stuck, ladders much better and probably a part of the planning agreement

  • Kolsco
    Kolsco 2 months ago

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