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HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich (UEFA Women's Champions League 2022-23)

  • Published on Jun 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • A Y Bangz
    A Y Bangz 2 months ago +327

    The assist and the strike for the first goal amazing.

    • Deny Bagus Putra
      Deny Bagus Putra 2 months ago +12

      Arteta ball influence

    • Cpt. Flamer
      Cpt. Flamer 2 months ago +11

      I think the second goal is more impressive, simple action but well executed, just great football craft, first goal looked awesome and the shot was simply amazing, but it was huge defensive mistake, defenders were passive and their positioning were off.

      BLUEPRINT ENTERTAINMENT 2 months ago +2

      Never seen such a goal and creativity ! I am now a fan ! Go Arsena l women

  • Football Hipster TV
    Football Hipster TV 2 months ago +449

    I think the women's game is becoming more and more entertaining, more and more players are becoming more technically skilled and tactically adept each year

    • Jeremy Spoke in
      Jeremy Spoke in 2 months ago +28

      Yeah it’s improved so much technically over last few yrs - slowly starting to become a product that can equal men’s game

    • Amp
      Amp 2 months ago +11

      Also, we've had enough of the BS that goes on in men's football. Now they're going to just coordinate every tournament so that they can please a bunch of rich fans.

    • Ryan Fonkou
      Ryan Fonkou 2 months ago

      ​@Amp You think women aint the same😂😂 who think pays for all the big tournaments

    • Trevor Saunders
      Trevor Saunders 2 months ago +6

      ​@Amp The Women pretty much copy exactly what the Men do. from how they celebrate a goal to even diving and feigning injury. It's unfortunately all part of the game these days.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    it was the my first watching women's football . I can't express how much excited i was while watching this. The girls are playing splendidly. I am going to watch more of women's football from now on.. i really think that girl's teams are very talented ❤❤😊😊

    • Shaun Sowter
      Shaun Sowter 2 months ago +10

      Theres a lot of hate for the womens game and i cant understand it.

    • England wfc
      England wfc 2 months ago +6

      warms my heart when people complement womens football, thank you

    • Pius Okwu
      Pius Okwu 2 months ago

      I also started watching earlier this season, and got hooked. Now i dont miss any arsenal game, both men and women.

    • Eavy Eavy
      Eavy Eavy Month ago

      @Shaun Sowter that was bot comment

    • Shaun Sowter
      Shaun Sowter 29 days ago

      @Eavy Eavy why?

  • Bård
    Bård 2 months ago +305

    Frida, Martin, Arsenal. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
    It sure is fun being a Norwegian Arsenal fan these days

    • Tania Rusli
      Tania Rusli 2 months ago +9

      they could be our player of the season.

    • BLAST
      BLAST 2 months ago +5

      Ofc. We have the best Norwegians in the Top flights.

    • Anna
      Anna Month ago

      Norwegian ballers for real

  • Alan Mac
    Alan Mac 2 months ago +99

    Speaking as a Rangers-supporting Glaswegian I absolutely love the Arsenal burdz. They played magnificently tonight. My only issue is that it should have been 4 or 5 before HT.

  • Röbìn Drãgûnöv
    Röbìn Drãgûnöv 2 months ago +65

    Caitlin Foord is the best example of hardworking player and never give up.. she run, dribble & tackle for 97 minutes non stop.. its a huge lost for us when Mead & Miedema injured.. but Foord step up and leading our attacking line with ruthless.. she never watch the screen after missing chances.. because her mission is to score goals for the team and not for her own popularity.. she is very focus..

  • Tou Liang Chang
    Tou Liang Chang 2 months ago +59

    Finally, an Arsenal team that can beat Bayern Munich! Let's hope the men's team can do the same next season in the Champions League!

    • Dominic Yoya Kabinga
      Dominic Yoya Kabinga 2 months ago +5

      They will.

    • Adi
      Adi 2 months ago +2

      Amin.. they will

    • h4sty
      h4sty 15 days ago

      @Dominic Yoya Kabinga 10-2 does that ring a bell

  • Mr Trendiest
    Mr Trendiest Month ago

    what a game! The highlights of Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich in the UEFA Women's Champions League were truly thrilling. The skill, determination, and athleticism on display from both teams were nothing short of incredible.

  • Nature Nick UK
    Nature Nick UK 2 months ago +31

    Wow that 1st goal really was spectacular. The build up and then the screamer 😱. Women's football is improving more and more by the week and it's definitely entertaining watching the top teams. Well done girls! COYG ❤

  • Aziz AFC
    Aziz AFC 2 months ago +52

    What a goal! The passing and the shot, wow 👏👏

  • GojO Nissan
    GojO Nissan 2 months ago +32

    what a beautiful game... arsenal played so well tactically.. all those one passes!!! insane!!! what a great win!

    • Lama
      Lama 2 months ago

      not a single chance..

    • Andrew Blacker
      Andrew Blacker 2 months ago

      Isn't it a joy to see when the game is played well?

    • Lama
      Lama 2 months ago

      @Andrew Blacker as an arsenal fan. for sure 😅

  • Andrew Blacker
    Andrew Blacker 2 months ago +155

    Arsenal was on the gas pedal.
    Strong effort paid off!
    But the injuries to McCabe and Little might be a problem.

    • Rosa Dulanto
      Rosa Dulanto 2 months ago +2

      McCabe is injured? 😮

    • Andrew Blacker
      Andrew Blacker 2 months ago +2

      @Rosa Dulanto her left foot.
      Both girls swinging to kick a 50-50 ball collided feet.
      McCabe is getting scans Thursday morning.
      Early word after the game last night indicated pain in her metatarsals (the long bones in the top of the foot.)

  • abiodun odeleye
    abiodun odeleye 2 months ago +9

    Was impressed by our women. Showed a lot of heart and grit. I was so invested watching the game, felt like watching our men play.

  • Karine Prusalyan
    Karine Prusalyan 2 months ago +20

    The first goal was one of the most beautifully crafted goals ive seen❤

    • patrick forde
      patrick forde 2 months ago

      🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂 Even Messi couldn't do that .

    • Adithya A.S.
      Adithya A.S. 2 months ago

      ​​@patrick forde Bruh what have u seen Messi play lol, if u compared with other players I would have not been bothered, but Messi the greatest player of our generation, how delusional can u be 😂

    • patrick forde
      patrick forde 2 months ago +1

      @Adithya A.S. Where did you learn your spelling and grammar ??

  • Football Hipster TV
    Football Hipster TV 2 months ago +66

    Congrats to Arsenal, would love to see how they do against Barcelona.

    • Prediction
      Prediction 2 months ago

      Honestly think Lyon are the only team with Barcelona better than us. We have a great chance of getting to the final

    • Lindokuhle Ngcamu
      Lindokuhle Ngcamu 2 months ago

      Don't forget Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg will make lightwork of PSG today

    • La Miz
      La Miz 2 months ago +1

      everyone is forgetting wolfsburg because Wolfsburg is not a big team Men team. But just like last year, Wolfsburg will kick you out of the UWCL.

    • Achilles Glacia
      Achilles Glacia 2 months ago +1

      They're not gonna see the ball against barca

    • Bård
      Bård 2 months ago

      ​@Achilles Glacia Remember when Barca lost to Bayern in Munchen in the group stage? Remember when Barca lost to Lyon in the CL final? Remember who Arsenal trashed in Lyon? Remember who Arsenal dominated yesterday?
      No, if these two end up meeting each other in the final, there is no clear favourite. That is true no matter who ends up there, actually. Barca rarely meet the top teams from the three other top leagues. When they do, they've lost just as often as they've won.

  • Lima Jaya
    Lima Jaya 2 months ago +38

    COYG!! Explosive first half! Amazing atmosphere at Emirates 😍

  • Aabhaas Kalia
    Aabhaas Kalia 2 months ago +2

    This is football- beautiful!!! We need longer highlights for the men’s team too. Arsenal, you are a gift that Jee on giving!!!

  • hello hello
    hello hello 2 months ago +30

    That first goal was a stunner

  • Sule Jr
    Sule Jr 2 months ago +5

    What a dominance I didn't see our keeper on action 😅😅the coach deserves credit 🤝💯❤️

  • Röbìn Drãgûnöv
    Röbìn Drãgûnöv 2 months ago +14

    Im shocked Pelova has a fantastic dribbling skills and ball control.. she calmly control the game and create chances.. im happy with this signing..

  • AL Rockman
    AL Rockman 2 months ago +37

    totally brilliant from Arsenal ladies, its a pity the stadium wasnt full as it would have been an amazing atmosphere, well done ladies

    • LSaunders
      LSaunders 2 months ago +3

      Attendance was by far the highest ever for a WCL game in England. Obviously more would be better, but it's rapidly going in the right direction.
      Outside of men's football, there aren't many sports in England that can get 20k for an 8pm club game on a rainy Wednesday

    • AL Rockman
      AL Rockman 2 months ago +2

      @LSaunders yeah your right & it'll be a great morale boost for the team to play in front of that many fans

    • A
      A 2 months ago

      Looks like that might have been the away stand too?

  • Theodore jesse Omonode
    Theodore jesse Omonode 2 months ago +3

    The first goal was a master piece. One touch, goal. Beautiful.

    ESSENCE CORRECT 2 months ago +12

    Arsenal dominant performance but we should have scored atleast 6 goals with the chances we created

  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago +13

    This is Arsenal without Mead and Miedema as well! Also lost Little early on. What a performance

  • Francis Jinadu
    Francis Jinadu 2 months ago +29

    We could have scored 7 goals. Very impressive indeed.

  • Hræfn Cyng
    Hræfn Cyng 2 months ago +7

    Congratulations Arsenal on reaching the Semi Finals of the Champions League. On course to win their 2nd title. PSG or Wolfsburg awaits in what will be an exciting tie. 20K is decent, hopefully 40k+ for the next one. Hope Little and McCabe are ok. Maanum with an absolutely stunning strike, Leah’s flick to set up the goal was filthy.

    • NaijaGerd
      NaijaGerd 2 months ago

      Exactly, hoping for 40k+ against Wolfsburg.

  • Donald Donald M. Zink
    Donald Donald M. Zink 2 months ago

    what a beautiful game! arsenal played so well tactically. insane! great win!

  • Arthur Silva
    Arthur Silva 2 months ago +4

    Amo assistir partidas quando Bayern está em campo, independente se for o time feminino ou masculino. I love you beyern münchen.

  • Pete Mills
    Pete Mills 2 months ago +1

    Women’s football has come so far in such a short period of time. Great to watch, technically smart and a first goal that the men’s Prem would be proud of. Sponsors buy a ticket they’re worth it 👏🏻👏🏻👍🎉🏆

  • Paul Peart-Smith
    Paul Peart-Smith 2 months ago +2

    Tactically perfect football. What a performance!

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 2 months ago +16

    That first yellow was one of the softest cards ive ever seen

    • Amaechi Obiechina
      Amaechi Obiechina 2 months ago +11

      The Refrees on both 2 legs are fraud! They are not qualified to officiate in ds game of high magnitude at all

    • LSaunders
      LSaunders 2 months ago +1

      The refereeing was pretty weird in this game. But fortunately there weren't any "big decisions" that could have swung the fixture

  • Manoj Patankar
    Manoj Patankar 2 months ago

    Pelova, Frida and Catley were just electric! every time they had the ball they made things happen! wonderfull game..

  • aeucn usio
    aeucn usio 2 months ago

    What a dominance I didn't see our keeper on action the coach deserves credit

  • Tobi O
    Tobi O 2 months ago +1

    Lovely football! Looking forward to the FIFA women's world cup this summer!

  • Rooney Lee
    Rooney Lee 2 months ago +2

    Arsenal women's team completely dominated Munich women's team. This is an achievement accomplished even without Miedema and Mead. I hope this team can win the Women's Champions League this season.

    ROBERT SAVAGE 2 months ago

    Absolutely stunning goals.

  • rmkw4291
    rmkw4291 2 months ago +32

    Finally, Arsenal beat Bayern in the Champions League!
    OK, OK, it's the Women's one but I'll take it

    • Deny Bagus Putra
      Deny Bagus Putra 2 months ago +1

      Next season arsenal Man team will beat them If will meet again

    • Liqiz
      Liqiz 2 months ago +5

      @Deny Bagus Putra haha keep dreaming

    • Deny Bagus Putra
      Deny Bagus Putra 2 months ago +2

      @Liqiz we are on progress enjoy the moment haters 🤞🏻

    • truegunner
      truegunner 2 months ago +2

      Last season in UCL they beat Barca at home and gave them a tough fight away ...Bayern not an easy team to beat Men's or Women's.

  • Ariane Loky Descaves
    Ariane Loky Descaves 2 months ago +46

    Maanum goal is amazing ! Great win tonight !

    • Andrew Blacker
      Andrew Blacker 2 months ago +1

      The header from McCabe to Blackstenius was textbook too.
      It won the home and home series.

    • Ariane Loky Descaves
      Ariane Loky Descaves 2 months ago +1

      @Andrew Blacker totally agree !!

  • Popeyed 1
    Popeyed 1 2 months ago +11

    Shoulda been 4 or 5 nil..that lack of clinical finishing could be what stops us going all the way..hope kim little is ok as we really need her onnthe pitch

  • Effie Saliora
    Effie Saliora 2 months ago +3

    Congratulations Team.All of you girls played fantastic👏👏👏👏 Can’t wait for the next win 😂🌟 Thank you beautiful girls you made my day (Ι live in Melbourne Australia) ❤️👍🌟

  • Rajas Naik
    Rajas Naik 2 months ago +4

    I thought we would score 5 in this game. If not, then atleast 3, especially that miss from Foord in the 72nd min, I couldn't believe she overhit that one. Bayern weren't given any possible chance of scoring, so I was rest assured the semifinals place was affirmed 🔴😘🤩

  • Phoenix Leibbrandt
    Phoenix Leibbrandt 2 months ago +10

    What an assist from odegaard!!!

  • Amesy20
    Amesy20 2 months ago +15

    Well done Arsenal Women a great result. I reckon Maanum thought anything Saka can do I can do too or better! ⚽️ #COYG

  • Jose Enrique
    Jose Enrique 2 months ago +7

    Gran juego del Arsenal, mereció golear al Bayer merecido clasificado...a semifinales

  • Proposition Joe
    Proposition Joe 2 months ago

    Vaya golazos!!
    Espero que el Arsenal y el Barcelona se enfrenten en la final

  • Reza Saba
    Reza Saba 2 months ago +3

    Congrats to Arsenal Ladies well played game.

  • Vincent Azangbiok
    Vincent Azangbiok 2 months ago

    Arsenal played beautifully and deserve to win. Congratulations 🍾🥂🥂

  • Safi Syed Singapore
    Safi Syed Singapore 2 months ago

    Arsenal Ladies were full of confidence and style. No doubt a deserved CHAMPION.

  • joshua offorka
    joshua offorka 2 months ago

    Maanum goal..wow,D assist from Leah 🔥and thunderbolt with superb technique..I love this team

  • Dixin C.
    Dixin C. 2 months ago

    The strike at 0:52 was absolutely brilliant!

  • Daniel P. Hidalgo Sepúlveda

    Amazing Arsenal

  • Channel Blue
    Channel Blue 2 months ago +1

    Got to say as a Chelsea fan ,Arsenal have done brilliant without 2 key players , think they will make the final now .And could even win it on current form.

  • Pieter Ambarita
    Pieter Ambarita 2 months ago +1

    Could've scored more but it was really brilliant performance, especially the first half.

  • Mike Ogden
    Mike Ogden 2 months ago

    Congratulations to the Arsenal women, fully deserved.

  • faith khennedi
    faith khennedi 2 months ago +2

    Mc cabe is absolutely a badass. Whenever I see her play, she always reminds me of Tierney. They play almost identical and have almost the same personality.

  • Oluwagbenga Aborisade
    Oluwagbenga Aborisade 2 months ago +1

    Well done girls, this is total dominance, you are deserving of ur place in Semi-final and hopefully, u will win d competition altogether.

  • Johann Bereaux
    Johann Bereaux 2 months ago +2

    I was at this game Arsenal were fabulous and there were a number of outstanding performances. But Leah Williamson was next level. She played most of the game as DM because of an injury and reshuffle of the team tactics. Arsenal should have won 4-0

    • LSaunders
      LSaunders 2 months ago

      Crazy that Leah started the game as a CB, had to unexpectedly move into midfield and a couple of minutes later she's doing backheel assists in the edge of the opposition box.
      Very few players have that combination of skills in world football

  • Gary Szabados
    Gary Szabados Month ago

    Caitlin Foord and Steph Catley,two great Australian players ready to take on the world in the World Cup in Australia! We love you both, as well Sam Kerr and the rest of the Matildas! ❤

  • Fiachra
    Fiachra 2 months ago +1

    Great performance from the ladies. Watched the first leg last week, should have had a draw at least there.
    Top notch last night, keep it going.
    Great to see so many guys commenting here too.

  • KC Clips
    KC Clips 2 months ago

    That first goal was insane!

  • Bainez
    Bainez 2 months ago

    Amazing result and well deserved!

  • Josh C
    Josh C 2 months ago +1

    Brilliant! So many chances and totally dominant the game

  • Sunday Bobori
    Sunday Bobori 2 months ago

    This is Arsenal at its best! Proud of our girls!

  • kickthestoat
    kickthestoat 2 months ago

    That first goal was a goal of the highest quality!!

  • Chinedu Michael
    Chinedu Michael 2 months ago

    Waow… wat an amazing Arsenal team ❤

  • Gernot Feldner
    Gernot Feldner 2 months ago

    amazing highlights! what a game!

  • Ilman Zamri
    Ilman Zamri 2 months ago +4

    If they play like this, I would pay to watch they playing. Its fun n entertaining.

  • Robert McGovern
    Robert McGovern 2 months ago +1

    Williamson is class, whatever position she is asked to play. She just glides around the pitch.

  • Ling Liu
    Ling Liu 2 months ago

    Well done Arsenal Women well played!

  • Jadoi
    Jadoi 2 months ago +1

    5:30 ngl those faints were pretty impressive and felt very natural. The defenders could have been more aggressive tho.

  • Gideon Ikua
    Gideon Ikua 2 months ago +1

    What a dominant performance!

  • KenG Brissy
    KenG Brissy 2 months ago +1

    So happy the women's football is becoming big and more intense

  • mammamiaculpa
    mammamiaculpa 2 months ago

    so glad to have been there in person. that frida goal only gets more brilliant every time i see it

  • Fish Fingers
    Fish Fingers 2 months ago +1

    The assist from Leah 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alex Gitari
    Alex Gitari 2 months ago +2

    @5 minutes in bayern Munich player ate that ball,but took it like a pro. Congratulations to Arsenal on reaching the semi final.

  • Chonkea Victor
    Chonkea Victor 2 months ago +6

    I love Arsenal's pressing

  • Darrol Lamb
    Darrol Lamb 2 months ago +1

    What a goal😮 up the gunners 💪

  • Clipped
    Clipped 2 months ago

    That 2nd goal is CRAZY, would be legendary if the women team win the UCL and the mens team win the PL 🙌🙏

  • Ben Nicks
    Ben Nicks 2 months ago

    What a dominant performance by Arsenal. Blackstenius could have had 4 goals. Well done Ladies. Let's get this.

  • John Oguh
    John Oguh 2 months ago +1

    Bayern had only one shot on target... that's total dominance... Nice one arsenal

  • Innocent nwaigwe
    Innocent nwaigwe 2 months ago +11

    Wow, so if not for halftime I wouldn't have seen arsenal goalie for the first time😂😂

  • Iliya Babakini
    Iliya Babakini 2 months ago +3

    Would have been 7-0 what a great performance congratulations

  • TheGermanbladx
    TheGermanbladx 2 months ago +33

    even in men's football that would be a contender for goal of the month, maybe even season

    • Cristian The W Goat
      Cristian The W Goat 2 months ago +5

      It aint, the keeper is too short to get there. By that logic goals scored during trainings should count, They are far away from men's level, it's way too slow and tecnically poor

    • mkwke21
      mkwke21 2 months ago +20

      @Cristian The W Goat You're joking. She hit it in the top top corner. There's no way most men keepers are getting that.

    • TheGermanbladx
      TheGermanbladx 2 months ago +1

      @mkwke21 Cristian would have saved it is what he‘s trying to say I think

    • bg Online
      bg Online 2 months ago +4

      @mkwke21 It's a silly argument to compare the women and men when it comes to sport. There is no way most of the pro men goalkeepers are letting that goal in at that pace and angle. Even the women's goalkeeper almost got her hands on it. The male goalkeepers are generally taller, faster (reactions) and can jump higher. There's just no point comparing. It was an amazing goal for the women. Let's leave it at that.

    • Akaegbu Godsglory
      Akaegbu Godsglory 2 months ago +1

      @bg Online leave all these people making irrelevant comparisons. Women play tennis, swimming, running, basketball and all sorts of sports between and against themselves. Why should it be different in football?

  • Henry Rosales
    Henry Rosales 2 months ago +4

    Arsenal seguro estara en la final.🎉

  • Charles Kibuuka
    Charles Kibuuka 2 months ago +2

    We had to win by atleast 5goals weldone girls Arsenal is on

  • Chris Murtagh
    Chris Murtagh 2 months ago +7

    0:50 That flick by Leah was perfect.

  • Georgey
    Georgey 2 months ago +5

    Some beautiful football by arsenal

  • 5 star akatski
    5 star akatski 2 months ago

    That strike for the first goal though😮😮😮

  • Yenli Augustine
    Yenli Augustine 2 months ago

    The first goal assist was top top 🔝

  • Hezzy Samuel
    Hezzy Samuel 2 months ago +7

    Congratulations, Arsenal

  • N Bryanz
    N Bryanz 2 months ago +1

    Wel done Arsenal. 🎉

  • chungu chenda
    chungu chenda 2 months ago +1

    The passing for the first goal 😋

    BLACKSPORTS TV 2 months ago

    Should have put this game to bed early we completely dominated from start to finish well done ladies ❤️

  • KING W
    KING W 2 months ago +1

    You guys play amazing. Brilliant football.

  • Martin Kelleher
    Martin Kelleher 2 months ago +2

    As an irishman mcabe what a player so proud of her it was all arsenal they cld have scored about 6

  • Lil T-Kid
    Lil T-Kid 2 months ago

    I think Arsenal club plays beautiful football...our men, women and academy youths and kids just play amazing football.Am proud being a gunner

  • Joshua Ohuka
    Joshua Ohuka 2 months ago +3

    We need to fill these stadiums... These girls are playing better football than we're fanning...

  • jeremy pearson
    jeremy pearson 2 months ago +3

    Nice to see the crowds supporting the women’s teams in the UK.

    • A
      A 2 months ago

      20k on a rainy Wednesday night!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 months ago +1

    0:51 GOLAZOOOOO 😳🤯🔥🔥🔥

  • Mohamed Jalloh
    Mohamed Jalloh 2 months ago +6

    Bayern one shot and on target 😂