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Making the World's Purest Cookie

  • Published on May 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    In this video, we attempt to make the world's purest cookie and to see how it compares to a regular cookie. In my opinion, it has to be better, because it's pure.
    Original recipe and ingredients: gwern.net/doc/food/2022-goode...
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    • Nile talks about lab safety (Chemistry is Dangerous): • Chemistry is dangerous.
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  • NileBlue
    NileBlue  4 months ago +33986

    I forgot to mention it in the video, but we did not pull a vacuum in the oven! It is just vacuum sealed and some air gets pushed out when it's closed. I think pulling a vacuum would have murdered the cookie.

  • Arlen Burton
    Arlen Burton 4 months ago +54081

    Watching two men who have never baked a cookie bake a $5k cookie is an experience

    • marvin19966
      marvin19966 4 months ago +1917

      you are a men watcher

    • Nox
      Nox 4 months ago +1872

      @marvin19966 we watch men indeed

    • Kay Bürcky
      Kay Bürcky 4 months ago +913

      ​@Noxi watch men watch men in the comments, we are not the same

    • Ergile
      Ergile 4 months ago +657

      nah the camera guy definitely baked cookies before

    • Nox
      Nox 4 months ago +150

      @Kay Bürcky i watch men that watch men watch men in the comments, we are doppelgängers

  • In The Moonlight
    In The Moonlight 2 months ago +3204

    Watching Nile freak out over the cracks in the cookie is so funny to me because I bake cookies all the time and the cracks are such a non-issue 😭

    • Beinerth Chitiva Machado
      Beinerth Chitiva Machado Month ago +279

      LMAO, homie still scarred over the Aerogel cracks.

    • trashteamracing
      trashteamracing Month ago +114

      I like how much thought and consideration went into the decision to put it back in the oven.

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori Month ago +30

      I dare say they're frickin normal 😂

    • fudgems
      fudgems Month ago +47

      I was seriously wondering if not only was he an almond baby, but if he’d _ever_ seen a cookie before 😅

    • swededude1992
      swededude1992 Month ago +31

      @fudgems He have probably ate cookies before in hes life, but never gave his mind into how the cookies looked.

  • Nathan Derhake
    Nathan Derhake 25 days ago +259

    Can we take a moment to realize Nile has a minifridge consisting of a singular muffin, thousands of dollars of ultrapure baking stuff, and pee.

    • Captain Blud
      Captain Blud 5 days ago +4

      As the ones said,
      "L, I am pee. Say it. Discover."

  • blender
    blender Month ago +758

    his grandma needs to put him thru a cookie making bootcamp right now

  • CallMeAnata -
    CallMeAnata - 2 months ago +1242

    Can we get a video of you two baking a "normal" cookie with your grannie? I think it would be pretty amusing

    • Peter Knutsen
      Peter Knutsen Month ago +13

      Collab with Adam Ragusea. Or if he can swallow his pride and pay big airfare, with Ann Reardon.

    • EmLaney
      EmLaney Month ago +15

      I want to see the a video with his grandma too. That would be hilarious! I'm done with Ann Reardon though unsubscribed months ago. She's systematically lost her respect and became the very things she's claiming to fight as she's constantly looking for clickbate, putting down smaller channels, and doesn't actually follow the scientific method or get any peer feedback as she's "debunking".

    • Velox Drake
      Velox Drake Month ago +1

      Reminds me of some of his older videos where he did a lot in the kitchen.

    • NahBro
      NahBro Month ago


    • As The Name Suggests
      As The Name Suggests Month ago +4

      ​@Peter Knutsenlmao not Ann Reardon. The girl keep beating genuine people making genuine content while whining about big companies making click bait 👍

  • SN A
    SN A Month ago +763

    Knowing that he’s using 10 year old flour (and ingredients designed to calibrate machinery, not to be “pure”) really explains a lot about the outcome…

    • Plan B
      Plan B Month ago +64

      you arent even supposed to consume it lol

    • Mello
      Mello Month ago +2

      ​@Plan Bnice dazai pfp lol

    • Hovs
      Hovs Month ago +3

      @Mello nice brown cat pfp lol

    • LumineDraws
      LumineDraws Month ago +4

      ⁠@Hovs nice dog with a sword pfp lol

    • UwU
      UwU 27 days ago +3

      @LumineDraws nice layla pfp lol

  • Robin
    Robin 4 months ago +7612

    Him calmly handling substances that could easily kill him but panicking about making a cookie is absolutely hilarious

    • Leanna
      Leanna 4 months ago +52


    • Evelyn Carsten
      Evelyn Carsten 4 months ago +173

      Not all the substances that could kill him cost $5000 lmao

    • Josh Hansen
      Josh Hansen 4 months ago +110

      No kidding , if I’m not mistaken he distilled mercury (that may have been Cody’sLab) but I’ve seen him distill stuff that would kill him and his parents whole subdivision in their garage … but watching them so out of their element is vary fun … I recommend the toilet paper moonshine video

    • Med Ali
      Med Ali 4 months ago +23

      ​@Evelyn Carsteni'd rather lose 5k than burn my face

    • energy360 msp
      energy360 msp 4 months ago +2

      @Evelyn Carsten the person is talking ab other videos not this one

  • Flex
    Flex 2 months ago +849

    As a baker this is both incredibly interesting and painful

  • Wasarella
    Wasarella Month ago +365

    If you've ever wondered why the cookie didn't taste good, "How To Cook That" just released a video explaining what went wrong (she's a certified Australian food scientist)... Spoiler...
    It was the wheat, chocolate and egg powder

    • Velox Drake
      Velox Drake Month ago +18

      Yeah baking Chocolate itself is horrible if I recall, it has its purposes but as far as taste goes it's not good. I can't say much about the other two, but my grandma used Store bought chocolate chips or M&Ms if she couldn't find those. I tried some baking Chocolate as a kid thinking "oh but it's chocolate" and was very disappointed.

    • Kenny Styles
      Kenny Styles Month ago +41

      Aren't those the three labeled "not for human consumption" cause that seems pretty likely to me

    • Velox Drake
      Velox Drake Month ago +10

      @Kenny Styles true but I find it difficult to understand the actual reason for that. Baking chocolate is insanely rich and dark as he said. I'm not even a huge fan of dark chocolate because it's too much like coffee.
      It's possible that they added things to the three to prevent human consumption but I have my doubts... Because that would make it harder to claim as pure... But pure baking chocolate as well as the other things just taste horrible...

    • Wasarella
      Wasarella Month ago +22

      @Velox Drake From what I remember, they're called pure because they've been measured so the chemical components are known exactly which is why it's so expensive... however they're the same as what you would get off the shelves at the supermarkets, and could be expired, hence the "not for human consumption" label

    • Velox Drake
      Velox Drake Month ago +6

      @Wasarella that is possible as well, great thinking. I had a thought on the oven myself. He said it was a vacuum oven, and while there's no such thing as a perfect vacuum on earth by my understanding of what a vacuum is in scientific term (not a vacuum cleaner) it could have caused some of the flavor...particles I guess for lack of a better term to be pulled out as well.
      In the video where he made the gold teeth recently he pulled air bubbles out of the plaster with a vacuum, Just some wild speculation but that might be why it was so bland which I m assuming was a surprise to him because perhaps there was an aroma to the items before.
      Not a perfect vacuum, but in space no one can smell your cookies... At least I think that's the saying.
      Shorter version being taste and smell are incredibly closely related, if you remove the air from the cookie there's going to be little to no smell and likely little to no taste, but that's speculation.
      Blame the oven also I guess

  • Va Va Vooey
    Va Va Vooey Month ago +139

    Nile literally took “baked from scratch” as far as it could possibly go 💀

    • Rupnil Mondal
      Rupnil Mondal 12 days ago

      56 likes and no comments? Lemme fix that

    • Fabio Storino
      Fabio Storino 11 days ago +5

      “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” (Carl Sagan)

    • Eric
      Eric 11 days ago +4

      Many years later:
      Baking a cookie utilizing a molecular forge

  • Move Forward
    Move Forward 2 months ago +467

    Watching one of the smartest men alive struggle to bake a cookie was beautiful

    • BigMike
      BigMike Month ago +43

      “Smartest men alive”😂 the dudes a college dropout didn’t finish his chemistry studies to pursue his Clip-Share channel. He’s a Clip-Share scientist not a real one.😂

    • MaddieMZ
      MaddieMZ Month ago +27

      ​​@BigMike My thoughts exactly. A friend of mine, who went to my same class dropped out on 2nd year of Computer science. The guy never paid attention or practiced any of the contents we learned. However, he learned enough to impress your average Joe who has zero idea on how programming works, so most people in his neighbourhood praise him as some kind of computer god just because he can print a message on screen or sum two numbers lmao.

    • Andres
      Andres Month ago +55

      ⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠@BigMike @MaddieMZ he dropped out of his post-graduate, not his bachelors. That’s a huge difference. Not smartest man alive, but definitely smart enough to be able to talk and present sound (bio)chemistry.

    • TCM464
      TCM464 Month ago +16

      @BigMike Do you not understand comedic hyperbole?

  • Roswell Gruver
    Roswell Gruver Month ago +74

    I love how the science chocolate still came wrapped in pretty gold foil

  • Kat
    Kat 4 months ago +4809

    The cameraman coaching Nile through basic baking practices was truly the blind leading the blind.

    • HansMaximum
      HansMaximum 4 months ago +303

      Truly one of the baking videos on Clip-Share.

    • Sniperboy5551
      Sniperboy5551 4 months ago +116

      @HansMaximum Some might even call it one of the baking videos of all time!

    • Ariel
      Ariel Month ago +12

      Lmfao op. But ya he should get a Guinness for worlds first lab cookie XP

    • Punk I Am
      Punk I Am Month ago +10

      That is why they would go with science degrees instead of culinary ones

    • Super Playlists
      Super Playlists Month ago +3

      I love this comment. I just wanted to say that. OP, you have won the comment lottery

  • Zack Bryans
    Zack Bryans Month ago +33

    You can really tell he's never actually baked cookies, and that makes it so much better.

  • Ruthless Rotabega
    Ruthless Rotabega Month ago +74

    ah yes. *Cooking* with Nile we definitely need a series.

    • Kodami
      Kodami Month ago

      Cooking with Nile doesn’t have the implication you think it does

  • Zoey Mac Elroy
    Zoey Mac Elroy Month ago +9

    I would love a whole series of Nile making pure foods with none of the cooking experience required

    • Zoey Mac Elroy
      Zoey Mac Elroy Month ago

      Also, "it's a bunch of chemicals" is now the quote I will use for everything

  • ShortsOfDoom
    ShortsOfDoom Month ago +22

    watching nile be so oblivious on how to bake a goddamn cookie is the funniest thing ive ever seen

  • Snow Rivera
    Snow Rivera Month ago +23

    Has Nile never seen his grandmother bake cookies before?!? 😅

  • Anna Fraser
    Anna Fraser 4 months ago +47485

    you can tell where nile goes from chemist to cook because his confidence immediately plummets

    • BlackSpider
      BlackSpider 4 months ago +3498


    • Carrie Mansfield
      Carrie Mansfield 4 months ago +1987

      Which is hilarious, because the precision of baking goes well with the precision of chemistry.

    • nico
      nico 4 months ago +459

      The worst baker ever lol

    • Anna Fraser
      Anna Fraser 4 months ago +812

      low-key I wonder if the "failure" is just his inability to cook

    • Little Red Express
      Little Red Express 4 months ago +268

      Cooking is a form of chemistry lmao

  • Hiojime
    Hiojime Month ago +4

    I want a cooking show with just chemistry and two confused guys with cameras. 10/10 concept.

    • Hiojime
      Hiojime Month ago

      Tbf this channel is already headed in that direction and I LOVE that

  • Prankster TV 2
    Prankster TV 2 2 months ago +27

    ive never seen someone so stressed about the success of a single cookie 😂

  • Jaitsu
    Jaitsu Month ago +12

    I love how we can tell exactly how relatively expensive each ingredient is based on how cautious you are about measuring and transporting it to avoid losses.

  • Craig Daniels
    Craig Daniels 2 months ago +33

    Nile: does science.
    Also Nile: this isn't an exact science.

  • Alyssa -
    Alyssa - 18 days ago +6

    I need a cooking channel between these two so bad LOL

  • Hexra
    Hexra 3 months ago +4309

    Nile is the epitome of never setting foot outside of a lab. No way he doesn't know that cookies naturally has cracks 😭

    • Riley Merson
      Riley Merson 3 months ago +370

      Nile has me literally rethinking the phrase:
      “Cooking is art, baking is chemistry”

    • Maddie B.
      Maddie B. 3 months ago +102

      Dude other people in the comments were questioning it too…… like were people raised on mars?!!

    • S_ynze
      S_ynze 3 months ago +104

      And seeing him make the cookie into a cookie shape before baking was beyond painful. You are meant to just make a ball and as the butter melts, so does the cookie and then it spreads out into the cookie shape. After allowing it to cool, the butter solidifies and subsequently so does the cookie.

    • Vinz
      Vinz 3 months ago +16

      @S_ynze to be fair he wasn't using butter

    • S_ynze
      S_ynze 3 months ago +43

      @Vinz the coconut oil replaces this. Notice how the coconut oil was hard and he had to heat it up to melt it so he could get it out of the container? It works (kinda) the same way. It's a substitute. A vegan one, if you think about it.

  • Pearl Zielke
    Pearl Zielke 2 months ago +28

    I love how nile being the genius he is knows nothing about cookies 🥰

  • Moose
    Moose 2 months ago +6

    “Now we got sugar everywhere” that’s the true baking experience 😂

  • Kaiju
    Kaiju Month ago +4

    I feel like nileblue is slowly turning into a cooking channel

  • Pezzottaite meh
    Pezzottaite meh 2 months ago +19

    I swear this is perobably one of the most fun videos I've seen for a while. Had a pretty good chuckle during the tasting.
    Ive gotta know what the pure water tastes like

  • Ihuoma Ohanaka
    Ihuoma Ohanaka 16 days ago +4

    genuinely thought Nile was joking when he freaked out about the cookie cracking 😅

  • MethosTR
    MethosTR 3 months ago +5161

    The fact that Nile is more comfortable with making super dangerous stuff like Chromyl Chloride than baking cookies is just hilarious.

    • a
      a 3 months ago +55

      I think a lot of people don't or haven't baked a cookie. It's not as common as people think. Especially in a culture of some people hardly cooking at all and just eating lots of prepackaged foods, fast food, or junk food.

    • King Morgan
      King Morgan 3 months ago +110

      "I've never seen cookie dough before" immediately had me going "yes, that can happen when you've only recently arrived on Earth" because i have extreme difficulty believing anyone could live long enough to get a college education without ever seeing cookies being baked or ads for pre-mixed dough or something like that.

    • sungon
      sungon 3 months ago +12

      ​@King Morgannot everyone lives in America, not everyone has cookies in their culture

    • Artur Nicácio de Andrade
      Artur Nicácio de Andrade 3 months ago +35

      ​@sungon most people on youtube has seen or eating cookies though. I'm brazilian, not one of the cultures within my country bake cookies, yet I still know what they are somewhat know how to make them.

    • Sweet&SourSybil
      Sweet&SourSybil 3 months ago +10

      @sungon Nile is Canadian.

  • Dan Palchak
    Dan Palchak 2 months ago +16

    This level of scientific precision invested into making something so common reminds me of the “perfect coffee” from Breaking Bad

    CAPTAIN DELTRON 2 months ago +84

    I think the ingredients were probably fine, the ratios, ex: not enough sugar we're one of many issues you'd have known about if you had just tried to make plain normal cookies before the lab version.

    • Tomaž Demšar
      Tomaž Demšar Month ago

      Were* :D we're is we are ;)

    • Emily Rosenfeldt
      Emily Rosenfeldt Month ago +2

      @Tomaž DemšarI’m sure this person is aware of that… my phone autocorrects “were” to “we’re” all the time. It’s very annoying lol

  • Ifeoma
    Ifeoma 25 days ago +4

    You guys have beautiful smiles in your family.
    Your grandma's smile made my day.

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W Month ago +9

    So as I understand it, the NIST reference materials aren't necessarily suppose to be "pure" per se, but more along the lines of a standardized average of that specific product.

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon 3 days ago +1

    Nile treating this cookie like it was his first born child was hilarious 😂 has he never had chocolate chip cookies before?

  • Deltora
    Deltora 3 months ago +3389

    This feels like a skit where two aliens try to do something really ordinary and basic to try and fit in with humans and many shenanigans ensue lmaooo I love it

    • God
      God 2 months ago +51

      Not knowing ANYTHING about cooking and baking at their age is depressing

    • Mad Townn
      Mad Townn 2 months ago +125

      ​@Godyeah but their alchemy offsets the depressing parts

    • goose in a tuxedo
      goose in a tuxedo 2 months ago +19

      ​@GodI think you need to turn your empathy down a bit

    • God
      God 2 months ago +26

      @goose in a tuxedo I don't think you understand the meaning of empathy

    • Fiks Anzo™
      Fiks Anzo™ 2 months ago +44

      ​@GodI've been cooking my whole life and can easily eyeball the ingredients and cooking times of a stir fry, but I'd probably be just as confused at baking

  • Bloody Bahamut
    Bloody Bahamut 2 months ago +9

    We need a series where e every month Nile bakes something with a co-host telling him the instructions

    • Peter Knutsen
      Peter Knutsen Month ago

      There’s a Tom Scott video where Tom follows cooking instructions.

  • tecnogadget2
    tecnogadget2 2 months ago +7

    You should've really took your grandma to the lab. It wouldve been soooooo wholesome

  • Mason
    Mason Month ago +22

    as someone who has baked hundreds (maybe a thousand atp) of cookies in my life the confusion at how cookies work is so so funny to me 😭 i just throw stuff in a stand mixer and then the oven and they taste heavenly every time.

    • Lavzna 7
      Lavzna 7 23 days ago

      Can you tell me the recipe you use

    • Jojo adac
      Jojo adac 21 day ago


    • Mason
      Mason 20 days ago

      tollhouse! super simple. having good ingrediants helps. sometimes i make different kinds of cookies, but its mostly just tollhouse choc chip cos thats what everyone likes the most.@Lavzna 7

  • DaceCase
    DaceCase Month ago +3

    Also, the reason your cookie "smelled like nothing" the first time you took it out was because it wasn't done yet. If you can't smell it in the room, it hasn't been in the oven long enough

  • RayRae 559
    RayRae 559 23 days ago +1

    Nile makes things I could never think of. He makes a cookie and is extremely perplexed 😂😂

  • Hei Kaikki
    Hei Kaikki 3 months ago +6009

    I love how Nile can turn gloves into hot sauce and paint into soda, but not cookie dough into a cookie.

  • •Webling’s drawings•

    Bro nile's smile just makes my day!!
    How he is upset that his cookie cracked is so humorous

  • BP
    BP 2 months ago +6

    The Canadian mom coming out in Nile while baking it is hilarious 😂

  • Imad Oofus
    Imad Oofus Month ago +4

    Future tip:
    Don't premelt the coconut oil prior to adding sugar. The liquid oil essentially coats the sugar grains preventing them from fully dissolving in the mix.

  • Jay Itsthenerdyninja
    Jay Itsthenerdyninja 2 months ago +4

    Can we get his grandma to coach him though making actual cookies

  • kat Marie
    kat Marie Day ago

    Watching this as a baker is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 4 months ago +4756

    I can’t believe Nile didn’t practice baking a normal set of cookies first

    • Ryan Williams
      Ryan Williams 4 months ago +382

      It would’ve ruined the whole video. Watching them stumble through it is hilarious.

    • V K
      V K 4 months ago +148

      Exactly my thought. You would think he would test first with flower THAT'S NOT FUCKING 1000$

    • Alan Peter
      Alan Peter 4 months ago +88

      @V K ah yes flower🌻

    • V K
      V K 4 months ago +56

      @Alan Peter yes of course, everyone knows that you bake cookies with some good flowers lol

    • fiachrahackett
      fiachrahackett 4 months ago +59

      Absolutely needs to be a control cookie, thats like basic science.

  • LittleGizmo
    LittleGizmo Month ago +3

    Nile really made a cookie that was so pure that there was no flavor 💀

  • Mighty_Lucas
    Mighty_Lucas Month ago +5

    the way the cookie was cooked is killing me. it needs to be in a ball

  • iErrantrYi
    iErrantrYi 8 days ago

    I thank you for your sacrifice in making this video! As a fellow scientist, I have often considered making "pure" versions of favored recipes; I now know, as you said, that attaining purity will be at the cost of many of the things that rightly make food delicious.

  • Parker Fiskar
    Parker Fiskar 4 months ago +4750

    Nigel can turn gloves into grape soda but ordinary baking is completely beyond him 😂😂

    • Choi Yat Lam
      Choi Yat Lam 4 months ago +227

      He used vanillin to make hot sauce, but have not idea how to use it normally.

    • Lil Eazy
      Lil Eazy 4 months ago +92

      He can also make cherry soda with paint thinner

    • Jennicyde
      Jennicyde 4 months ago +47

      I knoe really? I want to watch him in the kitchen trying to figure out my old grannie's cookie recipe, which is a list of ingredients and a prayer that it turns out ok, no measurements, no method just 'put these things together and maybe cookies'

    • ArauJo Jhonatan
      ArauJo Jhonatan 4 months ago +51

      it's especially funny when a baking in specific is pretty much a chemistry experiment. you have exact quantities, orders of mixing and time of reaction

  • Dick Stevens
    Dick Stevens 2 months ago +5

    Dude looks like a kid in a candy shop for the first time being told “you can get whatever you want” he’s so happy making that cookie

  • Kya
    Kya Month ago +2

    watching nile make a cookie and freaking out over cracks is quite funny

  • Hunter Patton
    Hunter Patton Month ago +6

    Nile performs alchemy, transmuting gloves to hot sauce snd TP to moonshine, but he struggles this much making a chocolate chip cookie
    Edit: Also requesting a follow up video where you two cook a normal batch of cookies with granny from average ingredients

  • Joshua Kirk
    Joshua Kirk 2 months ago +5

    If there’s anything I’ve learned from Nile Red it’s that nothing he makes in a lab actually tastes good. 🤣

  • Kassidy Ehmann
    Kassidy Ehmann 7 days ago

    I have been thinking about this forever and I’m so glad that you made it happen

  • Tom Fitzsimmons
    Tom Fitzsimmons 4 months ago +1951

    I love how Nile genuinely seems more worried about the cookie cracking than he has ever seemed doing any experiment

    • NaCly
      NaCly 4 months ago +140

      Nigel when the food he made isn't perfectly uniform in shape, color, texture and taste:
      "I think this is ruined, so I'll just have to start over."

    • onradioactivewaves
      onradioactivewaves 4 months ago +34

      Don't know, ive seen a few " I have this substance, and I *REEAAALLY* want to burn it" type videos.

    • LaEmporoar
      LaEmporoar 4 months ago +115

      Ive been convinced that Nile has literally never seen a cookie in his life before

    • Rotorblast
      Rotorblast 4 months ago +13

      he got pretty OCD about the superconductor having cracks in it too (which involved a fair amount of baking, and he legit bought an (($$$)) oven just for it)

  • Dimsum Garbage
    Dimsum Garbage 2 months ago +12

    from the coconut oil going in melted
    the hand mixing dough
    the straight baking chocolate
    I knew this was gonna be fun.

  • Morcrax
    Morcrax Month ago +2

    Nile panicking over how good the cookie is so funny

  • medb
    medb Month ago +1

    how has he gone this far in life without ever seeing cookie dough?!

  • York
    York Month ago +3

    I was trembling with excitement when he pulled out the pure baking chocolate. That turned into laughing out loud during the ingredient mixing, mad cackling when he got afraid of the cracks and straight up maniacal howling during the taste test.

  • Atorius V
    Atorius V 16 days ago

    The lesson learned here is that science can't replace grandma's soulful cookie baking.

  • Matt Golman
    Matt Golman 4 months ago +4129

    I love that Nigel apparently didn't think to try baking a normal cookie first to try the process. He just jumped straight to an inedible $2k lab grade cookie.

    • Sine Nomine
      Sine Nomine 4 months ago +9

      Nigel? 😂

    • Belinda Short
      Belinda Short 4 months ago +267

      @Sine Nomine That's his name

    • R.P. Rosen
      R.P. Rosen 4 months ago +380

      You're so right. He also had access to an EXPERT CONSULTANT, Nana would have set him straight. Grandmothers everywhere are cringing.

    • coco
      coco 4 months ago +25

      ​@Sine Nomine did you just lost some braincell bro ?

    • HeartlessXiao
      HeartlessXiao 4 months ago +145

      Using a vacuum oven when the whole point of baking soda is to create bubbles 🤦

  • Spingot Goomer
    Spingot Goomer 2 months ago +9

    Have neither of them eaten a cookie before? I think every cookie I've ever had has had cracks in it 😂

  • Isabela Fulton
    Isabela Fulton Month ago

    It doesn't taste bland... It tastes pure, pure of all flavor. As a baker this is both incredibly interesting and painful.

  • Jeremy Lentz
    Jeremy Lentz 24 days ago

    Seeing how much you enjoyed this made me enjoy the video so much more

  • Spoofy Plays
    Spoofy Plays 3 days ago

    "It also tastes like wood a bit"
    That absolutely sent me! I have tears in my eyes from cry laughing

  • miget3
    miget3 20 days ago +1

    Shout out to grandma, the true heart and soul of the cookie 😔✊

  • Spaghetti Wizard
    Spaghetti Wizard 3 months ago +2865

    The fact that Nile knows how to clean up, properly dispose of, and how to neutralize an abundance of different chemicals, but doesn't know cookies tend to have natural cracks when baked is hilarious

    • THEBIGGUY5000
      THEBIGGUY5000 3 months ago +35

      You forgot that the cookie does not need to be smacked by a glass rod 😂

    • Absolute Terror
      Absolute Terror 3 months ago +24

      It really did seem like he believed he needed to stab a hole in the center of the cookie with his glass rod at 19:15 , and not until his camera operator friend asked "why would you do that?" did it seem occur to him that was a ridiculous thought. You could literally see in his eyes the exact moment when he remembers that cookies don't usually have a hole in the center and that there was no logical reasoning behind his thought that he needed to stab a hole in the cookie.

    • ell.is.ellis
      ell.is.ellis 3 months ago +12

      @Absolute Terrorhe was probably remembering his grandmother baking for him as a child and watching her stab the cake to check how done it was. Instinctually applied, incorrectly

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  • MiraVonSchmira
    MiraVonSchmira 2 months ago +1

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    You have to bake it with love ❤️❤️❤️

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    Keith Month ago +1

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    • Ariella
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    Dude really f'ing bought NIST standard reference materials to bake AN cookie 😂😂😂😂. And that is also when the price instantly made sense to me, NIST SRMs cost a dank amount of money. Veritasium uploaded a really cool and in depth video about them a little while ago. I am honestly surprised that they sold Nile anything, since typically they are meant for big companies who produce whatever they need any said SRM for.

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  • Kai
    Kai 7 days ago

    I love the fact that he went to buy chemically pure substance for the cookie, and when it comes to the recepie he went to grandma. As we all know, grandma recepie is the purest of pure cookies.

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    Watched this video while eating cookies. I enjoyed both the cookies and the video :)

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    This video has been reviewed by Ann Reardon. She explains why it does not taste good.
    The video title is:
    Debunking the World's Purest Cookie & more | How To Cook That Ann Reardon
    It's at around the 8th minute of that video.

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      Ohh yeah that's exactly it, I think they could've made better cookies with lab stuff and lab grade stuff if he brought his grandma or at least someones grandma, it had to do with the people and experience in baking. The sugar and flour probably needed to be ground down to be finer, probably needed a lot more of that vanilla powder, and should've sampled the ingredients side by side with their regular quality as well as the whole cookie. Could've milked this into a 2 hr video man. Maybe that'll be the next one and this will be the infamous video that spawns an (actually good tasting) pure cookie video.

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    So two reasons why I didn't turn out right: not enough vanillan and definitely not enough egg. You would have definitely been able to taste the vanilla if you had enough vanillin also vanilla extract is about three or four times thicker than what you made. Oh and the cookie was probably cracking because you did not add enough egg powder. Coincidentally if you don't have enough egg powder the cookie also does not taste like a cookie and more like flour😂

  • Temenujka Metodieva
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  • Warm _Egg_Salad
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    • BakaTaco
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    • Prapan The Bachelorette
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