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Tywin Being a Boss for 5 minutes straight

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • A funny Minutes Straight Game of Thrones video!! There are a lot of funny edits and I use text edits as a form of commentary to add something new to the video and I also use it as a form of funny character expressions. This video is centered around Tywin Lannister being a badass/boss and shows some of his best moments.
    Thank you to my Patrons: k4nd17r33, Debbs, Nicole, Sayta, JayWantsCat, Jerrod, Lauvelga, and Subliminal Transformation.

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  • Supercuts Delight
    Supercuts Delight  4 years ago +23833

    Viewer: *dislikes video*
    Me: "The viewer is tired, see him to his chambers"

  • Jason Wells
    Jason Wells 2 years ago +13335

    Tywin Lannister is one of the few characters that was actually better on the show than in the books. Charles Dance did an amazing job!

    • Alakhazom
      Alakhazom 2 years ago +1000

      Varys also. In the books,he's hardly noticeable. In the show,he shows more charm,through

    • jinko
      jinko 2 years ago +958

      Yes. In the books Varys is a bit obvious in how much of a snake he is. In the show nobody knows wtf he wants or thinks.

    • Game Formation
      Game Formation 2 years ago +219

      Tyrion in the first four seasons too maybe

    • LoneStarWolf Entertainment
      LoneStarWolf Entertainment 2 years ago +773

      In the books he’s kind of one dimensional and easy to hate, in the show Charles Dance’s charisma plus his scenes with Arya humanized him a bit.

    • Jason Wells
      Jason Wells 2 years ago +254

      @LoneStarWolf Entertainment Exactly, Charles Dance made him a more nuanced character.

  • Misia
    Misia 8 months ago +1341

    Tywins's relationship with Tyrion is so funny to me.
    "You wanted me dead."
    "Duh. But, you didn't die! Aren't I a great father?"

    • Ice Ace
      Ice Ace 7 months ago +11


    • Grim Knight
      Grim Knight 6 months ago +4

      Ha ha ha!

    • Dextronaut
      Dextronaut 2 months ago

      hahahaha lol, great comment!!

    • Krugg Kruscherp
      Krugg Kruscherp Month ago +10

      In a way, Tywin made Tyrion a stronger person. He showed him the world is cruel and you have to use your wits to survive and thrive more than anything. Intentionally? Probably not. But he did, and I do think somewhere deep down he had a begrudging respect when Tyrion achieved things, but his harsh hand and blaming his son for his wife's death didn't fix the problems he perceived with him obviously and backfired.

  • Calum Innes
    Calum Innes Year ago +1917

    There’s always been something weirdly wholesome about Joff defending the man he thought was his father. Like he was always psycho but he truly did want to impress and make Robert proud lmao

    • Johanne
      Johanne 9 months ago +151

      You're right, it made him look human like the rest of us

    • M2s
      M2s 8 months ago +295

      Robert was his hero in some ways. He killed Rheagar and took the crown. That’s some aegon level right there.

    • Bitchslapper316
      Bitchslapper316 7 months ago +82

      @M2s while Tywin hid under casterly rock

    • RJ
      RJ 6 months ago +40

      Like when he opened a cat's belly to take out the kittens she had and went to show them to Robert.

  • Big Lion
    Big Lion Year ago +4044

    “This one’s a girl… you idiot”
    That line was delivered so perfectly 😂😂😂

    • Quicksilver Storm
      Quicksilver Storm 11 months ago +162

      "A cupbearer can read better than you"

    • Luech Millionz
      Luech Millionz 8 months ago +40

      Tbh every line was delivered perfectly ..but yes this one has to be my favorite lol..just shows his wisdom and leadership knowing she was a girl with one glance at her …

    • Big Lion
      Big Lion 8 months ago +43

      @Luech Millionz True, Arya’s disguise as a boy was great so the fact that Tywin expected the guy to know she was a girl was hilarious. He gave the guy too much credit

    • Adolf Rizzler
      Adolf Rizzler 7 months ago +1

      @Quicksilver Storm My*

    • Hans Krištof
      Hans Krištof 7 months ago +6

      And yet Tywin turned out to be also idiot 'cause he had got one of Stark in his environment.

  • Shady Doorags
    Shady Doorags Year ago +5090

    "We can arranged to have you carried."
    "The king is tired. See him to his chambers."
    Threaten the king without threatening the king.

    • Jorge Isaac Dobles Mata
      Jorge Isaac Dobles Mata Year ago +131

      Along with Olenna, the 2 most savage chars in the series lol

    • Fabian Kirmse
      Fabian Kirmse Year ago +36

      That wasn't a threat. See the difference? 😂

    • Chuchu Okeke
      Chuchu Okeke Year ago +10

      Challenge completed. Trophy awarded

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar 9 months ago +8

      A crown don't make you a King

    • Thawhid
      Thawhid 9 months ago +1

      @Darkstar nice pfp

  • jdawg10
    jdawg10 Year ago +3845

    Tywin Lannister is one of the best fictional antagonists of all time; Charles Dance is a true legendary Shakespearean actor. His line "any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king" still gives me chills. He's one of those characters who can draw the attention of an entire audience and silence a crowd with just his mere presence. GOT wasn't nearly as good once he was gone

    • Mohammad Ahmad
      Mohammad Ahmad Year ago +58

      Truly a legend! Also gotta give credit to GRRM for making such a character, as well as the crew in charge of body language. Charles Dance is a charismatic and amazing actor. Something You can notice is the way he demands people. Normally, someone would say: "You must do this and that". But for Charles/Tywin it's always: "You WILL go to king's landing and you WILL serve as hand of the king". Literally making decisions and not giving you a choice to refuse lol.

    • Justin Credible
      Justin Credible 11 months ago +13

      TV antagonist you mean. It’s not so much like that in the actual books. In the show the Lannisters are made out to be the typical super rich bad guys using their money and influence to get more power to hurt the “good” guys, while the Starks and Targaryens are the good guys form barren wastelands and humble beginnings, but it’s not as black and white in the books. For one, Littlefinger coerced Ned and Cat into attacking the Lannisters by kidnapping Tyrion so technically Tywin isn’t an antagonist, they are, as well as Baelish. Cersei from what we gather had no ambition to kill Robert and take the throne until AFTER Ned started snooping around because of course she would or else she and her kids would be killed and Lannister house, disgraced…

    • Luis Sandro
      Luis Sandro 9 months ago +7

      If you Even have to consider him as an antagonist because all he wants its just the best for his famaly and his (on German) Vermächtnis

    • Tim Gosnell
      Tim Gosnell 7 months ago +14

      @ 3:53 More talent in this room than every character in the MCU combined. Olenna’s just like “someone with brains to match mine. Touché.” Dianna Rigg and Charles Dance played the hell out of their characters and made them some of the best in the show. Olenna’s definitely top 3 characters in this show for me

  • Pino Nior
    Pino Nior 4 years ago +19986

    If Tywin was still alive... Cersei you will Marry the Night King. You are still fertile and we need an alliance.

    • Raptor302
      Raptor302 3 years ago +2152

      And maybe he can warm your heart...

    • The Green Reaper
      The Green Reaper 3 years ago +1061

      More like Tywin bossing the Night's King to marry Cersei, as she's the most beautiful woman in Westeros, belonging to thé most prominent family in Westeros, meaning an Alliance between the White Walkers and House Lannister would Ensure a Dynasty that'd last a Thousand years! Either that, or Tywin would sign the White Walkers to the Kingsguard. They would raise no wights, command no troops for the Night's King, and his legacy would fade away..."

    • typhoonhurricane18
      typhoonhurricane18 3 years ago +679

      More likely D&D would have just fucked up his character. He'd have been all 'To be honest, I never really much cared for the family name.'

    • Dionne Cassius
      Dionne Cassius 3 years ago +30

      Greatest joke that ever made) 😂😂

  • Anna Bev
    Anna Bev Year ago +975

    The first shot we see of Tywin is him skinning and gutting his own deer while he converses/lectures with Jaime. We see everything we need to know about this character and his relationship with his older son in just one scene. Literal perfection

    • Joffrey Baratheon
      Joffrey Baratheon Year ago +60

      I openly quote Tywin’s line, “The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep”

    • DavidPunisher23
      DavidPunisher23 10 months ago +95

      Not only that, he was skinning an animal that was represented the sigil of the enemy he would soon face. (Baratheon=Stag)

    • Fallen Angel
      Fallen Angel 9 months ago +4

      @DavidPunisher23 Ah yes! Very observant- unlike me🤣

    • Ultimo Games
      Ultimo Games 8 months ago +4

      GoT was very good most of the time! Will we ever witness a show again with the same anticipation and hype? I think not..

    • Burak B
      Burak B 8 months ago +11

      Simple really, the only thing more terrifying than his disapproval, is his approval, and Charles Dance nailed it, then and there.

  • Mimi Dominique
    Mimi Dominique 8 months ago +458

    "Margaery has her claws in Joffery. she knows how to manipulate him."
    "Good. I wish you knew how to manipulate him."
    Charles Dance was a pure jem in this show.

  • Pietro
    Pietro 8 months ago +317

    No one can portray Tywin Lannister better than Charles Dance. He is a master on display while acting in any dramatic role.

  • Praneeth Adivi
    Praneeth Adivi 7 months ago +145

    "... and because you're my cousin, I might even let you wake from that sleep." What a line! Tywin was my favourite character portrayal in the show. No contest

  • phobos.
    phobos. Year ago +304

    The intimidating stare he gives joffery is brilliant. Everything about him demanded respect and authority..
    Truly great character.

  • iGEO
    iGEO 3 years ago +5070

    Tywin is the only character that carried himself like a true king. Intelligent, merciless, strategic & experienced in nearly every aspect of life.

    • DoubleO88
      DoubleO88 3 years ago +346

      They didn't show it much in the series but to people that respected him, he showed Mercy, he'd rarely kill unjustly.

    • Bharath
      Bharath 3 years ago +16

      He will never be a good king lol , zerob comabt ability , tyrion killed him lol .

    • Aredel
      Aredel 3 years ago +300

      What made him such a good character was the way he was shown as utterly ruthless and all-powerful, without anyone ever saying as such. It was almost like an unspoken truth that Tywin was the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, and Charles Dance portrayed that aspect perfectly.

    • Hundebengl
      Hundebengl 3 years ago +146

      @Bharath first of he had combat ability
      and secondly he is simply the most maciavellien character
      no real need for good fighting skills

    • ThePointlessBox_
      ThePointlessBox_ 3 years ago +204

      “when your enemies defy you, you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees, however, you must help them back to their feet. Elsewise no man will ever bend the knee to you”

  • Ian Clerget
    Ian Clerget 10 months ago +682

    Tywin was a likeable character. Although he represented the “enemy” in the show, he was reasonable and generally wise. He could definitely be cruel, and was, but he usually made good decisions for his side. A very formidable adversary.

    • Virgohorrorfan
      Virgohorrorfan 9 months ago +55

      I LOVED Tywin, no apologies.

    • Kane Recardo
      Kane Recardo 9 months ago +19

      100% agree, his backstory is more sympathetic than people realize

    • Reuben O.C.
      Reuben O.C. 6 months ago +2

      Fax he was GOATED

    • Benjamin Lechner
      Benjamin Lechner 6 months ago +11

      @Kane Recardo not sure what backstory you mean lmao, the one where he publically humiliated his fathers mistress (walk of shame) the one where he brutally murdered the tarbecks and literally drowned the entire population of the reynes or the one where he ordered the murder of two children (aegon and rhaenys) and possibly their mother elia aswell?

    • Kane Recardo
      Kane Recardo 6 months ago +8

      @Benjamin Lechner the one where his family name had been dragged through the mud by an incompetent father and after all the hard work of restoring it he lost the one of the only people in his life that brought genuine joy to it. It's Westeros, basically every lord that had ever existed did horrific things, and it's sympathetic relative to what we see him as in the TV series and books.

  • Linda Cartwright
    Linda Cartwright Year ago +338

    I love how Tywin knew Joffrey was a shit King. After Joffrey died he thought."Thank the 7 gods for that"
    And he started schooling Tommen.

    • Big Donk Daniels
      Big Donk Daniels  4 months ago +14

      If not for his horrible mother I feel Tommen would have been an amazing king similar to Viserys in Dance of Dragons

    • Shine banana
      Shine banana Month ago +2

      @Big Donk Daniels tommen would just have let tywin rule his kingdom for him if he would have survived

    • Saatvik Kalra
      Saatvik Kalra 23 days ago

      @Shine banana would probably be the best thing for the realm at that point. Monster tho he might be, Tywin Lannister knew how to rule, and how to do it well.

  • Flight of the Bumblebee
    Flight of the Bumblebee 4 months ago +66

    As bad as Tywin was, I think he actually was a pragmatist in the end. He would fight and kill when need be, but ultimately he wanted people working, and the wheels turning, etc. He didn't want rebellions, he didn't want peasants starving, he didn't want war, and he knew how rotten and selfish his kids and especially grandson could be at times. He knew he had absolute power and didn't need approval from anyone.
    He wasn't interested in making a spectacle of himself, he was interested in the survival of his family.

    • Wolf10media
      Wolf10media Month ago +1

      So many years of watching you dad be a jackass rather than a lion would do that to a man. He tried so hard to make his house well respected that people kept underestimating the lannister name on the account of his father. Forcing him to become the embodiment of, fuck around, and find out. And that's all because he wanted to put some respect to his house.

  • brian
    brian 5 months ago +101

    Tywin and Arya’s scenes together were truly one of the highlights of the entire series. Tywin just has so much charisma. I would have loved to have seen him find out that the cupbearer was none other than Arya Stark.

  • Kakashi Kage
    Kakashi Kage Year ago +408

    “…. to watch you WaDdLe AbOuT”
    That line itself made me laugh uncontrollably, the shaky cam with it just killed me 😂🤣

    • Joffrey Baratheon
      Joffrey Baratheon Year ago +10

      Tyrion is at least better than Tywin’s dumb ass father (the Laughing Lion)

    • Colleen Harding
      Colleen Harding Month ago

      That was GOLD

    • True Scottish History
      True Scottish History 20 days ago

      I don't think that was a line from the books. In reality, the reasons are slightly different from book to show. In the book, Tywin was *PISSED* at Tyrion because Cersei told Tywin that Tyrion threatened to rape Tommen if anything happened to Shae.
      Tyrion was bluffing of course, but to threaten to rape your nephew on account of a whore's affection was a massive sign of weakness in Tywin's eyes. That's why he was incredibly angry at Tyrion like, "are you fucking serious?"

  • LoneStarWolf Entertainment
    LoneStarWolf Entertainment 3 years ago +7732

    Times where you love Tywin: his scenes with Arya.
    Times where you hate Tywin: his scenes with his only competent child.

    • Wisemankugel Memicus
      Wisemankugel Memicus 3 years ago +641

      Tywin was in denial, and he hated Tyrion because he blamed him for Lady Joanna’s death. I never hated Tywin.

    • LoneStarWolf Entertainment
      LoneStarWolf Entertainment 3 years ago +202

      Wisemankugel Memicus Wisemankugel Memicus I hated him because of the way he views other people, he sees people as pieces on a chess board to be used as he pleases and thrown away when they’ve lost all use when in reality people are far more complex then that and sooner or later they are gonna get tired of being seen as chess pieces and I don’t know about you but I think an old lion can get killed by being trampled on by a stampede of angry sheep.

    • Wisemankugel Memicus
      Wisemankugel Memicus 3 years ago +38

      @LoneStarWolf Entertainment The thing is then, we can make the very real argument that in some ways that Tywin was like the Zhukov of AWOIAF (aside from the dying before he could finish his job thing). He seemed like he was a good guy before the lifetime of suffering and injustice and politics. Basically, Tywin was the type of guy who had seen so much horrible shit, and victory was in his hands so he reaped the plunder. He was eventually so used to victory and used to plunder that this is how he saw everyone - a tool to further his family's legacy, or a tool to be used, then thrown away and discarded. Not only that but under his command, the Lannister-Tyrell Army made some of it's greatest gains.
      HOWEVER, you are completely morally in the right to see this type of person as completely shitty. Even if it is a very morally gray area. For instance, Tywin's greatest atrocity: the execution of the Castameres, was to gain a cult of personality where his allies would respect him and his enemies would fear him. It would be cool to see the Castameres, but they rebelled against Tywin, there were never going to survive.

    • LoneStarWolf Entertainment
      LoneStarWolf Entertainment 3 years ago +69

      Wisemankugel Memicus I believe it’s stated in the books that Tywin was not necessarily nicer just not nearly as cold as he is now back when his wife (whom practically had him in the palm of her hand) was still alive, me personally I’m conflicted on how I feel about Tywin because on the one hand he has done some very bad shit that I simply can not overlook (even if all of it was necessary) but on the other hand he has done a lot of good for the realm as Hand Of The King even if it was more to save face then out of a sense of Altruism (in his time as Hand to Aerys he had heavily damaged roads repaired and new ones built to ensure proper trade which is just one of many things he did that helped the Realm) and then there’s also his scenes with Arya that greatly humanized him and the fact that he’s not needless cruel (atleast not to anyone that isn’t Tyrion, if Tywin was in King’s Landing after Ned Stark died he wouldn’t have treated Sansa the way Joffrey did). Overall that’s how you know he’s a good antagonist.

  • Charlie Loomis
    Charlie Loomis Year ago +80

    The interaction between Tywin and Arya was fantastic...tense, humorous, playful, filled with mutual respect, and absolutely dangerous for both characters.

  • Don
    Don Year ago +211

    "The king is tired. See him to his chambers."
    God, I loved seeing him put Joffery in his place.

  • Vexor
    Vexor 6 months ago +31

    Tywin and Olenna in the same scene is some of the best this show has to offer.

  • Joshua Henderson
    Joshua Henderson 6 months ago +59

    Hearing Tywin say: “You refused to die I respect that even admire it and you fight for whats yours you’re a Lannister“ is actually the nicest thing he’s ever said to Tyrion as a father

    • oh yeah
      oh yeah 6 months ago +12

      Id say nice things too if i was about to die on the shitter.

    • Husam Janahi
      Husam Janahi 5 months ago +8

      I feel like out of all the lines that he has, this was one of the most ingenuin ones he's said, i feel like he only said it to save his skin because those words are what Tyrion always wanted to hear and tywin didn't think of saying them until he was under Tyrion's mercy? He might've said those words but he never did do anything to honor those words before, one of them being that he didn't make him heir to castly rock just because he's an imp, although he did a phenomenal job as hand of the king.
      Also, tyrion is as smart as his father, if he knew his words were genuine he wouldn't have killed him, because tyrion did infact want to be praised for his deeds and he did want to be good to people, but if his father won't give him that then who will?

  • Kaiimei
    Kaiimei Year ago +222

    "You'll do no such thing. This one's a girl, you idiot" That line always cracks me up so much, his expression and the way he said it was amazing. Honestly, Charles Dance did a legendary job as Tywin Lannister, he controlled pretty much every scene he was in. And god do I love the Harrenhall stufff with Arya.

  • MrGladiator54321
    MrGladiator54321 4 years ago +2376

    Charles Dance is the best actor in the show, cant believe he didnt get any award

    • The Blackening
      The Blackening 4 years ago +146

      Truth! He definitely deserved to have won an award for his outstanding performance.

    • corsican lulu
      corsican lulu 4 years ago +54

      randyll tarly was good too, he was like a mini-tywin

    • Brendan Smith
      Brendan Smith 4 years ago +124

      People prolly just forgot he was acting

    • MrGladiator54321
      MrGladiator54321 4 years ago +7

      @Brendan Smith true lmfao

    • 0816 M3RC
      0816 M3RC 4 years ago +5

      MrGladiator54321 He probably got paid handsomely.

  • LiketoSim
    LiketoSim 6 months ago +34

    Charles dance deserved so many accolades for portraying Tywin.

  • Herbster41
    Herbster41 4 months ago +20

    "A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep." Best. Line. Ever.

  • Brittney Streeter
    Brittney Streeter Year ago +63

    I loved Cersi’s face when Joffrey was talking smack to Tywin…she’s all “you messed up”. 😂😂

  • FtGeno
    FtGeno 3 months ago +17

    Does Charles Dance ever deliver a bad line? Damn he's good.

    • de wok
      de wok Month ago +1

      its all in the voice. he could be talking about flying unicorns and sound serious and respectable

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone 11 months ago +123

    Whoever cast Charles Dance deserves an award on their own.

  • SoulEater
    SoulEater 3 years ago +9188

    - "What killed him ?"
    - "Loyalty"
    The best answer ever, wow.

    • Rytex
      Rytex 3 years ago +863

      Back when the dialogue wasn't just "Varys has no balls", "Sheh's muh queehn!" and "Ah dun wan tit!"

    • Aeris The Black
      Aeris The Black 3 years ago +274

      and what killed Tywin? To be unable to love his son.

    • Jack Klash
      Jack Klash 3 years ago +5

      666th thumb up I rule :)...

    • zach doe
      zach doe 3 years ago +94

      @Aeris The Black his spite and hatred towards his son to be more accurate

    • flaminmongrel
      flaminmongrel 3 years ago +7

      @zach doe more like his eldest son's betrayal.

  • Armadillo345
    Armadillo345 5 months ago +14

    I dont think there is a single scene where Tywin Lannister isnt a force to be reckoned with in the entire series. Charles Dance executed this role FLAWLESSLY but then again there arent many roles he is bad at the man commands respect.

  • Broarethus
    Broarethus 5 months ago +24

    The fact that he was only nominated for this role is criminal, he stole every scene he was in.

  • The Order of Chaos
    The Order of Chaos 5 months ago +9

    Tywin was a vastly multifaceted character. You could easily just dismiss him out of hand as a villain, but he’s more layered and complex than that when you realize that everything he does is to improve his family’s standing and situation. He’s intelligent, pragmatic, ruthless, and has will of steel! The scene where he discusses with Tyrion whether or not it’s honorable to murder one’s enemies at a wedding is a perfect illustration of who he is, what he stands for, and what he believes in. Charles Dance was the perfect actor to play him. Especially with that velvety voice and that cold stare.

  • Every English comment shall say the f word

    The best character in all of GOT. Together with Gus Fring and Darth Maul he forms the trifecta of the best villains in TV history. Charles Dance truly is one of the best actors in the whole show and his demeanor and delivery was perfect every single time, to the point where he could dominate a scene by merely uttering 4 lines of dialogue (and by could I mean he did, the small council meeting after the Red Wedding gave him 4 lines of dialogue and he still took the spotlight)

  • AD3adly Assass1n
    AD3adly Assass1n Year ago +55

    They try so bad to make you hate Tywin. But he's one of my favorite characters. And some of my favorite scenes was with him and Arya. He showed such kindness to her that he didn't show anyone else

    • Olof Acosta
      Olof Acosta 6 months ago +8

      Tywin while being ruthless is very pragmatic and quite reasonable. If it wasn't for joffrey he probably would have had Ned stark,Arya and sansa traded for Jamie and ended the war without bloodshed

    • David Newcomb
      David Newcomb 3 months ago +1

      That’s the best kind of villain. You feel like you should hate their guts and if they were an actual person irl, you would. But you just can’t help but grin every time they’re on screen.
      Feels like Dance probably had a blast playing the part too. It’s a dream role for an actor to just let loose with because you don’t have to be relatable anymore and can just pour out your acting chops.

  • Just a Normal Cat
    Just a Normal Cat Year ago +8616

    I thought the Targaryens were the only house that roasted people alive.

    • Q abrm
      Q abrm Year ago +171

      Stanis, lanisters, Targaryens ...

    • RaiLen0
      RaiLen0 Year ago +45

      🤣🤣🤣...well damn you're right!!!

    • Anit Sabu
      Anit Sabu Year ago +43

      Don't forget the Hound

    • Q abrm
      Q abrm Year ago +28

      @Anit Sabu living roast 🥲

    • Adams Omede
      Adams Omede Year ago +4


  • RybanEightSix
    RybanEightSix 8 months ago +10

    Charles Dance is an absolute masterclass of acting.
    The power and compelling confidence the man commands with his voice is second to none, even Charles Lee.

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 8 months ago +18

    This might be the best casting in TV history, Charles dance literally put on the perfect performance, I can’t even see it being any better

  • Aendo
    Aendo 6 months ago +7

    Such a fantastic character. You can see that he is not concerned with minor petty disputes like all the soldiers and antagonistic knights in Westeros. He is a different type of evil, the type that you can almost like because he never killed anyone unless it was to further his house strength and goals. Tyrion got his mind from his father

  • IRatchetI
    IRatchetI 4 months ago +6

    Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrel. Easily my most favorite characters in the entire series.
    Not because they can swing a sword well or ride a dragon, but purely because of how smart and clever their dialogue was and how well they interact with anyone they speak to.

  • Matthew bryant
    Matthew bryant 5 months ago +12

    There has never been a better performance than Tywin Lannister! My eyes could not leave the tv for a second every time he was on screen

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 2 years ago +5897

    Charles Dance's voice is one of the most imposing I've heard from any actor and he commands it with skill

    • Alanna
      Alanna Year ago +197

      He has a wonderful and unique voice, much like Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, and Christopher Lee.

    • Paddy
      Paddy Year ago +115

      Charles Dance can be absolutely terrifying, I can't imagine anyone else playing Tywin with the same skill he did.

    • EndOfSmallSanctuary
      EndOfSmallSanctuary Year ago +47

      When I become older, I really hope I have a voice as magnificent as his

    • Just another random on the youtubes
      Just another random on the youtubes Year ago +7

      @Alanna Terence Stamp as well

    • Michael’s Pet Squirrel
      Michael’s Pet Squirrel Year ago +21

      @Alanna Don't forget Giancarlo Esposito..idk why but if he was a lawyer, his voice alone would win him all his cases lmao.

  • Hugh Jörgen
    Hugh Jörgen Month ago

    This is low-key my favorite character. He always dominates any scene he is in. And isnt even afraid to tell a king how it is.

  • Steph Dorward
    Steph Dorward 7 months ago +9

    A true classically trained actor. His voice is so beautiful and he keeps his tone low the more menacing he wants to be

  • Sayed Hus
    Sayed Hus Year ago +30

    Tywin Character is just incredible. Charles dance should’ve gotten an Emmy. He was the best character on Got. All he cared about was power

  • Fimbulvinter19
    Fimbulvinter19 Year ago +14

    Charles Dance was perfectly cast for this role. He always plays the ruthlessly nasty character so well.

  • Hollow Eyes
    Hollow Eyes Year ago +49

    I feel like Tywin is the prime example of someone with good intentions,frightening wisdom and monsterous intelligence. It's just a shame his moral compass looks like a fidget spinner and his mislead beliefs make him an inhumane monster that scares the Boogeyman into hiding beneath his sheets.

  • Dust
    Dust 3 years ago +6356

    Ever since i’ve heard Tywin say “go on, say something clever” i’ve used it in arguments and tense moments, surprisingly it works every time

    • F U tility
      F U tility 2 years ago +173

      It works like, it gets the other person to say something clever?

    • Manuel Moreno
      Manuel Moreno 2 years ago +309

      It backfired on me so know when to say it.

    • Luke 94
      Luke 94 2 years ago +565

      Also when people say “I don’t care what people think about me” hit them with “no, that’s what you want people to think of you.”

    • Game Formation
      Game Formation 2 years ago +846

      I also randomly shout "THEY HAVE MY SON!!!! " in the middle of conversations.

    • 🍑Chai Tea🍑
      🍑Chai Tea🍑 2 years ago +69

      @Game Formation lmfao 😂

  • Александр Стоян

    1:51 No one in all Seven Kingdoms can tell Clegane that he's got soft and keep his head unharmed
    Nobody except Tywin

  • JadeyPants2.Ø
    JadeyPants2.Ø 6 months ago +4

    my applause to Charles Dance for this performance. Great job Charles

  • Fat doggo
    Fat doggo 10 months ago +10

    I realize how sad the final scene is. Tywin knew in those final moments that all Tyrion wanted was praise and acceptance from his father. Tywin used that in a final effort to protect himself, and you can see the grief in Tyrion, who must have felt tempted to believe his father's words, because it felt so good to hear, but at the same time knew it must have been false. How sad, poor Tyrion. I wonder if Tywin really had any kind of realization in that moment.

  • Cursed Lemon
    Cursed Lemon 5 months ago +5

    A shame this show never went more than 5 seasons.

  • 𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎

    He was cruel and awful but “this ones a girl, you idiot” was gold. 😂
    Oh and “Good. I wish you knew how to manipulate him.” 😅

  • Bird Up
    Bird Up 3 years ago +4604

    That moment when Tywin scares the absolute shit out of Joffrey simply by walking RIGHT UP to him.
    "We could arrange to have you carried."

    • Ryan Arment
      Ryan Arment 3 years ago +291

      Tywin understood intimidation in every sense of the word.

    • Mirofosaethen
      Mirofosaethen 3 years ago +80

      To me it was a reminder to Joffrey that he wasn't shit and he'll always be shit

    • Not Anonymous
      Not Anonymous 3 years ago +3

      The Roi of Names please explain, im confused

    • o.g Paramount
      o.g Paramount 3 years ago +6

      @Mirofosaethen wasnt shit and he'll NEVER BE shit😉

  • Nick Troisi
    Nick Troisi Year ago +21

    “Any man who must say, I amThe King, is no true King”
    It’s such a great quote because it’s true

  • jebes909090
    jebes909090 Month ago

    him intimidating joffrey always made me smile.

  • Vikturus22
    Vikturus22 Year ago +7

    Honestly speaking. He was my favourite character in the entire show! Charles dance was amazing in this role

  • Sergio Amaya
    Sergio Amaya 5 months ago +7

    This man acting skills superb playing tywin lannister character 👏 that scene with Joffrey asking him why he was holding all council meetings at the tower of the kings hand, and he walked straight to him the look in Joffrey's face as he was climbed the stairs straight to him says it all it was at that moment he knew who really was In charge tywin straight up bosss!!

  • James Teegardner
    James Teegardner 22 days ago +1

    Tywin and Arya together were epic. It was an actual improvement to the books, and I believe the only reason why all of the show's scenes with Tywin that had dialog and character development that wasn't taken directly from the books were only better because of Charles Dance.

  • Kerorofan
    Kerorofan 3 years ago +5139

    "Lannisters don't act like fools."
    Boy, would he have been mad if he lived to see season 8...

    • Alex Dinu
      Alex Dinu 3 years ago +351

      If he lived in season 8
      White walker comes to night king: We have news that tywin lannister is still alive
      Night king: Fix the wall we're leaving!

    • Auxilia
      Auxilia 3 years ago +69

      "Madness and stupidity"

    • Aredel
      Aredel 3 years ago +84

      I bet Tywin is rolling in his grave after the horrendous battle of Winterfell.

    • Michaël Lejeune
      Michaël Lejeune 3 years ago +8

      "ought not to act".

    • Berserker Capitalist
      Berserker Capitalist 3 years ago +80

      "To teach me humility, the gods have condemned me to watch Seasons 5 through 8."

  • Brian Ligat
    Brian Ligat 20 days ago +1

    Tywin was a grossly underrated character. Charles Dance was awesome.

  • Squishy Turtles16
    Squishy Turtles16 8 months ago +9

    That scene where he sends Geoffrey to bed is so dope. He had 3 lines, had the room entirely fucking silent and sent the king to bed. He had a fucking presence I tell ya

  • Fight Fan
    Fight Fan 4 months ago +5

    He wasn't my favourite character from the show that would be his son Tyrion.
    But this man is a superb actor and "Bossed" nearly every scene he was in.
    He just has something about him the mannerisms and just about any aspect of his role he does with such a commanding presence he was incredible for this role.

  • Bell D. S
    Bell D. S 8 months ago +8

    "Can you read?" Is still the one of the best put-down sequences I've seen. I like that Tywin burns everyone equally, high or lowborn.

  • YouTube Dislike Button

    I love Charles Dance, such a great actor.

  • Blitzkrieg Gaming
    Blitzkrieg Gaming 3 years ago +13419

    Arya: Is it true? Have you never lost a war?
    Tywin: is my name Tylose?

  • Timothy Ho
    Timothy Ho 4 months ago +4

    When Joffrey complains about stairs, Tywin literally walked up steps to confront him about being carried…

  • Simmy24 Sage
    Simmy24 Sage 4 months ago +3

    I love it whenever Tywin intimidates with his eyes

  • Brandon Payne
    Brandon Payne Year ago +3

    Tyrion and Tywin were the only ones who weren't afraid to call Joffrey out for being a brat. They both have my respect.

  • cyberneticking
    cyberneticking 4 months ago +2

    The funny thing is, I'd imagine Tywin was telling the truth at the end. If Tyrion dies, he doesn't get Jamie's promise. I'm sure he could fake Tyrion's death and secretly have him sent off to the wall to appease Jamie and stick to his original plan.

  • kerrymandanny
    kerrymandanny Year ago +49

    Charles dance was the perfect tywin. That first scene alone had me convinced and he only got better. I was afraid of tywin in the books knowing how ruthless and feared he was. Charles brought that to the screen. A hard stare from tywin would turn a man's bowels to jelly was a quote from the book and that stare from charles was just as fearsome.

  • InvisibleMan95
    InvisibleMan95 4 years ago +1968

    How Tywin would end The War for the Dawn:
    Cersei, you will marry The Night King and that will be the end of it.

    • maggie smith
      maggie smith 4 years ago +188

      Having sex with Cersei kills the Night King.

    • 3DirtyOne1
      3DirtyOne1 4 years ago +18

      @maggie smith because of syphillis

    • Y
      Y 4 years ago +57

      Poor night king, he doesn't deserve such cruel fate

    • Flying Cactus
      Flying Cactus 3 years ago +2

      The Kingslayer will make use of his name.

    • Ricardo Singh
      Ricardo Singh 3 years ago +25

      "There will be no more discussion on the matter"

  • GeneralCane
    GeneralCane Month ago

    "Because you're my cousin I might even let you wake from that sleep."
    Something about that line is just great to me.

  • Lycan Whisper
    Lycan Whisper Month ago

    There was no actor on this planet that could have played Tywin Lannester other than Charles Dance. Masterful.

  • Vile Productions
    Vile Productions Month ago

    dance was such a delight to watch on this show , such a powerful actor.

  • The 54th
    The 54th 7 months ago +3

    You have to be pretty darn ruthless to ask The mountain if he's gone soft 😂

  • Qtaro Kujo
    Qtaro Kujo 9 months ago +7

    Tywin is such a boss in the show, not even the fact that he died defenseless in the toilet can ruin it for him

  • Denzel
    Denzel 2 years ago +5452

    Olenna Tyrell was the only one who could match his badassery

  • Celtic Curse Gaming
    Celtic Curse Gaming Year ago +1

    Everything out of Tywin's mouth is pure gold. Charles Dance is one of the stand outs of the whole show.

  • JonCombo
    JonCombo Year ago +2

    I always like the look he gives when he discovers Gendry is a blacksmith.

  • Karat Juice Podcast
    Karat Juice Podcast 10 days ago

    “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.” - ​​Tywin Lannister

  • Rikard Von
    Rikard Von 7 months ago +3

    We needed more airtime of Charles, he is an amazing actor

  • Desmond Gentle
    Desmond Gentle 9 months ago +5

    I love how after Joffrey has his little outburst with Tywin you can totally hear an unspoken 'ooooooohhhh'.

  • Mimi
    Mimi 4 years ago +2911

    This video should be longer than five minutes, it should be all his screen time

    • Spider-Chaplin
      Spider-Chaplin 4 years ago +6

      Kookie Oppa on the real

    • Nikolai Mortensen
      Nikolai Mortensen 4 years ago +5


    • Kohstt Amojhaan
      Kohstt Amojhaan 4 years ago +1


    • Bayrem Dridi
      Bayrem Dridi 4 years ago +4

      I can't agree more, they cut off some good scenes, him screaming "Not another word" at cersei and tyrion then leaving was badass. Also the silence and looks of everyone after joffrey screamed at lord tywin was deep and shows lord tywin's dominance and respect.

  • Augustine Ahmed Conteh

    He’s strangely but precisely my favorite character! He killed the role of power and insane knowledge!!!

  • ArkhamWarden120
    ArkhamWarden120 Year ago +29

    I get the sense that Tywin wasn't lying to Tyrion. He does admire his ability to keep going, however it's what he's using to try and survive rather than something he would otherwise admit.

  • Dome Patrol
    Dome Patrol 4 months ago

    I love how tywin got a special ceremony for his efforts but expected Tyrion to not need it for his

  • Christopher Foley
    Christopher Foley 9 months ago

    they truly could have made an entire episode of Tywin and Tyrion doing that staring contest, and i'd think it was the greatest episode of all time, that short lived satisfaction on Tyrion's face, that look of "how dare you" stare Tywin gave. the emmy's should have created a special category just to award them both an emmy for that staring contest

  • Steve Igi
    Steve Igi Year ago +1

    This show was so perfect. It's SO sad that it ended that badly. Why, why cannot something be perfect in this life for once. Why!

  • Trevor S
    Trevor S 3 years ago +4416

    "You need to marry again and BREED" he really did treat Cersei like a horse 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • tunnar79
      tunnar79 3 years ago +244

      She was like a bakery.She was getting bread!

    • Cleveland
      Cleveland 2 years ago +64

      She’s a pretty nice one at that

    • CrazyDinosaur
      CrazyDinosaur 2 years ago +99

      or like a women befor the 21st century sadly

    • Foron
      Foron 2 years ago +80

      @CrazyDinosaur Most cultures didn't really do that sort of thing, and those that did were likely very unstable and collapsef.

    • Thearistocratgrows
      Thearistocratgrows 2 years ago +6

      Even I thought to myself "Dude what the hell!!"

  • Stefan Branković
    Stefan Branković 7 months ago

    Tywin was an incredible character, keeping his whole family in order, with his main flaw being his resentment towards his imp son, which caused his downfall. If he had shown more empathy to him, the whole story would play out a lot differently for Lannisters

  • Robert Seitter
    Robert Seitter Month ago

    3:43 lmfaooooo this was Olenna being a boss hahaha. Such a funny interaction. I really wish we could have seen them both taken on the world. Those two would be a brutal force to be dealt with.

  • flaming coconuts
    flaming coconuts Year ago +7

    Charles Dance has the greatest screen presence that I've ever seen.

  • Vinis
    Vinis Year ago +2

    Eu gosto MUUUITO dele. Apesar de não ser um indivíduo muito agradável, ele é foda demais

  • Veavictis Asmadi
    Veavictis Asmadi Year ago

    Charles Dance is such a great actor and the perfect choice for Tywin. But also, Tywin is a great character. Witty, wise, a total badass without being physically threatening, but not the typical cookie cutter villain. In fact, I always felt that he is a stern but ultimately good leader. He understands how everything works. One of my favourite scenes was when he scoffed at those guys that tortured peasants to get information - he pointed out that they were wasting craftsmen and working forces they depend on. He understands how important it is to have allies and to keep promises. I really think that Tywin is exactly as unscrupulous as he needs to be. He would do everything to keep his house, line and kingdom together. And if he wasn't born into such a cutthroat world he would probably be a very noble ruler.
    He was one of the villains (of sorts) that I really didn't want to die. Although I have to admit that I never understood his hatred for Tyrion. I know that that was necessary for the plot and Tyrions character arc, but damn, imagine how powerful the Lannisters would have been if they just treated Tyrion better. Tywin, Tyrion, Jamie and Cercei united - what a force! Wisdom, military prowess, artfullness and street smarts.

  • Addy Schultz
    Addy Schultz 4 years ago +18203

    “Tywin liking Arya more than his own children for X minutes straight”

    • S. A.O
      S. A.O 3 years ago +701

      @Daniel Blair nah cause he saw that she was way ahead of her time and social class so he liked her

    • Geoffrey Okrongly
      Geoffrey Okrongly 3 years ago +1169

      Humble enough to submit and follow. Bold and intelligent enough to lead. Just what he wished for his children, but could only find in a servant girl.

    • David Reynolds
      David Reynolds 3 years ago +10

      Daniel Blair wrong kid she acts 12

    • 2009grifin1
      2009grifin1 3 years ago +25

      I wish tywin would have made Arya's list.

  • DominusTheOne
    DominusTheOne Year ago +3

    Man this actor is so amazing! Such a boss!

  • Saturn V
    Saturn V 8 months ago +5

    Tywin's only weakness is that he cannot get over his hatred of Tyrion.