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The Extremely Shady Death of Artesian Builds

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  9 months ago +1087

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    • Alexander D PYRO
      Alexander D PYRO 8 months ago

      Firm handshakes to you sir.

    • Matt Hite
      Matt Hite 8 months ago

      I enjoy how you give the options lol

    • chloe kaftan
      chloe kaftan 8 months ago

      artesian builds pyramid scheme basically turned into an upside down pyramid, with everyone involved, streamers, youtubers, builders, suppliers, and manufacturers, collectively dunking on artesian builds from the top of the inverted pyramid, with the state of California and intel in the middle of the pyramid slamming artesian, and finally artesian builds themselves in the bottom of the inverted pyramid burying themselves into a deeper rabbit hole that they cant escape from. i almost pity them.. almost.

    • True Christian
      True Christian 8 months ago

      System builders are all scammers who rip off consumers. Their employees are just as guilty for willingly joining such an evil company which does that as their mandate.

    • Jake Ilsley
      Jake Ilsley 9 months ago

      @Abdullah Mohamed y

  • Alexis Ross
    Alexis Ross 9 months ago +2535

    Important note: If you need to go through the charge back system for a refund. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT AT ALL call the transactions fraudulent. Your charge back needs to be written with this information:
    - The EXACT description of what was ordered (yes get pedantic)
    - The date that you were most recently aware that you would have gotten the merchandise if the company did not go under
    - the date the company shut down and was no longer able to give you your merchandise
    - and the most recent date that you attempted to contact them to resolve the issue - even if they don't respond! They need record for both Visa and MasterCard that an attempt was made.
    If you call the charges fraud, some banks will take you at face value of it being fraudulent and will deny the claim as you initiated the charge.
    Please get your chargebacks sent in as soon as physically possible. The sooner you get the chargeback in, the better your chances of getting your funds back.

    • roxcyn
      roxcyn 8 months ago +1

      Yes, this is my area, too, (finance). @Alexis Ross is 💯% correct.

    • CommanderOOF
      CommanderOOF 8 months ago

      @Themazeful itbis not fraudulent it is item bot recieved
      Its a 100% fkin fact that if you claim fraud they will only check if the purchase was illegitimate
      You have to out it down as not received otherwise it will be overlooked and denied

    • Themazeful
      Themazeful 8 months ago

      I've used that a couple of times and you don't need to do any of that. Your bank will perform their own investigation and since the company doesn't exist anymore it'll with automatically rule the charge back in your favor. This is by definition a fraudulent transaction as they took your money and ran with it.
      Staples did this to an order where they charged then claimed the item was out of stalk and they did not charge my account. My bank knew otherwise and took my money back.
      There isn't even a process that asks you about those details. Just say what exactly happened when you speak to a representative and the rest is easy.

    • Alexis Ross
      Alexis Ross 8 months ago

      @Ben W Per Visa & MasterCard, the definition of fraud is "A transaction in which the cardholder did not participate or were otherwise unaware of." Everything else is a dispute. Otherwise yeah you got it c:

    • CommanderOOF
      CommanderOOF 8 months ago

      @Ben W was a notice of suspension
      Suspension means can be undone

  • _
    _ 9 months ago +2233

    Holy cow. Watching that "CEO" streaming segment was REALLY painful. As someone with a self-taught "English", I had problems grasping the meaning of "cringe". Well... not anymore I don't!

    • MakiMaki
      MakiMaki 4 months ago +1

      @Mar Hawkman And then he blamed the person he put in charge for putting it up initially for not changing it, when he didn't tell anyone there's a change in the first place.

    • FUBARGunpla
      FUBARGunpla 4 months ago +2

      Of all the words you had to learn.. And of all the ways you had to learn it, no person should have to experience this kind of cringe just to learn.. Im so sorry my friend, you deserved better lolol 😂 😂 😂

    • MakiMaki
      MakiMaki 4 months ago

      @SixOThree Oh he definitely is. His parents invested in the company.

    • Mar Hawkman
      Mar Hawkman 7 months ago +1

      @Micheal Persicko Well, yeah, his handling of the rules was unacceptable. I don't think he actually changed them specifically because of that specific "ambassador" though... more that he'd looked at Ambassador numbers prior to the stream and decided most of them were weak sauce he didn't want to give a computer to.
      BUT, he never posted an explanation of rules changes. He started the stream by mentioning THAT rules have changed, but he didn't bother explaining HOW. Which just doesn't work.
      Then when her name came up he explained why he's not giving her one. Which is still WRONG, just a different flavor of wrong.
      For contests like this you NEEED to publish rules changes... he didn't.

    • Micheal Persicko
      Micheal Persicko 7 months ago

      @Mar Hawkman Ok he should have either posted to his site and make a twitter post explaining what rules are going to be changed and why rules either the day before the livestream or at the VERY least either the morning of or just before stream. You don't just spring on rule changes to a giveaway right before the drawing of the winner. He only fucking changed the rules because he saw that the ambassador that one the drawing apparently wasn't doing enough to generate foot traffic through her link in her bio and that Noah decided that she wasn't worthy enough to have earned the prize for a giveaway with a randomly selected winner.

  • AC3
    AC3 8 months ago +652

    Steve is quickly becoming the 60 minutes of the gaming world..

    • Red Squirrel
      Red Squirrel 4 months ago

      @Brian Kleinschmidt His hair is glorious, it would be a sin to cut it!

      C4SUAL CYCL0PS 4 months ago

      *of the tech world

    • Shariar Rahman
      Shariar Rahman 6 months ago

      How dare you suggest that our Lord and Savior, tech Jesus, Steve Burke cut his glorious hair and source of ULTIMATE POWER

    • The Firehawk
      The Firehawk 8 months ago +1

      60 minutes has become a propaganda and misinformation dumpster fire for about a decade now. Steve is much more reputable.

    • AC3
      AC3 8 months ago +12

      @Brian Kleinschmidt But then he'd loose the source of his power!

  • EposVox
    EposVox 9 months ago +977

    It's amazing how just a little bit of backlash can just pull back curtains on INSANE amounts of problems lying beneath

    • ccricers
      ccricers 6 months ago

      In the Artesian video for Pinktoes build, you can see the CEO wearing a Gamers Nexus shirt underneath his astronaut costume lmao

    • RGB OK
      RGB OK 8 months ago +1

      This is why when running a business that relies on social media interactions, you should have all your business watertight so that if you mess up, it won't crumble your company.

    • Gary XHLC
      Gary XHLC 8 months ago

      "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

    • Huge Assets
      Huge Assets 9 months ago

      @Joker No joke.

    • AquariumTech
      AquariumTech 9 months ago +4

      @Saamo142 Found the simp.

  • BunnLilah
    BunnLilah 8 months ago +623

    CEO: "This really kills the energy of the drawing process." Actually I'm pretty sure what kills the energy of the giveaway is changing the rules midway because they weren't as profitable to your company as you wanted.

    • sean sullivan
      sean sullivan 8 months ago +1

      @Ben W same thing lmao

    • Ethan Thompson
      Ethan Thompson 8 months ago +7

      It’s a shame too because those prizes were most likely written off anyway, no reason to be so stingy! He could’ve let that one go and written new rules for the next giveaway!

    • Freek Hoekstra
      Freek Hoekstra 8 months ago +17

      @Ben W it results in more marketing, which results in profit.

    • Ben W
      Ben W 8 months ago +9

      Profitable? I think clout is what he was after, not profit.

    • David Muth
      David Muth 8 months ago +29

      They're not allowed to do that. Every contestant now has a cause of action.

  • ProxyExpy
    ProxyExpy 9 months ago +1834

    Hey Steve, Just wanted to let you know that I'm a relatively new viewer of your channel, but I've been super impressed with the quality of your work and content since I have been watching. The first big thing I saw you and your team cover was the Gigabyte power supply issue, and that issue affected me directly. There is at least 1 more safe computer thanks to your journalism. This is just my way of saying keep up the good fight man, you have a stellar team on your side.

    • Jeff Hendershot
      Jeff Hendershot 9 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus I’m not sure if I should reach out to your tips email or not, but I haven’t seen a single techy cover the apparent issue with the ftw3 waterblock from EKWB in relation to shorting out 3080’s/90’s

    • Joseph Wait
      Joseph Wait 9 months ago

      Steve is one of the good guys. Welcome to the cult.

    • Sieran the Fox
      Sieran the Fox 9 months ago

      @Robert Kirkpatrick Yeesh. My condolences.

    • Robert Kirkpatrick
      Robert Kirkpatrick 9 months ago +1

      @Sieran the Fox I did it in various levels of front line and management/project work for 13 years, it's brutal.

    • Sieran the Fox
      Sieran the Fox 9 months ago

      @Robert Kirkpatrick At the bank I worked for, we would be able to guarantee that the charge back gets SENT (not necessarily won) if we heard about it within 60 days of the purchase OR the expected date of receipt. Between 60 and 120 days, we could only attempt. And this all varies by credit card processor (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
      Also, be nice to your banker. I was a dispute processor for only a year and it really is the white collar version of sweatshop work. That job sucked, a lot.

  • Damien Petrilli
    Damien Petrilli 9 months ago +432

    An interview with the ex-COO would be an interesting one. Not because of why they left Artesian, but how they built the company up to be as successful as it was. Sounds like an absolute gun of a COO, and that sort of competence is in short supply in every industry.

    • TapCat
      TapCat 8 months ago +13

      True, but I can't imagine that the guy wants his name out there associated in any way with this train wreck. The last thing he needs in his future is for a google search of his name to bring up Artesian Builds and it's spectacular failure.

    • Artemis
      Artemis 8 months ago +13

      Yea fr, there are so many more reputable PC builders but somehow they sold anything, I'm amazed tbh

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter 9 months ago +212

    I love how Steve is genuinely pissed about the CEOs lack of empathy for his employees.

    • Nick
      Nick 8 months ago +11

      As is only right.

  • Mr. Sharpie
    Mr. Sharpie 8 months ago +253

    That CEO sounds like the car Dealer no one ever wants to deal with. Such a scammer tone. Also yes changing a contest rules during the give away is highly illegal. It's up there with Ponzi schemes in federal law.

    • Mr. Sharpie
      Mr. Sharpie 7 months ago +5

      @La Tévé It's illegal here too. The only reason I don't think they have charged them with it is because they are already in big trouble with the tax man. Either way the company is done.

    • Josh Mason
      Josh Mason 8 months ago +1

      He sounds like the type of person that would be at home on stage at an Herbalife rally.

    • La Tévé
      La Tévé 8 months ago +7

      Here in Québec people like to whine about our lottery and contest laws that exclude us from most worlwide / North-American contests. Thing is that these laws make it impossible to pull such scams. Companies exclude us from their contests because 8million people isn't worth the hassle of hiring a legal conselor and spending the time to follow our consumer protection rules.

    • Themazeful
      Themazeful 8 months ago +3

      Couldn't just give that one and change the rules after. He had to be a dickhead.

  • Panda
    Panda 8 months ago +348

    The CEO was way too high on himself, being totally cringe, and somewhat an asshole. Sad to see that people like him causes a downfall for so many others.

    • Eric Connor
      Eric Connor 7 months ago +1

      @ThereIsNoCat Most people who have been around know not to trust spivs and charlatans. Greed is not a virtue. It is not drive or ambition.

    • ThereIsNoCat
      ThereIsNoCat 7 months ago +1

      @Cry believe it or not you can be the ceo of a profitable company and not a total asshole. This whole teen angst "eat the reach" mentality is short sighted and almost always promotted by people that have never nor will ever own a business.

    • ThereIsNoCat
      ThereIsNoCat 7 months ago

      Somewhat? Lol. Dude is king of the assholes.

    • Half Insane Outdoor Guy
      Half Insane Outdoor Guy 8 months ago

      Let’s go Brandon.

    • Cry
      Cry 8 months ago +6

      @CuppaKofe Never trust a CEO. Period.

  • Tony C.
    Tony C. 9 months ago +1723

    In this episode, Steve explains why he can't be friends with assholes for professional reasons.

    • morashon
      morashon 8 months ago +1

      @Chicken Mc Nugget nice trolling lol. u gottem

    • Tree's Company
      Tree's Company 8 months ago +2

      @Chicken Mc Nugget you're why I stopped eating at McDonald's

    • Chief Gully
      Chief Gully 8 months ago +1

      @Chicken Mc Nugget shows you never have done business on a professional level.
      Vast majority of people do business and act on professional matter using first names.
      In fact using titles and last names are niche.
      Medical, education, and mil/civil service are the only places I can think of where you are expected to refer to others with anything other than their first name.
      I'm a small contractor for network and sat coms. I'm on a first name bases with multiple large company CEOs CTOs and other high level reps for customer base.
      This dosent mean we are friends. Only that in a professional working relation those people prefere the use of their first name.

    • drebk
      drebk 8 months ago +3

      @Chicken Mc Nugget 🤣🤣🤣 what?
      Dial it back by about 80%

    • Bob Snob
      Bob Snob 8 months ago +10

      @Chicken Mc Nugget What was he supposed to call him? Mr. Gamer's Nexus? I don't see how referring to someone by their name makes you a delusional fan, lol.

  • Doctor Mr. sir Johnny Esq. III

    The PC gaming sphere is so blessed to have so many content creators like LTT, Jay, and GamersNexus that are just honesty looking out for the community.

    • FaithWandering
      FaithWandering 5 months ago +2

      It's really why independent media is SO important across every industry

    • Vizdrom 97
      Vizdrom 97 8 months ago +2

      Also ThioJoe with the Ultra-Geek Guides and Bitwit too with the RGB Software Malware thing.

  • Oliver Cox
    Oliver Cox 8 months ago +78

    "MY company, MY computers", well there is your first issue. There is only one person that works at Artesian builds. The rest are just passing through. Your second issue is, that is INTELS computer. They sponsor you so you don't have to do DISGUSTING things for your company to stay alive, like scam people.

    • William K
      William K 8 months ago +7

      you also forget that these sponsored giveaways will have contracts involved and that pretty much every state has laws regarding both giveaways and advertisement.

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter 9 months ago +35

    Imagine being way behind on your company group chat, finally clearing the backlog and finding out that you're fired

  • dvdv7777
    dvdv7777 8 months ago +48

    Christ, that Noah dude is so incredibly slimy and insufferable, he makes shady used car salesmen look like bastions of honesty and integrity.

  • Ajss321
    Ajss321 9 months ago +4796

    I'd like to point out that Artesian has done nothing to make customers aware of this situation. If you aren't in their discord, following their twitter, or check tech news channels that are covering this, there is no way to know that the company died unless you check for yourself.

    • Brian Prince
      Brian Prince 5 months ago

      @Denali one cannot enlighten that which does not reflect

    • Denali
      Denali 5 months ago

      @Brian Prince oh what’s the reason enlighten us?

    • Seraphina Joyce
      Seraphina Joyce 7 months ago

      @Pushet Either way the fact is that humanity is not the freaking borg and nobody knows the entirety of all human experience all of the time. People can only respond to information that reaches them this was the incident that fell within the sphere of awareness of someone able to boost it to viral levels. This seems more like the classic who you know situation, clearly she attracted at least one follower with massive dissemination potential.

    • Night Motorcycling
      Night Motorcycling 8 months ago

      @Zaihao She only tripped the scale because she whined on social media about it. Last time I checked, countless guys have been turned down for various promotions or partnerships because they didn't seem viable as they had a low following. Then when you have guys asking people like Jayz2Cents for help in getting hardware or whathaveyou in an effort to build up their streaming abilities, they are told they are begging and or whining by the same people defending KiaPiaaa. Double standards and coddling should not be a thing if women want full equality.

    • Zaihao
      Zaihao 8 months ago

      @Night Motorcycling True but in the End she was the one th st tipped the scale.
      And as much as I usually agree - she deserved it.

  • Byakko Media
    Byakko Media 9 months ago +43

    I was one of the Twitch Ambassadors and there was a lot of drama behind the scenes on the private twitter dm group as well.
    If it was "just" the streamer give away, it could have easily be resolved by apologizing and just taking the loss. But there was a lot of drama about treatment of the employments as well, ambassador payouts after referrals~
    Angel, one of the good employees there was always really kind to us, will miss them and I hope you can help some of the employees that just lost their job like that.

    • M L
      M L 8 months ago +2

      @Anaryl people like you always like to play keyboard warrior. But Im sure you wouldnt do anything different

    • Byakko Media
      Byakko Media 8 months ago +6

      We did speak out and we got removed. It's on our Twitter, even before this exploded.
      We are Ambassadors not employees, we spoke out and we got removed, some of us left to show our disdain and no longer support them through social media influence. We did our due diligence. And that was already on mistreatment they did to some employees.
      And thats before the streamer give away rule changing scam.
      And after all this happened, we also used our social media influence to bring it to the attention to the masses. We did more then just a random stranger on the internet saying after what happened that they find it disturbing and or disgusting.
      So no, we aren't complicit and we did everything right. We spoke out, we left, we stopped our support and we rang the bell on all major social platforms. And after the events we continued spreading the word.
      Redirect your anger to the actual company and their management.

    • Anaryl
      Anaryl 8 months ago +1

      So you guys all knew about this stuff before it went down. How can youdistance yourself when complicit

  • Well I'm me
    Well I'm me 8 months ago +23

    This guy is very humble
    I really appreciate his effort to do this kind of work, it’s harsh but I really respect people that put principles over emotions in this kind of topics

  • Taylor
    Taylor 8 months ago +46

    The few clips of Noah that you included in the video make it crystal clear he had no business being in charge of anything, let alone a company. Do people really equate being sleezy with being a leader? Do other people find that kind of character trustworthy or sincere? Confidence without any self-awareness should be an immediate red flag, not something to celebrate. My hope in humanity continues to dwindle.

    • Jaxon Claw
      Jaxon Claw 4 months ago

      That's not the issue. There are plenty of CEO's who appear to be a bit questionable. But when your company makes 3 million a year annually and you're paid well, you keep your mouth shut if it's tolerable. It's called the golden rule. He who has the gold...MAKES THE RULES. And this kid obviously had the gold. Trouble was, like many have speculated and it seemed obvious (my guess is), he was an intelligent sociopath (I estimate around the maturity level of a 14 year old) born into a wealthy family who just didn't have enough experience to keep up with, let alone handle the kind of fast growing company he was involved with. He was obviously more concerned about his own personal image (vanity) above all else which shows when he's on camera. I used to be in broadcasting and I could always tell when someone who was star struck on themselves how they behaved in front of a camera. This guy's message was LOUD AND CLEAR who the boss was, WHO had the POWER, and WHO made the rules of the contest! I've never known a CEO, young or not, that wasn't EXTREMELY reserved and careful about what they say in public. In fact, I'm surprised he made any appearance at all during that live stream. When he did and started shooting his mouth off like a schoolboy, I thought...oh boy he's gonna put his foot in his mouth! Look up some younger geeky videos of Bill Gates CEO of Microsoft back in the 80's when he was just a young man. See the difference??? He may have looked young and stupid but he ALWAYS chose his words CAREFULLY! And what he said always sounded mature and intelligent. Compare that with ArtisianBoy here and you have complete opposites! nuf said. Thanks Steve for stepping in, exposing the truth and assisting with new employment for team members thrown to the curb. I saw what Jayz did too and it was totally awesome that he just immediately counter acted the CEO's Contest switch after drawing the winners name and declaring the winner UNQUALIFIED to win said PC due to the fact that he decided to CHANGE THE RULES AFTER THE WINNER HAD ALREADY BEEN DRAWN ( which would've been a total lawsuit in and of itself by the way). Jayz channel showed a video of him counteracting that action by him driving down to MicroCenter and personally buying all the parts to make her a killer computer system and build it HIMSELF from scratch, then SHIP IT TO HER! So, in the end...she STILL got her FREE computer. NOW THAT....was a cool ending to such a sad...scam....rip off story! Thanks JAY!!!

    • Jrendrag
      Jrendrag 8 months ago +1


  • James Amico
    James Amico 9 months ago +33

    "Extremely Shady" is putting it mildly. I feel for the employees that were left without a job, as this could have been avoided with proper competent leadership at the helm.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal 9 months ago +7

      It reaks of pyramid scheme. "brand ambassedor" is classic for bullshiting pyramid, ponzy scheme.

  • AnimeSunglasses
    AnimeSunglasses 8 months ago +66

    Given how the CEO seems to have made EXACTLY the wrong decision at every point since the drawing, I can only wonder at how many bad decisions before it will soon be revealed.

    • Lay Yard
      Lay Yard 8 months ago

      @Measles! The COO do all the real work and grow the company to much bigger than it was but get rejected when asking for a raise and ofc COO left the company and it went downhill after that

    • AnimeSunglasses
      AnimeSunglasses 8 months ago +1

      @Measles! eh... Yeah, but also... Give a half competent sales rep and an entertaining "face", not hard to have an initial growth spurt. Before the stupidity catches up with them.

    • Measles!
      Measles! 8 months ago +2

      Or how they even managed to get as big as they were in the first place...

  • Adam Steinbacher
    Adam Steinbacher 9 months ago +65

    I've been dealing with a true sociopath in my life for almost 10 years now. This (former) CEO displays all of the same behaviors. They lack the ability to truly sympathize with anyone they've hurt. Truly sad for his employees and customers he's screwed over. Helping his teams find new employment is amazing!

    • juselara02
      juselara02 7 months ago +2

      Yeah, he has a lot of the characteristics of a BPD case: Lack of empathy, detachment from reality, weird mannerisms and voice tone.

    • Winter
      Winter 8 months ago +6

      Psychopathic traits are often found in CEOs, politicians, lawyers, ect. I see it in him as well. Bobby Kodick is one of them. I'm sorry you've had to deal with someone like that, I can't imagine what it must be like. I hope you're doing ok.

    • Ilregard
      Ilregard 8 months ago +2

      Exactly what I was thinking. Really creepy how he dings a lot of the mannerisms.

    • Jay Em
      Jay Em 9 months ago +5

      Textbook case.

  • hazonku
    hazonku 9 months ago +26

    I bet Newegg are pretty stoked they're no longer shit bags of the month. 😂
    As for the interview, yeah, not worth your time or money. Looking forward to you guys doing what you can to help everyone who suddenly lost their jobs.

  • Tuggy Peppa
    Tuggy Peppa 8 months ago +10

    This company couldve EASILY fixed this and got back on track by being upfront admitting selfishness in the most humble of ways and rectifying the situation in a huge way by giving her the dopest pc he's ever built plus $10k or something. Also by getting her connected to people in the streaming industry if she wanted it to help her build her own platform. Obviously going on GN was the perfect platform to pull off a total turnaround. People can forgive when a company is honest and human. Not talking corporate just being humble admitting to your wrongs and being gracious about rectifying the mistake. God this was so salvageable!

  • CoastalLab
    CoastalLab 9 months ago +903

    "sponsored by Intel, thanks Intel"
    meanwhile Intel: "we officially don't know who this guy is"

    • Paul DeHayes
      Paul DeHayes 9 months ago +5

      @Marco Genovesi very, VERY legal department-friendly, but very clear and targeted still. I'm pretty sure that ass-hat's roasting nicely about now.......

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi 9 months ago +24

      Intel did give a public statemen about how this is NOT what they wanted

    • technole
      technole 9 months ago +48

      Very happy Intel gaming went out with a public statement not long after that. That had to be one nail in the coffin. Kicking down streamers while trying to thank sponsor.

    • bjmar13
      bjmar13 9 months ago +67

      Intel: *posts loki "I've never met this man before in my life" meme*

    • volvo09
      volvo09 9 months ago +41

      Intel - no no no! That's not what we wanted! Noooo!

  • Photodave
    Photodave 9 months ago +9

    Even though I'm in my early 50's, I have been a huge fan of GN for a few years now as I greatly appreciate your no BS policies. To you and the entire GN team, keep up the fantastic work and huge kudo's to you as well for trying to help the former employees to find new and definitely better employment.

  • PunisherSpirit
    PunisherSpirit 7 months ago +3

    Loot crate is another company that has done exactly what they've done when they went bankrupt. Most of these Cali based companies are so scummy.

  • MrUppertorso
    MrUppertorso 8 months ago +17

    “Why should we have to obey tax or sweepstakes laws? Can’t you see we are giving away PCs for /free/? (*only valid if you have enough subscribers to afford the PC anyway.)”
    Idk, I think the employees got lucky long term. I think a sudden company death gives the employees some benefits. Firing a certain number of people at once, for example, forces the company to provide severance pay for all lost employees. Probably better than the company slowly leaking air through a series of small but continuous layoffs.

  • Nitrodixx
    Nitrodixx 8 months ago +20

    My heart goes out to the employees who were probably doing something they actually loved under what I can only describe as a clown. I watched a good chunk of the artesian stream and was honestly disgusted. His initial “ambassador” who won literally got shit on because the following that person had wasn’t enough for Katz and it just got worse. Honestly Steve and I mean no additional disrespect to Noah but you really dodged a bullet not taking the interview. Also thank you for trying to do something for those who were just shafted by the CEO

  • JuanMartinez
    JuanMartinez 9 months ago +5616

    Can't imagine their frustration when a little poor streamer "unworthy of their price" took down their whole company haha. Love it !

    • 44.Caliber Brain Surgery
      44.Caliber Brain Surgery 5 months ago

      She was but one piece of the domino effect. They were destined to fail as a company because of that imbecile being in charge.

    • T Greaux
      T Greaux 7 months ago

      Just because a streamer doesnt have a lot of subs doesn't make them "poor" either, most people don't do that as their only source of income.

    • CrazyGaming
      CrazyGaming 7 months ago

      Problem is all those people employed losing their job.. they didnt deserve this. This is the work of an obnoxious CEO (and perhaps a few other leaders? idk). But there is nothing to love about 40-50 passionate people losing the job they loved doing. Noah most likely took a lot of money and ran. He isn't the loser; the ones deserving of being taken down probably got away scot free and with a nice surplus. Nothing to love about this sad situation.

    • ccricers
      ccricers 8 months ago

      This is what's I call an expensive cheap mistake. Something done trying to save a bit of money, but blows up in their face. Similar to what happened with Steve and his Newegg customer experience with the motherboard.

    • Nick Bazin
      Nick Bazin 8 months ago

      Yeah, like wtf do you think a giveaway is for? People who can’t afford to buy your stuff !

  • Antoni
    Antoni 8 months ago +21

    I so respect Steve's position on this.
    Please don't give this guy an interview, his objective will be fame, nothing more.

  • Pankake Music
    Pankake Music 8 months ago +11

    All other things aside, and a lot of this is just generally BAD, when you are the friking CEO OF A COMPANY, it's your job to not just keep the business running AND PART OF THAT is actually looking out for and taking care of your employees. Whether you're about to lay them off or not, you take care of your people. This is just absolutely dispicable

  • Stephen Gilikson
    Stephen Gilikson 9 months ago +7

    Buying some tech can be a nightmare of an experience. I can easily guarantee your collection of videos on youtube has saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you for your incredible work, GN.

  • Drew First
    Drew First 9 months ago +20

    So many companies have weathered worse than this. Just give a 'genuine' apology and promise to do better. Noah's Ego tanked the whole company. Hate to see it but also hate to see a sociopath like this as the CEO. Good luck to all employees.

  • PSL
    PSL 9 months ago +1040

    if a company just drops dead immediately after the CEO has a bit of drama, there is something seriously wrong with its organisational structure.

    • Eric Simpson
      Eric Simpson 8 months ago

      @LOUDcarBOMB - and I am guessing that you aren’t in the top management of any business.
      Just saying what you’re putting forth as some kind of fact ignores the fact that management has the responsibility for 100% of all of the problems facing a business but there would be no jobs, no capital investment, no sales, and ultimately no problems without them - except you’d have no job!
      If the guys running the lunch counter at the Wendy’s could save up to open their own business, have no managers because they are the problem, and run a supply chain and marketing program, then I’ll apologize right away.

    • LOUDcarBOMB
      LOUDcarBOMB 8 months ago

      There are good reasons as to why the management class of a business creates 90% of problems within that business. Hence, most of the bs behind the curtain of Artesian Builds is because of the CEO, the literal top of management.

    • Sosuke Aizen
      Sosuke Aizen 8 months ago

      @Lekhaka Ananta What? Many companies do tax evasion? how was this any special?

    • Torque the prisoner
      Torque the prisoner 8 months ago

      channeling forsk energy

    • Eric Simpson
      Eric Simpson 8 months ago +1

      @Xul - SpaceX maybe, but Tesla being publicly traded and audited makes it pretty difficult to be fail-fodder. If they were taking full payment at the time of order, rather than delivery, I might feel different.

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams 8 months ago +15

    This is a case where a single narcissistic personality brought an entire company crashing down.

  • StrongDreamsWaitHere
    StrongDreamsWaitHere 8 months ago +15

    What really happened is that he hasn’t been paying his taxes, and the giveaway controversy called the FTB’s attention to that fact.

  • Austin Gubala
    Austin Gubala 9 months ago +13

    The fact that Noah took a totally recoverable situation into the death of his company, is so comical. The fact that he allowed his big, douchebag ego to step in, is the real kicker in all of this. I feel terrible for the employees that have lost their jobs and for kiapiaa, because she clearly won the giveaway. Thanks for bringing awareness to this, Steve. You have my full support.

    • waking00one
      waking00one 8 months ago

      @Daily Corvid yes ceos with idiotic egos totally never mismanage companies to fuck and back. Totally.

    • Daily Corvid
      Daily Corvid 8 months ago

      You all believe this wasn't a planned "disaster" then? Ok great. Lol.

    • Schreurs Alain
      Schreurs Alain 8 months ago +2

      @Anthony Bailey I saw that Jayz episode where he built that pc for her. The moment i saw what had happened i just knew Artesian wasn't gonna last for much longer. A so called "CEO" , which is in fact a douchebag, that pulls stupid sh*t like that...bound for disaster.

    • Anthony Bailey
      Anthony Bailey 8 months ago +7

      Well don’t feel too bad for kia twocentsjay built her a computer that is 5x better in every way then the shit Artesian was being greedy with lol

  • Vinciere
    Vinciere 9 months ago +3

    I spent most of this video thinking along the lines of "I wonder if Steve and Jay (due to locations) can help these people potentially get some new employment." When you mentioned gathering their info and trying to help them out I realized the true reason I love Gamers Nexus and why I continue to support and watch. Like you said, there's not much more of a story here, seem like one person had a different plan for a company that was appently doing good work in spite of his efforts. Let him keep chasing streamers and you guys can help out the people who made the company what it was and did the real work. "Thanks Steve" and the team for being a force for good. All of your work is greatly appreciated.

  • Moiz Jafferji
    Moiz Jafferji 9 months ago +1042

    The CEO has mention that his role model is Linus and seeing the way he behaves screams of trying to be like Linus, aka a fun leader that doesn't things too seriously and memeing and so on . The difference is of course that Linus is a professional. While he acts like a goof, it's clear from behind the scenes that Linus takes his job very seriously, has a good grasp on business and so on. Plus he is making sure to take of his community. And this is why Linus is the position that he is today. Sure, I don't doubt that Linus's on screen persona isn't unlike how he is IRL but from what people has told about it, he is very business minded (in a positive way) and that's why he is so respected. Noah Katz attitude and behaviour would never get him on the same level as Linus.

    • Moiz Jafferji
      Moiz Jafferji 7 months ago

      I want to make it clearer to some comments: I never said that he is like Linus, I said that he is trying to BE like Linus and failing miserably. Like he is trying to come across as goofy and charming and instead comes across like as sleazy. And his correspondence with Steve also seems like he is trying to seem more laid-back and fun, because that's what Linus would do in Katz's mind. Expect even in less serious circumstances, I can't even imagine Linus writing like that because nobody would want to work with someone like that if they were writing like that.

    • Lekhaka Ananta
      Lekhaka Ananta 8 months ago

      @Helio Centra How did he turn the "adblock is piracy" into a win? I actually hated Linus for doubling down on the wrong take there, so did I miss his repentance?

    • Airam John Villareal
      Airam John Villareal 8 months ago +1

      Yah... And like, Linus' background is a product manager of NCIX. So he really does have a great experience with corporate/business matters.

    • Michael Pohoreski
      Michael Pohoreski 9 months ago

      @Eddon Bordeaux Linus’ unscripted deep felt talk at 3:33 in his June 2017 _I have some things to Say Core i9 & X299_ Video shows that Linus really cares about tech when he comments on Intel’s reaction to AMD’s Threadripper.
      While Linus is _completely_ out to lunch on ad blocking he understands what consumers want, need, and expect in PCs. He isn’t afraid to call out Intel, AMD or anyone else’s when they have self serving interests. His genuine passion, knowledge, crazy work ethic, morals, and ability to make tech news interesting with insightful commentary is what made him a success.

    • Ryan Powers
      Ryan Powers 9 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus And from a buddy who has worked with him and has nothing but good things to say, *fiercely* protective of his employees.

  • Andrew Bearden
    Andrew Bearden 8 months ago +1

    And there’s the rewoll. Thanks for the amazing content as always Steve. It’s really nice having you and your team out there keep in the industry straight. And it’s especially awesome what you’re doing to try and help the former employees.

  • Lord Whirlin
    Lord Whirlin 9 months ago +4

    I love this investigative content you're producing. You're doing an absolutely amazing job. Keep it up.

  • Kadragon
    Kadragon 9 months ago +20

    The thing is: I understand what Noah was getting at about having different tiers of giveaways and not ever ambassador being eligible for the expensive giveaways. However, make this rule change prior to the giveaway and inform ambassador view email of the change. Make your system only draw from those eligible. Don't draw from the entire pool and then insult and belittle them on stream until you find someone you feel should be eligible. Computers are expensive, but don't lose human decency because you feel someone isn't large enough to earn your computer.

    • Jeremy Dale
      Jeremy Dale 7 months ago +2

      Exactly, you CAN change the rules going forward.
      What is just immoral, unethical, and probably illegal, is changing the rules MID GIVEAWAY. No, once the rules for that specific giveaway are known and you’re already rolling, YOU CAN’T CHANGE THEM! YOY must bite the bullet and wait for the NEXT giveaway.

  • DarkDragonPath
    DarkDragonPath 9 months ago +20

    Steve, I bet you get this often, but god damn bro, keep doing what you do, keep being you, keep being the bright light you are (one of many) in the tech journalism industry!
    You didn't have to reach out and help all these now unemployed Artesian techs, but you are, and I truly hope they find new work. I'm thankful you were able to take a hot story, uncover some truly terrible practices, and get the word out to affected customers... And all that above and beyond getting the story details and ultimately shelving the interview.
    I'd love to shake your hand dude!

  • cypresscustoms
    cypresscustoms 9 months ago +751

    The most interesting interview would be with the former COO from the east coast. Knowing why he stepped away would be interesting. My guess would be that this company was doomed back then at the hand of the CEO.

    • Nadia
      Nadia 8 months ago +1

      If I was the former COO I'd contact a laywer and keep my mouth shut, considering the company's bankrupt and there's the possibility of lawsuits from suppliers and clients

    • ItsProd.
      ItsProd. 9 months ago


    • StrikeWarlock
      StrikeWarlock 9 months ago +1

      My assumption is that he found out the CEO fucked up with their taxes in the CA branch, and that was probably the straw that broke the camel's back

    • James Edwards
      James Edwards 9 months ago +1

      @Ruben Janssen Given the stupidity shown by the CEO I would be shocked if he had the sense to get an NDA.

    • Jaded Cynic
      Jaded Cynic 9 months ago +3

      @Master Jenkins My guess is the COO was doing all the 'real work' to keep the company running and profitable (right down to cutting checks to pay corporate taxes...which WOULD be say the Chief FINANCIAL Officer's job, but looking at the CEO's narcissistic personality, hiring a proper management team was one of the many 'boring grown-up businessperson' skills he needed but lacked) until the stress of managing TWO separate offices - one remotely - got to be too much, and the COO (perhaps goaded by the irresponsible 'let's be internet famous' laissez-faire behaviour of his boss) had enough and left...
      ...which left a egocentric man-child left to do all the 'boring' stuff like cut paychecks and *PAY YOUR STATE TAXES* and manage professional business relationships with parts suppliers, etc. and things rapidly went downhill (which was unnoticed by the public, generally).
      The stream giveaway debacle was unrelated to this (except by having a common source of the CEO's literally irresponsible behaviour), but served to accelerate things, like - hypothetically - if someone decided to light a campfire on the wooden deck of the Titanic after it was clear that the ship was going to sink...

  • Spencer Priest
    Spencer Priest 8 months ago +3

    I just realized that the big font that says "when a company suspends operations it is possible to resume operations if it receives financial assistance" was him trying to get YOU to send him financial assistance. I know that sounds like a stretch, but the fact it comes out of nowhere, and then its followed by "this statement is in no way reflective of blah blah blah" along with the font changes and the fact it comes out of LITERALLY nowhere... He wanted to take advantage of your willingness to help. Thats why he was being so nice to you and why he made that post to his workers saying "we love GN" or whatever, because he knew you'd see it. It's hyper manipulative but I've known people like that before and they never directly ask for shit, they just constantly talk about it in hopes that you'll make an offer so that it will feel like YOUR idea. It's disgusting but its literally playing on someones sympathy, and honestly I'm glad you didn't understand why he put that there, because to someone like him, that probably hurt his pride, knowing that he's not as good as manipulating as he thought, cause those people HATE being called out or not getting their way.

  • Silver
    Silver 8 months ago +23

    The CEO's emails is sending me lmao
    He's just attempting to smooth-talk out of this shit he made. When his pathetic attempts failed, he suddenly went on a "tHiS eMaiL is cOnfiDenTial" on random typefaces to make it look professional (which it didn't, coz he doesn't know what being professional is). He just wants to save his own ass. What a pathetic excuse of a CEO.
    Pretty obvious why the former COO left.

  • GODSPEED|seven
    GODSPEED|seven 9 months ago +4

    For having lived something somewhat similar due to incompetent management.. I sympathize with the employees.
    While it is unfortunate.. sometimes, situations that seem really bad, force us to make changes that are actually for the better.
    I wish those employees find a place with management that cares about its workforce.

  • Justin Stewart
    Justin Stewart 8 months ago +2

    Love seeing people stand up for those bullied and mistreated. Keep up the good work.

  • James Sheard
    James Sheard 9 months ago +4

    this is really heart breaking to watch. you can just see the pain in Stephen's eyes

  • Dan A.
    Dan A. 8 months ago

    I appreciate your professionalism on this episode, Steve. Lots of respect. Cheers.

  • Fokin Kunt
    Fokin Kunt 8 months ago +27

    saw Gundan's coverage, massive props to Gamers Nexus' team for their integrity

  • War Pigs
    War Pigs 9 months ago +1

    Hey Steve, I can definitely see how frustrated you feel. Those employees were just doing their job and trying to make a living. Instead of being appreciated they were mistreated and devalued by an uncaring CEO. I appreciate you looking out for them.
    I think Gamers Nexus, is so successful because you show empathy toward others and make them feel valued, and you and your team are very passionate about progressing tech forward, not stagnating backward.
    I see similar traits in many other successful tech CEOs today like: Linus, Lisa Su, Jensen. I wish all companies were run by people with empathy and passion.

  • Kyle
    Kyle 9 months ago +13

    Imagine a "no following" twitch streamer just absolutely nuking a company into non-existence. This is some shit you couldn't even make up.
    I'm glad that kiapia is getting all the love though and hope that this turns into a golden ticket. So much free press and interest that if utilized can create a very solid career.

    • Nasanieru Lastname
      Nasanieru Lastname 9 months ago

      I’m hoping that kiapia gets multiple offers for a free computer after this. Entirely preventable scenario for Artesian but this is where Katz is at now.

  • Ricardo Penders
    Ricardo Penders 9 months ago +1

    I have great respect for you guys doing that for the employees trying to help them. You are like a big fuzzy bear with a big heart man. 💛💛💛

  • Nordern
    Nordern 8 months ago +3

    So not only did you offer him a chance to maybe restore some credibility to him and the company which he blew, you then also did his job and at least tried to take care of his employees. This channel is really outstanding :)

  • basicfacekick
    basicfacekick 8 months ago +6

    Noah thought he was the bee's freakin' knees there on that stream, wearing his StarLord jacket and mugging for the camera as he was, combing through their giveaway winners to find ways to disqualify them on the fly. I wonder if at any point in the back of his mind his conscience informed him that his company was literally disintegrating as the stream went on. And he perpetrated the entire implosion.

  • Gal Grünfeld
    Gal Grünfeld 9 months ago +387

    Artesian Builds CEO: "we run the competition, we make the rules"
    The US government: "no, *we* make the rules"

    • Long John
      Long John 9 months ago +2

      @Sierra Mike Regulation is the only way to protect the Consumer from scammers and it is income so it should be taxed the same as the income I generate at my business .....

    • darkSorceror
      darkSorceror 9 months ago +6

      State governments: "Here are the rules for how to legally run sweepstakes competitions and raffles"
      Clip-Share commenters: "hahaha federal reserve bank print money go brrrrrrrr"
      Stay classy, dogwhistlers.

    • bappo456
      bappo456 9 months ago +3

      @VitalVampyr sounds like you have never read the book, The Creature From Jekyll Island

    • jep ulis
      jep ulis 9 months ago +2

      Also:"arctic cooling's logo looks nice"

    • VitalVampyr
      VitalVampyr 9 months ago +15

      @bappo456 I think you'll find that the Federal Reserve's mechanisms to control the money supply in a fractional reserve banking system are written in "the rules". Particularly the Federal Reserve Act.
      Also an act of violence is required to be charged with terrorism under US law, so the government won't call you a domestic terrorist for saying really anything. I don't think being publicly ignorant of monetary policy counts as sedition either.

  • SHODAN ツ
    SHODAN ツ 8 months ago +2

    You should also contact and interview the former COO - I'd be interested in hearing his side of events, with an inside view of company operations...

  • Libby
    Libby 8 months ago +1

    Please please keep doing these kinds of videos It’s so awesome when people can use their platform that protects others and isn’t afraid to Not justcall out the bad guys But be be willing to fly thousands of miles to talk to them face-to-face that takes balls

  • Charles Hollingsworth
    Charles Hollingsworth 8 months ago

    I appreciate your professionalism and the integrity that you bring to these videos, Steve and Gamers Nexus! Great content, always look forward to vids from GN!

  • Cyclopean Dystopian
    Cyclopean Dystopian 8 months ago +1

    maaaad respect for being able to keep personal and professional aspects separate. so often in life anymore people are incapable, collusion runs deep in systems you wouldn't ever think would have that kind of fuckery. i always enjoyed your content, but now i know id enjoy you as a human also. props homie, thanks for holding yourself to the standard you know society is supposed to operate on.

  • Weretarantula
    Weretarantula 9 months ago

    Noah seems like such a tool. Thank you for being the righteous arm of karma in the tech industry, GN. Getting to the bottom of these sources is wild to watch unfold

  • BypassMobileHelp
    BypassMobileHelp 8 months ago

    I love that you bring all this professionalism to journalism, you're thoroughness and objectivity should be taught in school

  • Karl Palutke
    Karl Palutke 8 months ago +5

    It sounds like they were investor-funded and never had positive cash flow. That would explain how they could have high order volume but still run out of money really quickly in a disruption. If you investors back out in that situation, you're done.

  • Paul Brooks
    Paul Brooks 5 months ago +1

    The way to see this is-when the COO who was running the organization left-that’s when the company was dead. The CEO clearly didn’t want to just build computers, he wanted to be involved in his absurd hunt for fame.
    There’s clear narcissism in the clips and responses. I have no doubt that the company had longstanding issues that finally lead that person to leave. Someone who’s doing well doesn’t just quit, especially when they can effectively run an entire organization.
    Individual statements also point to someone who cares little for people and is very detached. The refusal to do refunds is illegal if the company has the ability to do them and offers them. It’s a breach of contract, inasmuch as you pointed out an NDA is bidirectional. It’s theft and can be prosecuted as such if not as a form of racketeering. If the company cannot issue refunds, then it’s either in a state of asset seizure or their ability to process credit has been frozen. In either case, operations must be suspended and customers with open purchases notified.
    Usually this leads to bankruptcy filing and establishing how the organization can pay off its debts, including individual refunds. How things proceed from there specifically gets into bankruptcy law and is beyond my knowledge scope.
    Generally speaking, money that is recovered is put into the hands of the creditors with the most important/urgent claims, effectively those who will be impacted the most by the inability of the organization to fulfill its debts. This is where it gets complicated into the realm of people and other creditors making claims, and can be tied up in courts for years.
    I don’t expect they will settle the debts this year,.

  • Grint Coalway
    Grint Coalway 9 months ago +560

    Dude made 50 people lost their jobs in this awful time and he answered it with " :( "
    He treated his employees like disposable pawns. C'mon man, you're not Jeff Bezos.

    • Treble Sketch
      Treble Sketch 9 months ago

      There’s so many people out there who’s trying to be Jeff Bezos, which is quite sad x.x

    • 44R0Ndin
      44R0Ndin 9 months ago

      Actually, IMO he's significantly worse than Bezos, because he doesn't even realize there's the slightest potentiality of a problem with the way he's acting to begin with.
      Mental health is still healthcare, and coming from someone who has more than their fair share of mental issues, this guy needs help.

    • Nairshea Sterling
      Nairshea Sterling 9 months ago

      @Garrett Kajmowicz Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, many people equate management skill and leadership skills with intelligence.

    • den ios
      den ios 9 months ago +2

      @FrozenHaxor assuming the quality of the work is good, that's a very nice deal for sure!

    • FrozenHaxor
      FrozenHaxor 9 months ago +1

      @Meesun My company does a full PC build for $70 incl. tax, with full neatly done cable management, BIOS update, full OS and drivers install and basic configuration for the customer. I think it's a fair price point for the service.

  • MajorDramaYT
    MajorDramaYT 9 months ago +1

    Steve, it’s 2:30 AM EST right now and I have a job interview at 10 A.M., binge watching GN is impossible not to do. You and your team’s journalism, hard work, determination and sheer transparency is unlike anything I’ve seen in some years. I just wanted to drop this comment to do my part in encouraging the GN team to continue to work and keep up the good fight, we all love you guys!

  • Button_ Pusher_
    Button_ Pusher_ 8 months ago

    Your dignity and integrity are refreshing Steve, thank you for being genuine and being a professional in the space, many could learn from you man.

  • Xavier Xerxes
    Xavier Xerxes 8 months ago

    Wow, Steve! Another questionable high-tech scandal you've unearthed. Thanks, again, for working deligently to protect consumers. I appreciate your unquestionable honesty and integrity.

  • BroloPlays
    BroloPlays 9 months ago

    There is no other person I think that could do these interviews. I absolutely love that you are looking out for the PC industry. Keep it up Steve y'all are amazing!!!

  • BigEcrypto
    BigEcrypto 9 months ago

    I love how GN has become so large and is using his position to give justice to customers and even the employees displaced by the stupid actions of an incompetent amd arrogant CEO. This is what its supposed to be like. The world would be a better place with more people like him.

  • MADDOG547
    MADDOG547 9 months ago +1

    Your level of professionalism is unparalleled to anyone I have ever worked with. Keep being you and doing amazing things. I wish there were more Steve's in the world. ❤

  • Juggzy
    Juggzy 8 months ago +2

    Omg just the way he was hypin that up SHOWS how much of a scam that was! If you really have to talk somethin up that much you know there’s somethin sketchy gonna happen.

  • Brian Newton
    Brian Newton 9 months ago

    Love you guys! I’ve really grown to trust you!!! Still hoping you guys dive into Mac computers with your rigorous standard testings that I feel like most don’t do

  • Elc22
    Elc22 9 months ago +682

    Christ, this is one hell of a dumpster fire. From what it seems, the CEO is such a sociopath that he is able to instantly dismantle the entire company and fire 50 people while acting like nothing of consequence happened... Essentially, cutting his losses and running like a coward. What a pathetic waste of oxygen.
    I hope the lawsuits that come after him will leave him penniless and hopeless, as that is the only way a sociopath learns any lessons, via severe consequences.

    • yNotWalk
      yNotWalk 9 months ago

      total patrick bateman, without the fitness

    • Slick Giraffe
      Slick Giraffe 9 months ago

      @Nunya Biz Sure, the work of a rotten, spoiled little boy that unregulated capitalism and corporations enabled.

    • harry bryan
      harry bryan 9 months ago +1

      @Mitchell Barentsen Lack of empathy is a core feature of a sociopath.

    • Chauncey Gardener
      Chauncey Gardener 9 months ago

      It's Steve.

    • John Simon
      John Simon 9 months ago

      @ThatGuyThatDoesStuff being infatuated with getting on the popular streamers radar is just clout chasing. Super rich folks who don't have anything else going for them tend to do that.

  • MisterDeadeye
    MisterDeadeye 9 months ago +1

    I know someone who's been waiting on a build from them for months, and they're highly concerned that the $5k they spent is going down the drain.

  • James Allison
    James Allison 8 months ago

    Appreciate you guys at Gamers Nexus being so thorough and unbias with your reporting. Keep the industry accountable.

  • Ryswick
    Ryswick 9 months ago

    Even though I would absolutely LOVE to watch GN grill Noah with hard-hitting questions and watching him squirm. Ultimately I do believe this is the right move. He does not appear to be someone looking to apologize or to give back to the community in some way. He's looking to platform his lies and possibly throw others under the bus. Big props to GN for this move, those employees deserve to be heard.

  • Ray Ryan
    Ray Ryan 9 months ago +1

    This man is doing God's work.
    Steve IS the tech messiah we need in this age of strife.
    Praise the #PCMasterRace!

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 9 months ago +391

    Lost it at the office reference.
    Also GN is doing some insane stuff lately. These are all amazing. Artesians builds already wanting to take the march spot for disappointment 2022.

    • Jonathan Johnson
      Jonathan Johnson 9 months ago +4

      @exxor9108 Totally agree. It seems like the employees were passionate about PC building, but Noah just wasn't mature enough to be running a business like that.

    • exxor9108
      exxor9108 9 months ago +6

      I think Noah already earned that spot. His former employees don't deserve it, but he sure as hell does.

  • Rath
    Rath 8 months ago +1

    This is a new era of tech journalism. Well done GN

  • Sammyz12
    Sammyz12 9 months ago

    To me, this looks like a chance for the former staff to come together and start their own company together. Obviously that may require some funding, but with how this CEO Noah was handling everything, it seems like the company would have survived and may have gotten even further along without him.

  • Cliff Berry
    Cliff Berry 8 months ago +14

    Just a note from the 15:00 mark where Steve recommends calling your bank and reporting any charge as fraudulent because you would not be getting your build. You should call and initiate a dispute but NOT report fraud. Reporting fraud means you have to get a new card and then they process your transaction as a fraud claim which would be denied (because you did initiate it) and then (if your lucky and depending on the bank) your claim may be shuffled into the disputes team. Call and do a product 'not received dispute' and tell them you cannot resolve it with the merchant because they have no staff to resolve the issue given the layoffs. This will prevent the need for replacing the card and will get your dispute to the right team for resolution.
    Signed - A guy who has been in card operations for 19 years... and has done disputes with both Visa/MasterCard's back end systems.

    • drebk
      drebk 8 months ago +2

      Pro tip right here... should be stickied
      Happened to me once when my gym folded. Visa came through like the mega Champ one would expect they are

  • phat phabio 85
    phat phabio 85 9 months ago

    hey GN love what you doing. and trying to give employment to people who just lost there jobs. you are really good, guy. thanks for great content. ps linux stuff please

  • NeekoPat
    NeekoPat 9 months ago +149

    With all this, as Linus mentioned, the PC community really did turn this into a positive outcome to the best of their ability. With Jay and many others offering to build the winner a PC, your team sending out resumes of the former employees, etc. I'm truly amazed by the wonderful things that this community has done to protect each other.

  • ShortTayo
    ShortTayo 9 months ago

    Great work! Yall are always on top of calling out companies' bs and I'm all for it. Just got my new GamersNexus Mousepad to support

  • Castor
    Castor 9 months ago

    Steve being the genuinely good guy that he is, doing what he can to help the people out that really have not doneanything wrong.
    'Thanks, Steve'.gif

  • Slyguy Triple Z
    Slyguy Triple Z 8 months ago +1

    I can honestly say, I stumbled across your Alienware review (after purchase) and agreed with every thing you said.
    This pops up in my feed and I'm hooked, you're pretty great at what you do. Easy to listen to, you also have, and this is weird to say, a heart, crazy to think that people exist only to cater to themselves, and it's weird to see people worry more about others than themselves these days.
    "Take care of you're people, and your people will take care of you" that's like, rule number one! But you sir, are making it clear that your people, viewers, friends, employees are what your main goal is, and that my friend is some inspiring stuff.
    Thanks for setting the tone.

  • raven
    raven 8 months ago

    Hey Steve i just watched Linus' video about the collapse of Artesian. Huge hats off to you and GN for reaching out to their former employees that had no warning about the company folding and being out of a job. I really appreciate you helping them out in their job search too. You're a great person and your channel is out to help the public. Keep up the great work :)

  • vtx106
    vtx106 8 months ago

    Excellent job Steve!! Found out alot of things I never knew about this shady company. Sorry to hear so many hard working people suffered from one mans lack of... anything other than fame.

  • Who AmI
    Who AmI 9 months ago

    Love the GN interviews! Looking forward to more of them

  • Nerdy Wordy
    Nerdy Wordy 7 months ago +1

    This story needs to be a "how not to do it" module in all business schools.

  • Crayson and Omar
    Crayson and Omar 8 months ago +8

    no genuine empathy from that Noah guy. like some trust fund psychopath who started a company with his dad's money so he could meet streamers, but as soon as it got slightly difficult he immediately canned the whole thing. very much the behavior of someone who wasn't truly invested in the company, and judging winners only by their ability to grow his brand speaks volumes about him as a person.

  • Stinky Goat
    Stinky Goat 9 months ago +279

    I f-ing love that gamers nexus went from being a great IT channel for PC gamers to being not only that but evolving into a channel that actively looks out and advocates for the community. Its so great from a consumer stand point and it also makes for amazing content to watch!

    • Tanzim Kabir
      Tanzim Kabir 8 months ago +2

      They really do play the same part in the PC industry as media in general does for the public. Helps promote the transparency. Really love their work. Straight to the point, no bs, just telling it as it is.

    • 85superHamster
      85superHamster 8 months ago +1

      Yep, the fact that theyre actively trying to improve the entire industry is incredible. Helping the guys that lost their jobs to find new ones is above and beyond.

    • Tamlin
      Tamlin 8 months ago +1

      It's really some hard hitting investigative journalism, Steve has done an amazing job and really impressed me with his level of professionalism thru so many different stories.

    • Anime Janai
      Anime Janai 9 months ago +3

      GN is filling an "ombudsman" niche that was unfilled by anyone else.

  • Mattribute
    Mattribute 4 months ago

    If he had handled it this way:
    “Ah, a small streamer, that’s nice since the smaller streams usually can’t afford great hardware. Congratulations and hope this helps.”
    He would get the good will not just from her stream but from his own.
    Let this be a lesson to you: When someone, maybe a co-worker, says “The boss should not be doing that.” Do not say “It’s a business, its about money.” This guy made a “self interested business decision” and it destroyed his business. So much damage and loss occurs to corporations when they behave poorly “in the interest of the business”.

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab 9 months ago

    It's amazing how just a little bit of backlash can just pull back curtains on INSANE amounts of problems lying beneath

  • David Davies
    David Davies 9 months ago

    There had to be some fundamental underlying issues with the company for it to fold over one relatively minor PR misstep. Sounds to me that it was built on a pile of sand that enabled a small tremor to sink it.

  • Chance Dreamscape
    Chance Dreamscape 8 months ago

    Wow. Thanks for exposing and professionally discussing the downfall of this company. My heart goes out to all of the employees who have become the collateral damage of this needless downfall. In the end though, it seems the PC industry is better off with out this CEO in the mix. The second WOW point in this presentation is you taking time to try to connect the former staff to new jobs. Very commendable.