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Me 262 A-1👹👹

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Syleise
    Syleise Month ago +1389

    Ayo that shot on the p39 was some BULLL

  • DM Lago
    DM Lago Month ago +799

    I love how a literal cannon can't tear a plane which is made out of light material to shreds
    Edit: ok guys ik AP go wosh and HE go boom

    • Crispy
      Crispy Month ago +75

      he is using AP rounds in it so unless you hit a spot with a lot of shit not any damage will be done

    • Ethem Aydar
      Ethem Aydar Month ago +27

      He is using ap, its called overpen

    • Mikkel Hansen
      Mikkel Hansen Month ago +39

      There are literally tons of photos from ww2 of planes being hit by 88 and 128mm cannons. That has made it back to base, since those shells have just gone through the plane without exploding or hitting anything vital.

    • Bumbling Booblo
      Bumbling Booblo Month ago +16

      1. It was ap which means it has no explosive filler and a plane doesn’t have nearly hard enough skin to create spalling
      2. It was a hit to a point which didn’t have an vitals

    • Jesus "Enclave" Christ
      Jesus "Enclave" Christ Month ago +5

      ​@Mikkel Hansenthis is primarily why the Swordfish torpedo bombers were able to hit the bismarck. It's often noted that their wings being canvas, made it so the shells, even HE would pass through.

  • ThatOne86
    ThatOne86 Month ago +175

    It flew like we were standing still 🥶

  • Kutog
    Kutog Month ago +19

    Germany knows how to do flying canons.

  • Der Ber
    Der Ber Month ago +27

    Наземка лопалась с одного попадания, а на самолёт аж два выстрела потребовалось - это так по-гайджински🗿

  • taracticulux
    taracticulux Month ago +410

    Me playing this thing:
    Critical hit
    I died

    • Well Fed
      Well Fed Month ago +2

      He was using HE belt on open top vehicles

    • Charlie Yes?
      Charlie Yes? Month ago +2

      Don’t use the APCR rounds

    • Liam Lee
      Liam Lee Month ago +2

      Don’t use the APCR rounds

    • Kingugōsuto
      Kingugōsuto Month ago +1

      Don't use the APCR rounds

    • Look at cat
      Look at cat Month ago +1

      Don't use the APCR rounds

  • Daniel Ferreira
    Daniel Ferreira Month ago +12

    "life is hard Bro"

  • not jae
    not jae Month ago +7

    Song is Washing Machine Heart by Mitski for anyone wondering
    edit: its really slowed down and in a minor key so it might sound weird but I highly recommend listening to it. Mitski is one of my favourite artists

    • DuDe75
      DuDe75 Month ago +1

      thanks a lot bro 👍

  • Germany
    Germany Month ago +193

    The Power of the Pulkzerstörer💪

  • Thomas Krauss
    Thomas Krauss Month ago +84

    I'm honored to be the great great nephew of the man that designed the ME262

    • F4U corsair is epic
      F4U corsair is epic Month ago +6

      Damn that must be cool

    • Wol_x
      Wol_x Month ago +10

      I don’t believe you but that would be cool

    • Thomas Krauss
      Thomas Krauss Month ago +4

      @Wol_x yea your choice but he died about 7 years ago so I didn't get to meet him

      E. ABILMANSUR Month ago +5

      ​@Thomas Krauss Dude Voldemar Voigt died 43 years ago

  • Bumbling Booblo
    Bumbling Booblo Month ago +12

    Warthunder players resisting the urge to complain about literally everything: They failed

  • furcorn
    furcorn Month ago +7

    “LIFE IS HARD BRO” that got me☠️☠️☠️

  • Наемник Шрам 🇷🇺

    That feeling when tank is being destroyed by one shot but plane survives

  • Snr_KVas
    Snr_KVas Month ago +6


  • Yackson Alucard
    Yackson Alucard Month ago

    Increíble, magnífico 👏🏻

  • Sully
    Sully Month ago

    Damn bro your aim is on point

  • Cheeson_YT
    Cheeson_YT Month ago

    The tank flies🤩

  • Radur333
    Radur333 Month ago +1

    That's a literary grenade launcher.

      MVXIMUS Month ago

      Literary? And it's still not a grenade launcher

  • ファレル
    ファレル Month ago +1

    Bro did em dirty chilll

  • FernesEcho
    FernesEcho Month ago +4

    "Narwhals, Narwhals swimming in the ocean..."

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    Narwhal goated

  • DannyDeMuerto
    DannyDeMuerto Month ago

    I love this tank

  • Karen Fenucci
    Karen Fenucci Month ago

    You are air sniper my friend 😮👍🏼

  • W J
    W J Month ago +1

    Life is hard bro 😆

  • e34Boat
    e34Boat Month ago +1

    thank you for your service🙋🏼

  • KGB
    KGB Month ago +1

    F8F-1 going as fast as the me262: 🗿

  • Mukson_Pautinka
    Mukson_Pautinka 29 days ago +1

    Meanwhile me in my Il-2-37 trying to hit the same zipcode as my enemy whilst flying with the speed and agility of a geriatric bee

  • RayTheLore
    RayTheLore 16 days ago +1

    Imagine you're in that battle irl and an me 262 pulling up with TANK barrel, at this point u just wanna die crashing bruh

  • Theheavypilot
    Theheavypilot Month ago +1

    Gaijin: He's too dangerous to be left alive
    (Shows him land two shots from a 75 mm cannon on a plane)

  • Nicolas Berky
    Nicolas Berky Month ago +1

    How the germans in that plane felt

  • 1₺- Gaming
    1₺- Gaming 8 days ago

    Ah yes... Air allitery

  • syl
    syl Month ago

    This thing takes too much skill for me

  • Aubrey J Philips
    Aubrey J Philips Month ago +2

    I love ripping these things to shreds with my M163 when people get over confident and take it up a few Brs

  • Ben swolo
    Ben swolo Month ago

    Bro is a bit too good

  • Arkadiy Giniyatov
    Arkadiy Giniyatov Month ago

    For some reason I would call this the German a-10

  • MiG
    MiG Month ago

    "Life is hard bro" 🗿💀

  • Benja
    Benja Month ago

    the real flying tank.

  • increasing nitrogen level

    Me 262 has tank cannon lolz

  • Pawcio2115
    Pawcio2115 Month ago

    Life is hard bro

  • BossTitan
    BossTitan Month ago

    Is the “life is hard bro” an edit or is it like a mod

  • mauricio 7858
    mauricio 7858 Month ago +1

    Ahora mi meta es conseguir ese avion

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    Ah, so thats why 95% of enemy pilots i spot in GR are this.

  • youtube trip
    youtube trip Month ago

    Bro he is literally sniper from the sky

  • Maxi Seitz
    Maxi Seitz Month ago

    Pls More of this Plane

  • ReflectiveGaming
    ReflectiveGaming Month ago

    Fighting a mosquito in bf5 be like:

  • The BearKing
    The BearKing 27 days ago

    The question is: how it takes down tanks with 1 shot and that plane survived a HE?!

  • monke potato
    monke potato Month ago

    Pov: when tank battles

  • ItMe Thang
    ItMe Thang Month ago

    A tank cannon in the first operational jet? Wow

  • Nick M
    Nick M Month ago

    What the hell was that? It went by like we where standing still.

  • ObiWan Stromboli
    ObiWan Stromboli Month ago

    It was better years ago when you didn’t have much competition to worry about in the skies

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago


  • Nowi
    Nowi Month ago +4

    I have been watching you for so long and you always come up with something new

  • Antonis Perrakis
    Antonis Perrakis Month ago +1

    Fun fact: the Messerschmitt me 262 was the first ever jet powered aircraft

    • konosmgr
      konosmgr Month ago +1

      No that was the He 178, the ME 262 sure was the first ever mass produced jet aircraft, there were about 20 other jet aircraft at the time like the p-80, Campini, Aeracobra et cetera, most were prototypes build in numbers totalling

  • Trying To Learn
    Trying To Learn 7 hours ago

    Pov: you just respawned after getting nuked by air on your way out of spawn

  • RM
    RM Month ago

    Lets Put some Jet engyns in Uhr Tank 👍

  • David Schwarz
    David Schwarz Month ago

    ayo the anti tank plane

  • lightbulb
    lightbulb Month ago

    i love how the germans decided to put big cannons

  • Genocidal Snas
    Genocidal Snas Month ago +1

    Britain: Guys, we need more pla-
    That German pilot: BOOM

  • Fan
    Fan 9 days ago

    Bro is god

  • Dragonboi67
    Dragonboi67 Month ago

    The bias is strong with this one

  • Сапер Сис
    Сапер Сис Month ago

    As you can understand life is very hard BRO

  • roach man
    roach man Month ago

    The anti anti-air plane

  • Lord Alastor
    Lord Alastor Month ago

    Using 50mm cannon💀💀

  • Jaedon Gaming
    Jaedon Gaming Month ago

    Imagine ur just chilling in ur maus tanking all the hits then a bullet from a aircraft one shots u

  • pratikhya mohapatra

    He is the due who actually does one shot

  • no one
    no one Month ago

    when the 'APT' round acts like APHE. I just use the belt that is only apt and works well on p47s that try to dogfight

  • Mobin Khan
    Mobin Khan Month ago


  • ratrod BugBeam
    ratrod BugBeam Month ago

    I love imagining it as a toadfish because it’s shape is like one when one of them is lying on its belly outside of the water

  • Maximilian Avdeev
    Maximilian Avdeev Month ago

    That plane at the end had no chance no matter how hard he tried lol

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos Month ago

    Is that a game of ground battle or air battle?

  • GoofyTavern
    GoofyTavern Month ago

    All I left to say is:life are hard

  • Francesco15
    Francesco15 Month ago

    hi guys, as far as i understand war thunder is a nice community, i haven't started playing for a long time, i focus a lot on planes and i use the american ones a lot, knowing almost nothing. I would like some advice, like is it right to focus on America or are there countries with better planes? Up to now I have managed to do the second era air fighter.

  • B4C0N LEAD
    B4C0N LEAD Month ago

    bro found new meta

  • Pingus Pringus
    Pingus Pringus Month ago

    oooohhh Baby a triple!

  • Light_Itself
    Light_Itself Month ago

    When Germans learn the 50cal that ain't good

  • András Dakó
    András Dakó Month ago +1

    Balanced at 6.7

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +2

    Is it really difficult to aim these on console or am I just bad?

  • Squidopedia
    Squidopedia Month ago

    Thank god this thing is at 7.0 and not 7.3 like some other early jets, they can get uptiered to 8.3 into my cougar with guided missiles

  • paper 20
    paper 20 Month ago

    The only kind of cas death I have full respect if I get

  • FloridaLiving
    FloridaLiving Month ago

    Ivan he hit us once and the oil started leaking what do we do

  • --
    -- Month ago

    shows how spaa need a buff

  • Josharuni
    Josharuni 26 days ago

    For me it’d get hit by 50 cals or Brrt guns and catch fire

  • J K
    J K Month ago

    One of the only skilled pilots of this plane. Usually people flying it prebought it and still can't do crap, and usually end up killing themselves rather than the enemy

  • A
    A Month ago +2

    Imagine being a ww2 pilot and this aircraft flies close to you

    • Dav Hot
      Dav Hot Month ago

      Pretty much panic and then you are dead. Those things were considered like an UFO for the allies. Appear fast out of nowhere, kills, disappeard without a trace.

  • German countryball
    German countryball Month ago

    Uh sir that's called spawn camping ehem 🤓

  • Prann1k
    Prann1k Month ago


  • Big Punisher
    Big Punisher Month ago

    Such a fun jet to kill in my p-51

  • Mateo Abregú
    Mateo Abregú Month ago +1

    song matches the kill text lol, really sad music while on the screen "life is hard bro" i felt that

  • Pietro Annibali
    Pietro Annibali Month ago

    The Flying tiger

  • Haakon Christer Sand

    What have u got your gun ranged to?

  • Rengal
    Rengal Month ago

    The Marksman's A-10

  • Ein YouTube Nutzer
    Ein YouTube Nutzer Month ago +5

    Is that the Pulkzerstörer?

  • Klause Budvig
    Klause Budvig Month ago

    The originality of this plane is nok existent. I have played hundreds of 7.3 games, and all of which these were absolutely abundant

  • Arsvencim
    Arsvencim Month ago +1


  • TheRealGame
    TheRealGame Month ago


  • MrBlack
    MrBlack Month ago

    Yo estuve alli hahaha

    COMMUNIST-AXEL Month ago

    oh the polkestorer noice

  • R0pit
    R0pit Month ago

    How to get that custom elimination text?

  • Peppe
    Peppe Month ago +2

    How do u change the "Target destroyed" ti "Life is hard"??

    • coby_not_kobe
      coby_not_kobe Month ago

      it’s modding, search it up there are tons of tutorials

  • Adam Simmons
    Adam Simmons Month ago

    Life is to hard bro