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Using $12,000 Air Diors as Work Boots

  • Published on Mar 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • After trying 25 other sub par work boot brands (REDWINGS) I have finally at last discovered the most quality pair of boots on planet earth. $12,000 Air Jordan Diors...... and they work better than you think........ #hardwork

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  • Michael Glass
    Michael Glass Year ago +14192

    This man made a career out of deliberately upsetting people and that's something I think we can all admire and respect.

    • Me
      Me 2 days ago

      Except he gets paid for it

    • Nick Sangetta
      Nick Sangetta 26 days ago

      He upsets all the right people too. I love it.

    • J.B.
      J.B. Month ago

      Stuff he does keeps us grounded to not get so caught up in material stuff, not saying treat stuff you like like crap, but that it is just stuff and can be replaced. High price also does not necessarily mean high quality. We need extreme guys like Cody to level set what’s really important in life.

    • RedHazeBand
      RedHazeBand Month ago

      literally has permanent resting trollface lol

    • The Garbage Gladiators
      The Garbage Gladiators Month ago

      @Abundant Harmony k...

  • ‎l‎
    ‎l‎ 3 months ago +1591

    Finally, someone who uses them and not keep it in a box under a shelf in some corner of the house. Bravo.

    • ItsBryson
      ItsBryson 18 days ago

      @FormCheck You’re telling me you would spend 12K on shoes😂

    • Marion
      Marion Month ago

      I use my diors just not abuse

    • beastmodegames
      beastmodegames Month ago

      @FormCheck I would definitely wear mine to my job

    • Elcomal405
      Elcomal405 Month ago +1

      @mobke at least he didn’t keep them in a box úntil they costed 1 dollar 💀

  • Bert Turcotte
    Bert Turcotte 11 months ago +4458

    I am impressed. Dead serious, I would have never in a million years believed they would have taken half that abuse.

    • Joe Keyrouz
      Joe Keyrouz Month ago

      Half what i thought they would break when he wear them

    • Eeeeh Uu
      Eeeeh Uu 2 months ago

      @Sepang S3 that’s BS.

    • Cris B
      Cris B 3 months ago

      @BLiP333 i use airforces for work and they last about 2 years

    • Chritstan Galdamez
      Chritstan Galdamez 3 months ago


    • NoodlelyNoodle
      NoodlelyNoodle 4 months ago

      @nuckels you can get a year out of shitty $20 walmart shoes even so 8 or 9 months is kinda pathetic

  • Zach Vandiver
    Zach Vandiver 3 months ago +405

    Man, as a sneakerhead I’m really surprised at how well they held up to your testing requirements

    • AntonnTV
      AntonnTV 8 days ago

      They were high quality. Replicas

    • Stephen Sample
      Stephen Sample 18 days ago

      @Elder Assassin supply and demand same as anything

    • Elder Assassin
      Elder Assassin 24 days ago +1

      Would that make their price go up?

    • JAWN_
      JAWN_ Month ago +1

      @Versinxl they retail at 3k

    • Versinxl
      Versinxl 3 months ago +12

      They cost 12k they should keep up

  • Jeff Y
    Jeff Y 9 months ago +1834

    Props to DIOR that their handcrafted 1’s are more durable than anything nike has ever produced. That’s insane what I just saw

    • F L R S H
      F L R S H 26 days ago

      @StackingNFT Hey sheep , I challenge you to buy any leather shoe made in china any price point and do the same test and if your pair survives I will buy you these Dior X Nikes . Deal?

    • andrew bahl
      andrew bahl Month ago

      they're more durable than my goddamn 5.11 speed 2 combat boots lmao

    • Noggah
      Noggah 2 months ago

      killiah Flat earther child it’s a collab bro

  • Filip
    Filip 5 months ago +182

    the fact that they still look better after all that abuse than my boots that I wear casually without abusing them is just crazy

  • Harrison Nevel
    Harrison Nevel Year ago +5559

    Honestly this is exactly how I wanted to see these shoes used, my pairs never get broken in properly 😂

    • Parker
      Parker 5 months ago

      Like more than one pair of these

    • Joshua
      Joshua 7 months ago

      Wear your facking shoes mang

    • Tom Beacher
      Tom Beacher 7 months ago

      But how did you validate the costs of Chinese made sweatshop shoes?

    • 𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕠𝟡𝟟
      𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕠𝟡𝟟 8 months ago

      so tru for 12k it much be good at everything

    • B. W
      B. W 8 months ago

      @Nolan Wolf How do you disrespect a pair of shoes?

  • Flew woo
    Flew woo 3 months ago +732

    That crease test was devious

  • SkiSta 💫
    SkiSta 💫 3 months ago +322

    It’s kind of surprising that this shoe is actually durable 😂

    • fbi
      fbi Month ago +1

      they’re not gonna sell you a piece of shit for $12k there’s gonna be quality to them. I resell shoes and ive had a lv af1, best af1 i’ve ever had and it wasn’t even produced by nike

    • Flakey
      Flakey 2 months ago +4

      It better be for a pair of $12K shoes

    • Ahmed Basha
      Ahmed Basha 3 months ago +12

      Well yea the quality is really good on them dior dont play around

  • J.B.
    J.B. Month ago +40

    I love how he brings highly over hyped and priced items and treats them poorly just to not take stuff so seriously, it’s just stuff!

  • Alex somo
    Alex somo 11 months ago +331

    The fact they are that durable my respect for them went up, most of the time this channel makes me respect the product more for the ones it shows can last, in a way WD your doing a service to society consumer reports could really use you!

  • Musclecarlover7
    Musclecarlover7 7 months ago +61

    I was expecting them to be destroyed instantly, but they look like shoes that would last a lifetime. I'm simply shocked

  • MotorHub Channel
    MotorHub Channel Year ago +16525

    Forget water proof, forget bulletproof, the new definition for durability is WhistlinDiesel proof. Companies need to start taking notes

  • Jesse Ingram
    Jesse Ingram 8 months ago +426

    I love the fact that people all over the world are crying about those shoes, and I can't help but laugh my ass off just because of it.

    • copper top
      copper top 4 months ago

      I cried just saying..

    • doge
      doge 4 months ago

      its limited lol

    • soop
      soop 6 months ago +5

      it hurts to see him stand in dirt in socks

    • Aloe Jae
      Aloe Jae 6 months ago +5

      They're nice but not worth 12G'$

    • zYons
      zYons 7 months ago +1

      @NickWavvy fr

  • Channing Taintum
    Channing Taintum 10 months ago +139

    Ironically, I have worn the same pair of Red Wings Iron Rangers nearly every day for 5 years working construction, and have only had to have them resoled because I wore the sole flat. Best pair of shoes I’ve ever bought.

    • Channing Taintum
      Channing Taintum 3 months ago

      @Freestyle obsessed Sorry this took so long to reply to: the laces are the original ones and they're holding up great. Obv they're stiff where they bend when I tie them, but otherwise they haven't frayed or split at all.

    • Freestyle obsessed
      Freestyle obsessed 4 months ago

      How are the laces performing?

    • Michael Roberts
      Michael Roberts 4 months ago

      @Klettersteig red wing is JUNK now, they're made in china unless its the heritage line. ive heard some of the irish setters are made in south america but as far as i know if its not heritage its not MITUSA

    • 11jf111j1f1
      11jf111j1f1 7 months ago

      @Klettersteig ya I’ve had several pairs of redwings since the early 90s and the quality has definitely declined. There are better options out there - for a coupes hundred more dollars you can get bespoke work boots made to your measurements that will legitimately last a lifetime with proper care. Check out whites boots for one

    • Brian Dailey (THIS ONE M!)
      Brian Dailey (THIS ONE M!) 10 months ago +4

      Red wings last forever man. Best $280 I spent on work boots ever

  • Ito【愛してる】
    Ito【愛してる】 6 months ago +142

    Big sneakerhead here, I have the Dior 1 Lows that I pretty much daily. I was extremely surprised on how new they look even though I've been dailying them for so long. Tuning into this video made me realize just how much these shoes can take. I'm honestly super surprised, the video was great I look forward to more car content and possibly shoe content from you!

    • Eyemaster
      Eyemaster 5 months ago +1

      @Sur Som Satan they shoes, guess what ur supposed to do with them 😱

    • Sur Som Satan
      Sur Som Satan 5 months ago +7

      Daily.. shoes..
      Are you all foreskin and no shaft?

    • The_One_
      The_One_ 6 months ago

      @HP neither am I, just got them when I was a bit younger.

    • HP
      HP 6 months ago +6

      @The_One_ In my opinion, shoes are for wearing. But I’m not a sneaker guy so I’m sure you see things differently

    • The_One_
      The_One_ 6 months ago +4

      You see I got limited edition Jordans.
      But I only wore them once in 3 years as I don’t want them to go bad as my father got them for me even when I didn’t told him.
      So I just walk around in pants with loafers all day.
      You feel comfortable wearing expensive for daily? My loafers are not cheap but they’re not close to my Jordans

  • Lucas Blanchard
    Lucas Blanchard 7 months ago +44

    Love this kind of content! Showing people that there is no reason to over value things. If something can withstand the Whistlindiesel stress test, they can withstand almost anything!

    • Lucas Blanchard
      Lucas Blanchard 7 months ago

      @Vocity he showed that it’s actually a very durable shoe, so you can WEAR IT and USE IT as a SHOE! THAT is the point. It’s not just a “collector’s item” to look at, it’s a damn SHOE. I’m done.

    • Vocity
      Vocity 7 months ago

      @Lucas Blanchard this video concluded showing the shoes real worth. I know its a great shoe now so im gonna put it in a case to keep its real worth.

    • Lucas Blanchard
      Lucas Blanchard 7 months ago

      @Vocity again: you didn’t understand the whole point of this video and almost every other video on this channel. I’ll leave it to you to figure it out.

    • Vocity
      Vocity 7 months ago

      @Lucas Blanchard na bro im not stepping on those shoes ever

    • Lucas Blanchard
      Lucas Blanchard 7 months ago +1

      @Vocity worth every “rack” as in you better wear them and use them and not just look at them in a display case ha.

  • Chiefs_Prodz15_87
    Chiefs_Prodz15_87 3 months ago +310

    Any sneaker head can’t watch this with out fainting 😂

  • Anthony Brewer
    Anthony Brewer Year ago +5989

    Each and every single company needs to give their products a “whistlindiesel test”.

  • Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak 9 months ago +46

    Cody, it's been a really shitty last few months for me. Laughs are extremely hard to come by. Thank you for this video. I got to escape life for 20 minutes and laugh my ass off. Totally made my day.

    • Internet Internet
      Internet Internet 7 months ago +5

      Fuck it, Walter.
      Let’s go bowling.

    • Walter Sobchak
      Walter Sobchak 9 months ago +2

      @Scored 92 Thanks for asking. Yeah, I will be. Just going through a difficult time in life.

    • Scored 92
      Scored 92 9 months ago +2

      You good bro?

  • Spencer McCrakin
    Spencer McCrakin 11 months ago +122

    I could feel all the anger from all the people I have never met when he ran over the shoe for the crease test. I could just feel the world shake from anger....
    I loved it.

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  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 3 months ago +7

    The kid that made these shoes was quite the skilled craftschild. Very impressed. They should give them a raise to at least 5 cents an hour, imo. Maybe even 6 cents.

  • Snakesonaframe
    Snakesonaframe 8 months ago +46

    “But my foot needs to bend to work”
    THANK YOU, I have never understood why someone thought it would be a good idea to design a shoe that would crease if you walked properly.

  • Deon Joubert
    Deon Joubert 6 months ago +10

    Hey man, I just started watching your videos today for the first time ever. I must say in this video, I do appreciate what you did to those shoes, bunch of people probably lost their Sh!#. I like how you illustrate not to put so much value in material things. God Bless Brother.

  • LilUziScoobert
    LilUziScoobert Year ago +3397

    As a sneakerhead I can say I love this. Shoe collectors that aren’t willing to wear them make me want to die.
    Somehow he managed to increase the value on these shoes

    • Sur Som Satan
      Sur Som Satan 5 months ago

      Sneakerhead rofl

    • A-drizzle
      A-drizzle 6 months ago

      I’m a sneaker head I will wear my shoes but this angers me so bad

    • Steel head
      Steel head 6 months ago

      @kyan blevins 'Facts' nobody asked for and adds nothing to the conversation.

    • kyan blevins
      kyan blevins 6 months ago

      @Steel head well you butted your head into the conversation so I'm giving you facts

  • Justin Allard
    Justin Allard 7 months ago +90

    Air Jordan should’ve sponsored you for this… this video sold me on a pair and I’ve been using them every day for work as shown and they’ve been amazing! Worth every penny

    • ::blaaze
      ::blaaze 3 months ago

      no it wasnt it was 10,000$ 💀

    • Death
      Death 4 months ago

      @Justin Allard using a normal ones ?

    • Lion
      Lion 7 months ago +1

      Why waste so many money on Dior’s just get a Jordan 1 and that’s fine

      BASED LIFTER KID  7 months ago +1

      @Edwin Sanchez Could you not read?

    • Edwin Sanchez
      Edwin Sanchez 7 months ago +1


  • Andrew Hopkins
    Andrew Hopkins 11 months ago +67

    They're $12,000 because of a thing called artifical scarcity. Dior and Nike could have made millions of this shoe but they decided to make it extremely limited (thousands only) and only purchasable through a lottery system. Coming from an ex-sneakerhead, when shoes like these instantly hit sky high prices, it's a head scratcher, people really DO pay that much for them.

    • K Jeezy
      K Jeezy 9 months ago

      @Andrew Hopkins why not some orthopaedic insoles?

    • Andrew Hopkins
      Andrew Hopkins 10 months ago +3

      @K Jeezy Normal running shoes that are orthopedic. I kept my FEAR 4s and my rare ultraboosts.

    • K Jeezy
      K Jeezy 10 months ago +2

      An ex sneakerhead?
      Just curious.. what shoes do you buy and wear now a days?

    • u
      u 10 months ago

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  • Cptn_chromo
    Cptn_chromo Month ago +8

    Cody got us believing this was a shoe durability test when it was a washer and dryer durability test all along.

  • Lamar McDermott Arroyo
    Lamar McDermott Arroyo 10 months ago +35

    As a sneaker enthusiast I love seeing this. “Sneaker heads” will have a whole collection and never wear a single pair. I think the Dior 1’s looked great, but they’re not worth anywhere near that. Most sneakers aren’t. Hype, age, collabs, or limited pairs is what determines the prices on resale markets.

    • Numantino312
      Numantino312 4 months ago

      absolutely loved seeing this too.
      was in someone's house who had wall of sneakers that were hermetically sealed, never worn, etc.
      all i could think "this is a house of lies"
      must say that in spite of what creep, rat bastard, communistic company nike is, those are a decent pair of kicks. at $1200 they better be.

    • Lamar McDermott Arroyo
      Lamar McDermott Arroyo 10 months ago

      @ROCV1 I know. They retailed at 2,000 so that’s already too much for retail on a Jordan. I thought the Pinnacle series was expensive...

    • ROCV1
      ROCV1 10 months ago

      The Diors are collabs, limited, and were hyped up asf.. thats why they are expensive

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  • Solar Solar
    Solar Solar 7 months ago +5

    Dude. You're living my dream! All that heavy equipment? Freakin Awesome!~👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jonathon White
    Jonathon White Year ago +2174

    The 8 year old who built those shoes did an amazing job.

    • kamigozen
      kamigozen Month ago

      they were handcrafteed in italy by experts

    • Masen Woods
      Masen Woods 3 months ago

      Don’t disrespect eight-year-olds😂😂

    • patriot1918
      patriot1918 4 months ago +2

      @fr fr Italy my ass

    • Owen's Mixed Channel
      Owen's Mixed Channel 4 months ago

      @Nicks Handmade Boots What about adult labor? 😳

    • TrukLyfe
      TrukLyfe 4 months ago

      If you haven't been promoted to iPhones by 8 years old, you're a failure.

  • Audio Monster
    Audio Monster 10 months ago +4

    Am I the only person that understands that WHistlin D is trying to show you that all that shines is not gold? He is trying to show you how connected you are to your junk and name brands.....He doesnt just ruin stuff, he shows us that we must disconnect from our possessions of this world to be free. Thanks Whistlin D and Bless you brother

  • Desert Dime
    Desert Dime 11 months ago +11

    What I love about this is that the tables are finally turned haha 😂 I hated when rappers and hype beasts started wearing dirt bike goggles on the side of their head as “fashion” or when they started wearing dirt bike jerseys. Using our fun stuff for fashion! Never getting dirty or used for their intended purpose. So now we have taken their fashion and used it for fun stuff 😂 checkmate!

    • Dogjuice ドッグジュース
      Dogjuice ドッグジュース 7 months ago

      @Pablo Herasme probably chief keef with the Gucci goggles or sum

    • Dogjuice ドッグジュース
      Dogjuice ドッグジュース 7 months ago +1


    • Pablo Herasme
      Pablo Herasme 7 months ago +1

      Which rappers are you talking about??

    • Catastoph
      Catastoph 7 months ago +1

      Nowadays they come out to ranches and middle of nowhere towns to take pics n play pretend cowboy for a day. I'm not even a rancher, cattle farmer or anything I just come from a town that was all that, but something about these richy rich snobs going from sipping thousand dollar martinis, sitting in lambos and million dollar houses, to posting a pic saying they want to get into rural life n hard work is just... annoying?

    • u
      u 10 months ago

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  • Basically Edward
    Basically Edward 3 months ago +14

    Impressively durable those pair of shoes we're. Little bit in the expensive side so I'll stick to Crocs.

  • name
    name 8 months ago +6

    even though i hate to see the shoes get destroyed i have to admire the courage

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 6 months ago

    I have never seen videos where these expensive brands are put to extreme tests, I have always wanted to know if they really are that good for what they cost.
    Excellent video👍👍

  • Omar H
    Omar H 11 months ago +3214

    When you destroyed the Hilux I was upset and my daughter was like “it’s just a truck dad” now she’s upset about the shoes and I’m telling her “ chill out their just shoes “ … Thank you !!

  • Name
    Name 7 months ago +23

    A tax of $864. That is mind blowing. I could get so many pairs of shoes for just the tax of these damned things

  • Aaron Jimenez
    Aaron Jimenez 2 months ago +1

    They look really good after all that damage I’m actually impressed.

  • stu with a tv
    stu with a tv 7 months ago +2

    I was actually surprised with the crease test. It didn't came as i expect it to. It looks like just a normal crease when you used it everyday.

  • BrooneyGloomer
    BrooneyGloomer 11 months ago +1

    I genuinely appreciate these reviews. Quality items should last for a long time. This is just speedy wear.

  • Stephen Novakowski
    Stephen Novakowski Month ago +3

    Awesome! I intentionally scuff new Nike manoas or tims the first day of use…. If the shoes are used for outdoor and heavy duty protection or for if they are sneakers used for competitive sports use I could care less how roughed up they look…. Only thing I care about is that they do their job to protect my feet for what they were intended to do

  • Defined Fate
    Defined Fate Year ago +1553

    WhistlinDiesel needs to be the official tester of everything new that comes out.. And this needs to happen immediately.

    • jeff59rt
      jeff59rt Year ago +1

      @projectfarm vs. WhistlingDiesel

    • Wop
      Wop Year ago +1

      he just made us niggas look real bad & broke.......... smh I love this tho gave me a whole better thought process !!!!!!!!!!!

    • chad dufour
      chad dufour Year ago +1

      Idk any idiot care break stuff by misuse. Although entertaining he could serve better tester if used as intended. But that would be boring right. 🧨

  • Anything Goes
    Anything Goes 10 months ago +31

    Business idea: do this to a lot of really expensive shoes, and then sell them marked up as WD proof collectors editions

  • Sean Tan
    Sean Tan 6 months ago +6

    Shocked at the amount of damage these pairs can take and boucne back up.

  • T-MO19
    T-MO19 Month ago +1

    As someone who’s family owns a Red Wing store (that I worked at for 7+ years) the breaking on those 1907 laces still hurts me tbh

  • Daren Smart
    Daren Smart 9 months ago +9

    This is one of the most intelligent guys on YT. Truly. He knows how to pique people's interest, anger, etc. He is smarter than 98% of the people who watch his content and lose their minds.

  • 10 cent
    10 cent 20 days ago

    Wow I'm really impressed they actually hold up all of that! Nice job bro :)

  • Doua Moua
    Doua Moua Year ago +1439

    This man just set the bar for every sneaker reviewer.

    • DankGames
      DankGames 9 months ago

      @Ty yea everyone knows its foolish thats why the vids got so many views and thats why ur in the comment section losing ur mind. guess the video achieved its goal. the foolishness of the video is the literal point of it lol

    • TurboFreak
      TurboFreak 11 months ago

      @Diggy Bizzy he’s black. What do you expecting?

    • TurboFreak
      TurboFreak 11 months ago

      @Ty rigged….. you guys shooting each other over shoes and we don’t shooting each other over Dale Jr autograph tin.

    • Diggy Bizzy
      Diggy Bizzy 11 months ago +1

      @Ty did u donate even a dollar? Nah u didnt. Ao dontneven start w8th that bullshit! U know how many people spend more than 100000 for a vid? U also miss a point of that video

  • LOFT Tm
    LOFT Tm 10 months ago +13

    You are the Sand Mandala of materialism and it’s healthy for society, Cody.
    Thanks for what you do

  • N P
    N P 10 months ago

    Love seeing these types of videos. nothing should be held sacred. Keep up the good work.

  • Matty
    Matty 7 months ago +5

    The fact that hes so rich yet still knows that they are way overpriced and not worth $12,000 at all is amazing

  • Alex Subia
    Alex Subia 11 months ago +4

    As a sneaker head for the past 13 years I love this! Wear your damn shoes! One to Rock one to stock if you can afford it! But we all know WD is not human!

  • Duke Nukem SLO
    Duke Nukem SLO 5 months ago +5

    i am honestly shocked at how well this held up, like wtf

  • Seth Fowler
    Seth Fowler Year ago +429

    The sneaker content we needed

    • Pablo MarquezJr
      Pablo MarquezJr Year ago

      Make video content just like this one but with less expensive shoe or what ever

    • Mark Griffin
      Mark Griffin Year ago

      I learned so much lol

    • Stan Smith
      Stan Smith Year ago +1

      *and the content we needed from Mrs whistlindiesel is somewhere else* 🤫

    • mr baye
      mr baye Year ago +1

      this was hard as fuck to watch

  • Genti F.
    Genti F. 11 months ago

    low key hard to watch this shoe get destroyed, but maaad respect to him... literally putting 12k to the test.
    After watching it more & more, you gotta respect it.
    Keep it coming! Still hurts my soul a little but I totally understand where you coming from.

    • Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff
      Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff 3 months ago

      Lol it literally wasn't destroyed. They're perfectly fine

    • Genti F.
      Genti F. 11 months ago

      @mys9 lol. No need for that mate.
      Crying is not needed.
      Have a beautiful day 💛 💕!

    • mys9
      mys9 11 months ago +2

      cry about it

  • BigC
    BigC 10 months ago +14

    Years ago (2009 ish) I found some brand new, "expensive" limited edition Nike shoes that had the reflective graphics that only showed under camera flash, in the trunk of a scrap car. Wore them for a year at the junkyard and mudding my truck, the remarks and hate I got where priceless from the younger crowd. They got madder when I told em they where free to me.

    The CYBERTRONs 3 months ago +2

    I'm a sneaker guy but i love this video that's what they are meant for not for rotting away in some idiot's collection doing nothing

  • MagicConch
    MagicConch 11 months ago +10

    I love this man. i would do exactly the same thing if I was funded by haters lol

  • billybassman21
    billybassman21 3 months ago +1

    I think it's safe to say these would be great shoes for kids to wear as a daily play shoe.

  • Creeker 219
    Creeker 219 Year ago +1115

    And this is where WD pivots into testing and breaking all sorts of expensive products and not just trucks 🤣 yes more of this 🔥💯

    • Neamin Alawi
      Neamin Alawi 11 months ago

      @Kamal Kouja that’s what his job 😂😂😂

    • ReGEN_Garage
      ReGEN_Garage Year ago

      It even a bad idea that would be sick ahah

  • Khaotic Penguin
    Khaotic Penguin 11 months ago +2

    Okay now I can justify spending a hundred bucks on a pair of jordan's. The one thing he didn't tell us was, how comfortable they are.

  • What Comes Around™
    What Comes Around™ 7 months ago +1

    I bought white air force one's and after maybe 3 months of wearing them I had the genius idea of taking them downhill biking. It rained. They turned into what you were wearing after riding the dirtbike. And I just put them in washing machine, and they turned out looking better than they did after 3 months of normal use. I have adidas sneakers too but nikes just seem to really be able to take a beating, adidas... not so much.

  • Gunslinga
    Gunslinga 6 months ago +1

    When he slid em back on after washing em without socks I was dying for like 20 minutes ahah Honestly bro I could have a shit day and your vid’s make me die laughing every time

  • Varik Lane
    Varik Lane 9 months ago +1

    I did not expect them to do so well honestly

    LUIS FRANCO 2 months ago

    The ones made in China are $55. With better stitching. Great video Cody. The crease protection on those are worth the extra $11,000 K.

  • PennyBridge FreeRiders
    PennyBridge FreeRiders 9 months ago +1

    Clearly the best product review EVER!! I mean, Dior should pay you for this, proper review.
    I neeeed mooooooore

  • MindfullyMelting
    MindfullyMelting 7 months ago +2

    Hell yeah WD, I love the car destruction but this is somehow just as enjoyable to watch. I'm picturing all the fashion nerds losing their minds over the torture test.

  • MrSkrambl
    MrSkrambl 5 months ago +3

    I’m not really a sneaker head or anything but damn I wish I was able to throw money away like that😂

  • Daniel H.
    Daniel H. 11 months ago +1

    I still see no reason why any shoes over $100 would be better than my 60$ steel toe shoes, but im impressed those shoes didnt just tear apart

  • BIG Bang
    BIG Bang Month ago

    Mad respect for Nike Air Dior , what a build

  • topher9671
    topher9671 Year ago +737

    I’m impressed with how well those shoes held up!! Still not worth $12k but definitely impressive

    • Abundant Harmony
      Abundant Harmony Month ago

      Almost as if cloth and rubber are both durable.

    • Zyftis
      Zyftis 10 months ago

      @Reed Thomas artificial scarcity. These shoes could’ve been mass produced but weren’t so they could be sold for a couple thousand bucks. Just like diamonds are slowly trickled into the market so they can be sold for thousands of dollars.

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      @John Peric LOL!! 50-75 beans barely gets you into a brand new skid steer, let alone a 40 ton excavator. The sticker on that thing is north of 400 grand, but he probably got a deal. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling 10 months ago

    They need to use this for advertising. Damn durable shoe 👍

  • Dreams to Real Life
    Dreams to Real Life 10 months ago +4

    that sneaker abuse increase the price to 20k usd probably for each pair at any store available. Insane but awesome. I like it. Love it, thank you!

  • Fabo
    Fabo Month ago

    I’m a little sneakerhead but not one of those that pays more than $250 for a sneaker. So the fact sneakers can be this expensive is insane to me

  • MiG welder 21
    MiG welder 21 10 months ago

    I love his videos. Some hurt me to watch tho. But the guy is a straight up good guy and would help anybody who needed it. I would love to hang out with him

    • u
      u 10 months ago

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  • Cars Vs. Cars
    Cars Vs. Cars 2 months ago +3

    “You can buy a picture of the excavator for 75k”. Me “takes a screenshot”

  • Mahesh D R
    Mahesh D R 11 months ago +1279

    The brand could actually put this up as a promotion proving the durability and versatility . That's one more reason to spend my imaginary 12k i guess.

    • ddori
      ddori  9 months ago +6

      Nah it wouldn’t look good for the brand

  • Meagan Conrad
    Meagan Conrad 9 months ago +1

    You should try this same thing with regular Nike forces, so that you know if the Dior's are really more durable or not.

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  • highdrated
    highdrated 11 months ago

    That was crazy!..
    You should compare the durability of cheap work boots and expensive work boots 🤔

  • xHyphinn
    xHyphinn 3 months ago +21

    I mean he does have a good point. What makes a shoe that expensive? Aside from it being Nike and Dior, it is just like every other shoe. Someone please explain lol

    • AngryGamer1224
      AngryGamer1224 Month ago +1

      when they're whistlindiesel-proof

    • YAKUB⚪
      YAKUB⚪ 3 months ago +1

      People's willingness to pay is what makes them expensive. If they didn't sell, they'd destroy the excess production. Everything about these products is artificial.

    • JB
      JB 3 months ago +7

      Limited runs and logo/branding

  • Jaydan jm
    Jaydan jm 11 months ago +10

    Imagine legitimately paying that much for a shoe that cost 20 bucks to make. Putting them to good use at least 😂

    • C A
      C A 3 months ago

      Same. They just look basic, same with anything offwhite.

    • momento
      momento 4 months ago

      @Jaydan jm The 12 thousand dolla price is not official. It’s a resell

    • Jaydan jm
      Jaydan jm 9 months ago +3

      @9 either way there is 100% not 12k worth of material there. My point is that a stupid logo makes a shoe worth more than a car. But yes I do understand what you mean

    • 9
      9 9 months ago

      @Jaydan jm Definitely not $20... I dont know how much exactly but i know that they did use really really high quality leather across the whole shoe and the inside materials as well feel really premium... even the insole feels expensive

    • Jaydan jm
      Jaydan jm 9 months ago

      @9 how much then

  • Paul Rivers
    Paul Rivers 5 months ago

    They held up extremely well tho more than i thought they would I mean we could say these are whistling diesel proof lol

  • Lane Michaels
    Lane Michaels Year ago +620

    Never been a shoe person since I work 70hrs a week wearing work boots. I'm just glad Cody has found yet another group of individuals to piss off. Well done sir, well done.

    • Lane Michaels
      Lane Michaels Year ago

      @ToxicZebra you can quadruple that figure.

    • Lane Michaels
      Lane Michaels Year ago

      @Radar Redwing

    • Lane Michaels
      Lane Michaels Year ago

      @Darell Spriggs 14hr days 6 days a week, it's over 70hrs I just averaged it out 😀

    • Lane Michaels
      Lane Michaels Year ago

      @Hunter Buwhahahaha bless your heart. You actually think I work for someone else ? 🤔

  • Damien Santio
    Damien Santio 11 months ago +1

    You know being a huge Sneaker fan and seeing this. Not mad. Actually kinda made me smile. Thank you. I’m grateful you can provide us with something we would never ever everrrr ever ever do to a shoe and it made me happy that there are different people out there. Hmm. What makes it 12,000?.
    I would have to say. The story of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Retro 1’s(being his first show he made EVER.)
    Collaboration with Dior?
    Never woulda thought that. I mean the Paris collab was Legit 🤙🏽
    But a Dior x Air Jordan🫣😱😱😱🤯🤯
    Blew some minds.
    Again. Thank you. Have a good day. Be safe🙏🏽

    • u
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  • JB
    JB 11 months ago +2

    Can not believe what you did to these shoes... 😲 And they survived 🤣 y'all have so much fun.

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  • Bá Tzul John Thomas
    Bá Tzul John Thomas 5 months ago +1

    Bro what a new concept of durability, love it

  • drMINDdamage
    drMINDdamage 10 months ago

    My dad legit uses jordans as heavy duty work boots and the way they are holding up is so good it's almost unrealistic

  • BB gun assasin
    BB gun assasin Year ago +476

    Imagine being able to make a video destroying expensive Nikes and get paid for the video then get the shoes as a tax write off since he used them in a video, this dude is a genius honestly

    • Resto This
      Resto This Year ago

      @Kris Baker You would be absolutely surprised what you can write off. I've worked with quite a few that do videos on different social media platforms as well as the accountants and lawyers that go with it all. We flew out to Vegas rented out a huge mansion, rented the Keep Memory Alive event center, rented out some nice cars. All of it was taxable. As long as he bought those shoes through his business, which he probably did, it is taxable. You have to look into the "small print" when it comes to what is taxable and what is not.

    • Kris Baker
      Kris Baker Year ago

      @Resto This nope still wrong the irs will only let you write off for Clip-Share if it is normal and nesssasry. And workbooks only if your employer requires you to have them. So 12000 dollars sneakers don't fall under odernary or a nesssasry to his car content channel

    • Resto This
      Resto This Year ago

      @Kris Baker You've never used Clip-Share or any media platform as a business model have you?
      I can absolutely tell you those shoes can be a write-off. Since those shoes are the main focus of the video. If he had bought them and just used them normally the IRS would say no BUT since the entire monetization or helping his business make money in a meaningful way is directly linked to the shoes being in his video he can, in fact, claim them as a tax write off.

    • Kris Baker
      Kris Baker Year ago

      @Resto This nope looked up requirements for right off on shoes

    • Resto This
      Resto This Year ago

      @Francois Dupont The guy is brilliant, or his team, whichever came up with the idea.

  • Kage Koch
    Kage Koch 11 months ago

    Legendary.. "damn they don't make em like this anymore" I couldn't imagine what you could resale them at even after all that..

  • Lucas Murray
    Lucas Murray 10 months ago

    I’ve had a pair a Carolina work boots for 2 years, I wear them practically every day. I’ve hiked many miles in the and worn them for work and they are great. They might be starting to fall apart but they do a good job. I don’t know if they will work for you but they work for my family and I.

    • Jon Africa
      Jon Africa 10 months ago

      I wear docs and inswear by them if you know how to break em in

  • LegatoStudios
    LegatoStudios 3 months ago +1

    Crazy part is, someone would still buy these for a couple thousand

  • gprime70
    gprime70 9 months ago

    I think I'm honestly more curious about the amount of Tide Pods you wasted than the shoes 😂😂😂😂 The Jordans held up really well, shocked af

  • racist man
    racist man 6 months ago +2

    Thats some insanely high quality shoes

  • EMS
    EMS Year ago +404

    The weird thing is the way the shoe game works this video probably actually increased this specific pair of shoes value.

    • Alexis Cuevas
      Alexis Cuevas Year ago

      @Ol Dirty Bandit but for the record, different Ukrainian Administration but as we’ve seen before, different administrations means little as demonstrated by our own people/government.

    • Alexis Cuevas
      Alexis Cuevas Year ago

      @Ol Dirty Bandit Would you care to share your resources, I need to read them myself. And please, don’t share some stupid ass Clip-Share channel as it will really waste my time. Enlighten a sheep please!

    • Alexis Cuevas
      Alexis Cuevas Year ago +1

      @Ol Dirty Bandit Anyhow, the United States have been involved in several coups, so this won’t be far fetched. But denying news coverage or aid to a country being attacked for a small separatist group is outrageous? I wonder what would happen to us American citizens when we get attacked and ask for aid? I guess because we have left wingers and right wingers we will be seen as unworthy for help.

  • Imran Akhunzada
    Imran Akhunzada 10 months ago

    Lmaoo this mans videos are so petty and I love every second of it. Wish nothing but the best for you and your team, spend your hard earned money however you please.

  • Joseph Shine
    Joseph Shine 10 months ago +1

    for every nft he sells he can buy 6 pairs of work boots for his construction equipment. very effective business model. this is the best youtube video ever

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  • TheWesternMustang
    TheWesternMustang Month ago +1

    Those shoes could have went up in price because he had them and now they're 1 / 1 but tuned to his liking.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 10 months ago

    This is great! I cringe when I spend over $30 for shoes let alone $12,000

  • carson kids
    carson kids 5 months ago

    All i can say is that I had the most fun and most pain watching these shoes get destroyed....