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Say the first word that comes to mind (HIGH SCHOOL)

  • Published on Jan 18, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • John Seo
    John Seo  2 months ago +80436

    bro looked betrayed after he realized it was two words

  • mythic
    mythic 2 months ago +196568

    bro realized he wasnt black 💀💀💀

    • DryLand
      DryLand Month ago

      ​@Greg TavarezYou gonna get rocked my guy.💀

    • Greg Tavarez
      Greg Tavarez 2 months ago +1

      @Strict Bandz how you gonna tell me what I don’t do or say, you don’t know me kid😂 your comment is nothing but words on a screen to me. We both know it would be diff in person . Fs

    • TrXp_Raised
      TrXp_Raised 2 months ago

      @Dunno clearly you don’t read my full comment

    • Unlimited Jay
      Unlimited Jay 2 months ago

      People's talking about whether saying da n word es racist or not again... Bruh... The short answer es it depends how ya use is... If it's directly referring to black person on da street as an "n word" then sure. If ya just uttered da word or ya reading something that says the word, then nah.

  • Spok
    Spok Month ago +2977

    "uhh the fuck James Charles" best first word ever

    • thetrueone
      thetrueone Month ago +5

      @Spok I love ruining things and being hater 💯💯💯

    • Spok
      Spok Month ago +2

      @thetrueone why tf did you ruin it 💀

    • thetrueone
      thetrueone Month ago

      Why this has no replies 💀

  • IndianHead Logan
    IndianHead Logan Month ago +2957

    Walmart bag guy didn't have another one. That was his whole entire vocabulary. He was so proud to finally have a platform to showcase it. Just let him have his moment

    • A wondering wanderoo
      A wondering wanderoo 6 days ago

      I am Groot

    • Nikola Stanković
      Nikola Stanković Month ago +9

      He couldn't decide which came first, Walmart or the bag.
      Walmart was the first in order, but in his mind he probably pictured a bag first.
      This kinda shit keeps a man up at night.

    • Tochi Onyeador
      Tochi Onyeador Month ago +16

      Bro just spawned in

  • KiwiKwe
    KiwiKwe 2 months ago +10549

    That "bitch" was personal 💀

  • mesh shirt burgundy pants

    the penis guy spoke from my soul

  • eric taylor
    eric taylor Month ago +335

    the first dude i swear i felt him saying "BITCH" before he was even saying it. I could feel his anger just in the eyes alone lmfaooo

  • Wooktent
    Wooktent 2 months ago +67213

    *Sees asian dude*

    • MidNightClub
      MidNightClub 28 days ago

      @Dane don't forget your a guest in our country

    • Cause Why Not?
      Cause Why Not? Month ago +1

      @Dane Are you slow… Like are you genuinely just slow..

    • Ziv🏳️‍🌈
      Ziv🏳️‍🌈 Month ago

      what in the actual hell happened in these replies…

  • LGamer8060
    LGamer8060 Month ago +182

    The white guy who just said Ni- and then caught himself had me dead

    • No more Comply
      No more Comply Month ago

      Nah he came back 💪

    • Laurin Schmitz
      Laurin Schmitz Month ago

      The thing is he hasn’t caught himself but ended the wird by saying ger in the next episode

  • Greg D
    Greg D Month ago +278

    I'd have been friends with the guy that said Taco...food builds bonds! 😂

    • Sharp Design
      Sharp Design Month ago +3

      I like his little nod as he says it.

  • Bones
    Bones 2 months ago +15445

    "Bitch" + Eye Contact = he talkin about you 💀

    • TopG
      TopG Month ago

      He will be in prison soon enough, he's going nowhere

    • nairie
      nairie Month ago

      @RodgerTheDodger maybe?

    • RodgerTheDodger
      RodgerTheDodger Month ago

      @nairie was that a george floyd reference lol?

  • KashWavy
    KashWavy Month ago +64

    “Walmart Bag”
    Bro had a mental reboot🤯

  • faint memories.
    faint memories. Month ago +43

    that guy who said "penis" had been waiting for that moment his entire life.

  • God
    God Month ago +4691

    Most accurate representation of high school students in the media

  • bluscripts
    bluscripts Month ago +41

    bro the ending make me throw my phone at the ceiling 💀💀💀

    HOXYPOXIE Month ago +47

    “Say the first word that comes to mind.”
    Bro came outta the closet. Good for him.

  • J7oI
    J7oI Month ago +3544

    Guy who said "bitch" with eyecontact is fucking master.

    • krystal
      krystal Month ago

      @HumalienChild frr

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ Month ago +1

      Those are them *REAL* Africans right there lol I went to school with a few, genuinely some of my favorite people in the world. They were so much more down to earth and driven compared to other teenagers, I'm assuming because of their upbringing and family values

    • HumalienChild
      HumalienChild Month ago +1

      $aid it with his chest 🤓💪

    • don't read my profile picture
      don't read my profile picture Month ago +1

      2.8k likes 2replies only???

    • Summer0987
      Summer0987 Month ago +7

      He did not skip a beat 😂

    MICROSOFT CALLER Month ago +4

    *Bro forgot that his pass expired.* 💀💀💀

  • Kevin *********
    Kevin ********* Month ago +8

    This is what “boys will be boys” is reserved for

  • Wot the Fluff • 69 years ago
    Wot the Fluff • 69 years ago 2 months ago +2709

    bro been craving it💀

  • Refreshing Breeze
    Refreshing Breeze Month ago +32

    Imagine you have a son who you send to school all day and the first word that comes to his mind when asked is one of these words...

  • Latino-Anon🇨🇺
    Latino-Anon🇨🇺 29 days ago +2

    The first dude and also the way the 2nd dude said Ni🅱️🅱️a so casually made me lose it🤣

  • DuckeySpade
    DuckeySpade 2 months ago +32696

    What the hell goin on in this school💀💀💀

  • Hailey Barnhill
    Hailey Barnhill Month ago +8

    I love how called out “Walmart bag” guy for being 2 words but not the “James Charles” guy

  • DatBoy Wade
    DatBoy Wade Month ago +1

    This generation is our future teachers doctors and lawyers ladies and gentlemen

  • No
    No Month ago +3473

    “Say the first word that comes to mind”

  • Wolf.
    Wolf. Month ago +2

    I thought the first guy was gonna hit us with the nigga 😂😂

  • William 15
    William 15 Month ago +8

    Bro said his first word: "What the fu_k".
    And then James charles.

  • Goat
    Goat 2 months ago +6560

    “Bitch” is actually so accurate bruh

    • Bones
      Bones Month ago

      @YungMoney134 now you got 2 likes

    • Goat
      Goat Month ago +1

      @DirtL1 idek lol

    • YungMoney134
      YungMoney134 Month ago

      @HoodPlays I said what you said first but you got the likes instead of me lol

    • HoodPlays
      HoodPlays Month ago

      @YungMoney134 what u on about

  • Charleen Xu
    Charleen Xu Month ago +2

    Legend has it that Jecarin is still processing

  • B1urr
    B1urr Month ago +2

    Truly, the spontaneous mind is the most honest of them all, truly a portal to a man's soul.

  • 恨み Otto W.
    恨み Otto W. Month ago +3704

    this literally describes every boy mind at school 💀

    • Tomás Pellizzere
      Tomás Pellizzere Month ago

      @JyTV Nah, not in the one that matters to people the most ;)

    • JyTV
      JyTV Month ago

      @Tomás Pellizzere who Ronaldo? Yes he is

    • Tomás Pellizzere
      Tomás Pellizzere Month ago

      @JyTV but is he world champ tho?

    • JyTV
      JyTV Month ago

      @Tomás Pellizzere someone who's over 5 ft 4

    • Tomás Pellizzere
      Tomás Pellizzere Month ago

      @JyTV Who's that?

  • bruh no
    bruh no Month ago

    why did I genuinely got scared when I saw James Charles pulled up unexpectedly at the end 💀

  • XxxSummerxEggsXxx
    XxxSummerxEggsXxx Month ago +2

    Say the first word that comes to mind”

  • melon
    melon 2 months ago +1896

    1st dude landed that "bitch" so perfectly

    • KIMSON
      KIMSON 2 months ago +2

      Fr bro think he a reptilian club boy

    • GuntherLeeCrossbody
      GuntherLeeCrossbody 2 months ago +2

      They were going for beech ass neega

  • Lucibel
    Lucibel Month ago +2

    I would have said Axolotl and then walk away thinking "OMS that was a lot socializing"

  • Mega Tits On Ya Face
    Mega Tits On Ya Face Month ago +2

    Aw Walmart bag guy is precious 🥺

    BIGDADDYBALLZ420 2 months ago +3400

    Walmart bag guy high af💀💀

    • Shaylee Holiday
      Shaylee Holiday Month ago +2

      right he looked so genuinely stressed that he said two words bro didn’t even realize until he was called out😩

    • s_hand
      s_hand Month ago +3

      Thought he was Lil Mabu for a sec😭

    • Fate Krill
      Fate Krill Month ago +3

      @THE_SHAKE55 no he didnt

    • Ari A
      Ari A Month ago +3

      trying to be like walmart bag guy 😊

    • THE_SHAKE55
      THE_SHAKE55 Month ago +7

      Bro got 120k likes

  • B. R.
    B. R. Month ago

    We really have to reform the educational system...

  • Vansama Unofficial
    Vansama Unofficial Month ago +1

    Average high school in Ohio 💀

  • Igor Santos
    Igor Santos Month ago +5753

    First dude didn't give a flying fuck, straight up savage lmao

    • Kenny Michael Alanya
      Kenny Michael Alanya Month ago +1

      That's what I thought. He said the B word directly to him

    • Void Man
      Void Man Month ago +1

      Take your 5000th like from me

    • D.N.A
      D.N.A Month ago

      @olpha bro said flying fuck💀

  • Daniella Duck
    Daniella Duck Month ago

    “Say the first word that comes to mind”

  • MechanicalMonk
    MechanicalMonk Month ago +2

    This will be the workforce when I'm retired.
    Suffice it to say I'm glad to see nothing has changed

  • D4SIA♡︎
    D4SIA♡︎ Month ago +795

    Bro didn’t wanna get canceled 😂💀

    • Noel Jib
      Noel Jib Month ago

      ​@Lucero Del Alba he didn't tho, bc then he wouldn't smirk and say "ehm"

    • Izzy Gallagher
      Izzy Gallagher Month ago

      ​@antinoye Damn

    • Lucero Del Alba
      Lucero Del Alba Month ago +1

      He said the common masculine name:Nick.

    • m e
      m e Month ago +2


    • Ife
      Ife Month ago +5

      @antinoye as a black person to stop white people from saying we should ALL stop saying it, including black race too. (Although I do say it from time to time).

  • Samuel James
    Samuel James Month ago

    The first word that came into that dudes mind was actually “head”💀

  • pineappleguy
    pineappleguy Month ago

    that walmart bag guy 😭😭😭😭

  • MephitisCitrus
    MephitisCitrus Month ago +2313

    “walmart bag” is the best answer of them all

    • Toaster Owens😬
      Toaster Owens😬 Month ago

      @Live Action Flounder It really wasn't. and even if it was, saying intentionally random things in a desperate attempt to sound different is as bad as the first thing that pops in your head being a curse word

    • Live Action Flounder
      Live Action Flounder Month ago +1

      @Toaster Owens😬 Dude at least thaf was something original. I wouldn't really have complained if it wasn't like half of the responses. And this is a high school, so it's all the more unsurprising.

    • Toaster Owens😬
      Toaster Owens😬 Month ago

      @Live Action Flounder "tee hee we said something quirky and intentionally random like grocery bag, we're so off the wall"

    • Live Action Flounder
      Live Action Flounder Month ago +1

      @Toaster Owens😬 "har har we purposely said "shit" to the camera now that's so edgy"

  • wingedvictory
    wingedvictory Month ago

    the eye roll from the first guy was brutal

  • Mr. Biology
    Mr. Biology Month ago

    if these are the first words that come to their mind than it shows how poor the education system is.

  • BeepDuck
    BeepDuck Month ago +2971

    the 'racism' guy definitely had another word that came to mind first

    • Flex Line
      Flex Line Month ago

      @HibbsDibble yes👍🏼

    • HibbsDibble
      HibbsDibble Month ago

      ​@Flex Line do you make idiotic comments often?

    • outklawz_
      outklawz_ Month ago

      @Degrim Ripa IS THAT THE GRIM REAPER?

    • Assassin5656
      Assassin5656 Month ago

      @Degrim Ripa Perhaps

  • Aadi
    Aadi Month ago

    i am surprised nobody had the word "why" as their first word while encountering a dude asking for random word..

  • Olegaral
    Olegaral Month ago

    Last guy is hilarious. He said what the fuck before saying the word.

  • The JB Show
    The JB Show 2 months ago +8381

    "Say the first word that comes to mind"
    Bro did not hesitate 😭😭

    • dozer games
      dozer games Month ago

      ​@Jacob Poucher as one "of the rest "not in prison maybe maybe he'll be one of the millions of "us"

    • dozer games
      dozer games Month ago

      ​@Zinha Monteirofunny part is even with that negative and derogatory attitude it will eventually lessen if not stop

    • Zinha Monteiro
      Zinha Monteiro 2 months ago

      It's their culture it will never stop

    • Zinha Monteiro
      Zinha Monteiro 2 months ago

      @Anthony Monroe it doesn't, his race does. Statisticly they will probably be in prison soo

    • Anthony Monroe
      Anthony Monroe 2 months ago

      ​@Not-user how does that predict a life full of criminal mischief?

  • GenderNotFound
    GenderNotFound Month ago

    This perfectly summarizes everything teen boys think about

  • Andrew Marin
    Andrew Marin Month ago

    I guess we're fucked, love this video. Fuckin hilarious 😂

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago +7573

    That first “bitch” was priceless

    • Jeremy Terkelsen
      Jeremy Terkelsen 2 months ago

      ​@weatherboy what

    • BabyTricep
      BabyTricep 2 months ago +2

      @weatherboy i don’t agree with him as his parent probably didn’t raise a good person, but please shut up

    • jada Fletcher
      jada Fletcher 2 months ago +2

      They way he casually walked out of frame too🤣🤣

    • Ooga Booga
      Ooga Booga 2 months ago +3

      the fact that’s the exact word I was thinking in that moment tho 💀

    • LostDawgz
      LostDawgz 2 months ago

      Npc behavior

  • Julia Carat
    Julia Carat Month ago

    Whenever anyone asks me that I say tomato, I don't know why it is carved up in my brain lol

  • Caleb The Hyper Dancer

    Nahhh clearly that first guy was personal with it 🤣🤣….. but fr tho look at the way he walks off lol

  • Moha Scott
    Moha Scott Month ago +1852

    That "bitch"was so smooth💀
    Edit:1.8k Likes in 2 days?!NANI?!!

    • Moha Scott
      Moha Scott Month ago

      ​@Winmaster09 lmao

    • Winmaster09
      Winmaster09 Month ago +1

      Bro my screen time ended as soon as it happened lol

    • Potatoebeansss
      Potatoebeansss Month ago +2

      Bro I said the same thing as him in my head

  • HollowKloudz
    HollowKloudz Month ago

    At least he was able to stop himself so the video didnt get demonitised

  • Ezenwa Joseph
    Ezenwa Joseph Month ago +1

    The guy that said "HEAD" got me laughing 🤣 😂
    He imagined giving his GF head on the kitchen counter!

  • Four4Life
    Four4Life 2 months ago +15149

    *talking to an Asian and staring him down* John: "whats the first word that comes to mind?"
    guy: "racism" 💀💀

    • Beenish Baig
      Beenish Baig Month ago

      ​@Dane you're saying *they're* racist...when you're literally being racist rn?

    • Fck Yhu
      Fck Yhu Month ago

      That’s his culture. Neandos can’t help it 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Joshua Jtm
      Joshua Jtm Month ago

      Actually this is a lie Egyptian well Africans where..

  • Srayangshu Dey
    Srayangshu Dey Month ago

    "What the fuck" was real.

  • AverageYtUser 📵
    AverageYtUser 📵 Month ago +1

    Bro forgot he wasn't in the cod lobby 💀

  • xPreame
    xPreame Month ago +3980

    The first guy is a whole mood

    • Geeta Gupta
      Geeta Gupta Month ago

      ​@Swagskii okk

    • nezzled
      nezzled Month ago +1

      ​@SwagskiiI won't

    • SGF51
      SGF51 Month ago +7

      ​@Swagskii okay i won't then 👍

    • angel
      angel Month ago +7

      @Swagskii ok

    • Ursaluna
      Ursaluna Month ago +3


  • Shermy TheGOAT
    Shermy TheGOAT Month ago

    “Racism” is WILD 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Li
    Jason Li Month ago +1

    Our minds be crazy..

  • ZoMama
    ZoMama Month ago +4072

    idk why the taco and soccer guy seemed like the only wholesome people there 😭😭

    • ailam hassan
      ailam hassan Month ago +1

      What about the walmart bag guy?

    • IamGrandMagus
      IamGrandMagus Month ago +1

      @ZoMama rock on then kiddo💯

    • Islixxn
      Islixxn Month ago +1

      @Karolina Gillum 🤓 guys please no swearing.

    • aidan_xb
      aidan_xb Month ago +1

      Walmart bag

    • Chadlike
      Chadlike Month ago +1

      the crazy guy too

    MY7ANGELS Month ago

    As a student in high school in the US. I’m sorry and ashamed to admit how accurate this is….
    The word that popped in my head was Jesus….. wish that would be more people.

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti Month ago

    alternative title: Turdrican students resisting the urge to say "guns"

  • jaylenn_
    jaylenn_ 2 months ago +4282

    bruh said “bitch” so smooth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Cock Muncher
      Cock Muncher Month ago

      @SportsTalkCardsStats huh

    • Why
      Why Month ago +3

      Bro when he asked that question we said it the same time😭

    • SportsTalkCardsStats
      SportsTalkCardsStats Month ago +1

      No he didn’t 🤡💀

    THE GUY Month ago +1

    as guys, our heads are messed up💀

  • She names it
    She names it Month ago

    "Uhhh" probably the first word that comes to mind because it had to think before to think of something.

  • Mr. Movie Nerd
    Mr. Movie Nerd 2 months ago +2246

    This school got some issues 💀

    • Austiblaze _it
      Austiblaze _it Month ago

      Welcome to the Gen Z caste system

    • Soulz
      Soulz Month ago

      Falto el tiroteo

    • Sakkaz
      Sakkaz Month ago

      my school is like this. wdym?

    • eggsalad
      eggsalad Month ago

      @Sara Eissa
      that school looks spacey and rich wdym in the hood bro

    • IronIc
      IronIc Month ago +5

      @Adolf Dripler no, literally everywhere

  • Skiddy The Great
    Skiddy The Great Month ago

    The guy who said Walmart bag straight up just stopped thinking

  • J Ditsfights256
    J Ditsfights256 Month ago

    This prompt allows u to act on intrusive thoughts

  • K3VIN
    K3VIN 2 months ago +1944

    Walmart Bag guy looked so defeated

  • SamousSamy
    SamousSamy Month ago

    The first one caught me of guard, I literally said the same thing in synchro with the dude-

  • Tiến Anh Nguyễn

    "head" got me ded 💀💀💀

  • Hi My Name's Gris
    Hi My Name's Gris Month ago +1219

    "Say the first word that comes to mind"
    "Nig- um"
    No. Finish the word

  • trent11ify
    trent11ify Month ago

    James Charles. What an outstanding stunning and brave person to be an inspiration to a high school student

  • Moon'sVC
    Moon'sVC Month ago

    bro censored the 2nd n-word as if he forgot the other n-words 💀

  • Mr. Chai
    Mr. Chai Month ago +3703

    Why is this the most accurate representation of boys I've ever seen. This is literally just my friends but re textured.

    • Pinkalooo
      Pinkalooo Month ago

      ​@Check My About Page Link That sign won't stop me because I can't read!

    • R1D3R
      R1D3R Month ago

      ​@Hoopbaby 07 Says you who looks like an NPC...

    • Trafalgar .D. Water Law
      Trafalgar .D. Water Law Month ago

      @Check My About Page Link sorry i cant read

    • Dani
      Dani Month ago +1

      @Check My About Page Link sorry I'm blind

    • Check My About Page Link
      Check My About Page Link Month ago

      Read my name

  • Pedro Martinez
    Pedro Martinez Month ago +2

    The guy that said racism . Definitely experiences it . He looked sad

  • Zombsloid
    Zombsloid Month ago

    Now i know what most of my fellow friends and people at my highschool prob think...

  • Thelonious Whale
    Thelonious Whale Month ago +1601

    after watching this video i now understand why hollywood casts 30 year olds to play high school students

  • Haneiko
    Haneiko 17 days ago

    "Name the first word that comes to mind "

  • Csaba Rostàs
    Csaba Rostàs Month ago

    The second man i would say that shit 🤙🏾
    Im black!

  • vitu_wasd
    vitu_wasd 2 months ago +4668

    my first man said nigga and then later he censured the other guy saying, what did he said 💀💀💀

    • Balls
      Balls 2 months ago +2

      @Rebecca c when it ends in an “a” it means friend, but the “er” means slave, but it depends on where you are

    • Balls
      Balls 2 months ago +1

      @J A D 💀

    • lil Dv3k
      lil Dv3k 2 months ago +2

      the white guy tryna say Nigga

    • Nicholas K
      Nicholas K 2 months ago

      always go hard R, don't be a poossy

  • BlueTopz
    BlueTopz Month ago

    That guy who ignored the camera is literally the kid that gets no btches

  • Miguel Parschau
    Miguel Parschau Month ago

    Bro, they programed you with one voiceline how you about to call someone an npc

  • MushTomb Official
    MushTomb Official 2 months ago +1465

    "Penis" did NOT hesitate one single moment

    • Arian
      Arian 2 months ago +1

      I said it right before him

      MIKE HOCK 2 months ago +8

      scary part is I was thinking it the whole time then bro said it

    • RandomM1th
      RandomM1th 2 months ago +2

      That would be me.

    • get Smarty
      get Smarty 2 months ago +6

      Ya! Wtf?

  • Rico-suave
    Rico-suave Month ago

    This explains the minds of this generation

  • Kingster 14
    Kingster 14 Month ago

    High school hasn't changed at all

  • PhoenixXMC
    PhoenixXMC Month ago +1954

    Dudes in the school really thinking about guys, homies and chickens only 😭😭

  • cosmicflare007
    cosmicflare007 Month ago

    Damn kids these days look so different 😂

  • Nancy
    Nancy Month ago

    The taco guy and I would be really good friends 😂

  • JC
    JC 2 months ago +2284

    The guy that said “racism” definitely had a different word and felt guilty 😂

    • No Name
      No Name Month ago

      Ofc the first word that came to the Caucasians was race based .

    • Treble Clef
      Treble Clef Month ago +2

      were they in the bathroom

  • Tonio C
    Tonio C Month ago +2

    The kid that almost said 🥷🏿 was actually oddly effective lol like he stop just in time to avoid a ass whooping 😂😅

  • Whyte Tea
    Whyte Tea Month ago

    James Charles is two words, you start to notice how people dont question other races as much as the white man