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USMNT’s World Cup Group is Set: What can we expect from Wales? | EP 230 | SOTU PODCAST

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Alexi and Mosse kick off the podcast with a breakdown of the USMNT game vs. Uruguay (8:18), what Wales qualifying to the World Cup means for the USA (37:39), and take a look at Canada’s compensation issues (44:38). Later we take a deep dive into the UEFA Nations League including, Hungary upsetting England, Portugal’s coaching issues, and why some teams aren’t taking the competition seriously enough (53:50). We answered your questions about the summer transfer window, Neymar’s Finalissima comments, and Catarina Macario’s injury in #AskAlexi (01:12:59). Finally, we end the show with Alexi’s One for the Road about baseball and Mosse’s appearance on FOX Bet Live (01:34:15).
    (0:00) Movie/TV Show Talk
    (8:18) USMNT vs. Uruguay Breakdown
    (26:56) Alexi's USMNT Best XI
    (37:39) Wales/USMNT World Cup Group Stage
    (44:38) Canada Strikes Over Pay Dispute
    (53:50) UEFA Nations League
    (01:03:33) Is Belgium's Golden Generation Over?
    (01:08:04) England's Nations league Struggles
    (01:12:59) European Transfers
    (01:21:24) Neymar's Finalissima Comments
    (01:30:06) Catarina Macario Injury
    (01:34:15) A Fan Teaches Us About Baseball
    (01:39:30) Mosse's FOX Bet Debut!
    What We’ve Been Watching:
    Mosse’s Picks: We Own This City, Severance, The Wire
    Alexi’s Picks: Ricky Gervais: SuperNature, George Carlin’s American Dream
    #FOXSoccer #USMNT #WorldCup
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    USMNT’s World Cup Group is Set: What can we expect from Wales? | EP 230 | SOTU PODCAST
    • USMNT’s World Cup...
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Comments • 46

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  9 months ago

    What do you think we can expect from Wales?

    • J.F.I
      J.F.I 6 months ago

      Wales will top USA in the group, maybe even England too. See Euro 2016

      BIANCA BADALA 9 months ago

      @Maharaja Ramzan Battle again? That'🤣😁s like Brazil vs Portugal...lolololol

    • Neil Gayleard
      Neil Gayleard 9 months ago +3

      A tougher game than Americans think they will get.

    • Maharaja Ramzan
      Maharaja Ramzan 9 months ago +1

      @Prestige Shogun Probably England and the USA

    • Neriah Osborne
      Neriah Osborne 9 months ago +1

      A 2-0 win, although Wales put up a good show, goals go in 79’ and 84’

  • Karl Hole
    Karl Hole 9 months ago +5

    Every American pundit I have seen put Wales down to being a cake walk. We stand our own against the best in the world and perform better when underdogs. Don't count the most recent nations league games, everyone was hungover. Fun fact, Wales have made it out of the group in every major tournament they have been in

  • J.F.I
    J.F.I 6 months ago +1

    “Can you image if Wales beats the USA 2-0”
    Revisiting in 3 months

  • Markus Howard
    Markus Howard 9 months ago +1

    I'll be interested to hear Lalas' thoughts on Canada after he's done more fact-based research on the issue. It's intellectually dishonest to think that this isn't an historic, and necessary moment in Canadian soccer history. Proud of our men and Olympic gold medal winning women.

  • Kuchee
    Kuchee 9 months ago +8

    Keep making Wales feel like an underdog give em more of a chip on their shoulders... I'm sure that won't do anything lol... I'll take Wales as my Dark Horse pick.

    • Lisa 079
      Lisa 079 9 months ago +3

      Thank you!! I was thinking the exact thing. Don’t underestimate wales’ strength and pride. Underestimate us at your own risk.

  • StrawMan
    StrawMan 9 months ago +1

    I think England and the US go thru but Iran and Wales will show well.

  • Lower Centenary
    Lower Centenary 9 months ago +1

    If we use the time for six month training camp in cali heat and Florida humidity i think we will go far...a lot of euro teams will be staggered by how uncomfortable qatar is even in nov...older players like bale and kane will suffer...if we prepare well for the conditions and focus on running all others into the ground stamina-wise....many european teams won't have easy access to replicate qatar weather like we do...prepare well and we will stand a good chance

  • Dimitri Jensk
    Dimitri Jensk 9 months ago +1

    It’s actually a fascinating group. Our wartime nemesis, our old rulers, and… well, Wales.

    • Dimitri Jensk
      Dimitri Jensk 6 months ago +1

      @sidney poitier correct, friend. I overlooked that.

    • sidney poitier
      sidney poitier 6 months ago +1

      Wales was your ruler too as they are Brits. That's where your names like Evans, Jones, Williams and Davies come from

    • G Jones
      G Jones 7 months ago

      @Mojo Zach No, because England invaded Wales.

    • Mojo Zach
      Mojo Zach 9 months ago +2

      you could combine wales and england as old rulers ahaha

  • Andrew Coons
    Andrew Coons 9 months ago +3

    It's sad to say but I think that this World Cup the World Football Community will be shocked at the quality of play and players from the USMNT while at the same time, some from the US Soccer Community will still be disappointed & have nothing but complaints

    • Uzoma
      Uzoma 9 months ago +2

      This foolish fans will not be happy till the USA wins the world cup

  • Andrew Coons
    Andrew Coons 9 months ago +2

    All depends if Mr. Bale can put on the cape & lead his National team to at least 2 victories

    • 49DRmc
      49DRmc 9 months ago

      England and Iran

  • kylembritt
    kylembritt 9 months ago +1

    I think players compensation should go to youth development. …As long as those in charge of said money aren’t shady.

  • USS EV813
    USS EV813 9 months ago +9

    Here's my prediction and what I want. USA & Wales to advance from the group stage. Iran finishes 3rd & England last. Remember, last year, England & their fans?

    • QPRTokyo
      QPRTokyo 9 months ago

      England are not that great.What is the problem with England supporters?

    • Gerson Cruz
      Gerson Cruz 9 months ago +2

      That would be amazing but I doubt they will finish in last, realistically 3rd place because Iran aren’t that good

    • Stan Smith
      Stan Smith 9 months ago +2

      Lol not gonna happen

  • Andrew Coons
    Andrew Coons 9 months ago

    I don't know much about soccer, I'm 42 but didn't start watching until I was 25. But I know when I 1st starting watching the USMNT, it didn't matter who we played possession was 70-30 them, lost a few to nothing, had no shots on goal, never possessed the ball 20 yards from the opponents box! No individual great plays accept by goalkeeper but shots were plentiful & coming from every where!

  • Franco
    Franco 9 months ago

    the comments of Neymar, Otamendi, etc is just playful banter, Neymar has friends/teammates inside Argentina NT that play with him in PSG like Messi, Di Maria, Paredes, so it wasnt something agressive or insults, its just the old rivalry between Brasil and Argentina, that its not only in football

  • Jimmy LeSpurs
    Jimmy LeSpurs 9 months ago +2

    If I were a betting man I would bet
    1. England
    2. USA
    3. Wales
    4. Iran.
    England clearly has the most talent and the odds show that. Whether they have the chemistry or not, they will probably win the group on quality alone. US has the 2nd most talented squad with lots of young players(Pulisic, Mckennie, Reyna,). Wales have a decent squad and a game changer in Gareth Bale but overall they don't have much quality. Iran have the lowest odds to make out of the group and I think it's accurate. Every game will be tough though and I don't think there will be any lobsided games.

    • Fwankenda Jacques
      Fwankenda Jacques 9 months ago

      Don't add talent because USMNT will lose and Wales is expérienced team and you Americans said this match is easy. But we'll see

  • jade1ucas
    jade1ucas 9 months ago +6

    England and Wales advance.

  • Neil Gayleard
    Neil Gayleard 9 months ago

    The English media are not even talking about world cup games yet.

    • CMJames
      CMJames 9 months ago

      They are very excited to qualify

  • G Jones
    G Jones 7 months ago

    The US came third in their qualifying group in a much weaker confederation.

  • Sofia Darcia
    Sofia Darcia 9 months ago

    Hi. Love your content. Would you be interested in advertising partnership?

  • Markus Howard
    Markus Howard 9 months ago

    Hey Lalas. Your banjos are showing.

  • J I
    J I 9 months ago +5

    Wales are going to smash USA Farmers FC! VIVA GARETH BALE

  • J.F.I
    J.F.I 6 months ago

    Alexi is mindless. USA aren’t even on the same shelf as Wales. You think you’re lucky to face Wales first and Ukraine was the better team? There’s a reason why 1 team went through and the other didn’t

  • Henry Heckmann
    Henry Heckmann 9 months ago

    relax.. your intonation is distracting