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Respectful Memes

  • Published on Feb 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Respectful Memes
    Check these out or i will cry
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  • VaazkL
    VaazkL  3 months ago +385

    If you enjoy these videos subscribe and like it helps out alot - Kind regards, vaazkL

  • something different
    something different 3 months ago +1212

    The last one was sooo wholesome I mean I can't explain it in my words

  • DaellusKnights
    DaellusKnights 3 months ago +836

    That last one hits hard... but in a good way. I lost my mom a year ago and recently some random lady accidentally called me and opened with "Hey son!"... I told her something similar
    EDIT: i wasn't being specific because it's rather personal but EXACTLY what happened was she said "Hey son! Mommy loves you!" and I completely busted out crying. When I was able to speak again I apologized for scaring her and we ended up talking for about three hours... I now have a new "adopted mom". Much love to Mrs Stacey 😻💖

  • Jona DER Jona
    Jona DER Jona 2 months ago +101

    Broo, people don't realize what that tournament victory meant for Tokushoryu. He knew exactly this was going to be the highest point of his career, what everybody would remember him for in a decade and also his coach died during the tournament and he said later he felt him in the ring with him. The feels.

  • D
    D 2 months ago +214

    That robber is probably the nicest robber ever. Of course, other than the pizza bank robber. Most robbers take and leave, but that dad made sure to know it's for his son and even left a sorry on the note.. respect 🙏
    Edit: Don't hate me for this, but thanks for 54 likes! Highest I ever got.

    • Egg
      Egg 2 months ago +2

      I agree. And by the way, now you have the magical number of likes.

    • Gbs Borges
      Gbs Borges 2 months ago +2

      You are almost at 100 likes now,there's hope for more

    • Jonah.Donohue52
      Jonah.Donohue52 2 months ago +2

      @Gbs Borges 96

    • L
      L Month ago +2

      he's very nice indeed and I hope he could help his kid, but why would a country even make it so that people have to rob pharmacies to heal their kids ? healthcare should be widely avalaible :((

    • Elroy Ivey
      Elroy Ivey Month ago +2

      Time stamp?

  • Caelin
    Caelin 3 months ago +175

    Is anyone else subbed to this dude just because his voice is just so calming?

  • CZghost
    CZghost 2 months ago +35

    The blanket under feet is actually fairly practical. Not because I would be afraid of monsters (why would I), but because it tends to get fairly cold at night and that warms up the space under the blanket. Gotta keep your feet in warmth.

    • Greg Greg
      Greg Greg 2 months ago +1

      im the only person in the world who knows this trick (i checked): but why not fold your blanket in half?

    • alZiiHardstylez
      alZiiHardstylez 2 months ago +6

      Yeah, why would you be afraid of monsters? Pfft. That's just silly, right guys? Haha. Certainly not afraid of any monsters when I go to bed! Haha! Yeah, not me. Mhmm.

    • 0614 Rei
      0614 Rei Month ago

      @Greg Greg I fold my blanket in half, but still do the blanket under feet. idk, it just feels more comfy.

    • Diane Brooks
      Diane Brooks Month ago +1

      ​@alZiiHardstylez totally, dude! Being scared of monsters going after my exposed feet is silly!! Haha ...ha...... But watch out for the green eyed one because its got the longest claws 👀

    • ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂
      ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂ Month ago

      i sleep in a sleepin bag so that i can eat on the bed without itching all night

  • Given Surname
    Given Surname 2 months ago +16

    That last one reminded me of:
    A person texted a message to their deceased loved one, saying they knew the number probably belonged to someone else now but they just really wanted to tell them how much they were missed and hoped Heaven was real.
    The new number holder texted back, "It's snowing here."
    It struck me as a simple but beautiful thing to say - you think how lovely and peaceful a snowfall can be - like Heaven - like it could have been a response from the loved one.
    More touching than "I'm sorry for your loss" you know?

  • Ruski Beluga
    Ruski Beluga 3 months ago +147

    Bros accent makes this so much funnier

    • Xam Draws
      Xam Draws 2 months ago +1

      i just got used to it at this point

    • vilo
      vilo 2 months ago +1

      I’m offended

  • Tight Stream
    Tight Stream 3 months ago +50

    11:03 My cat trusts me so he's fine with me petting his stomach but do it gently. My cats favorite spots are his chin, his back, the base of his tail & his head. Nova is a very sweet cat. Like literally he's as affectionate as a dog. He comes over to you when you call his name & he barely scrachs me. The times where he does scratch me is by accident. Nova is friendly to guests to. He's my little bro to be honest. :)

    • JustZal
      JustZal 2 months ago +2

      one of the proofs cats arent always evil

    • DavidBOSS21
      DavidBOSS21 2 months ago +4

      my cat does not care at all were you pet her. she just loves being petted.

  • RXKL Gamers
    RXKL Gamers 2 months ago +37

    The “Introverts in public walking past someone they’ve known their entire life” at 4:34 yeah i can relate to this ☠️☠️☠️

    • Mr L, Green Thunder
      Mr L, Green Thunder 2 months ago +3

      Same. If I see someone I know, I look away and pretend not to notice them, then act surprised if they see me and talk to me.

    • Gbs Borges
      Gbs Borges 2 months ago +3

      And hope that they don't recognize you

  • Diane Brooks
    Diane Brooks Month ago +3

    To clarify, daisugi isn't trees growing on tip of trees, it's the same tree pruned so the shoots come out a big flat base. It's supposed to be a very fast, efficient and sustainable forestry method. Super cool 😎 🌲

  • Kvasir
    Kvasir 2 months ago +12

    This was a decent meme compilation. Props to you

  • lekiscool
    lekiscool Month ago

    Fun fact: if two sets of Identical twins have kids, those kids are more like siblings than cousins genetically.

  • endys funland
    endys funland 3 months ago +26

    Me 11 minutes in the video: it's wholesome it meant to make you happy
    Me 12 minutes in the video: 😭

  • Mister beast
    Mister beast Month ago +1

    The best friends having the same haircut was so good i thought they were twins

  • Shadow is insane
    Shadow is insane 10 days ago +1

    Every time I draw any random shape I can imagine it as some kind of creature, and sometimes I see random objects that look like something I could turn into an entity
    I need to start taking pictures of the stuff I see and turn it all into drawings. This image gave me the motivation to turn my weird brain images into reality. Everything I see or touch will come to life. I am the new god.

  • TheDragonCatZach
    TheDragonCatZach 2 months ago +1

    9:27 I swear the cat looks so surprised. Like it just realized that it’s their own birthday

  • A cat lol
    A cat lol Month ago +2

    The fact that google earth pictures are mostly taken from cars and trucks shows that this dog could potentially be a super breed of being

  • Builder
    Builder 2 months ago +10

    at 9:20 he is right he is just doing his job

  • Taliah Lewis
    Taliah Lewis 2 months ago +1

    "when you have 2 overdue final projects so it's time to deep clean the sink" 😂

  • MartDartFart
    MartDartFart Month ago

    i feel like when you start dreaming, it lets you know your gonna be woken up at any second now

  • SakuraStarlight
    SakuraStarlight 3 months ago +16

    4:35 You have no idea how much this relates on a personal level

  • epi_c
    epi_c 3 months ago +16

    respectful, wholesome and funny memes. always the best

  • Axolotl cats animation
    Axolotl cats animation 2 months ago +9

    4:07 , I don’t blame that kid 😂

  • Mendoxs_
    Mendoxs_ 2 months ago +2

    6:32 finally, someone who appreciates the moon as much as I do

  • DizzyDots
    DizzyDots 17 days ago

    7:35 this dad just found his sensory euphoria.
    Llama's are dope,
    But alpaca's are wholesome as f

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain Month ago +3

    4:56 How did he pay for the college and how did he survive the time he was out of a job?

  • xXSerpok_259Xx
    xXSerpok_259Xx 2 months ago +7

    Fun Fact: The “Two Dudes Chilling In Open Graves, 5 Feet Apart Cause They’re Not Gay” Is Actually An Art Piece Made By Two Married Gay Guys With A Tunnel Dug Between The Graves So They Could Hold EachOther’s Hand

    • turkle
      turkle Month ago +3

      That's Cute But Why Do You Type Like This

    • xXSerpok_259Xx
      xXSerpok_259Xx Month ago +1

      @turkle Because I Want To.

  • Fonz De Vries
    Fonz De Vries 2 months ago +1

    4:39 if your daughter puts her credit card in your wallet to pay for lunch...
    You're doing something right

  • alpyw
    alpyw 2 months ago +3

    the last one reminded me how as a 9 year old i got lost and started crying and a random dude from the fried potato selling company helped me calm down and find the way home. i hope this lady is happy right now tho

  • Julie S. Nichols
    Julie S. Nichols Month ago +1

    12:28 is amazing I loved this part so much I cried

  • W For Wesley. aka tusino
    W For Wesley. aka tusino 3 months ago +12

    1:53 i respect that man

  • DinoTamer2202
    DinoTamer2202 2 months ago +1

    The dog guarding the bread is the bread winner. He won that bread and no one will take it from him.

  • Cool Doge ツ
    Cool Doge ツ 2 months ago +5

    6:10 also because if food is bad its not their fault lmao

  • AngryGoose
    AngryGoose 3 months ago +5

    Last one is just amazing if I were that mother I would be super happy

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 2 months ago +1

    "My imaginary friend doing parcour to keep me entertained"
    Not sure exactly why, but HOWLED at this!😆😆😆

  • Despare
    Despare Month ago

    5:14 way too relatable and wholesome

  • Tony Tony Flopper
    Tony Tony Flopper 2 months ago +2

    10:29 for some reason the amount of subscribers a Clip-Share has, the more chill/helpful they are.

  • Solitary
    Solitary 2 months ago +5

    i had a cat like nutmeg, he looked like him or her and always looked grumpy for some reason. his name was wingnut. the word nut is too powerful.

  • The Dom
    The Dom Month ago

    That last one gets ya right in the feels.

  • GetYeeted2023Official
    GetYeeted2023Official 2 months ago +1

    Goofy is an absolute UNIT of a father

  • ★Lynn or Lucid★
    ★Lynn or Lucid★ Month ago +2


  • Reo
    Reo 2 months ago

    Imagine both people from the identical twins are trying to cheat and they end up not cheating

  • UsherGT❸
    UsherGT❸ 2 months ago +6

    12:13 That person better had made her their 2nd mom.

  • Sparsh Gongale
    Sparsh Gongale 3 months ago +7

    11:35 And the legacy of King T'Chala is being carried on. Also What an amazing lady she is. Protect her at all costs. W lady. Wakanda Forever Brothers.

  • Leonel
    Leonel 2 months ago

    Man, the last one came out if nowhere, you made me cry in front of my brothers!

  • LerpMcGerk
    LerpMcGerk Month ago

    0:46 the funny thing is that they are considered siblings because their genes are so similar

  • Saiku
    Saiku 3 months ago +15

    Shoutout to whoever named their kid Barrett. That guy definitely played FF7.

    • knopkilapki
      knopkilapki 2 months ago +2

      i think Matt from demolition ranch loves this kid

  • _Cassi_
    _Cassi_ 2 months ago +3

    Those two sets of identical twins that got together and had identical twins are technically all siblings

    • the Neet
      the Neet 2 months ago +2

      It's technically cousin but biologically sibling.

  • ♡ Hannah ♡
    ♡ Hannah ♡ Month ago

    The dog one was actually kind of sad knowing it probably doesn’t have an owner.

  • jidner
    jidner 2 days ago

    10:49 the knight is the most complex piece in terms of visual design. if a chess set is made by hand, it takes years for the manufacturer to master creating the knight, whereas the other pieces are both simple and quite similar to one another.

  • lee leee
    lee leee 2 months ago +4

    11:52 Give this kid a medal of honor

  • ミストMyst
    ミストMyst Month ago

    Respectful Memes is now my new favorite memes, goodbye dark humor

  • alphabet56
    alphabet56 3 months ago +5

    1:55 I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this 😌. I haven’t seen anyone else do this and I felt I was alone. 😅

  • Rikari Ryou
    Rikari Ryou 2 months ago

    The Average Dream lasts 2-3 seconds
    Itachi: Tsukoyoumi

  • GDCookieOOP
    GDCookieOOP 2 months ago

    literally, people that post extremely helpful tutorials need at LEAST 100K subs :)

  • Vwolf 3000
    Vwolf 3000 Month ago

    The imaginary friend doing parkour tho…literally me.

  • {Sol & Luna}
    {Sol & Luna} Month ago

    11:05 every cat I’ve ever owned, is the exact opposite of this chart within my entire lifetime 😂

  • Heimdall
    Heimdall 3 months ago +3

    3:40 its so relatable doe😂

  • tenuk sdn bhd
    tenuk sdn bhd Month ago

    "Kitten Goes To The Beach For The First Time And Can't Stop Smiling"
    The Kitten: OMG This is litter heaven

  • ツJaffa
    ツJaffa 6 days ago

    oh my god i thought no one else ever had that imaginary little person doing parkour over buildings whilst on a long car drive😭

  • Jason Khaleed
    Jason Khaleed 2 months ago +2

    8:18 they need to a break sometimes man they sometimes need time to think of their existance

  • Carolina Westrin
    Carolina Westrin 2 months ago +1

    5:18 For me, that's how it is, but instead of an imaginary freind it's an Archeopteryx (extinct bird from millions of years ago) gliding between trees and stuff.

  • Nah
    Nah 2 months ago

    Had to punch us in the feels for the last one did you?

  • A Goblin
    A Goblin 2 months ago

    Bro, the last one had me in tears 😭

  • Autumn Becker
    Autumn Becker Month ago

    I'm literally convinced that the people making Pet Charts for cats just had sh!t luck with cats lol

  • Katie Saunders
    Katie Saunders Month ago

    3:45. As a diabetic with an insulin pump that has a long tube, I can relate

  • DM_Katy
    DM_Katy 2 months ago

    8:39 I feel this draft on a PERSONAL LEVEL!

  • tatulii
    tatulii 2 months ago +1

    4:05 i was crying from laughter

  • Owen VIsser
    Owen VIsser 3 months ago +3

    The last one was the most wholesome thing I have ever seen

  • Mochi.Puffball
    Mochi.Puffball 2 months ago

    Meanwhile my class legit has a cat that's allowed to freely go in and out of class whenever she liked and was treated like a queen💀😆

  • The Scarlet Emperor
    The Scarlet Emperor 2 months ago +3

    11:06. That's why I use my entire arm, not just two fingers. Works a lot better.

  • Demon666
    Demon666 29 days ago +1

    9:13 it's a hard burden. most people hate you for it and some love you for it. it have to be done. no matter how painfull it is sometimes. everyone cheers when the dictator of a country dies, no one does when a child with cancer does. both have to go anyways.
    just a friend on your last walk.

  • Professor Bacon (Bred Lover)

    0:59 that "chameleon" looks like it’s about to say giggity

  • J.
    J. 13 days ago

    the chess meme is referring to how the knight (horsey) is typically a much more intricately made piece.

  • Anti Furry Speedwagon

    As a tennis player we actually have telecenetic powers

  • mlp madness2
    mlp madness2 2 months ago

    9:01 hit me on a personal level.

  • Roger Minnick
    Roger Minnick 2 months ago

    The art of daisugi reminds me of when I made a tower out of giant brown mushrooms in Minecraft

  • Nub King
    Nub King 2 months ago +2

    10:50 its a chess meme. coz the knights r usually the most detailed piece in every set

  • Rodge Ezekiel Alvarez
    Rodge Ezekiel Alvarez Month ago +1

    i somehow remember each dream i have

  • Fragly
    Fragly Month ago

    Having the wholesome things inbetween the memes fr has me tearing up then laughing then tearing up again 😭😆😭 frfr

  • Jem_Jaqovich
    Jem_Jaqovich 13 days ago

    3:30 when ur limbs go all tingly like ur foot and u cant stand up because putting pressure on ur leg hurts so much

  • Oona Vuorio
    Oona Vuorio 3 months ago +4

    my heart shattered on the last one

  • Sebastian Axdal Østergaard

    The kid that laughed at that picture for six minutes reminds me of me…


    11:09 is even more relatable when you're gaming, brain decided to fire some braincells💀💀

  • DarkStar3000
    DarkStar3000 2 months ago

    These videos seriously have half a personality in them, and I love it.
    I mean the reader, by the way.


    3:27 relatable

  • Ammy Hideyoshi
    Ammy Hideyoshi 2 months ago

    Meme: I love being in my room
    "What does this mean?"
    How to tell me you aren't an introvert without telling me you aren't an introvert. 😅

  • NotNightFury
    NotNightFury 2 months ago +7

    0:50 "Begun the clone war has."

  • Emma Sganga
    Emma Sganga 2 months ago +1

    I would gladly hug the Grim Reaper. 😊

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    My cat falls into the “okay” chart everywhere in her stomach and legs, and the “awesome” chart onto the back, tail, head and chest.

  • Ajunta Pall
    Ajunta Pall 2 months ago +4

    10:21 Greetings from germany. My english teacher doesn't want us to write things like "isn't" or "can't" because it's "informal language". Every single one of them is marked as a mistake. Very frustrating

  • Vasdas Gustav
    Vasdas Gustav 2 months ago

    This is too wholesome

  • Aoderic
    Aoderic Month ago +2

    10:45 Wauw!, so they didn't go to a water planet to shoot those scenes, but did it right her on earth, that's amazing!

  • 𝘉𝘶𝘯𝘯𝘺_𝘟𝘹

    The staring at random objects was so TRUE

  • Squib
    Squib 2 months ago

    9:45 really hits, I’m kinda struggling right now and it made me feel hopeful

  • Emily Gratz
    Emily Gratz 2 months ago +1

    5:14 I'm 18 and I still do this.

  • Oliver Wilson
    Oliver Wilson 3 months ago +1

    Awww the one with the dog is so wholesome😊

  • Oleksandr Byelyenko
    Oleksandr Byelyenko 3 months ago +7

    Well, the last one did make me cry