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3D Printing a Diffraction Pattern

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I show you how to 3D print a diffraction pattern
    See the full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9tDd...
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  • Nova
    Nova 2 months ago +3239

    "Daddy I want a nuke"
    "Say no more"
    **Positions camera menacingly*

    • Marc-André Servant
      Marc-André Servant 9 days ago

      It's fairly easy for a physics PhD to make a nuke with openly available information. The only difficult parts to obtain are plutonium, neutron sources and the high power switches needed to fire the explosive lens around the nuclear core. That may change quite soon because high electron mobility transistors capable of switching over a megawatt in less than 300ns can be obtained from electric car superchargers. Polonium for neutron sources can be obtained from anti-static brushes used in clean room equipment. Plutonium is going to be the hardest for an amateur to obtain, but I suppose you could bribe a Pakistani or North Korean official for a large enough "sample".

    • ミヤムラ イズミ
      ミヤムラ イズミ 27 days ago +2

      @anjotube JE
      *I tasted the Nuke and I quite didn't like the taste.*
      -NileRed probably-

    • merlyn florez
      merlyn florez Month ago +1

      "so what I have here is a uranium particle....."

    • A T
      A T Month ago +1

      Lmaoo 🤣

    • Konark
      Konark Month ago +1

      Project financed by Kim Jong Un

  • Jaxon Harbour
    Jaxon Harbour 2 months ago +5188

    That first clip was the look of a man who had no idea what to do with the creature that is currently residing in their home

    • MaxBoomingHere
      MaxBoomingHere 29 days ago

      @Mihail Milev that is oddly specific lol

    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev Month ago

      ​@MaxBoomingHere you have the same first name as my partly ex school friend!

    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev Month ago +1

      ​@Razi this comment makes it even funnier

    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev Month ago +1

      ​@Razi lmfao

    • MaxBoomingHere
      MaxBoomingHere Month ago +1

      You have the same first name as my brother!

  • SirenHound
    SirenHound 2 months ago +3557

    I thought the unicorn problem was going to be that they are severely underpopulated.

    • herobrine8763
      herobrine8763 2 months ago

      I think they went extinct recently

    • Frank Furt Jr
      Frank Furt Jr 2 months ago +1

      Ask Pablo Escobar

    • Zaffiel Aaron Vos
      Zaffiel Aaron Vos 2 months ago


    • Jaime Reyes
      Jaime Reyes 2 months ago +1


    • Night Owl
      Night Owl 2 months ago +5

      Actually Unicorn, they are overpopulated. Then we decided to hunt them down till till they're endangered. But Unicorn is very adaptable creature, so they invented camouflage that till this day, nobody can see them anymore.
      The End

  • Tristan Campbell
    Tristan Campbell 2 months ago +1247

    Solving the "Unicorn Problem" lowkey sounds like the code words for a hate crime 😂

  • Emrald
    Emrald 2 months ago +484

    I have a problem too. My daughter wanted the moon. So I sent over Gru to get it for me

    • Bacchanalia
      Bacchanalia 2 months ago +12

      Shoul have bought a replica moon lamp on Amazon...

  • racsO 001
    racsO 001 2 months ago +335

    Imagine having this guy as a family member and he invited you to a party

    • Nickr
      Nickr 2 months ago +8

      Yeahhhhhhhh wooohhhh let's goooooo

  • Toa Olisi
    Toa Olisi 2 months ago +81

    This man used science to calm his kid down. Great dad.

  • Lyndsay Wuertz
    Lyndsay Wuertz 2 months ago +18

    Imagine wanting a toy and your dad actually MAKING it for you! That is so much more special than any store bought toy you could have gotten ❤❤❤

  • Aaron Jayson De leon
    Aaron Jayson De leon 2 months ago +28

    Daughter: I want a unicorn
    Typically common dad: let me grab my 3D printer

  • 822Dudes
    822Dudes 2 months ago +103

    When I asked for same, my dad being an Engineer for about 25 years and Mom being Meteorological Scientist went with a cheaper and different approach..... they said No. 😂

    • cat S
      cat S 11 days ago

      This made me laugh soooooo much 😂 thank you

    • Jennifer Adams
      Jennifer Adams Month ago +1

      party poopers...when I was growing up my mom (who met my dad at Stanford) would often say, "Never marry an engineer." But without them, we would be in bad shape.

    • BlueSheepPlays
      BlueSheepPlays Month ago +2

      Lol, sucks

    • SCOLAR
      SCOLAR 2 months ago +4


  • Stanley Striker
    Stanley Striker 2 months ago +71

    Cool that the 3d printer was able to pick up the grooves like that....

    • trizedlyza
      trizedlyza 2 months ago +8

      @JNLolz I saw this done with chocolate too. Pretty amazing the shiny surfaces will copy the light bending interference pattern.

    • Picky Yeeter
      Picky Yeeter 2 months ago +15

      @JNLolz That's exactly what happened. 3d prints take on the texture of whatever surface they're printed on

    • JNLolz
      JNLolz 2 months ago +22

      @K B the hot plastic probably fell into the grooves like a chocolate mould before cooling down I guess

    • K B
      K B 2 months ago +5

      Curious how that worked. He laid the sheet down on the print surface, but I thought 3D printers just built up from the base using plastic filament? How did it capture the material?

  • I don't have a username yet
    I don't have a username yet 2 months ago +20


    • Brittany Noel Smith
      Brittany Noel Smith 2 months ago +5

      Let’s convince him to sell them for a college fund for his daughter! My daughter would love this

  • A User
    A User 2 months ago +73

    This is so wholesome!

    BOSTASH 2 months ago +34

    may God bless you and your family, i love your videos and your daughter sounds adorable ❤️

  • James Hilton
    James Hilton Month ago

    So I have a question. With the fact that your printing it onto the defraction pattern, is the sparkly look only on the one side, or does it copy all the way through?

  • Spacewalk
    Spacewalk 2 months ago +1445

    "waaghh ooh oOoohh u u ahhh"
    "and that is the sound of approval 👍"
    (edit: yes its a qoute from the vid so what? action lab wont mind.)
    also dayumn 1k, nice

  • Woohoo!0.O☆
    Woohoo!0.O☆ 2 months ago +2

    He still manages to teach science while making sparkly unicorns.

  • Galo Aguirre
    Galo Aguirre Hour ago

    If you could precisely print a diffraction pattern, spacing out the microscopic grooves, could you make it so that at a certain distance, at a certain angle, all the blue light coincides to spell out a word or a logo?
    I guess that's what printed holograms on credit cards and currency do?

  • Aron Schwarzgruber
    Aron Schwarzgruber 2 months ago +2

    Having scientists or artists as parents is the best thing ever

  • Daan Otto
    Daan Otto Month ago

    That’s brilliant! Never expected that to work.

  • 666 K,Smith
    666 K,Smith 26 days ago

    You would be an amazing father to have. Your children are very lucky to have you. Love your channel bro

  • Brody Garcia
    Brody Garcia 2 months ago +18

    Such a wholesome father and Clip-Sharer :)

  • Solitario947
    Solitario947 Month ago +1

    Can you tell us about the split experiment and your theories as to why it is as it is?

  • Cade Watkin
    Cade Watkin 2 months ago

    I still don’t fully understand how this works, I’m very familiar with light interfering to produce rainbows, and I’m somewhat familiar with diffraction gratings and how they work, but I don’t understand how putting the diffraction grating on the 3D printer transfers the properties onto the unicorn .
    I guess the thing I don’t understand is how does the 3D printer work? I’m guessing it’s a resin printer? How exactly do they work from a science stand point / on a molecular level?

  • 🌹 ℝ𝕖𝕕𝕕𝕠𝕨 🌹

    Wish my parents made cool stuff like that for me when I was younger.

  • Robert Zarfas
    Robert Zarfas 2 months ago +5

    Great. Now I have to get a diffraction grating. This is what I get for letting my kids watch educational content 😂

  • Ku龜。Tâibûn台文
    Ku龜。Tâibûn台文 2 months ago +31

    Now I know how the book cover did this.

  • Joey Simon
    Joey Simon Month ago

    i’ve seen vinyl records with this as well it looks rly cool

  • Christen Jones
    Christen Jones 2 months ago

    Can you show how you cut it so nicely after printing (especially with the moving one)

  • First-Thought // Giver-of-Will

    I wonder if you used a laminator if the grating would retain some linearity given the curvature.

  • I will murder for big mac

    Bro taught me more than my science teacher will ever

  • RM
    RM 2 months ago

    Thank you so much, I'm doing this! I'm so excited!

  • ItsDelly
    ItsDelly 9 days ago

    That’s actually super cool. You can get like almost an opal like look out of it.

  • Alf Claussen
    Alf Claussen 2 months ago

    So did the patern help with the adhesion? Or did u have to use more smoosh on the 1st layer?

  • sus amogus
    sus amogus 2 months ago +11

    You're an awesome dad!

  • neoqueto
    neoqueto 2 months ago +2

    You know you made it as a dad when your daughter asks you for a freaking sparkly unicorn and you deliver

  • Tristia
    Tristia 2 months ago

    You’re a really good father! She’s lucky to have you❤️

  • Valery Djondo
    Valery Djondo 2 months ago

    I thought you where imprinting linear grooves.
    Does the sheet keeps sticked to the 3D print.or do you use a glue to keep the edge slick ?

  • Kyle Broflovski
    Kyle Broflovski 2 months ago +2

    It must be cool having a scientist for a father.

  • Raphael Sykes
    Raphael Sykes Month ago

    Those two moving ones look like they'll definitely pinch though.
    Great anyway!!

  • Mr_Randomnese
    Mr_Randomnese 2 months ago +4

    She didn't even notice the rainbows, but she still gave it the sound of approval ✌️

  • Lea with no H 🫡
    Lea with no H 🫡 Month ago

    I have one of these too! It turns lights into rainbow hearts :)

    THE GOOD CONTENT Month ago

    I remember watching a video years ago of a guy that did that over chocolate to create "holographic" chocolate. Pretty cool.

  • ShwaBdudle
    ShwaBdudle 2 months ago

    Seriously I understand nothing but I freaking love this channel!

  • Y
    Y 2 months ago

    What about figuring out how to directly print a diffraction grating and a protective layer?

  • Joshua Mans
    Joshua Mans 2 months ago +67

    Isn't his daughter sooooo cute?🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Alfe Berlin
    Alfe Berlin 2 months ago +3

    Thanks for giving us the sound of approval.

  • Connor Dunne
    Connor Dunne 2 months ago

    I saw you're video on applying this to chocolate my question is an you apply it to a lollipop 🍭 in order to see the shapes? Example: Heart shaped lollipops that show hearts when you look through it (would only work till its licked however)

  • Donnelliea Villegas

    Yo fellow 90’s kids, y’all remember the glasses we were given during a fireworks show, just like cheap, paper frames but had that clear rainbow stuff as the lenses? You spot them during the fireworks show & it made the lights even more rainbow-y, & there were different kinds of them, instead of just the “stripes” of rainbow, there were rainbow hearts, smiley faces, stars, like alot of cute rainbow shapes/pictures. Anytime I’ve brought these glasses up to anyone, nobody remembers them even a little bit 😢

  • Noah Campbell
    Noah Campbell Month ago +1

    Normal people: buy sparkly filament. Actionlab: I must make my print bed with a diffraction grating surface.

  • Kai Pannu
    Kai Pannu 2 months ago

    Would pouring concrete on a defraction grating make the concrete sparkle?

  • Cheryl Wade
    Cheryl Wade Month ago

    This kid is really lucky to have you as a dad. We had to buy a science experiments book. I learned to be a water bender.

  • Clonny Gayms
    Clonny Gayms 2 months ago +7

    The sound of approval👍

  • Phillip Fry
    Phillip Fry 2 months ago +1

    "And that is the sound of approval." I learned something

  • matthewrose3
    matthewrose3 2 months ago

    How did you handle bed leveling? Did you just adjust the bed down by the thickness of the diffraction sheet?

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 2 months ago

    For Halloween you could get a standard fabric Unicorn costume, one person or two-person design, then like how you apply custom images onto t-shirts put body part cut-outs of this diffraction plastic. Now you're a shiny Unicorn that looks like a rainbow every time a car's headlamp or porch light hits the correct angles? The father or father/mother can be the Unicorn, the daughter can be the princess, because that's how parenting is done.

  • Nick Vande
    Nick Vande 2 months ago +3

    And "The best dad of the year" award goes to...

  • Matt Dilmaghani
    Matt Dilmaghani Month ago

    Can you sell these on the action lab store? I’ll order one!

  • Faint
    Faint Month ago

    Child: “Daddy I want something cool for my birthday!”
    Father: “so anyways, I made a particle accelerator for my child to play with”

  • Roja Janeman
    Roja Janeman 2 months ago

    Well done sir!

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams Month ago

    She's lucky to have a dad who is teaching her that there is usually a way to determine whether something is true or not, and that you have to experiment, sometimes, to see if an idea is workable. VERY IMPORTANT LIFE SKILL!

  • That Freedom Guy
    That Freedom Guy Month ago

    It kind of looks like opal, and for the same reason. Diffraction grating. Looks pretty.

  • Russian v1nce
    Russian v1nce Month ago

    "Dad gimme a unicorn"
    "Ima spend 10hours about an sheet and 3D printing it without buying actual one"

  • Jordan McDuff Official
    Jordan McDuff Official 2 months ago

    It’s crazy to think toys made by 3D printing are the same idea behind the wooden toys of our forefathers. All home made and custom for the kid

  • Sam Ixine
    Sam Ixine 2 months ago +3

    Lucky kid to have a science daddy at home.

  • AVspectre
    AVspectre 2 months ago

    Great idea!

  • Roman Lisunov
    Roman Lisunov 2 months ago

    Where do you take those diffraction sheets?

  • Brandon Cline
    Brandon Cline 2 months ago

    I love science ❣️

  • Nope Sorry
    Nope Sorry Month ago

    That's so cute. Using science to make your daughter happy. I bet you are a good father. It's wholesome seeing you with your kids

  • Brittany Noel Smith
    Brittany Noel Smith 2 months ago

    I would totally order the unicorns for my daughter if you sold them 😊

  • A Don
    A Don Month ago

    Imagine having a science major master for a dad. That had fun with his work. That's would be LIIIITTT

  • Sleep Ninja
    Sleep Ninja Month ago

    U did it! Science is a beautiful tool

  • InnovativeAtavist
    InnovativeAtavist 2 months ago

    *indecipherable toddler noises*
    "That is the sound of approval."
    Ah, thank you good Sir. I was confused. Once again you prove to be a scholar of great renown.

  • Mr. Tech
    Mr. Tech Month ago

    Daughter: I want a unicorn!
    Dad be like: My plan is to 3d print a unicorn on a diffraction gradient that has linear grooves that distributes light to create sparkly rainbows.

    CHI3KENLEO 2 months ago +3

    Straight up wholesome

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Sweet I got to try this!

  • Sami_kash19
    Sami_kash19 2 months ago +8

    The unicorn looks cool

  • 京色琉璃孟婆湯

    Fun fact: It works on chocolate, and it's *AMAZING*!

  • qwerttz
    qwerttz 2 months ago

    Next episode: "Going into another dimension to get my daughter a real unicorn she can ride on"

  • Seth Cain
    Seth Cain 2 months ago

    Nice I love it.

  • Rong D. Memer
    Rong D. Memer 2 months ago +1

    This is adorably wholesome

  • Paul Gross
    Paul Gross 16 days ago

    So ... _where can I buy those diffraction gratings?_

  • Cyno's attourney
    Cyno's attourney 22 days ago

    "I want a sparkly unicorn"
    Dad: lemme genetically modify a pony

  • Lilly Marie
    Lilly Marie 2 months ago

    I would love a cool scientist dad that makes me cool stuff

  • The 5quatch
    The 5quatch 2 months ago

    Very cool man!

  • Harsh Srivastava
    Harsh Srivastava 2 months ago +1

    Please make a video on Einstein and Neils Bohr view of quantum mechanics.

  • Flashback Frank
    Flashback Frank 2 months ago

    Daughter: Dad can we get unicorn 🦄?
    Dad: We have 🦄 at home.
    Daughter: Aw-wait what? 👀

  • Matthew Harper
    Matthew Harper 2 months ago

    I've got one for you try to get a regular house fly and trap him in a plastic cup without damaging him then you taking fill the cup up and completely drown him to stop moving and then you take him out with little spoon you put him on the counter and if you put just enough table salt the small pile on top of him he will come back to life how can you explain this? This works I've actually done it a few times try it it's cool.

  • Dawniechi
    Dawniechi Month ago +1

    So my daughter has asked for a 'sparkly unicorn,' so I've decided to exploit her insignificant intellect and not buy her a real sparkling unicorn.

  • AdlyNadhif
    AdlyNadhif 2 months ago

    "Father i want a unicorn toy"
    "But we have unicorn at home"
    (Unicorn at home)

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King 2 months ago

    Mind blown!

  • Ash Duke
    Ash Duke 2 months ago

    I want one 😍

    GAMING CORNER 6 days ago

    I'm gonna show this to my dad and tell him look at what other dad's are doing

  • Robin Islam
    Robin Islam Month ago

    He teaches more stuff in chemistry class

  • HappyColour
    HappyColour 2 months ago

    That is shiny not sparkly! Well played parent misdirection. 😉

  • upstate fitness IG
    upstate fitness IG Month ago

    You don't have a problem
    You have a solution✔️

  • Hyper Zniper
    Hyper Zniper 12 days ago

    Lol, this guy’s daughter is pretty lucky to have him as a father.

  • Thomas Hank Hogan
    Thomas Hank Hogan 2 months ago

    Well done ! “Sparkling!”

  • Christodoulosts
    Christodoulosts 22 days ago

    I never thought I would leave a comment like that to your videos but… soooo cute!!! ❤

  • Weston Ding
    Weston Ding 2 months ago

    Fun stuff!