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Vhagar Screen Time - House of the Dragon (Season 1)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Vhagar Screen Time - House of the Dragon (Season 1)
    I do not claim any Material shown in this video, all the credit goes to Warner Bros. and HBO Max
    0:00 Episode 6
    1:12 Episode 7
    5:55 Episode 10
    7:06 Total Screen Time
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  • Yawg moth
    Yawg moth 3 months ago +1325

    I like how they made it's neck saggy to emphasize it's incredible age and it's status as an elder dragon. A scaly grandmother of the skies.

    • Aaron Overbey
      Aaron Overbey 4 days ago +1

      @loui1228 vhagar was fully grown when aegon the conguerer took westeros, and that was around 130 years before the dance of the dragons. She is most likely 150 years or older in the time of house of the dragon

    • Loui
      Loui 5 days ago +1

      She not old tho, dragons get well over 200 years old and she is like 100

    • Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻
      Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻 19 days ago +1

      Now that you called her an elder dragon, she would definitely count as one in the MH world.

    • Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn
      Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn 22 days ago +1

      How I wish we had dragons today!

  • DontMindMe
    DontMindMe 3 months ago +1782

    I loved how you can see that Vhagar didn’t want to kill Leana. She was sad, and it was very clear

    • Michaella Bannon
      Michaella Bannon 29 days ago +2

      @Hunter Horse HelmsleyEh, debatable. There are plenty of cases of dragons being straight up out of control due to not having completely developed a bond with their rider, like Drogon in the books repeatedly attacking/disregarding Dany’s orders, or Balerion forcibly taking Aerea to Valyria. Some bonds, like those between Sunfyre & Aegon or Caraxes & Daemon, are described to be far more intricate and powerful than those of other riders. Daemon can practically summon Caraxes telepathically (and I won’t delve too deep into the former because of spoilers), but I doubt that same level of connection could be held by most other riders.

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      ​@Sentient Mustache idk, book Aemond sure but show Aemond seems to love her

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      ​@sanjaykarthick s No they didn't. Dragons don't have stronger or weaker bonds with anyone. I know you don't like Aemond but Vhagar sees him the exact same way she saw Laena, Baelon, Visenya and possibly any other rider she had before that.

    • TwirlyLamb
      TwirlyLamb Month ago

      @Pranay Ravi I can’t remember exact reason but not all of them are it’s only been like 3 and I think Danny was the last forever

    • Anthony Victor
      Anthony Victor Month ago +2

      @Pranay Ravi They arent fire proof, but its assumed that blood/dark magic was used to fuse draconic DNA into Targeryens blood line, its one of the reasons why sometimes some babies are born looking like a dragon (Rhaego, son of Daenerys) and (Visenya, daughter of Rhaenyra) they both die prematurely and has some dragon traces. So Daenerys might have these draconic traces and are just not there physically but as skills

  • Sergio Mendoza
    Sergio Mendoza 3 months ago +609

    I really like how Vhagar feels like a Godzilla type monster by comparison to the other dragons. She is absolutely massive and the fact that she flys and can just incinerate whole armies by herself is so exciting and frightening. Can’t wait to see how much they adapt from the rest of fire and blood because vhagar and Aemond do some demon time shit during this war and I’d love to see it adapted one for one.

    • SHOCKWAVE LostPlanet
      SHOCKWAVE LostPlanet 9 hours ago

      @Keith Dont Sweat is the bronze dragon fury biger than vhagar? Because you can se him in last episode

    • Keith Dont Sweat
      Keith Dont Sweat 13 days ago +1

      Mind blowing thing is she's the Second biggest Dragon in the series... Her older brother Balerion the black dread was just biggest😬

    • BreloomSoup
      BreloomSoup 25 days ago +3

      ​@Breno Sobral the cgi is great lmao

    • Tyler Jackson
      Tyler Jackson Month ago +4

      @Breno Sobral dude the cgi is great

    • Samuel Nash
      Samuel Nash Month ago +24

      @Breno Sobral the CGI is fine. Suspension of disbelief is a key element to enjoyment of any media.

  • keriko suzuki 02
    keriko suzuki 02 3 months ago +1296

    Game of Thrones really knows how to make their Dragons have weight and Size in every scene they show up, it's amazing

    • Jack Gould
      Jack Gould 25 days ago

      ​@engasal if dragons existed they would have this body type as it's the most realistic no real vertebrate has six limbs it's impossible as the brain would have to work harder sending signals to all those muscles at the same time.

    • mark dublin
      mark dublin Month ago

      I see wyverns not dragons

    • Whiteshadow041
      Whiteshadow041 2 months ago

      @engasal Well according to George RR Martin wyverns are a different species that are native to a specific area of the world. They don't breathe fire and are a kind of tuned down version of dragons.

    • engasal
      engasal 2 months ago +1

      Shame they don't know the difference between a dragon and a wyvern

    • GeigerCourtier
      GeigerCourtier 2 months ago

      Weight size and absolutely no consideration for physics….

    AIDAN GM 3 months ago +850

    Vhagar kind of is a special dragon for some fans. Her scenes give a kind of glimpse of Balerion the Dread over the course of his life and/or possibly Drogon’s future.

    • Whiteshadow041
      Whiteshadow041 2 months ago +9

      Many fans believe Drogon to be the incarnation of Balerion, so that might be true.

    • Edgar Rojas
      Edgar Rojas 2 months ago +21

      @Thunder Sparky Cannibal is smaller than Balerion, He is just the biggest and oldest of the wild Dragons, but not the biggest of the all dragons.

    • sid somani
      sid somani 2 months ago +12

      @Thunder Sparky i hope we get to see in jon snow sequel if there is one

    • Thunder Sparky
      Thunder Sparky 2 months ago +12

      I think drogon is gonna be much bigger than Balerion , maybe as big as Cannibal

    • A Very Cheesy Potato
      A Very Cheesy Potato 2 months ago +34

      @Ahmet Çağlar KolayThey grow largely in relation to the freedom they are given.
      Drogon is still young by the end of GoT, and flies off alone into the wilderness

  • A C
    A C 2 months ago +142

    What people forget about Vhagar is how cruel she is even compared with other dragons. She chose Aemond with a reasons, they're meant to burn together for real.

    • Jake Gray
      Jake Gray 5 days ago

      ​@Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻 Dragons in the series are depicted far from animals, at least anything we know in many ways. They represent a part of the magical/supernatural aspects of the setting.

    • Tensai Uchiha
      Tensai Uchiha 17 days ago +2

      Caraxes is said to be most aggressive and battle hungry of the dragons

    • Sascha G.
      Sascha G. 18 days ago +8

      ​@Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻 I would definitely call animals like dolphins cruel. It may very well be that they lack the moral code or rather the ability to create one, but their actions are actively harmful to others for their own fun not their survival.
      We can expect the dragons here to be on the rather intelligent side all sources considered.
      But even if not crue, Vhagar would be the equivalent to a fighting dog. Its hard to comtrol those if someone messed up their initially training.

    • Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻
      Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻 19 days ago +3

      I wouldn't call an animal cruel. They're smart, but they can't just say no to their rider as in an old married couple.

    • Aries Hernandez
      Aries Hernandez Month ago +61

      She was a war dragon, so she takes the little teasing aemond was hashing out at arrax and Luke very seriously and would absolutely fly with killing intent while chasing another rider

  • Jakub Lizon
    Jakub Lizon 3 months ago +704

    I like how they have Vhagar doing sinusoidal cycles. She is so big that she needs to dive regularly to get enough air under her wings to create lift.

    • Zeno
      Zeno 15 days ago

      ​@AHardGummyBear this could be true but an animal the size of vhagar is just too big. He would agree. Every type of animal has weight limits. Flying animals cap out fairly small. Even land animals with extreme weight adaptations cap out with argentinasaurus at like 70 to 90 tonnes at the absolute maximum. They have hollow bones and everything. They pump blood through stepping and having pressure in their legs. To have an even larger animal in the sky is implausible and any biologists will say the same.

    • N to the M
      N to the M 20 days ago

      @Gaiusx2 Once again, if people start applying real life physics to praise a fictional creature then I'm gonna point out that there IS nothing to praise *because it's a fictional creature and applying real life physics negates the point.*

    • Gaiusx2
      Gaiusx2 20 days ago +1

      @N to the M You're trying to educate people on how real-world physics would apply to magical creatures? Even in the Song of Ice and Fire Universe, dragons were creatures created by Valyrian blood magic. Their bodies are probsbly made up of stuff we don't have in our world and thus can't explain with our knowledge of physics

  • Calvin M.
    Calvin M. 3 months ago +740

    Till episode 10 I didn't realize how big Vhagar actually is. Compared to other dragons, she is massive.

    • Lucas Costa
      Lucas Costa Month ago

      @Z-man 123 we don't know that for sure. And such a thing would be mentioned

    • Dracarys
      Dracarys 2 months ago +2

      Vhagar parked outside Baratheon Castle 😁

    • Rory Edward
      Rory Edward 2 months ago

      @Z-man 123 Heres the thing: No
      Stop spreading all this b.s and theories/head canon as fact. It's very clearly and explicitly stated that VHAGAR is the oldest and largest dragon IN THE WORLD, followed by VERMITHOR. Until GRRM states otherwise, The Cannibal is not older or larger.

    • Falcøn
      Falcøn 2 months ago

      I mean, to be fair, Arrax is a pretty small dragon anyways, but I see your point.

  • racjonalistka
    racjonalistka 3 months ago +175

    Knowledge that Vhagar was bigger than whole castle complex is quite terrifying.

  • Connor Berohn
    Connor Berohn 3 months ago +276

    It wasn’t till this show that I realized that Drogon was actually small compared to other dragons. Like he may have grown fast and will probably get way bigger, but even from his size in the final episode, he’s smaller than melys, caraxes, vermithor, and possibly seasmoke and vermax, with the closest being Syrax and vermax. And vahgar absolutely dwarfs him, showing how when it came to dragons it was only really his growth rate that made him special. Also when danaerys first flew on Drogon he was smaller than arrax

    • crystal x nightmare crystal
      crystal x nightmare crystal 3 days ago

      In the show Drogon actually looks to be bigger then melys

    • thomas mattam
      thomas mattam 15 days ago

      Drogon grew without chain . so will grew faster than dragons of HoD

    • Nevaeh Aho
      Nevaeh Aho 23 days ago

      Not to mention Drogon grew pretty rapidly for his age. Arrax is the same age as Luke, since he was a cradle egg. In thrones it’s been a few years but to be so big like he was at the end of the show is crazy 😅 He probably feels bigger than he is though

    • N to the M
      N to the M Month ago

      @Mike Lowry Well, clearly you haven't but you do you. ^^

    • Mike Lowry
      Mike Lowry Month ago

      @N to the M that's funny considering I read all the books before I even watched. The series. But your right sir. Good day lol

  • Rbasi
    Rbasi 3 months ago +369

    I love how Vhaegar shakes her head, and you see her chin flapping. I find it utterly adorable, lol.

  • Lisa Plambeck
    Lisa Plambeck 2 months ago +56

    I love how the show never misses an opportunity to remind us just how insanely huge Vhagar actually is.

  • 1998topornik
    1998topornik 2 months ago +89

    Vhagar design is amazing. Her loose skin and sluggish movement excellently emphasize her age and power.

    • Loui
      Loui 5 days ago

      She’s not old. Dragons get well over 200 and she is like 100 in this.

    • Николай Ненов Z
      Николай Ненов Z 10 days ago

      her sluggish movement can also be due to the fact that she is massive

  • C.W.Simpson Productions

    The one change is that I wish Laena and Vhagar had been part of the War of the Stepstones. Having her be the one to blast the troops around Daemon would have been a perfect first appearance for Vhagar, as well as displayed Laena’s skills as a fearless warrior and fleshed out her relationship with Daemon.

    • Apocalypse Drakaina
      Apocalypse Drakaina 12 days ago

      Seasmoke already go that

    • The Realist In The Boot88
      The Realist In The Boot88 Month ago +1

      Meh, Laena wasn't very important to the story during that time. They did it right by giving it to Laenor because he's a big reason the war became inevitable as soon as Viserys passed. Him being a homosexual and shooting blanks is the reason Rhae had to go searching for a "Strong" donor meatsword.

  • Matodin IV
    Matodin IV 3 months ago +239

    It's sad to see Carxes and Vhagar flying together knowing all too well their final faith will be them fighting one another

    • bitterbites
      bitterbites Day ago

      ​@Jordan Newman plus the books of fire and blood already spoiled it especially when you check out animated historys before The Song of Ice and Fire. 😐

    • Jordan Newman
      Jordan Newman 12 days ago +3

      @Samuel Nash It's kind of obvious that they'll fight, though, they're literally on opposite sides of the war and the tension between Aemond and Daemon has been massive.

    • Its Taylor
      Its Taylor Month ago +2


    • Samuel Nash
      Samuel Nash Month ago +10

      Cmon homie at least throw in a spoiler warning somewhere

  • Skylar Gray
    Skylar Gray 3 months ago +93

    The scene where Vhagar was flying above Arrax is truly epic even the sound she made as she flies overhead is reminiscent to the sound of a B-52 made as she flew above the much smaller Arrax

  • Tyler Darnell
    Tyler Darnell 2 months ago +50

    anyone else appreciate that they gave appropriate wingspans to the dragons here?

    • Tanweer Ahmad
      Tanweer Ahmad Month ago +3

      yes, i feel they only did justice to vhagars wings, they gave her massive wings, rest all of the dragons shown in GOT and HOTD have kinda small wings in proportion to thier body

  • Chris Villagomez
    Chris Villagomez Month ago +25

    What did Aemond expect would happen, a dragon bigger and older than all the rest that are alive would understand that he was toying with his nephew and didn't want to kill him?

    • NightWing
      NightWing 2 days ago

      All bets where off I think in Vhagar’s mind when Arrax in a panic hit her, she also fed off Aemond’s emotions some say so that to some is why she didn’t listen to Aemond that

    • Heather R
      Heather R 18 days ago +9

      That’s *exactly* what he thought would happen, yes. He overestimated his control of Vhagar, and severely misunderstood just how savage she actually is having come through a legitimate war. It just further cements that he’s rash & impetuous, and selfish before anything else.

  • Jody Thomas
    Jody Thomas 3 months ago +53

    Caraxes is still my favorite dragon of HOTD so far but Vhagars a close 2nd. I hope they do The Cannibal right, he might end up being my favorite if so.

    • KeaniPolyArtist
      KeaniPolyArtist 2 months ago +6

      I also hope so!! Can't wait to see Sheepstealer too

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    5:56 - THAT is one of my favorite shots in any TV show.
    The SCALE of that thing, you NEVER see stuff like that in TV.

    I AM NERD 14 days ago +6

    It’s so crazy how… even seeing how big she is we still know there was one dragon even bigger. Really hope we get to see Balerion at some point either as a flashback in this show or in another prequel.

  • Captain Valourous
    Captain Valourous Month ago +18

    Arrax: ( Hits Vhagar with Dragon flame )

  • rob sop
    rob sop 11 days ago +4

    never seen a CGI creature that does not speak have so much clearly defined and communicated depth of character. they did amazing work

  • 3N Productions
    3N Productions Month ago +9

    That last *CRUNCH* sound will stay with me as the show goes on.

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis 2 months ago +13

    Vhagar should of had an Emmy nomination. What emotional range! Sadly, now she’s gone into only directing!

  • Rhythm
    Rhythm 3 months ago +232

    Hopefully maybe in he future we will get too see a movie or TV series about the doom of valyria and aegons conquest, I wanna see balerion take the screen as well as seeing a much more younger and in prime vhagar as well as meraxes

    • Sascha G.
      Sascha G. 18 days ago

      Aegons Conquest wouldnt make a good tv series I fear. The biggest battles are all at the start and one dude keeps on winning while his victory becomes a sure thing after the field of fire. Still sad to miss the Black Dread tho.

    • GLD31
      GLD31 Month ago +2

      My thoughts exactly I was super dissapointed when the series started and we heard Balerion was already dead ... I would have loved to see the size of him... because it was said that he would darken a whole city when he flew overhead ... I neeeeed to see it

    • sanjaykarthick s
      sanjaykarthick s 3 months ago +1

      @Ice smallest one
      Meraxes was 90 years older than Vhagar

    • Ice
      Ice 3 months ago +5

      @TheRAH14 Probably.
      It seems Meraxes was older than Vaghar and considering she was bigger than her, I think that could've been plausible.
      Though I commend the Dornish for putting the Targaryens in their place.

    • TheRAH14
      TheRAH14 3 months ago +5

      @Ice I knew what you meant, Vhagar was the smallest of the three during The Conquest. I was just comparing Meraxes and Balerion, like if they were the same age. I thought I read somewhere that Meraxes, if she had lived as long as he did, might have grown bigger than Balerion was when he died

  • Jess
    Jess 3 months ago +209

    That first flight with aemond was Vaghar testing if he would fall

    • Apocalypse Drakaina
      Apocalypse Drakaina 12 days ago


    • The Realist In The Boot88
      The Realist In The Boot88 Month ago +1

      ​@Ally CatBS. He died, the fact is Daemon had to pull off some kamikaze shit to take out his little nephew. Aemond>Daemon

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      @Ally Cat Theories are not evidence. If someone said Euron Greyjoy was actually Ned Stark's grandfather, would that be true? Nettles could be Daemon's lover or protégé or friend. Nothing is confirmed.

    • Ally Cat
      Ally Cat Month ago

      @Hunter Horse Helmsley Nettles read the theories on her

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      @Ally Cat Daemon doesn't have a daughter. There's no way he survived that fall. Even the narrator of the book says it's bollocks.

  • Tiffany Tillman
    Tiffany Tillman 3 months ago +33

    Go back to when Leana was a child walking in the garden with the King and she asked where does "Vhagar" nests?? Fast forward she becomes her rider! I love Easter Eggs in shows.

  • JDFtrains
    JDFtrains 3 months ago +28

    I love how before she starts chasing arrax she almost seems to complain to herself

  • M.A
    M.A  2 months ago +20

    They could never make me hate her.

  • Joshua Kyrgios
    Joshua Kyrgios 3 months ago +34

    Damn Vhagar breathing is like the sound of an engine igniting or something😂

  • Nevaeh Aho
    Nevaeh Aho 23 days ago +5

    Fun fact: While all three of the dragons from the Conquest were alive (Balerion, Meraxes, and Vhagar), Vhagar was the smallest of the three. Obviously she was still a giant and she’s grown a good bit since then but if Meraxes had lived to that old age she likely would’ve been bigger than Vhagar, and of course Balerion was the largest of all… They were huge 😂

    • Jin Sakai
      Jin Sakai 14 days ago

      @B R Vhagar at the time of the dance was almost as big as Balerion during the conquest, Balerion was even larger when he died

    • B R
      B R 16 days ago

      Meraxes was only bigger because she was older, At the time of vhagars death she was almost as big as balerion and she was still around 20 years younger then the age balerion died at

  • Amin Iqbal
    Amin Iqbal Month ago +5

    Imo I think dragons making a new bond isn't about blood magic more than can this guy really fly me?Aemond being tossed around as she shakes her head and yelling as he's trying to hold on is so hilarious 🤣 That connection is made later once they get used to one another and even then a dragon can disobey their rider.

  • Nini 7
    Nini 7 3 months ago +149

    Got more screen time than Harwin Strong

    • Starrysoakedsky
      Starrysoakedsky Month ago +1

      as she should

    • Nini 7
      Nini 7 3 months ago +5

      @passerby he's fine af

    • passerby
      passerby 3 months ago +17

      @Nini 7 a dude that showed up for 2 seconds was your favorite?

    • Nini 7
      Nini 7 3 months ago +12

      Sage Harwin strong was one of my favorite characters in the show, it would have been nice if he got more screen time,before burning in the fire

  • Cerran
    Cerran Day ago +1

    I love the fan theory that Vhagar is essentially senile with age, which would be part of why she decides to kill Arrax despite Aemonds attempts to control her.

  • Danny Patrick
    Danny Patrick 3 months ago +37

    It feels like Caraxes has more screen time but apparently Vhagar is the star of HotD!

  • sarah
    sarah 27 days ago +3

    6:04 undoubtedly one of the most beautiful shots I've seen

  • ♡ 𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞𝕗𝕪𝕣𝕖𝕤 ♡

    They got that old granny look down properly for vhagar

  • Bryce Carroll
    Bryce Carroll 17 days ago +1

    Vhagar’s my favorite dragon in this franchise. She’s like an old she-hulk because she’s big and green.

  • Daydartica 🇲🇽
    Daydartica 🇲🇽 3 months ago +56

    "Visenya, is that you? are we going to burn Dornish people again?"

  • Михаил Топоров

    В 7 серии самый крутой момент с Вхагар! 👍🥰😍🤩😱

  • Boop De Doop
    Boop De Doop 3 months ago +19

    Her tongue has a very tiny fork tip and I find that utterly adorable

    JDNIX 3 months ago +12

    Those ramparts are 35-40 ft high and Vhagar just towers over them.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 3 months ago +5

    I don’t believe for 1 second that all this ropes dangling off vhagar wouldn’t take someone’s eye out.

    • Chels !!!!
      Chels !!!! 2 months ago +1

      You’re right. Aemond’s eye was taken by his nephew, Lucerys.

  • Sock’n’Bop
    Sock’n’Bop 3 months ago +50

    I don’t know why, but the neck/throat looks really cool

    • Daniel Dickson
      Daniel Dickson 3 months ago +18

      It's like the wattles of an elderly human, and after all, Vhagar is a granny by dragon standards.

  • The Nops
    The Nops 3 months ago +42

    That violin drogon vibe they had going for Vhagar before she took of with Aemond

  • Nexus
    Nexus Month ago +3

    she only has more screen time than any other dragon because of how slow she is a literally everything 😂

  • BlackEpyon
    BlackEpyon 3 months ago +15

    For comparison, Vhagar is supposed to have been about 150m in length. That's almost twice the size of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya.

    • S8 the Ninja Warrior
      S8 the Ninja Warrior 3 months ago

      @Daniel Dickson producers always say double their dragons size, Vhagar is around 75 meters long, but she could have a wingspan of 130m - 150m though

    • Daniel Dickson
      Daniel Dickson 3 months ago

      Yeah, I have serious doubts that's more than just hype for publicity. 100m I could accept, but those proportions on screen don't look like 400' to me. But 100m is still at least triple the length of a blue whale, which is plenty friggin' big, especially for a flier. (FWIW I thought the GOT publicity exaggerated Drogon's size, too.)

  • Dumplings
    Dumplings 23 days ago

    Damn, the Targaryens are really OP during their reign.

  • Xian
    Xian Month ago +4

    Araxx:sorry friendly fire
    Vhagar:you chosen death my friend
    Araxx:oh sh-

  • KingSadim
    KingSadim 3 months ago +6

    Wasn't till I got the books that I realised how long dragons live for. Balerion and Vhagar were 1 & 2 during Aegon's conquest and they were old then.

  • Henrique Konradt
    Henrique Konradt 3 months ago +16

    7 minutes was enough to made me fall in love with her

  • Parth Desai
    Parth Desai 3 months ago +17

    The way she shouts dracarys lol 😂

  • Sky_Taranys
    Sky_Taranys 3 months ago +7

    Holy cow, that's a big beast

  • Hera
    Hera 2 months ago +14

    People don’t seem to understand lol yet again. This Dragon belonged to the first Queen of a United 7 Kingdoms. This Dragon aided another Dragon in the conquering of an entire Kingdom. She is a Queen. Made of flesh, blood, and fire.

  • ayush Mukhi
    ayush Mukhi 3 months ago +6

    Vhagar is A380 of Dragons, her flying over Arrax is A380 flying above light jet 🛩️

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones 11 days ago

    If Sean Connery was still alive, this dragon would have a voice

    NO_FUN_ALLOWED 8 hours ago

    This video makes me wanna watch Reign of Fire again lol

  • saksham jain
    saksham jain 2 days ago

    when vhagar served Laena then she and caraxes were like pals. but now, they both are on different sides and maybe face each other in upcoming seasons.

  • Dullahan
    Dullahan 2 months ago +4

    1:40 Love him or hate him, but that would've taken some guts and nuts right there....

    • Math
      Math Month ago

      Seriously even if it was a 10/100% chance to claim Vhagar im sure a lot of people would try without hesitation,including me lol

  • Taylor Bechstein
    Taylor Bechstein Month ago +2

    you can hear Arrax squeak when vhagar bites him awww 😢

  • Dracodracarys 233
    Dracodracarys 233 3 months ago +23

    I wonder if Vhagar's lack of crests and horns and that saggy iguana neck flap are just because she's old, or if she'd always just looked like that?

    • Beth Mulligan
      Beth Mulligan Month ago

      Not to mention she was a war dragon an old one at that vhagar probably had a lot of damage to her over the years.

    • KM
      KM Month ago

      She looks like a komodo dragon. It awesome

    • Littleathquakes
      Littleathquakes 3 months ago +7

      maybe she’s like a north american bison. their horns look tiny but are in fact pretty long but mostly hidden beneath all the layers of meat and fur. and in vhagars case, her being so old and massive, any horn she may have are now completely covered by her own flesh.

    • David Jones
      David Jones 3 months ago +22

      @Daniel Dickson All 3 of Dany's dragons were from the same clutch of eggs, they had the same parents so it makes sense they would resemble each other. The HOTD dragons are from multiple generations, with different parents etc so more variety would be expected.

  • Kale Opter
    Kale Opter 3 months ago +27

    Poor Arrax😪

  • A Jae
    A Jae 2 months ago +6

    Are we thinking that Leana's first experience with Vhagar was like Aemond's?

    • A Jae
      A Jae Month ago +1

      @dracarys 🔥 How so?

    • dracarys 🔥
      dracarys 🔥 Month ago

      It would have more better than aemond

  • msdisco85
    msdisco85 Month ago +2

    7 minutes. Icon queen! Find the Vhagar inside you. Yes, that might be a old saggy monster, but its also a fierce lady who ignores kids and CRUNCHES those who annoy her.

    • Michael Nkomphela
      Michael Nkomphela Month ago

      Poor Arrax, in an attempt to take her eye out he signed his death warrent. Vhagar saw that as disrespectful of her age.

  • richa rai
    richa rai 3 months ago +7

    Vhagar and Vermithor literally looked sexy and dangerous af. I loved these two

    SNARGLBLARGN 3 months ago +7

    The way she shook herself.off in episode 7 leads to believe shed lied dormant for sometime

    • Apocalypse Drakaina
      Apocalypse Drakaina 12 days ago

      @Nikky Dalby WHAT he claimed her AT Laenas funeral

      SNARGLBLARGN Month ago +2

      @Nikky Dalby would you not agree then that a week or so is an amount of "some time"

    • Nikky Dalby
      Nikky Dalby Month ago +1

      Huh? This was at Laena’s funeral - she had been dormant for a very short time. Days. Maybe not even a week.

  • Olivia Brooks
    Olivia Brooks 2 months ago +3

    You can tell that dragon is old old and had seen some things lol

  • kunik61
    kunik61 Month ago +1

    The most iconic granny.

  • Jessie Swaby
    Jessie Swaby 3 months ago +3

    Vhagar is amazing

  • vsGoliath
    vsGoliath 2 months ago +4

    What do you think the calorie intake on a creature that large would be? Especially something that needs to maintain the muscle mass to fly. I bet it would be making snacks out of elephants.

    • Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻
      Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻 19 days ago +2

      Or whales, which would be large enough to sustain kaiju-sized dragons.

    • Zyggy Baranowski
      Zyggy Baranowski 2 months ago +9

      The intake would be baffling. Not even taking into account the fact that dragons couldn't fly because they would be too heavy, an organism as large as Vhagar with such high muscle density would require thousands of pounds of meat every day. This is also not taking into account Vhagar's level of fitness. If Vhagar is getting regular exercise, tens of thousands of pounds would be needed daily.

  • Sau Preißn Madl
    Sau Preißn Madl 3 months ago +3

    I'm still missing the horns and spikes on her ... :')

  • dracarys 🔥
    dracarys 🔥 Month ago +2

    Vhagar is big but caraxes is badass

    • Math
      Math Month ago

      And fast

  • Jacob Niemann
    Jacob Niemann Month ago +1

    The sound Arrax made as he got grabbed

    • Jacob Niemann
      Jacob Niemann 25 days ago +1

      @Kyle Lee yeah he knew it was over 🤣

    • Kyle Lee
      Kyle Lee 25 days ago +1

      the little squeak

  • Τζενη Τσικρα
    Τζενη Τσικρα 3 months ago +17

    The most powerful dragon in the 6 kingdoms... Also the dragon of king Jaehaerys Targaryen...

    • Vaya Ilić
      Vaya Ilić 3 months ago +4

      @Τζενη Τσικρα actually Jaehaerys must knew Vhagar very well, before Laena she was ridden by Baelon the Brave, Jaehaerys 2nd son and father of Daemon and Viserys. Vhagar, Vermithor and Caraxes (who belongs to Aemon Targaryen before Daemon) fight side by side against Dorne.

    • Τζενη Τσικρα
      Τζενη Τσικρα 3 months ago +2

      @MONSTER X ZERO I'm sorry.. I has in my mind that the king Jaehaerys riding vhegar before all that... Cretins from Greece every one 🙏🕉️👑

      MONSTER X ZERO  3 months ago +31

      No, Vermithor was Jaeharys's Dragon, Vhagar belonged to Laena Velaryon before Aemond, and she also belonged to a famous warrior Visenya Targaryens 107 years prior to HotD

  • @Rifty
    @Rifty 2 months ago

    Balerion-Aegon I, Vermithor-Jaherys, Syrax-Rhanyra, Caraxes-Daemon, Drogon-Daenerys, Sunfyre-Aegon II are one of the best bonded dragons.

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      @Math How do you know ? Vhagar loves Aemond the same amount she loved Laena. That's a fact.
      Actually, she may have even loved him more because he is what's she's used to. A tough, ruthless Targaryen warrior.

    • Math
      Math Month ago

      @Hunter Horse Helmsley I know but i meant in the show you can clearly see that Vhagar really loved and cared for Leana and there bond was stronger than the one she now have with Aemond

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      ​@Math No. Vhagar was closer to Visenya or Baelon than Laena

    • Math
      Math Month ago

      I think Vhagar was to Laena just the way she act when she died tells a lot

  • Rhythm
    Rhythm 3 months ago +23

    What's everyone's favorite dragon in the world of Ice and Fire... mines is "The gleaming Sunfyre"

    • dracarys 🔥
      dracarys 🔥 Month ago +1


    • merkikima
      merkikima 2 months ago +2

      Tessarion the blue queen and vhagar

    • Lilian Briot
      Lilian Briot 2 months ago +1

      Syrax and Tessarion

    • Asuna Yuuki
      Asuna Yuuki 3 months ago +1

      Mine is The Queen of all Dragons, and The Red Queen

    • TheRAH14
      TheRAH14 3 months ago +1

      No love for Meleys here? 😕 I think she's gorgeous. I also really like Caraxes...I guess it's the red dragons for me ❤🐉

  • Ayla A
    Ayla A 2 months ago

    05:21 que pasada de dragón qué puta locura

  • Fire bird that heals you

    I'm kinda sad that they made her green instead of bronze, but i guess it was to differenciate her from Vermithor, who is also bronze

    • Fire bird that heals you
      Fire bird that heals you Month ago +1

      @Nando Lorris she is described as being bronze with greenish highlights, but in the show she is mostly green with a gray underbelly, they made her quite ugly

    • Nando Lorris
      Nando Lorris Month ago +2

      She was described as bronze with greenish-blue highlights. In the show she has a tan underbelly and green highlights on top. So it’s still semi-accurate.

  • Pista Eduard
    Pista Eduard 3 months ago +30

    Will you do her screen time in season 2?

  • Da-King
    Da-King 2 months ago +3

    When Aegon was riding the dragon,
    Daemon was riding the queen

  • Herbster41
    Herbster41 2 months ago

    Rubrum Infernus (Draconum) would smoke him.

  • heisenberg
    heisenberg 3 months ago

    More screentime than Mysaria 😂

  • Liam Denise
    Liam Denise 2 months ago +2

    What I feel is interesting is how Vhagar was with her two riders.Leana was his first( after the previous ones), and she had a clear bond, strong enough you see Vhagar hesitate and multiple times have Leana say Dracarys before doing so, and a thing to note is Vhagar stayed there, with the saddle on Leana on, which I see as it mourning her, and not wanting to leave where she died.Aemond gets her as a dragon sure, but you notice Vhagar is far less obedient to him then Leana. Maybe implying that Leana despite not being a Targaryen by blood, was more of a dragon then Aemond.Clear point is how Vhagar is extremely agressive towards Luke's dragon, despite Aemond clearly not wanting this.Vhagar is the last of the three dragons of the conquerer, the oldest, the most experienced and likely trained.But, as a result one has to be strong to tame her, and Aemond is not strong enough in mind to do so.

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley
      Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago

      Aemond is perfect for Vhagar. She became docile under Laena. He reawakened her true nature.

    • Michael Nkomphela
      Michael Nkomphela Month ago

      Lol. In the book he actually kills luc on purpose. No control of Vhagar? She is a vicious killer and bad tempered. That is why she chose Aemond.

  • Melissa Hgd
    Melissa Hgd 3 months ago +1

    Team black but vhagar is still my favorite 🖤

  • A God Io
    A God Io 27 days ago +1

    is it me or does Vhagar mostly prefer women riders? because aemond hardly has any control over her as oppose to Leana and Visenya. Thats just me

    • Apocalypse Drakaina
      Apocalypse Drakaina 12 days ago

      Her and laena had a special bond

    • A God Io
      A God Io 20 days ago

      @Nando Lorris yeah that’s true, I guess Vhagar doesn’t like aemond all that much 🤣🤣cuz to me aemond doesn’t respect Vhagar he only sees her as a weapon so their bond isn’t that great

    • Nando Lorris
      Nando Lorris 20 days ago

      Baelon never had a problem while riding Vhagar

    • Kyle Lee
      Kyle Lee 25 days ago

      hmm maybe

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 3 months ago +4

    Dragon so big it’s its own horizon.

  • jurassic gamer indo
    jurassic gamer indo 3 months ago +35

    I wish balerion still Alive in scene frist in begging eps 1 house of dragon

    • Starfire669
      Starfire669 8 days ago

      @Adsper2000 not necessarily, I believe Balerion was both very old and injured. When Balerion took Aerea to Valyria he came back with huge wounds. I think he died only a few years later.
      While we can argue on if we think the wounds played some part in his death. What I think can’t be argued is that the wounds/scars would have had an impact on his fighting ability. He would not have been easy to take down by any means, and could probably hold his own against any pair of dragons alive during the dance, except Vhagar. That would have been a fight to see, 2 absolutely massive dragons fighting.
      If we ever get a series set in Valyria, I hope we see how massive the dragons could be, since Balerion was said to be small compared to the other royal Valyrian families dragons.

    • Adsper2000
      Adsper2000 3 months ago +1

      Imagine if he made it to the civil war. If Balerion was still alive, whichever side had him during the Dance would have automatically won lmao.

    • Omniscient Sunfish
      Omniscient Sunfish 3 months ago

      ​@Caesar there's gonna be an aegon conquest series??????

    • LilQuincy
      LilQuincy 3 months ago

      @zia me yes

    • zia me
      zia me 3 months ago

      @Caesar really ???

  • Bibin C
    Bibin C 3 months ago +4

    My favourite dragon 💥

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    It's like a blue whale with wings and it's trying to kill you.

    • Math
      Math Month ago

      She's almost as big as Balerion was and he was able to eat a mammouth with one bite,but Vhagar seems to have a smaller head but no dragons so far recorded beats Cannibal,I hope to see him in this serie at some point even a cameo would be awesome

    • Abdul Ghafoor
      Abdul Ghafoor Month ago

      Yup.I don't know why but I want vahgar vs Godzilla 🤣

  • MitchE
    MitchE 2 months ago +1

    I guess his debt is paid😮

  • Fred Harper
    Fred Harper 3 months ago +6

    Vhagar, the double chinned karen of dragons

  • Waya
    Waya 3 months ago +2

    That is a big damn beast

  • Gloria Regali
    Gloria Regali 3 months ago +2

    Caraxes and Vhagar were friends :(

  • Gullimon TV
    Gullimon TV 3 months ago +19

    Daemons dragon looks funny

    • Chels !!!!
      Chels !!!! 2 months ago +1

      That’s because he was deformed. That’s also why he is called the Blood Wyrm.

    • Daniel Dickson
      Daniel Dickson 3 months ago +3

      Certainly one of the most distinctive dragons.

  • A C
    A C 3 months ago +16

    Queen of dragons

  • Торин Дубощит Король под горой

    That dragon is too small. I expected something more.

  • Paxtongrant
    Paxtongrant 18 days ago


  • antonio del toro
    antonio del toro 3 months ago +1

    6:53 can someone explain this part of why these two had beef? was it the humans that had beef, or was it the dragons?

    • Michael Nkomphela
      Michael Nkomphela Month ago

      Well the rider of the big dragon lost his eye by the hand of the rider of the small dragon. Now the young rider never apologized for the maiming. The young rider is to blame because when he arrived at stormhold and saw the big dragon he should have turned around and left. He did not and this happened. Sad and avoidable.

    • Williamjames Hoffer
      Williamjames Hoffer 3 months ago +2

      In the books, it is relatively clear the dragons and their riders share personalities as it were. The rider becomes more dragon like and the dragon takes on the emotional baggage of the rider. It is similar if not the same to what the Starks and Jon Snow had with their direwolves. In the books, Aemond lost his eye to this kid's family and wants vengeance. In the show, Vhagar got pissed and took out Arrax, which killed his rider inadvertently. The real question is why this intrafamily feud has happened at all. See conspiracy theory about the maesters being involved.

    • The Hawk
      The Hawk 3 months ago +4

      I think both. Vhaegar started out by using Aemonds emotions then when Arrax burned her it turned to dragon/animal instinct she was just showing dominance and moat animals don't have compassion when it comes to a fight she just attacked and he died.

    • Daniel Dickson
      Daniel Dickson 3 months ago +17

      While the riders had "beef," I believe Arrax was just frightened, which he had good reason to be. So like any animal his instinct was flight or fight, and flight wasn't working well. But fire to the face just pissed Vhaegar off. Lucerys clearly didn't want Arrax to attack, and Aemond didn't want Vhaegar to kill him. But like Viserys said, control of dragons is an illusion. Their riders have only as much control as the dragons allow them.

    • amith beckham
      amith beckham 3 months ago +7

      its because vhagar wouldn't leave arrax alone so arrax got frustrated and attacked vhagar which made vhagar angry and it killed them both. but the actual beef was btw its riders, Aemond to be precise.

  • sanjaykarthick s
    sanjaykarthick s 3 months ago

    My favourite dragon