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I Transformed Minecraft Into The ULTIMATE Survival World! | Full Movie [6000+ HOURS]

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • TrixyBlox
    TrixyBlox  2 months ago +1736

    The ULTIMATE Survival World is OUT NOW ⚔ - Download HERE: www.patreon.com/TrixyBlox
    Listen to the OFFICIAL Ultimate Survival World Soundtrack HERE: shorturl.at/quAUY
    This movie is a compilation of our entire journey in The Ultimate Survival World, re-rendered & edited to create 1 seamless video! Don't miss the Finishing Touches Chapter at the end, & the FINAL cinematic! 🎥⛏
    It's a bit surreal to finish this build, but I hope you all enjoy playing in it as much as Steph & I had creating it! 💙

    • Ace
      Ace 21 hour ago

      get a pop filter on your microphone. just a tip

    • Velocity
      Velocity Day ago

      How do i download world

    • Michael Anderson
      Michael Anderson 2 days ago

      What if you're too broke to join Patreon?? Also, new subscriber right here lol

    • Mattygame179
      Mattygame179 3 days ago

      @Futuristic Llama same question

    • Ryan Skates
      Ryan Skates 4 days ago

      @CookiesHavePoison hhhphhhhphhhhhhhphhphhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +3814

    This is not a Minecraft world, it is a work of art. Remarkable work.

  • olive branch
    olive branch 24 days ago +181

    I love the fact that u decided to incorporate many other cultures and not just that but research and respect architecture. It makes many people happy that they are being represented in a mega build like this, Thank u!!

  • Haunting Melodies
    Haunting Melodies 13 days ago +5

    Feel like if this compatible with mods and things like that, Create would possibly be the best addition to some of these builds
    They could make the windmill turn and have a single grind stone as it's broken
    A whole lot went into this project and seeing how it all came together with some trial and error in the shorter videos has been a wonderful experience to share

  • Canned Beanz
    Canned Beanz 12 days ago +52

    This isn’t just a seed- This is a story, this is lore, it’s truly magnificent and the amount of genuine time this took, it’s literally in xspeed and it’s still like 4 hours long
    Amazing- like honestly could never do this even if I had the time

  • Gray Manning
    Gray Manning 20 days ago +13

    i cried while watching this video. Minecraft literally saved my life; it gave me my only source of joy for a long time. seeing you bring minecraft to life in such a beautiful way truly touched me. I love that you added lore as well. it was so fun to hear the legends from each biome and how you brought history and different cultures into the story.
    I just got a new job now that my mental health is doing better, and once i get my first paycheck, I'm going to subscribe to your Patreon and buy your merch because i want everyone to see my new sweatshirt and ask about it so i can tell them about your amazing work.

    • Kevin K.
      Kevin K. Day ago

      keep going! it isn't always easy but doing whatever you need to do to keep going is the only win that matters. you're strong for working at it.

  • Nick Andriolo
    Nick Andriolo 2 months ago +2749

    Dude, I'm flabbergasted on so many levels:
    As a human, I have mad respect for you; this is truly a masterpiece.
    As a casual mincraft player, I absolutely love your dedication and I wish I was this inspired.
    As a Dungeon Master, I worship you. It's like every DM's dream came true.

    • I have allergies
      I have allergies 11 days ago

      @Nemostfu nobody cares

    • Tipoirritable
      Tipoirritable Month ago

      Bro flabbergasted

    • PointSpark Gaming and Arts
      PointSpark Gaming and Arts Month ago

      @egglow Ok, why don’t you prove it? If that’s true, showing us shouldn’t be a problem then.

    • Anther Ash
      Anther Ash Month ago

      Yeah you couldn’t have said it better I was super inspired and created something like this for my dnd session

    • Zoro Eating A Sandwich
      Zoro Eating A Sandwich Month ago

      @SH♡TO they are saying they are reminding him he should be religious, they are pushing religion onto people just ignore them

  • Hu_man_the_3rd
    Hu_man_the_3rd 17 days ago +5

    I've been following this project since the very beginning and I'm so glad to see such a nice community around it, and the sheer time and effort that must have gone into this is amazing.

  • Crunch
    Crunch 10 days ago +8

    The fact that you have thought about the story, had the creativeness to make this, the power to not get burned out and stop, and the general skill, is truly incredible. Great job!

  • Shadow Bunny
    Shadow Bunny 3 days ago

    This is exactly something I’ve been wanting to do myself for years. I’ll probably never be able to do it so still having the chance to see it come to life. It’s amazing. The size making it an entire world and not just a part of one, the architecture I’ve dreamed of and the story I’ve always wanted to create. I don’t think I can love this any more than I already do. It’s like having my own dreams come true

  • D 187
    D 187 11 days ago +4

    This honestly deserves more likes, this is a full year of time spent on this piece of artwork

  • Matias Pereyra
    Matias Pereyra 2 months ago +12839

    If Minecraft ever needed a proper story mode, you've just created it from scratch, my friend. May this be the most popular survival map ever. You and the team deserve it

  • Edward Collinson
    Edward Collinson 15 days ago +2

    This looks incredible. Thank you for getting me back into Minecraft

  • Teh angry bird 345
    Teh angry bird 345 11 days ago +1

    This is incredibly impressive! Every detail has its own lore, which is amazing! Every biome has its own character and style which I love! The railroad is especially impressive!

  • Simon Reeves
    Simon Reeves 3 days ago +1

    This is the epitome of a Minecraft masterpiece. The level of detail and creativity put into the lore, builds, and environment is unparalleled. I've never seen a Minecraft world that feels so alive, vibrant, and full of life. Your attention to detail and dedication to the project is truly inspiring.

  • ang
    ang 24 days ago +2

    AMAZING!!! this whole thing is just awesome. from the builds themselves (gorgeous by the way), to the lore and story telling, to the way you also went into the stories of why and where you pulled design details! A lot of times you don't see many people do that but learning about the different civilizations that inspired your builds really added another layer of enjoyment.

  • Risage
    Risage Month ago +734

    Honestly this is one of the best worlds ever,it would be breathtaking exploring this world with shaders and raytracing

    • QwertyPixel
      QwertyPixel 10 days ago +1

      @Quinn and Lauren! its like, vanilla shaders

    • Quinn and Lauren!
      Quinn and Lauren! 10 days ago +1

      What is raytracing?

    • EmperorTurtlez
      EmperorTurtlez 11 days ago +3

      do bad my computer can't handle any of that

    • QwertyPixel
      QwertyPixel 16 days ago +7

      @Oona Vuorio my pc would become a atomic bomb if i downloaded this map without shaders 😂

    • Oona Vuorio
      Oona Vuorio 20 days ago +23

      imagine how ur pc would set in fire tho lol

  • cat
    cat 4 days ago

    This is incredible. I love how everything looks and how everything was planned.

  • Zachary Morris
    Zachary Morris 18 days ago +1

    I am so awed into speechlessness by this amazing project that you've earned a sub. I heard you mention Bedrock support in your Patreon tiers, but would that also happen to include console-specific Bedrock? Or would you need to consider a separate upload to console's Bedrock marketplace later down the line? Either way I am fully willing to chip in money to gain access to this world for myself and my friends, but we all play on Xbox and I'd like to be sure how to gain access to our console's version of this world, if there is any yet.

  • Echo and Dandelion
    Echo and Dandelion 13 days ago +1

    Hey! I love this. You said there was no way to put paintings on the side of the tipis and my mind immediately went to map art for something like that. I can see why you wouldn’t wanna do that here though as you’d have to have the source of the map somewhere in the world and it would somewhat spoil the magic if a player were to come across it. The glazed terracotta looks lovely ❤

  • Nana_unoriginal.1
    Nana_unoriginal.1 20 days ago +2

    When I saw him build the Synagogue I felt like my culture was represented in a different and beautiful way
    The fact that he made the build so incredibly unique and big is just amazing
    I was happy to see some of my cultural influences and builds in this UMW and I really am thankful for the incredible work that he put into this
    This truck isn’t a Minecraft world now, it’s a huge piece of art that I truly enjoy seeing and adore

  • Just_Stvrlightt
    Just_Stvrlightt Month ago +811

    I love how instead of just telling us what was built, you gave a whole storyline too! It’s so creative and I cannot wait to explore myself!

    • NoiTheApple
      NoiTheApple Month ago +2

      @NotAlfieWhitty77 he used world edit mod (i think) to make the process faster, that’s how he made the terrain, buildings, and upscales of the build

    • NotAlfieWhitty77
      NotAlfieWhitty77 Month ago +1

      @NoiTheApple I don’t understand the custom map bit

    • NotAlfieWhitty77
      NotAlfieWhitty77 Month ago +2

      I know it’s the custom map I just don’t understand ot

    • NoiTheApple
      NoiTheApple Month ago +1

      @NotAlfieWhitty77 watch the video my guy

    • NotAlfieWhitty77
      NotAlfieWhitty77 Month ago +1

      How was this made

  • SuperFlameKing03
    SuperFlameKing03 6 days ago +1

    This. Is. INCREDIBLE! I'd love to do something kinda similar myself at some point. How did you do it? What was that world mapping software thing you were using?

  • 3xclusive
    3xclusive 3 days ago

    I just love how you added stories and lore for each of the biomes gives it such a more detailed experience

  • Eddie
    Eddie 12 days ago +2

    This is just insane. The amount of hours of dedication to make this just for others is incredible. Keep up the good work!

  • Name Unavailable
    Name Unavailable 18 days ago +1

    The fact that you took so much time to include and ingrain your map with all of the different cultures of the world is so wonderfully breathtaking. You are a true master at your craft and incredibly knowledgeable in what you do. Love all the fun facts you add into your videos. Maybe one day I'll have a gaming setup where I can join in on the fun. ❤

  • Zerixx
    Zerixx Month ago +779

    From a artist/story writer to another, this is gorgeous! Incredibly creative, well planned out, and unique! The way that not just each biome, but every building has its own backstory and purpose behind its design is incredible. You are incredibly talented and I'm very glad I ran into this at 4AM on one of my usual insomnia induced sleepless nights. Continue creating dear friend!

    • Bläckino Sorpello
      Bläckino Sorpello 17 days ago

      @YeshuRBa My humor is nonexistent because I didn’t get one joke? Everyone has some type of humor. Some people find joy in seeing people dead.

    • YeshuRBa
      YeshuRBa 17 days ago

      @Bläckino Sorpello the your humor is nonexistent

    • Bläckino Sorpello
      Bläckino Sorpello 29 days ago

      @NotAlfieWhitty77 well I don’t get it

    • NotAlfieWhitty77
      NotAlfieWhitty77 29 days ago +1

      @Bläckino Sorpello it’s called a joke my guy

    • NotAlfieWhitty77
      NotAlfieWhitty77 29 days ago

      @Bläckino Sorpello I mean the one bridge step wasn’t touching the floor for a tiny bit

  • Simon Neirynck
    Simon Neirynck 4 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant work by everyone involved! Every hour spent was worth it, it looks fantastic!

  • idontunderstandlife
    idontunderstandlife 14 days ago +1

    This is CRAZY! I absolutely love the builds and how you included a whole story. This is honestly a work of art.

  • What Now?
    What Now? 25 days ago

    This is impressive, would love to see you put this creativity and effort into making your very own game one day! The storyline, the culture references, the visual design... it's all wayy too good for a Minecraft world.

  • EndlessAlex
    EndlessAlex 5 days ago +1

    This... is just remarkable. Truly brings a amazing story and outstanding builds. Thank you for a amazing 3 hours man.

  • octopus37
    octopus37 Month ago +500

    as a person who grew up playing minecraft and started before there were even horses this is absolutely insane. the creativity and cultural appreciation are absolutely the reason why minecraft has stayed so popular over the years. it is people like you that give the game its flare and you are absolutely fantastic

    • Mia Khalifa
      Mia Khalifa Month ago +1

      I started playing when you couldn't even mine

    • 5viPerYT
      5viPerYT Month ago +2

      Started playing when Steve was a mob lmao

    • Ané Van Niekerk
      Ané Van Niekerk Month ago +2

      Same I was playing before pigs

    • kaylee
      kaylee Month ago +1

      I was playing before even crying excipient was there:) sorry about auto correct or❤🎉😊

  • Carlo Borelli
    Carlo Borelli 3 days ago

    I'm simply awestruck! This is all so effin' amazing I don't know where to start! It'll feel sacrilegious to remove even one single block from this epic work of digital art! Can't wait to play it ♥

  • Ross Sem
    Ross Sem 20 days ago +1

    Absolutely amazing work to Trixy, Steph, the dev (I'm sorry I don't know the name), Jake Rivers, and the bakery builders! What a wild 3-hour long ride!
    Man... I imagined this map paired with the Custom NPCs mod and it suddenly gave me witcher 3 vibes.

  • Xavi Cairo
    Xavi Cairo 9 days ago +1

    This is just insane! How did you learn to build like this? Keep doing what you’re doing!🤞🏼

  • Ranger
    Ranger 4 days ago

    I’m so happy with this man, as a Jew I’m glad he made a synagogue, he involved so many cultures and ideas and backstory’s for everything that really adds a realistic touch to this, give him an Oscar right now

  • Alpha The Demon
    Alpha The Demon Month ago +365

    Dude, you have put about as much effort into this as a writer, game designer and level designer would over years of creating a world for a game in this one Minecraft world! This is nuts for a Minecraft map! You have my respect for this amazing world, narrative and overall masterpiece!

    • Ethane Gill
      Ethane Gill 23 days ago +1

      Very interesting noticed

    • Trent Tucker.
      Trent Tucker. Month ago +2

      hey i think i may have the best USW lets play on youtube, let me know what you think!

  • Anthony Cammack
    Anthony Cammack 12 days ago +1

    Wow just wow. How much time and effort this guy put into this project, it is the best work I’ve ever seen.

  • Claudia Cahill
    Claudia Cahill 4 days ago

    Such incredible talent! This was truly spectacular to watch, I look forward to more videos like this in the future!! ❤

  • Buddy Duck
    Buddy Duck 2 days ago

    It's crazy that you can experience what is essentially an entire new version of minecraft for only $11. The work you do is mindblowing. Glad I was there to witness the whole thing.

  • I’m so lucky lucky

    For a next build I’d love to suggest something inspired by Celtic culture- when it comes to Celtic culture it’s like a untapped field day for inspiration both architecturally and culturally. Irish, welsh and Scottish mythology is blooming with unknown creatures and gods pre colonialism that would lead to I think a really interesting and unique place to explore- just food for thought. Amazing work on this- can’t wait to play it and I excited for what you have in store next!

  • { Fruit ‘n honey }
    { Fruit ‘n honey } Month ago +513

    This video is awesome!
    -Lore(with there own videos)
    -super detailed buildings
    -inspired by irl cultures
    -and still playable instead of just being look around but do nothing

    • Satvika Ponnusamy
      Satvika Ponnusamy 3 days ago

      @A human fr

    • A human
      A human 8 days ago +1

      @Jinx Lyn yeah same lol

    • Jinx Lyn
      Jinx Lyn 8 days ago +2

      @A human lol, yes it is. I would buy it in an instant if I could, but I play on a switch and can’t figure out a way to possibly get it or play it on there sadly

    • A human
      A human 8 days ago +3

      @Jinx Lynyeah the money is absolutely deserved
      i just wish i could use it lol ( poor )

    • Jinx Lyn
      Jinx Lyn 9 days ago +3

      @TerraninTheDoge paying for people’s hard work when you want to use it is a very normal thing 😕

  • Miro
    Miro 4 days ago +1

    I’m so excited to play this holy cow this is something that truly will forever stand in all of minecraft and gaming community ur absolutely a legend.I wanna play this world but how do I do that?

  • Conor Walker
    Conor Walker 5 days ago

    Damn. I want to see some creators do a play through of this crazy map. Would be an awesome series.

  • Inga Spinx
    Inga Spinx 18 days ago +1

    20 minutes in and this already inspired me so much, your builds are amazing!

  • code
    code 2 days ago

    That is incredible I don't think that even inventors of this game could come with an idea like this. It's hard to believe that you actually accomplished your goal so accurately. Well done, I'm more than impressed!

  • Xxfl1pper EPIC
    Xxfl1pper EPIC Month ago +544

    The amount of sheer dedication to even build all this alone is insane. Mad respect.

    • NotAlfieWhitty77
      NotAlfieWhitty77 Month ago +2

      How was this made

    • RedDragonz0
      RedDragonz0 Month ago +1

      SOOOOO TRUE! Looked the whole thing!

    • Evan Podwalny
      Evan Podwalny Month ago +1

      @Lev Grigorian Still, even for two people this is still unbelievable, plus they built it in both Java and Bedrock, the latter of which lacks World Edit.

    • OYUcringe
      OYUcringe Month ago +2

      Completely agree

    • LeCrusher
      LeCrusher Month ago +6

      Yeah, He said He Had help from Steph. (Not sure if the name is spelled correctly.)

  • Wednesday
    Wednesday 17 days ago +4

    The cave area reminds me of the lake of nine in God of War traveling to the different realms and stuff I love this it must've taken so long and it turned out magnificent

  • Joey X
    Joey X 13 days ago

    I was gonna say: the way this is edited and how the world looks, it reminds me alot of BoTW. It's beautiful and deserves an equal amount of awards as BoTW (if theres any given for world creation.)

  • Kenny Gee Mercado
    Kenny Gee Mercado 7 days ago

    This could be so nice to make it an RPG type map also, imagine having different types of modded bosses for every biome, and for every biome has secret items to access endgame loot, and boss drops for requirements for the End Dimension and etc. This could be so nice to make this world impossible for solo players, like you need a maximum party of 5 to finish the game. Godlike work btw and the dedication holy s---!

  • kyo
    kyo 25 days ago

    i remember seeing the updates of this map from time to time, absolutely spectacular work

  • Indy's House
    Indy's House 2 months ago +2962

    A bittersweet moment, yes, but it's incredible to see this series come to a close. Well done, Trixy. 👏

    • Jam
      Jam Month ago +2

      @Benjamin David Lurie shiver me timbers, I'm so scared ._.

    • photonbee
      photonbee 2 months ago

      @Benjamin David Lurie oh no.. i wonder who gives a damn to this “terrifying” remark… lol

    • Susie
      Susie 2 months ago +1

      @@benjamindavidlurieoh no I’m terrified

    • Joseph Madsen
      Joseph Madsen 2 months ago

      @Benjamin David Lurie also seeing that you jumped straight to personal insult just further proves my point that your argument has no ground to stand on and you are hating just out of spite thus you are an inferior human being

    • Joseph Madsen
      Joseph Madsen 2 months ago +2

      @Benjamin David Lurie wooooh I’m so scared your going to insult me to death

  • Travel vlogz
    Travel vlogz 25 days ago +1

    literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. such a masterpiece. I can't even imagine the work that went into this 😭

  • Shibe Shibo
    Shibe Shibo 18 days ago +1

    i dont know if ill get through all 3 hours of this, but this is one of the most beautiful transformations ive seen in minecraft EVER, so close to its minecraft aesthetic yet so elegant and grand, and im not even 30 minutes into the video!

  • GhxstFire
    GhxstFire Day ago +1

    This is by far the most badass shit ever done in minecraft. This could be a whole ass story mode and could easily be turned into like a AAA title game of itself. Gotta say my favorite builds are the bonsai village, the bone tribe settlement, and what you did with the nether and dwarves. I do think an elvish settlement would’ve fit in very well on this map as well. This is insane.

  • smoothwolf Gacha
    smoothwolf Gacha 16 hours ago

    Could you imagine what it would be like trying to use sponges to clear out that ocean monument? That would be such a pain to do, but it would be impressive.

  • TheSirdute
    TheSirdute Month ago +147

    It truly amazes me that two people did all of this over the course of a year but an entire company cant even build a nice looking mansion in minecraft. They seriously should consider having you create all the world structures for minecrafts future. Pure talent right here, bravo!!!!

    • TheUJDN
      TheUJDN Month ago

      shit comparison

    • Chang Siah Lim
      Chang Siah Lim Month ago

      @Kyron Shadows yeah hopefully at some point

    • Kyron Shadows
      Kyron Shadows Month ago +1

      My thing with Woodland Mansions is they could be so much more. They look awful and their loot quite frankly is pretty bad tbh

    • Chang Siah Lim
      Chang Siah Lim Month ago +2

      I mean the Mansion is a bit of a classic although and they need to randomly generate this stuff but yes I do would like enough modern update
      also the mention are the rarest things in game I don't think a lot of people have seen it

    • moistfeet
      moistfeet Month ago +11

      Mojang needs them to be randomly generated, so they have to be simpler

  • Paige ♡
    Paige ♡ 11 days ago +1

    This island is inspiring the writer in me. The environment youve provided is so magical and breathtaking, it provides so many ideas for adventures of me, my friends, and other characters. Along with tying in the lore, it could make a really bomb ass story. My creativity is roaring 😂❤

  • 𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦_𝕝𝕦𝕧𝕤_𝕦

    Ok but like the freaking dedication this man had to build this is so amazing, I also love how he doesn't reveal everything for us to uncover is very freaking cool

  • Fire Fighter481
    Fire Fighter481 8 days ago +1

    I've seen many professional builders but trixyblox has taken it to a whole another level, I've always admire your work and minecraft needs to hire you as a professional builder as well as a story mode for minecraft.

  • A non y mouse Me
    A non y mouse Me 25 days ago +1

    It would be awesome to get a video on all the things you learned about world edit and building in general while working on this project- especially for content that would be a little quicker to create 😂 beautiful job!

  • Moon Shadow
    Moon Shadow Month ago +269

    The only way I can express how good you did:
    Normally, whenever I'm on a map, or playing a game that allows base building, I can figure out where to build really easily. I find that one place that looks cool, and I kinda know that it's going to be the only place. Looking at this? I would have SUCH a hard time settling down! Instead i'd likely want to play a lifestyle without a clear home, because I can't choose a single place as my favorite!

    • Almedina Subas
      Almedina Subas 13 days ago +1

      ZU wenig Zeit um eine kurze Info

    • Kate Leitch
      Kate Leitch 14 days ago +1

      I cant choose a place as my favorite either lol

    • Moon Shadow
      Moon Shadow 17 days ago +2

      @Taurus The Crazy Bull Yea! Honestly, I'd likely keep jumping between them. Just, auh! seems so fun!

    • Moon Shadow
      Moon Shadow 17 days ago

      @Alexander Clip-Share channel -? do you like, have a problem with my comment?

    • Taurus The Crazy Bull
      Taurus The Crazy Bull 17 days ago +1

      So Instead of a single base you might just build a bunch of outposts?

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Day ago

    I love what you’ve done to create this. It is incredible! However have you thought about putting this as a download for Console gamers! You have a pretty hot concept idea! I mean damn! I’d pay money for it! It gives me a reason to do it! I’m not one that would put it on my cell phone. I’m more old fashioned. If you haven’t had a poke, or jab to consider. Let me be the first! If not think about it anyway. Hope to hear from you! BTW Well done Picasso!!! Fine work of art!

  • ♤Majestic♤
    ♤Majestic♤ Day ago

    I can't imagine how long this took to make it. Bro you deserve all the views for managing to do this. I hope you get more views sir.

  • lisa m
    lisa m 25 days ago +1

    i really appreciate the amount of effort that you put into research (and building of course), but including different cultures and religions was a nice touch!

  • Alan Watts
    Alan Watts 23 days ago

    This is a genuinely astounding achievement; I did a tiny applause to myself once the video had ended. Outstanding work, sir.

  • EldonTheDon
    EldonTheDon 2 months ago +949

    Mojang needs to hire this man and have him on an insane payroll. This is most creative minecraft related content I have seen in a long time

    • SNP 94
      SNP 94 Month ago +1

      bro makes about 100k a month with his patreon alone per MONTH

    • Ethan Pagel
      Ethan Pagel Month ago +1

      This is one of the best just like this dude that made space in Minecraft

    • Ethan Pagel
      Ethan Pagel Month ago +1


    • Arkansym
      Arkansym Month ago +2

      @Tester Wulf :3
      That's such a good idea ohmygod

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3 Month ago +3

      @Arkansym It'd probably only be used in things like their legends or relms so it'd be optional for you to play on it, so you wouldn't have to worry about trying to compete with builds like this in your survival world.

  • noah razzone
    noah razzone 5 days ago

    ive often thought of builing my dnd maps in minecraft, not with all the details but at the very least to build the actual structures the players would explore and create the sense of place and self in the game, but always been way to kntimidated by the actual scale and variation necessary in that type of build.... you sir just did it all for me.

  • Travis Waller
    Travis Waller 7 days ago

    Absolute bonkers! Can’t wait to give it a go! This is one of the only times I have ever really wanted to invest in a PC setup! Bedrock version will have to do for now!

  • Ranger
    Ranger 4 days ago

    I love how pretty much everything is connected somehow in the lore

  • MsGotenChan
    MsGotenChan 3 days ago

    incredible! simply incredible! this world invites you to play a game of survival. Beautiful what you and your team have built. I'm totally in love and don't know which area I want to look at first. A masterpiece!

  • cody
    cody Month ago +329

    My boyfriend left me when this series started and I used it as a distraction to feel better because most of the time I was so heartbroken I could feel it pressing down onto my entire body but the series always took my mind off things and I was in a horrible place while I would watch it. Seeing it finish feels funny because I spent so much time sobbing my heart out to the first few episodes that would come out every couple of months now I'm watching this happy and free. Thank you for making something that could bring me such a safe feeling throughout my darkest, most heart-wrenching days. It may sound small and unimportant but these little videos meant the world to me and will remain a part of what I've been through and I'll always remember them as something healing.

    • A Annoyed Mike
      A Annoyed Mike 25 days ago

      @J G Think before you act.

    • J G
      J G 25 days ago +1

      Ew. Date women

    • A Annoyed Mike
      A Annoyed Mike 29 days ago +2

      Seeming it was 6 days ago, may u all not make it a big deal.

    • Zack
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