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Debunking Crazy WATERMELON Cement Hack & Cooking in a DISHWASHER | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

  • Published on Jan 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Can you cook food in a dishwasher? Do DIY stain removers work? Can you pop corn ON the cob? What happens in you coat a watermelon in cement & leave for 3 months?
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    Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This is another episode of debunking where we will see if coating a watermelon in cement makes it last longer? Should you cook food in a dishwasher? Can you pop corn in the cob in the microwave? What is the best stain remover to remove coffee stain, red wine stains, mud stains, grass stains, ink stains, permanent marker and more. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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Comments • 9 262

  • Sad slug animations

    Anne puts so much effort into these, she made SHIRTS, with labels, and her logo! Anne really goes for quality over quantity and I love her for that

  • Mark Mercado

    anne couldve just took a picture of the results of the stain experiment and put them side bu side but she made it into a stop motion animation. she’s so extra and i love her for that ❤️

  • nimue325

    The cement hack “preserves” watermelon by making sure you literally can’t eat the watermelon. Who else besides Anne and Dave would be so dedicated to trying to get it out? 😂😂

  • Kairtai 11423

    I love how Anne is like the responsible mom figure of Clip-Share, she's always looking out for her viewers and telling us when stuff if dangerous or bad for the environment. And shes always is making sure her videos are very high quality and nice to watch!

  • Grudge
    Grudge  +234

    Salt on bloodstains is an older trick from even before laundry machines. Generally people say you should salt it, then wash it thoroughly in cold water, not hot, since hot water will set a bloodstain. Also, kudos to Anne for bleeding on fabric just to test a hack 🤣

  • Wyla
    Wyla  +429

    She’s got such a point. Coming from a chemistry background, it irritates me when people use vinegar and baking soda together like it’s going to clean any better. All that you get is sodium acetate (a salt) dissolved in water, as she said. I guess the bubbling up is supposed to be impressive and look like it’s “working”, but that’s all it is - theatre. Baking soda or vinegar alone would do a better job then neutralizing it into a salt water solution.

  • Callie Walsh

    Dave: "I'm married to a good scientist and cookbook author, meals are going to be AMAZING"

  • Mathematech

    Re-puffed up corn kernels like those that resulted from microwaving ordinary dried corn, which Dave said tasted like corn chips, are sold in South Africa as a snack usually called "corn nibs" with various flavourings such as Salt & vinegar, BBQ, chutney.

  • Themonkeyman353

    I’m convinced Ann will say “Dave will not be trying any of the food today due to his food poisoning from the activated charcoal and rat poison in the 2 minute caramel.”

  • J W
    J W  +212

    The ink stain reminded me of when I was a bank teller and would occasionally get ink pen on my good blouses. My coworkers and I all used hairspray to get the ink out. This was back in the day when we all used hairspray anyway (early '90s), and I always had a little aerosol bottle in my purse. Squirt a little hairspray on the ink, rub a bit--ink gone. I mean almost instantly. I'd do it while I was at work so I didn't have an ink mark on my shirt all day. Maybe you can test that out? I can't because I don't have hairspray anymore, but I swear it works.

  • N Walker
    N Walker  +169

    For anybody interested, my family had a great method for removing blood stains.

  • blondbrownies

    I would like to see Ann's cleaning tips for the microwave and oven, since she's clearly done quite a bit of that. The baking soda and vinegar thing has been promoted repeatedly on the web as the best way to clean an oven. I've done it myself, but now I'm starting to wonder if it was just my own elbow grease that was the actual cleaning agent.

  • izzy ?
    izzy ?  +8

    she’s so dedicated to her craft that she draws her blood and ruins her microwave for us, i gotta respect that

  • sebasbf barajas

    The sheer mad delight of Dave going at an entombed watermelon with a hatchet really made my week!

  • Spatchmo
    Spatchmo  +62

    The best part of this video is that now you can go up to your friends with full confidence and say, "Did you know that if you coat a watermelon in cement, wrap it in bandages, then add another coat of cement, it does absolutely nothing?"

  • Le Spoje
    Le Spoje  +144

    So, mythbusters actually did the cooking food in a dishwasher hack, with positive results, and there's a few things missing from the test here. The main problem (which Ann did mention briefly) is that it needs a LONG time to cook. Mythbusters did it for 3 hours before they were satisfied. In general, it's also not a great idea to use certain meats that need to be cooked at high temperatures (such as supermarket quality fish, poultry and pork). But certain kinds of red meat as well as most things you can safely eat uncooked are actually perfectly viable, though I can't imagine why you would want to other than that you can.

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H  +117

    Dave looked so happy digging into the watermelons like a child with his hands, and going at the concrete watermelon 😂 Also, for blood, I've always used hydrogen peroxide, it works well, but not perfectly.

  • Silberzunge

    In Germany we have a company that sells a detergent for every stain type ( well usually they are for a specific group of stains) but you can have up to 20 of these little bottles around :D

  • Penny Underbust

    Rotten watermelon has to be one of the worst accidental kitchen smells.

  • Carolyn Walters

    I was today years old when I learned that popcorn comes from a different type of corn! For some reason all this time I thought the kernels were treated with something that made them pop that way, lol. Thanks for the info, as always!