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When people from the USA visit GERMANY

  • Published on Sep 8, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Every year millions of Americans travel to the country of Germany. More than 100.000 US citizen even live there. Here's some live footage from one of 'em in KrautCountry: @NALFVLOGS
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  • Radical Living
    Radical Living  2 years ago +12478

    I'm offended that you didn't leave a comment yet!

    • Jivaka NL
      Jivaka NL 2 years ago +63


    • Luthando Nxumalo
      Luthando Nxumalo 2 years ago +53

      Don't worry I'm here Radical

    • CA
      CA 2 years ago +30

      Hello world.

    • nikita chib
      nikita chib 2 years ago +38

      Hahaha... that makes me really wanna visit Germany

    • Renan Mazziotti Pires
      Renan Mazziotti Pires 2 years ago +34

      I'll make sure that this video reach the americans at the office today

  • Ember5660
    Ember5660 Year ago +7383

    As an American never before have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with

  • IStoleUrMail
    IStoleUrMail Year ago +3958

    As a European who came to America, the severe lack of public transit, large portion sizes, and an absence of widespread historical knowledge was a big shock to me.

    • The Masked Hobo
      The Masked Hobo Year ago +242

      Because of sprawl, public transport cant be as fast or efficient in the US, add on to that the fact that most US citizens see public transport as something for "The Poors" and you get a slow, grossly underfunded, and inefficient system.
      Portion sizes probably has to do with the volume of food grown locally in the US making it less expensive to make more. Then, being in competition with other restaurants, you don't want to be the place with "less food".
      Lastly history Education has to do with the motivation of children to learn. It is very difficult to teach a child who is apathetic to learning. For instance children in the western half of the US don't get all that enthusiastic about thing that happened 3,000 miles away as they do learning about stuff they know they can visit. They care even less about learning European history from across an ocean. A kid in the UK can learn about Hadrian's wall being built almost 2000 years ago and learn that no matter where on Great Brittan they live, it's less than 500km from the wall. Hard for a 7 year old to care Plymouth rock when they live 4,200 km away in Los Angeles. That's more than the distance from London to Bagdad. Not saying that its okay to have shit transit and education, just that there are challenges inherent to the US that contribute to the differences.

    • Ishbu101
      Ishbu101 Year ago +33

      Well you went to there wrong city then

    • TheGoldenDragon
      TheGoldenDragon Year ago +70

      Lol. "Large portion sizes". You don't have to eat large portions, no one's forcing you to. On the historical side, let me ask you this: How do you teach ppl about history when the population is diverse as America is? Why would some students from a latin American background, say Guatamala, or student from perhaps Guam give two shits about history that happened in Europe, Africa or the middle east? It wasn't their ppl, so why would that interest them? Germany is still a very homogeneous nation even though it also has many foreigners, but that's what makes the difference. A nation of mostly Germans learning about their ppl's history and the history of their surrounding neighbors which affected them is going to interest them.
      In America, they'll learn the same history, but to many students it really won't mean much. There's absolutely nothing tying them to the history. Most of them will just think, "It was a bunch of boring shit that happened to white ppl" in countries they couldn't point out on a map if their lives deoended on it. Oh, and we do have history, obviously but good luck in cherishing it or even teaching it bc everything's racist now.

    • Tom
      Tom Year ago +39

      @TheGoldenDragon Germany really isn't homogeneous anymore. Ethnic Germans are 70% or so of the population and are a minority in a few areas now, they are projected to become a minority in German over all by 2060 according to the Clovis Institute.

  • Nox Atlas
    Nox Atlas 6 months ago +740

    Fun fact: we actually had Wal-Mart here in Germany. But they didn't last long here because their American worker policy violated our laws and Germans didn't really warm up to the American way of treating their customers. We are so used to doing everything ourselves and being treated coldly by cashiers that it felt really creepy that the staff was so overly friendly.😂

    • George the Bug eater
      George the Bug eater 4 months ago +28

      😂 seems about right. That’s hilarious. Obviously It’s pretty normal here.

    • Nox Atlas
      Nox Atlas 4 months ago +44

      @George the Bug eater Another reason is that we already have many supermarkets here, so there wasn't really a need for a new one. The American way of friendliness being considered fake and creepy and the terrible worker policies were basically the icing on the cake

    • George the Bug eater
      George the Bug eater 4 months ago +22

      @Nox Atlas in the Midwest USA where I’m from, it’s just about respect and hospitality. It’s not necessarily fake, we are just friendly to strangers out of respect. If you ever visited here you would feel a genuine feeling. Especially down south. It’s just how we were raised since we were children.

    • Nox Atlas
      Nox Atlas 4 months ago +34

      @George the Bug eater I don't doubt that americans are genuinely friendly and respectful. But the cultural differences can make things difficult and leave a biased impression. What's normal for you might be considered "too much" in other places. For example: Americans come off as exaggerating a lot (be it emotions, facial expressions, the size of dishes, the overblown Hollywood Blockbusters, etc.) which leaves the impression that they're faking a lot.
      Americans, on the other hand, might consider us as cold, probably rude because we're infamous for being very direct, distanced and having no sense of humor. We know it's not true, but that's how other nations see us because they have a different way to interact with each other.

  • Matthew R Helf
    Matthew R Helf 8 months ago +334

    As an American who’s been to Germany a few times, you completely nailed my first time there 😂

    • Stefan Jager
      Stefan Jager 8 months ago +8

      I am German 🇩🇪 my wife is American 🇺🇸
      And I love her to the stars ⭐
      Don’t worry America Germany have your back 🇩🇪❤🇺🇸

    • Utkarsh G. Bharti
      Utkarsh G. Bharti 3 months ago +6

      Did you shoot German people there?

    • Notapairofglasses
      Notapairofglasses 3 months ago +3

      ​@Utkarsh G. Bhartiwell, naturally!

    • 1ミMΩŊTΩЯIミ
      1ミMΩŊTΩЯIミ 3 months ago

      ​@Stefan JagerGermany has America's back? Bruv

    • Stefan Jager
      Stefan Jager 3 months ago +3

      @1ミMΩŊTΩЯIミ I mean 🇺🇸🍑🍆🇩🇪

  • Brandt Buchanan
    Brandt Buchanan Year ago +1085

    As a rural Texan, I was blown away by the European public transportation system. I didn't get it until I experienced it and it seems silly that we dont have public trains on all the tracks in the state. For example: If I have to go to San Antonio or Austin for a meeting, I could spend 15hrs driving or 20hrs sleeping or working for half the price.

    • John Meraz
      John Meraz Year ago +53

      That why I advocate and like public transportation more. Why which do you prefer to stay in a car for an hour stressing about traffic or stay in a train or bus with headphones one relaxing, reading a book, get ahead of HW or even a take a nap because you missed on sleep. Mmmm the second one sounds better to me!

    • Ryan Pettit
      Ryan Pettit Year ago +17

      Public transportation is nice but a personal vehicle is nice to fall back on. When there's a disaster or earthquake public transportation is the first to go

    • Uh What
      Uh What Year ago +17

      We don’t have the population density to make widespread public transportation profitable. If you want better public transit you have to make more people.

    • JK
      JK Year ago +17

      Trains make more sense in tiny, cramped Europe than in the vastly bigger, much more widespread United States. Only the Northeast makes sense financially for a bunch of commuter trains. It would never work in rural Texas, not enough customers.

  • Kara
    Kara 6 months ago +178

    As a German who lives in the U.S it's very very funny to see people's reactions when I tell them about Germany

  • HaveN
    HaveN Year ago +18594

    This American is simultaneously the most right wing and left wing person

    • _ ASleepyDragon _
      _ ASleepyDragon _ Year ago +2924

      You need two wings to fly afterall

    • Edys Lavico
      Edys Lavico Year ago +783

      gotta show both sides in one video I guess

    • Gregina Bogosian
      Gregina Bogosian Year ago +183

      So he is a Jreg fan.

    • J.R.
      J.R. Year ago +492

      I was looking for this comment. 😁
      Pro gun but is offended by everything.

    • Kassi
      Kassi Year ago +19

      That’s what I was thinking!

  • BruklinBridge
    BruklinBridge Year ago +988

    It's not often Germany takes a humorous shot at the US, and even less common they get it right, but as an American I can say this was brilliant. 👏👏👏

    • PARK1755
      PARK1755 Year ago +9

      One of the funniest videos I’ve seen. I really love my adopted country but I will be honest, Germany has better public transit that the us by a lot.
      (I’m natively Canadian but they’re much worse for lots of reason haha)

    • sparky 2
      sparky 2 11 months ago +5

      At least it went better than when Japan took a shot at the US

    • GrimaceTheMask
      GrimaceTheMask 11 months ago +8

      The American stereotype is so offensive but so true at that same time XD

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith 8 months ago +1

      I wish they would 'cause I like humor even when it targets me haha

  • christopher alarcon
    christopher alarcon Year ago +599

    I laughed until the part where you can endlessly go to school without going into crippling debt, then I cried. Take me Deutschland bitte!

    • otapi
      otapi Year ago +20

      This is the same in all countries of the EU.

    • Error
      Error 11 months ago +35

      I laughed until the part where they were drinking beer on the bridge. I also found it funny that the American thought Germany needed to be more free even though Germany is more free

    • Yoda
      Yoda 10 months ago +14

      But taxes are pretty high.

    • amir faqihi
      amir faqihi 10 months ago +11

      You have to pay crazy high taxes in return, don't fool yourself

    • Wrod of Dog
      Wrod of Dog 8 months ago +33

      @amir faqihi Only crazy high compared to the US. In return we get (mostly) free healthcare, (mostly) free access to university and other venues of education, (mostly) working fast public transport, social security, (almost) unlimited sick days, a minimum of four weeks paid vacation...
      And so on and so forth.

  • 1787UnionABC
    1787UnionABC Month ago +24

    I’ve watched this video a zillion times, and it never gets old. Expert lines, expert acting, expert filming. Thank you for outdoing the professionals.

  • Regina Suvor
    Regina Suvor Year ago +545

    As a foreigner who lives in Germany 2 years now, I confirm that people who don't plan ahead are discriminated with German reservations schemes😂

    • Comp Fox
      Comp Fox Year ago +7

      The corona crisis still made it even more difficult.

    • choe
      choe 8 months ago +1

      How are you doing

    • Simone S.
      Simone S. 2 months ago +4

      I am German and moved to Sweden. Planning ahead is next level there.

  • SlyHikari03
    SlyHikari03 4 months ago +105

    As an American, this portrayal of America is pretty accurate.

  • Ale Geraci
    Ale Geraci 2 years ago +9557

    In Italy we call Starbucks coffee "dirty water"

    • Beer Against Humanity
      Beer Against Humanity 2 years ago +815

      I'm American and I whole heartily agree with you...not only that, it's expensive dirty water.

    • Slavian Albanovich
      Slavian Albanovich Year ago +125

      there are so many people in the world who don't like Italian style coffee

    • Wijaya Wardana
      Wijaya Wardana Year ago +108

      because they look like dirty water instead coffe, which is supposed to looks black.

    • UttermostVids
      UttermostVids Year ago +43

      I mean for an Americans there isn't any coffee shops that are halfway decent at an alright price I take what I can get

  • Jormungand13324
    Jormungand13324 Year ago +663

    As an American, the lack of trigger discipline, muzzle discipline, and the appendix waistband carry without a holster got my eye twitching. if this werent satire, i'd think he was trying to give himself an explosive lead-infused vasectomy.

    • Kazehana
      Kazehana Year ago +11

      Lol, indeed.

    • Andre Gerritzen
      Andre Gerritzen Year ago +22

      Me as a german never heard this terms. Can you descripe what trigger discipline or muzzle discipline means. Do you mean his wild eyes when he took his gun? ;-)

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 Year ago +80

      @Andre Gerritzen meaning keeping your booger hook off the trigger till you're about to shoot and keeping the weapon pointed in a safe direction. You know, dont do what alec Baldwin did.

    • CZpersi
      CZpersi Year ago +17

      I was awaiting for the accidental misfire to happen;-)

    • Blessed_Veteran_AdventureZ
      Blessed_Veteran_AdventureZ Year ago +18

      I was lookin for this comment.

  • Spencer Peck
    Spencer Peck Year ago +189

    As an American, this makes me want to visit Germany even more

    • SimCatsie
      SimCatsie Month ago +2

      I'm Argentinian and I visited Germany for 3 weeks, people are amazing there! Everyone is very polite and if they see you're lost they'll help you get where you need to go. Also a lot of people there speak English very well but even people who can't speak English so well will still try to communicate with you the best they can, helping themselves with Google Translate. Definitely visit there if you can, I loved it!

    • Refia
      Refia 13 days ago

      I hope you will Enjoy your time in Germany ! :D
      Greetings from there ^^

  • Elesis Sieghart
    Elesis Sieghart 7 months ago +103

    "I forgot you have to pay to study in the US" This had me rolling like never efore

  • J.B. MacAdam
    J.B. MacAdam Year ago +239

    I was stationed in West Germany from 1977 to 1979. Even though I tried to behave in a un-offensive manner, I know that I blew it on several occasions. Eventually, I learned how to 'blend in' better. Germany is a wonderful Nation. It is clean, civilized, well ordered, and the trains ALWAYS run on time! Just the opposite of the U.S.! I wish I had the financial means to return and live there again!

    • Sala dien
      Sala dien Year ago +26

      The used to be on time, since they reformed the public transport (early 90s) the official definition of punctual is 6 minutes late. Because they are always late.

    • Nicz
      Nicz 11 months ago +3

      @Sala dien Not really, the Regio is mostly on time with some exceptions but I'd say 9/10 you mostly have no significant cases where you are too late.
      S-Bahn is quite punctual as U-Bahn is aswell. Linienbus is the only one that is sometimes late but the driver makes up for it. If they are out the schedule, they just step on the gas. I had it several times that the bus was driving insanely fast

    • Sala dien
      Sala dien 11 months ago +5

      @Nicz you must live in a different Germany than I am.

    • Nicz
      Nicz 11 months ago

      @Sala dien Wo wohnst du? Also nähe Großstadt

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine 10 months ago +72

    When I took my friend to Saxony he was kinda like this. He was surprised that everyone wasnt wearing lederhosen and blowing horns, and learned how to say a few sentences in German so he could talk with locals, but they all spoke the Saxon dialect so he couldn’t understand them.

    • dth illmnt
      dth illmnt 2 months ago

      I don't get it. US is Anglo-Saxon country...WASP...

    • Raempftl
      Raempftl 2 months ago +1

      @dth illmntHistory of Saxons: www.worldhistory.org/Saxons/
      History of Saxony: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Saxony

  • Cal Essel
    Cal Essel 2 years ago +4638

    I don't think anyone could walk around in Germany openly brandishing a firearm without the police showing up pretty quickly.

      ANDJELINA 2 years ago +405

      I am pretty terrified of German Police. 🤣🤣🤣 Especially when they walk around with the dogs. Not that I do anything wrong but their whole attitude is like back off...While In The Netherlands I just approach the police and ask them for directions when I get lost in the cities 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • LTNetjak
      LTNetjak 2 years ago +54

      Except for that one guy that shot up a shopping center about three years back with a rifle.

    • vermas4
      vermas4 2 years ago +104

      @ANDJELINA I've asked German police for the way before

    • joseph saafan
      joseph saafan 2 years ago +98

      Well in the US we have a different relationship with guns than any other country

    • darkstar0000000000
      darkstar0000000000 2 years ago +285

      It's funny you say this. I had a cousin visit me in the states (she is from Germany). Several of us got together to go to a shooting range as she had never been. As we were loading the vehicle up she started to laugh. We asked her what was funny, and she said if a neighbor saw her loading up a car with guns like this in Germany the cops would be there within minutes. To be fair, it was an absurd amount of weapons, and even living here I can't belive how lax some of the restrictions are.

  • Madison Roy
    Madison Roy Year ago +539

    I thought for sure the American was gonna be upset about the lack of ice in his water😂

    • Theomite
      Theomite Year ago +24

      The only inaccuracy I could find in this video.

    • BLVCK.
      BLVCK. Year ago +13

      Or air-conditioning which as an American I gotta say must suck.

    • Rawr I’m a deinosaur
      Rawr I’m a deinosaur Year ago +17

      Also the fact many Americas prefer their tap water compared to bottled water, Idk where he got that information

    • Strat458796
      Strat458796 11 months ago +10

      @Rawr I’m a deinosaur some states have shitty tap water in the US. The southern states for the most part have the best tap water especially states like Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Alabama which all get their water from natural limestone springs and such

    • Rawr I’m a deinosaur
      Rawr I’m a deinosaur 11 months ago +2

      @Strat458796 key word is some and it's not the state, it's just like one city that contaminated their water. You say the South has the best water yet when I was in Gergia the tap water was down right awful and tasted like salt water.

  • Brian Levine
    Brian Levine Year ago +88

    I lived in Germany as a kid. My Dad was Army. I went back in '89 and '90. Berlin before and after re- unification was an experience. Enjoy the people and culture there.

  • Abigail Hulstine
    Abigail Hulstine 7 months ago +59

    I was born in America but a 3rd generational German and this is so funny the way americans are perceived , like it’s so accurate it’s almost sad😂

    • C
      C 3 months ago +1

      I at least hope that Germans have the intelligence to know that many of the Americans they are meeting are in the military or attached thereof. This is important because the US military recruiting functions just like all military recruiting from time immemorial - they are largely taken largely from the lower income and less educated ranks of society. That is not always true but is largely true, so what you get is an experience with the US' most conservative and needlessly close-minded, most of all, for lack of education/knowledge.

  • Matthew Abbott
    Matthew Abbott Year ago +587

    "Even communists can drink in public!"
    Best line ha ha ha

  • Ace Rides
    Ace Rides Year ago +2486

    As an American this is absolutely hilarious and I'm offended he didn't have a third gun

    • jeanboy🐴
      jeanboy🐴 Year ago +9


    • Grumpy ol' Boot
      Grumpy ol' Boot Year ago +56

      Don't worry my good man, of course he has a third gun.
      It's in his lifted pickup truck, along with the shotgun. 😁

    • totallyNot_Putin🇺🇦
      totallyNot_Putin🇺🇦 Year ago +9

      I know, where is 45-70 in both socks

    • Subconvex Theobezoar
      Subconvex Theobezoar Year ago +9

      yeah I thought the riding the bus conversation was going to end with him saying he needed a third gun lol

    • Calvin Phipps
      Calvin Phipps Year ago +10

      I know right, no assault rifle? at least a hunting rifle? 🤦🏿‍♂️ Seems sus his "American" is in question 🧐🤔

  • Kellie
    Kellie Year ago +54

    I had the opportunity to live in Bavaria for a few months. LOVED it! It took a while to learn street signs and speed limits in kilometres but I learned very quickly what "verboten!" means! 😳

    • Mixtape Mania
      Mixtape Mania Year ago +7

      did you understand the joke about black people and Bavaria? Cuz i didnt

    • Kellie
      Kellie 11 months ago +1

      @Mixtape Mania no, I didn't understand it either.

    • choe
      choe 8 months ago

      How are you doing

    • Stepan Fedorov
      Stepan Fedorov 8 months ago +1

      For a European, American signs are the craziest thing I've ever seen😁 especially the heaps of text on parking signs. The European signs are the same from Lisbon to the easternmost point of Russia.

    • writerconsidered
      writerconsidered 3 months ago +1

      @Mixtape Mania My take was there are no black people in Bavaria but saying it would somehow be perceived as racist.

  • M R
    M R 8 months ago +29

    I just came back from my trip to Germany and to say that I fell in love with the Country is an understatement. I am leaving America ✌🏼

  • Matt Hendricks
    Matt Hendricks 8 months ago +12

    Learning never stops. I recently learned that there are more castles in Germany than there are Mc-Donald´s in the USA.

  • Jeffayoe7
    Jeffayoe7 11 months ago +39

    started learning german about 5 weeks ago, you motivate me even more

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns 3 months ago +4

    been watching all the different countries come to Germany series. All hilarious. To see my home country here too is equally funny and so true

  • Caspar Röist
    Caspar Röist Year ago +2993

    It's refreshing to see both sides of common American politics getting absolutely clowned on.

    • Sergeant Virus
      Sergeant Virus Year ago +17


    • Daneelro
      Daneelro Year ago +55

      Not really because one of those sides offers itself up for a hundred times more clowning-upon. The "left" side of US politics is lame, the right side is batshit insane, which makes centrism and both-sidesism moronic.

    • Daneelro
      Daneelro Year ago +56

      @Caspar Röist It is difficult to say what you mean by "left" in the US because (1) the mainstream of the Democratic party is definitely not on the left from a European perspective, (2) the actual left is relatively small and powerless, (3) your views may be coloured by right-wing propaganda deliberately mixing up the various movements opposing them and pretending the actual left has much more influence than it has. At any rate, in my experience, too, it _is_ true that "downright delusional and thoroughly misinformed" describes the overwhelming majority of Americans, especially when it comes to anything with relevance beyond US borders, but there are marked differences in both quality and quantity between the typical ignorance you see in the different political groups.
      It is even more difficult to say what you mean by "moderate-right" in the US, especially in terms of alleged lack of media representation. Regarding the latter, my experience is diametrically opposed to your claims: especially prior to the rise of Trump but even now, both mainstream US media and foreign media consistently underplayed the extent and magnitude of insanity and depravity among most US right-wingers, while the true scale was apparent to me if I met them on the internet or looked into in-depth polls & studies. US media did this out of fear of alienating viewers and the bad tradition of bipartisanship, foreign media due to the foreign correspondent syndrome.
      The only Americans I encountered whom I would rate as genuine moderate right-wingers were people with a special kind of ignorance: people influenced by the writings of conservative intellectuals from decades ago who seemed oblivious to the fact that their influence on the modern conservative movement is zero. But I have also met several Americans who are clearly on the far-right from an European perspective but claimed or even believed themselves to be centrists, especially in the loose on-line groups around several dozen political con-men and on-line personalities which can be summarized under the term "anti-SJW". These people tend to come from a place of extreme ignorance about most of the political spectrum (even the spectrum in the US, not to mention the rest of the world).

    • Daneelro
      Daneelro Year ago +11

      @Caspar Röist Let me venture a more specific reply. Your original comment made me think what you mean because first, I didn't see most of the lampooned American stereotypes as tied to or exclusive to a political side, and second, it didn't come to me immediately which ones you might connect to the "left" side. On the latter, even after thinking about it, I could recall only one: the recurring "I'm offended" reaction, which can be read as a criticism of the US phenomena of political correctness and identity politics, phenomena which tend to be connected to the Democrats. However, I think the makers of the video showed awareness that these phenomena are not at all limited to the left side of the political spectrum, as shown by the moment when the reason for taking offence is a traffic sign showing a child with a mother and not a father.

  • C A
    C A Year ago +27

    There were so many times that I wanted to dispute something, then it hit me & I was like damn it's soo true! And I proceeded to laugh my ass off. Great video guys, entertaining & educational (for those of us who aren't widely traveled, heck & even for those damn tourists going to the Matrix!) Thank you!!

    • thecoolest ofthe834s
      thecoolest ofthe834s Year ago

      not a thing in this is true bro

    • Kyle Tangen
      Kyle Tangen 10 months ago

      This video made me want to laugh in Nazi, if I knew what being German was.

  • The Prince of Crows
    The Prince of Crows Year ago +15

    Well done guys! This was excellent. I laughed myself silly. So many of these are so true. I hope you keep this kind of content coming

  • I.M. Greg
    I.M. Greg 4 months ago +3

    Great job guys!
    Very funny.
    We have some of the same problems with American visitors here. lol 🇨🇦
    God bless their naïveté.

  • M L
    M L Year ago +49

    As an alsatian (from the french region Alsace) living for 30 years now in North America, I could confirm that some of those jokes are not exaggerated...
    To sue, to be offended, the false decency of the American people, who are the most pornography showers.... make me laught so hard....
    I remembered, one day, as a french soldier in Germany, before the berliner wall got down, a friend and I decided to stop in a field, where we saw many people lying on the grass. We thought "Well this can be a nice place to rest, to eat.... let's go"
    By approaching the people, we realized they were all naked !!!
    We, dressed as soldiers came in the middle of them, and feeling the pressure, just get naked ourselves...
    What a memory !!!

    • H. Shū
      H. Shū 11 months ago

      Brits : ugh. The French and germans are sex happy bureaucrats.
      Americans : What is a "sex happy bureaucrat" ?
      British : you dont need to know that...

  • Danika Hosa
    Danika Hosa 5 hours ago

    My German heritage was "singing" with this video. It resonated with me and I've yet to visit the Vaterland. I hope that I don't stick out like an American tourist when I do eventually go.

  • Dion Jonkheid
    Dion Jonkheid 2 years ago +4428

    asking why there aren't a lot of black people in most of mainland Europe is like asking why there aren't many white people in asia

    • Zaid Abd
      Zaid Abd 2 years ago +192

      There are many white people in asia tho ,because anyone who is light skinned count as white even if they're asian, africa might be a better example

    • Steven
      Steven 2 years ago +27

      I know where I'm moving to 😃

    • JustMyEdits
      JustMyEdits 2 years ago +389

      @Zaid Abd lmao, no. White people means a caucasian. Asains are Asian regardless of their skin colour. If skin colour is all there is, why doesn't Asians with white skin get the same white priviledge treatment ?
      Everyone is POC except white, it means people of colour. And befor you say anything stupid like " Light skinned Asians are mixed with white" then should everyone be considered black because all humans literally came from Africa and evolved to different races today ? Environment and outside makes it a big factor to people's appearence and their changes throught out the years, and Asia has the best skincare industry in the world, so ofc sunscreen is normalised and a must have for everyone regardless of skin colour because we know UV is bad, it can also cause skin cancer.
      My blood's just boiled reading this comment because I'm a 'white skinned' asain, as you have said. I was born and raised in Thailand so if I'm white, where's my white priviledge. Why am I treated as an Asian my entire life ? Omg.

    • Zaid Abd
      Zaid Abd 2 years ago +128

      @JustMyEdits there is a difference between white people and europeans , white people is subjective anyone can be white I'm black so I see some latinos and asians as White , you're calling caucasians white people because you're using the western defenation of it, hell in my country yellow people are called white anyone light skinned is white , now europeans are the people that come from europe which is the one most western people mean when they say white people , the terms white and black are very subjective and it depends on where you come from

  • Joanna Himes-Murphy
    Joanna Himes-Murphy Year ago +19

    This made me laugh so hard! I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have lots of friends from Europe...Czech Republic and Germany and Italy. We laughed so hard!

  • Monkeynut
    Monkeynut 10 months ago +10

    It`s always the best humor, when you don`t take yourself too seriously and you are able to laugh at yourself. 😅

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 7 months ago +40

    "Cats? No dogs? This is offensive."
    Most American quote ever.

  • John Ryder
    John Ryder Year ago +22

    Germany here. When the glass of water came up I was expecting the guy to choke on Selter (gaseous) water. The tap water thing really cracked me up. The waterworks advertise online that you can give their water to toddlers btw.

    • K. M
      K. M Month ago

      Our water is cleaner than a husband's browsing history

  • FOOL!!
    FOOL!! 5 months ago

    Visited Germany when my sister was in the Air Force. Was really cool. We visited the Heidelberg Castle and even saw the Neuschwanstein Castle. Only bad part is ALL the stores were closed due to German Holiday (I think it was Walpurgisnacht) and the car got a flat tire.. Our Rental Car didnt have a spare either. Didn't even have one of those red triangle things you're supposed to bring out.

  • NovorSec
    NovorSec 2 years ago +18112

    "Im gonna sue the shit out of this city" thats the most american thing ever lol

    • Beatrice Someone
      Beatrice Someone 2 years ago +96

      haha ya ^^ i loved all those cliche's they pointed out ^^

    • Silas Larsen
      Silas Larsen 2 years ago +110

      Yeah. It’s true, Europeans sue too, often more than in the US. Lawyers in the US cost too much to sue for most things. I’ve seem as many guns in Bavaria in 9 years as in the US, hunters in both cases.

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith 2 years ago +78

      @Silas Larsen my mother in law and her neighbor had each other in court more times than I could count. Suing each other for trees and how far the limbs reached, the leaves, pine cones, and anything else they could think of. Both had litigation insurance and made the insurance company regret it. Even better, a bridge near Wiesbaden was renovated but failed the final load test. As a result the Prime contractor Süd- their supplier accusing them of substandard cement. The joke? Both were owned by the same corporation with the same insurance company. It still took over a year to litigate fault.

    • Silas Larsen
      Silas Larsen 2 years ago +10

      @Chris Smith yes, I can believe that. While my mother was never sued when we I there as a kid, a neighbor did complain to her he could once smell some wood smoke with his bedroom window open. He explained to her that her wood might not be dry, but she was burning purchased Beech wood.

  • Jadi B Draws
    Jadi B Draws Year ago +10

    These 2 are hilarious looking forward to more comedy sketches lol

  • Raymond Clark
    Raymond Clark Year ago +6

    I worked for a company that imported German auto parts.
    The boss was on a buying trip and was approached by some US tourist who struggled thru a German dictionary asking directions and then answered them in English :)

  • Abby Reviews
    Abby Reviews 5 days ago

    "It's free here, I can study until I'm dead, man."
    That hit me right in the student loans.

  • Chasmal Forest.
    Chasmal Forest. Year ago +15

    I myself am part German, and I found this hilarious 🤣👍

  • Doi Inthanon
    Doi Inthanon 3 months ago +2

    Got to hand it to you two, the stereotypes were on point 😂

  • Serpentine Wolf
    Serpentine Wolf Year ago +4250

    “They’re the offspring of communists but they mean you no harm.”
    Fucking killed me there. Shot was funny.

  • Jeff Matson
    Jeff Matson 11 months ago +6

    I loved it. It was so humorous. Great job.

  • SimCatsie
    SimCatsie Month ago

    You both are hilarious, great video! Greetings from Argentina!

  • Laura Lott
    Laura Lott Month ago

    OMG that was even funnier than the British guy and so true!! 😂😂😭😭😭 When I first came to the US I was watching the local news when they announced now for some international news…..in California…😳🤯 The US doesn’t care about the rest of the World in general. The first time I went to lunch with some college friends, I needed cash. So I could see the bank across the parking lot so I said I’ll just walk over to the bank. My friends were like WHAT?! NO!! We will drive you there?!!! I thought we were in a dangerous area. 😂 as far as history….well they do 12 years of US history. I say no more!! 😂😂🤣😂😭

  • bluetexas001
    bluetexas001 5 months ago +4

    As a European who was brought to the US as a kid, and is currently preparing to return to my home country, this hits is a way I can't fully describe. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I hope to visit Germany maybe next spring.

  • Ariel guzman
    Ariel guzman 3 months ago

    Genius. I actually can relate on the water joke. I would have to educate myself on tap water in other countries but yea I’m not very trusting. Haha😂

  • Γιώργος Φερετόπουλος

    I remember I was in a fast food of sorts in the US, and (of course) they didn't have any beer. Then a German couple comes along and sits next to us. They open a couple of beer cans, and start drinking them with their food. They had brought the beers with them! The shop owner comes near to us and says: "They shouldn't be doing this!"

  • Lizzie Windsor
    Lizzie Windsor 2 years ago +5773

    I am Italian but I live in the U.K. Once, an American colleague (educated at university level) asked me how the Romans were and what were their living conditions. I was confused but answered that they were fine assuming he meant the inhabitants of our capital, Rome (also called Romans). After a while, I understood that he thought that the Italians had somehow put the Romans in reserves as Americans did with Native Americans 😳. Trying really hard not to laugh as he was very proud of his knowledge, I had to give him a brief (but covering nearly 2000 years) lesson of history. He was shocked that we effectively descend from the Romans.

    • KitsuneHB
      KitsuneHB 2 years ago +786

      Did you told him he might be a descendant of some european people and therefore maybe have some roman ancestors too? :D

    • Johannes Gamper
      Johannes Gamper 2 years ago +520

      An American guy once seriously asked a friend if Europeans wash and have cars...🤓

    • blanca.sally
      blanca.sally 2 years ago +309

      I don't want to say they're dumb... But... Well, they are, but in some way I felt very surprised with your story... How?

    • mplwy
      mplwy 2 years ago +158

      That's just pathetic. We learned your history in grade school in "backward" West Virginia. "Book smart" doesn't always translate to smart.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 2 years ago +101

      We have Roman towns all over England and Wales such as Caerleon, Caerwent and Cirencester.

  • Loredana B
    Loredana B 6 months ago +3

    Oh man, your videos are so funny. I watch them when I'm getting sad and they instantly lift me up. Danke schön!

    • Radical Living
      Radical Living  6 months ago +3

      Glad to hear that! 😄 Many more to come^^

    • Loredana B
      Loredana B 6 months ago +1

      @Radical Living Excellent! Good to hear!

  • Godwin Haultony
    Godwin Haultony Year ago +19

    I was adopted and raised by an American dad, his reaction to our African (Zambia) particularly made us laugh the whole time, he could pop his head out and yell at traffic jam ( heyyyy get the hell moving am rushing kids to school 🏫🏫 , that shocked everyone on the road, 😂😂😂😂😂😂 America the home to the brave

  • CaH6633
    CaH6633 3 months ago +1

    This just makes me really wish I had a cool German friend

  • Theomite
    Theomite Year ago +8

    I don't care how funny this is. This is terrifyingly accurate.

  • Marge
    Marge 6 months ago +2

    I love you guys, can't stop laughing 😂😂😂👍🏻

  • sc100ott
    sc100ott 2 years ago +2102

    The parts about Starbucks, bus riding, tap water, rabbit food, being out of shape climbing stairs, and not knowing where the Berlin wall is, are all more accurate than the gun stuff.

    • Murad
      Murad 2 years ago +17

      Where the Berlin wall 'is'? It seems you also missed a few history lessons. Especially post 1989 ones.

    • Lucas
      Lucas 2 years ago +40

      @Murad The wall (or what's left of it) is still there. It didn't just disappear after 1989

    • Murad
      Murad 2 years ago +5

      @Lucas actually it did. The parts left are purely symbolic and are mere reminders of how Berlin was once a decided city.

    • Lucas
      Lucas 2 years ago +36

      @Murad I know about that. I'm a german myself. I meant that if you have a wall and destroy most of it, the leftover is more or less still a wall.

  • Samuel Rosander
    Samuel Rosander Year ago +329

    "Dude, is that a communist?!"
    This is gold.

    • Ivan Feofilov
      Ivan Feofilov Year ago +5


    • Samuel Rosander
      Samuel Rosander Year ago +5

      ​@Ivan Feofilov Shhh! You'll blow my cover! :)

    • Ivan Feofilov
      Ivan Feofilov Year ago +3

      @Samuel Rosander greetings, me too;p workers all over the world - unite!
      Shootout from Ukraine

    • Samuel Rosander
      Samuel Rosander Year ago +4

      @Ivan Feofilov Stay safe, comrade.

  • John
    John Year ago +19

    "there should be an escalator, we should sue the city" lmao as an American I can confirm we say stuff like that all the time.

  • Merry Moss 🌿
    Merry Moss 🌿 8 months ago +2

    This was brilliant xD
    _Shocking story:_ I usually take the stairs (even big ones) while there's an escalator right next to it... I like to stay fit :)

  • astralvenus
    astralvenus Year ago +24

    Too funny, here in the US if you walk more than 10 min it's called a short hike and they bring out trekking poles, go to REI, and for the rest of the world it's called going to the store/school

  • RedbearGames_3
    RedbearGames_3 8 months ago

    As a German American, when full on Americans visited Germany (when I still lived there) it was so hard to teach Americans how to live in Germany

  • chemtrooper
    chemtrooper Year ago +1858

    This is a masterpiece! My son was stationed in Germany for a bit. During some of our conversations, his American really started to show when he complained about walking everywhere and riding buses. He couldn’t stop talking about the food and beer though, he hates American beer now🤣.

    • SenkoVT
      SenkoVT Year ago +125

      american beer is toilet water ... there are worlds between our beers so either never drink german beer or buy it exclusivly :D

    • Otek | Nr.3
      Otek | Nr.3 Year ago +34

      @SenkoVT I might sound like a bad German, but there are some really decent breweries in America as well, with some great variety.

    • Djuza Svraka
      Djuza Svraka Year ago +7

      I tried corona once after whole day of European beers, none of us liked it and we ended up spraying each other with it and then bought my fav one and drunk it in front of the market because everything else was closed by that time

    • Pat Ludwa
      Pat Ludwa Year ago +9

      @Otek | Nr.3 Now. Used to be just Miller, Budweiser, Schlitz, and Stroh's. You know, water disguised as beer.

    • Robert Vess
      Robert Vess Year ago +9

      I also was stationed there so I can verify everything from walking to the beer. American beer is substandard except Sam Adams. To me that’s the closest to German beer we get.

  • Zac
    Zac Year ago +26

    Being an American, i think this is super funny, the second gun thing is accurate.

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith 4 months ago

      yep 38 special with an ankle harness is never a bad idea *thumbs up*

  • 神奈川 よしろう
    神奈川 よしろう 11 months ago

    I'm really happy this video was made. It feels liberating, because you have so many people trying to impose Multicultural Society on countries that don't have a system that can support that and that there's no reason to have that in general. It's like people are trying to take away other people's entitlement to having one culture that they can feel comfortable with.

  • Richard
    Richard 9 months ago +2

    When we introduced ourselves in class, someone called themselves "efficient". i think that says it all about our german prejudices 😂😂😂

  • N Subramanya
    N Subramanya 11 months ago +4

    Love Deutschland. I had a colleague who came over from USA for training when i was based in Germany and really touched the walls and amused that they are 1000 years old. Well, he was 38 then and believe me, in 38 years of his life he had not gone out of his own town in US

    XX XXXA 25 days ago

    I have to ask about the salad. I've been to Germany a few times and rarely was able to get a salad at any restaurant. Don't get me wrong, you could get vegetables at restaurants but they were always cooked or mixed with meat or pasta. I could only get it at supermarkets at oddly enough, at McDonald's.

  • Peekasnooze
    Peekasnooze Year ago +1523

    As an American in a county with blue laws, “everything’s closed on Sunday” hit on a personal level.

    • Werewolf Master
      Werewolf Master Year ago +17

      It was changed like this in my country and there are net stores that are country-wide opened despite of the new "Sunday law" - it's such level of government corruption because they privately invest in those stores.

    • Kari is smol
      Kari is smol Year ago +51

      I mean... you should have food for one extra day. its not a big deal.

    • Markan
      Markan Year ago +4

      My mom in the bg: CANCEL FLIGHT TICKETS TO GERMANY!!!
      Me: ._.'

    • Varus78
      Varus78 Year ago +14

      "blue laws" ?!?

    • Jovis
      Jovis Year ago +2

      They have the same thing in America, in the Mormon part, small town close everything on Sunday

  • Jade Carney
    Jade Carney Year ago

    Loved this!!! Can't wait to visit Germany one day xxx

  • Prince Vassago
    Prince Vassago Year ago +10

    It's so cool to understand you without subtitles after a year of learning English. :)

  • Story Extract
    Story Extract Month ago

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  • Amuzic
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    The acting of the US guy had me laughing the whole time.

  • My name is Haizenberg
    My name is Haizenberg 9 months ago +1

    Epic video (part 1 and 2) , Radical! and great collab. And the world needs one more new country - with Merging of Mentality, System, Art, Technology, Rules and Law of Germany and United States, will be so interesting to visit, yeah? =) or maybe Even Merge UK, Japan, Germany, United States, UAE, Bali and Tibet - so maybe somewhere on Mars in 2050 will exist - if someone will do this utopian revolution hhh=)

  • The Random Guy
    The Random Guy Year ago +1305

    "that's discrimination against people who don't plan ahead"
    Made me laugh hard

  • Solkagen
    Solkagen Year ago +12

    " we should sue the city" I find this one to be the most accurate lol

  • Test Test
    Test Test 10 months ago

    50% of the conversations (sadly?) actually happened between the american friend of my flat-mate and me (a german showing them arround). Especially "the wather brand" - well kitchen-sink (we do have high quality wather) and the fear of public tranaport, stairs and "comunist" things lol

  • LordLucariosLair
    LordLucariosLair 4 months ago

    It's so different from the USA. Would be fun to visit one day.

  • True Salubri Seraphiel

    That moment with the “you can’t say that here man… we’re in Barvaria” most truth ever spoken lol

    • Mercurian Brachistochrone Trajectories .Ltd.
    • Seven Hooker
      Seven Hooker 6 months ago +1

      i too would like to know why this is bad

    • Heat Seeker
      Heat Seeker 3 months ago

      Small Village thing,in the Citys its ok,but small villages are somewhat Hostile to foreigners,even Foreign fellow germans,and they'll let you know that,with Stares or Worse an Angry Rant. If you want to live in a Small Village,it took me years to get accepted.

  • MaK adoodledoo
    MaK adoodledoo 3 months ago

    in the us you cant take courses outside ur course of study, they can actually charge u extra for each class and take away ur scholarship in some cases. (different in every state like usual)

  • Jerry DuFresne
    Jerry DuFresne Year ago +4121

    Me as an American: LOL we are totally like that about guns and commies
    Also Me as an American: That guy has horrible trigger discipline

    • The_REWster
      The_REWster Year ago +186

      That guy is definitely not a gun owner. At least I hope he isn't with that carelessness. Even if it's not loaded you would never point a gun at someone's head.

    • Happensmaker
      Happensmaker Year ago +72

      I'm also not american, but that trigger finger triggered me ;)
      But it kinda added to the stereotype

    • Kolby Sawyer
      Kolby Sawyer Year ago +23

      I was looking for this comment lol.

    • Steven Meatsandwich
      Steven Meatsandwich Year ago +23

      Did no one learn from Alec Baldwin!!!

    • 93houndofd00m
      93houndofd00m Year ago +5

      for fucking real

  • gregg carrier
    gregg carrier Year ago

    Loved it , so funny and sometimes true of my fellow countrymen [ countrypeople , in todays b/s ] .

  • Andy K
    Andy K 3 months ago +1

    A big thank you!! It was over 6 min of fun! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson 7 months ago

    I visited Berlin in 2009. It was beautiful. I plan on going back soon. I was never crazy like this guy lol. Stayed near the kadewe. Berlin is the best, Germany rules. I also checked out the Reichstag. It was great.

  • T.C.
    T.C. Year ago

    This is epic! I'm going to start studying German this year so I can visit

  • Schön Glück
    Schön Glück 4 days ago

    What's best about stereotypes, is that they can be soooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hym
    hym 2 years ago +7243

    "This is offensive..."
    Most American thing ever.

    • Lyn Charles
      Lyn Charles 2 years ago +85

      Its only half american, ease of offense is a part of americas lesser half. Sadly her loudest half

    • Dr Moscow DVDBOX360
      Dr Moscow DVDBOX360 2 years ago +21

      *pull out gun*

    • Nimai Aquino
      Nimai Aquino 2 years ago +28

      The whole western world has this problem. Here in Brazil is no different.

    • Uriel Martinez
      Uriel Martinez 2 years ago +4

      @Nimai Aquino Yep

  • JJake
    JJake 3 months ago

    This video actually taught me a lot about German culture, thank you.

  • Fusion Videos
    Fusion Videos 4 months ago +1

    Lol, when the guy says "I'm going to sue the shit out of this city" I was reminded of the fact that in America, you can even sue a ham sandwich. No joke.

  • Sergei Vlasov
    Sergei Vlasov 7 months ago +1

    I laughed pretty much loud! Very funny!

  • William Kreth
    William Kreth Year ago +1

    I was shocked that so many restaurants would not just give me water from their taps. Also it was weird being asked "Gas or no gas" when asking for water, never heard that until visiting Netherlands/germany

    • Sea Flower
      Sea Flower Year ago

      They wouldnt give you tap water?

    • William Kreth
      William Kreth Year ago +1

      @Sea Flower they would but were weird about it mostly in Amsterdam. Also at bars they got weirded out that I would order water with my drinks

    • Max W
      Max W Year ago +1

      @William Kreth probably because tap water will be free and „gas“ will cost you extra, so what they’re trying to do is obvious (;

    • Internet held
      Internet held Month ago

      Thats just the netherlands. They dont like giving water away for free :p

    • William Kreth
      William Kreth Month ago

      @Internet held or free bathroom breaks haha

  • Blake Pinnell
    Blake Pinnell 7 months ago +2

    The escalator joke just makes fun of how lazy some American people are… and I love it.

  • Canadianhunter94 hexagonbushcraft

    One of my teachers told me how a student of his moved to Germany for an exchange program and the family she was sent to live with "didn't" speak English and it took her about a month to speak German fluently once she could speak it fluently they all congratulated her in perfect English because the fastest way to learn another language is to have no one speak to you in yours 😆😆😆

  • Beach Walk Greece
    Beach Walk Greece 11 months ago +1

    Amazing, very interesting, I love Berlin! Hello everyone from Greece❤I love USA

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