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How The Pros Dial In Amps | With Pete Thorn & Tim Pierce

  • Published on Jun 27, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Rhett Shull

    Tim & Pete are the best, which amp did you dig the most?

  • Pete Thorn
    Pete Thorn  +199

    This was a blast Rhett and in listening back, you sure played some cool stuff. Good times! Thanks and great hanging with you and Tim.

  • Ed Raposo
    Ed Raposo  +255

    You deserve a thousand likes just for having the balls to grab Pete’s guitar and play to him and Tim. Bonus likes for nailing it too. What a tone! Three aces!

  • Shawn Norton

    I’m a old dude that spent half my life as a soundman, I’m a firm believer in musicians before gear. Keith from five watt world believes the same. Musicians are like a chef, when you’re good you make the best from what you have, quality gear matters but talent and practice matters more. Love you Rhett, the channel is great and even though I’m half deaf and no longer in the business the folks and music still matter and remain an important part of my life. Thanks for the excellent content.

  • James Meeker

    Pete Thorn needs to be recognized as one of the tastiest players alive. Awesome tone, attitude, note choice, articulation. Total badass.

  • Michael Moretti

    Rhett's content just on a whole other level now. So happy to see this. Rhett, keep doing what you're doing. This is some of ht best guitar content on Clip-Share.

  • Texas Blues Alley

    All your videos are great, but these videos where you're hanging out with other pros, doing gear stuff... these are definitely my favorite.

  • Remotely Human

    Tim: "That's really as much gain as this amp can pleasently push." Pete: "Watch."

  • Brad Spalding
    Brad Spalding 21 day ago

    God bless Pete and Tim! Such incredible ambassadors for the thing we all love - GUITARS

  • House of Shred

    All these amps are killer. The best clean is in the Fender, the "Marshall" cuts the most, and the SLO does the gain-monster thing superbly. Desert island? I'd take the SLO and the first cabinet you guys were playing through. Great video.

  • fender0942

    Tim “that’s about all your gonna get out of this. You can’t have everything”.

  • Fmendo III

    Tim Pierce has what they call "The Sauce". Smooth tone and great control.

  • Music Nerd

    The Soldano is just amazing. Everyone talks about the overdrive on that amp, but the clean is awesome as well. Just the best sounding amp in the world in my opinion.

  • Addicted 2 Tone

    Tim and Pete are so awesome, I love when great players are also gear nerds. Especially Pete, he is just a mad scientist and I have learned so much from him.

  • Daniel Abilez

    What I like, besides the authenticity of the technical know how, is the amount of respect they have for each other. Different guitars for different people. The one trick pony with the mostest. With that being said, you guys should know the followings:

  • Sean Meredith-Jones
    Sean Meredith-Jones 21 day ago

    I’m out of the analog world these days, but this video inspired me to dial up a soldano on my FM3. It definitely has a thing… the Marshall wallup maybe without so much sag, more gain and more detail. That Mezzabarbra head in the background looked cool… wonder what it sounds like too.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 21 day ago

    Great video is always guys I've used two SLO's for the last 25 years in stereo. It's the only amp in my 50 yr. career that I've never outgrown or gotten tired of like it today just as much as the day I bought it. 🎶🎸❤️

  • DeWayne KO4VNX

    What a wild and unexpected range of sound!!! This is worth a frequent rewatch even!!!

  • Thomas Busquets

    Man every single video of yours is just amazing. All the information you share is just super useful. I’m a music major in college (guitar performance) and I watch and study your videos like if it were one of my classes 🤙

  • Ross Campbell

    What a cool video. Really enjoyed watching this. Now I want a Soldano...