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Petty Girl Speaks To The Manager

  • Published on May 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This short will be enjoyed by those who watch #short #thebutton #jubilee #nectar #balkangains #arakotv #dariusm #arcdelio #athanasio #mentalk #dailyrapupcrew #itscomplicated #tomigains #freshandfit #poormanspodcast #whatever #mgtow #jordanpeterson #speeddating
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  • Dating WarFare
    Dating WarFare  3 months ago +17743

    Be careful what you wish for
    you may get get it!😁👇
    POV: You Want the full video link😏
    Original video
    The Button | CUT Playlist👇

    • imTheScoutHere
      imTheScoutHere 3 months ago +16


    • Tony Hollingsworth
      Tony Hollingsworth 3 months ago +13

      I wish to become a super sayian

      THE HOUSE OF SATIO 3 months ago +10

      Never go for the tattoos 🙌. They mean nothing

    • Freesia
      Freesia 3 months ago +2

      Bro she made TWO decisions and stuck with it youre looking at it all wrong

  • TrickZzZ
    TrickZzZ 4 months ago +612136

    she has 2 colors of hair talking about indecisiveness

    • EuUgh
      EuUgh 4 months ago +14933

      Edit: I didn't even say insightful shit😭

    • All Blue
      All Blue 4 months ago +10282

      Why like this?

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass 4 months ago +11299

      Lmao very good point.

    • She Is Brit
      She Is Brit 4 months ago +9177

      Well thats actually a good argument there.😂

    • Brad Bosch
      Brad Bosch 4 months ago +7398

      She's "creative"

  • Val X
    Val X 2 months ago +4550

    Man's a primary care manager, he ain't got time for all the hobbies 😂

    • Sannie
      Sannie Month ago +16

      Was going to comment this.

    • S
      S Month ago +7

      primary care manager is not as hard as it sounds. and also you don't take the work outside work, so you still have time for nurturing hobbies.

    • Charlie
      Charlie Month ago +15

      @Soh yes because all primary care’s are built the same. Keep living in your bubble

    • S
      S Month ago +3

      @Charlie cope

  • Mads?????
    Mads????? 26 days ago +544

    Girl got humbled real quick

    • RR Nonya
      RR Nonya 17 days ago +6

      trust me, life isn't done with her quite yet, she might as well just cut the drama and buy the 12 cats and call it a day.

    • 《Nori》
      《Nori》 3 hours ago +1

      How was she rude?

  • Skylar Jenkins
    Skylar Jenkins 2 months ago +14537

    First dude is looking for the right thing. He isnt indecisive, he is patient and careful.

    • Shu Wolfie ❦
      Shu Wolfie ❦ 2 months ago +289

      My thoughts exactly -- I also hate how she called him indecisive over not deciding on a tattoo 💀💀 I want a tattoo, don't know what yet, but that doesn't make me indecisive smh

    • Leia
      Leia 2 months ago +10


    • Daizzz
      Daizzz 2 months ago +88

      Agreed. Tattoos are permanent so it's better to take time to think about it

    • thereign
      thereign 2 months ago +39

      Also maybe they're not that big a deal for him. I want tattoos but it's not like they're a priority, I don't spend that much time thinking about them. She seems like her entire personality is her look.

    • raykoxsis
      raykoxsis 2 months ago +12

      indecisive she couldnt even decide which color she wants on her hair lol

  • sleepy.toadstool
    sleepy.toadstool 2 months ago +930

    First guy deserves sooo much better. Both of em do tbh. Second dude humbled the shit outta her she’s awful 😭😭

    • HappyTrails
      HappyTrails 24 days ago +6

      She's in love with the sound of her own voice.

    • Kova Vlogs
      Kova Vlogs 2 days ago

      But first guy is black

    • O Kay
      O Kay Day ago +1

      ​@Kova Vlogsok?😭

  • Iced-Coffee
    Iced-Coffee 2 months ago +105

    Bro was straight with his words 💀💀💀💀

  • 2tuffza
    2tuffza 3 months ago +85582

    “I hate indecisive people”
    nigga just didn’t know what tattoo he wanted💀

    • JACO
      JACO 3 months ago +8156

      essentially, “i hate people who don’t do random shit without thinking” lmao

    • Lazer7123
      Lazer7123 3 months ago +2194

      @JACO exactly 🤣her hair tell me everything I need to know

    • Leigh Lasley
      Leigh Lasley 3 months ago +1343

      Right like a permanent decision should be on your mind for a while.

    • KING Dxvid 🇨🇴
      KING Dxvid 🇨🇴 3 months ago +95

      Fr lol

  • The Wizard Games
    The Wizard Games Month ago +9

    Cut needs more of him. Bro is the coldest most honest mfer on the shows

  • Anonymous00
    Anonymous00 2 months ago +38

    Bro has no hesitation💀

  • Mansi
    Mansi 3 months ago +48691

    Damn the first guy really seemed a nice guy.

    • John Kennedy Tolentino
      John Kennedy Tolentino 3 months ago +133

      it was really reasonable tho i want them to know what girls want

    • DatboiDallas
      DatboiDallas 3 months ago +296

      Women ☕️

      YOCHIRI 3 months ago +85

      Why did no one noticed at last that box speaking "Ouch Ouch Ouch"💀

    • Mansi
      Mansi 3 months ago +91

      ​@John Kennedy Tolentino idk. but if i was there in her place, I would have definitely choose the first guy..Just my opinion, atleast i could have gave it a shot

    • Mansi
      Mansi 3 months ago +8

      ​​@YOCHIRI thats how we all felt..😅😂😂

  • Asher Lin
    Asher Lin 2 months ago +16

    If the girl thinks the first guy is indecisive, then she is impulsive.

  • Louie Steppa
    Louie Steppa 2 months ago +36

    “You’re not cute” he just like me💯

  • berrykoo
    berrykoo 3 months ago +37421

    Second guy actually knew what he wanted, and it wasn't her

    • Peolf Petler
      Peolf Petler 3 months ago +165

      Hahahaha definitely.

    • Jamie
      Jamie 3 months ago +135

      She wanted to hit the button too

    • CCCookie Cia
      CCCookie Cia 3 months ago +23


    • A$APDr.No$leép
      A$APDr.No$leép 3 months ago +19

      ​@Jamie boyyyyy ol girl was itching

    • C.I.A.
      C.I.A. 3 months ago +15

      @Jamie yup buh she was to slow😂

  • Pep Talk by Sara
    Pep Talk by Sara 2 months ago +7

    “Ouch ouch ouch” cracked me up

  • Jack Sweet
    Jack Sweet 2 months ago +18

    Helping someone choose a tattoo and going on a tattoo date is so much fun.
    She’s not thinking big picture.

    • Farrah Farmer
      Farrah Farmer 3 days ago

      Meh then if things don't go well your stuck with it 😂.

  • 𝕁𝕚𝕒 ♡
    𝕁𝕚𝕒 ♡ 3 months ago +13274

    she clearly doesn’t like decisive people either 💀

    • Omgitsacupcake
      Omgitsacupcake 3 months ago +54

      Underrated comment

    • MrPupty
      MrPupty 3 months ago +18

      this is good

    • H V
      H V 3 months ago +7


    • Victor710
      Victor710 3 months ago +35

      It's all just lies anyways, ain't no one judging actually on personality or hobbies in a speed dating show. 85% of the people already decide whether they'll press it or not when they see the other person

    • 𝕁𝕚𝕒 ♡
      𝕁𝕚𝕒 ♡ 3 months ago +18

      @Victor710 exactly. as much as no one wants to admit it, it’s impossible for someone to not judge people by their looks.
      everyone is just living in this made up fantasy that even if i’m not good looking according to someone, they’ll like me once we have a 2 minute convo about all sorts of random shit.

  • Lyzøttë ;)
    Lyzøttë ;) Month ago +3

    Finally someone thats honest tho 😂

  • Asthebd
    Asthebd 2 months ago +7

    Finally a guy who’s says the truth, instead of “I think we could be great friends”.

  • Yeldarb
    Yeldarb 3 months ago +17660

    That’s not indecisiveness, it’s just carefully considering what he permanently wants on his body.

    • TK
      TK 3 months ago +447

      like what is she talking about 😂😂😂

    • Ben Harding
      Ben Harding 3 months ago +625

      She feels like making impulsive decisions means knowing what you want.

    • Chemicalkinetics
      Chemicalkinetics 3 months ago +125

      I know. It is perfectly ok to be decisive about something and indecisive about something else. Making decision without full information is bad.

    • YeeJay
      YeeJay 3 months ago +31

      ​@Chemicalkinetics Hmmhmm.
      Like friends getting tattooed at a rave from someone who can't even form a full sentence in English, being the odd one out coherent and sober enough to not take part, the only one to wait up the next day without a skin rash so bad that even a dermatologist shit himself laughing his way to the bank.

  • Fatma Kacmaz
    Fatma Kacmaz 3 days ago +1

    She straight up called him uncreative but got hurt when got called not cute. Stay true brother 🎉

  • 틐😼
    틐😼 9 days ago +1

    girl was humbled real quick

  • Smarre
    Smarre 3 months ago +25063

    Mr. Manager came in with no chill and zero hesitation 💀

    • RVAN
      RVAN 3 months ago +147

      A man of bolstering confidence😮.

    • sanexjoker
      sanexjoker 3 months ago +193

      Sounds like he has done a lot of “ YOUR FIRED” 🗿

    • Hollowman
      Hollowman 3 months ago +43

      Mr Manager absolutely rules

    • Hierophant
      Hierophant 3 months ago +92

      She said "I'm not cute?!" You know dudes simp on this girl all the time prob given her a nice little complex.

    • GuerillaGorilla
      GuerillaGorilla 3 months ago +27

      He did hesitate at first though

  • AnimeSweets13
    AnimeSweets13 13 days ago +2

    Like girl really said “aM i NoT cUtE” as if she was going to force him to say she was like☠️✋
    He’s real for that☠️

  • MM
    MM 16 days ago +1

    "I'm not cute?"
    Nah bish, you ain't 😂

  • Icer107
    Icer107 3 months ago +12347

    "I want a tattoo, I just don't know of what yet" is literally the most normal thing about tattoos. That's not indecisiveness, that's consideration.

    • Reecey_exe
      Reecey_exe 3 months ago +32

      It’s more inconclusive than inconsiderate but good point

    • Ben Richards
      Ben Richards 3 months ago +152

      And why does the one thing he’s “indecisive” about automatically sum him up as an indecisive person?

    • Aura
      Aura 3 months ago +2

      Consideration ? Of what? To want same as her but never get it? What dumb thing

    • Devin Riley
      Devin Riley 3 months ago +75

      Bruh “consideration” as to what goes into his body. Comment makes complete sense

    • Ollie Wales
      Ollie Wales 3 months ago +46

      Exactly. Would she rather somebody who goes headfirst into things without thinking them through? Maybe that's the only kind of people who will date her

  • Vanceagher
    Vanceagher Month ago +2

    “He didn’t impulsively draw something on his body that will never go away”

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek 15 days ago +1

    The most fucked up people usually talk about how much special they are. Then they keep rejecting stuff until one day life rejects them.

  • Kevlar Plays
    Kevlar Plays 3 months ago +7985

    The first dude seems like a solid guy. Feel bad for him experiencing this

    • Sparkle
      Sparkle 3 months ago +50

      Well like the second guy said "she's not cute" so what happen was a good thing

    • Mitchell Baker
      Mitchell Baker 3 months ago +25

      Man experiencing rejection from a woman hits you hard hey?

    • Al W
      Al W 3 months ago +16

      Tbh I don't feel bad about any of these people that are in this program.

    • XO TwistedT
      XO TwistedT 3 months ago +13

      Why? He chose to participate 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • SumSum Yeaaa
      SumSum Yeaaa 3 months ago +1

      Fr like because he didn’t know what tattoo he wanted 💀

  • Uday chadalavada
    Uday chadalavada 4 days ago

    That last word goes Stright into her heart

  • FantasyAnime
    FantasyAnime Month ago +1

    i like how offended they get when they're on the rejected end

  • ZarathustraX
    ZarathustraX 4 months ago +43238

    Dude was decisive enough to know he didn't want her.

  • Kailyn Hernandez
    Kailyn Hernandez Month ago

    first dude was fr jus having a normal conversation 💀

  • Sahib Brar
    Sahib Brar 12 days ago +1

    It’s ironic that she doesn’t like him because of his “indecisiveness” yet she’s on a dating show.

  • ShortVideosByReese
    ShortVideosByReese 3 months ago +6197

    I’m glad he did that. She was actually very annoying

    • Precious Lovi
      Precious Lovi 2 months ago +38

      How I’m honestly so confused

    • Pinkrevenge101
      Pinkrevenge101 2 months ago +25

      She seem like Johnny Depp ex very insecure

    • frokfjz
      frokfjz 2 months ago +5

      @Precious Loviconfused like the girl in the vid it seems

    • Precious Lovi
      Precious Lovi 2 months ago +3

      @frokfjz um ok?

    • BIG_DAWG
      BIG_DAWG 2 months ago +1

      ​@Precious Lovibluds name is precious lovi no wonder why they would back her up

  • Fatima Tatar
    Fatima Tatar 4 days ago +1

    “I’m not cute?” No, You aren’t miss.

  • Donnavan Smith
    Donnavan Smith 23 days ago +6

    Honestly I think she was a champ with that second guy. Had a valid reason to want to buzz him, and still took it like a champ when he said he wasn't into her

  • c wi
    c wi 3 months ago +13564

    i’m so glad she got humbled. she rlly said he was “indecisive” about a permanent marking in your body ☠️

    • Terry Alan
      Terry Alan 3 months ago +18


    • Jeff B856
      Jeff B856 3 months ago +99

      A walking contradiction. Think that was a Starburst commercial

    • Zach Valentine
      Zach Valentine 3 months ago +139

      Exactly. He's not indecisive, she's just impulsive

    • Mela Rose
      Mela Rose 3 months ago +5

      I’m your 1000 like 😊

    • Mela Rose
      Mela Rose 3 months ago +15

      Right, like if there was ever a topic to be indecisive about that’s it 😂

  • •Jelłybeär•
    •Jelłybeär• 9 days ago

    It’s her looks but most definitely her personality. She’s like a pick-me mixed with “I’m so quirky” and “I’m one of the boys”

  • Tacitus Mcguire
    Tacitus Mcguire 2 months ago

    girl: "you're indecisive"
    boy: "i just don't vibe with you"

  • Guy
    Guy 3 months ago +14475

    "Your not cute" well she got herself the decisive person she asked for. Dude did not hesitate to tell her that.

    • Omar Garibay
      Omar Garibay 3 months ago +162

      That was a butt hurt comment. He knew he was going to get dumped. 🤷🏾‍♂️

      MATT CLAVARINI 3 months ago +100

      ​@Omar Garibaycry about it

    • Khensani Mkhabela
      Khensani Mkhabela 3 months ago +3


    • TLC delisi
      TLC delisi 3 months ago +38

      My guy just said the truth straight into her face lol

    • jacob swartz
      jacob swartz 3 months ago +24

      Seemed more of a reactive comment than what he thought

  • Rhys C-T
    Rhys C-T Month ago

    “I want a man who knows what he wants”
    *rejects a man who says he WANTS a tattoo bc he’s indecisive 🥴🥴🥴

  • Sapan Verma
    Sapan Verma Month ago

    Humbled the humbler🤠🙏🏻

  • bananenbomen
    bananenbomen 3 months ago +4943

    The first guy seemed like a really nice guy and the second one really did what needed to be done

    • Alice Joly
      Alice Joly 3 months ago +36

      Fr the first one seems so nice 😭

    • Imogène
      Imogène 3 months ago +3

      ​@Alice Jolymost Black men have too many issues with women. dont do that ...

    • Alice Joly
      Alice Joly 3 months ago +41

      @Imogène bro ofc I don’t know him personally but you judging him by stéréotypes make you a lil ignorant …

    • Sydney Reynolds
      Sydney Reynolds 3 months ago +7

      @Imogènedont do what?

  • Awesom_Cam
    Awesom_Cam 2 months ago

    Bro the high pitched voice that said “ouch ouch ouch” got me ROLLING 😂😂😂

  • ShadxwBxnes
    ShadxwBxnes 13 days ago

    She can't be talking when she literally skips mfs over small thing and then get skipped and complain afterwards 💀

  • Lillies
    Lillies 4 months ago +20871

    her eliminating the guy for not knowing what he wants got me angry

    • Knight Rider
      Knight Rider 4 months ago +487

      Lies. Probably just wasn't attracted to him

    • Shay
      Shay 4 months ago +321

      Yeah tattoos are permanent lol i have quite a few and one for sure I regret and need a cover up on so don't blame him for taking his time to think about it

    • Animesh Lenka
      Animesh Lenka 4 months ago +17

      cocktail....That's her preference,bisch!....Learn to deal with that!...

    • Laurenz B.
      Laurenz B. 4 months ago +135

      "I want a guy who knows what he wants" Duuudeeee you were talking about getting tattoos, not live changing decisions.

    • Sivasubramanian Chandramouli
      Sivasubramanian Chandramouli 4 months ago +1

      ​@Shay if you don't mind me asking can you tell me what was that?

  • Illummise
    Illummise Month ago +1


  • YaeMiko🌸
    YaeMiko🌸 2 months ago +6021

    The second guy said she's not cute--but what he really meant was 'you're annoying'. Deserved.

    • Rumble
      Rumble 2 months ago +32

      No what he ment was ‘you’re not a passive girl who wants 2 devote their life to me and my schedule’ they just looking for different things

    • Tay W
      Tay W 2 months ago +2

      True!! 💯

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson 2 months ago +42

      ​@RumbleYou need therapy.

  • Jomi Henkeman
    Jomi Henkeman Month ago

    She doesn't know wat she wants she's gonna deny every guy 😭

  • Niyyang
    Niyyang Month ago +2

    he humbled her

  • Sunshine Toys
    Sunshine Toys 2 months ago +10070

    first guy wasn’t being indecisive. he was just being patient in choosing what he wants to have permanently on his body for the rest of his life

    • Michael hall
      Michael hall 2 months ago +130

      Seemed more that he didn’t really care about tattoos and had put 0 thought into the idea and was just saying what he thinks she wants to hear.

    • Steph Steph
      Steph Steph 2 months ago +22

      I love my sister's tons of tattoos and colored hair! But it's not for me, especially I could never decide what tattoos to get either... Both of these guys seem like perfectly fine people, and being cute isn't just appearance; her quick judgments made her not cute to him, I think.

    • Erik Perhs
      Erik Perhs 2 months ago +13

      Exactly! Now wanting a tattoo has nothing to do with being indecisive. It's the opposite, tbh. I KNOW I don't want tattoos because I like my body to be "pure" and completely white. I know I'd regret anything I drew on it, no matter what it is.

    • |PhantoM|
      |PhantoM| 2 months ago +10

      @Michael hallyou can like the idea of tattoos without properly considering getting them thinking out what u want, I don’t think he randomly lied about wanting tats lmao

    • |PhantoM|
      |PhantoM| 2 months ago +1

      @Erik Perhsok good for you but he doesn’t know if he wants them or not😂

    TOG EDITZ Month ago +1

    Bro didn't even hesitate

  • Steph Figueroa
    Steph Figueroa Month ago

    He was being so honest

  • vijaya aryan
    vijaya aryan 4 months ago +20206

    the second guy wasn't indecisive, he knew exactly what he did NOT want lol

    • Arif Mhmd
      Arif Mhmd 4 months ago +37


    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 4 months ago +2

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    • Kevin Arevalo
      Kevin Arevalo 4 months ago +37

      Yeah lol, I’ve thought about getting a tattoo but I haven’t thought of anything so amazing to put on my body permanently.

    • Andres Guillermo Alvarez Lopez
      Andres Guillermo Alvarez Lopez 4 months ago +45

      He did NOT want a girl to reject him before he did, kinda shallow and sad

  • Zeantoplay
    Zeantoplay Month ago

    "I hate indecisive people"
    BRUH i was just thinking about it. You don't just throw you to everything without thinking

  • 도라 노 케어
    도라 노 케어 Month ago +1

    Why did she look offended she literally has two hair colours💀

  • ShreksBareAss89
    ShreksBareAss89 3 months ago +5075

    She got humbled real quick

    • kingglarenz
      kingglarenz 3 months ago

      Nah fr😂

    • Togos_Cute
      Togos_Cute 3 months ago +1

      Vince cuh

    • Dionigi Garcia
      Dionigi Garcia 3 months ago +4

      Nah bro was just salty lmao cuz just hit that bih sooner

    • Areu Smash
      Areu Smash 3 months ago +1

      hubled? she never acted like she is cute or something you can't blame someone for actually looking cute and "humble" that's not how its work.

  • @theonlyJayla
    @theonlyJayla 19 days ago +1

    What she know about indecisiveness and she got two different collars of hair I bet she don’t know what that means 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Baby Don't Hurt Me
    Baby Don't Hurt Me 3 months ago +4928

    I have a feeling that the first guy had good personality.

    • Smoothy
      Smoothy 3 months ago +85

      Both the guys had

    • Baby Don't Hurt Me
      Baby Don't Hurt Me 3 months ago +4

      @Smoothy yeah

    • Yung $perm Bank
      Yung $perm Bank 3 months ago +39

      Women don't like good personality

    • Requisite Gold
      Requisite Gold 3 months ago +46

      ​@Yung $perm Bank the ones you find don't because you must not either with a generalization like that😒

    • Yung $perm Bank
      Yung $perm Bank 3 months ago +5

      @Requisite Gold it's just true, start talking to women for once and you'll see

  • Artastic_Friend
    Artastic_Friend 2 months ago

    She deserved it honestly after not even giving the first guy a chance

  • LuxidyIsDemi
    LuxidyIsDemi Month ago

    “Indecisiveness” she has 2 different hair dyes 💀

  • Mikaylah 😮‍💨
    Mikaylah 😮‍💨 3 months ago +5573

    not her saying he's indecisive for taking time to think about something that will be permanently inked on him 💀💀

    • nlrm
      nlrm 3 months ago +18


    • chris
      chris 3 months ago +57

      Is an excuse. She doesnt like him physically

    • 길
       3 months ago +17

      I didn't watch all of that show but it just seems some girls there just want to reject someone and gain self confidence or something 😂 it's like a gas station where you can juice up some pride for a button

    • what
      what 3 months ago +3

      Why on these videos do I never see people being critical of the men?

    • Lucas Vincent
      Lucas Vincent 3 months ago +4

      @whatbecause the woman was the main focus of the clip 🙄 if it’s centered around her why would people focus on something that’s not the main point of the video

  • Crystal berry
    Crystal berry Month ago

    'Nah, it's just you're not cute "
    *Emotional damage*

  • Lady Alice
    Lady Alice 2 months ago

    you can't know someone by one question people are more deep than that

    HYDRÄ NÉMÉSÏS 3 months ago +6741

    She isn't a red flag, she is a red pole 💀

    • AntiClimax
      AntiClimax 3 months ago +42

      She isn't a red pole ...she isn't fully red hair aswell 😂

    • Agent420
      Agent420 3 months ago +16

      she's an epitome of anything that is red,and bad.

    • ric william
      ric william 3 months ago +3

      Nope, she's still undecide whether to be a red* pole or white pole

    • AntiClimax
      AntiClimax 3 months ago +1

      @MoneyDigger damn i thought it was red my bad ig

    • Bacon
      Bacon 3 months ago +24

      I find it funny that in these challenges people will always shit on women for having a preference but as soon as a man has a discriminating preference he is a sigma male. Talk about gender inequality huh, and people will nowadays say men are opressed, the fact all this masculinism and Andrew Tate on the rise just shows how fucked up our generation is

  • Paloma Salvia
    Paloma Salvia Month ago

    Bro just didn't know what tattoo he wanted 💀💀

  • Hezekiah Hall
    Hezekiah Hall 2 months ago

    The Humbler just humbled

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 3 months ago +4099

    “Indecisive” but you barely gave him time to think sis 😭

    • conphused
      conphused 3 months ago +8

      i want to like but i can’t bc you’re at 666
      edit: damn no one else cared like i did :( i’m like #896

    • Burnt Feridgerator
      Burnt Feridgerator 3 months ago +5

      ​@conphusednot everyone thinks 666 is cool

    • Braeden Marley
      Braeden Marley 3 months ago +2

      @Burnt FeridgeratorI would say religious or not. It’s probably best to avoid a number that signifies the complete incarnation of evil and suffering. Some people are just wierdos though.

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple 2 months ago

    She should be happy that the second guy *IS decisive* 😂


    The second guy really did not want to be rejected so he thought "I'll press the button faster than this bit©h no matter what!"

  • Libby Zumbrun
    Libby Zumbrun 3 months ago +2795

    I don't think she understands that not being impulsive is absolutely not the same as being indecisive

    • Areu Smash
      Areu Smash 3 months ago +9

      that dude looked like 25+ years old, assuming he wanted a tattoo he must be thinking for the past years which makes him indicesive...at the same time its just a game... so has to be quick lmao

    • Ziro
      Ziro 2 months ago +119

      @Areu Smash fym "must"? This could be a recent idea. tattoos don't have an age where you just start wanting them.

    • zak
      zak 2 months ago +43

      yeah especially how permanent tattoos are and how hard they are to get off.. some people just want time to consider

    • Demonic Zero
      Demonic Zero 2 months ago +42

      @Areu Smashits permanent body art. That's a very crucial decision that will forever affect you hence why you SHOULD be indecisive about it

  • Bas Bakvas
    Bas Bakvas Month ago

    The ouch-ouch-ouch was personal

  • carey
    carey 2 months ago

    Moral of the story no one likes to get rejected

  • lGuebsi
    lGuebsi 4 months ago +14850

    Got humbled real fast

    • Tido.
      Tido.  4 months ago +71

      Humbled? Im not sure if she was that cocky just had preferences.

    • Sparkling_H2O
      Sparkling_H2O 4 months ago +140

      ​@Tido. Somebody cannot call another person indecisive when they try to look like another woman you could find on the street

    • o2Hayden
      o2Hayden 4 months ago +45

      @Tido. just had preferences lol and that guy probably prefers a humble girl. Something tells me you think you’re a 10 too

    • Elite
      Elite 4 months ago +15

      @Sparkling_H2O nah she preferred someone who know what they want, bro was hesitant n didn’t know what to say. U can’t really do that in front of a call bc then they would reject like she did. The manager one made more sense bc the guy clearly had no hobbies which that is pretty boring n most likely she thought he probably always busy doing work related stuff so it’s no point in the relationship.

  • Omezzey tha Halfgod
    Omezzey tha Halfgod 4 days ago

    Got humbled real quick

  • Michael Chambers
    Michael Chambers 3 months ago +3450

    “Nah you’re just not cute”
    my boy said it straight like that💀👨‍🌾

  • Dessociative
    Dessociative 2 months ago

    I'm ashamed that we both have split dyed hair in common.

  • Richard Gao
    Richard Gao 2 months ago +1

    Second guy definitely knows what he wants and she ain’t it

  • chick fil a employee
    chick fil a employee 3 months ago +6948

    you can tell her ego just got CRUSHED

    • Alphabet Girl
      Alphabet Girl 3 months ago +54

      It’s a good thing she was overly confident

    • Frodo
      Frodo 3 months ago +23

      Eh, i doubt it got crushed. I swear this video was made to get people to hate on her lol

    • teicuh poo
      teicuh poo 3 months ago


    • PROGAMER00
      PROGAMER00 3 months ago +5

      He should do it again

    • helen ⭐️
      helen ⭐️ 3 months ago +18

      hers got crushed? or the dude that literally doesn’t have any hobbies and he knew he would be buzzed if he didn’t do it first💀

  • Audi Bustinza
    Audi Bustinza Month ago

    The indecisiveness *continues to stumble over her words cause she can't decide what to say"

  • Ro Sh
    Ro Sh 2 months ago

    I bet his definition of cute is based on personalities 😅

  • Send Me Location
    Send Me Location 2 months ago +5487

    He really didn’t wanna say that but she needed to be humbled.

    • cinnamon girl
      cinnamon girl 2 months ago +118

      and she actually is not cute neither creative lol

    • Send Me Location
      Send Me Location 2 months ago +57

      @cinnamon girl the ones who call themselves cute are typically the least cute

    • cinnamon girl
      cinnamon girl 2 months ago +7

      @Send Me Location yesss

    • Isa
      Isa 2 months ago +9

      No she doesn’t she can act any way she wants if that gets you upset oh well here’s a tissue 🧻

    • HadrNaHlavu
      HadrNaHlavu 2 months ago +3

      @cinnamon girl how can you tell she is not creative? did you see some of her work? I agree with the cute part tho. We can actually see that.

  • Jordan Baray
    Jordan Baray Month ago

    “What do you want”
    Your name tattooed on my soul

  • James Newman
    James Newman Month ago

    "I like somebody who knows what they want" just ask her what she wants to eat.

  • Miss Sunshine
    Miss Sunshine 3 months ago +5319

    The way he said “you’re not cute.” Well, she finally got someone decisive enough to decide no on her

    • Lia
      Lia 3 months ago +45

      He only said that cause he was embarrassed that she reached for the button.

    • J
      J 3 months ago +76

      @Lia or he just doesn’t think she’s cute

    • lucky
      lucky 3 months ago +48

      ​@Liamy personal opinion if you have visible tattoos and colored hair like these neon colors you are not cute for me. So yes people have their preferences

    • 3thhackz
      3thhackz 3 months ago +9

      @Lia they both reached for it the moment it changed color lol he was probably thinking about how used up she looks till then

  • Dawnii
    Dawnii Month ago

    The ouch ouch always gets me LMAO

  • Shae
    Shae 14 days ago

    She seemed like she needed to be humbled. Dude definitely did. 😅

  • Alfred Fonacier III
    Alfred Fonacier III 3 months ago +7533

    If you think a guy is indecisive because he doesn’t know what tattoo he wants then you’re the red flag.

    • amir 🐶.
      amir 🐶. 3 months ago +170

      exactly, no one wants to get a tattoo they’re gonna regret later on

    • JazzNazz
      JazzNazz 3 months ago +52

      i'm a muslim, we are banned from putting ink on our skin, but even i know tattoos suppoose to meant something. not just random words, shapes or objects.

    • cyber bot1109
      cyber bot1109 3 months ago +5

      ​@JazzNazz roger

    • the ROOOOOOOOK
      the ROOOOOOOOK 3 months ago +5

      well in this case half red

    • Tined_trout
      Tined_trout 3 months ago +2

      @JazzNazz w

  • Deion'sworld 🌍
    Deion'sworld 🌍 2 months ago

    She acting like he actually went to the tattoo shop sat in there chair said he wanted this tattoo and change his mind over and over again while talking to the artist.😂😂😂

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Month ago

    What she needed to hear but hasn't since the 10th grade

  • Sebastian Monge
    Sebastian Monge 4 months ago +8821

    His honesty made her regret everything in life

    • whoisdis
      whoisdis 4 months ago +35

      She looks fine though
      Edit: Fine as in doing good mfs

    • TheSexyBeast
      TheSexyBeast 4 months ago +110

      @whoisdis average looking

    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 4 months ago

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    • tyfro Zad
      tyfro Zad 4 months ago +37

      ​@TheSexyBeast 4 out of 10 below average in my opinion

  • Krimo Yuki
    Krimo Yuki 22 days ago

    A taste of your own medicine is ✨✨

  • バネッサ
    バネッサ Month ago

    Let’s be real , second guy’s ego was hurt , she didn’t want him , but he wanted to reject her , and that comment “ you are not cute “ 😂 he was butthurt

  • Vala Suenos
    Vala Suenos 2 months ago

    First guy can be considered knowing what they want.He knows he doesn't want a random tattoo lol

  • Aria Cannavo
    Aria Cannavo 3 months ago +8739

    She really said, “I want someone who knows what they want” right after he said, “I don’t have any tattoos but I want some” 💀

    • Jae Y.
      Jae Y. 3 months ago +386

      On top of that he was being extra decisive lol. He decided we wanted tattoos and decided he didn't know what he's going to get inked forever, so he didn't just get some to get some. She's probably operating on the brainwave of a rock; "If you want tattoos just get one, doesn't matter what just do it. No thinking, just doing."

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 3 months ago +12

      ​@Jae Y. Just do it.

    • Gorkmezzle the corpulus
      Gorkmezzle the corpulus 3 months ago +18

      She said she don’t like indecisive after he said he don’t know what tattoo he want.

    • Dawn🤍
      Dawn🤍 3 months ago +57

      @Jae Y. she sounds too impulsive…I can’t stand people who are too impulsive. It’s good to think about what you want before just go out and do it.

    • Ems
      Ems 3 months ago +7

      Exactly and plus you should be careful with what your first tattoo should be, so some people try find one with a meaning but it’s difficult deciding even for a person who isn’t indecisive

  • Dad z
    Dad z 2 months ago

    Now she knows that the second guy doesn't want her 😂

  • Young
    Young 15 days ago

    The delusion that she isn’t indecisive with her entire life based on how she looks. 💀👌 “I’m a very creative person I guess” Not even speaking with confidence about yourself is a red flag.

  • ZombieSl4yer
    ZombieSl4yer Month ago

    That girl is what you get when your parents coddle you too much growing up.

  • Plugged
    Plugged 2 months ago

    She knows what she wants.. child support and his wallet.