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Why McDonald’s Is Thriving In China

  • Published on Feb 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • With 60 million customers daily, more than 40,000 locations in over 100 countries and 1.9 million employees McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurant chains. And it is about to get even bigger. The fast food giant said it plans to open 1,900 new restaurants in 2023. Almost half of those locations will be in China. McDonald’s got its start in China in the early 90’s. Today, the chain has more than 4,500 restaurants in mainland China and Hong Kong with considerable room for growth. But it has faced headwinds along the way including lockdowns due to Covid-19, food safety issues and competition from rivals whose menus may be more suited to the Chinese palate. China is McDonald’s second largest market by store count behind the U.S. So how did the Illinois-based burger joint find success in a country known for its love of pork.
    0:00 - Introduction
    01:52 - Entering China
    04:23 - Selling the brand
    07:59 - Expansion
    Produced by: Shawn Baldwin
    Edited by: Darren Geeter
    Graphics: Mallory Brangan
    Supervising Producer: Jeniece Pettitt
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    Why McDonald’s Is Thriving In China

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 months ago +635

    McDonald's was the first American fast food ever opened in my city about 20 years ago. I remember celebrating my birthday over there when I was a kid, and that was considered a privilege back then.

    • Trent Pettit
      Trent Pettit 7 months ago +5

      What country is this?

    • Rafael Osorio
      Rafael Osorio 7 months ago +39

      ​@Trent Pettit Soviet Union

    • MyCASE TV
      MyCASE TV 7 months ago +36

      One day, if I become a rich man, I will also eat at McD's.

    • AntieCathyria
      AntieCathyria 7 months ago +10

      Me too, I was just 5 years old then, and live in a small city in China. Though KFC is more popular in China, because having more restaurants, but I still think McDonald is better than KFC.

  • Kevin Cui
    Kevin Cui 7 months ago +87

    I think the video failed to stress how important catering to the tastes of Chinese consumers was for McDonalds’ success there. Chinese consumers aren’t as much interested in burgers, fries, and all the greasy stuff as they are into rice bowls, wraps, congee, youtiao (油条), tea beverages. I think these local offering greatly boosted its popularity amongst locals.

    • 仲德
      仲德 7 months ago +2


    • 仲德
      仲德 6 months ago +2

      @MO YI GAI 一个人一个爱好

      ZHONGHE ZHENG 6 months ago +2


    • 仲德
      仲德 6 months ago +2

      @ZHONGHE ZHENG KFC开封菜,肯定火

    • Wei
      Wei 3 months ago +2

      @ZHONGHE ZHENG 视频里说了啊,肯德基主打鸡肉。中国人对鸡肉接受度更高。

  • Awoken Entertainment
    Awoken Entertainment 11 days ago +5

    It's amazing how popular McDonalds is in other countries, it always shocks me whenever I travel abroad

  • zhangry
    zhangry 7 months ago +517

    25 years ago when I was a kid, McDonald’s was THE place to be. It’s the place to have a treat at a western restaurant. It’s bright, clean, and has pictures of happy people plastered on the wall. Most McDonald restaurants also had a kids play area , which was better than outside playgrounds at the time. HappyMeal toys were a different level. I still remember some of my earliest toys; they were such good quality plastic. Fast forward a few years, I was waiting for my mom while she worked, because I couldn’t be in her office. I sat at McDonald’s. It’s a safe place to be with AC and clean washrooms. For me, The good memories of McDonald’s was tied to the experience and the place.

    • Rodrigo
      Rodrigo 7 months ago +51

      And now.... I was in a McDonald's in Washington DC few blocks from the white house and it was full of homeless asking families for food, also and very dirty place.

    • Major Calvary
      Major Calvary 7 months ago +18

      Originally McDonalds was not necessarily a cheap place to eat. In Taipei 1980s when McDonalds just started, they were competing with local “western style cafes and steak houses”, but they were more of Hong Kong style cafes. McDonalds were authentic American. It was more for middle class eatery rather than cheap fast food. Fast forward, 1990s, Wendy’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sizzler, TGI Fridays, Burger Kings we’re all opening up shops too. McDonald is not the only authentic American food anymore. One thing that these fast food that offers that no other restaurants can is free seating. You can buy a coffee and ice cream, spending all afternoon chatting with friends. This was especially popular with young people and seniors. Coffee shops in Taipei are expensive and have time restrictions.

    • MadMaxie Martial arts Nerd
      MadMaxie Martial arts Nerd 7 months ago +7

      these days in the usa whenever i walk into a BK or a Mcdonalds i wonder if im gonna get shot lol, I live in the west side of usa btw.

  • princess_priya111
    princess_priya111 7 months ago +85

    I remember going to McDonalds in Mumbai (India) in the early 2000s and being excited about the cultural freebies (coloured garba sticks) they offered to attract new customers. Years later I am here in France and watching McDo (as we call it here) giving every other fast-food chain tough competition to become the most sought after fast-food restaurant.

    • Jari
      Jari 6 months ago +1

      i sweden they have the option too eat all green , all meat prducts are just vegetalbles and such

    • Buzztube
      Buzztube 6 months ago

      ​@Jari who?

    • J P
      J P 5 months ago

      That’s not a brag but loving in France is

  • 王中仁
    王中仁 5 months ago

    McDonald's, one of the world's largest restaurant chains, with 60 million customers daily, over 40,000 locations in 100 countries, and 1.9 million employees, has announced plans to open 900 new restaurants in 2023, with a focus on expanding in China. China is seen as a massive growth opportunity for McDonald's, as the company aims to double its current store count of 4,500 within the next decade or two. However, McDonald's has faced challenges in the Chinese market, including cultural differences in food preferences, food safety issues, competition from local rivals, and rising real estate costs.
    McDonald's first entered the Chinese market in 1990, opening its first restaurant in Shenzhen, and expanded rapidly, opening its 20th restaurant in Beijing in 1994. In 2010, McDonald's announced plans to double its footprint in China to 2,000 restaurants. Despite these efforts, McDonald's was still playing catch up with rival KFC, which had over 8,100 restaurants in China compared to McDonald's 4,642 stores at that time. One reason for KFC's larger presence in China was its first mover advantage, as it owned the distribution business in China, allowing it to access smaller cities before McDonald's. Additionally, chicken, which is a larger protein in China, was more appealing to Chinese consumers than beef, which is the main focus of McDonald's menu.
    In 2014, McDonald's faced a food quality scandal in China, along with KFC parent Yum! Brands, after reporters secretly filmed workers picking up meat off the floor of a local supplier. This led to a decline in sales for McDonald's China business that year. McDonald's also faced competition from local rivals, including noodle stands that sold hot bowls of noodles at a fraction of the cost of a McDonald's meal. Despite these challenges, the fast food industry in China was worth $184 billion, indicating the immense potential for growth.
    In 2017, McDonald's made a strategic move to sell its China business for over $2 billion to Chinese state-owned enterprise CITIC and US private equity firm Carlyle Group. Under the agreement, McDonald's retained a 20% stake in the business, while CITIC owned 52% and Carlyle Group held a 28% stake. This move allowed McDonald's to embrace its franchise model and reduce operating costs, as its partners in China would be responsible for providing capital, including real estate, and McDonald's would receive royalties and fees for new restaurant openings based on sales. The partnership with a state-owned entity also provided benefits in terms of site allocation, as real estate costs and site acquisition costs in China are considerably higher than in the United States.
    Despite the challenges and changes in ownership structure, McDonald's remains committed to the long-term growth opportunity in China. The company plans to open 900 new restaurants in 2023, with nearly half of them being in China. McDonald's sees China as a priority market for store development, with the aim to double its store count in the country within the next decade or two. The partnership with CITIC and Carlyle Group provides McDonald's with the necessary capital and resources to expand in China, while also navigating the regulatory and cultural differences that come with operating in the Chinese market.
    In conclusion, McDonald's is one of the world's largest restaurant chains with a massive global footprint, and it is planning to expand further by opening 900 new restaurants in 2023, with a focus on China. Despite facing challenges in the Chinese market, including cultural differences, food safety issues, and competition from local rivals, McDonald's remains committed to the long-term growth potential in China.
    世界最大のレストランチェーンの1つであるマクドナルドは、毎日6,000万人の顧客、100か国の40,000を超える場所、190万人の従業員を擁し、中国での拡大に焦点を当てて、2023年に900の新しいレストランをオープンする計画を発表しました。 中国は、マクドナルドにとって大きな成長の機会と見なされており、同社は今後10年か20年以内に現在の4,500店舗の店舗数を倍増させることを目指しています。 しかし、マクドナルドは、食の嗜好における文化の違い、食品の安全性の問題、地元のライバルとの競争、不動産コストの上昇など、中国市場で課題に直面しています。
    マクドナルドは1990年に中国市場に初めて参入し、深センに最初のレストランをオープンし、1994年に北京に20番目のレストランをオープンして急速に拡大しました。 これらの努力にもかかわらず、マクドナルドは、当時のマクドナルドの4,642店舗と比較して、中国に8,100を超えるレストランを持っていたライバルのKFCにまだ追いついていました。 KFCが中国でより大きな存在感を示した理由の1つは、中国での流通事業を所有していたため、マクドナルドよりも小さな都市へのアクセスを可能にしたため、先行者の優位性でした。 さらに、中国の消費者にとっては、マクドナルドのメニューの主力である牛肉よりも、タンパク質の多い鶏肉の方が魅力的でした。
    2014年、マクドナルドはKFCの親会社であるYum!とともに、中国で食品品質のスキャンダルに直面しました。 ブランド、地元のサプライヤーの床から肉を拾う労働者を記者が密かに撮影した後. これにより、その年のマクドナルドの中国事業の売上は減少しました。 マクドナルドは、中国のファーストフード業界において、地元のライバルとの競争や食品の安全性の問題など、様々な課題に直面しています。しかし、これらの課題にもかかわらず、中国のファーストフード業界は1,840億ドルの価値があり、成長の大きな可能性を示しています。
    所有構造の課題と変化にもかかわらず、マクドナルドは中国での長期的な成長機会に引き続き取り組んでいます。同社は2023年に900の新しいレストランをオープンする予定で、その半分近くが中国にあります。マクドナルドは、中国を店舗開発の優先市場と見なしており、今後10年または20年以内に国内の店舗数を2倍にすることを目指しています。CITICおよびCarlyle Groupとの提携により、マクドナルドは中国での事業拡大に必要な資本とリソースを手に入れると同時に、中国市場での事業に伴う規制や文化の違いをうまく乗り切ることができます。
    結論として、マクドナルドは世界最大のレストランチェーンの一つであり、大規模なグローバルなフットプリントを持ち、中国を中心に2023年に900店舗の新しいレストランをオープンすることでさらに拡大する計画をしています。中国市場での課題として文化の違い、食品の安全性の問題、地元の競合他社との競争などがありますが、それにもかかわらず、マクドナルドは中国での長期的な成長の可能性に引き続き取り組んでいます。 それを目指しています。

  • row2noob
    row2noob 7 months ago +279

    One thing you forgot to mention: Eating at McDonald’s is now actually cheaper than eating at a noodle shop or a meal box store in most tier 1 and 2 cities.
    At ¥13.9/$2, you can get a medium drink and a double cheeseburger/6 McNuggets/some other local offerings. Not even KFC can come up with similar deals these years.

    • Jennay Williams
      Jennay Williams 7 months ago +6

      I was about to say it's cheaper. By the time I get meat, potatoes, vegetables, and seasonings that's 20$ right there for 4 servings though

    • J Wang
      J Wang 7 months ago +11

      That’s with the promo, right? Some supposed to be inexpensive fast restaurants for working people indeed are getting pretty expensive…..

    • Angela Melissa Lillian Hunter-Chau
      Angela Melissa Lillian Hunter-Chau 7 months ago +1

      @Jennay Williams for the sole purpose of cooking a home cooked meal and eating at home? As opposed to, eating out at another food establishment? For that is what the video/comment to and topic is about. But most of all you never stated if it was not. It's a good point. Valid at that. Which is troublesome for those who can not afford or are struggling time to time may use/have no choice but to use McDonald's for a meal. And, that could also be a contributing factor as to why McDonald's is thriving in China. And, I agree. If that is the case it is a factor. Thank you for sharing.

    • John Fraser
      John Fraser 7 months ago +7

      It’s not so cheap in the U.K. anymore

    • Jennay Williams
      Jennay Williams 7 months ago +1

      @Angela Melissa Lillian Hunter-Chau yeah. You also have to have the utensils and everything necessary to be in a kitchen actually. I'm guessing that's a liberty we take for granted.

  • Xinyue Li
    Xinyue Li 6 months ago +44

    Honestly I miss Chinese McDonalds now that I'm in the UK, there is just in general more options for food in Chinese ones, and they put effort in product development, as I remember they come up with seasonal offerings almost every year, like sakura ice cream or matcha ice cream, maybe because the local competition is much fiercer than UK.

    • Niubility
      Niubility 2 months ago +1

      It gets boring if you live here. McD China only serves 2 sauces, sweet & sour and garlic chili, that's it. The burgers have been small until they released the MAX Angus line in recent years, yet still smaller than US quarter pounders, and not even customizable except for substracting ingredients you don't like. It all depends on the supply chain distributors, if they import cardboard beef it's gonna be cardboard.

    • Michael S
      Michael S 5 days ago

      What's the difference? It's all the same!

  • Kate
    Kate 7 months ago +138

    That's one thing I learned about McD 's when I got older is that they're more of a real estate investor than a restaurant.

    • Lincoln P
      Lincoln P 7 months ago +1

      I like to think that this is a logical fallacy. Their main business is food and that's what makes them money

    • Robert Sanders
      Robert Sanders 7 months ago +5

      A mile from my house there is a McD, on a corner. A development is going on next to it. McD expertly milks the sale of the lot for every last penny.

    • Develen Tsai
      Develen Tsai 5 months ago +3

      That's in the 80s and only happens in the US, now not any more especially outside of the US, McDonald's outside US not interested in real estate more focus on the burger business

  • C C
    C C 7 months ago +42

    McDonald's is successful in many countries because of its price, simplicity, fast serving methods and branding

    • Charles Chen
      Charles Chen 7 months ago +1

      Cheap burgers and fries are usually uncommon in those countries, plus McDonald's offers clean and stress free atmosphere that usually resonate well in those market demographics.

    • Greg T.
      Greg T. 7 months ago

      everything you listed is their brand vs. an "and" (branding is not graphic design).

    • Liquid
      Liquid 6 months ago +1

      in Europe they are almost at resturant prices, not cheap at all

  • Ross-Smith Family
    Ross-Smith Family 7 months ago +48

    I noticed Andrew Charles stressed the word "massive" when referring to McDonald's expensansion. Massive is an apt word to describe their impact on a population, as well.

  • Guilherme Tavares
    Guilherme Tavares 5 months ago +1

    I have seen many McDonald's stores being opened here in Brazil in the last couple of years. They have been through a major expansion since the pandemic.

  • pcl
    pcl 7 months ago +13

    I haven't had a McD in the States for 20 years, but when I was in China last year, I kept going there. I don't like the food, but will buy for the toys. Mainly because of the Sanrio, Pokemon, and other anime toys that comes with the meals🥰 I love my singing/dancing Psyduck!

  • JAZA C
    JAZA C 7 months ago +13

    It is rather cheap, delicious and convenient compared to most Chinese restaurants. For example, a simple noodles with beef would cost me about 25 cny in the city while the double cheeseburger with pie or drink only cost 14 cny. Also, McDonald’s price are stable even in city downtown area very popular amount students and office workers

    • Rasputin Da Silva
      Rasputin Da Silva 7 months ago +1

      Sure, it's cheaper, what you save in McShit meals today you'll spend it later at the doctor office.

    • Niubility
      Niubility 2 months ago

      You can get decent meals for less than 14 cny if you eat like a local. 25 is for high-end malls maybe.

    • JAZA C
      JAZA C 2 months ago

      @Rasputin Da Silva well eating in other restautant will not be better for your health than McDonald's. If u want to eat healthy cook ur own meal

    • JAZA C
      JAZA C 2 months ago

      @Niubility Well I am local, born and raised in Shenzhen. But i dont know where u can get decent lunch for 14 cny? This kind of cheap meals only happen in my highschool cateen🥲

    • Rasputin Da Silva
      Rasputin Da Silva 2 months ago

      @JAZA C I rarely eat outside, I grow my own vegetables, potatoes, carrots, beans, tomatos, peas, mellons, some fruits, olives, olive oil (very small quantity), eggs and others. We cook our own meals at home, everyday, we don't frozen meals. No, I'm not a peasant, but it's part of our culture to grow some food in our "garden" of course it's no enough to feed us all the year but its of great help and we know what we are eating.

  • Ja Jeremy
    Ja Jeremy 6 months ago +13

    I was in Hangzhou before moving to Ireland. It is very impressive that McDonald's have a lots of chinese style food and cheaper than a lot of chinese food.

    • dxelson
      dxelson 6 months ago +1

      macdonalds has chinese style food? what?

    • Sean Fuler
      Sean Fuler 6 months ago

      @dxelson It is true. You can eat 老北京鸡肉卷。

    • Niubility
      Niubility 2 months ago

      It's crap. If I want Chinese, why go to McD's. Stupid logic. I'd rather experience cheesy double quarter pounders the American way if I visit McD's but sadly they have to make the menu stereotypical.

  • dee
    dee 2 months ago +1

    Most American fastfoods are huge in Asia from McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King. What made them more appealing are the unique menu catered for the local palate. In the Philippines, I don't to McDonalds because of the burger, but because of their fried chicken.

  • Elon Giga's Life of Journey

    McDonald's sold its China business a few years ago and the brand name was changed. The only things not changed were the "M" and the food menu. But to Chinese, McDonald is already a history.

  • 月Eri
    月Eri 7 months ago +37

    McD always has a line in Japan, the Japanese love McD! But my Japanese hubby will often prefer to go to Mos Burger in Japan, feeling its healthier. Occasionally he wants his McD but he doesn't eat there too often.

    • 仲德
      仲德 7 months ago +1


    • jglg
      jglg 7 months ago

      op where are you originally from?

    • jglg
      jglg 7 months ago

      @仲德 are you looking for a japanese husband?

    • waNErBOY
      waNErBOY 7 months ago

      Mcdonalds is tiny in japan, i know japanese people eat way less than americans, but damn i was serve a 200gram lunch

  • Steven
    Steven 7 months ago +45

    As an Asian-American who have visited China multiple times as result of my marriage to an international student, I must stress it's important to visit KFC at the airport when you land. it's absolutely one of the best fried chicken drumsticks you will ever have if not the BEST. LOL!
    Back to the topic; there is a lot of competitions due to smaller chains or individual shops that sell at living wage. There is a huge portion of the population who can't afford these American Chains on daily basis because their menus are priced like USD. I'm just guessing here, the best i can recall is avg income in China is about 1/4-1/5 of the US yet Starbucks Grande drinks go for 40-50 RMB, equates to $6-$8 USD. oh lord, the fast food here is like premium dining in China, truly only spoiled kids and people living paycheck to paycheck go for these places.

    • Baron Von Jo
      Baron Von Jo 7 months ago

      Many Americans also can't really afford that but not really any alternatives.

    • Steven
      Steven 7 months ago +1

      @Baron Von Jo my first thought is you're talking about Starbucks? If so, I would say there are a lot of alternatives to Starbucks. it doesn't take much time and effort to get a latte in a mug to go by making them at home, there is always $1 coffee at McDonald's, or yucky company coffee(depending on where you work), etc.

    • Michael Ma
      Michael Ma 7 months ago +7

      Spoiled kids and people living paycheque to paycheque? Aren't those two opposite things?

    • Steven
      Steven 7 months ago +6

      @Michael Ma No, based on my experience, they could easily be the same thing. Taking my wife for example, she came from a family with decent financial background, let's just say her annual allowance was good as her first pay out of college with a master's degree. Her allowance stopped after getting a full time job but that didn't stop her from spending almost every dollar she made. She was spoiled and now living paycheck to paycheck. lol.

    • Baron Von Jo
      Baron Von Jo 7 months ago +1

      @Steven Nah I meant food. Starbucks is pretty expensive for everything.

  • Julien
    Julien 7 months ago +3

    To be fair, basically all McDonald's locations in Germany and most of (at least Western) Europe have the big order Kiosks and ordering mobile through their app..

  • Wei Liu
    Wei Liu 7 months ago +69

    McDonald's has a bigger and localized menu here in China. Their spicy wings are the best. And KFC even serves Asian style congee in the morning and rice bowls in their whole-day menu.

    • Bot
      Bot 7 months ago +4

      It's all the same crap except china uses sewer oil vs canola oil in the US.

    • Kate
      Kate 7 months ago +4

      @Bot I don't think his point was about the health of the items just the diversity in what's offered on the menu. Also, if they're using oil on rice that'd be a new one to me.

    • Xiang Lin
      Xiang Lin 7 months ago +8

      @Bot gutter oil is uncommon now in china since they started handing out the death penalty if you were caught

  • Dengist
    Dengist 7 months ago +20

    McDonalds is not the cheap fast food in China like it is in the States. It cannot compete on price with local chains. Instead they are more middle-end and found great success there

    • truth teller
      truth teller 7 months ago

      same in India

    • 小姜 先生
      小姜 先生 7 months ago

      not any more

    • Scrooge McDick
      Scrooge McDick 7 months ago

      @小姜 先生 Thank you for your input! I have a quick question if you have time. Has inflation caused all the lower-end chains to rise to McDonalds level or has McDonalds become cheaper (and falling to the lower-end)? I'm very interested in this.

    • Scrooge McDick
      Scrooge McDick 7 months ago

      @张耀聪 Thank you so much for the response! I hope you have a good weekend :)

  • Sara D U
    Sara D U 6 months ago +3

    I rarely go to McD when I am in America,but I love the McD’s locally food in China.

  • JJ
    JJ 7 months ago +142

    How McDonald's is able to supply all these restaurants worldwide is truly amazing...

    • Adam Bee
      Adam Bee 7 months ago +30

      Regional sourcing, big chain can buy regional at low prices and price to store owners. Why franchise can work well

    • Adam Bee
      Adam Bee 7 months ago +5

      They can create the supply chain too, oh the vidoe says they sold the rights to local chian and collect royalty from them

    • Karnage Fails
      Karnage Fails 7 months ago +1

      What are the burgers made from?

    • N.C
      N.C 7 months ago

      @Adam Bee think it said they also collect fees aside from royalties, which I suppose would mean some management and supply chain arrangements.

    • Marcus_965
      Marcus_965 7 months ago +4

      @Karnage Fails chemicals and crap, mostly crap.

  • Five Foot Fit
    Five Foot Fit 7 months ago +9

    KFC for breakfast is a thing for locals in China. That being said they do have Asian items but KFC being the go to says a lot

    • Sara D U
      Sara D U 6 months ago

      KFC and MCD both offer local Chinese food.

    • Chelle
      Chelle 6 months ago

      ​@Sara D U I think you missed the point op was making

  • Jazz Beats
    Jazz Beats 7 months ago

    the electronic kiosk is used to collect data and also used to save labour costs. many stores will only have 2-3 staff. biggest rival is actually KFC, and is beating MacDonald's in terms of revenue. Service is very important.. and i think is Macdonalds weakness in China.

    • Johnson Cao
      Johnson Cao 7 months ago

      The situation in China is much different. Chinese population are so huge and dense in cities - 1 millions up cities... Just good not have to talking again and there is fine to have ZERO human communications... just get my food and go.... everybody is happy.

  • Wargasm644
    Wargasm644 7 months ago +2

    I remember eating at McDonald’s in Hong Kong in the 80’s. I was in the U.S. navy and the sight of the Golden Arches was a welcome thing after being at sea for months. I had it in my mind I was going to throw down when I got there. I remember all the Chinese business men in front of me in line. They all ordered just a hamburger, small fry and small coke. When I went to order I ordered 2 Big Macs , a cheeseburger, large fry, apple pie and a large coke. All the Asian people in line behind me were all snickering and whispering to each other 😂. They were probably like “check out the American barbarian!” 😂

  • Jian Chen
    Jian Chen 6 months ago +2

    Fun fact (Maybe not): The ice cream/milkshake machine also broke A LOT whenever I returned to Shanghai.

    • H YY
      H YY 4 months ago

      at least this stayed the same

  • Haad Bajwa
    Haad Bajwa 7 months ago +2

    Mac Donald's is a UNIVERSAL FOOD 🍟🍔🥤it transcends cultural, National, Racial and demographic boundaries. It's easy on taste buds even for the most sensitive of the client's.

  • ZeVex
    ZeVex 7 months ago +155

    8 years in China and I never felt the desire to eat Mcdonalds. The local noodles really are excellent and affordable.

    • JX Mai
      JX Mai 7 months ago +14

      Mcdonald is like the last option.

    • Rome
      Rome 7 months ago +17

      I ate a lot in McDonald’s when I lived in China. It’s convenient, cheap, tasty, and safe. I never got stomachache after eating in McDonald’s but got it many times after trying a new restaurant/street food.

    • ZeVex
      ZeVex 7 months ago +22

      @Rome That's true, and their breakfasts aren't bad. Globalization does have its merits. As for getting sick, well I had that too every time I went to a new country. After a while your body builds resistance to local bacteria.

    • AnonFlower
      AnonFlower 7 months ago +2

      @ZeVex I, even though I'm ethnic Chinese, don't like many Chinese foods or can't eat them, so I remember going to McDonald's a lot and specifying them to not make my food spicy (because I can't eat a lot of spicy food). That might be the reason why I would be like the only person in the family who doesn't get diarrhea when going to China lol.

    • 兩岸觀察家
      兩岸觀察家 7 months ago +5


  • M
    M 7 months ago +10

    I miss china even though i had a lot of difficulties when covid happened, i don't go to MC donald's in US but when i was in china i found myself there a lot!

    • Endless Travels
      Endless Travels 7 months ago

      Agree, the smog, pushing, yelling karaoke and now these slave camps I'd love to get going there

    • めっちゃかわいくね!?
      めっちゃかわいくね!? 6 months ago

      @Endless Travelstoo shocking. 😂

    • Bus king
      Bus king 6 months ago

      McD's can sometimes be a 'life-saver'in some parts of the world

  • KujoJotaro
    KujoJotaro 7 months ago +1

    But McDonald's menu has not changed much ever since it opened. Meanwhile, KFC has successfully created great localized food multiple times. Sure, you can open up more shops but it is really not cool anymore to go to a McDonald's. BTW, kiosks and delivery service are really NOT a competitive advantage. Those things are so common in China now.

    • David
      David 7 months ago

      The kiosks may not be a competitive advantage, but they do result in larger orders. The automated systems remove the embarrassment of appearing to be a pig to a human order taker.

  • cx c
    cx c 6 months ago +4

    I am a Chinese, I remember when I was young, it was a fashion and great joy to have your birthday parties in Mcdonalds in China, I was even a character in a commercial for Mcdonalds when I was 5.

    • CEO Of Loneliness Inc.
      CEO Of Loneliness Inc. 6 months ago

      Where do you live in CHina?

    • cx c
      cx c 5 months ago

      @CEO Of Loneliness Inc. shenzhen, first McDonald’s in China was opened there.

    • GM Pei
      GM Pei 5 months ago


    • ilovepugs99
      ilovepugs99 16 days ago

      ​@cxc2371 is it true that you guys have a social credit score? Also why do you guys want Taiwan so bad?

    • ilovepugs99
      ilovepugs99 16 days ago

      ​@cx c 🤔

  • D D
    D D 2 months ago +15

    You can’t discuss McDonald in China, or any where in Asia, without mentioning that they really take pride in what they do. The restaurants are clean, the food is properly cooked and well assembled. It’s totally different. It’s actually good.

    • Chickens and Gardening
      Chickens and Gardening Month ago

      Japanese McDonald's is also really good. Teriyaki Big Macs.

    • No name 791
      No name 791 Month ago

      Mcdonald failed in Vietnam

    • bouffe
      bouffe 15 days ago

      @No name 791yea, the street food market in Vietnam is wayyyy too strong for McDonald

  • tropical sanyacity
    tropical sanyacity 7 months ago +2

    I visit McDonald sometimes simply because I like hamburgers and fries. The restaurants in China normally don't provide hamburgers and fries. and I have to go to McDonald/KFC/ burgers king to get my fries.

  • Just Gado2
    Just Gado2 7 months ago +2

    One of my go to when I went to McD in China was grill chicken sandwich. And I supposed that is China only McD menu cause I don’t see any in Japan, Singapore or Indonesia. Oh, also pork pitan porridge with youtiao😂 in a breakfast menu (also China only I think)

    • Kevin J
      Kevin J 6 months ago

      OMG I've never thought Grill chicken sandwich is only availible to china, it's my favor sandwich ,full of black pepper tastes sooo yummy, sorry you can't have it😀

  • schallrd1
    schallrd1 7 months ago +42

    My young son was acting up at McDonald's. I told him he needed to behave when we were in a restaurant. He said this isn't a restaurant it's McDonald's.

  • Andrew Heng
    Andrew Heng 5 months ago

    I think the real growth driver is in the sale of the business in China to state owned entities, there were probably some clause in the SPA that required a certain amount of new builds per year or over a period of time. It's also a massive advantage to hand the keys to the business to the main driving force behind everything in China, which is the gov (via their investment arms). KFC is still the consensus #1 fast food option for the Chinese consumers, but new store opening is nothing to scoff at especially at the rate of hundreds per year.

    • Leo Jiang
      Leo Jiang 4 months ago

      胡说八道 apparently you don't know China.

    • Andrew Heng
      Andrew Heng 4 months ago

      ​@Leo Jiang I welcome any refutes, care to add more details or insights that I might be missing? I wasn't critical of their strategy, just conjectures as to why I think McDonald's have gone through a very impressive growth rate after the sale of their China business.

  • Jeff Windrim
    Jeff Windrim 7 months ago +70

    I stopped eating not only at McDonald’s but all fast food restaurants. The food is not great the amount of food you get is questionable for the amount of money your spending. I can go to a proper sit down restaurant and have a better meal for the same amount of money. It just doesn’t make sense spending that kind of money on fast food, fast food use to be attractively priced.

    • SiSiSiUSA
      SiSiSiUSA 7 months ago +11

      Yes their dollar menu is not even a dollar.. totally false advertising

    • Violent
      Violent 7 months ago +5

      Around 2021-2022 I started to notice with price increases that places like Mcdonalds, Wendy's, etc, weren't really the value offer anymore.
      I noticed that places like KFC were on par or cheaper, and even most of my local good quality restaurants were on par or cheaper.
      The always somewhat expensive for value places like Burger king just made far less sense.
      I really stopped going to the traditional fast-food places these past few years.

    • Jeff Windrim
      Jeff Windrim 7 months ago +1

      @Violent I stopped going 10 years ago. It almost seems like as minimum wage goes up the menu prices go up almost equal to the cost of minimum wage.
      I agree the family run burger joints offer better value and your supporting the community 👍

    • Chadius Maximus
      Chadius Maximus 7 months ago +2

      Interestingly, if you go by portion sizes only and you do a straight comparison with the same portion sizes and costs now versus 1955, you’re actually paying LESS now than in 1955 for the same amount of food even when factoring in inflation. The problem is no one eats just a cheeseburger, small fries, and a 8oz coke anymore and calls it a meal…

    • greg h
      greg h 7 months ago +1

      nobody makes a better fry than mcdonalds

  • Ning Yen
    Ning Yen 6 months ago +38

    Your business will make you rich but investment makes and you keep you wealthy, we all deserve to be successful and have financial freedom, I pray everyone here becomes successful

    • Mirabelle Lia
      Mirabelle Lia 6 months ago

      Hart Thim You're right, it's obvious a lot of people remain poor due to ignorance

    • Linda poplin
      Linda poplin 6 months ago

      I'm looking for something to venture into on a short term basis, I have about $6k sitting in my savings

    • Hayden Craig
      Hayden Craig 6 months ago

      Obviously trading in bitcoin is very volatile and risky to trade that's the reason most traders trade with a company

    • Hayden Craig
      Hayden Craig 6 months ago

      Now is the best time to purchase and invest in Bitcoin stop procrastinating

    • Thomas Dooley
      Thomas Dooley 6 months ago

      I advice everyone to start investing and never rely on just salary. No billionaire made it through salary

  • Yijie Qu
    Yijie Qu 7 months ago +9

    I could be mistake... i think a big mac is smaller in Canada than China.. maybe due to the high carbon tax and sales tax on food. by saying that, when i was in the Mcdonalds in that Shenzhen store for the 1st time as a kid.. it cost my parents days of salary... Mcdonalds back in early 90s was a luxury.. so they had to be good ....same as when I was in a Sams Club in China back in the 90s.. Warehouse shopping is such an unique experience.. sadly there aint no Sams Club in Canada like China.

    • AnonFlower
      AnonFlower 7 months ago

      We do have Sams Club's owner tho: Walmart lol. But ig the only true alternative here would be Costco.

  • Jeff Mathias
    Jeff Mathias 7 months ago +3

    McDonald’s was the place to go in the 1970s and 80s. Then they switched to vegetable oil and the fries lost taste. They reduced ingredient quality like pretty much every restaurant has and they pulled the playgrounds families enjoyed. If all they care about are adult customers there are just too many other choices like Chipotle now.
    I’ve not been to a Mickey Ds for years, even on the road most of us will get a deli sandwich before heart stopping McDonald’s. But I see their mile long drive through lines so they do have plenty of customers, not sure who they are or why they wait so long for sketch food.

    • donutranger
      donutranger 7 months ago

      Depends on where you are. McDonalds seems to be better doing overseas than in the U.S.

    • Walt C
      Walt C 7 months ago

      What kind of oil was it before vegetable for the 1970s McDonald's fries?

    • Natalie G
      Natalie G 7 months ago

      ​@Walt C lard if I remember correctly

  • Lazarus Blackwell
    Lazarus Blackwell 7 months ago +5

    McDonalds is really something special,no matter what the cynics say.

    • Jackie Welles
      Jackie Welles 7 months ago +1

      It's although especially recently its more just a name what makes it special. Their quality compared with other fast food restaurants have dropped massively. At least this is what i see in Germany.

    • Lazarus Blackwell
      Lazarus Blackwell 7 months ago +1

      @Jackie Welles I havent been in McDonalds for years now.Dont have the money.Anyway,thanks for the reply man.I appreciate it.

  • Mack Pines
    Mack Pines 7 months ago +1

    I don’t know what happened, but in the last few years McDonald’s quality has gone downhill.
    Also, their menu doesn’t have as many items as they used to.
    Quit blaming the pandemic for trimming back the menu. Bring back some favorites like the chicken strips; they are so good and people want chicken products.

  • David
    David 7 months ago +5

    Fun fact: When people order through a kiosk machine, they order more food. The automated system removes the embarrassment of appearing to be a pig to a human order taker.

    • David
      David 7 months ago

      @Endless Travels Wow! In just three sentences (with no punctuation and only one misspelled word), you've solved the problem of obesity. Maybe you'll win a Nobel prize.

  • Tommy Anomaly
    Tommy Anomaly 7 months ago +67

    One of the weird joys of traveling to Asia was getting to see a McDonald's wherever I went. It created a bizarre sense of comfort.

    • Zombiehampster
      Zombiehampster 7 months ago +3

      Ah, corporate power, how long a reach you have.

    • ___Beyond Horizon
      ___Beyond Horizon 7 months ago

      Did you check out the seven 11? It's totally different menu

    • Sean w
      Sean w 7 months ago

      @___Beyond Horizon the mcdonalds is different too..

    • Theolich
      Theolich 7 months ago +3

      @Sean w At least there is always the Big Mac to fall back on...the quality may vary (for the better, most of the times) though.

  • EugWanker
    EugWanker 7 months ago +42

    Are multiple cashiers and lineups for orders still a thing in the USA? Cuz here in Toronto, every single McDonald's I've been to in the last couple of years is kiosk-based for orders (like in China).

    • A B
      A B 7 months ago +5

      They have screens to order on

    • Dane Clark
      Dane Clark 7 months ago +11

      They have them but I ignore them. If they want my money, then they’re going to have to pay a human to take it away from me.

    • EugWanker
      EugWanker 7 months ago +13

      @Dane Clark I find it takes longer to wait in line. Usually it's much faster to use a kiosk, and it also ensures the order is entered EXACTLY how I want it.

    • Dino Flagella
      Dino Flagella 7 months ago +4

      @EugWanker exactly. I hate it when you wait in line behind someone who doesn’t know what to order. They stand there for a minute looking at the menu going “uuuuhhhh… let meeee get the uhhh McNuggets.” I just walk up to the kiosk, punch up what I need, pay and pick up my order.

    • Serb Kebab
      Serb Kebab 7 months ago +10

      The USA is still weirdly averse to technology. In the grocery store, Americans would rather line up for the human cashier rather than use the self-checkout even though its faster. Then they pay with dirty paper money and coins instead of contactless like the rest of the world. It's a shame because America used to lead the world in tech innovation.

  • srreventon
    srreventon 7 months ago +7

    I would like a story of the country that mcdonalds failed in south america

  • free的man
    free的man 7 months ago +7

    I am not a big McDonald's fan but sometimes when I lived in China I would pop in to one of their stores for convenience (and clean toilets). Anyway, I notice I was always the oldest person in the restaurant. At the time I was in my late fourties.
    McDonald's in China is a phenomenon amongst some young Chinese who want to experience something a little more "exotic" than their own amazing and diverse cuisine

  • Alexander Chou
    Alexander Chou 7 months ago +1

    I do have to point out that compared to McDonald's, KFC is way more popular, especially in more rural regions.

  • Miumiu G.
    Miumiu G. 7 months ago

    when I don't know what to eat during work day, I always eat McDonald as they have some good set meals

  • Fity Bux
    Fity Bux 7 months ago

    If China doubles McD's, then McDs will be "you know, that China/American restaurant"... weird. (If it's like half China, half American.)

  • Xin
    Xin 12 days ago

    Well, in China, McDonald's and KFC restaurant that I've visited food safety grades are usually A or B, which are considered excellent and good. However, almost 98% of the restaurants I have visited are graded C, which is not so great. This could also explain why...

  • Rock Giggle
    Rock Giggle 7 months ago +2

    McDonald's has become a real estate company.

  • Shu Pesmerga
    Shu Pesmerga 7 months ago +6

    McPhilippines has adopted the Filipino taste of spaghetti recently. Now every fast food spaghetti in Philippines is now sweet. I wish they kept their original sour spagetti. So sad.

  • GPCExplorer
    GPCExplorer 7 months ago +18

    Does this mean that when there's a stable logistics mechanics on the Artemis moon base, KFC, McDonald's or Pizza Hut are going to open up there?

    • 100c0c
      100c0c 7 months ago

      100% unfortunately

  • Jake Pajor
    Jake Pajor 6 months ago

    Starbucks is also huge in China aswell, I’m pretty sure they open a new Starbucks every 16 hours in China

  • edj jit
    edj jit 7 months ago +1

    would love to see a no mc donalds month.

  • Reindert D.
    Reindert D. 7 months ago

    That's a good thing actually. Dependence is leverage.

  • Landry
    Landry 7 months ago +153

    “Large pool of labor”… camera switches to an actual pool 😂😂😂💀

    • PsyQoBoy
      PsyQoBoy 7 months ago +5

      Should've just shown a bunch of workers instead. It's funny coz Chinese have their own metaphors yet they failed this one.

    • MrHan
      MrHan 7 months ago +8

      Did they use A.I for this video? At least to choose stock videos.

    • Muppet B. Lansing
      Muppet B. Lansing 7 months ago +1

      Ba ha ha. It also took took a large pool of labor to build that pool.....

    • HenryManson
      HenryManson 7 months ago +1

      gotta pool your rescources!

    • GM Pei
      GM Pei 5 months ago


  • EarlyNai
    EarlyNai 7 months ago +21

    I wonder if there's any localized type of food. When I was in Japan Mcdonalds I had a shrimp patty burger.

    • ___Beyond Horizon
      ___Beyond Horizon 7 months ago +11

      Yes, especially KFC, Chinese congee 🥣 breakfast in China

    • Bot
      Bot 7 months ago +1

      Yeah china offers food fried in sewer oil.

    • cairong chen
      cairong chen 7 months ago +2

      @Bot bot indeed 😂

    • Faustinus Karyadi
      Faustinus Karyadi 6 months ago

      In Indonesia McD sell nasi uduk.

  • 扎姆
    扎姆 7 months ago

    In fact, McDonald's is more common only in the eastern coast, while KFC is really rooted in China's "down market", although McDonald's meals are cheaper than KFC.

    • Faustinus Karyadi
      Faustinus Karyadi 6 months ago

      In Indonesia KFC is more rooted than McD. Probably because burger isn't really our culture.

  • Hendrix
    Hendrix 7 months ago +12

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    • Ashiru Umar
      Ashiru Umar 7 months ago

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    • Cosmic Crunch
      Cosmic Crunch 7 months ago

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    • Mubarak Idris
      Mubarak Idris 7 months ago

      my first experience with her gave me the assurance and confidence that has made me to invest without fear of losing

    • helios396
      helios396 7 months ago

      I'm here to break your chain, scammer bot.
      Can't believe this kind of scamming still exists.

  • Eric Pham
    Eric Pham 7 months ago +2

    Never underestimate this giant in supply and tech

  • Ken Yup
    Ken Yup 7 months ago +18

    If you come to McDonald’s China, you gotta try nuggets, ppl who returns from the US says it’s way way better compared McDonald’s in the US

    • Chris
      Chris 7 months ago +6

      Its probably real chicken

    • Dan N
      Dan N 7 months ago +1

      I dont eat chicken made in china's fast food chains! Cos their chicken meats is not fresh and is been in frozen freeze for years. All these fast food chains's chicken are fast process breds chicken that to keep up the China's population. Which means they have to have pre-stock 2 years advance! Chicken taste rare and weird to me. I am a chef for 4 decades and i know what Chicken fresh meat supposed to taste like and can tell how old is frozen chicken meats look like after the cook. You need to come down to Australia and try the KFC and Macdonald chicken meats and then you know what is real chicken meats and KFC chicken mostly bring in fresh chicken meats within 2 days or daily delivered depends location.

    • Gopi R
      Gopi R 7 months ago +1

      Thanks for that nugget of info 😊

  • Abdullah jamac
    Abdullah jamac 7 months ago

    McDonald’s it’s not in the restaurant game it’s in the real estate game

  • Daedalus
    Daedalus 7 months ago +481

    McDonalds be like: There's 1.4 billion chinese for us to make fat and unhealthy

    • Steven Brooks
      Steven Brooks 7 months ago +26

      Help us win the War

    • Bryan Wilkins
      Bryan Wilkins 7 months ago +13

      They plan to sell the leanest rat meat they can buy in public markets. No corporate rat farms for them.

    • Furthermore Jack
      Furthermore Jack 7 months ago +12

      Mostly true but you can still eat healthy and be fat

    • Furthermore Jack
      Furthermore Jack 7 months ago +12

      For instance , the person that eats McDonalds keeping an active lifestyle will be more fit then the person that eats healthy but sits on their ars all day

  • JACk
    JACk 7 months ago

    Visual stunning business micro-documentaries ……. Very educational to watch 🍿

  • hyla cinerea
    hyla cinerea 6 months ago

    China really is just another place, it's cities are as cosmopolitan as any other. cajun crawfish boils are very popular. the agriculture ministry is spending billions on advertising potatoes

  • Sgt Joe Smith
    Sgt Joe Smith 7 months ago +1

    well most those employees arent actually mcdonalds employees

  • free的man
    free的man 7 months ago +1

    Mc Donald's is popular in China for three reasons. Firstly, it is a convenient food for children. Secondly, Chinese society has become so work orientated and stressed out that fast food is the answer to having no time to cook (or live). Thirdly, the younger generation of Chinese never learned to cook properly which is ironic considering how awesome Chinese cuisine is.

  • Cheese Master11
    Cheese Master11 7 months ago +3

    It's almost like having good employees can make for a pleasant experience for fast food consumers. Around here, they are all ex cons; often with little to no work ethic.

  • liquidity wso
    liquidity wso 7 months ago

    The food health scene in China among young professionals and students is non existent in China in contrast in with the US or Canada.

    • Furqan B
      Furqan B 7 months ago

      Like it exists in the US lol..

  • Mark DC
    Mark DC 7 months ago +2

    McDonalds pulling out of Russia made barely a blip but pulling out of China will be something totally different.

    • Rasputin Da Silva
      Rasputin Da Silva 7 months ago

      Right, the chinese health will improve a lot.

    • Dinglshingle
      Dinglshingle 2 months ago

      @Rasputin Da Silva na dude, have you seen how oily local chinese food is? literally soaked in oil

  • hugh mungus
    hugh mungus 6 months ago +1

    The other question is, Why is Mcdonalds sucking everywhere else and struggling to maintain the quality of their food even from 2 years ago.

  • Anima Manager
    Anima Manager 6 months ago +1

    You actually don't use a console to place orders. You scan a QR code and then see the menu on your phone, and you place the order and pay right there.

  • LeicesterSquareBOB
    LeicesterSquareBOB 6 months ago

    Domino's opened its first restaurant in my city in southwestern China last week, and the average queue is 30-40min just to get into the restaurant to order. They serve decent pizza, but it's only Domino's ....

  • Jack Pop
    Jack Pop 7 months ago +11

    the chinese McDonald has larger menu and their burgers/food also taste better 😍

    • Bot
      Bot 7 months ago +1

      You just like sewer oil.

    • Malabargold
      Malabargold 7 months ago +1

      You missed the part about meat scooped off the floor

    • ᅵ
       7 months ago

      @Bot fun fact, american fast food chains for some reason are higher quality in other countries. They are cleaner, and look more classy. in america you got homeless ppl living in them

  • Loki
    Loki 7 months ago

    McDonalds in China tastes 100x better than in Australia (KFC too) so it’s hardly surprising

  • Dave Underwood
    Dave Underwood 17 days ago

    I ate at a McDonalds in Beijing. The food was actually GOOD. It tasted like McDonald’s USED to taste in America many years ago.

  • miamivicefanatic
    miamivicefanatic 7 months ago +2

    I wish McDonald's would restore more healthy items to their menu such as salads and grilled chicken. I'm pivoting away from McDonald's and more toward Panera Bread ever since they added their Sip Club beverage subscription.

    • Am az on
      Am az on 7 months ago +1

      Panera is just over charged.
      RiP off.

  • The Hebrew 🌹 of Jericho

    I haven't eaten MD for 8yrs, after I found that there is 17 ingredients in the fries 🍟 They can have it!

    • Sean w
      Sean w 7 months ago +5

      thats only american fries.
      other countries mcdonalds fries are usually just oil potatoes and salt

    • A D
      A D 7 months ago +3

      That's mostly a US problem, because the FDA is a big joke. The ingredients list in the EU per example is much shorter.

  • TechInvestor94
    TechInvestor94 7 months ago

    Watching this... as I eat McDonald's.

  • Tony
    Tony 7 months ago +3

    The chicken sandwiches of the Chinese McDonald’s are so good, not available in the US lol

  • 帅芾
    帅芾 7 months ago

    In China, McDonald's is far less numerous than KFC, which is open in almost every small city in China, even in very remote and poor areas. McDonald's, on the other hand, is only willing to open stores in economically developed areas, and I don't know if this is in consideration of operating costs or consumer base. And KFC's localized menu is much better than McDonald's, KFC has Chinese style rice and chicken burger. But when I arrived in the US, I still found that McDonald's in China is 100 times better than in the US.

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 6 months ago

    When the McD app had the free large with $1 purchase
    Could get a McChicken and drink for $3.50
    And you’d have a meal for less than $4

  • Jay Laconia
    Jay Laconia 7 months ago

    America took McDonald’s for granted.

  • iseeflowers
    iseeflowers 2 months ago +1

    McDonalds’ food in China are not cheap just like Starbucks. As a tourist there, I felt a little dent to the wallet.

  • simplex
    simplex 7 months ago +1

    The affordability is wat they need to focus on and it’s a wrap in china 🇨🇳

  • 刚
     7 months ago +4

    it offers a different option, just like you guys have Chinese takeaways in the U.S.

  • for YTube
    for YTube 6 months ago

    The only restaurant in China where Chinese are confident about food safety 😊

  • 陈诚
    陈诚 7 months ago

    back in the 90s , Mc and KFC are considered fancy place in China , parents take children there as a prize for their good behavior .

  • Michael R
    Michael R 7 months ago +11

    Didn't know McDonald's and Starbucks were doing so well in China.

    • S P I D E R
      S P I D E R 7 months ago +4

      Even US car companies are doing well in China. But not in other countries.

    • Chris Nichols
      Chris Nichols 7 months ago

      Chinese people seem to like American things.

    • Japes
      Japes 7 months ago

      Starbucks does really well. Its a nice hang out area

  • 搬运工皮皮虾
    搬运工皮皮虾 6 months ago


  • alleyyg
    alleyyg 7 months ago +11

    For us, McDonald's is equivalent to snacks, not staple food

    • Laaaliiiluuu
      Laaaliiiluuu 7 months ago

      That's how it started in the West. Until people became addicted to it because that's how their food is designed to be.

    • Vivian Dubois
      Vivian Dubois 5 months ago

      totally agree❤

  • Andiq
    Andiq 7 months ago

    Here in Austria we had those ordering displays since 2018 haha

    • Di P.
      Di P. 7 months ago +1

      Austria! Well, then. G'day mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie!

  • kiki Tyuhan
    kiki Tyuhan 3 months ago


  • Jr Ortega
    Jr Ortega 7 months ago

    They need a Chinese McDonald's in Arizona need their different food they serve

  • Dnn
    Dnn 7 months ago +8

    McDonal in China is run by the local franchise owned by the State enterprise. It has little to do with McDonald in the U.S, even the supply chain is different.

    • Sean w
      Sean w 7 months ago


      LIGHT YAGAMI 7 months ago +1

      But they have to share small profit with Mcdonald because of copyright name+ their menu

  • The Hebrew 🌹 of Jericho

    I have ate MD for 8yrs, after I found that there is 17 ingredients in the fries 🍟 They can have it!

    • Kutter_TTL
      Kutter_TTL 7 months ago

      There's a reason they don't go bad like normal food should.