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Momoshiki vs Kawaki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

  • Published on Mar 18, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Ep 292: A possessed Boruto goes toe to toe with Kawaki! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll! got.cr/cc-boruto292
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  • Crunchyroll Collection
    Crunchyroll Collection  2 months ago +992

    Watch episode 292 here! got.cr/cc-boruto292

    • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
      Wyndell Lee the Spammer 2 months ago +20

      Boruto is dead 💀

    • HP
      HP 2 months ago +33

      ​@Wyndell Lee the Spammer no he's not

    • CHAKRA
      CHAKRA 2 months ago +17

      Guys, I'm trying to build the largest Naruto/Boruto community on this channel. Pay a visit and join if you loved the content 🙏

    • Canal Sem Regras
      Canal Sem Regras 2 months ago +8

      10/10 episode

    • KillSwitch
      KillSwitch 2 months ago +1

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  • BanishedBary
    BanishedBary 2 months ago +2091

    It’s crazy how Momoshiki and Boruto are learning from each other. Boruto is using the karma to learn Momo’s fighting experience, while Momo is learning from Boruto how to fight more like a shinobi

    • Ultimate AAJ
      Ultimate AAJ 2 months ago +277

      You forgot about one thing that momoshiki learned from boruto.

    • Dskf 26
      Dskf 26 2 months ago +257

      Momoshiki is using rasengan more that boruto used😂

    • titou
      titou 2 months ago +74

      I Hope boruto will learn rasendan

    • Per Skålvik
      Per Skålvik 2 months ago +84

      after seeing momo in action im surprised he lost to naruto and sasuke tbh, its like he lost on purpose, then you have that foresight theory thats going on about, that this was all planned.

    • BanishedBary
      BanishedBary 2 months ago +92

      @Per Skålvik I thought this but Momo seems to be humiliated about losing to them. You might be able to say that maybe he lost on purpose but it still hurt his pride as an Otsutsuki regardless

  • Yovis
    Yovis 2 months ago +155

    The Naruto/Boruto franchise never disappoints us when it comes to taijutsu.

    • Ahodu Godgiven
      Ahodu Godgiven Month ago +7

      They are very good

    • ?¿?¿?
      ?¿?¿? 4 days ago

      Boruto is also part of the Naruto franchise

    • Kevin Delor
      Kevin Delor 4 days ago

      For real. Especially when they involve hand signs into the taijutsu (mainly when one person uses another person’s hand to do handsigns, as seen at the 0:21 mark here)

  • Isaiah Hammond
    Isaiah Hammond 2 months ago +430

    Borushiki kicking Kawaki’s blade into the ground was a big brain move 🧠

  • RaiseAsato
    RaiseAsato 2 months ago +810

    I love how defined their fighting styles are. Momoshiki uses a lot of open-palm strikes and fancy flips, while Kawaki uses brutal, straightforward, and powerful strikes.

    • Stephan soprano
      Stephan soprano 2 months ago +112

      Boruto grew up with hyugas so I think he adopted their techniques and Momo just uses them and Kawaki I’ll say is a street fighter with basic ninja (genin) knowledge

    • Night Rise
      Night Rise 2 months ago +64

      No way was Momoshiki this skilled in Taijutsu before. This had to be him using Boruto’s techniques.
      One thing I’ve noticed about Otsutsuki’s are they can’t box. Their hand to hand is sloppy because they are so used to using their super powers.

    • Python Math UI
      Python Math UI 2 months ago +112

      @Night Rise bro u need to rewatched the eps 65 it literally taijutsu show for momoshiki, naruto, and sasuke, momoshiki is on par to both of them

    • Craig Musvipa
      Craig Musvipa 2 months ago +63

      @Night Risehave you not seen momoshiki fight Naruto and Sasuke? He took both of them on using taijutsu

    • Night Rise
      Night Rise 2 months ago +12

      @Craig Musvipa
      I remember him getting literally slapped and kicked around lol
      They KNOW Taijutsu. Doesn’t mean they’re any good at it.

  • Tranquility
    Tranquility Month ago +47

    An amazing finale, props to all those who stuck with this show until now and didn’t constantly complain about how boring it was compared to shipuuden; this series gave us some of the best animated fight sequences in recent memory; I’m confident the second half of the season will be even better

    • Ralmuna Onyeje
      Ralmuna Onyeje Month ago +6


    • XpurkapiX
      XpurkapiX Month ago +3

      The choreography at 0:22 is straight up copy pasted from Naruto Shippuden. Kawaki moving his eyes like he has Sharingan and he even uses the Uchihas Fire Ball Jutsu. It's so obvious that Boruto is just a rip off from Naruto.

    • Seeker Un-Dude
      Seeker Un-Dude Month ago +2

      ​@XpurkapiX a ripoff is usually not as good though

    • AMVedits05
      AMVedits05 Month ago +3

      ​@XpurkapiX"copy pasted"
      You do realise they still had to draw to animate it

    • Dsxtsfy
      Dsxtsfy 29 days ago

      @AMVedits05 ну охренеть логика, давай-ка я щас роман Булгакова Мастер и Маргарита перепишу и начну продавать - ну я же переписывал с книги, а значит не плагиат!

  • Human
    Human 2 months ago +406

    I like how Momoshiki has grown from absorbing jutsu and sending back stronger versions of them to spamming huge rasengans

    • Ordinary Mann♤
      Ordinary Mann♤ Month ago +19

      He actually was capable of spamming absorbed jutsus over and over but writers needed to nerf him, just like how they nerfed Jubito leaving him without kamui

    • Nathangames 0
      Nathangames 0 Month ago +4

      ​@Ordinary Mann♤ nah I think he ca still do that but what is the point of shooting fire style back at your opponent if you can use that Chakra to make a rasengan

    • Ordinary Mann♤
      Ordinary Mann♤ Month ago +7

      @Nathangames 0 he was able to spam rasengan because Boruto knows how to make one, Sasuke said that his absorbed jutsu is like ammo. Once it rans out it's empty, if he was able to spam that with his chakra he would've been unbeatable

    • Nicholas Rolison
      Nicholas Rolison Month ago +7

      [Momoshiki sips his morning coffee] "Ah yes, a fine day for *Rasengans* ".

    • Nicholas Rolison
      Nicholas Rolison Month ago +13

      @Ordinary Mann♤ I mean, but it's an _explained_ nerf that makes sense to the plot, since he can't aborb too much Chakra or it will wake Boruto.

  • Shrotriya Lahiri
    Shrotriya Lahiri 2 months ago +1294

    I like how there was no talking in between, only straight up hand-to-hand combat and at the last Borushiki's aura rasengan and Kawaki's prosthetic arm clash made it even better.

    • 4rtic
      4rtic 2 months ago +13

      It’s not prosthetic anymore xD

    • Austin SY
      Austin SY 2 months ago +46

      @4rtic it’s a bionic arm/scientific ninja tool that he can transform his arm into

    • Trevor
      Trevor 2 months ago +17

      And kawaki has narutos orange theme while boruto has sasukes blue theme

    • omhle jacobs
      omhle jacobs 2 months ago +42

      Naruto - orange
      Sasuke - purple
      Boruto - blue
      Kawaki - red

    • Instigator
      Instigator 2 months ago +17

      It should of been the rasengan clashing with Kawaki’s red laser ability, but the arms cool enough.

  • RJ
    RJ 2 months ago +307

    I love that when the fights are serious there isn’t a ton of dialogue just purely fighting

    • Dlanket bick
      Dlanket bick Month ago +3

      Woah, woah, woah, I don't recall belonging to you

    • RJ
      RJ Month ago +5

      @Dlanket bick my long lost blanket 😭

    • Yinnyz
      Yinnyz Month ago +1

      "You know... I was just like you"

  • 1rome_empire
    1rome_empire 2 months ago +110

    We all remember how insane the difference between Naruto and Sasuke's fights were in parts 1 and 2. Just imagine how crazy the fight between these 2 will be when they're older. Probably teleporting through different dimensions as they fight

  • Wavy Assassin
    Wavy Assassin 2 months ago +620

    I love momoshiki’s fighting style . He’s slowly becoming my favorite anime character ngl. Btw I love how they manage to give the villain plot armor along w the main protagonist 😂

    • Xenowashere
      Xenowashere 2 months ago +12

      W and first

    • Almighty
      Almighty 2 months ago +19

      I've been in love with him since his first appareance

      SDRAWKCAB 2 months ago +7

      Momoshiki being your favorite anime character is outrageous💀

    • Wavy Assassin
      Wavy Assassin 2 months ago +10

      @SDRAWKCAB 🍪

    • Gabriele Leone
      Gabriele Leone 2 months ago +2

      @SDRAWKCAB 🍪

  • Tanner Leblanc
    Tanner Leblanc 2 months ago +179

    Such an epic episode. I feel bad for Naruto being completely useless here, even with his sage mode. It's clear they are fighting on a whole different level, and there's nothing Naruto can do to stop it. I do think that Momoshiki is suppressing his chakra trying not to wake Boruto, but if it was all out, I think Momoshiki would have wiped the floor with kawaki, and code.

    • mrsticky005
      mrsticky005 2 months ago +25

      Naruto can’t fight because he is in shock. This is the first time Naruto has witnessed his son become

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 2 months ago +6

      @mrsticky005 wow really? the very first time? you may be right, he's seen the karma seal activate but hasnt really seen Momo take over before!

    • ap_dreezy
      ap_dreezy 2 months ago +13

      i disagree. This is more shock. Naruto is definetly stronger than them in terms of everything base off of what we have already seen.

    • Flow Senpai
      Flow Senpai 2 months ago +17

      ​@ap_dreezy kawashiki literally no diffs sage mode Naruto. The only reason he got caught by Sasuke was bc he got jumped by the whole entire village 😂😂

    • Tiyani Mashimbye
      Tiyani Mashimbye 2 months ago +2

      @Flow Senpai
      😂😂😂😂😂 No kidding

  • Alex 333
    Alex 333 2 months ago +27

    What a masterpiece. Really get a feeling of Isshi vs Momo

    • Alex 333
      Alex 333 2 months ago +4

      …or at least what it were like if they were the same level of mastery; the essence of thousands of years of combat experience & expertise condensed into 3 minutes 💥⚡️🔥

      OVODRIZZYSZN Month ago

      ​@Alex 333 kawaki hasn't fully tapped into all of Ishiki's experience yet

    IFFYY 2 months ago +5331

    Imagine how they'll battle when they've both had a few years to get use to their abilities 🤯

    • Hey so um….bye!!!😁
      Hey so um….bye!!!😁 2 months ago +689

      Timeskip about to be nasty with the new skill sets 😫🔥
      The rod vs the sword we not ready 😭

    • Jxwx19
      Jxwx19 2 months ago +426

      Timeskip Boruto throwing that vanishing rasengan is gonna be crazy

    • Mighty Stone
      Mighty Stone 2 months ago +273

      momoshiki better have some crazy power up for boruto kawaki was cooking momoshiki

      NFL OLDMAN 2 months ago +200

      @Mighty Stone Lol where Kawaki had full access to his dojutsu momoshiki didn’t I think the jougan outranks kawakis eyes

    • utkarsh singh
      utkarsh singh 2 months ago +54

      @NFL OLDMAN momoshiki only has byakugan what he is gonna do with that in hand to hand combat ?

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +76

    One reason I love this fight is that it's the closest we've gotten to seeing what it would be like if 2 Otsutsuki fought.

  • Niggabeater69
    Niggabeater69 2 months ago +231

    Momoshiki really does that hand to hand combat😤 he’s top tier so far from what I’ve seen 🥇

    • Elijah Harrison
      Elijah Harrison 2 months ago +14

      Nobody like him. I'd love to see him and Madara scrap 😭

    • Glorious720p _
      Glorious720p _ 2 months ago +47

      @Elijah Harrison he literally would one shot Madara

    • Elijah Harrison
      Elijah Harrison 2 months ago

      @Glorious720p _ Madara has chakra rods. A few of those and it's a sweep.

    • DubFanLatino
      DubFanLatino 2 months ago +4

      @Glorious720p _ nope

    • grey uchiwa
      grey uchiwa 2 months ago

      ​@Glorious720p _ nn la t'abuse

  • E M
    E M Month ago +24

    Boroshiki kicking the blade into the ground is sasuke’s move that he observed from his fight with kinshiki. Little details like that are like a chefs kiss. Just perfect!

    • Stoke Man
      Stoke Man Month ago

      Same thought!

    • E M
      E M Month ago

      @Stoke Man thank you! I was already going nuts when kawaki pulled the sasuke and obito move, borrowing another hand to finish a sign 😵‍💫

    • FightRay
      FightRay 25 days ago +3

      ​@E M There's no way Kawaki is that advanced in using someone else's hands to make hand signs, he just barely became a genin recently.
      The fight cheography and key frames is just copied from Naruto and Sasuke's final fight, that's all there is to it.

    • Dlanket bick
      Dlanket bick 16 days ago

      ​@FightRay the copied choreography at 0:22 is because of bad scheduling so animators had to cut corners to finish in time, do I like it, no, but that's just the situation they were in, that doesn't make the entire thing bad automatically.
      Especially since it took up less than 10% of the fight. The show definitely has it's problems but flaws don't make something terrible. Also about kawaki's skill level, even if he's not advanced enough to to use someone else's hands to make jutsu, he is far above *GENIN* level. You do realize he was trained by jigen, the same guy that fodder-ized Naruto and Sasuke. Hell, his first fight and this one shows that he's above GENIN level. He literally almost obliterated konohamaru,a jonin, by *accident*

    • KiDDoMadeIt
      KiDDoMadeIt 13 days ago

      ​@Dlanket bick kawaki is not above genin level lol oh yes he can fight and beat jonin but how he conducts himself on mission whether its filler or u imagine based on how he is how hed act then he needs to be shapparone 24/7 to not get over emotional or worse blood lusted. His skills yes if we wanna bring the ninja ranks soley on who has better pew pew powers do u. But i agreed until the village destruction by pain naruto deserved to be genin based on how he conducts himself on mission. Falling for deidara bait breaking formation on missions ect after jiraya death and the wisdom and calming affects of becoming a sage like shikaku said hes in a whole class of his own now.

  • Esc_reality
    Esc_reality 2 months ago +31

    I have watched this fight sequence on repeat for the past 30 minutes or so, it’s THAT good. Nothing like watching a good taijutsu fight. Props to the animation team!

    • I am 40
      I am 40 29 days ago +3

      Not only that, but they didn’t stand around talking to each other while flashbacks played or showing other characters’ trivial issues

  • kashin koji#2
    kashin koji#2 27 days ago +9

    I love how you see kawaki gradually use more and more of isshiki's abilities, using his battle tactics along with his own to become a seasoned warrior just like code said, it's the attention to detail that matters!!!

      OVODRIZZYSZN 12 days ago

      Mostly happened fighting code. He handled him like Ishiki handled Naruto

  • Oriel Samoun
    Oriel Samoun 2 months ago +626

    This episode is amazing, the combat was intense and the animation is beautiful. They did not disappoint us!! Thank you very much to the animators despite the criticisms they have had before!!!🤩

    • RAHUL KUN 07
      RAHUL KUN 07 2 months ago +10

      Checkout this fight ost

    • harshal ramdin
      harshal ramdin 2 months ago +46

      Animation was terrible bruh😢

    • Octobersvobear
      Octobersvobear 2 months ago +8


    • Pyro Puffs
      Pyro Puffs 2 months ago +25

      Idk abt the animation being beautiful. It was average at best. We got better animation during the Kawaki v Garou fights

    • soupsmygender
      soupsmygender 2 months ago +10

      ​@Octobersvobear like your life boruto on top 😹🙏

  • Anslam
    Anslam 2 months ago +72

    Yeah that Borushiki move at the very end is definitely going in the game. The aura, the movement, that's gotta be in the next Naruto/Boruto game.

  • Landon Snipstead
    Landon Snipstead 2 months ago +61

    The taijutsu and attention to detail in this fight is so good. At least top 10 fights in the Narutoverse. It's not as flashy as ninjutsu but the sound of blows being exchanged and different counters being executed, just hits you with that oooooh 😲

    • Raymond Renol
      Raymond Renol 2 months ago +3

      Bruh top ten? Recency bias man

    • Jirrell J.
      Jirrell J. 2 months ago +16

      @Raymond Renol Let’s be honest most fights in shippuden was lacking hand to hand. Let’s not be blinded by nostalgia here.

    • Some no life loser.
      Some no life loser. 2 months ago +1

      ​@Jirrell J. That is the reason Obito vs Kakashi is still one of the best fights. No op justu.

    • UndefeatableKing
      UndefeatableKing 2 months ago +2

      ​@Jirrell J. The thing that makes Naruto is that it isn't just hand to hand. There are justu and strategies at play as well. If it's just straight up hand to hand you lose the most unique elements of the show.

    • Jirrell J.
      Jirrell J. 2 months ago +2

      @UndefeatableKing Hand to hand is strategy. Unless the two dudes are just beating each other upside the head with no defense, high level fighting always requires strategy and thinking.

  • Ashwill Batchelor
    Ashwill Batchelor 2 months ago +44

    What an epic fight. I like how Momoshiki still used kunai and shuriken.

    • Terrorblade
      Terrorblade 2 months ago +15

      If he's this op with mere kunai and surikens wonder when he would use sword or rods as primary weapon

    • Nicky Love
      Nicky Love Month ago +2

      @Terrorblade True that would be great to watch lol

  • Ralph Pineda
    Ralph Pineda 2 months ago +58

    I love how distinctly the 0:15 choreography paid homage to naruto vs sasuke’s final fight. A great subtle way to show how history has repeated itself but this generation has made it its own. And ofc the classic rasengan-chidori clash at the end💥

    • Lord Azrael
      Lord Azrael 2 months ago +3

      Yeh ❤

    • Listeqq
      Listeqq 2 months ago +11

      its actaully lame af. Imagine coping whole animates and watching them oVer and oVer again

    • Juan De la Cruz
      Juan De la Cruz 2 months ago +7

      @Listeqq And my guy said it was subtle, lol. it's literally a copy of the exact same move, they can't do it on every fight.

    • Listeqq
      Listeqq 2 months ago

      @Juan De la Cruz that's why im saying so I can just relate lol

  • Aldo Trungu
    Aldo Trungu 2 months ago +1473

    Respect to Boruto for having that level of resolve at such a young age💪🏼🔥

    • wanderer
      wanderer 2 months ago +88

      That's momoshiki in borutos body

    • dont know
      dont know 2 months ago +181

      @wanderer did u watch the full eps?

    • Myst1kol
      Myst1kol 2 months ago +7

      @wanderer No it isn't

    • Komori Kom
      Komori Kom 2 months ago +61

      @wanderer dont type if you dont know

    • Nitroband
      Nitroband 2 months ago +12

      @Komori Kom Have you read the title of the Video your watching?

  • Jibril
    Jibril 2 months ago +119

    An interesting detail I noticed when Kawaki used Sukunahikona @ 1:48 is that Momoshiki can still sense and quickly react to this dojutsu ability when Naruto and Sasuke had trouble sensing Jigen/Isshiki in their battles.

    • Terrorblade
      Terrorblade 2 months ago +18

      He's an otsutsuki

    • Shuaib Djama
      Shuaib Djama 2 months ago +33

      he can probably see him with the byakugan and because of the near 360 vision, he can react when kawaki appears behind him

    • Jibril
      Jibril 2 months ago +5

      @Shuaib Djama yeah that’s true

    • black
      black 2 months ago +6

      Bro jigen has 1000 years of experience .
      Don't compare him

    • Realistics
      Realistics 2 months ago +9

      Momoshiki can sense him with the byakugan but the reason he was able to dodge was because Kawaki is so slow when using it to attack. He could take some notes from Ant-man in this regard. Start the attack before you enlarge then enlarge just at the right moment so the attack is almost impossible to dodge.

  • Lilly Lillian muhali
    Lilly Lillian muhali 2 months ago +11

    I just hope they can keep making fights like these in the whole seasons.But I'm glad to be watching a showdown like this.

  • Pharaoh93
    Pharaoh93 2 months ago +19

    This is the perfect example of ninja meets alien powers! Kawaki and momoshiki fighting styles have both adjusted due to their shinobi training (Boruto’s in Mimi’s case) and him using gentle fist is a nod at how the hyuga’s fight being descended from the otsutsuki

  • Jhonata Araujo Mariano
    Jhonata Araujo Mariano 2 months ago +14

    Luta bonita, luta formosa, luta bem feita

  • Rifat.AI.
    Rifat.AI. 2 months ago +16

    It's pretty much Isshiki vs Momoshiki and I'm so down for it. Gotta love how vicious and swift Otsutsuki's hand to hand combat style are

  • Mark Melendres
    Mark Melendres 2 months ago +3557

    I love how Momoshiki starts to absorb Kawaki's "Fireball Jutsu" but then 0.7 seconds later realize that he can't because it'll wake Boruto up hahaha. Simple details like these is what I love about a lot animes.

    • moron
      moron 2 months ago +215

      It was the fact that it was too much I think boruto willingly swapped with him

    • Rain aka Cj
      Rain aka Cj 2 months ago +176

      @moron you understand he swapped with him against Code, and now Momoshiki is trying to keep control of him

    • moron
      moron 2 months ago +15

      @Rain aka Cj yeah so he still swapped tf does your point price

    • moron
      moron 2 months ago +6


  • Abhay Shrestha
    Abhay Shrestha 2 months ago +17

    That scene where they pay homage to sasuke vs naruto fight with the hand signs is amazing. That’s what I love about this long going story

  • Quetzalcoatl
    Quetzalcoatl 2 months ago +58

    They did such a good job showcasing Borushiki’s skill.

  • Phantom Anime
    Phantom Anime 23 days ago +13

    Momoshiki has seriously taken a liking to the Rasengan. Minato's legacy lives on

    • Elijah Harrison
      Elijah Harrison 13 days ago

      Even made his own version.

      OVODRIZZYSZN 12 days ago

      Minato ain't make it tho but I see what u mean

    • Phantom Anime
      Phantom Anime 12 days ago

      @OVODRIZZYSZN Ashura made something similar but it wasn't the Rasengan. Minato is the one who made the Rasengan, but it was an incomplete jutsu like Jiraiya told Naruto. The Rasenshuriken is the/a completed version.

      OVODRIZZYSZN 12 days ago

      @Phantom Anime my boy ashura made the rasengan it was lost over time n rediscovered by Minato through experimenting with his wind style

      OVODRIZZYSZN 12 days ago

      @Phantom Anime the rasengan is the completed version all others were just enhanced rasengans like what you mentioned n the ones Boruto developed but this all started with ashura

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 2 months ago +34

    Im glad boruto finally getting the love he deserved ❤

    • silloweet
      silloweet Month ago

      Boruto is only good if you never watched or read Naruto

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee Month ago

      @silloweet i do watch and read it

  • Ehud Ezra
    Ehud Ezra 2 months ago +30

    anime onlys you can't begin to imagine how much the events of this episode would shape Kawaki's entire motivation and that death is far better fate for Boruto than what he's going to experience after this episode

  • sympathysong
    sympathysong 2 months ago +1583

    Finally.. Kishimoto transitioning into the insane twists and turns after his lengthy setup. Love that style. Everyone says its no good at first, but when it hits it hits hard.

    • Taquero
      Taquero 2 months ago +80

      Beautiful chapter, potential for this new direction is massive. Hopefully Kishimoto can execute this well.

    • Hyuga Hanabi🤍
      Hyuga Hanabi🤍 2 months ago +39

      The best new generation for me ngl🔥

    • venktesh Shukla
      venktesh Shukla 2 months ago +60

      @Taquero definitely bro. The plot twist is the biggest I have seen in a while.
      Now that I think about it , boruto plot can actually come close to one piece

    • Luciid Dreamz
      Luciid Dreamz 2 months ago +37

      @venktesh Shukla I will not be baited by the likes of you. I won’t allow it 😂

    • MonoKard
      MonoKard 2 months ago +13

      @venktesh Shukla Boruto doesn’t clear jujutsu Kaisen 💀

  • M Hassan Khalid
    M Hassan Khalid 2 months ago +9

    This fight is proof of how bad of a match Naruto and Sasuke were for momoshiki.
    Momoshiki relies more towards gentle fish and palm techniques like a Hyuga. Naruto and Sasuke already know about how hyuga fight.
    He had to face both Naruto and Sasuke.
    Both of them have completely different fighting styles which made it difficult for momoshiki to adapt to. Both Naruto and Sasuke covered for each others weaknesses perfectly and we're in perfect sync.
    A big mistake momoshiki made was fighting them both at the same time.
    Jigen and isshiki were constantly separating them and putting pressure. Momoshiki didn't do that and that's why started to lose his cool.
    Amenotejikara was a perfect counter for momoshiki.
    He litterally couldn't do anything against that and it completely negged him.
    Since Naruto and Sasuke were heavily relying on taijutsu, that made momoshiki rinnegan useless in the fight. Sasuke already had a rinnegan so he could nullfiy momoshiki rinnegan. Naruto married a fukin Hyuga so he could handle the byakugan as well. Momoshiki summoning got perfectly countered by a ranged thing like the susasno sword. If you watch the fight again, you will will that momoshiki was bodying kuruma.
    Naruto's healing factor made momoshikis lava style useless. Narutos chakra arms made momoshikis dragon useless.
    Sasuke was very skilled at kenjutsu so he could keep up with momoshiki chakra weapons. Amenotejikara was the MVP in the fight. Only reason he lost the rinnegan.
    For jigen fight. Jigen didn't had a dojutsu which was a target for Naruto and Sasuke to exploit.
    Jigen could absorb every jutsu and his shrinking was the perfect counter for the avatar and the susano. Jirens rods were op and actually could damage and pierce them. Same for isshiki, but they had to face a new ability and a stronger version of jigen so thats why he negged them.
    Isshiki was also separating them

    • GansexD
      GansexD 7 days ago

      Completely no sense, u just have to accept that all of pre-time skip boruto is bad. The only thing different from momoshiki and jigen, it was that during momoshiki only naruto and sasuke were the good thing about this anime. To be honest, jigen break susanoo with a single punch and sasuke flew away. Taking a direct hit(without susanoo or kurama), should have killed naruto and sasuke immediately.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 months ago +21

    In case you guys don't know. Momoshiki wasn't at 100% because he didn't want Boruto to wake up.

    • Aguirem
      Aguirem Month ago +6

      he also had no access on his own abilities so he only rely on rasengan and taijutsu which is obviously not his 100% lol

    • Isaac
      Isaac Month ago +1

      @Aguirem normally he should have access to all of his abilities. But he only used Boruto's abilities.

    • Terrorblade
      Terrorblade Month ago +2

      ​@Isaac momoshiki fighting like a ninja looks cool

    • Nicky Love
      Nicky Love Month ago +1

      True tell them!!!

    • Aguirem
      Aguirem Month ago +3

      @Isaac he hasn't yet in this fight..later he will since boruto already become 100% otsutsuki

  • Cbarca 809
    Cbarca 809 2 months ago +20

    A master piece🥺😍❤️ I am so proud of my animators.

  • Steezyboi008
    Steezyboi008 25 days ago +4

    This anime actually made the best comeback I have ever seen

    • User-fgr343
      User-fgr343 23 days ago +1

      Do you like the show now?

    • Steezyboi008
      Steezyboi008 23 days ago +1

      @User-fgr343 honestly I’ve always loved this show but people always hated, but that dosent mean it didn’t get better

    • Deepak Mourya
      Deepak Mourya 8 days ago


  • Vanity_Vaz_Kez
    Vanity_Vaz_Kez Month ago +8

    I LOVE the more grounded, stance centered fighting in Boruto maaaan like it's a pet peeve of mine if anime characters jump around everywhere. These fights have balance and footwork and it's CRISP

      OVODRIZZYSZN Month ago

      That's because jutsu doesn't work on either of these two so it must be hand to hand

  • K3NK10
    K3NK10 2 months ago +15

    This was so awesome, I missed the last couple of weeks and got to watch like four episodes in a row that actually had me feeling excited. Haven’t felt excited in boruto since naruto vs jigen

  • The guy with the Hanafuda Earrings

    "Conflict, no matter what the era"
    -Hashirama Senju

  • Leeyam Mehta
    Leeyam Mehta Month ago +10

    At 0:28 i love how smart momshiki is, He knew that he had used up a lot of chakra by using those 4 rasengans, so he absorbs chakra from the fire style jutsu, but only to the point where boruto wont wake up.

  • Хорхе Луис Aмпудия

    Se pone bueno el anime y lo ponen en pausa indefinido 😊

  • Yella Ninja
    Yella Ninja 2 months ago +2

    Man this was beautiful combat coordination. As usual Naruto verse combat battles never miss. They have most creative fights that aren’t just sword vs sword. Cool eyes and transformations. The awesome auras and our boy Naruto is nothing more than a side character now in his own verse. The potential of boruto and Kawaki for this anime is high. Both can go on to have different battles with different characters like Naruto and sasuke in shippuden for instance Naruto vs Kakuzu and Sasuke vs Deidara.

  • Nobody survives even one bit
    Nobody survives even one bit 2 months ago +5474

    Can't deny borushiki is so badass. The way he fight is so savage and unmerciful.

    • kumar harsh
      kumar harsh 2 months ago +373

      And Just look at kawaki .. they both are super badass

    • Nobody survives even one bit
      Nobody survives even one bit 2 months ago +202

      ​@kumar harsh yeah. Both are very good fighter.

    • Twix
      Twix 2 months ago +102

      ikr he reminds me of kid buu but his design with the horn makes him more demonic

    • Ferro_Drip
      Ferro_Drip 2 months ago +52

      Well I mean ofc He’s savage, he damn there destroyed Sasukes Rinnegan

    • ttyd is 100% the best game
      ttyd is 100% the best game 2 months ago +22

      Boruto =🗑🗑🗑

  • Vontaii Hollywood
    Vontaii Hollywood 2 months ago +19

    Momoshiki is so agile he uses the momentum of each of kawaki’s attacks against him !

  • MARC B.
    MARC B. 2 months ago +13

    I think i gonna to love boruto again... this fight scene is top tier level... a masterpiece.. and kudos to animators. The scene and story is getting so exciting..

  • Seeker Un-Dude
    Seeker Un-Dude 2 months ago +33

    Crazy how these Otsutsukis fight more like ninja than actual ninja... 😂

  • insomnia
    insomnia 2 months ago +34

    This is exactly what this anime needed

  • Atom
    Atom 2 months ago +18

    Momoshiki was straight up boxing 😂

    •  Gabriel
      Gabriel 2 months ago +2

      He also threw hands with Naruto😂😂

  • Vivi, garoto esperto !
    Vivi, garoto esperto ! 2 months ago +678

    This battle was fierce and incredible; the references made in honor to Naruto and Sasuke's last match during the Shippuden era were absolutely amazing. It's such a shame that the fight was so short, though.

    • Alexander Sibande
      Alexander Sibande 2 months ago +55

      Woulda been useless to continue further since they'd continue just taijutsu'ing over and over then using the same sequence of abilities. This is good enough for a high budget fight. Besides, Naruto and Sasuke's final fight was so long also cause those two monsters had ton of abilities to show us. 💀💀

    • /ÿüdä\
      /ÿüdä\ 2 months ago +8

      @Alexander Sibande that’s what I’m saying the fights can only be so long with that many abilities

    • L4WLIE7
      L4WLIE7 2 months ago +6

      @Alexander Sibande beside boruto didnt use his lighting, water and wind style cuz it is useless against karma. Well since he hasnt used jougan yet, it is still short. I hope jougan has amazing abilities

    • Mikey G
      Mikey G 2 months ago +1

      It’s not useless Becus if he gets it from a natural form karma can’t absorb it remember

  • Joshua
    Joshua 2 months ago +27

    no one can beat the naruto universe when it comes to hand-to-hand and close combat

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +5

    Paying homage to both of the battles between Naruto and Sasuke
    I Love It!

  • Carlos Eduardo Garcia Maiz

    Extraño las peleas de ninjas, las que eran estrategia por encima de la fuerza 😢

  • Alfarouq
    Alfarouq 2 months ago +8

    I wish they had more action scenes like this in boruto, i only watch boruto when fights like these happen

  • The guy with the Hanafuda Earrings

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how the animators drew the night sky. It just looks so real plus the symbolism it holds in the Boruto franchise since the story now extends towards something beyond just the earth

    • Daniel Fatone
      Daniel Fatone 2 months ago +36

      I noticed this and it was such a nice touch 👌🏻 Gave it a scify vibe

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago +20

      The night sky looked exactly like the past when Kaguya first appeared on earth & with Tenji.

    • LilTop
      LilTop 2 months ago +3

      @Sam faxxxxxxxxx

    • I'm not Dream
      I'm not Dream 2 months ago +2

      I'm pretty sure it is drawn by the art director

    • Xavier Maller
      Xavier Maller 2 months ago +2

      Yes bro nice

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +3

    My biggest takeaway from this video... As a dad.... POOR NARUTOOOOO 😭This ep was heartbreaking for him. He devoted his life to protecting his friends and he lacked the power to protect his son. That hurt so bad to see.

  • Leandro Soares
    Leandro Soares 2 months ago +6

    Se essa luta deles criança já é show imagina eles adultos!

  • King cousinz Recipe
    King cousinz Recipe Month ago +6

    Imagine the fight when these two master their powers😎💯👍🏾

  • Vontaii Hollywood
    Vontaii Hollywood 2 months ago +7

    No one is noticing the unintentional resonance of boruto and kawaki’s karma . Both being able to use it at will at the same time. I feel like Amado is steering both in the same direction towards something greater. He needs them both for whatever it is.

  • ToxicLullaby
    ToxicLullaby Month ago +12

    1:31 is the best moment

  • Eddy6159
    Eddy6159 2 months ago +534

    Very happy they added a lot of additional taijutsu scenes. That’s one thing the Naruto franchise has always excelled at. Kouda did a great job with this episode despite the production issues. Definitely in my top 5 Boruto episodes. My favorite scene would have to Ken Imaizumi’s amazing cut of Borushiki dodging Kawashiki’s rods. Awesome moment.

      DRAGON STORM 2 months ago +2

      Wdym by production issues

    • Eddy6159
      Eddy6159 2 months ago +58

      @DRAGON STORM the reason the show is even taking a hiatus in the first place is because the show has been struggling behind the scenes. The staff is spread thin, especially with Bleach borrowing some of the Pierrot employees. Notice how this episode didn’t even have Yamashita or Chenghi Huang, who usually would have a cut or two to contribute. Regardless, the episode was a 9/10 for me.

    • Lookesh Das
      Lookesh Das 2 months ago +3

      ​@Eddy6159 why? Is the Boruto anime not making enough money to keep it functioning smoothly behind the screen!?

    • ttyd is 100% the best game
      ttyd is 100% the best game 2 months ago +3

      Boruto is getting canceled 🤣

    • Zion
      Zion 2 months ago +15

      @Lookesh Das nahh they have money I think they’re just needed elsewhere tbh

  • Plugz
    Plugz 2 months ago +8

    Damn the way momoshiki dodged those and flew straight into kawaki with a rasengan was insane

    • Terrorblade
      Terrorblade Month ago +1

      Like he's isn't afraid to face isshiki's karma.

  • Literal Potato
    Literal Potato Month ago +8

    Momoshiki acts more like a ninja than the rest of the jonins lol

  • jayson fontela
    jayson fontela 2 months ago +10

    Kudos to the animators 💖🔥

  • Acekalo
    Acekalo 2 months ago +4

    I believe that if momoshiki was to fight the kage from his resurrection, he'd slap them all up easily besides Naruto and Sasuke, his taijutsu used to be his weakness, now it's one of his strengths

  • Demañd
    Demañd 2 months ago +750

    They never disappoints with hand to hand combat

    • bagthenoni
      bagthenoni 2 months ago +45

      they just did though

    • SonicUI
      SonicUI 2 months ago +105

      @bagthenoni No they didn't lol

    • mettkel GAMEZ
      mettkel GAMEZ 2 months ago +13

      @SonicUI refused frames 🤡

    • King Tut
      King Tut 2 months ago +18

      ​@bagthenoni yeah the animation is so choppy

    • Atomix
      Atomix 2 months ago +55

      @King Tut still better than any other anime hand to hand fights

  • YGTheOne
    YGTheOne 2 months ago +15

    2:04 the way Borushiki was avoiding Kawaki’s ninja tech and him flying away making an blue aura around him made him look like Raquaza when he was fighting Deoxys in space in that Pokémon Generations episode

  • Thisisyomommaa
    Thisisyomommaa 16 days ago +4

    Damn son I can’t wait to see how they fight when they’re older

  • TheRadBadGamer
    TheRadBadGamer 2 months ago +9

    Detail I liked was, when Kawaki shrinked himself and went behind Borushiki. He looked back, but with the eye that didn’t have a Byakugan, because he can’t see behind himself on that side

  • Dylanosaur
    Dylanosaur 2 months ago +4

    You cannot say boruto is bad when you have animations this great. It's really cool.

  • Nicholas Lewis
    Nicholas Lewis 2 months ago +6

    Coolest parts of the fight are when boruto ducks down really quick after kawaki sneaks behind him and then when he starts flying to avoid the rods. Dope af

  • Dskf 26
    Dskf 26 2 months ago +6

    2:17 that's the animation we need🔥🔥🔥

  • Hassana Iye
    Hassana Iye 2 months ago +5

    People like to say that borushiki had the upper hand but but he was only better in taijutsu , but kawaki's doujutsu closes the gap

  • Berry matt Harrison
    Berry matt Harrison 22 days ago +1

    In this battle kawaki was roasting momoshiki imagine the time skip where Boruto has mastered his jougan and can use momoshiki just like Naruto could use kurama chakars and has mastered the way of the sword. You tell me how awesome it is going to be.

    • Forsaken
      Forsaken 21 day ago

      Hopefully he has some sort of chakra cloak (different color from Naruto’s)

  • Kirana Sasi
    Kirana Sasi 2 months ago +11

    This why I love Boruto series, with karma,no ninjutsu or genjutsu, taijustu is the only way to fight each other.. taijustu always make the epic fight, so many martial art, and make the fight more longer

  • Victor King
    Victor King 2 months ago +7

    These type of fighting animations is what we ve expecting from almost every fight in boruto, not the last few episodes where naruto was looking like a blonde elf with wiskers

  • Tawwab Rahimi
    Tawwab Rahimi 2 months ago +892

    Momoshiki fighting style is purely efficient and rational even when he had to no shinjutsu to counter kawaki or jutsu other than rasengan.

    • Cam Knight
      Cam Knight 2 months ago +64

      But u can think of the rasengan as shinjutsu the way momoshiki uses it

    • SupremeCody
      SupremeCody 2 months ago +65

      @Cam Knight True, dude was spamming massive rasengans effortlessly with no thought prior to this.

    • PhantomEmperor
      PhantomEmperor 2 months ago +26

      @Cam Knight that doesn’t even make sense when the only shinjutsu is codes, isshikis, eida and daemons power which are all hax af 💀

    • Cam Knight
      Cam Knight 2 months ago +10

      @PhantomEmperor so is the rasengan, it’s literally an instant killing move

    • SPARTAN-501
      SPARTAN-501 2 months ago +33

      Momoshiki probably had access to all of Boruto's abilities, including taijutsu. That's why his taijutsu has improved since the time he fought Naruto and Sasuke.

  • Roronoa
    Roronoa 2 months ago +6

    This was the most epic fight I've watched till now in boruto verse!!!the taijitutsu's killin me

  • Bambi
    Bambi 2 months ago +8

    this is what i expect from narutos legacy, 10/10 keep it up boruto!

  • KiDDoMadeIt
    KiDDoMadeIt 13 days ago +5

    The only thing I agree with kawaki in is that whether it's now or later boruto would have had to be dealt with so kawaki choose now. And I agree but after killing boruto it should have ended. The fact that he still wants boruto dead is where I stop agreeing with him

  • Keep moving Forward
    Keep moving Forward 15 days ago +7

    Momoshiki was fighting kawaki here. Momoshiki would’ve been dead if that were real Isshiki

      OVODRIZZYSZN 12 days ago +3

      Oh for sure without a doubt Ishiki would've handled that like childs play

  • B R
    B R 2 months ago +5

    The quality doesn't match up to past "higher quality" fight scenes in the series, but this is a step in the right direction. A good attempt at recreating the Kakashi/Obito fight. You see them reusing animations from the last Naruto/Sasuke fight too.

  • Ani
    Ani 2 months ago +695

    This episode was a 10/10. The fight, the animation, the music it was all just spot on. Normally I'm doing something while watching the show but I Was 100% captivated.

    • dont know
      dont know 2 months ago +9

      a 9.5 for me tho

    • felipe santos
      felipe santos 2 months ago +23

      Kid when have acess to internet 😂

    • ttyd is 100% the best game
      ttyd is 100% the best game 2 months ago +13

      Boruto is dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • 0doublezero0
      0doublezero0 2 months ago +44

      @ttyd is 100% the best game Still living rent-free in your head though. 🤣

    • Anoniem
      Anoniem 2 months ago +8

      ​@ttyd is 100% the best game He's gonna revive next episode

  • Sindaran_
    Sindaran_ Month ago +6

    I always wondered what a fight between Isshiki and Momoshiki would look like. This is technically that.

      OVODRIZZYSZN Month ago +2

      Oh nah a fight with momo and Ishiki is a one sided beat down lol ain't no fight my boy Ishiki really the goat

    • Carlos Osler
      Carlos Osler Month ago

      ​@OVODRIZZYSZN Lol no, it's not

    • Mgilangsyah Gilang
      Mgilangsyah Gilang Month ago


      OVODRIZZYSZN Month ago +1

      @Mgilangsyah Gilang you slow?

    • Mgilangsyah Gilang
      Mgilangsyah Gilang Month ago

      @OVODRIZZYSZN isiki full power defeat by Naruto baygon mode, while momoshiki not full power almost defeat Naruto Sasuke if cause plot armor boruto

  • TookYaMan
    TookYaMan Month ago +1

    I always loved Momoshikis fighting style 👌🏽👌🏽

  • kappa 123
    kappa 123 2 months ago +1

    Whats funny is that the fanbase had been always complaining about the quality of the animation expecting to see top tier episodes being made back to back each week, even on non-important arcs yet whenever there is a serious episode or arc the animators can easily make Boruto be anime of the month . The capabilities of this show are so high that there are still tons to expect

  • Kenneth O
    Kenneth O 2 months ago +10

    Naruto watching this fight like “damn, I wish I could still fight like that”😂😂

  • Akmal Rafi A A
    Akmal Rafi A A 2 months ago +6

    I like how there's no dialogue at all during the fight, just grit and authentic beating.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 months ago +377

    This is the closest we will get to seeing Isshiki and Momoshiki fight

    • Yuta Okkotsu
      Yuta Okkotsu 2 months ago +26

      We will get more

    • Goran 1020
      Goran 1020 2 months ago +18

      And this fight proves how weak momoshiki is comparing to a kid who just able to use like 10% of isshiki's power

    • Lebo Thomas
      Lebo Thomas 2 months ago +39

      @Goran 1020 your wrong

    • Lebo Thomas
      Lebo Thomas 2 months ago +48

      @Goran 1020 momoshiki isn't even utilizing his full strength

    • Shin Malice
      Shin Malice 2 months ago +44

      @Goran 1020 Isshiki literally destroyed Naruto and Sasuke, so it makes sense how Momoshiki is inferior even if both cant go all out because of the vessels.

  • SyxxPunk
    SyxxPunk 2 months ago +2

    I love these kinds of fights more than just throwing explosions around.

  • JaxWolf4
    JaxWolf4 Month ago +1

    Kawaki being able to match momoshiki is something that needs to be talked about because that's insane.

    • Terrorblade
      Terrorblade Month ago +2

      He basically has isshiki's battle experience and abilities

    • DIvInItys'Course°16〰️91
      DIvInItys'Course°16〰️91 Month ago

      It's all about how much you can draw on Karma's power. Karma would allow Kawaki to access most of Isshiki's power. He will only get stronger in the future the more he learns to draw on Karma.

  • Marcos Felipe Costa
    Marcos Felipe Costa 2 months ago +1

    gosto muito das lutas em boruto, pois eles misturam taijutsu com alguns justus. E nao so apenas um monte de Justus apelativos o tempo Todo.

  • Zaw Win Myint Zaw
    Zaw Win Myint Zaw 2 months ago +8

    I don't want Boruto wake up here.If not the fight would last a lot longer and we may see Momoshiki's hidden abilities.That Momoshiki in Boruto form is

  • Lionel Eboue
    Lionel Eboue 2 months ago +3

    Momoshiki is really gonna be the main route for boruto to attain shinju level especially with his jougan in the near future.

  • Oreo166
    Oreo166 2 months ago +362

    This was a HELL of a step-up from last week’s episode in terms of choreography. 🔥🔥🔥

    • Christnappa4
      Christnappa4 2 months ago +2

      Are you saying the last week episode fight choreography is worse, is a good thing I haven't bothered with this arc.

    • Pretty Boy Flizzy
      Pretty Boy Flizzy 2 months ago

      They recycled it from old fights

    • Elijah Lee
      Elijah Lee 2 months ago +11

      @Christnappa4 no on cares

    • AwsomeKick99
      AwsomeKick99 2 months ago +15

      @Pretty Boy Flizzy1 scene bruh u going to let 1 scene which was an homage and also switched it up a tad bit ruin the fight for u ?

    • kiny46
      kiny46 2 months ago +6

      ​@Pretty Boy Flizzy it's paying homage not straight ripping off

  • Vasil Dimitrov
    Vasil Dimitrov 2 months ago +4

    This episode had Naruto vs Sasuke vibes ❤