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I trusted you ▫️ Wilbur Soot and Grian Animatic

  • Published on Sep 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • MCC25. Somewhere during the break before the fifth game.
    Grian trusted Wilbur to entertain his chat. Wilbur nailed it.
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  • Makzilla
    Makzilla Year ago +1551

    I’ve seen some people asking about links to the original audio so here you go.
    Grian’s POV:
    Persefida cut out a bit of audio with Wilbur talking just to his chat so part of the animatic audio starts at 1:17:40 but the main stuttering bit is at 1:18:23
    And Philza’s as well. clip-share.net/video/-dB5JH5QV8Q/video.html 1:35:00
    Wilbur doesn’t appear to have an official VOD channel, that or I haven’t found it. But
    the scene was after survival games fairly early into the break if you want to find it on an unofficial VOD.

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +67

      Thank you!
      I will pin your comment for a while c:

    • Dumb_m1k0o.
      Dumb_m1k0o. Year ago +6

      Ay ty

    • Makzilla
      Makzilla Year ago +17

      @Persefida thank you! This actually means a lot to me ☺️
      I’ve only been commenting on vids for a very short time and all the interactions I’ve had in this community have been just amazing, much better than I could have ever hoped. I just hope my comment helps some people out.

    • AmethystArt
      AmethystArt Year ago +5

      You legend

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +14

      @Makzilla I'm really glad that you're happy in this community!

  • Evee
    Evee Year ago +3100

    Wilbur crumpling with laughter when Grian comes back is exactly how that went. And Phil just in the crowd trying to help by calling out stuff was perfect. I'm impressed how quickly you got this out too!

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +143

      Animatic speedrun let's gooooo
      Thank you :D

  • DJ Doodles
    DJ Doodles Year ago +2558

    “i trusted you…”
    even better than “i’m not mad, i’m disappointed”

  • Flavia Cocciolo
    Flavia Cocciolo Year ago +2821

    Grian keeps putting his trust in men who will either
    a) destroy everything
    b) crumble under pressure
    c) both things but there's still at least one explosion

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +184

      Haha xD

    • LelinPelin
      LelinPelin Year ago +102

      So...Grian keeps putting his trust in himself. He is the TNT god

    • Iz Thistle
      Iz Thistle Year ago +44

      I’m more and more convinced those two are the same person from different timelines

    • Crown42
      Crown42 9 months ago +5

      @Iz Thistle omg i love this

  • Camtankerous
    Camtankerous Year ago +1604

    Every time he paused/reset his joke and the animation would like. Harsh jump cut made me laugh SO hard, it was the perfect visual representation 😂

  • TorinGalaxy
    TorinGalaxy Year ago +845

    i love the idea of grian being a tired parent leaving his children in the hands of a woefully unprepared babysitter

  • jack
    jack Year ago +525

    wilbur's brain with the little smoke coming out of it as he can't come up with something is one of the many many detail that cracks me up. this is so funny

  • ShatteredRabbit
    ShatteredRabbit Year ago +84

    I absolutely LOVE how Grian always thinks he's the most batshit insane person ever and then he interacts with Wilbur and it dons on him that Wilbur is so much more chaotic (if left in a room together those two would cause so many problems)

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +24

      But Grian has to be PG. And Wilbur is free to say _anything_
      They are chaotic and that's why I love them both so much!!

  • Rei
    Rei Year ago +560

    “I trusted you…
    And-AND I DID MY JOB!!”
    This animatic is insanely good, love the expressions and the movements, loved each frame!! ❤❤

  • nohbbddy
    nohbbddy Year ago +229

    watching this from phil's perspective made this so much better, because you were cracking up at wilbur being all over the place, and trying to not die as you watched phil try not to laugh
    beautiful animation, 10/10, crying once again

  • Binglet Bonglet
    Binglet Bonglet Year ago +113

    He basically became the “have you ever had a dream that you had you too that you know that you could do so much you can do anything?” Kid when he went under pressure

  • Ella
    Ella Year ago +242


  • addy2424
    addy2424 Year ago +102

    i just love supportive dadza in the crowd just blurting out random stuff so Wil doesnt look too bad

  • Makzilla
    Makzilla Year ago +440

    This is amazing! Been watching it on a loop for like ten minutes lol
    Some of my favorite parts:
    Grian looks so tired and smol next to Wilbur, especially tired.
    Wilbur waving Grian away
    Those jump cuts as he’s stuttering
    Phil trying to be helpful
    The loading symbol above his head 🤣
    And the barkeep’s angry eyebrows get me every time
    Wilbur looks so adorable when he says “oop”. Reminds me of a kitten.
    He also looks so proud of himself when his joke is done and then it perfectly pans to Grian who then looms over a melted Wilbur
    As a whole tho it’s all so great. How you portray scenes is what makes you one of my favorite MCYT animatic creators. Thanks so much for making me laugh. As always, I eagerly look forward to what you do next.

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +21

      Awww thank you so so much!!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!

  • DarkMimii
    DarkMimii Year ago +238

    I saw that live from Grians Chat and giggled but seeing it with your animation was 10 times better! Thanks for the laugh

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +22

      I'm glad it made you laugh :D

    • Dying2Survive
      Dying2Survive Year ago +9

      What is this from the last MCC? I couldn’t find Grians perspective

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +13

      @Dying2Survive the VOD links are in pinned comment under the video c:

  • A.4_
    A.4_ Year ago +74

    wilbur: "what would you call"
    "w-what would you call"

  • Jr.
    Jr. Year ago +67

    The disappointment in Grian's voice has priceless! Thanks for this

  • Kris_User7
    Kris_User7 Year ago +100

    He did exactly what he was told

  • Lowouu
    Lowouu Year ago +32

    Phil n the elongating nuns got me 💀 great animatic!!

  • Miriam Hodges
    Miriam Hodges Year ago +56

    I watched Scar's stream for MCC so I didn't see any of these interactions live, but this is just PERFECTION. You've really got expressive body language down to a science, and I absolutely love how how draw hands! Wilbur collapsing against the wall and sweating profusely made me laugh so hard 😂😂 Amazing, as always! 🥰

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +5

      Thank you so much Miriam!!! I'm really happy you enjoyed it! C:

  • Leafcakes_
    Leafcakes_ Year ago +30

    phil in the crowd trying to guess just makes the whole thing, and Grian's utter disappointment, and ohhh i love this

  • Chess Emberson
    Chess Emberson Year ago +91

    xD, the animation makes it even funnier!
    I love how the screen just pans to Grian standing disappointed. "I trusted you!"

  • {OddBall}
    {OddBall} Year ago +25

    Omg this is absolutely amazing!! I was watching Grian and the second he left I was terrified- I used to watch Wilbur for MCC and it was terrifying yet lovely-
    Also I absolutely love that later they bring it up again and Scott’s just so confused- lol
    I love Wilbur I do- but that man-
    (I really wanted silly tired Grian D:)

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +7

      Grian was too tired to be silly. Maybe next time he wont go to German and will be fresh and active! And wont leave his chat with this man xD

  • LibertyDraws
    LibertyDraws Year ago +6

    This animation style is sooo cool! And how’d you do this so fast too?? I love this. you captured everything perfectly :)

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +1

      Thank you!!!
      I usually don't animate so fast.^^' The quality of sketches are not the best. But it works this time and makes things funnier!

  • Lemon
    Lemon Year ago +19

    Someone needs to send this to Wilbur it is amazing

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 10 months ago +11

    Wilbur's stuttering has the same energy as that one meme with the kid going, "What would you do if you could- if you wanted to- if you- if you want-"

  • Beans
    Beans Year ago +51

    Love the animation, I love how paniked Wilbur looks. AND GRIANS EXPRESSIONS 😂
    Good work as always!!

  • TheJadedDragonArts
    TheJadedDragonArts Year ago +16

    Did anyone expect wilbur to do anything else? XD

  • Redkehlchen
    Redkehlchen Year ago +10

    Ohh the notes that Wilbur is holding are such a cool idea! And overall the poses are super expressive!!

  • Lady Bismuth
    Lady Bismuth Year ago +27

    This is the best representation of that moment lmao!!! I am crying 😂

  • Happy Hearts TV
    Happy Hearts TV Year ago +11

    Phil lost the chance to say “stuttering!” When Wilbur actually was stuttering

  • Makzilla
    Makzilla Year ago +43

    I was just thinking earlier today about how you make some of my all-time favorite MCYT animatics and then you release this?!
    I always love the way you portray the scenes in your videos, like the way you have Wilbur stuttering is perfect. 😆

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +3

      Thank you!! I'm happy you like it :D

  • •Avian•
    •Avian• Year ago +17

    I love Phil just shouting random words at wilbur

  • ThatOnePossum
    ThatOnePossum Year ago +22

    I’ll have to remember that, that’s a good joke… lol
    Animatic is epic as usual. :)

  • Anonymous n Lonely
    Anonymous n Lonely Year ago +9

    I was on Grians stream when it was live, it was amazing! Love how smooth the animation was when it panned over to Grian after he got back. Great content :)

  • Harmony
    Harmony 6 months ago +5

    Oh my gosh, I actually physically feel his panic while he was trying to find words

  • Dinali Jayasuriya
    Dinali Jayasuriya 10 months ago +2

    Mannnnn I love everything about this, and I have no idea how you can make Wilbur saying the same thing over and over again and fumbling over his words so entertaining through various facial expressions and body language.

    • Persefida
      Persefida  10 months ago +1

      Hehe thank you!!! I'm glad you like it!

  • Tilde Kahveci
    Tilde Kahveci Year ago +4

    Grian walks in five minutes later with Starbucks to see Wilbur talking about nuns and alcohol. I don't know what he expected

  • Just_Aleksey
    Just_Aleksey Year ago +14

    my GOD i love this so much, your animations are amazing, and i will never get tired of saying it!

  • RixsiWolflover
    RixsiWolflover Year ago +3

    This is friggin gold, it's hilarious
    I laughed so so so darn hard watching this live when Grian just went 'I trusted you' outta nowhere XDDD

  • helenaholland
    helenaholland Year ago +2

    This is so good 🤣 easily one of the funniest clips from MCC, and so well animated! Love it ☺️

  • LaurenIsMeme
    LaurenIsMeme 10 months ago +2

    Wilbur soot trying to come up with a family friendly joke is literally the funniest thing XD

  • Evie 0h
    Evie 0h Year ago +2

    Aw I love this little animatic, well done! It’s actually the first one I’ve clicked and watched for many months, it’s lovely to see this part of the community thriving and being talented as ever

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +1

      Thank you

    • Evie 0h
      Evie 0h Year ago +1

      @Persefida :D it’s nothing! also, after I commented this I sat with my little sister (she’s a big fan of Grian recently, and thinks Will is hilarious in the bits of clean clips I’ve shown her) and she giggled a lot and replayed the video a few times. It was very cute, this animatic is now little sister approved lol!

    • Makzilla
      Makzilla Year ago

      And mom approved too! After watching it a dozen times personally, I showed it to her and she was laughing.
      You wouldn’t happen to have any of those clean clips handy, would you lol? I’m on the lookout for funny ones and they seem to be few and far between.

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +2

      Awww it is so cute!!!!!
      Say Hi to your sister

    • Persefida
      Persefida  Year ago +1

      Hehe mom approved!!! If your mom says it's good, then it is 100% good!

  • Mylittlefox6
    Mylittlefox6 Year ago +3

    I've been wanting something like this since I saw it on grains channel live i was not expecting it to come out this early good job

  • cookie cat
    cookie cat Year ago +7

    Hilarious!!! You've portrayed it SO WELL, I'm crying! XD

  • The DysfunctionalCabinet

    this is way to funny. also the views to likes ratio is immaculate

  • Sofia_
    Sofia_  Year ago +9

    I love every single thing about this!! ITS SO AWESOME

  • CraftyNessi
    CraftyNessi Year ago +7

    “I trusted you”
    “And sir, that was your first mistake.”

  • creatorcoco
    creatorcoco Year ago +5

    That is just-amazing. ✨

  • Ravenwashere1776
    Ravenwashere1776 4 months ago +4

    "Have you ever had a dream where you- when you- where you- and- and you could do anything?" - Wilbur probably

  • SkSkNutella
    SkSkNutella Year ago +2

    This is what happens when you mix non PG people with a PG person.
    and I absolutely love it

  • Leafcakes_
    Leafcakes_ Year ago +3

    persefida i am in love with the movement, the faces..,, everything is so incredible aughhhhh,,, the gestures and expressive movements are so funny !!!!

  • TurpinSoups
    TurpinSoups 9 months ago

    Unhinged Wilbur and Sleep-deprived Grian are such a good combo.

  • I’m Magical
    I’m Magical 6 months ago

    Edit: 0:49 “can we get summmmmmmmmmmmm malcohol”
    I absolutely love how Wilbur’s lineart starts to just disintegrate every time he stumbles over his words

  • EarlyOctober
    EarlyOctober Year ago +3

    I could hear the exact moment when Grian came back into his room about halfway through the nun thing and it's all so weird- That made no sense, I apologise :)

  • TurpinSoups
    TurpinSoups Year ago +3

    This is the perfect representation of what went down during break. XD

  • Rachael Mauck
    Rachael Mauck Year ago +4

    Here I am wondering what Phil's thought process was behind "marshmallow", "swimming" and "artist". XD

  • ★ ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕣 ℂ𝕒𝕗𝕖 ★

    the fact that grian lost 10 thousand people when wilbur was stuttering really shows you something.
    what, i do not know.

  • RainbowSteel
    RainbowSteel Year ago +2

    THIS IS SO GOOD!! You are my favorite animator! Could you do an animation from Scar and Tubbo's stream together sometime? If you don't want to, that's fine.

    • Persefida
      Persefida  11 months ago +2

      I'm happy to hear that!!
      I watched and love that stream too!! Scar and Tubbo are a great duo! I'm not sure what moment I should animate though. I look for moments that look like a mini stories.
      Maybe one day c:

    • TurquoiseSky
      TurquoiseSky 11 months ago

      @Persefida just the spleef attempts?

  • Juliet Williamson-Waggoner

    i didnt realise i had classical music playing so when i turned up my volume to watch this, i thought there was this great dramatic piano in the background, i thought it was really fitting lol

  • OliveOil
    OliveOil 9 months ago

    holy balls, the storyboarding and the movements n expressions are absolutely great, you NEED to do more animatics

    • Persefida
      Persefida  9 months ago

      Thank you! I'll do my best c:

  • Katterwaul
    Katterwaul Year ago +1

    this is HILARIOUS you've brought so much life to an already funny clip

  • FGHNiki
    FGHNiki 8 months ago

    never have I thought this moment could be animated, YET HERE IT IS, an animatic of This Bit in all its glory
    excellent job!

  • Annapotat098
    Annapotat098 4 months ago +2

    wilbur is the part of my brain thats doing the presentation with no preparations
    phil is the part thats just thinking random stuff
    grian is thepart disappointed at how badly i messed up

  • frost .'P
    frost .'P Year ago +3

    that grian pose at the vry end is comedy gold, i love it vry much :D

  • Harmony
    Harmony 6 months ago +1

    I had a moment like this 1:03 yesterday🤣 Ok, so my parents always hug me and my younger sister before we go to bed and my dad and I have this thing where I'll sit on my bed, hold my arms out, plant my heels in the floor, and he pulls me up off my bed into a sort of aggressive hug (It's really fun actually) But this time, he stood a little too far away and I faceplanted into him. I had a small little yelp bc I didn't expect it to happen and then I literally crumpled to the floor, laughing so hard I couldn't breathe (Almost exactly how Wilbur did in this animation). Idk why, but I get weirdly energetic right before I go to bed and I all of a sudden find just about everything hilarious

  • Frozen Ice
    Frozen Ice 2 months ago

    Every time grian is not on his channel or the hermitcraft, we can see his ‘adultness’ and ‘maturenity’ in him.

  • Duckies le duck
    Duckies le duck Year ago +4

    I watched the stream and this made it even funnier.

  • Fliteful Wants Subs
    Fliteful Wants Subs Year ago +2

    Wilbur's got an interesting idea of "doing his job"

  • Vanessa_ 👑🎗️

    Hilarious! 😂😂

  • Ruys Clan
    Ruys Clan 14 days ago

    Every time I say or hear "some alcohol" this plays in my head and giggle uncontrollably

  • ItsDaB
    ItsDaB 9 months ago +1

    I counted and Wilbur tries to start the “what do you call” joke 15 or so times in under a minute!

  • Ekkorukki
    Ekkorukki Year ago +4

    oh this is absolutely hilarious!!!! best representation of that interaction (:

  • Bookish Newt
    Bookish Newt 5 months ago

    Despite the stumble he looks so proud of that joke

  • JMPT
    JMPT Year ago +3

    Very Nice

  • Ace QueenOfTheDeck
    Ace QueenOfTheDeck Month ago +1

    This is like when the teacher picks on you and you completely blank despite knowing the answer 2 seconds ago 😂

  • Hanah C
    Hanah C Year ago +5

    This is perfect.

  • Encomia Inks
    Encomia Inks Year ago +7

    "have- have you ever had a dream where you- where you- um- have to um- where you could- that you could do you so much that you could do anything you wanted?"

  • Moonwatcher
    Moonwatcher 5 months ago +1

    Here let me help him
    Q: Why aren't Artis good doctors?
    A: Because they only know how to draw blood

  • KingMoment
    KingMoment 9 months ago +1

    It should've been
    "aye, you can't have alcohol, you're nuns!"
    And they're like "You're right... We can't have nun!"
    Missed opportunities I tell you, MISSED!

  • squishalex clips
    squishalex clips Year ago +2

    absolutely perfect

  • Sketchy Kitten
    Sketchy Kitten Year ago +2

    I love phil in the crowd 😂

  • Jankcow
    Jankcow Year ago +3

    I'm loving it

  • SlightlyEmbittered Productions

    Two Nuns walk into a bar. They got to the barkeep and ask, "Can we get some Malcohol?"
    And the barkeep goes, "Hang on. You shouldn't be drinking. You're Nuns."
    And they go, "Oh it's not for us. It's for burning sinners." And they left with the alcohol.
    Needless to say, everyone in the bar was very worried, and so they all went to church that Sunday. Just in case.
    And the moral of that story is: Always be careful around arson inclined Nuns.

  • StorytellerForever
    StorytellerForever Year ago +3

    So good 😂

  • alyssa mullan
    alyssa mullan Year ago +1

    Grian was probably listening the whole time

  • Jocelyn Peters
    Jocelyn Peters 9 months ago

    "Have you ever had a dream that
    That you, um, you had, you'll, you would
    You could, you do, you would you want you
    You could do some, you...
    You'll do, you could you, you want
    You want him to do you so much You could do anything?"
    Same energy

  • ThatRandomGuy_YT
    ThatRandomGuy_YT Year ago +3

    When your extrovert friend leaves you alone at a party:

  • BreeNix
    BreeNix 11 months ago +1

    Knowing how pg Grian is, I bet Wilbur was having such a hard time cause the majority of his jokes would be r rated. XD

    • Persefida
      Persefida  11 months ago +1

      Yep! Wilbur said that xD

    • BreeNix
      BreeNix 11 months ago

      I hadn’t even seen the video this clip was from so that was just a lucky guess lol

    • Persefida
      Persefida  11 months ago

      @BreeNix you guessed absolutely right C:

  • Southeast asian dude
    Southeast asian dude 9 months ago

    Wilbur : And I did my job
    You didn't do it well
    He did do it well

  • Flaming Torrent
    Flaming Torrent Year ago +2

    i could hear the sweat in his voice the man was CHOKING XD also short tired king Grian

  • Mayo Jaylaylo
    Mayo Jaylaylo Year ago +3

    *chefs kiss* perfection 👌👌👌

  • The Plade
    The Plade Year ago +5

    "can we get soooommmmmmmmm"
    somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me-

  • Aaisha Ismail
    Aaisha Ismail Year ago +2

    I love this for so many reasons 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Theultimatecookie
    Theultimatecookie Year ago +3

    That was hilarious lol

  • Emero. A. Scythe
    Emero. A. Scythe Year ago +3

    This is amazing XD

  • Violet Ibañez
    Violet Ibañez 7 months ago +1

    I mean out of all the jokes wilbur could have said this is the last worst for grian

  • Watch out I’m an idiot
    Watch out I’m an idiot 9 months ago +1

    "and i did my my job" gotta love that finger

  • Hunting Sunder
    Hunting Sunder Year ago +1

    Oh so this is what happened during the two seconds I wasn't watching the stream! I peace out for two seconds to go to the bathroom and I miss everything good, dang it!

  • ARSP Games
    ARSP Games Year ago +1

    I was like "poor will havin an anxiety attack"