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Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Rain Forest

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • This was a lot of fun!
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  2 years ago +128380

    Subscribe or I’ll kick you.. no joke

  • maya
    maya 2 years ago +39331

    Challenge: try to survive without Chris for 24 hours

  • Kevin Clements
    Kevin Clements 3 months ago +547

    Chris: *Making shelters*
    Chandler: Look at this little worm :D

  • Fraya Parks
    Fraya Parks 3 months ago +157

    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done for your community and the effort you put in to your videos. You have really inspired me throughout the years and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done.

  • baby blue
    baby blue 3 months ago +99

    I love how Chris is just the survivalist in these videos! 😂😂

    • baby blue
      baby blue Month ago

      @A dude that doesn’t agree Definitley! 😂😂

    • A dude that doesn’t agree
      A dude that doesn’t agree Month ago +1

      And chandler and the rest of the crew are the children of the survivalist

  • XxSoftRoyalxX
    XxSoftRoyalxX Month ago +32

    I love how Chris is practically babysitting them the whole time 💀

  • Hasan 2104
    Hasan 2104 2 years ago +17976

    Chandler didn’t lose the challenge. Actually the Challenge lost Chandler.

  • Meme cat
    Meme cat 3 months ago +84

    Can we just appreciate him for the effort he puts in his videos, and the hard work he does in each of his videos to make them amazing. He is awesome!

  • joshbartlett1988
    joshbartlett1988 Month ago +9

    Funny and fun lol as usual, love you guys and what y’all do for ppl

    IMAGINE 25 days ago +3

    i have mad respects for this man. he does these challenges to give us content to watch. just brilliant

  • The King
    The King 3 months ago +30

    Chandler casually walking in river:
    “Im out of water”

  • bbcarot_217
    bbcarot_217 Year ago +2435

    Chris: The brains
    Chandler: The joker
    Jake: The muscle
    Jimmy: The collector
    Tareq: *The cameraman*

  • Chicken Squad
    Chicken Squad 17 days ago +4

    love these people they risk their lives for us and I have MAD respect for them well done spectacular content! keep it up

  • Shane Coleman
    Shane Coleman Month ago +3

    I'll plant trees for free or help anytime man. love what u do. hopefully half the videos are real lol.

  • Moon the chaos dragon
    Moon the chaos dragon 2 months ago +4

    I mean I’ve been in the middle of nowhere for two months straight but even I know surviving in a rainforest is psychotic…the amount of danger there is unbelievable

  • Xxlourax AestheticxX
    Xxlourax AestheticxX 2 months ago +8

    mr. beast your videos makes me smile

  • Jen Evans
    Jen Evans Year ago +5587

    This channel wouldn't be the same without: Chandler, Chris, and jimmys hat.

  • 100k with no videos
    100k with no videos Month ago +3

    Mrbeast is awesome and Always coming up with new ideas!

    CNBNVB 2 months ago +3

    Chris: Does all the work
    Jimmy: Helps?
    Chandler: Enjoying his own adventure lol

  • Jonothan the lizard
    Jonothan the lizard 3 months ago +3

    MrBeast: half on my bag is fist aid kits, useless
    Chandler: gets poisoned

  • Myste
    Myste 3 months ago +2

    “Chandler, put the machete away.” Chandler: *Throws it at Jimmy.*

  • Tobby
    Tobby Year ago +1869

    Chris is a dad in these challenges. He cares so much about everyone.

  • COSMO!
    COSMO! Day ago +1

    Chandler: “I hope they don’t get bitten by those caterpillars,”
    Me:”I hope they don’t get bitten by a poisonous spider!”

  • Gamingwithhatate
    Gamingwithhatate Day ago +2

    "Literally half of my bag is first aid, useless"
    *Chandler literally got bite by something*

  • kelli mccolley
    kelli mccolley Month ago +2

    I love that you are trying to make a difference!I really appreciate it 😄

  • Ayesha Arif
    Ayesha Arif Month ago +3

    I will FOREVERRR support chandler, he is the root of my heart ❤️

    • Jaimie Goldsmith
      Jaimie Goldsmith 21 hour ago +1

      chandler is the most important person in the videos

  • Yumii
    Yumii Year ago +2457

    MrBeast: “Wow really? Literally half my bag is first aid.... *throws* useless”
    *Chandler gets bitten by something venomous*

  • Daniel Zariczny
    Daniel Zariczny Month ago +1

    Legend has it that that millipede still has a growing family legacy to this day.

  • FIsher Haggerty
    FIsher Haggerty 24 days ago

    We need more story time with chandler 🤣🤣

  • Michael Lettiere
    Michael Lettiere 3 months ago +1

    you know jimmy's getting serous when he puts on his hat

  • ConMan07
    ConMan07 3 months ago +1

    I love how Jimmy is saying dont leave plastic on the ground but there's just plastic bottles on the ground in the background

  • Kayden Uchiha
    Kayden Uchiha Year ago +4560

    People say chandler is useless but he’s the one who makes these videos Interesting

  • FR0gY BoI mC PooP HeAD

    Hardest challenge ever: survive with chandle run the Amazon rainforest for ten days lol

  • Living Unique Outdoors
    Living Unique Outdoors 17 days ago +1

    I'm 2 years late, but I'd truly love to make a difference.. On another note, I love your videos and have been watching them every day lol you're an inspiration, thanks for opening people's eyes and sharing your videos 📹

  • Dillon George
    Dillon George 2 months ago +7

    Beast: “WE HAVE FOOD!”
    (No answer from Chandler)
    Beast: “ *Oh this is serious* “ 🤣

  • Braelyn Garzio
    Braelyn Garzio 3 months ago +1

    I love when Jimmy and Chandler were looking through their bags Jimmy yeeted the first aid and then Chandler got bitten by something poisonous 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Centripetal
    Centripetal 2 years ago +1809

    There is no way Chandler would be alive without MrBeast. I’m convinced.

  • Alastair Davies
    Alastair Davies 3 months ago +1

    Chandler:I LOVE YOU
    Chandler:SAY IT BACK

  • VILL R
    VILL R 3 days ago

    im so happy he is ok :]

  • Damian Dante
    Damian Dante 3 months ago +7

    Literaly half of my back is first aid. Useless
    Chandler got bitten by a venomous insect
    Jimmy: 😅

  • Jake DiMinico
    Jake DiMinico Month ago +1

    Jimmy “First aid useless”
    Chandler “hahaha sure buddy”

  • Wave
    Wave 6 months ago +5665

    Jimmy: First aid is useless.
    Chandler: Gets bit by a poisonous bug.

    • OnePersonYT
      OnePersonYT 24 days ago


    • SockHatAbe
      SockHatAbe Month ago

      @Ezio Auditore All this arguing for something that didn't even happen cause the tap out champ couldn't handle it once again. :P

    • Island shadows
      Island shadows Month ago

      Os duc

  • Nebraska
    Nebraska 2 days ago

    son geniales me encantan tu videos

  • penguin ninja
    penguin ninja 6 days ago

    Chandler:”that is the bee’s wood” Mr. Beast/ Jimmy: *YEETS THE BEE’S WOOD*

  • cheeky :3
    cheeky :3 Month ago +3

    "Everyone's a cityboy. But chris."
    *imagine little chris swinging on fucking trees*

  • Angela
    Angela 3 months ago

    Chris is quite underrated , he's still my favorite tho 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ægon
    Ægon Year ago +1537

    Chris: *Actually realizes the danger of the woods*
    Mr Beast: “We need to draw our anti sea bear circle”

  • SUSSY POO POO 1264
    SUSSY POO POO 1264 2 months ago

    Noises can be deceiving! Jimmy has good hearing! 👂🏻

  • Chara
    Chara  3 months ago

    Legends say jimmy still listens to the ears and gets more water


    MrBeast: “we’re staying in a rainforest for 24 hours”
    Me: Why- just why-.

  • innit to_ winnit
    innit to_ winnit 3 months ago +2

    Jimmy: "i dont want to ruin the eniroment"
    Also Jimmy:
    *plants 30 million trees*

  • S.T.U.M.P
    S.T.U.M.P 2 years ago +3978

    “We have Mac and cheese!!”
    *Chandler doesn’t show up*
    “Wow dude, this is serious.”

  • Hunter Henkel
    Hunter Henkel Month ago

    Chandler was so funny when he smelled the wood

  • julia._
    julia._ Month ago

    Jimmy :"half my bag is first aid, useless. I rather have a donut."
    Chandler : -gets bitten by some random thing-
    Jimmy : "I got my donut..."

  • Jeffrey Latief
    Jeffrey Latief 21 day ago

    Idk why but i always find chris and chantler very funny 😂

  • Brittany Waller
    Brittany Waller Month ago

    I love this vid and I am so addicted to this channel.

  • shawty a baddie
    shawty a baddie 2 years ago +1837

    chandler is me in every situation.
    *always getting hurt*
    *never winning, unless someone helped me win*
    *always getting hurt*
    *and randomly walks off.*

    LILLYZ Month ago

    Chandler can’t even be serious for 4 seconds 💀😆

  • Leina Lassiter
    Leina Lassiter 3 months ago

    “We need to draw our anti- seabear circle” I love it!!!

  • Heather Mumford
    Heather Mumford Month ago +1

    Challenge: survive with chandler telling you what to do

  • Liam’s guitar
    Liam’s guitar 2 months ago +2

    3:36 did any one else notice the elephant shaped rock in the background

  • Goose
    Goose 2 years ago +1603

    Chandler: I’m gona do a challenge!
    Mother Nature: *No*

  • *Silly Cat*
    *Silly Cat* Month ago

    Chris is real survival expert in all of their group

  • Unpigeonable
    Unpigeonable Month ago +1

    Jimmy:stupid first aid
    Chandler:gets poisoned

  • Waffle bruddas32
    Waffle bruddas32 Month ago +1

    Respect for Tyriche (I don’t know how to spell it) he’s the one who went on every adventure

  • Dirt
    Dirt 3 months ago

    Chris:"When you go to the doctor, do you want a really good doctor or a really good surgeon"
    Me: "I want a really good lawyer"

  • Christianexe
    Christianexe 2 years ago +12373

    This first aid kit is taking up half the bag!
    **throws first aid kit**
    Chandler:Gets poisoned

    • Andy Wright
      Andy Wright Year ago

      Mr beast almost killed chandler with ignorance

    • MashGaming
      MashGaming Year ago

      recipe for desaster

    • poop
      poop Year ago +1

      It’s venom but ok

    • Morgan Reading
      Morgan Reading Year ago

      @Jeffrey Lorenz It’s obviously the most important thing. Most important survival things: Water, shelter, First Aid

    • Jeffrey Lorenz
      Jeffrey Lorenz Year ago

      Actually first aid kit is the most important thing you could have

  • Dave Muldoon
    Dave Muldoon 7 days ago

    Challenge: Survive on a house boat for 5 days!

    ㋛SARASVIBEXO㋛ Month ago

    More Adventure time with Chandler please!

  • Matthews Korner
    Matthews Korner 15 days ago

    Jimmy, “we don’t need a medical box” later chandler doesn’t feel good

  • XeigeCraft
    XeigeCraft 3 months ago

    Jimmy: i wonder how chandler doing
    Chandler: hopefully you don't get bit by caterpillars

  • My Mörtling
    My Mörtling 2 years ago +1042

    Jimmy: Who needs first aid anyway?
    Chandler: Gets bitten by something venomous.

  • Hutzz crew
    Hutzz crew 8 days ago

    Jimmy: “chandler we have food… this is serious”

  • AwesomeH2OPurifier
    AwesomeH2OPurifier Month ago

    HAHAHAHA i get you, Wave! Seriously, Jimmy! That AID kit was useful!

  • bunny  🐇
    bunny 🐇 2 months ago +1

    Can we appreciate that they are littarly risking their life just to make videos and entertain us

  • Just James
    Just James 16 days ago

    Jimmy: Chris told us to get sticks
    Chandler: might as well be naked

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 2 years ago +4344

    They should do a challenge where they try to survive in the wild without Chris

  • Jaymend22
    Jaymend22 3 months ago

    Love your videos I watch them 24/7

  • Edin Sandoval
    Edin Sandoval 2 months ago +7

    Surviving 24 hours without anything in a rainforest

  • bmfrouk444
    bmfrouk444 Month ago +1

    I love watching your videos and I subscribe to you on all the devices in my house

  • Jay Mendoqui
    Jay Mendoqui Day ago +2

    that isnt a millipede its a gongoli there are many of them in puerto rico

  • friend bud
    friend bud 2 years ago +1812

    Why is Chandler always so unlucky, getting sick, being bitten, losing all the challenges😔

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson Month ago

    How do you have the machete again???
    Chandler: It just finds it's way into my hand

  • Titus Agee
    Titus Agee 21 day ago

    We want more Adventure Time With Chandler!

  • JonahProGamer
    JonahProGamer 2 months ago +3

    “You listen to the ears you get water” The More You Know🤣😂🤣😅

  • Psy Claugh
    Psy Claugh Month ago

    Chris: Chandler looks food

    NARUTO UZUMAKI Year ago +2504

    People say chandler is useless but he's the one who makes these videos interesting

  • Violet Dziuban
    Violet Dziuban Month ago

    Jimmy: "You listen to the ears your get...water"

  • CriticalGaming
    CriticalGaming Month ago +1

    Jimmy: literally the Merkur is useless
    Chandler gets bit*

  • Adonai Ledezma
    Adonai Ledezma 3 months ago

    That's why Chandler is my favorite

  • Roel angel Sedano quispe

    greetings MrBeast
    from peru, always watching your videos wishing to be one of the winners

  • Viverrn
    Viverrn 6 months ago +2188

    I love how Chandler is just swinging his machete around with joy

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez 2 months ago

    Bro we need more episodes of adventure time with Chandler

  • Mr. Nuems
    Mr. Nuems 2 months ago +3

    5:53 ACTUALLY, he didn't tell you that he loved you Chandler. Its different from telling you that he didn't.

  • Accel Lex
    Accel Lex Month ago

    Chris: I went to boy scouts. *Learned survival skills*
    Me: I was a wolf in boy scouts. *Learned to make a bird house.*

  • rantaros avocado
    rantaros avocado 11 days ago

    Random guy: Chandler what was the best moment in your life?
    Chandler: the cameraman asking me if i want to get food

  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis 2 years ago +5711

    In every challenge why does Chandler either get hurt or lose?

  • Ollie Crampton
    Ollie Crampton 2 months ago +1

    Chandler should’ve used the bug spray

  • Lacy Manley
    Lacy Manley 3 months ago +1

    I love these videos

  • •𝘕𝘦𝘻𝘶𝘬𝘰 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯•

    Bro I love how chandler acts