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New Fractal FM9 - First 4 Things To Do! - Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter #44

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • @coopercarter gives you four tips to get the most out of your new FM9!
    FM9 #1 Startup Tip: • New Fractal FM9 -...
    Purchase your unit at www.g66.eu and The Complete Fractal Audio Master Class Series at classes.coopercarter.com
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Comments • 38

  • Ben Bitton
    Ben Bitton 5 months ago +3

    Thanks for a great video! One big wish that I have is to have an option for a global looper that will be applied to all presets. It should be optional as there are people that might not use it and want to cpu but I think it can be great for those of us who use it constantly.

  • Jed Wunderli
    Jed Wunderli 3 months ago +1

    Hey Cooper, I love your videos. I just got my invitation to purchase an FM9 Turbo today - I think I've been on the waitlist for close to a year. I ordered it and can't wait for it to arrive. Just wondering if you could recommend the best way to listen to it in my studio. I was thinking of going through my interface and then out my studio monitors - is that the norm or is there a better way? Also, I'm in the beginning stages of putting a band together with the vocalist who sings my songs. My main purpose for the FM9 is for gigging so that I don't have to bring my amp and pedal board. What is the best way to monitor my guitar in this situation? Thanks for your help and I'll be signing up for your masterclass when I get my unit.

  • Steve Hotra
    Steve Hotra 5 months ago +1

    My FM9 is coming in this week. These insights ( especially the setup section) is great! Thanks for posting the tips.

  • Mateplaysguitar
    Mateplaysguitar 5 months ago

    just got mine this week and I am very happy with the unit! factory presets sound amazing. thanks for the tips

    • gary santo-pietro
      gary santo-pietro Month ago +1

      so right out of the factory you can get rolling pretty easy with this?

  • WOAT
    WOAT 5 months ago +1

    Just got mine... this was super helpful, and I will be grabbing your FM9 class when it's available. Thanks!

  • cardp17
    cardp17 Month ago

    great video. just bought my first fractal (fm9). would love to see a video on setting up the fractal to output sound to both an onstage speaker ie line6 power cab and the FOH mixer. couldnt figure out how to get good tones w my current multifx pedal to both outputs simultaneously.

  • Tomas Elke
    Tomas Elke 3 months ago

    There is no chance I would have ever figured out that expression pedal 1 to pedal 1 thing. Is there a reason you changed it on the FM9, and not in the edit software though?

  • G P
    G P 3 months ago

    Oh man I'm glad I discovered this I just got my invitation a couple weeks ago and I ordered the fm9 and I got it last Saturday I'm not going to open up till Christmas. You solve both questions I had about setting up three input so. One in case I go to the front of the house, one is going to an amp and cab possibly have a 4 cable method hookup or go to the back of the return. The other one is going into the back of a combo unit in the return.
    The other is that I have two pedals but I want the one that controls the wah (fractal) to be global. Also I'm thinking about using a volume pedal (Boss 500V) global as I want to be able to turn the sound off with the pedal. There are some other tips in there that I really enjoyed also. Thanks so much and I'll be looking forward to opening up this unit at Christmas. 😎
    Update: after seeing your two set up videos I'm really starting to really like this unit. There's still a few things that I need to get squared away as I'm using two tube amps. see my above comment.

  • Obscure Guitar By Skip Neumann

    I literally just got my FM9 and this is the perfect video! Many thanks. The only thing I have done so far is turn it on and stare at.. lol.. been on the waiting list forever and now I have one

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time 5 months ago

      Good luck learning how to use it. I’ve had a fractal for like a year and a half It took a good little while to learn how to use it and to get rid of old habits because in other units I had to do a bunch of tweaking but really the fractal is good

  • Leon Todd
    Leon Todd 5 months ago +9

    That "kerchunk" on the Petrucci rig 😍

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 5 months ago

    I have been watching some of your videos.
    I don't have a Fractal product yet but I may in the future.
    I really like the FM9 Turbo.
    Big Question for me is.
    Do the Fractal units have an Analogue threw signal like the chase bliss products do?
    Where analogue signal is untouched?
    Thanks for all you do.
    I know it takes an awful lot of effort & time t to make these videos.

    • D G
      D G 29 days ago

      Don't over think it dude. it sounds great. it has DSP, key word digital. You will like. Get on the list. I like mine...a lot and I am picky.

  • BCin CAL
    BCin CAL Month ago

    Is it possible to do alternate tunings with the FM9? Besides standard tuning, I use Open E and Open G quite a lot when playing live. If the FM9 would do this, I could leave a couple guitars at home. Hope this will work. 🤞

    • D G
      D G 29 days ago

      Actually YES. Use a pitch block/virtual capo. Not sure what tunings are available but you certainly can tune guitars down 1/2 step automatically at the press of a footswitch. If you learned more about other available tunings let me know please. I just got mine and have not yet scratched the surface. Only skimmed the manual so far. I learn better hands on and just playing with it. I learned how to dim all those bright lights and turn off the flashing tap temp- that was annoying.

  • John M
    John M 3 days ago

    I’m new to playing. Would this sound better through my fender deluxe reverb amp or through studio home speakers? Or either? Thnx

  • Bob Paul
    Bob Paul 5 months ago

    Great tips, thanks Cooper!!!

  • Alton Reid
    Alton Reid 4 months ago

    Already purchased the Master Class. Can't wait for Dec 1.

  • Bobby Lane
    Bobby Lane 5 months ago

    love it. thanks Cooper!

  • Andrea Stefanello
    Andrea Stefanello 5 months ago

    With home setup(i have a focusrite 2i2 with 2 combo input xlr/jack) and or with FRFR cab, your advice is to use -10db for output1-2?
    I've maybe had wrong settings using +4DB with the 2 scenario until now ?😥

    • D G
      D G 29 days ago

      just set to what sounds good. headphones usually sound best.

    JHPRS 5 months ago

    When will the FM9 Master Class be available? :)

  • NaluKeko
    NaluKeko 5 months ago

    5:49 on the Axe2 I left the 000 in and made it a blank grid to act like 'STANDBY' on an amp.

    JAMIE DYCE Month ago

    Thank you for this video. Much appreciated.

  • Cooltone Hip
    Cooltone Hip 5 months ago

    Great Stuff. Thanks CC!

  • Maserati Nation
    Maserati Nation 5 months ago

    After a year I finally received my email but now the Cdn dollar tanked putting this unit of reach. I am going to have wait again!

  • Dana Everhart
    Dana Everhart 4 months ago

    Hey Coop! Start with saving up enough cash to buy a car! Then you might have enough to buy an FM -9

  • markmusicman
    markmusicman 20 days ago

    The first thing that I do is delete all the presets.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 5 months ago

    Almost forgot to ask.
    can I get a piezo sound from the FM9 with a non piezo guitar.
    I have a Suhr Pete Thorn model guitar his 1st model but it does not have a piezo in it.
    I really like Alex Lifeson's sounds.
    Thanks again

    • D G
      D G 29 days ago

      it won't quite sound the same. you can drive a bus fast around turns...but it is still a bus.

  • Carmine Verna
    Carmine Verna 5 months ago

    Thank You Cooper!

  • gary santo-pietro
    gary santo-pietro Month ago

    oh my gosh ,incredible can you get killer sounds right out of the box, all your other info sounds so complicated, appreciate your knowledge though

    • D G
      D G 29 days ago

      everything in life is complicated- like learning a new language, playing guitar, etc., until you know how to do it- then it's as easy as breathing. Life is short- take chances. Believe in yourself and good things can happen.

  • Harrysound
    Harrysound 5 months ago

    FM9 crew give me a high five ✋

  • patou jemfly
    patou jemfly 13 days ago

    too complicated