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Do these mental health products even do anything?

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Harald Hope
    Harald Hope 2 months ago +46514

    Do YOU even do anything, Drew?!?!

    • Fariba Al-Hassan
      Fariba Al-Hassan 10 days ago

      @agent The first time you were able and you had to to go back and do the the first time I did that I would be like like I said you have a good day I love that I don’t want you going back and I love love I I don’t don’t know why you don’t like me but but you know what you do and you don’t like it it is not a good time for me I I just want you and and you don’t have a bad bad day and you know I love me I love me and you know that you are I love me but I love me too and you know you don’t want me I love my kids I don’t care care I love me you are my baby and you e

    • Snopple Wopple
      Snopple Wopple 19 days ago +1


    • Julie M
      Julie M 20 days ago


    • EuclidCasual
      EuclidCasual 23 days ago

      Flame he ass Harold!!!

    • James Whittingham
      James Whittingham 27 days ago

      "Do anything Drew". Is that like "That's so Raven".
      I do something Drew all the time. I watch shite on the internet.

  • Rickle
    Rickle 2 months ago +1823

    I love when company's prey on people with mental health issues!!! Gotta be my favorite kind of companys!

    • Abigail McCarthy
      Abigail McCarthy 2 months ago

      @o These companies' CEOs are ruining their reputations.

    • Abigail McCarthy
      Abigail McCarthy 2 months ago

      @o thanks I was actually joking (not too funny, I know) my mom drilled all English grammar and spelling into me as a child

    • o
      o 2 months ago

      @Abigail McCarthy So that would be right if you were talking about something that more than one company possessed. Like the companies' horrible scheister CEOs.

    • Alice B.
      Alice B. 2 months ago +1

      Sorry. I know this is long, but a lot of people don't know about TMS and I just want them to know that if they're interested in the concept behind it, there is a clinically proven method that can actually help.

    • Alice B.
      Alice B. 2 months ago +2

      These people just read an article about how Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) works as a depression treatment and decided that they didn't need the dozens of years and millions of dollars that were put into the research that got FDA approval for TMS (which allows it to be covered by insurance companies and therefore actually affordable for people). TMS works because it targets specific brain regions. These predatory companies decided that they were going to capitalize on the downside of TMS, which is that people have to physically go to a clinic to get treatment (which can be difficult for people with depression to do), and charge vulnerable people hundreds of dollars for a device that does the exact same thing as a vibrator.

  • ardentAmbivalance
    ardentAmbivalance Month ago +1506

    They probably weren't expecting anyone with anxiety to actually call the number lmfao

    • Chris Palumbo
      Chris Palumbo 23 days ago +22

      Omg I hate calling people this is such a good point

    • bzzzz
      bzzzz Month ago +27


    • Goatmom 2
      Goatmom 2 Month ago +55

      Ha. The only time I don’t have anxiety when talking to someone is when It’s not face to face. Fools.

  • Communist Sharks
    Communist Sharks 2 months ago +2230

    the thing that bothers me the most about the subscription service is that that money could easily go towards one therapy session a month, which would likely be wayyyyyyyy more helpful than anything you tried. you're absolutely right, this is exploitative as hell.

    • Wynn
      Wynn Day ago

      @JustOk I said it hasn’t worked for other people I have known too!

    • Wynn
      Wynn Day ago

      @JustOk I said I never saw it work for other people either. Too bad it didn’t work out for you either.

    • JustOk
      JustOk Day ago

      @Wynn therapy hasn't work for me however it works for my sister and my mom you shouldn't write off the benefits of therapy just because it didn't work for you as it could turn other away from it you may know because of your bias towards it everyone is different

    • Inuyashagirl2015
      Inuyashagirl2015 12 days ago

      @Not-So Common Sense wow, what a genuinely shitty thing to try to rub in someone's face to "win" a Clip-Share comment. Maybe you should talk to your therapist about your lack of empathy for someone who is struggling with something you're privileged enough *not* to be struggling with. Not a good look, dear.

    • Not-So Common Sense
      Not-So Common Sense 21 day ago +9

      @Wynn Anecdotal evidence means very little, but since you are using it, I am currently in therapy for anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and so far, it has been very helpful in increasing my overall mood and helping me process my trauma.

  • Durtly
    Durtly Month ago +2346

    If I recall from my Psych 101 class from 30 years ago, one aspect of anxiety comes from the feeling you can't do anything about it. If you have some random device, you get a false sense of empowerment because you can utilize the device. It's a behavioral placebo.

    • Megi B
      Megi B 11 days ago +8

      @paad well, yeah. Placebo never solves anything fully. It's a temporary obsession.

    • paad
      paad 14 days ago

      yeah but it's not actually solving the problem? if it brakes you might recess back to full on anxiety (trust me i've tried many things for it and i still need therapy)

    • Austin Mulka
      Austin Mulka 21 day ago

      For $300?!?

    • Wynn
      Wynn 27 days ago +1

      The same with depression

    • sofia
      sofia Month ago

      @Butter Does Stuff Maybe yeahnoshit

  • Coldplay wrote yellow for me
    Coldplay wrote yellow for me 2 months ago +1813

    I'll never skip Drew's ads because I'm worried he'll end up with credit card debt at the rate he's buying things

    • packleader87
      packleader87 25 days ago +1

      He's sooo good with these ad transitions

    • Wynn
      Wynn 27 days ago +1

      Danny spends even more money such as crappy ads for funny videos lol 😂

    • UA
      UA Month ago +10

      i wonder if these things are possible to write as tax deductions?

    • Cyber_XIII
      Cyber_XIII Month ago +39

      I have a feeling he’s buying all these things because he WON’T go into credit card debt

    • robbiie
      robbiie 2 months ago +14

      off topic but i like ur pfp

  • ViralCog
    ViralCog Month ago +719

    I still remember the time Drew talked about how he involuntarily pees while doing number two as he was reviewing some kind of overalls that had two separate openings for front and back. It's personal details like these that make the subscribers feel really close to him. What a great guy.

  • Lizzi Ayers
    Lizzi Ayers 2 months ago +383

    My only thought while he’s talking about the vibrating devices is how much cheaper it would be to buy another kind of vibrating device

    • Kososka
      Kososka 7 days ago +5

      Helps with stress way better

    • Lurch
      Lurch 27 days ago

      Just got a mental picture of him with a couple of dildoes strapped to his head...

    • Narnia
      Narnia Month ago +23

      Best $15 dollars I ever spent

    • gazepskotzs
      gazepskotzs Month ago +68

      And that other device you mentioned is better for your mental health too.

    • Daan
      Daan Month ago +1

      And at least that one gives you dopamine, if you use it not completely incorrectly.

  • Pelin Özge
    Pelin Özge Month ago +279

    "A vibrating pebble and an inhaler with different flavours" so, basically, a bullet vibrator and a vape pen?

  • dopeman
    dopeman 2 months ago +740

    I actually bought the Calmigo last year when I was having a really rough time. So rough that I was willing to fork over $200 for what seemed to be some sort of miracle device. I used it maybe once, and then realized it was unhelpful and pretty much useless. A paper bag served me better than that. So that is my personal testimony about the Calmigo

    • dopeman
      dopeman 20 days ago +1

      @The Potter’s hand ohh I see, I was very confused for a second there 😂

    • The Potter’s hand
      The Potter’s hand 21 day ago +5

      @dopeman oh my bad... my comment wasn't supposed to go under these replies. no, calmingo sucks. no disagreement there. lol

    • dopeman
      dopeman 22 days ago

      @The Potter’s hand Lol what?

    • The Potter’s hand
      The Potter’s hand 22 days ago

      To be fair, you were focusing on being distracted from staring at the ball so maybe you were on to something there

    • Serentique
      Serentique Month ago +1

      I would just get one of those clogged nose eucalyptus boom boom sticks n breathe that in my little sinuses

  • Anthony Selkowitz
    Anthony Selkowitz 2 months ago +4719

    The transformation of Drew’s content over the years from ranting about terrible influencers to terrible products is amazing and seamless.

    • elephantteaparty
      elephantteaparty 7 days ago

      Also the vulnerability with his audience I love this fandom it’s so wholesome and geniunly funny and creative unlike some other fandoms (No tea no shade)

    • Crypticshadøws
      Crypticshadøws 2 months ago

      @Josias Lourenço I’m jewish as well but calm down, you won’t convert anyone in a comment section; also, jews don’t usually attempt to convert so interesting!

    • Crypticshadøws
      Crypticshadøws 2 months ago +1

      @Nuclear bomb yes 👍 capitalism smh

    • Nuclear bomb
      Nuclear bomb 2 months ago

      @Crypticshadøws And then he'll become a terrible product..?

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin 2 months ago

      Is there really a difference?

  • geegeezlouis86
    geegeezlouis86 2 months ago +2598

    Drew: "You know what else has Bluetooth and the ability to vibrate?"
    Me: 👁️👄👁️

    • brianna
      brianna 2 days ago

      @AriesPisces I did a thing ref?

    • elephantteaparty
      elephantteaparty 7 days ago

      My mind went places 🙂

    • Luna
      Luna 7 days ago

      @Serentique orgasm therapy really works! I feel great during my therapy sessions. I’m joking, At least I can do it for free myself instead of paying $150 for real therapy and getting actual help B)

    • Luna
      Luna 7 days ago

      @Katherine Burgess mines heated man they’ve evolved

    • Wynn
      Wynn 27 days ago +2

      @Katherine BurgessBluetooth doesn’t seem worth it or needed

  • bee
    bee Month ago +291

    i think it’s so funny how drew goes from glass animals lost band mate to some kid you knew in middle school just from a haircut.

    • Moss
      Moss Month ago +6

      too accurate lmao

  • ★Bunny★
    ★Bunny★ Month ago +489

    I think vibrating CAN help you relax, I used to have panic attacks when I would get shots so doctors started giving me this vibrating ladybug thing and it really helped. The only problem is, it doesn’t work for everyone, nor is it a cure all. Plus you can probably get a vibrating thing that’s similar for like, 15 bucks or less.

    • Punky Jewster
      Punky Jewster 20 days ago +1

      @Al Bonzer best one

    • Punky Jewster
      Punky Jewster 20 days ago +1

      That’s honestly adorable

    • Lurch
      Lurch 27 days ago +2

      If you use it on a certain part of your body, you'll RELAX, lol.

    • Al Bonzer
      Al Bonzer Month ago +15

      Well a purring cat on your chest calms people down.

    • betp
      betp Month ago +26

      it's a sensory thing. you've got this new sensation to focus on that's relatively unfamiliar and doesn't hurt. your brain stops focusing on the impending needle and is like "oh shit lol what's that." people in the replies are right that the same could be accomplished with any other thing that vibrates, but i'm genuinely glad you got that ladybug thing. if it works, it works.

  • moon_skittles
    moon_skittles 2 months ago +561

    Bim Bim giving herself an angry bath after Drew put his foot down on her kitty nonsense behavior made me kinda happy. 🤗

  • Little Heck
    Little Heck 2 months ago +4588

    I've never seen Drew as stressed out as in this video, engaging with calming technology

    • Zubr Hero
      Zubr Hero 2 months ago +11

      @Halo Eighth Mo-oooom, I think the bot's broken again!

    • Halo Eighth
      Halo Eighth 2 months ago +29

      stop posting stolen comments from actual commentors, you've potentially posted 23 already

    • Kealie Baumgardner
      Kealie Baumgardner 2 months ago +34

      Still not as stressed as he was when reviewing the moon pod😂😂

    • Sammy Ariel
      Sammy Ariel 2 months ago +55

      To be fair they claim it's calming but it actually does nothing, so is anger inducing!

  • •ChînchxllåQvQ•
    •ChînchxllåQvQ• Month ago +186

    "Im not buying it."
    Me, out loud: "You already bought it Drew. You spent 1,000 dollars on it."

  • james
    james Month ago +198

    There’s a concept with Bipolar Disorder where people spend egregious amounts of money on things which releases norepinephrine in their brain and I genuinely think these are feeding off of that positive feeling when you make a big purchase

    • Punky Jewster
      Punky Jewster 20 days ago +1

      @Molly Oliphant my borderline’s ultimate enemy, me buying myself a little treat

    • Mamble Ino
      Mamble Ino 25 days ago +7

      I have ADHD and there is a similar thing with adhd as well, but more so with dopamine than norepinephine. It's one of the reasons why disorders like bipolar disorder, bpd, adhd, depression, anxiety, and likely others can be so hard to differentiate, because a lot of them have traits and symptoms that appear quite similar, especially with only a surface level understanding of those symptoms.
      Hypomanic episodes in people with Bipolar Disorder can seem extremely similar to Hyperactive or Combined type ADHD, especially when you consider that a lot of people with ADHD also develop depression, which has highs and lows. Many of those disorders can also induce mood swings, and hightened emotional sensitivity, which is how it often overlaps with BPD.
      Mental health is very complicated, and as someone with mental health issues, I know how much most of us wish we could just buy a magic product to fix it. People with mental health issues that are desperate for some sort of way to ease their pain are especially vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, which is why products like these are so scummy.

    • Molly Oliphant
      Molly Oliphant Month ago +7

      There's something similar with bpd as well

    • ♡𝒫𝒾𝓃𝓀𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒♡
      ♡𝒫𝒾𝓃𝓀𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒♡ Month ago +30

      Yep! It’s true but it’s not just bipolar disorder it even goes for severe depression. I tend to buy food and toys (both things are comforts to me so it makes sense) and spend quite a bit of money. Tho once I get out of my spending episode I break down badly out of guilt for spending so much. Then again I go through manic episodes as well which sometimes cross over but not much. We love being severely broken haha

    • ωнατѕαρρ мє 十⓵⓻⓵⓷⓼⓵⓪⓻⓷⓶⓪
  • kitty boy !!1!
    kitty boy !!1! 2 months ago +406

    I regret leaving the mental hospital if this is what I had waiting for me

    • brianna
      brianna 2 days ago

      So true kitty boy !!1!

    • kitty boy !!1!
      kitty boy !!1! 8 days ago +2

      @Punky Jewster oh no, my joke was I had just left the mental hospital and that's when my comfort youtuber posts something on mental health

    • Punky Jewster
      Punky Jewster 20 days ago +3

      Where were you where the mental hospital was good enough to make the outside world look bad
      I’ve heard majority horror stories from psych ward patients 💀

    • Fitted Spots
      Fitted Spots Month ago +13

      same ayee

  • TheLegendOfShaz
    TheLegendOfShaz 2 months ago +224

    “I was causing the problem I was stressing about, by stressing about it” this is just me with everything

  • jan܁fm
    jan܁fm 2 months ago +20049

    Wow, Drew! You got smarter and smarter over the course of the video. At the start of it, you bought these dumb products and at the end you stopped buying these dumb products.
    These things must work!

    DCMARVELFAN 2 months ago +270

    Reminds me of a $60 toy I specifically picked out at Toys R Us on my 10 or 11th birthday. Toy was a headband that attached to a plastic air vent that blows a ball, making it float, based on your "focus". Aboslute scam of a toy. Took only 10 minutes of use to shatter my expectations and birthday dreams. Definitely learned a life lesson that day lmao

    • Eli
      Eli 13 days ago +1

      I remember using those, they always worked for me though. The only bad part was that the loud ass fan kept waking up my parents

    • Daniel Mihalko
      Daniel Mihalko 18 days ago +4

      Those actually do work, they measure electrical activity in your brain and send a signal to the fan to get stronger when the electricity in your brain rises. I can imagine a 10 year old having zero clue how to actually make that happen though so...

    • Kaitlyn
      Kaitlyn 18 days ago +1

      oh my god yes i had this, it came with pieces so you could make an obstacle for the ball. when it actually worked i felt like a 10 yr old genius

    • Suzer
      Suzer Month ago +15

      Omg I remember seeing commercials for that as a kid. It looked so cool but definitely a scam

    • Red
      Red 2 months ago +11

      The one my family got was Star Wars themed

  • No One In Particular
    No One In Particular 2 months ago +689

    I think the worst part is that these brands were actively targeting you because you had a break in your mental health. They’re praying on the fact that you need help, and they say they can sell it to you.
    I own a drawer of useless shitty stuff like this that I buy because I’d try anything to get some semblance of physical or mental health, and I guess on some level it’s obvious that these companies have been scamming me, but when you’re desperate, you don’t see that, you just see the little glimmer of hope that throwing more money in this sinkhole will make it close up.

    • Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Sauce
      Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Sauce Month ago

      @Ezra Bolotsky exercise doesn't get rid of mental illness. it can be a coping mechanism, but it is not a cure

    • Umi ZoomR
      Umi ZoomR Month ago +4

      I cant speak for everyone and my mental health probably isn't that "severe" as the rest but i **really** recommend doing some excercise, prefferably going to the gym.
      It sucks at first and it can be a bit exciting etc but its nice to get all that pent up frustation and doubt out of your system a little.

    • deleted flame
      deleted flame Month ago +27

      @Ezra Bolotsky Advice can also be useless or annoying especially if noone asked for it and you don't know the situation.

    • multiskype
      multiskype Month ago +2


    • Ezra Bolotsky
      Ezra Bolotsky Month ago +2

      @oh advice is exactly what it is. Take it or leave it. Can’t be offended by it.

  • Renata Rocha
    Renata Rocha Month ago +41

    Shouldn’t Instagram be held accountable for these fake advertisements?

    • Blizzard_the_seal
      Blizzard_the_seal 26 days ago +8

      @Saint Geinfr…. also yes instagram absolutely should be held responsible

    • Saint Gein
      Saint Gein 29 days ago +13

      They don’t care bc Instagram gets profit. Super aggravating. Best to ignore all ads.

  • Matt McGrory
    Matt McGrory Month ago +72

    Hey Drew I'm sorry panic attacks are hitting you. I had a bunch of them real bad years ago. One thing I can recommend, if at all possible, is when you feel like you can't breathe and want to gobble air by breathing rapidly through your mouth.. breathe slowly through your nose instead. If you can manage to remember and implement it, that is. I know it is seriously a tall order under those conditions.
    There's a book called Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art that goes into some of the negative effects of mouth breathing and very positive effects of nasal breathing. It's a good read with really important information. It's by James Nestor. Peace. You're funny.
    Commented too early in the vid whoops still a worthwhile book and subject to explore!

    • Serentique
      Serentique Month ago +3

      Whoa!! Panic attacks are hitting on you too? I thought we had something!!

    • Matt McGrory
      Matt McGrory Month ago +3

      @Hunter!! wanna bet? I'll bet you $500 I AM the real Drew Gooden. No? $400. $300? C'mon! Do it.
      (Oh my gosh, my gambling addiction is out of control. I need intervention.)

  • Emma <3
    Emma <3 2 months ago +40150

    the way to tell how much time has passed has never been easier than watching drews blue hair slowly turn more and more into a seasick green while his roots grow in

    • smoek
      smoek 2 months ago

      @Drew Gooden whatever u say

    • miaw
      miaw 2 months ago +1

      @Dylan Fernandez i think it’s because they took it from a song

    • Karen Amyx
      Karen Amyx 2 months ago

      "Your" not helping..

    • Karen Amyx
      Karen Amyx 2 months ago

      I'm "prety" sure Amanda knows how to spell

    • Abi
      Abi 2 months ago

      @Drew Gooden true

  • Ethan Dole
    Ethan Dole Month ago +76

    drew the fact you can buy all this is such a subtle flex like man

  • Noaart
    Noaart 2 months ago +318

    Poor kitty was just going to go in and out and probably in and out again, and now it is stuck with Drew's ramblings lol. Look how patient it is, waiting and grooming, and sleeping and walking around and not interrupting - very distinguished! (:

    • brianna
      brianna 2 days ago +1

      @black air force master manipulators and heartless sociopaths that we love more than fellow humans

    • black air force
      black air force Month ago +6

      @Letthembelightpeaceonelove they piss you off then they give you the look and everything is alright again

    • Letthembelightpeaceonelove
      Letthembelightpeaceonelove Month ago +5

      @STSGuitar16 And my cat dragged my brand new pair of underwear into her little box when it was too dirty for her liking once. They have funny/ disgusting ways of communicating with us sometimes, don’t they?

    • STSGuitar16
      STSGuitar16 2 months ago +16

      @Letthembelightpeaceonelove my cat pissed on my pillow once

    • Letthembelightpeaceonelove
      Letthembelightpeaceonelove 2 months ago +21

      Probably just wanted to check on Drew to make sure his mental health was okay! Cats are the best therapists sometimes.

  • Alice O'Brien
    Alice O'Brien Month ago +21

    I relate to your panic attacks. It’s hard to keep at it but you’re doing so well drew, appreciate you

  • Dakota Sillyman
    Dakota Sillyman Month ago +23

    My favorite part of this is how clearly all of the ads that are supposed to be genuine come across as the laziest ad copy ever written. I wonder if it's similar to how Nigerian scammers intentionally misspell things in order to weed out people who would only realize what was up later in the process.

  • Leah F.K.
    Leah F.K. 2 months ago +1161

    “sometimes my brain forgets that we’re supposed to be on the same team” what a great way of describing anxiety I appreciate this. what a mood.

    • Leah F.K.
      Leah F.K. Month ago +1

      @Mmmph yes! sometimes people tell me “just don’t worry about it” and i’m like fam if it were that easy I wouldn’t be doing it lol

    • Leah F.K.
      Leah F.K. Month ago

      @Groovy Mystery Music for real!!!!

    • KeepThatAwayFromMe
      KeepThatAwayFromMe Month ago +1

      @Josias Lourenço what are you doing in this comment section bro 💀

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço 2 months ago

      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.
      3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,
      James 2:24,26
      Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

    • My Name Goes Here
      My Name Goes Here 2 months ago +5

      My brain has several teams. They play in a league.

  • Caution Hazardous
    Caution Hazardous Month ago +29

    I’ve never seen Drew more on edge, ironically

  • Sanary
    Sanary 2 months ago +43

    This made me remember to the time when i was at my lowest and i got ads ALL THE TIME on instagram about apps to better mental health or to make tests(?) to see if i was actually depressed or what type(?) of depression i have. At least now they learned and i mostly just get ads for independent artist which is pretty cool

  • Raina Vance
    Raina Vance Month ago +16

    Haha! I work at the sleep insert place (Inspire Medical) as an intern... It's a medically prescribed sleep apnea device that works extremely well, however it's only prescribed if CPAP machines don't work... Interesting to know our advertising is to the same pseudoscience demographic

  • Reuben Canning Finkel
    Reuben Canning Finkel Month ago +14

    the one where drew realizes there should be federal oversight for consumer health products...

  • Rigamortusriddledworm
    Rigamortusriddledworm Month ago +20

    So glad I'm doing an analysis of your videos for college. It's come full circle Drew.

  • Myrto
    Myrto 2 months ago +33

    Drew is an investigative journalist

  • henrytullmusic
    henrytullmusic 2 months ago +117

    hey man i really really appreciate you taking the time to explain briefly how hard panic attacks are to handle, not everyone gets it/hears about it and it helps to have people normalizing the debilitating effects anxiety can have. thanks!! :)

    • Loveheartsx
      Loveheartsx Month ago +2

      That’s how I felt too! Drew’s someone I admire and respect so it’s comforting for him to share his tough experiences. Don’t get anxiety attacks anymore particularly (thank god) but when I did in the past it was incredibly debilitating

  • Victor Cobane
    Victor Cobane Month ago +7

    Hilarious and insightful video!
    I feel like I'm even more cynical that Drew when it comes to these products, so it was nice to see someone mock them for a lil.

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M 2 months ago +1657

    I've never seen Drew as stressed out as in this video, engaging with calming technology

  • Gracie
    Gracie Month ago

    It’s gross to me that companies prey on mental illness. Also, I’d like to someday see products that can help with things beyond depression or general anxiety such as schizophrenia, bipolar, or unusual presentations of OCD.
    It’s gross that only the well off can afford these crap products. Make mental health devices that work and are affordable.

  • good o'l me plant
    good o'l me plant 2 months ago +26

    I’m convinced that half of these things are tracking devices

  • Alec Zamarripa
    Alec Zamarripa Month ago +6

    Hey Drew, if you have a series 4 watch or newer you can actually see your HRV in the health app (you have to wear the watch consistently enough for you to get a number)

  • Kaybee
    Kaybee 2 months ago +7

    If they made it cheaper then more people would buy it and tell everyone that it doesn't work.

  • otterworldly
    otterworldly 2 months ago +5647

    I love watching Drew slowly develop a debilitating shopping addiction

    • Gay Wizard
      Gay Wizard Month ago

      And crippling anxiety!

    • population: me
      population: me Month ago

      @Hyunjins left hair folical your username blessed me today

    • madeleine steele
      madeleine steele 2 months ago +1

      It’s for science

    • Cece Bebe
      Cece Bebe 2 months ago +1


    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon 2 months ago +1

      Please guys believe in Jesus. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them».

  • sagarin
    sagarin Month ago +10

    having a watch on your wrist vibrating for 3 hours a day sounds like a great way to get wrist pain

  • Isaac Pickering
    Isaac Pickering Month ago +12

    you should create a burner account for when you signup for stuff you don't want emails

  • Pheobe Jackson
    Pheobe Jackson Month ago +32

    You don’t have to lie to us Drew. You live in Florida. Your neighbors all also have ankle bracelets.

  • Katie Doyle
    Katie Doyle 2 months ago +18

    I think the way you make the ball go up in that one app (in theory) is literally only look at and focus on the ball to the point where you don’t even see it rising or lowering. Be one with the ball lol

  • Jonathan C. Lacy
    Jonathan C. Lacy 2 months ago +1172

    I was like 99% sure that this video was going to be sponsored by "Better Help" and was gladly surprised when it was "Hello Fresh". A true leader of aiding people in mental health.

    • Madamoizillion
      Madamoizillion 2 months ago +1

      FYI HelloFresh union busts and their warehouse employees have been subjected to terrible work conditions.

    • boodesultan12
      boodesultan12 2 months ago +2

      @Lavender Paint when I saw that I was actually disappointed with him but was happy that the comments also had same reaction as I did

    • Lavender Paint
      Lavender Paint 2 months ago +5

      @boodesultan12 yeah, Danny Gonzalez actually got sponsored by them a month or two ago and there was so much backlash he actually deleted the sponsored part of the video- hasn’t said anything about it though

    • boodesultan12
      boodesultan12 2 months ago +2

      @Sky n you say that and I agree but you would be surprised at amount of youtubers that still accepts better help sponsor EVEN after the controversy

    • Dana
      Dana 2 months ago +7

      honestly though, cooking is hard to do when you’re struggling. hello fresh can help better than any of these clearly by drew’s descriptions lol

  • Salty Sauce
    Salty Sauce Month ago +24

    I wasn’t expecting righteous anger from a Drew Gooden video but I’m not complaining

  • hypovisor
    hypovisor 2 months ago +199

    this was like a real life flowers for algernon. drew became so much smarter from the vibrating plastic garbage and then he was a genius forever. I think that's how the story goes

    • sidonie gabrielle
      sidonie gabrielle 2 months ago +15

      @Potato Sophie same. at least this comment made me laugh two years after i cried over the book so all is balanced

    • Potato Sophie
      Potato Sophie 2 months ago +26

      That book made me cry bro

  • Jessica Hamilton
    Jessica Hamilton Month ago +3

    Weird... I've had another app called "Cove" on my phone for ages, and it's a mental health app that lets you make music based on mood or feeling. Hmmmm.... same company or suspicion?

  • Crocheted tanuki
    Crocheted tanuki  Month ago +24

    That Jeremy Renner reference was gold

  • lincoln
    lincoln 2 months ago +27826

    One day i turned on drew gooden and my grandma immediately said “i hate this guy.” And i now i think about it everytime i watch him

    • ollee
      ollee 2 days ago

      @Owen Richhey i’m not christian either but that’s super disrespectful

    • Acacia Griffiths
      Acacia Griffiths 2 days ago

      What did Drew do to piss off your grandma

    • shireen abbas
      shireen abbas 4 days ago

      once i turned on danny gonzalez in front of my grandma and she said “i wish youd date someone like him.”

    • Hidden Leaf Drip
      Hidden Leaf Drip 5 days ago

      @plushypony 😭😭😭

    • Hidden Leaf Drip
      Hidden Leaf Drip 5 days ago

      @bluematter01 Mr.Bluematter is questioning why people talk about color 🧐

  • syd
    syd 2 months ago +31

    my parents recently got divorced and for a while my dad was having a hard time dealing with all of it and, as a result, was having a really hard time sleeping. one of his attempts to deal with this problem was buying this weird bracelet device that supposedly admitted some type of frequency that "helped with insomnia." and seeing that package and listening to him optimistically describe what it was made me so, so profoundly sad. he's not a very gullible dude, he was an engineer and a math teacher, he's pretty logically-minded but he just really, really wanted some peaceful, relieving sleep. these companies are blatantly predatory and their targets are people who are just desperately searching for relief. it's incredibly cruel and I hope with my entire heart that some of the people who buys these things in the hopes of feeling less bad, at the very least, experience some kind of placebo effect.

  • mynameisrits
    mynameisrits 2 months ago +10

    It’s probably cheaper to get an online therapist which would be more helpful lol

  • Lolly
    Lolly 2 months ago +92

    4:27 I like how Drew is so open about his struggles with anxiety. I also struggle with anxiety and now how hard it can be to just simply sit still on the couch and try not to overthink everything. It really helps me to feel like I’m not alone when others talk about anxiety. I’m sorry you had a bad panic attack Drew and I hope you are feeling better! Make sure to take the time you need to feel better and don’t over work yourself if you can help it!

  • Sam IAm
    Sam IAm 2 months ago +8

    inspire is thankfully not for your anxiety, it is for sleep apnea to permanently replace a bi-pap or c-pap

  • Georgia B
    Georgia B 2 months ago +2754

    On a serious note, I really appreciate how open Drew is about his mental health. As someone who also struggles with anxiety it's refreshing to see a "public figure" of sorts talk about his own.

    • Jet’s Corner
      Jet’s Corner Month ago

      @Hamilton.Is.Life I don't think it's abnormal that you feel that way. I mean, I feel like it can go both ways and neither are necessarily wrong, but I hope things get better for you

    • WithScienceAsMySheperdiSleepACarefreeSheep-Yashuah
      WithScienceAsMySheperdiSleepACarefreeSheep-Yashuah 2 months ago

      only a doctor PSYCHIATRIST can PRESCRIBE anything that has effects in the brain
      Pscychologist are prevented by law fromn prescribing drugs to solve mental health problems
      GET A PSYCHYATRIST, the ONLY brain doctors on earth. Sorry to break reality down for all carebears homeopathy cultists, homeopathy doesn't work, and natural medecine is sometimes demonstrated chemically as working (i.e Aspirin, or curare for anesthesia)

    • Lu Zu
      Lu Zu 2 months ago +1

      @Hamilton.Is.Life same, just sad that so many people struggle like this

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço 2 months ago

      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.
      3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,
      James 2:24,26
      Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

    • Hamilton.Is.Life
      Hamilton.Is.Life 2 months ago +1

      Is it weird it doenst make me feel better at all? It makes me feel bad for my own problems.

  • Hayden Pike
    Hayden Pike Month ago

    I think it’s so funny how some descriptions say literally nothing about the product and then other companies use so many fancy words and still say nothing

  • BlizzardWuffy
    BlizzardWuffy Month ago +11

    7:15 she *totally* is the person who created that product lmao

  • Tsukioutu
    Tsukioutu Month ago +2

    Note most of the time if there is a study like that or research paper you can contact the original author and they're allowed to give it to you for free and a lot of them will and none of the money goes to the original author you're welcome

  • Matt Hunter
    Matt Hunter Month ago +3

    You'd have to be crazy to buy these products!

  • FlaviaTheGrumpyCat
    FlaviaTheGrumpyCat 2 months ago +2664

    Finding out Drew has anxiety too did way more to make me feel better about my anxiety than a sketchy $200 electronic doodad ever could

    • Jet’s Corner
      Jet’s Corner Month ago

      While it does suck knowing that other people are suffering, it feels good to know that you're not alone. Especially when it comes to people like Drew, like, it feels so relieving to know that somebody with similar mental health issues can still keep up a career, and it feels good to know that he was capable of doing it in the first place

    • Jackie Johnson
      Jackie Johnson Month ago +4

      @Foul Mouth Fishing Drew is successful, cool and funny, so if he has a panic/anxiety disorder, then that means that it's possible to live a fulfilling life and be successful even when you have mental ilness. A lot of people who have mental illness genuinely start to believe that they will never be able to overcome the negative effects and achieve their goals, so seeing someone who has mental illness who has a life that you want to have is super impactful.

    • Foul Mouth Fishing
      Foul Mouth Fishing 2 months ago +1

      Ig ive just never found any comfort in learning anyone else has the same things as me. If anything i feel bad for em. But i get bringing awareness to mental illness also

    • Foul Mouth Fishing
      Foul Mouth Fishing 2 months ago

      @Star Seeker more common than yoh might think, i just think its funny that people reuquire validation from a random youtube creator having anxiety. But i also get it and im not trying to discredit anyones struggle, i deal with my own everyday.

    • Star Seeker
      Star Seeker 2 months ago +6

      @Foul Mouth Fishing Having to go to the ER because you think you're dying but it's actually a panic attack is super common? I'm the only person I know who's had to do that, and I have several dozen friends who are very open about their mental health issues.

  • that one kid in school who eats glue

    Drew buys snake oil the series

  • Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

    You know how I can tell the Raycon Earbud ads are a lie? When people are not advertising them they don't use them. Need to wear earbuds in a video but it's not sponsored by the person who paid you to say you love them? Don't use the Raycons.

  • alexanderalexandrou
    alexanderalexandrou Month ago +7

    If you have panic attacks, find a psychotherapist. They can really help.

  • Cannonfodder
    Cannonfodder 2 months ago +4

    Great video. I love how the Moon Pod keeps coming up. 🤣

  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart Month ago +2

    Wait if it was based on your focus, and you did things that required more focus, wouldn’t the score go up? I guess sleeping dosent count tho

  • Player Zero
    Player Zero Month ago +5

    I like how you can tell how genuinely pissed Drew was about some of the products here, in comparison to his other videos. Like sure, a product that turns all liquids into slushes in pretty dumb and useless. But the worst that can do is lose someone $25, not that big of a deal at the end of the day. On the other hand, a product so ridiculously expensive that's supposed to help with mental health but actively makes mental health worse, that's on a whole other level of scummy.

  • Bookmouse
    Bookmouse Month ago +17

    Fun fact: interoception is WELL KNOWN in the ASD community and it's something some of our members struggle with literally every day. Just FYI, it's not nonsense, it's a real problem for a lot of disabled people. Mine is only mildly wonky, so I'm pretty lucky.

  • Nikka Geers
    Nikka Geers 2 months ago

    So these are $200 to $400 devices to help your breathing, meditation and mindfulness. Yes, all of those things are known to help with mental health. All of those are taught in DBT. But you don’t need to spend money to do those. So I do agree these are predatory practices to make money, with no actual scientific backing behind them. And noticed how not one of them used to words meditation, deep breathing or mindfulness because then the customers would know they could do that for cheaper, even tho those are proven to work. All sort of bs just to make a buck. Snake oil is still around, now it just hooks up to bluetooth.

  • khari amir
    khari amir 2 months ago +7

    Stressing about a problem that wasn’t a problem until I started stressing about it, but now it’s a problem so I’m stressing about it
    -my life

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck Month ago +1

    therapy is cheaper than any of these 🧍‍♀️

  • Metz
    Metz Month ago +4

    Mendi reminds me of my neurofeedback therapy, but as you pointed out, it doesn't actually teach you what to do, versus actual neurofeedback therapy
    Update I got further in the video and. Okay. It just pretends to be neurofeedback therapy

  • SminceSmeat
    SminceSmeat Month ago +6

    The makers of the sensate saw someone put a phone down their shirt and thought ‘what if that, but it’s a vibrating egg thing?’

  • Lauren
    Lauren 2 months ago +2017

    Drew bringing up his panic attacks and anxiety so casually is sort of refreshing in a way. It always feels like something to avoid talking about, but he talks about it with honestly and confidence. Im glad Drew is able to recognize his panic attacks and talk about them to spread awareness….. also why is the work oneie guy everywhere?????

    • Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu
      Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu 2 months ago +1

      ...no one in 2022 avoids talking about their panic/anxiety attacks. It's literally a qualifier on dating profiles now.

      FØRGÕTABØÛTRÊY 2 months ago +4

      Yeah panic attacks are terrible, been to the ER also, it feels so real like you're dying. Heart beating so fast you're at risk for stroke or cardiac arrest it's scary & losing touch with reality in the process. I used to be prescribed benzos like Ativan for attacks but thankfully I've gotten older & just grew out of them idk I can control them & prevent an attack now, I no longer take medicine and I barely ever have anxiety anymore. Not sure what happened but it's a great feeling being free.

    • DigitalHarmony
      DigitalHarmony 2 months ago +2

      @James Wilson I completely agree. Humour is my coping mechanism so I use self deprecating humour a lot, but can also talk about it matter of factly but I get it’s definitely not commonplace and I appreciate the fact he was able to.

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson 2 months ago +16

      @DigitalHarmony I have also noticed that when they are brought up, they can oftentimes be wrapped in self-deprecating humour (at least that's what I do). It's refreshing to hear about it so simply and in such a non-sarcastic but also non overly dramatic way (not that I think it's overly dramatic to dwell on your mental health, but I'm not sure how to express it otherwise). Basically, it's nice to hear about it as though it was a purely physical ailment which you have and need to take care of.

    • meeome loves cookies and history
      meeome loves cookies and history 2 months ago +13

      Idk if this was planned but this is a great video to put out for men's mental health month. Mental health should be talked about, and be talked about as more than just "sometimes we're all a little anxious, just sniff some lavender" lol.

  • A.S. Minor
    A.S. Minor Month ago +14

    I am an avid mental health awareness advocate and spoken word performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my Clip-Share channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💚

  • james
    james Month ago +22

    You describing your anxiety is so relatable and it means so much to see a cool guy like you talk about anxiety

  • Rox
    Rox Month ago +55

    Drew has such disgruntled dad energy at 31:26

    • Jet’s Corner
      Jet’s Corner Month ago +4

      It was the slamming the table that did it for me

  • Kathryn Gilbride
    Kathryn Gilbride Month ago

    the mendi looks like a really generic version of nuerofeedback…. pretty dangerous to have random people trying it on themselves… unless of course it doesn’t work

  • Rubeanie
    Rubeanie 2 months ago +1

    I love "New Age Filth" by Hail The Sun, Drew I love your content and I love your room/taste in music, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

    • Tatum Fowler
      Tatum Fowler Month ago +1

      Fr I remember being so surprised and stoked to see a Circa Survive record behind him in a few videos, his taste in music is top tier and makes me like him more 😭

  • Franciska Hopkins
    Franciska Hopkins 13 days ago +7

    Drew, I hope this message reaches you. Please take magnesium and B vitamins for your panic attacks. My husband has the MTHFR mutation that affects 40% of the population. As a result of that and poor health practices, he was severely low in vitamin B1, B12, folate, and magnesium: the perfect storm for panic attacks, and EMTs had been called to respond to his episodes on multiple occasions. Now that we know it was a deficiency, we have corrected it, and he hasn't had a single panic attack since. Dr.s are terribly unhelpful, just prescribing pharmaceuticals. Clearly the issue isn't a SSRI deficiency, lol, so if it's a choice between the dangerous side effects of something that is not a cure, and something that you are malnourished from not eating enough of, I think it would be wise for any Dr. to recommend the latter first and foremost 🥲. Please, if any one is reading this, please, boost this comments visibility by liking it. Panic attacks affect 5% of the population unnecessarily, and we need to help inform people. If you've ever seen someone experience real panic attack, you understand it's a torturous affliction that most wouldn't wish on even their enemies.

    • Jon Davis
      Jon Davis 13 days ago

      I just recently found out about the MTHFR mutation. It's insane that this information isn't more well known considering how overwhelmingly common it is. Mental illness ran in my family, though, we always veiwed it as some kind of emotional disfunction rather than a psychological one. My cousin who was a former heroin addict was actually the one who figured out that it was primarily caused a B12 deficiency and since getting herself and her daughter on B12 injections has gotten off heroin, and her daughter's suicidal tendencies and attempts have completely stopped. She secretly injected our grandmother was being kept in a mental ward, and was released soon after. My father and myself now take them too, and it has helped me tremendously. If the people who were effected by this mutation were all able to correct it, pharmakeia would lose a lot of dough.

  • wutkatysed
    wutkatysed Month ago +9

    drew!! I deeply appreciate your openness surrounding anxiety and the direct description of your panic attacks. I've lived with anxiety and depression my entire life, but within the past few months have had a few debilitating panic attacks like nothing I've ever experienced. it's validating and beautiful to see it spoken about candidly on a large platform in such an honest and authentic way. thank you.

  • Essence S.
    Essence S. Month ago +3

    I'm curious to see what would happen if he put the mendi on his cat, of course not tightly

  • 08mlascelles
    08mlascelles 2 months ago +3998

    Watching you comedically eviscerate these scumbag, predatory companies, who con desperate people suffering from very real mental health conditions was ironically extremely therapeutic! Thank’s Drew!

    • Baker Boat
      Baker Boat 2 months ago

      @08mlascelles ... when has the NHS EVER had funding cuts as of late? It's had it's funding INCREASE while under "Tory" government.

    • Baker Boat
      Baker Boat 2 months ago +1

      @Emily B. Feeling edgy today, huh? Corruption and cronyism will exist in any system that is tried, so good luck escaping it.

    • WithScienceAsMySheperdiSleepACarefreeSheep-Yashuah
      WithScienceAsMySheperdiSleepACarefreeSheep-Yashuah 2 months ago

      only a doctor PSYCHIATRIST can PRESCRIBE anything that has effects in the brain
      Pscychologist are prevented by law fromn prescribing drugs to solve mental health problems
      GET A PSYCHYATRIST, the ONLY brain doctors on earth. Sorry to break reality down for all carebears homeopathy cultists, homeopathy doesn't work, and natural medecine is sometimes demonstrated chemically as working (i.e Aspirin, or curare for anesthesia)

    • unknown location
      unknown location 2 months ago +3

      @Emily B. pretty sure the situation would be multiple times worse in a planned economy, if that is your alternative. if not, please feel free to correct me

    • Shane Dog
      Shane Dog 2 months ago +2

      @Josias Lourenço whatd that have to do with anything. as someone who does not believe, it just doesnt make sense to randomly quote the bible.

  • killjoy
    killjoy 2 months ago +34

    Drew and Danny: we are two different people
    Also Drew and Danny: *literally cuts all their hair off at the same time*

  • madisen
    madisen Month ago +5

    i don’t know why but i’ve rewatched this video four times now

  • Scruffy
    Scruffy 2 months ago +38

    As a kid I was hooked up to electrodes and had to do those weird focus games, and to be honest Drew's confusion about them gives me sick joy

  • Cooper S
    Cooper S 2 months ago +34

    The fact that he thinks they want to help anybody is so sweet. The reason they're priced so high is so they can make as much money as possible before somebody cracks down on their bs.

  • bumby
    bumby 2 months ago +1345

    drew is like the financial backbone of dropshippers

  • number 1 fresh lemon
    number 1 fresh lemon 2 months ago +51

    It's kinda telling how visibly angry Drew is when you think about why these products are even being sold

  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves 2 months ago +28

    The calmigo will likely help with an anxiety attack, due to the breathing technique required to keep the ball up. It's very similar to breathing exercises that you'd learn in CBT.

    • o
      o 2 months ago +1

      At the same time there are a ton of apps that can help with this and also breathing appliances and the Buteyko method.

  • August1998
    August1998 Month ago

    We all remember the rubber bracelet with a shiny piece of plastic on it thar helped with balance or some shit, right?
    And on the neorhythm: the way brains work is by sending electrical pluses from neuron to neuron (in VERY simple terms) which makes limbs move, thoughts and feelings happen, and so on. The electrical pluses are constantly and randomly firing, depending on what you're doing.
    So if your brain was to "synchronize" to the "dominant and accompanying frequencies" and all your neurons fired at the same time, you'd like, die or something.

  • Kesha Artis
    Kesha Artis Month ago

    Oc it made a "drastic change" in their lives. This is more true if the individual has less money or is affiliated with the products. LOL

  • Margaret. Fitzpatrick
    Margaret. Fitzpatrick 2 months ago +779

    "no thanks, i aint buying it" - Drew, moments after already actually buying it

    • Micaela Marez
      Micaela Marez 2 months ago +2

      I was just about to type that 😂 same wavelength

    • Tobes
      Tobes 2 months ago +16

      @Drew Gooden said drew, as he ordered 12 more in order to create an anti anxiety suit of armor

    • Drew Gooden
      Drew Gooden  2 months ago +535

      but I’m sure as hell not buying it AGAIN 😈

  • Victor Vaughn Shroom
    Victor Vaughn Shroom 2 months ago +26

    Just wanted to leave a small thanks for talking about your mental health. I know it's a vulnerable thing to share, esp with a lot of people, but people like you help normalize talking about it, and help people understand the truths of some of these things. Esp with anxiety, even openly talking about my anxiety can threaten a panic attack for me.
    Thanks, Drew. You're a pretty Gooden guy

  • Erich Albrecht
    Erich Albrecht 2 months ago +15

    Its so cool that this channel has grown so rapidly without selling out into clickbait and trend following but through well thought out longform videos. Love it

  • GoldenWolfAE
    GoldenWolfAE 2 months ago

    american health literally only works because of the placebo effect