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Upgrade Windows or Get Rekt

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    0:00 lol come on
    0:14 Steam to drop Win7, 8.1 support
    1:34 Twitter Blue or else
    3:30 Amazon opens Sidewalk network
    4:48 Brilliant
    5:23 QUICK BITS
    5:30 Australia calls loot boxes gambling
    6:07 Dolphin emulator coming to Steam
    6:36 Fitbit losing features
    7:01 Last of Us PC port bugs
    7:36 Elon Musk, Wozniak call for AI pause
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Comments • 3 431

  • Harrison Walters
    Harrison Walters 2 months ago +4683

    The Australian government banning “virtual gambling” is hilarious considering there’s so much sports betting ads blasted everywhere.

    • Stephen Smith
      Stephen Smith 2 months ago +436

      I was surprised he didn't joke about this. They don't want any competition for all the gambling they already promote. I loved friendlyjordies and ididathing's videos about it.

    • _Kuma
      _Kuma 2 months ago +126

      And yet they are super slow on doing something about the money laundering happening in clubsnsw

    • Alkaris
      Alkaris 2 months ago +81

      Australia is a literal Nanny State, they try to Nanny everything they think they should.

    • Devastator0
      Devastator0 2 months ago +3

      oh ain't this the truth.

    • Darkfrostfall
      Darkfrostfall 2 months ago +100

      Anything that gets rid of lootboxes is good in my book

  • CrykorZ
    CrykorZ Month ago +150

    Windows 7 still holds a special place in my heart. The last Windows OS that didn’t feel super intrusive, and simply just worked

    • D Reaper
      D Reaper Month ago +11

      Which is why more people are switching to Linux (also because of Valve pushing for Linux gaming). I have noticed Windows' market share has been on the decline. In the past few months, it lost nearly 6%. Now it is under 70%. And Linux and Mac seems to have gone up some. More Linux though. If you count ChromeOS, the recognized Linux distros, and the unknown portion (which are unrecognized Linux distros). Refer to stat counter. It will show you.

    • Cherno
      Cherno Month ago +17

      I would have stayed with windows 7 if my new MB supported it. It was the best OS IMO

    • Carebu
      Carebu Month ago +4

      @D Reaper Linux.. is declining.. It's just apple and chromes going up, and it's very very very nebulous statistics because it's based on irrelevant type consumers, like people picking up macs for their apple ecosystem with 0 intent to use any desktop productivity or games. Linux is downtrending too. ChromeOS are hardly even operating systems. They're basically just bigger netflix dedicated tablets. When it comes to games, you need only hear developer citations where it's always like 90/9/1 splits of consumerbases. And the notable exceptions are not steam products. Fortnite, Minecraft, League.

    • D Reaper
      D Reaper Month ago +1

      @Carebu No. Windows is declining. Like I said, it lost 6% in the past 3 months according to stat counter. And ChromeOS is Linux. And the reason why Windows is declining is because of Valve pushing for Linux gaming.
      Chrome OS is over 3%, known Linux distros are under 3%. and the unknown portion (which are Linux distros that are unrecognized) are over 7%. That all makes Linux about 13% in total.
      BTW, none of the games I play are Steam related at all. So you are wrong. And FYI, Minecraft and League work on Linux. Just not crap like Fortnite.

    • VieneLea
      VieneLea Month ago +2

      @D Reaper both are declining, actually. Desktops keep getting more and more superflous to people.

  • TheDarkSoul97
    TheDarkSoul97 2 months ago +996

    Really nice of GLaDOS to write the script for this episode, AI are truly meant to be our Overlords

    • Cydia
      Cydia 2 months ago +59

      This was a triumph

    • Eli Hook
      Eli Hook 2 months ago +40

      A huge success

    • OrangeC7
      OrangeC7 2 months ago +39

      It's hard to overstate my satisfaction

    • Simon Jimson
      Simon Jimson 2 months ago +29

      We do what we must because we can.

  • Benjamin Oechsli
    Benjamin Oechsli 2 months ago +11

    0:41 As a Windows 10 user who loved 7 more, I respect those lads and lasses that didn't make the upgrade.

    • Andrei Vaughn
      Andrei Vaughn Month ago +3

      Yep his snide attitude isn't really fair - as if Windows 10 and 11 are such perfect, flawless systems!

  • ragnarockerbunny
    ragnarockerbunny 2 months ago +148

    Windows 7 was maybe the last universally beloved version. Vista before it was despised, 8 and 8.1 with their tablet style UIs were loathed and no one loves 10 but it fixed all the stuff that 8 broke so no one really dislikes it either. 11 came out the gate with drama by breaking right clicking. It's kinda no wonder that Windows 7 has such a dedicated userbase.

    • InfernosReaper
      InfernosReaper 2 months ago +27

      8.1 at least let you go to desktop and have a menu, which 8 honestly should've done to begin with.
      10 is literally 8.1 with a proper Start Menu, more bloat, and tons of spyware. It's infuriating that people get charged money for 10

    • Caleb Allen
      Caleb Allen 2 months ago +8

      I love Windows 10 💔

    • JamesTK
      JamesTK 2 months ago +4

      @Caleb Allen I love windows 11's window management but still miss stuff from 10. Unplugging my laptop only to have all my windows on the one screen when I plug it back in... No issue on 11

    • Caleb Allen
      Caleb Allen 2 months ago +4

      @JamesTK hmm that's cool! I'd love LTT to do a follow up video on Windows 11 a year or so on.
      I still haven't made the jump yet, and on my laptop I love Linux so I have 3 options for my gaming desktop, stay on 10, move to 11 or move to Linux.

    • Caleb Allen
      Caleb Allen 2 months ago +1

      @JamesTK would you recommend 11?

  • GraveUypo
    GraveUypo Month ago +35

    i would still 100% use windows 7 if i could. best windows ever.

    • Dodgy Dodgson
      Dodgy Dodgson Month ago


    • Sharat
      Sharat Month ago

      Like the guy above said, no.

    • GraveUypo
      GraveUypo 18 days ago

      The beautiful thing is that you're both wrong.

  • Boga
    Boga 2 months ago +2541

    The next scariest thing beside sentient AI is a worldwide Amazon mesh network

    • Greyson
      Greyson 2 months ago +183

      ... apple has a bigger one... and you can't turn it off.

    • EpiicPenguin
      EpiicPenguin 2 months ago +89

      @Greyson although i guess you could consider cellphone providers as the first invasive mesh network from the early triangulation days.

    • Manas Ranjan Patnaik
      Manas Ranjan Patnaik 2 months ago +3

      @EpiicPenguin More pathes on grandpas head not the same as having one mesh/one company to trap the word

  • Dyllan Kolinen
    Dyllan Kolinen 2 months ago +939

    Calling Twitter an angry group chat is one of the funniest things I’ve heard today

    • Pierce
      Pierce 2 months ago +43

      I think it's an understatement

    • Galafador
      Galafador 2 months ago +28

      Borderline "terrorism against humanity" group chat

    • Tom Brennan
      Tom Brennan 2 months ago +3

      I'll definitely be referring to it as that from now on 😂

    • Stan
      Stan 2 months ago +6

      @Galafador i honestly don't understand how the people on there don't observe themselves, and when they do, it's usually chronic gymnastics to keep the image they already have of themselves

  • John Hoo
    John Hoo 2 months ago +264

    Regarding the AI pause, the funny thing is, whoever DOESN’T comply with the request will gain a 6 month lead in training over their competitors who do.

    • InfernosReaper
      InfernosReaper 2 months ago +52

      and that's why pretty much no one will comply

    • Gaming Dad
      Gaming Dad 2 months ago +21

      They'll all pretend to comply.

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago +5

      Washington Naval treaties all over again....

    • Toltalchaos
      Toltalchaos Month ago +3

      which works out to like a decade in AI learning time 😆😆

    • nathaniel bass
      nathaniel bass Month ago +5

      @Toltalchaos more than that. Even the weakest computers today make a billion calculations per second (1 Ghz )

  • redwed6
    redwed6 2 months ago +24

    I just wanna say I love Riley, he always has such great energy and funny personality. Keep on being amazing and more importantly, yourself!

  • Mellcula
    Mellcula 2 months ago +173

    I am proud to be one of those that are contributing to the growing Linux marketshare on Steam!

    • Mihnea Lazăr
      Mihnea Lazăr 2 months ago +3

      That's nice!

    • Robert Aitchison
      Robert Aitchison 2 months ago +8

      I just got a Steam Deck if that counts.

    • Edgar Peddy
      Edgar Peddy 2 months ago +3

      @Robert Aitchison It does! Load up desktop mode to play around with if you're feeling adventurous.

    • Quiet Wanderer
      Quiet Wanderer 2 months ago +5

      ​@Robert Aitchison absolutely does
      Honestly my excitement for the Steamdeck made me try out Linux on my main desktop and my laptop before my Steamdeck was even ready to order last year, haven't felt the need to switch back to windows since except to convert a couple files then swap back XD
      Long live the FOSS/GNU/Linux community!

    • Protoscope
      Protoscope Month ago +3

      @Robert Aitchison boom bam you're a Linux gamer !

  • PPlankBeam
    PPlankBeam Month ago +121

    I only switched from Windows 7 about 18 months ago, and I felt really uncomfortable about it. Win 7 was the best OS for a long time for me.

    • L Q
      L Q Month ago +13

      I switched about 2-1/2 years ago. I'm an early adopter when systems are good (2000, XP, and 7) but I couldn't switch to 10 for the longest time because they removed Windows Media Center. Microsoft in typical Microsoft fashion woefully misunderstood what WMC was used for, thinking incorrectly everyone was just using it to play videos. They forgot it was the only program that could record encrypted digital cable TV via a Cable Card due to the DRM. Now that Cable Card has been killed off by a combination of the Cable Companies hiding their existence and not talking about them unless explicitly asked and not properly training their techs and customer service to activate them, that's not the barrier it used to be. Windows 10 is okay but sometimes I still miss good ol' Windows 7.

    • Nukè
      Nukè Month ago +4

      @L Q You can still do that lol, you just need to enable compatibility mode in the Win 10 settings for Win 7 applications. Very simple with a youtube video :)

    • James TDG
      James TDG Month ago +6

      It really was. Honestly, amazing features, free games with ZERO ads, stuff worked without needing to install patches, it was great while it lasted

    • Josh Vennix
      Josh Vennix Month ago +11

      Windows 7 was the last OS Microsoft made. The amalgamations of bloatware and spyware now forced upon us hardly fit the parameters of an Operating System.

    • Vappy Reon
      Vappy Reon Month ago +3

      ​@Josh Vennix they all copy Linux anyways tbh, Windows 12 will probably have tabs in file manager and it'll be touted as revolutionary

  • Jarrod'sTech
    Jarrod'sTech 2 months ago +468

    Windows 7 running a Windows 10 virtual machine with Steam inside, come at me Microsoft.

    • Fried Potato
      Fried Potato 2 months ago +31

      Excuse me, what? why?

    • Connor DeLuca
      Connor DeLuca 2 months ago +5


    • Anonymous Entity
      Anonymous Entity 2 months ago +90

      @Fried Potato because Windows 7 looks and runs way better

    • K'lia Jesal
      K'lia Jesal 2 months ago +74

      Just switch to Linux at that point. At least then you won't be on an OS that hasn't received a security update in years.

  • Ashe
    Ashe 2 months ago +136

    Man, I just really love the humor lately in this show. Great writing. Riley always nails the presentation as well. This is the best place for tech news and i'm NOT saying that for the bit.

    • Georgi Hristov
      Georgi Hristov 2 months ago +2

      Totally, the news itself is also doesn't disappoint tho. Being at ease with the dystopian world we live in has never been easier.
      P.S. I genuinely appreciate being at ease with the news rather than being freak out by it

  • TomatePasFraiche
    TomatePasFraiche 2 months ago +46

    No no, this Amazon mesh network is nuts! It was always a slippery slope from the start all their iot stuff. Once you get them in your house the hidden lines of the general condition of use enabled them to practically do whatever they wanted by default.
    It’s insane

    • TalesOfWar
      TalesOfWar 2 months ago +8

      I want to know if it's been using access points belonging to people who DON'T own any of their devices and thus can't opt out at all. If it's using next doors router when yours dies for some reason, how the hell are they aware of this and how can they stop it? Assuming it even is. This is Amazon, I totally expect them to be using it regardless of permission.

    • Herkan
      Herkan 2 months ago +8

      Good thing those that don't want that don't get IoT garbage. Washing machines, blinds, fridges, freezers, lamps. Internet in these items are unnecessary and are no doubt a way to get more control over your home. Many other device types too, a juice presser that connects online so it can force you to pay monthly for recipes or whatever it was.
      IoT is signing over a device to the company. We don't feel like you should be able to use the TV today, so we shut it off.
      What do people even use an Amazon Alexa for? So they don't have to spend 5 seconds looking something up? Walk 5 meters to shut the blinds? Stand still and reach their hand out to turn the lamp on?
      That seems to be what the advertisement for the Alexa has been, extreme laziness.

    • Herkan
      Herkan 2 months ago +5

      @TalesOfWar Like Google I doubt opting out actually does what it says. They probably uses it somehow anyway. Like a chip that's always active in the device even when it's supposedly off, tracking, spying, whatever.

    • Dipanjan Ghosal
      Dipanjan Ghosal 2 months ago +4

      Why do people even buy those IoT garbage?

    • K J
      K J 2 months ago +2

      Lock out all new devices by mac address management... personal routers support this, the isp ones idk if theres a backend in the fine print that allows for this anyway...

  • Aerbon
    Aerbon Month ago +147

    I respect windows 7 users.

    • InsomniAir.
      InsomniAir. Month ago +13

      Thank you

    • Minefreund
      Minefreund Month ago +2

      I have windows 7 on my phone

    • Dallas Herrmann
      Dallas Herrmann Month ago +9

      I ran it on my laptop until very recently, no issues. Windows 11, on the other hand, has been BSOD city so far. Win10 remains rock solid, so I will probably roll back.

    • Pandize
      Pandize Month ago +4

      @Dallas Herrmann see… there comes plenty of issues when you try to skip a bunch of updates… then try to install the latest.
      I’ve never had this issue. 😅

    • fenix144
      fenix144 Month ago +7

      @Dallas HerrmannNot a single bsod on 2 win 11 machines

  • Andy FoxHound
    Andy FoxHound 2 months ago +125

    That Steam support sounds like a long-term plan, they're planning on releasing Steam OS for desktop I would suspect

    • Allen Queen
      Allen Queen 2 months ago +21

      They better

    • Gramini
      Gramini 2 months ago +35

      They indeed plan on making SteamOS available to use on ordinary PCs. It came up during the early days of the SteamDeck. No date on when that's going to happen though. Probably "sometime" in Valve time.

    • Koopz
      Koopz 2 months ago +10

      Re-Releasing SteamOS for desktop, you mean, considering "Steam Machines" were a thing before the Deck and SteamOS wasn't arch based back then.

    • Alfonso Murolo
      Alfonso Murolo 2 months ago +5

      I thought SteamOS 3 has a desktop mode running KDE... and you can use it on desktop already? It is based on Arch after all

  • Phino K.M.
    Phino K.M. Month ago +46

    Well Windows 7 may be unsafe. But at least the trojans don't come preinstalled.

    • Andrei Vaughn
      Andrei Vaughn Month ago +7

      gotta love that preinstalled disney, spotify, candy crush (not to mention shortcuts to things like tiktok!)

    • button
      button Month ago

      explain... 🤡

    • button
      button Month ago

      @Andrei Vaughn just uninstall it??

    • Gundalf The Lost
      Gundalf The Lost  Month ago +1

      ​@Andrei Vaughn Build your own PC, save money, get completely clean windows installed.

    • Andrei Vaughn
      Andrei Vaughn Month ago +7

      @Gundalf The Lost Dude, I do deployments at a company - the latest 22H2 from Microsoft's Media Creation Tool (the most legit way to install the latest Windows) will literally come with this crap - do you suggest I get my .iso install files from dodgy places that claim to have "cleaned it up" beforehand? Or are you suggesting LTSC options, because I am pretty sure they use different licensing!

  • Emily Elam
    Emily Elam 2 months ago +93

    I guess this explains why Amazon Music suddenly started incessantly asking me for nearby devices permission and claiming it "needed it to function properly" without giving any more detail. I uninstalled it and switched streaming providers after that.

  • •••Kiki79250•••
    •••Kiki79250••• 2 months ago +77

    Technically, it's still possible to install POSReady 7 updates (which are literally the same except MS added a block mechanism to prevent installing it on regular releases) using ISO slipstreaming or some tools I will not mention which can allows you to stay updated until October 2024 (at least, maybe the "MS insurance program" that ends in January 2026 can extend this date, who knows).
    EDIT : The block mechanism is only at "ESU level" so if you managed to break down the ESU restrictions, you can install them manually with the MSU package without any problems.

    • flameshana9
      flameshana9 2 months ago +8

      I wish I understood all that technical jargon.

    • J-S_93
      J-S_93 2 months ago +3

      I wish you would elaborate further and please DO mention the things you mentioned; or at least list resources going into more depth.

    • keppy
      keppy 2 months ago +1

      All that effort just to hang onto your nostalgia

    • Yodalemos
      Yodalemos 2 months ago +25

      ​@keppyNo, it was a better OS.

  • Refugio 101
    Refugio 101 2 months ago +58

    Riley should definitely run a D&D session as a DM

  • flagrama
    flagrama Month ago +2

    Dolphin isn't the first emulator on Steam, RetroArch and a number of its cores like the N64 one have been on there for a couple years now and is part of what inspired Dolphin to start work on launching on Steam too. Another fair bit is the whole SteamDeck thing that is more difficult to support without being on Steam.

  • 0x150
    0x150 Month ago +3

    0:25 the reason why this is important is because CEF, the embedded chrome you're talking about, is used to render the GUI for steam. Steam uses a HTML gui, so it needs some kind of trimmed down browser to render it, which is what CEF is. It's basically the core of chrome slimmed down to its basic html rendering functionality, which can then be used by other applications.

    • Gramini
      Gramini Month ago

      Replace "Chrome" with "Chromium" and you're correct.

  • ブブ
    ブブ Month ago +44

    Elon isn't fixing "ai bot swarms". He is just making them pay to play.

    • Arda Duman
      Arda Duman Month ago +1

      Smart ngl

    • John Undefined
      John Undefined Month ago +1

      Six of one, half dozen of the other. It's hard to maintain a million bots if you have to pay for each one. I can see a complaint about charging human users. But it will definitely reduce bots.

    • ブブ
      ブブ Month ago

      @John Undefined But doesn't this just make the moat wider?
      'The moat' is a thing highly wealthy people talk about. It's the difference that allows you to succeed while others fail. It's basically the erection of barriers to entry so others have to work way harder than you do to achieve your level of success. We shouldn't encourage that behavior... They should do things that universally undermine bots, not allow bots if you are successful enough to afford it.

    • John Undefined
      John Undefined Month ago

      "They should do things that universally undermine bots, not allow bots if you are successful enough to afford it."
      A lovely sentiment. Unfortunately, no one has figured out how to do it.

    MUMOD BIOS 2 months ago +521

    Some older Win7 machines are "snapshots in time" and preserved to play older games.. Not being able to run steam is going to remove access to a large majority of those games.

    • Myrmínki
      Myrmínki 2 months ago +190

      Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

    • Jon717
      Jon717 2 months ago +103

      You can pirate older games and run them on a VM if there's compatibility issues. Valve dropped support for XP and Vista over four years ago and nobody seemed to care.

    • JustARandomHorse 666
      JustARandomHorse 666 2 months ago +56

      You don't need forced steam bloatware to run those games, you just need to know where to find "linux isos" or a patch for the games to make them run without steam which comes with the added bonus of owning your games instead of leasing them and being locked down so they can be taken back without a refund or you could be denied access to your existing library as soon as they dictate what operating system you have to have at any moment.

    • Tattletale
      Tattletale 2 months ago +5

      No it isn't lmao

    • Chris Johnson
      Chris Johnson 2 months ago +45

      All these replies completely missed the point of the comment lmao
      I imagine if you try to launch Steam on Windows 7 after support is dropped, it just wont update or connect to the internet anymore. I'm sure you can still play in offline mode.

  • link470
    link470 2 months ago +20

    0:45 - Windows 7 *mainstream* support ended in 2015, but security updates continued. The actual end of life was January 14th 2020 (not including paid enterprise support, which was 3 more years).

    • Kindanyume .Kindanyume
      Kindanyume .Kindanyume 29 days ago

      There are still security patches for w7 current day and that will continue to a minimum of Jan 2025 and most likely beyond that (dependent on demand) :)

  • Daz Person
    Daz Person 2 months ago +2

    Exquisite script you guys, this is easily the funniest episode of Tech Linked for a while.

  • Vandão
    Vandão 2 months ago +3

    I'd pay a monthly fee for the articles to come on my inbox every week. Love this channel

  • Kevin Street
    Kevin Street 2 months ago +124

    I use Windows 7 on my main machine because it's easy and it works. I've got 10 and 11 on other machines, and they all have to be wrestled with for a while before they become usable. And even then updates sometimes reset things and I have to wrestle them into submission again. 7 was the last version of Windows that was truly user friendly. Now I have to "upgrade" everything and it's going to be a pain in the ass.
    Pausing AI development is a good idea, but it's not going to happen. It's like an arms race where all you need is a computer and access to large data sets, so people all over the world can join in.

    • Bryan Montes Suarez
      Bryan Montes Suarez 2 months ago +20

      Perhaps consider Linux? It will free you from the shackles of Windows.

    • Shuroii
      Shuroii 2 months ago +32

      @Bryan Montes Suarez and then expose you to a host of new problems that are about as tedious to fix.
      t. Linux user for 6 years

    • goldenheartOh
      goldenheartOh 2 months ago +19

      I'd still be using Win7 if my Ryzen 3700x architecture would work on it. I tried so many workarounds but couldn't get it to run.
      MS does have quite a challenge. They make something that works well, so how the heck do they get users to switch?
      By randomly moving everything everywhere to get people to talk about it of course! Oh, & also adding a couple new features that of course couldn't just be integrated into the old OS.
      And eventually stop patching the old one to make it almost mandatory to stop using the old one.

    • Johann Gambolputty
      Johann Gambolputty 2 months ago

      @Shuroii name one issue relevant to modern linux

  • Mr Matejator
    Mr Matejator 2 months ago +27

    The reason why I never updated from win7 to newer ones is that it just works. I bought a new PC with win10 on it and I had to wrestle with it every other week or so when some update messed up something. So I upgraded to win7 in less than a year of using win10. And the reason why I do not use Linux is the same as why I do not use newer Win... I just do not want to wrestle with my PC, I just want it to work properly each time I boot it up.

    • ThePortuguesePlayer
      ThePortuguesePlayer 2 months ago +10

      This. A million times this.
      I never changed from Windows 7 either. I do not have the patience to waste all my time troubleshooting the other stupid OSes. Win7 just works. The others just make me waste all my time to solve problems they created all by themselves.

    • Edgar Peddy
      Edgar Peddy 2 months ago

      Linux just works without needing to wrestle with it. You just need to learn a few differences, break a few old habits, and away you go. When I installed Linux Mint on my mom's Windows 8 laptop her immediate response was "Linux is so much easier than Windows!" A lot has changed since the old days. Have you tried it recently? If not, give Linux Mint or ZorinOS a try.

    • Prateek Panwar
      Prateek Panwar 2 months ago

      Thing is win 10 is just vista with new UI (Both are using NT kernel), Even 11 is 10 with fancy UI. If it’s setup correctly everything should work like 7 does.
      I’d say clean windows 10 install and installing necessary drivers & api (vcredist 2008-2015), dx11, netfx 3.5 should work.
      As so many software use visual c++, older direct x or even win7’s net fx 3.5. You’ll get problems like missing dll files.
      Also it’s suggestion that you fully update win 10, ms store apps and every driver
      (Else it will keep slowing ssd in background until) and then turn off telemetry and diagnostics data. (Ignore if you use ms store apps or freq. update)

    • Der Rabenbarde
      Der Rabenbarde 2 months ago +7

      Yeah, it *should* work but since its release updates have broken the system over and over again. Just this January an update made chkdsk break SSDs.
      Win10 made me stop getting attached to my OS or put time and effort into "making it mine" because it could be gone any day and in a year I'll have to upgrade to Win12 anyway. I just want the simplicity and intuitivity back and the ads and forced bs gone. Anything after Win7 doesn't feel like it belongs on a PC.

  • Jeremy Tanudtanud
    Jeremy Tanudtanud 2 months ago +181

    I wonder what will happen to certain games on steam that only work with windows 7 or windows 8.1 and not compatible with windows 10 or windows 11.

    • Vogonp 42
      Vogonp 42 2 months ago +64

      A lot of them run fine with Proton on Linux.

    • Mackenzie Bullied
      Mackenzie Bullied 2 months ago +16

      Just throw some community crafted files into the game directory

    • Tommy B
      Tommy B 2 months ago +67

      @Mackenzie Bullied Why? You bought the game for windows 7, and if you don't need a newer OS why should you be forced to buy it?! And then proceed to install various 3rd party stuff?! You are part of the problem with your thinking.
      All the clients that bought games from steam and are on win7 are virtually victims of fraud. They bought those games and now are being restricted out of their purchases.
      Steam and all the other platforms should offer local installer files to any of their buyers.
      And if you have win7 system and don't want to upgrade to enjoy your games without the stupid platform, you should be able to do so.

    • Mackenzie Bullied
      Mackenzie Bullied 2 months ago +25

      @Tommy B i absolutely agree, however this isn't la-la land and that will never fucken happen. So i won't act like it will. We can yell and scream all we want but valve isn't reversing this decision. but this even even a situation where you're permanently locked out of your games, there's so many ways out of this issue and that's the reason why a lot of us are pc gamers anyways right? For when the official path of gaming becomes unavailable...were the unaffected platform. Ever heard of emulating de-listed console games? This is even easier to get around. Stop being a la-la-lander and just do what you have to do for yourself to be unaffected and move on

  • NojuXDDD
    NojuXDDD 2 months ago +24

    I love getting tech news before sleeping at unreasonable times ❤

  • Deniz
    Deniz 2 months ago +46

    operating systems are getting worse each and every update and so is compatibility thanks to decisions like this. windows 7 is still and will always be (if it keep going like this) the best OS for gaming in terms of performance and lower latency (assuming your game is compatible)

    • Glytch Halcy0n86
      Glytch Halcy0n86 Month ago +4

      Hear hear! So very true; too bad the peanut gallery grew up in an age of Consoles and sandboxed OS.
      Dark Age of Information. Remember the quotes from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri?

    • White mage
      White mage Month ago

      i'm pretty sure input latency has to do with the hardware because i haven't had any issues with my computer yet i've experienced systems that had over a second of input lag.

    • Deniz
      Deniz Month ago +3

      @White mage it's affected by both hardware and software 🙄

    • White mage
      White mage Month ago

      @Deniz how is windows 7 faster in latency compared with windows 10?

    • Cryptolocker
      Cryptolocker Month ago +6

      ​@White mage runs much leaner, does not run an audio stack that affects the performance of games (unlike win10), and ever since win8, a thing called memory manager is running memory compression by default. It is essentially glorified ram expander from the 90s. It gave unreal engine games a very hard time at first until they managed to patch workarounds. It works much better these days Ill admit. Been doing remote help desk tech support for residential and retail consumers for over a decade so i've been in literally thousands of personal systems and win10 is only recently approaching a decent level of reliability and performance compared to win7. I have zero hope for 11.compared

  • Naomi Kitsune
    Naomi Kitsune Month ago +21

    I wish they'd release a refurbished version of windows 7 that came with all the modern features, but none of the extra bloat

    • Jeffrey Tackett
      Jeffrey Tackett Month ago +7

      The problem with that is the modern features are built around the bloat, removing it could cause unwanted side effects.

    • Naomi Kitsune
      Naomi Kitsune Month ago +6

      @Jeffrey Tackett I'm using a modded version of windows 11 with all the bloat stripped out. The modern features don't need the bloat to run.

    • Jeffrey Tackett
      Jeffrey Tackett Month ago +2

      @Naomi Kitsune Microsoft didn’t release a version with the bloat removed, and you can’t be 100% sure that it won’t break in the future. You are right that 90% of the people using Windows 11 wouldn’t need to use anything that might use the bloat, but with all the software out there, it’s possible that it will break something.

    • Naomi Kitsune
      Naomi Kitsune Month ago +7

      @Jeffrey Tackett Of course microsoft didn't release a version with the bloat removed, it's a modded version where a 3rd party removed the bloat. I've been using their releases for a few years now and they generally run better than stock from my experience.
      After years of usage I think the only issue is windows features that try to open a page on ms edge because it's not installed, but that's generally a non-issue

    • Ginko
      Ginko Month ago +2

      It's called Linux

  • Alexsandro M-S
    Alexsandro M-S 2 months ago +8

    Glad to see GLADOs pursuing new creative avenues alongside the TechLinked humans.

  • Lupero's Cabin
    Lupero's Cabin Month ago

    For everyone who was on the old vista , thanks for your service sir, welcome home.

  • Brett Grace
    Brett Grace 2 months ago +424

    Steam's version of chrome never works anyway, google always complains that "this version of the browser is too old or unsupported" lol - hard to see their point based on that

    • DeosPraetorian
      DeosPraetorian 2 months ago +17

      Works fine

    • Cheetah
      Cheetah 2 months ago +38

      Probably not just for Chrome. CS2 is coming out and I’m assuming they are going to upgrade the anti cheat as well. Just like Valorant, requiring secure boot / TPM to battle cheaper based cheats.

    • bilowik
      bilowik 2 months ago +69

      The Steam app uses chrome to display its storefront, that’s why it looks identical when viewed through a browser and in steam, it’s not just used when you open up the integrated web browser from within steam.

    • Socks
      Socks 2 months ago +28

      @Cheetah i fkn hate tpm. i turned it off in bios. nobody is stopping me from accessing my own pc if something goes wrong. whats on those drives is still mine and i want access to it no matter what happens.

    • Saybro WT
      Saybro WT 2 months ago +3

      @Cheetah That's a downgrade then

  • Jolfgard
    Jolfgard 2 months ago +1

    These TechNews were a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge Success!

  • A Z
    A Z 2 months ago +5

    To be fair to some still not switching to Linux: we still have a lot of proprietary software that either doesn't have a Linux version, doesn't work with compatibility software or doesn't have a Linux alternative. For example I use a gaming laptop (Helios 300) with a built-in RGB keyboard and software to adjust fans, overclocking, etc. (Predator Sense). I would 100% switch to Linux, and did for a while, however I lose out on a lot of the functions I paid for even though I really enjoyed the better overall performance I was getting.
    Now if there was a Linux version designed for Helios laptops I would 100% switch in a heartbeat.

  • TheOneInYellow
    TheOneInYellow 2 months ago +9

    "wow this is the best TL!" 😂
    Laughing my ass off at the first segment, awesome writing! Failed to achieve ought to be on a t-shirt 👕🤣

  • Tommo
    Tommo 2 months ago

    I feel the ai delay thing is just mainly to prevent the people that had a head start to have a head start

  • Robert Aitchison
    Robert Aitchison 2 months ago +16

    Windows 7 was an is a great OS. If it were still available and supported (including driver support for newer hardware) it would be the 2nd most popular Desktop OS (not far) behind Windows 10.

    • KiotheCloud -BlackEnvy-
      KiotheCloud -BlackEnvy- Month ago

      It would actually be 1st cause most people will not have the specs to run win 10 without any performance issues cause alot of us still have old systems especially for 2nd and 3rd world cpintries which is majority of the world. Alot of caes here im my city still run win 7 cause the games would lag alot cause of win 10 bloat

  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 months ago +258

    I literally hate google so much. I absolutely love my fitbit then they had to come and f*ck it all up. What the hell is the point of removing the fun stuff. I'm pretty sure the point of FB is to make it fun to exercise

    • aware
      aware 2 months ago +35

      no fun allowed

    • -Alex-
      -Alex- 2 months ago +28

      Same thing with Nest. They bought Nest and ruined it

    • jeremy mcadam
      jeremy mcadam 2 months ago +9

      Exercise is fun if you do it right, you don't need a watch bro

  • Waldo
    Waldo 2 months ago +35

    That pope one was really good. I did kind of assume it was real at first glance. Once you actually pay more attention to it, the flaws really jump out at you and you can't unsee them. But if you just see it in passing, it's pretty legit. Like 95% of the picture is realistic, there are just a few really obvious problems with the hand, his glasses, and the missing chain on his crucifix.
    We are getting close. That was one of the first AI posts that fooled me for a bit. (also, I kind of assumed pop-man would have a big puffy jacket to protect his frail man bones)

    • Respi rator
      Respi rator 2 months ago +1

      How many AI pictures you already scrolled by without even noticing, they where made by AI?

    • Karol Wesołek
      Karol Wesołek 2 months ago +2

      There were plenty of cases with photoshopped photos in magazines that were missing bellybutton or with additional hands that passed to print and most of readers didn't notice.

    • Prayag Suthar
      Prayag Suthar 2 months ago +1

      Actually, I thought it looked fake straight from the start. The shading of the jacket was just way too exaggerated, it looked like a weird 3D model.

    • Jomarcenter-MJM
      Jomarcenter-MJM 2 months ago

      Plus there a high chance that he have such a coat. Who know if he want to visit a very cold country.

    • Nullify
      Nullify Month ago

      He got the drip 🥶

  • Hulk Amania
    Hulk Amania 2 months ago +37

    I would still be using windows 7 if they still released security updates for it. I will continue to use windows 10 until they stop releasing security updates. Honestly might switch to Linux next, it just keeps getting better and better.

    • Karol Wesołek
      Karol Wesołek 2 months ago +5

      I switched to Linux some time ago. Last Windows I daily drove was 7. After mom's laptop broke I got her a new one and installed Windows 10 (she was using windows 7 on her old laptop so I thought it would be easier for her). I was flabbergasted at the amount of work required during setup and to get the hardware running in comparison to Linux. Windows didn't change much from the 90's in that regard while Linux evolved into almost seamless experience in comparison (if you pick supported hardware).

    • Daniel Cobia
      Daniel Cobia 2 months ago +2

      That's my game plan. If I hadn't gotten my hands on a free key of 10 I probably would have skipped it in favor of Linux.

    • InfernosReaper
      InfernosReaper 2 months ago +19

      Honestly, given how riddled with security holes the newer OSes are, there really is *no* security benefit to using them over 7
      The main issue is companies not supporting 7 for their products.

    • Herkan
      Herkan 2 months ago

      I might go over what doesn't exist on Linux or works too differently on it, if Windows 12 ends up being terrible like 11.
      Do programs I always use not have a Linux version? Do they have Linux versions, but files from Windows won't work with them, so I have to start over?
      Also the registry, what is the registry equivalent. I already have USBs with Linux on them, but they're too slow and incompatible to properly test anything on so I might install Linux on a spare SSD just to see what the experience is like. I have my old monitor and know of a place with very cheap and garbage stationaries, so maybe in a few years I'll grab one of those and get to real-time comparing the two experiences.
      Probably stationaries from the many offices that seldom change hardware, so new batches of crappy stationaries or even the ones from today will still be there for sale.

    • brodriguez11000
      brodriguez11000 2 months ago +1

      I suspect one of the most underutilized CPU features is virtualization even though it's been paid for.

  • Maybe Shimo
    Maybe Shimo Month ago +24

    No I think you should be given an achievement for managing to stave off windows trying to force update you for a year. that takes serious work, they don't make it easy to keep non intrusive OS'

    • data
      data Month ago +3

      if the market switched to linux game developers would have no choice but to leave windows.. however the userbase is too lazy to change the status quo, so here we are, eternally stuck with a malware operating system until people start doing something about it and switching.

    • Dallas Herrmann
      Dallas Herrmann Month ago

      This is why I ran Ultimate. Actual control over updates.
      Home, for some reason, is awful here. Pro/Ultimate assumes at least marginal competence.

  • Blackfatrat
    Blackfatrat 2 months ago +1

    Steam should push out a message to switch to either SteamOS or windows 10/11, might increase SteamOS users.

  • YT91
    YT91 2 months ago

    The more I hear about Twitter the more I realize how much drama I avoided by never actually using it.

  • Babalu
    Babalu 2 months ago +43

    I just recently bought a gaming laptop but yeah, I was stuck playing with windows 7. I had a core 2 duo 4 gigs of DDR2 ram with a mechanical HDD and I could not upgrade OS as it would just make everything worse. Windows 7 was a godsend, in my country getting a good modern day pc is expensive. I saved for a whole year just to catch up.

    • Sylveon Enjoyer
      Sylveon Enjoyer 2 months ago +20

      Try installing Linux. I was in a similar situation and Linux honestly breathed new life into my device. Not to mention Linux gaming is legitimately better than it's ever been thanks to Proton.

    • Gemmstone
      Gemmstone 2 months ago +5

      @Sylveon Enjoyer Been using Garuda Linux on my laptop since two years ago, there hasn't been anything i missed, my only problem has been EGS online games, but i rarely play online.

    • InfernosReaper
      InfernosReaper 2 months ago +11

      @Sylveon Enjoyer Linux is helpful, but it's not necessarily going to play everything a Windows 7 machine would. That's why the "just get Linux" bit is kinda irksome.
      Valve makes more than enough money off it's customers to not leave them hanging like that.

    • Sylveon Enjoyer
      Sylveon Enjoyer 2 months ago +7

      @InfernosReaper My point wasn't "just get Linux", rather, "Now that we're here, might as well get Linux." Also, this person wasn't using Windows 7 for archival, they were using it because it was all they could run, so I imagine that's not much of a concern.

    • Psilocybins | Mycelia
      Psilocybins | Mycelia 2 months ago +4

      Who told you it would make everything worse? Windows 10 is pretty old by now, it has a lot of optimizations. 4gb is also the min for windows 10. It would have ran it fine, probably better than windows 7. I had a lot of older systems like that, I even have a pentium 4 system running windows 11 as an experiment. It's not as bad as you might think.

  • Jared Bitz
    Jared Bitz 2 months ago +38

    I've been Linux-only for over 5 years now, and it's more of a viable option for gaming now than ever before. In the past year or so, I've been able to play every game I wanted to under Proton. If you're thinking about making the switch from windows, it's well worth it.

    • Daniel Cobia
      Daniel Cobia 2 months ago +1

      Have you tried any abandonware games? I have some old favorites that I still like to dig up every now and again.
      No One Lives Forever 1 & 2 come to mind immediately.

    • cchutney
      cchutney 2 months ago +4

      ​@Daniel Cobia Good question, I will look into that. Also a damn shame that those games are stuck in some legal bullshit hell.

    • cchutney
      cchutney 2 months ago +3

      @Daniel Cobia So: using the files from Nolf Revival and the Flatpak version of Bottles, I could install and launch Nolf 1. The menu was laggy as hell, but the game run at a pretty stable 60ish FPS according it's inner counter. Maybe that's not accurate because of the emulation, but it was noticebly better than the menu. I started the first cutscene, skipped it after a few seconds, got control back, then quit.

    • Karol Wesołek
      Karol Wesołek 2 months ago +2

      @Daniel Cobia around Windows 7 release I had easier time playing my Win98 games on Linux than on the 7

    • Daniel Cobia
      Daniel Cobia 2 months ago +4

      @cchutney Agreed, it's incredibly frustrating because, I can't remember exactly who tried but, there was a team that wanted to pick it up and do a remake/refresh of the games like ROTT. They got blocked because of the crap soup of "who actually owns what" garbage that none of the studios that supposedly owned the rights wanted to put any effort into even looking at what they even owned the rights to. But still put in a cease and desist letter to them anyway |-(
      That was super decent of you, thank you for checking that out! What Linux flavor are you using?

  • Knightfall22
    Knightfall22 2 months ago +13

    The writing team were on their game today, this whole episode was hilarious.

    • Oliverjade
      Oliverjade Month ago

      GLaDOS is always the pinnacle of comedy.


    So, those 1.9% should take their Windows 7 PCs off the internet entirely to avoid getting that update. I'd wager those machines are mainly used for retro games anyway!
    But Steam not offering an update stop or just saying "We don't support Windows 7 anymore, some features may longer work on it going forward and we can't help you with that", rather than forcing the program to not start at all casts a bad light on long-term usability and archival of your digital games on that DRM! 🥶

    • lululock
      lululock Month ago +8

      You won't believe how many Win7 PCs I meet at work... Still connected to internet and all, used for critical jobs as well.

    • Schoermie
      Schoermie Month ago +3

      @lululock I can confirm, we have a lot of Windows 7 pc's that are connected to the internet, some even serve as support PCs for critical Windows XP machines (that aren't allowed to go online luckily)

    • Anze G
      Anze G Month ago +15

      People acting like 7 has some critical vulnerability that will self destruct a PC the second it goes online is hilarious. Real cybersecurity experts coming out of the woodwork in the comments

    • Dr Monkeys
      Dr Monkeys Month ago +12

      @Anze G There are 47 pages of CVEs on windows 7 look it up (81 are unpatched remote code executions which allow anyone to completely control the machine. Thats one of the reasons the log4J exploit was huge). There hasn't been a security update since 2020, 3 years worth of security vulnerabilities exist now...

    • Dallas Herrmann
      Dallas Herrmann Month ago

      ​@lululock There are still DOS machines doing critical work 😂

  • Alvar Mansakahn
    Alvar Mansakahn 2 months ago +2

    I've never been more interested in what was being said off camera until Riley asked what the fun kind of bad boy is.

  • Chepakishui
    Chepakishui Month ago +3

    Well I switched from Windows 7 to Linux last summer and it's actually been going pretty well for me

    • Triturate
      Triturate Month ago

      I did the same three years ago and never looked back.

  • mrdan2898
    mrdan2898 2 months ago +42

    Windows 7 works great! I would be still using windows 7 if I could. Many of my games only work on Win7. 😭

    • DaClutchMuchBastid
      DaClutchMuchBastid 2 months ago +3

      Which games only work on win7?

    • Ale
      Ale 2 months ago +3

      Wait, what games do you play?

    • Alireza Asadi
      Alireza Asadi 2 months ago +6

      Which games? Had installed a 15 yo game a month ago on my pc just for some nostalgia and all I had to do was to check compatibility with windows 7

    • mrdan2898
      mrdan2898 2 months ago +8

      @DaClutchMuchBastid Well, win7 and prior.
      Old titles, such c&c General, Zero hour. It's often because of Direct x graphic incompatibilities.
      And no, compatibility mode does not fix issue. 😢

    • mrdan2898
      mrdan2898 2 months ago +2

      @Ale Some oldies. 😉 or used to. A couple of been re-released this year, but the rest I've just abandoned and now stick to Steam games. I used to run a duo-boot od, but can't be bothered now.

  • Paul R
    Paul R Month ago

    First video I've seen of yours. Calling Twitter an angry group chat, got you an immediate follow 😂. Content is awesome too.

  • Matt Kingsley
    Matt Kingsley 2 months ago +7

    I’d be curious to see how many of those win7 machines swap to linux with the drop of steam support

    • Katherin Brown
      Katherin Brown 2 months ago +1

      It's not just Steam. Some ridiculous programs still refuse to support Linux. Yes, refuse. Not can't. They also run like hot garbage on Windows 10. I unfortunately need them.

    • Shangster949
      Shangster949 2 months ago +3

      That was always the plan for me. I revived an old laptop just so I can try out Linux on it before I moved my main machine over.
      Windows 7 had been nothing but good to me, and I don't really need or want any of the new "features" that forces everything to be always online in order to work.

  • Louis Tournas
    Louis Tournas Month ago +4

    This is why it is a good idea to have a game that is not dependent on Steam and comes on a CD, just like the old games of 1997.
    Also, I prefer to have movies on VHS, DVD, Blueray and I can watch them anytime I want. I don't need to pay for a subscription.

    • streaker03
      streaker03 Month ago

      Most games don't have a physical copy anymore

    • Louis Tournas
      Louis Tournas Month ago +1

      ​@streaker03 That's the problem. It is a new world. A world in which I have to download 50 to 80 GB of files per game.
      I have limited internet.
      There is a speed limit, about 850 KB/s and per month, 200 GB.
      Luckily TV signals via radiowaves still exist but how long will that last? Companies don't like giving away free stuff. In the 1950s, it was ok and giving ads was part of the plan. Now, they want to give ads and make you pay.

    • button
      button Month ago

      just upgrade windows? 🤡

    • Louis Tournas
      Louis Tournas Month ago +1

      @button I don't run Windows anymore but Steam no longer supporting old Windows is probably a problem for people who want to run classic games.

    • KnightspaceORG
      KnightspaceORG Month ago

      @button Downgrade you mean. Because win10 and 11 sure as hell aren't upgrades.

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 2 months ago +3

    Whoever the heckler / side-kick is has an amazing voice, and their delivery is superb. They remind me of David Cross (voiced minion in Megamind) and I mean that in the best way possible. Looking forward to hearing from them in future videos.

  • nya~
    nya~ Month ago +11

    I already switched to Linux completely. It works pretty well. I don't play AAA titles, so who knows what that scene is like, but...

    • James TDG
      James TDG Month ago +3

      AAA is a joke now.

    • mitsota101
      mitsota101 Month ago

      the difference being, a AAA title will, inevitably, get beaten into at least some functionality on Linux, no mater how many hoops the user has to jump through to play it.
      A niche little indie game, with 100,000 people who ever heard of it? maybe less? Good luck with that.

    • Vappy Reon
      Vappy Reon Month ago +1

      ​@mitsota101 what's funny is that a lot of indie games have some Linux functionality if not a dedicated Linux build, though they don't always test them and they actually just straight up don't work like 10% of the time which is frustrating

  • The Tech Kid
    The Tech Kid 2 months ago +457

    Microsoft is single handedly making Linux a more viable option
    edit: also steam is doing pretty great too

  • waitwhosbrian
    waitwhosbrian 2 months ago +4

    i love riley's energy

    AVDRE 2 months ago +1

    Riley is such a great host

    • SRC267
      SRC267 2 months ago

      Bell better IMO

  • Waitwhat469
    Waitwhat469 Month ago +1

    Upgrade win 7 to Linux (Fedora/Ubuntu/OpenSuse/Arch). Nice thing about waiting to update is that you can skip to latest OSs to use!

  • Joshua Ashton
    Joshua Ashton 2 months ago

    Love seeing GLaDOS writing more LTT scripts!

  • Coulter Peterson
    Coulter Peterson Month ago

    Loving the new set guys 🔥

  • FantasyPvP
    FantasyPvP 2 months ago +3

    6:34 I would buy a steam deck just to support valve in a legal battle against Nintendo lol

  • Pikminiman
    Pikminiman 2 months ago

    Amazon having a low-frequency, high-range, IoT, nationwide network via people's wi-fi-connected doorbells is not something I knew I needed to fear, but here we are.

  • ctrlaltdisease
    ctrlaltdisease 2 months ago +3

    I honestly loved the game corner in Pokemon Crystal, First game I got as a kid and I spent a lot of time on the slot machines. So maybe Australia has a point.

  • Daft Rebel
    Daft Rebel Month ago

    This guy should have his own channel

  • Alain Dellepiane
    Alain Dellepiane 2 months ago

    Really looking forward to following Twitter reverse startup path back into Musk's garage 😄

  • AXL
    AXL 2 months ago

    The fact that ChatGPT is the first of it's kind and still this terrifying that people think it needs to be stopped is even more trrifying.

  • B. H.
    B. H. 2 months ago +4

    I hope there is still some old Steam client available to older systems. Just a library only version perhaps. Sometimes running a game on it's native OS is just better than any internal OS emulation that Windows does.

    • J M
      J M 2 months ago +1

      I don't think they'll break win7 games without at least providing a workaround, but we'll see

    • InfernosReaper
      InfernosReaper 2 months ago +1

      @J M if Steam doesn't throw their customers a bone, piracy will

    • Karl-Erik Kald
      Karl-Erik Kald Month ago

      The die hard Windows 7 community will find a way to run Steam and/or games. For example, there's a way to prevent Steam from auto-updating itself (signing in from older clients could stop at anytime, due to the technical changes over time at the backend). I seriously don't know how many Windows 7-only games are out there. There definitely can't be that many.

  • Penlane
    Penlane Month ago

    If they want to end support for Steam on Win7 I sincerely hope they also finally update their dated client or do some big technical overhaul.

  • Xellaz
    Xellaz 2 months ago +6

    More reason to move to Linux gaming! 💪

  • Mark C
    Mark C Month ago

    i like windows 10 to be honest and the last windows i actually liked was XP service pack 2. Apparently Windows is about to re-upgrade to windows 12(?) - Not sure of the naming scheme

  • LucidXP
    LucidXP 2 months ago +2

    thank you for the tech news for my birthday morning you guys ❤️ my gma made me breakfast in bed and I get to enjoy it with you all! :]

  • Twang
    Twang 2 months ago

    "Had a nice winter coat" killed me more than it should have

  • Kaneda
    Kaneda 2 months ago +4

    might be a good opportunity to do a build on windows 8.1 with pretty good hardware, for offline gaming (no more steam update right ?)

    • Daniel Cobia
      Daniel Cobia 2 months ago +1

      Problem is that Steam will stop allowing you to log in after about a week offline and will tell you you have to get online in order to log in. At least, that was my experience a year or so ago.

  • Inwe David
    Inwe David 2 months ago +2

    Well windows 7 is very nice and good, and 8 is light weight and so much faster, also a lot ledd memory hungry than 10/11 I largely prefer to use 8.1 than 10, sadly my 3070ti only have stable drivers for 10.

  • danx033
    danx033 Month ago +1

    I knew something fishy was going on when they were giving away the echo dots for free

  • Robert Adrian Dizon
    Robert Adrian Dizon 2 months ago +1

    Please put a quota on Riley's air quotes per episode.

  • Woody♪
    Woody♪ Month ago

    Windows 7 was the last perfect OS. Everything has of course brought great features, but also bad features. I'm on windows 11 now but I'm glad I can still use the old settings in certain cases. For example the old sound settings as I can never get used to the new one.

  • Kalos Likes Computers
    Kalos Likes Computers 2 months ago +3

    I have a friend who still uses Windows 7. I can't understand why, but he just loves it and refuses to upgrade. This Steam update will make him switch to Windows 10 though, begrudgingly.

  • guyguy463
    guyguy463 2 months ago +1

    It really seems like Amazon is trying to build ctOS from Watch_Dogs, and we all know how well that went

  • Cristóbal Watson Hernandez

    "Steam will be dropping support for windows 7, 8, and 8.1"
    Since many computers that run windows 7 are incapable of running windows 11, I imagine linux gaming is going to see a surge since computers powerful enough to run windows 11 AND good games effectively are pretty expensive.

  • Lurch
    Lurch Month ago

    This is a big deal for me because I have some older games on Steam that I won't be able to run on my retro rigs. And it will be a big deal for Steam because they have a lot of games on their platform that don't run properly in Windows 10 or at least require some sort of work-around. I wonder what GOG's policy is... I have GOG games that will run in Windows 98.

  • Cyber Crusader
    Cyber Crusader 2 months ago +1

    With Windows/Microsoft becoming more like Android or iOS with it's data mining/telemetry and control mechanisms I can't blame people for not upgrading.

  • Jeffrey Tackett
    Jeffrey Tackett Month ago +8

    I game on Linux, the percentage of compatible games is high enough that I don’t want to switch back to using Windows. The Steam Deck has pushed game compatibility higher since it’s release. I remember playing games on an older version of Windows after Microsoft released a newer one, and that was more work to deal with the incompatibilities than what I have now using Linux. I don’t know the difficulties with running games on outdated Windows, but it most likely would be equivalent or less using Linux these days.

  • Alpha Bet
    Alpha Bet Month ago +6

    Honestly win7 was a decent experience. It was a revolution and isn't that different from win10+

  • RikThePixel
    RikThePixel 2 months ago

    It makes sense that Steam relies on Chrome.
    A lot of apps rely on something called Electron which basically allows developers to use web technologies on desktop.
    They allegedly use a sorta home made version of that. Steam does have a sort of integrated browser so I guess that is what it is for.

  • Awesome Games
    Awesome Games 2 months ago

    The thing that makes people not upgrading from Windows 7 worse is that you can directly upgrade from 7 to 10 at zero cost. Windows 10 will install every time with a Windows 7 key.

  • ThePortuguesePlayer
    ThePortuguesePlayer 2 months ago +1

    I'm also a Windows 7 user, but, I was never a Steam user. Still no reason to change. I installed this Windows 7 back in 2011 (if not mistaken) and I've just been moving it from build to build since then.
    (It was actually just 2 builds. I only upgraded my PC once, from a Ph2 1090T build to a R7 2700 one, but this CPU came defective, unfortunately, and I only was able to figure that out 3 years after having bought it. These early Ryzen CPUs have very disappointing quality control.)

  • Scott Larock
    Scott Larock 2 months ago

    I just wanted to make sure everybody's clear on this point.
    Telling someone " I'll tell you when you're older" can really frustrate them.
    Very useful.

  • Tom Lis
    Tom Lis 2 months ago

    It's cute how Amazon calls their botnet a "mesh network"

  • Ian Douglas Scott
    Ian Douglas Scott 2 months ago +7

    "It starts as a company with money but..." - No, that's not an inverse startup. That's just the regular kind.

  • enderpirate98
    enderpirate98 2 months ago

    If we get more people using Linux the people developing the distros will have more reason to make everything more intuitive and with more people using Linux the more reasons software has to be ported over and with more support the more people can ditch MS making bad Win11 decisions! It will be a never ending cycle of goodness but we need all the people we can get on Linux so have that future!

  • Cat
    Cat Month ago +1

    tbh, this kind of makes me want to pick up Linux, I know it's a pain, but it's starting to look very appealing with how user-unfriendly Windows is becoming.

    • D Reaper
      D Reaper Month ago

      Up to you. Deal with MS's constant BS, or make the effort to switch. I ditched Windows when I was last on Windows 7 back in 2016. Because after seeing how 8 and then 10 turned out, I knew things were only going to become worse. BTW, Windows market share has dropped by 6% in the past 3 months according to stat counter. So, others have already considered it and switched.

  • Marcel de Jong
    Marcel de Jong 2 months ago

    This script was a triumph. Making a note here, huge success!

  • James TDG
    James TDG Month ago

    1:06 the issue isn't that I'm lazy, it's just that I'm not allowed to have Linux be my primary os. I already have all my Chromebooks running mint, but my Thinkpad and Optiplex are gonna take a while