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EVGA Terminates NVIDIA Partnership, Cites Disrespectful Treatment

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  2 months ago +1557

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    NOTE/small correction: EVGA notified NVIDIA in June, not April. They had misstated the original timeline.

    • Mud Flap Mud Runner McCargo
      Mud Flap Mud Runner McCargo 2 months ago

      Doing the lord’s work

    • JERRY Wzhang
      JERRY Wzhang 2 months ago

      我怀念2016 GTX1060 1070 1080强性能,低功耗。不像当前的显卡那样厚。我买的evga的1060 6g sc不厚,itx显卡短而强大

    • Matt Matt
      Matt Matt 2 months ago

      What about TSMC and Foxconn and what about GIGABYTE's and ASUS's joint venture GIGABYTE owns the controlling share (51%) of GIGABYTE, while ASUS owns the remainder (49%).
      Any info on these drop shippers/NVIDIA/AMD and so on would be appreciated.
      It seems like TSMC make their chips and Foxconn assemble them/puts them together..

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 2 months ago

      @Sven F. said no one.

    • JT
      JT 2 months ago +1

      wait there's no KINGPIN 4090 ti.
      EVGA. I have the high ground.
      NVIDIA u underestimate my power.
      EVGA tired of it.
      NVIDIA says don't do it please we need your kingpin to stay afloat.

  • Matthew Hafner
    Matthew Hafner 2 months ago +4349

    This is truly impressive that EVGA chose you guys as how to break this information to the public. You've done a good job building up that level of respect, GN.

    • Xsavi Xander
      Xsavi Xander 28 days ago

      @Leeonardo di Enfield Yeah, you got issues with people of color. Just say so you racist.

    • Leeonardo di Enfield
      Leeonardo di Enfield 28 days ago +1

      @Xsavi Xander "racial issues" lmao
      you mean "anti white propaganda"
      no one talks about issues other races have, and there's plenty

    • Xsavi Xander
      Xsavi Xander 28 days ago +1

      @Leeonardo di Enfield Got a problem about bringing racial issues to light?

    • Leeonardo di Enfield
      Leeonardo di Enfield Month ago +1

      @Dirk Manderin Thankfully. Linus is irritating and posts about racial crap on social media.

    • Biz Barley
      Biz Barley 2 months ago

      No disrespect to NG, but I would not be 100% sure that is why they chose to break the story here. Although, who knows. Not me.

  • HentaiOni
    HentaiOni 2 days ago +2

    it's rare to see a company that hasn't turned into just being about money i hope the best fo EVGA

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 2 months ago +391

    I really hope this isn't the downfall of EVGA. They're such a great company, would be sad to see them go.

    • Ellenor Bjornsdottir
      Ellenor Bjornsdottir 4 days ago

      They don't plan on it, but I foresee it.

    • Ikouy Bolt
      Ikouy Bolt 22 days ago

      @Blobb2013 Core 2 Quads run on that board, still a stock Q6600. R-Type Final 2 is perfectly playable on that system and it failed because stock Intel coolers torque the board due to lack of back bracket.

    • Blobb2013
      Blobb2013 22 days ago

      @Ikouy Bolt What hardware runs on a mainboard from 2008? Nothing that is capable of running modern games. It doesn't need a $300 mainboard to run more than 10 years.
      Why would a mainboard die because of a cheap cpu cooler? CPUs clock/shut down by themselves when they overheat.

    • Ikouy Bolt
      Ikouy Bolt 22 days ago

      @Blobb2013 If i didn't cheap out with the CPU cooler my $300 2008 EVGA motherboard would still be in use to this day.

    • Xanis o
      Xanis o 23 days ago

      EVGA will be fine. Just smaller and won't necessarily stay that way.

  • Bingo
    Bingo 2 months ago +383

    Everything I ever bought from EVGA I loved. They definitely have the potential to come up as one of the better peripherals and components companies, imo.
    Also, they had the least shady approach to the GPU shortage. I respect that.

    • Golden Hate
      Golden Hate 26 days ago +2

      @Muhammad Syafiq did you even listen to the video? GN WAS NOT ALLOWED to release this until AFTER the internal announcement. Mr. Misinformation who can't even listen to the video before commenting.

    • Muhammad Syafiq
      Muhammad Syafiq Month ago +3

      @Jeffrey Isaac "more mobile management", fancy term for cutting down workers.

    • Jeffrey Isaac
      Jeffrey Isaac 2 months ago +2

      @Jay Beam huh? when did they dump employees?

    • Joe Barthram
      Joe Barthram 2 months ago +3

      @Al J Vásquez it wouldn't surprise me if nvidea pushing them to sell at a higher price informed this decision to leave the gpu market

    • Stag Dragon
      Stag Dragon 2 months ago +1

      I got one in my computer right now. Heck when he pulled out the 1080ti I realized that my video card was essentially rendering a copy of itself.

  • dalentces
    dalentces 23 hours ago +1

    I like EVGA, but not enough to ignore what would happen if they had their way: yet another spike in Nvidia GPU prices. These cards are horrifyingly pricey as they are, and EVGA wants Nvidia to go even higher to make high-end GPU profitable to themselves. EVGA isn't looking out for either it's employees nor consumers here. It's a "principled" decision that's principled from the CEOs standpoint.

    • Alexander Zwisler
      Alexander Zwisler 19 hours ago

      Hey, do you know where i find a credible article in regard to these statements?

  • Jays Tech Vault
    Jays Tech Vault 2 months ago +345

    To be honest I am not surprised. Nvidia kept prices high during the GPU shortage and worked board partners to make themselves profit. It would seem that EVGA didn’t share in that profit. I also think that the 4000 series must not be a compelling offer with the GPU surplus now. EVGA might expect a large loss as they are facing now with their 3000 series GPU surplus.

    • bit
      bit 2 months ago

      @karl schauff "capitalising" isn't being a capitalist, words have meaning. I could capitalise THE NEXT SEVERAL WORDS and it doesn't make me a capitalist.

    • bit
      bit 2 months ago

      ​@Deadpoppin You're not a "capitalist", like the same way people who live under imperialism are not Emperors lol

    • F900EX
      F900EX 2 months ago

      Boom or Bust lets see what happens

    • TalesOfWar
      TalesOfWar 2 months ago

      @nanoflower1 This is why it's a long term plan. They've been making their own cards for a decade or so now.

    • Deadpoppin
      Deadpoppin 2 months ago

      @KoolAidManOG words do have meaning, learn what capitalist means. ill give you a gold star!

  • simis g
    simis g Day ago

    That does fin suck man, evga was my go to every damn time for gfx cards… the 2080 msi I got died in less than 2 years, never had issues with evga…

  • Aaron Marvin
    Aaron Marvin 2 months ago +148

    I guarantee that AMD will come by with a good deal, despite EVGA saying they're not going to continue with GPUs, and EVGA will take it, but it will have to be really beneficial to EVGA. This move away from NVIDIA was to let AMD, INTEL and anyone else know that they want to continue but they won't be jerked around.

    • Mother Pigeon
      Mother Pigeon 28 days ago

      Well AMD could use a not so gentle push to be able to compete so why not.

    • Cry
      Cry Month ago +3

      @Jay Beam I'll be back to clown on you once I receive my 6900 XT.

    • Shred
      Shred Month ago +2

      really hope they jump on AMD. i'd probably buy one, right now on the powercolor red devil train

    • Shred
      Shred Month ago +1

      @Jay Beam works on my machine

    • Chicken Pasta
      Chicken Pasta Month ago +2

      @Jay Beam L

  • Khan
    Khan Day ago

    4080 for 700 USD okay. But no more.
    We do not want a linear price for linear performance upgrades. We want more performance for less. Why would you upgrade if you only get 1:1 with the price?
    Nvidia will get into trouble the golden times are over and the stock market will not be happy to see that.

  • Blair Perry
    Blair Perry 2 months ago +182

    Love the production on this piece and the fact that EVGA wanted you to do this piece says a lot about them as a company and about you as a frontrunner in this field. You guys are legends, that's a fact. Props to how far you guys have come (been following for a long time) and for the good EVGA is doing as far as their employees go. Hopefully it's not just for show as of right now and it lasts the trial of time and they get their employees sorted into whatever or wherever. It's all up in the air right now, let's see how it lands...

  • Acidline303
    Acidline303 2 months ago +675

    I wrote an email to EVGA once asking the thread and diameter of screws for the sag bracket for my 3080 because I dropped one and it vanished. I expected to get a response simply telling me how much I could buy the screws for. Not only did I get a reply within 15 minutes, but it said "hey dont even worry, I pulled up your info from your purchase and we are already shipping some screws to you Priority Mail so you get them before this weekend!" Saved me a trip to the hardware store even. I know we are only talking half a cent screws here but that kind of speed and attention no matter how trivial your issue builds customers for life. There are really few companies left out there who you can trust are going to take care of you and your gear when you buy things from them. It's either a really sad day seeing the walk to the cemetery for EVGA, or the first day in a glorious new chapter for the GPU market. If they start building Radeon, I think I'll have all the incentive I need to finally jump ship from Green.

    • Jamison Fitzgerald II
      Jamison Fitzgerald II Month ago +1

      Completely agree here. Evga has always been top tier. If they are gonna stop I hope they do atleast switch to Radeon

    • Dowlphwin
      Dowlphwin 2 months ago +1

      @Joe Usakowski As I said ... No.
      Product warranty is not for covering natural harm / insufficient end user protective measures.

    • Joe Usakowski
      Joe Usakowski 2 months ago

      @Dowlphwin Warranty replacement would be more accurate

    • moseyo tam
      moseyo tam 2 months ago

      So basically you are saying they have good customer service. I bought my gigabyte gpu like 6 years ago, so far no problem. But i may buy a new gpu and it will be evga just for the last gpu they sell..

    • Booniedog Chamorru
      Booniedog Chamorru 2 months ago +2

      I kinda knew this when Nacy Pelosi dumped her stocks a few days ago.

  • Rumple Stilskin
    Rumple Stilskin 2 hours ago

    They were scared of what I'd do if they sold any more cards without honoring their promise to sell those 3080 at original MSRP... on the wait list. They knew if they honored the wait list, they'd lose many millions. If they didn't , there would be a class action law suit and they'd lose many millions. Buuuuut. If they stop making video cards, they can never honor their wait list and avoid a payout on the lawsuit.

  • Drew Kaplin
    Drew Kaplin 2 months ago +184

    Every component in my build has EVGA inscribed boldly across it. For me this news is genuinely heartbreaking. They have produced the highest grade, most reliable, and most solidly supported GPUs on the market.
    We have lost an absolute Titan of immense and unrivaled hardware quality, we are witnessing the end of a legendary era of computing, as the tides change towards another.

    • Weggorino
      Weggorino 27 days ago +1

      @antred11 That's fine but you really can't complain when/if you have hardware failure. That's like getting mad that your 30 year old car won't start when it's cold.

    • antred11
      antred11 28 days ago +2

      @Isaac Clarke "well yeah because who the fuck is keeping a GPU for 6 years"
      I'd like to think that quite a few people do. I know I do. I bought a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB in 2016, which I'm still using (and intend to keep using).

    • Azuresky
      Azuresky Month ago

      @Isaac Clarke I mean I do I have alot of old cards 670s 970s 1070/1070ti/1080tis all mine still work and are all evga. Imo it shows how high quality there old cards were meanwhile your lucky to have there 3080 not fry itself due to cutting corners. I hope they come back with good quality gpus.
      I guess It might be odd but I have 5 different builds and use them for a variety of thing. Maybe I'm jaded over my last gpu bricking in less then 2 weeks.

    • Azuresky
      Azuresky Month ago

      I use to love evga after them fucking everyone that bought 3xxx series just showed how much the company has changed they went from building the best to the worst to save less then a dollar but somehow other companies could afford the 30 cents on cards that were hundreds less.

    • Absolutely Fookin Nobody
      Absolutely Fookin Nobody Month ago +3

      @Lord Gurciullo no, it was corny and over dramatic

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago +31

    EVGA's been my top choice for my GPU since the early 2000s - this makes me really sad as I don't feel the same confidence with any other manufacturer...and Step-Up is an AMAZING program (got my 3080 for 14 bucks since I bought their 2080ftw a few months before 3x launch), yet I respect their decision on ethical grounds.
    Sucks for us consumers, though.

    • God of Lovers
      God of Lovers Month ago

      Idk for Nvidia cards I like msi. I've had one evga Nvidia card, and it caught fire.

  • Simon Richard
    Simon Richard 2 months ago +28

    Been an EVGA customer since its early days, bought many Nvidia cards from them, must say they ran extremely well and the one that broke was advantageously replaced. Their customer service was top notch. Very bad news to see them leave the market.

  • Brian McKee
    Brian McKee 2 months ago +1663

    I designed the Nvidia TNT2 card for Diamond Multimedia in 1999. It was really stressful. The way I summarized it back then: It's like doing an 18 month production cycle in 9 months. The stress was so high that I got really sick and left Diamond. I can seriously empathize with the EVGA employees.

    • foley2k2
      foley2k2 Month ago

      Had a TNT2 but an electrolytic capacitor sheared off. It replaced a 3dfx Voodoo Rush.

    • saultube44
      saultube44 Month ago

      This is exactly why everything will 1 day crumble, nobody likes to be over exploited, it's denigrating and will damage Industry as a whole

    • fook off
      fook off Month ago

      were u always a corpo rat?

    • Zen Mausoleum
      Zen Mausoleum Month ago

      @positrack99 1.) EVGA released it first to the content providers to give them time to write their stories, but the providers' release was embargoed until after EVGA's announcement to its employees. 2.) Having 1.75 million subscribers in this niche market is not "low scale." But, 3.) if I were working at EVGA on anything other than power supplies I would be updating and circulating my resume as fast as possible.

    • David D.
      David D. Month ago

      @John Smith rude, unnecessary and useless. your father failed you if you ever knew who he was.

  • Diatsu S
    Diatsu S Month ago +5

    There is some irony in the fact EVGA employees won't find out about this change until this late; when one of EVGA's main complaints was not being informed about information until later than necessary.

  • denziiey
    denziiey 2 months ago +18

    this is a huge loss. Still rocking my EVGA 1080Ti sc2. These guys know quality. Absolutely no issues for the past 5 years. What an amazing GPU!! They will be truly missed!!

    • ManMang0
      ManMang0 2 months ago +1

      Still rocking my evga 1060sc 6gb 😂 no issues, no heat increase.

  • Andrew Gallant
    Andrew Gallant 2 months ago +3

    They could probably transition a lot of the GPU engineers, testers, and manufacturing staff over to motherboards, if they can expand that business. That's a huge undertaking, but possible to achieve. I gather that profit margins on motherboards are very low industry-wide, though, so that might not be attractive.
    As for the "personal" reason for letting go of the relationship, I have to call BS on that. If the CEO wanted more time with his family, he could have assigned GPU launch tasks to someone else. "I want to spend more time with my family" is also the standard language for "I don't want to give you my real reason, so here is something you can't question the validity of".

    • Constantin-Adrian Prisecariu
      Constantin-Adrian Prisecariu 2 months ago

      a lot of BS on both sides. these guys shovel moneys while the workperson has to think of his bank loans

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago +75

    Bring on AMD, also they have a few areas they could expand and grow into. Their motherboards and PSUs have always been solid.
    Edit: Very interesting to hear the profit margins between GPUs and PSU makes sense that 20% of the Business brings in half the profit.
    They're going to focus on the markets they're still in and I think they will do fine. Also I wouldn't be surprised if they offered consulting or other B2B services.

    • LordThunderPro
      LordThunderPro 2 months ago +9

      @Geronimo553 if they go AMD then I'm going AMD also. EVGA deserves it and I'll be happy to own a top of the line amd evga card

    • Geronimo553
      Geronimo553 2 months ago +9

      I would love if EVGA went to AMD and just overhauled it. Without EVGA nvidia's products as a whole are less appealing in build quality competition.

  • HerraTohtori
    HerraTohtori 2 months ago +7752

    Whoa. NVidia must've been really hard to deal with if EVGA considered ditching 80% of their revenue to be preferable to continuing working with them.

    • LaFonteCheVi
      LaFonteCheVi 10 days ago

      @Sunny Days NVIDIA has a 50% decline in revenue in their gpu market from last year.

    • Vitor Mauch
      Vitor Mauch 13 days ago

      @swft Lol this makes no fucking sense, Nvidia has been going since the 90s without making a single CPU ever, alot of people and manufacturers of prebuilts will continue to buy their cards, are you daft??

    • Biz House
      Biz House Month ago

      @Sunny Days no they will price 9/10s of consumers out of the market in 4/5 years.

    • fufun4me
      fufun4me Month ago

      @Rainbarf Rex I worked as qa at a foam manufacturer and one client was so unrealistic and demanding that we consistently lost money on them overall. The revenue was high but they would straight up lie to us to have us take back shipments just to find they don't know how to read or count, as the reason for returns was always documents not matching part numbers or quantity. Some clients, even giant ones, are so fucking worthless. Hated those motherfuckers. Higher ups not having worker's backs when we had mountains of proof was part of why I quit. Evga did great. Hits home.

    • Slobo
      Slobo Month ago

      Or maybe NVIDIA wanted to protect the buyers since companies like EVGA overcharged a lot for merely aesthetics ..

  • GravuunHanu
    GravuunHanu 2 months ago +20

    If NVIDIA's most loyal and longest partner has cut their contract on them, I wonder how long before all the other companies follow EVGA, and how bad the market will be hit if and when that time comes

    • Constantin-Adrian Prisecariu
      Constantin-Adrian Prisecariu 2 months ago +1

      As long as there are Nvidia buyers there will be profit margins to be had. Looks like they want to become Apple.

    • HMC RedFed
      HMC RedFed 2 months ago

      companies like Asus don't give an F about customers like EVGA dose! they will just keep selling bad products to get there money

    • WaBaLaKa
      WaBaLaKa 2 months ago +15

      This only happen because the owner himself doesn't care about money. Like he stated in this video other company/vulture more than happy to bow down and shove the money into their mouth

  • Saffy7411
    Saffy7411 2 months ago +7

    I only have admiration for the CEO of EVGA. Money is a driver in a lot of things but it has be fulfilling and not just for the sake of it. So settling for less while keeping your sanity is better than taking more and bending over. Sorry, I've no other to put it.
    A lot of changes will take place at EVGA if it does terminate the GPU business, however, the culture in the company will improve without the burden of Nvidia keeping their hands tied which may open other doors that can see the company shine like it has. Time will only tell.

  • Zarthaz
    Zarthaz 2 months ago +12

    What a crying shame, I run EVGA psu's and have had a number of EVGA gpu's and am currently running the FTW 3 3080. Sorry to the staff for this difficult spot they have found themself in, and also a thanks for your products. Let's hope a deal gets worked out with AMD

  • Techy93
    Techy93 2 months ago +21

    I really hope that they choose now to expand their motherboard lineup to a wider range, and into amd as well. that would be great to see.

    • Golden Hate
      Golden Hate 26 days ago

      It does appear this may be the case now. They are releases case internals (new liquid cooler), so the company is working on new projects. Honestly this might be a focusing effort since GPU design is a hell of a process.

  • Dan Silvers
    Dan Silvers 2 months ago +1285

    One of my best memories as a game developer is being at PAX East 2013 with two brand new PC's, neither of which would boot, but both of which had EVGA GTX 650's inside and EVGA was our neighbor. I went over to their booth, explained the situation to them, and asked if they could help. Two guys at their booth came over and sprang into action, ripping our machines apart, finagling hardware and BIOS settings, miraculously getting one to boot, and grabbing a 20' HDMI cable from their toolbox to mirror one monitor onto the other. That show would have been a disaster without their help and I will never forget the effort they made to help out one tiny little indie team that just coincidentally had a couple of their cards running.
    Needless to say I've been brand-loyal to EVGA ever since for my graphics cards. This news physically hurts.

    • DemonKing1593
      DemonKing1593 2 months ago

      @Swerving Lemon big brain

    • Facticly
      Facticly 2 months ago +1

      @Brach Janney You're delusional to think that computers, and food/gas are a "Luxury good" its a necessity now in days. For not only my work, but school. So wake up. Its not a myth and you're obviously not well informed or educated. I been having great conversations with every single person here, you're just a bad weed. I would go further, but ill hold my tongue for now.

    • Swerving Lemon
      Swerving Lemon 2 months ago

      @POP! Deuteronomy 22:28-29.

    • Dan Silvers
      Dan Silvers 2 months ago +1

      @TEAser Thank you, much appreciated!
      I probably need to keep the self-promotion out of the comments section or Steve and company will get big mad, but you can visit my channel to get a pretty good idea about my stuff.

    • Liam Miller
      Liam Miller 2 months ago

      I hope they put more effort into their motherboards. I'd love to support them, but the last mobo of theirs I tried had a terrible, feature poor, bios.

  • D. Tubbs
    D. Tubbs 2 months ago +2

    PHENOMINAL job, Steve! Thank you so much for reporting on this! I disagree on one point, though: the CEO's personal reason of wanting more time with his family. I work for a privately owned corporate employer. When my CEO retired, the board of director's appointed a new CEO who would take the company in new directions. Not only that, but my former CEO sat on the board for a year after retirement. Today, he still owns 18% of the company! There are retirement options which include passive income from your old company in retirement. You don't have to pull a Tony Stark and kill the flagship division of your company (oh, think of the memes 😆)!!!

  • Jeff Pomaybo
    Jeff Pomaybo 2 months ago +9

    I know its late to the party but.... Steve talked about the employees of this company and how its going to affect them SO much in this video, while every other channel with coverage on this doesn't say dick all about how actual people who work there.
    Thanks for looking out for humanity GN, not just how many cuda cores something has.

  • perrrry
    perrrry 2 months ago +10

    You guys have come a long way! Love the balanced coverage. Standing your ground is something I will always respect, no matter what your intentions are - Easier said than done in these times.

  • Brian Bean
    Brian Bean 2 months ago

    Great work on this story as with all of the other ones your team does! This was a very balanced and fair story in my opinion. It’s great to see the PC community respecting each other, especially with the sometimes hot topic of GPUs.

  • LCTech
    LCTech 2 months ago +10460

    That sucks. EVGA made great NVIDIA cards. Hate to see this.

    • CaptSNES
      CaptSNES 2 months ago

      Yeah, that's what I'm feeling too right now. I always bought EVGA. I still have a 1080TI by EVGA. It still runs exceptionally well.

    • Christian Hays
      Christian Hays 2 months ago

      @Sam Moss And especially relevant since the US has weaker consumer protection laws than most countries in the EU. EVGA's stellar reputation with warranties and the RMA process made them a no brainer. There was no way I was gonna spend hundreds of $ for a gigabyte card, potentially have an issue, and be shit outta luck dealing with their infamously crappy customer service.

    • Christian Hays
      Christian Hays 2 months ago

      @Nalga I'm surprised you're the first person I've seen mention it. It's actually hilarious how Nvidia Control Panel has had the same dated/mediocre UI and lagginess for so long.

    • Nighterlev
      Nighterlev 2 months ago +1

      @YungClip-ShareGod RX 6950XT as of right now. Although the RX 6900 XT is already offering faster FPS then the RTX 3090 and the 3090Ti just barely manages to keep up with it so.
      Also, what serious driver issues? AMD hasn't had major driver issues since the mid 2000's, in fact Nvidia has had far more driver issues over-all since then. Ranging from cooking your GPU, to crashing randomly for no reason.

    • YungYouTubeGod
      YungYouTubeGod 2 months ago

      @Dustin Hoffmann Then why is AMD's GPU market share so damn low? Like crazy low. Like there are more 1060 card owners, then all of AMD card owners combined.

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers 2 months ago +2

    Blown away by the fair coverage GN gives in this scenario and EVGA sounds like an honest, hard working company that I will try to buy anything I can from.

  • James
    James  2 months ago +3

    Kudos to GN for the amazing content. EVGA has been my pick for video card since the 780 Ti. Wish the employees the best! Also speaks loads that EVGA trusts GN this much to break the news.

  • Finance Guy Flies 612AB
    Finance Guy Flies 612AB 2 months ago +6

    This is incredible reporting. New to channel. I don’t know how they feel about being part of the “media” but they are and this piece was exceptional
    It’s rare to find a group that understands the tech side, the business side, and can tell a story in a responsible and entertaining way.
    True unicorn here. Definitely subscribing!

  • Jaime
    Jaime 2 months ago +8

    I know what it's like to get laid off. I feel for those workers and while I've never owned an EVGA GPU, I've heard good things about them and hope EVGA prospers in whatever direction they decide to go with moving forward.

    • Daktaklakpak
      Daktaklakpak 2 months ago

      Damn, and here i am quitting my job. I almost feel bad...

  • J Blev
    J Blev 2 months ago +820

    Gamers Nexus has become so legit that they are getting huge exclusive tech stories from companies. I’m so proud of you all Steve. Keep up the hard work - we all appreciate it

    • ImperialOne I
      ImperialOne I 2 months ago

      This is all eVGA trying to spin disasterous news by begging gullible influencers to be sympathetic to them. The bottom line is that the industry and finance will see eVGA for what they are… a failed business due to their own flawed model. Think about it, a crappy AIB like MSI is surviving and thriving while eVGA goes in a death spiral. There is no justice… just harsh reality.

    • AM93000
      AM93000 2 months ago

      Unlike Linus….

    • Michael
      Michael 2 months ago +2

      @Daz555 Paul didn't despite practically living next to their doorstep. That kinda bothers me a little.

    • tejay94
      tejay94 2 months ago +1

      well said

    • Linus The Cat Killer
      Linus The Cat Killer 2 months ago +12

      @Daz555 “Should we call JayzTwoBraincells as well?” “Ah why not, surely he can’t hurt our reputation now. Just let the idiot in”

  • Dreamer69
    Dreamer69 2 months ago +4

    EVGA was my go to : reliable product, warranty transfer if you resell (not the extension), better/human customer service, step up program, OK price, good perf.
    I hope to see them again in a next purchase ♥

  • James Martin-Davies
    James Martin-Davies 2 months ago +2

    Man, I've always had EVGA cards, currently an EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra. Always gone with them thanks to their warranty, support and quick responses. Such a shame. Hopefully their differences are resolved and they continue, but Nvidia are likely to stick to their guns too out of principle to prevent any further bad PR.

  • AncoGaming
    AncoGaming 2 months ago +1

    Sadly, it took EVGA's CEO all the time to grow old, wise and worn-out enough to finally get tired of NVIDIA's business practices. This tells me that all the other second-row manufacturers will continue to swallow their BS and ultimately help with intoxicating the market for GFX cards further as we go along until there's going to be a massive crash and burst of the ridiculously inflated hardware pricing bubble. That's going to be inevitable now, given the unhealthy relationship between the ever-growing power consumption of "new" product lines and skyrocketing energy cost at the same time.
    I feel very sorry for the hundreds of thousands of employees who will suffer the consequence in the wake of these events that develop before our eyes as we speak, but then again, since no one seems to do anything to mitigate the risk besides EVGA out of plain corporate greed, it has to happen for people to believe it can. And that's an absolute shame.

  • Yota_Ninja
    Yota_Ninja 2 months ago +4

    I've been putting off watching this video because I'm such a huge fan of EVGA cards, and have been for a long long time. I am deeply saddened that I'll eventually have to purchase a non-evga gpu. From their product's amazing performance (from every series I've ever owned personally, or thrown in a PC I built for someone), to their quick and polite customer service, EVGA had everything you could ever want in a tech company. I'm honestly torn... I very strongly hope that something good comes of this. I'm not a huge Nvidia fan, so if EVGA were to go the Red or Blue routes, I would definitely follow them. I'm curious how this will play out, or as you mentioned in the video, if EVGA's relevancy will soon turn in to and remain just a legacy. Time will tell. :/

  • astro
    astro 2 months ago +610

    Unreal news.
    It's incredible EVGA chose you to break the news on this story. Just shows how much trust you earned even from the industry side for your balanced reporting. You deserve it.
    [other outlets were also invited, don't want to take back my praise though xd]

    • astro
      astro 2 months ago

      @scarletspidernz Just saw some others pop up in my feeds, had no idea. Ty

    • Flint
      Flint 2 months ago +5

      I have more respect for GN , and Steve than any other tech site and tech tuber. Keep up the good work, keeping them (manufacturers)honest.

    • jabroni6199
      jabroni6199 2 months ago

      It's all over the place dude

    • positrack99
      positrack99 2 months ago +13

      The fact that EVGA shared this information with you in a PRIVATE meeting before informing their employees shows you how gutless of a company EVGA is.

    • J. B.
      J. B. 2 months ago +12

      its not just him that they called to the meeting

  • vectorphresh
    vectorphresh 2 months ago +9

    EVGA makes some rock solid products. Whatever move they decide to make next they'll have my support.

    BEEF WANTKO 2 months ago +1

    man what an episode.. you guys with a much smaller staff and budget put together an investigative story worthy of dateline or 60 minutes.. bravo keep up the good work... that being said im extremely sad that EVGA is out of the gpu market, and i hope this doesnt mark the downfall or sale of the company in the upcoming years because their products and customer service were second to none !!

  • Ivan Pozo-Illas
    Ivan Pozo-Illas 2 months ago +6

    Great Reporting. My only inquiry btw would be does Nvidia in it's partnership with Evga hold stock or options financially directly within Evga? I would presume to some extent Evga also does the same holding Nvidia either publically traded shares/bonds or privately held ones.
    Depending what Evga does in another sector as it withdraws out of the Gpu market. Evga market share value can potentially take a nose dive.
    Especially if Nvidia or anyone else holds Evga equity and starts to dump it for various reasons.

  • John
    John 3 days ago

    Hope Nvidia feels the exodus of EVGA! Thank you for all the hard work y’all do!

  • SPQRichter
    SPQRichter 2 months ago +702

    Gamer’s Nexus should be proud that EVGA disclosed this information to clearly to the channel. It says a lot about your ethics, Steve.

    • SPQRichter
      SPQRichter 2 months ago

      @Linus The Cat Killer
      I’m surprised you’re not on a watch list with your name.

    • Linus The Cat Killer
      Linus The Cat Killer 2 months ago

      @SPQRichter Lmao. It’s Saturday at lunch time where I am you genius. However, if it’s Friday night where you’re at, then your comment only works against you, because you’re the one on Clip-Share arguing as well. You really nailed this comment, buddy.

    • SPQRichter
      SPQRichter 2 months ago

      @Linus The Cat Killer you’re good at assuming. Maybe that’s why you’re typing giant things on Clip-Share to argue instead of being out on a Friday night. Stay salty

    • Linus The Cat Killer
      Linus The Cat Killer 2 months ago

      @SPQRichter “Blind hate” is hilarious considering your blind allegiance. There’s a lot of reasons why I, and many people don’t like him. Calling people names like idiots, or dense and ignorant, arguing and blocking people on Twitter if they disagree with him, always making stupid comments and videos and then acting like he did nothing wrong when dozens of tech reviewers call him out, and hundreds of people do the same. Not owning up to his immature behaviour and childish comments. And he’s honestly just not a good tech reviewer. He’s bottom of the barrel tech themed entertainment. A talking head with no substance. If Gamers Nexus is one end of the spectrum, then Jay is the exact opposite of it.

    • Aleph Null
      Aleph Null 2 months ago

      @Linus The Cat Killer true words were spoken here

  • Mk7Gtis38
    Mk7Gtis38 2 months ago +2

    Damn this is insane. I guess for the first time in 10 years I’ll be trying a different gpu. Been strictly evga cards all my time into pc gaming. Going to keep my Rtx 3080 ti ftw3 ultra this go around when I upgrade to a 40 series and let it sit in a box. Sad to see hopefully evga will work with amd at some point hopefully sooner than later while they are still relevant.

  • Delfite
    Delfite 2 months ago

    I don't even use EVGA's stuff and yet this is truly saddening to hear. I'm actually quite glad the CEO is doing what they're doing, hopefully things go well for EVGA and that NVidia learns to stop making such stupid and downright disrespectful decisions to their partners. I've only heard good things about EVGA as well, which is extremely surprising to say the least.

  • Mr. E Skull
    Mr. E Skull 2 months ago

    Roughly 15 or so years ago when I got my first custom built PC, I was told that EVGA was the way to go wherever possible. Regardless of product, I was told, EVGA had fantastic customer service and warranties. Being Australian and having dealt with them before I can say that, at least in my experience, this is 100% correct. When and wherever possible I continue to lean towards EVGA's products.
    It's a swansong time to see them leave the GPU market behind, but I hope that I can continue to rely on the brand for other components.

  • Sean Tanner
    Sean Tanner Month ago +1

    Going to miss EVGA from the GPU market, hopefully they’ll return soon on more favourable terms to them.

  • Phil T Kaswahl
    Phil T Kaswahl 2 months ago +960

    It says a lot for Steve and GN's credibility and reputation that he was one of the folks entrusted with the knowledge of a decision this big before it was made public.

    • TheChzoronzon
      TheChzoronzon 2 months ago

      @Klin-Klin I was trying to descend to your level... but if you aren't gonna appreciate my efforts, then yes, I can play with other children :)

    • UndefeatedGaul
      UndefeatedGaul 2 months ago

      @Robbie 100%

    • Klin-Klin
      Klin-Klin 2 months ago

      ​@TheChzoronzon Shouldn't you be playing with other children, little guy?

    • vin w
      vin w 2 months ago

      @Heathensauce evga is private company there is no value to manipulate stock in the first place. At best you can criticize him for simply not just retiring but his dedication to loyalty is admirable. Havent seen anything like it from a ceo

    • TheChzoronzon
      TheChzoronzon 2 months ago

      @Klin-Klin ur mom looks shody af

  • McPhattyNugZ
    McPhattyNugZ 2 months ago

    Awesome content! Gamers Nexus always brings their A-game. Behind the scenes stories like this one with an unbiased point of view are what great journalism is all about. Thanks GN.

  • Nate
    Nate 2 months ago +1

    I've steered clear of AMD GPU'S for years, but maybe its time to start to look at them again. I am very loyal to EVGA, they're one of the last decent companies in this space

  • Trikk
    Trikk 2 months ago

    This makes total sense from my experience. We had a partner at a company where I worked that wanted to increase their business with us. New contract was offered with 40% more profit on paper, amazing! But I did some calculations and it turned out that it would actually lose us money compared to the current contract when all things were added into our actual cost. So even though they were a huge chunk of income for us, it was actually profitable to decline the new contract and eventually end all business with them simply because they based their offers on dishonest premises. A few years later they filed for bankruptcy.
    Not saying that Nvidia will ever lose their market position, but they might be even more profitable if they acted more honestly and respectful toward their partners.

  • Honk Honkler
    Honk Honkler 2 months ago +1

    EVGA was by far their best vendor. I had such a great ownership and support experience with my 1080Ti. I recently upgraded to a 6900XT and it's been a monster for 1440p high refresh gaming. If they start building Radeons, I'll be a customer. I just hope they don't go under like BFG.

  • Maxfield Stewart
    Maxfield Stewart 2 months ago +659

    This is genuine reporting. No rumors, first party information, combined with industry knowledge and deep diving into concepts. I miss this kind of journalism. It's deeply appreciated.

    • Kris Alvarez
      Kris Alvarez 2 months ago +2

      Right? This is quality competitive intelligence from an extremely knowledgeable third-party source. Love to see it.

    • Tristan Surname
      Tristan Surname 2 months ago +3

      Seriously though - no offense to Jay but his vid popped in my feed first and I literally wasted like 5 mins before clicking out and just waiting for the GN vid LOL. Should prob just unsub at this point.

    • Gino Ocegueda
      Gino Ocegueda 2 months ago

      they hate trump above all, they brainwashed all the mask licking karens to hate trump too

    • jax rammus
      jax rammus 2 months ago

      well it requires the CEO's of these companies to play along when they arent...

    • 1488 Dental
      1488 Dental 2 months ago


  • Jonny- B
    Jonny- B 2 months ago +1

    Only going to hurt us in the end, I think. Unless other companies step up. Otherwise, just means more founders edition cards which I'm sure Nvidia would prefer (if they can do the production numbers)

  • Juventino Gaytan
    Juventino Gaytan 2 months ago +1

    What huge bombshell!! I did not see that coming. Congrats on the excellent and objective (as much as possible) reporting. I have an unopened EVGA 3060 I was able to purchase after getting on a waiting list for a year during the height of the pandemic. Should I try to dump it and recoup money towards something different? I paid retail back then $400. Any advice?

  • Professor
    Professor 2 months ago

    This is really sad news. I was hoping to get an EVGA card for my new build when the next gen comes out, since I was done dealing with issues from other manufacturers, and everyone always talks about how wonderful EVGA is. I guess I can still get one of their PSU. I hope they expand in to other product categories. They clearly have built a great company, and it would be sad to see it shrink to a shadow of it's former self.

  • Tom Riley
    Tom Riley 2 months ago

    Genuinely sad that it has come to this. EVGA's always been known as a great video card maker, real loss for consumers. If I was intel I'd consider buying them....

  • IFZ_SkylokkI
    IFZ_SkylokkI 2 months ago +772

    Man, Linus Torvalds was right, Nvidia must be a real pain in the butt to deal with.

    • Krozar TAL
      Krozar TAL 2 months ago +1

      Their video DKMS kernel modules are better now, but still some closed-source code. AMD, however, has amazing engineers dedicated to their AMDGPU kernel module. I love that AMD exposes everything to the sysfs api, for easy shell script integration. Nvidia requires the use of their own tools, which can be called up with runtime options... but meh. Nvidia realized they had no choice really because of the growing importance of GPU cloud computing, where distributions on the Linux kernel are big players.

    • Yeet Neet
      Yeet Neet 2 months ago

      @Joe Lopez make more sense for amd

    • Tagg
      Tagg 2 months ago

      Tbh ever since they tried to force buy ARM it was clear they are cut throat pricks

    • KZ
      KZ 2 months ago


    • jose jurado
      jose jurado 2 months ago +1

      @Rhys Tracey so*

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart 2 days ago

    Man, I was really hoping EVGA would start making Radeon cards. I’ve always preferred the look of EVGA’s product designs over most, if not all of the other nvidia AIB partners.

  • inttruders
    inttruders 2 months ago +1

    That is a bummer. I have had EVGA cards going back to my 980 Ti. I have had really good luck with them. I was able to get the 3080 Ultra I have now during the chip shortage by just signing up on their website when they came out. A couple weeks later they emailed me and gave me an 8 hour window to buy it at MSRP when everyone else was selling them at double that price.

  • The1Music2MyEars
    The1Music2MyEars 2 months ago +2

    Seeing the 4000 series prices, I am sure it was a huge reason why EVGA showed them the middle finger. They simply said tf are you doing with these prices

  • Sent2Strike
    Sent2Strike 2 months ago +1

    What a massive loss to the industry segment. Hopefully Nvidia appoint a CEO that's not human
    garbage soon.

  • Sami the catgirl
    Sami the catgirl 2 months ago +1591

    That sucks, I always loved EVGA cards. Sad to see such a great customer-focused company drastically downsize.

    • ZOCAT
      ZOCAT 2 months ago

      @Archer Legend
      PNY is literally the Sapphire to Nvidia and entrusted with the workstation cards.

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon 2 months ago

      If you follow the Bible you will know that most all of the 1,800 prophecies has come to pass. Once the final few happen Jesus Christ will return.
      Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
      Jesus is the Way the truth and the life. He accepts you no matter where you've been. Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible!
      Try to repent of your sins. "If anyone is ashamed of Me and My message in these adulterous and sinful days, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when He returns in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live. Jesus said, "I'm the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me". John 14:6.
      We must to believe in Jesus

    • Sami the catgirl
      Sami the catgirl 2 months ago

      @ZOCAT well, some of them. EVGA PSUs have a few OEMs across their product line IIRC.

    • ZOCAT
      ZOCAT 2 months ago

      @Rum Ham They're just rebranded Super Flower PSUs.

    • ninja nolen
      ninja nolen 2 months ago

      @cortez31 but amd probably would always leave a spot for them if a few years pass and they want to do a amd collab or evga could start their own gpus.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    Honestly, now that Intel is on the GPU market track, having EVGA-Intel graphics cards would be dope as hell! 😮

  • Its Giving No
    Its Giving No 2 months ago +1

    I've only used EVGA cards, and my latest was the 3080 ftw3 so I guess this makes my decision not to get a 4080 that much easier

  • Tyler Wortham
    Tyler Wortham 2 months ago +2

    The EVGA card powering down was a good opener. Kudos to your production team.

  • Silky Johnson
    Silky Johnson Month ago +1

    Great video, but I wouldn’t say “margin is margin; sell enough cards and you’ll make lots of money.” There is a cost of equity. If investors demand 8%, they wont keep their money tied up in you if you can only give them 2%.

  • Bob Eyes
    Bob Eyes 2 months ago +585

    For a company to give up 80% of its income, Nvidia must be horrific to work with.

    • KafffeeKind
      KafffeeKind 2 months ago

      When I understood it correctly it is not income? I mean isnt the whole point that are making a big loss with the higher end cards and only some with the low end ones? Seems like a zero sum game to me. And as far as I can tell I wouldnt trust any non founder cards since: how can they make money other than manufacturing with cheap products themselves.

    • Dobromir Petrov
      Dobromir Petrov 2 months ago

      Revenue, not profit.

    • TheAlternativeLife
      TheAlternativeLife 2 months ago +1

      I always wondered why Apple hated them so much, now it makes sense.

    • Cheesecake44s
      Cheesecake44s 2 months ago +3

      It's not 80% of its income, it's 80% of its revenue. And the profit margin on GPUs in particular was apparently very very small. It's a big deal, but not as big a deal as losing 80% of their income.

    • Daniel Morelli
      Daniel Morelli 2 months ago +1


  • Juventino Gaytan
    Juventino Gaytan 2 months ago

    What huge bombshell!! I did not see that coming. Congrats on the excellent and objective (as much as possible) reporting. I have an unopened EVGA 3060 I was able to purchase after getting on a waiting list for a year during the height of the pandemic. Should I try to dump it and recoup money towards something different? I paid retail back then $400. Any advice?

  • DctrGizmo
    DctrGizmo 2 months ago

    I feel bad for EVGA. I don’t know how long they’ll survive if they’re not willing to expand to other markets.

  • Dad
    Dad 2 months ago

    Well, nice knowing you, EVGA. I hope your pride feeds the families of the employees you’ll be laying off. Congratulations on failing as a company. You win some, you lose some.

  • zaqsdk
    zaqsdk 2 months ago

    The way you mentioned Intel makes me think that if they don't partner with Intel, a bunch of their workforce is either going to move to Intel, or start their own company to partner with Intel!
    Here's to hoping for better competition in this market :-)

  • XxMrBizxX
    XxMrBizxX 2 months ago +850

    I’m not really surprised NVIDIA mistreated their partners but I’m really surprised that EVGA stood up to them. I wonder if they’ll change their mind and transition to AMD or Intel partnerships if the company isn’t sustainable anymore. Good reporting though!

    • FuburLuck
      FuburLuck 2 months ago

      @Digitalis EVGA just came straight out and said their was no non-compete, so you can feel free to stop making up B.S.

    • Joseph Pezzuti
      Joseph Pezzuti 2 months ago

      @Jagged Dagger did you undervolt it and do you keep your lab at 60c ? lol also what case do you have , how high do you run your fans , lets see there is about 30 reasons why you might not be able to sustain temps like that , mostly are preference , also did you change the stock thermal paste , i mean bro your statement is absolute bullshit if you know anything about thermal dynamics! Seeing as thermal are highly subjective due to parameters in which a system is operating within!

    • Jagged Dagger
      Jagged Dagger 2 months ago

      @Joseph Pezzuti tldr. I have the XFX 6900XT 319 Merc Black Edition. And I call BS on your 60 degree temp on stock fan settings. Were you running your games 720 p on the lowest settings?

    • Joseph Pezzuti
      Joseph Pezzuti 2 months ago

      @Jagged Dagger uh I’ve had my 6900xt since XFX dropped the merc 319 black edition it was air cooled stock and I overclocked it to 2.70ghz core without any issues never went above 60C on air now it’s been liquid cooled with a Bykski block for over a year and it’s literally ice cold while gaming in 4K max settings I run it at 144hz min as well bro I think you’re misinformed bigtime and most pc users wouldn’t know the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad mate ! The ones who have experience and knowledge don’t have issues with their hardware unless it’s a straight defective product or has a serious engineering problem that cannot be worked around. I literally sit at 50c on a benchmark with a core clock of 2.75ghz I don’t bother oc on the memory it really does not add much. I have it undervolted as well which greatly reduces heat under heavy load high core clock. Simple shit mate and Nvidia runs hot asf anymore my last few Nvidia gpus ran much hotter than previous gens like 900series and before weren’t too bad on heat with a good cooler setup I usually always block them though but still my 2080ti got a fair 68c max on benchmarks , my 1080ti asus Poseidon platinum was nice because dual fans and water block built into the card made it nice for oc and benchmarking hitting a very low 48c at 2085mhz which was very high core for that die ! My titan I had was a 900 series and blower card never liquid cooled that one but it would easily hit 85c on benchmark with max fan and two other 120mm fans feeding it air ! I would have to say not only is my 6900xt the best gpu I’ve owned yet it’s also the most fun to play around with it gets amazing temps on some hardcore oc I’ve completed benchmarks at 2.85ghz not totally stable in gaming but 2.75ghz is all day on this card it’s a beast it’s super reliable and I’ve had zero issues with it and I game a lot sometimes 12hrs a day when schedules permit such things my rig is not 16hrs a day everyday stable , cool , and always reliable all AMD too 5900x on a hero crosshair with a full custom loop lol I even run 3DFX coolant I’ve had this run in 15 months and it’s as nice as day one , of course it’s my product so I created it for such workloads and up time but I think a lot of people don’t realize that AMD has come a long way and I used to be an Intel Nvidia fanboy until i saw AMD bringing the pain and the value switched off and never looked back. I won’t go back to intel or Nvidia unless they make some sort of breakthrough in performance and keep the temps down and power consumption down !

    • Digitalis
      Digitalis 2 months ago

      @Ash Kebora No he didn't give a timeframe.
      He said that EVGA was out of the video card business and there were no plans to build for anyone else...period.
      Also, a gag on the existence of a bog-standard Non-Compete Clause would make absolutely no sense.

  • Taffer 1000
    Taffer 1000 2 months ago +2

    Damn that sucks. EVGA makes good cards and I have always bought their cards because they have such great customer service.

  • GamingRevenant
    GamingRevenant 2 months ago

    One of the best GPU's I've ever had, was a ATI HD5870 from Club 3D at the time. When I realised 10 years later that they no longer existed, it somewhat broke my hearth, as I've loved the GPU for the entirity of its lifetime (which is still going!). I can understand people being upset that they will no longer be able to continue their EVGA collection, but for them to make this decision when it composes 80% of your yearly revenue, NVIDIA must be unworkable, absolutely mind-boggingly backwards and a total roadblock.

  • 42icee
    42icee 2 months ago

    Good for EVGA for holding true to integrity and I hope the CEO holds true to his employees or has another plan for meaningful work. Bummer too because I've always used EVGA gpu's.

  • PbPomper
    PbPomper 2 months ago +2

    It's insane to see how far GN has come since leaving Steve's house. Amazing work guys!

  • sebastian andres
    sebastian andres 2 months ago +348

    Holy ***t they actually did it, someone actually stood up against Nvidia. Hope this inspires more partners to do the same too

    • That One Toaster
      That One Toaster 2 months ago +1

      @sebastian andres Unfortunately, CEOs sometimes make horrible ego based decisions that destroy the company. Given how small the company is, it's very possible that he simply has no concept of how badly this is going to damage their business.

    • no name
      no name 2 months ago +2

      One upcoming intel arc card is supposed to cost 160 bucks. That card comes with 6GB of gddr6x. Assuming intel will be willing to make at least 60 to 80 bucks on each sold unit, and assuming retailers are big to make 30 or 40 bucks on each sale, that means each card is probably going to cost intel around 30 to 50 bucks to manufacture it.
      Why I say this ? Well, if that card with 6GB of gddr6x costs intel 30$ to $50, then, that means the memory for these cards costs... almost nothing.
      That means... the 6 GB of gddr6x memory maybe only costs... what... 30 dollars ? 40$ ?
      Now, let's take a rtx3090.
      If 6GB costs intel around 40 bucks, we can assume that
      -nvidia pays around 160, or 150 bucks, for the 24GB of memory !
      How much for a heatsink with 3 fans ? Let's be generous, and say 20 to $30.
      Now, about the board, components, etc ? Another 20 bucks ?
      Now, regarding the main chip, if we don't take into account the r&d cost, let's say a 3090 chip costs $100 to build. Shit, those chips don't require diamonds..gold..wood...rubis..titanium...sapphires..uranium... etc etc. to build. It's basically SAND. once we know how to make those wafers, and have the right machines and tools, it costs almost nothing.
      Now, let's say the overall assembly, package, etc (cables literally cost pennies..!) + testing/QA, let's say... 20 bucks per unit ?
      Let's not forget, when a customer buys 1 pc part, etc, and several actors, like the website, each one make their % profit, and when a company like Nvidia, Sony, Microsoft, etc, order 10..20 millions..or even more units, at once, they get massive, gigantic price cuts...
      At the end, we can easily claim that a rtx3090 probably only costs Nvidia AROUND 300 to 350 dollars ! And I'm probably well above the exact price...
      So... when Nvidia sells a rtx3090, for $2000... and they only paid around $300 to build it, that's a super cool margin.
      We , people who live in the US, Europe, etc, and are used to paying hundreds of bucks for whatever item, tend to think that these chips... computer parts... cables, adapters, etc, everything costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars...
      For example, the gopro ceo himself had given an interview, when he said the cameras he was selling cost him 1/10 of the retail price.
      That's why a $1000 iPhone only costs Apple 150 to 170 bucks...
      That's why a simple lightening cable or adapter sold at $50 only costs 2 or $3
      The same way a $450 Nintendo console only costs 200 or 250$ to manufacture...
      The same way a ps4 sold at 400 bucks, with its super low-spec parts, it probably only cost Sony 200 to 250 bucks to manufacture!
      The same way, many people must think that a rtx3090 that costs $2000, Nvidia will spend 1800 dollars to manufacture it... and only make 100 or 200 bucks per unit sold...
      Lol...I feel bad for the guys who spent $3000 on ebay, for a rtx3090..

    • petter derter
      petter derter 2 months ago

      Don’t say the Lords name in vain

    • Jimbeezy
      Jimbeezy 2 months ago +2

      the other partners are just going to get more supply lol, these GPU companies and board partners are as cut throat as they come.

    • sebastian andres
      sebastian andres 2 months ago +3

      @Plop Plap REVENUE not profit, in the video says it's profit on video cards is pretty low

  • Paul Frederick
    Paul Frederick 2 months ago

    I always admired EVGA hardware. It seemed like top tier stuff to me. I never realized they only made Nvidia graphics adapters. They should make AMD stuff. They have to make something after all.

  • Donald Charleboix
    Donald Charleboix 2 months ago

    This is heart breaking. I've been using EVGA since the 600 series, I used the step up program to go to the 770, once the 10 series launched I got a EVGA 1070 the on to the 1080TI and now finally the 3090 FTW3. I will not be supporting NVIDIA from this day. The 3090 will be the last GPU I purchase from NVIDIA. Thank you EVGA, you'll be missed in the GPU world. I hope yall reconsider working with AMD

  • Bloodstainer
    Bloodstainer 2 months ago

    I hope they do intend to move to AMD. I was already considering AMD as my next GPU because of Nvidia's fuckery. And I would definitely buy a EVGA AMD GPU

  • Ellison Nav
    Ellison Nav 2 months ago

    I was finally able to get an EVGA 3090 at retail 3 months ago. But until then I used a Radeon 6900xt and was happy with it. Now that I've actually used a 3090, the 6900xt was just as good outside of benchmarking. EVGA has always been my go to card maker. So with how Nvidia has become the tech villains, maybe I will just stick with team red from now on.

  • Peter Feher
    Peter Feher 2 months ago +750

    EVGA was the only graphics card manufacturer whose warranties I trusted.

    • The Boo
      The Boo 2 months ago

      tho, having dealt with both gigabyte and EVGA RMA systems, i can definitely say i vastly prefer how EVGA handles things.

    • The Boo
      The Boo 2 months ago

      @Morning Lift gigabyte warranties transfer as well, they are tied to the serial number, not the user.

    • sims and stuff
      sims and stuff 2 months ago

      @Rudy Sal 14 that is a bullshit answer , it was evga that terminated the step up program , you do realise we are still in Europe geographically , you dumb yank. it was there choice to cancel it , you do not know shit about brexit and blaming everything on brexit is a piss poor excuse.

    • TSIXGaming
      TSIXGaming 2 months ago

      did anyone get the the bottom of why cards were melting in new world?

    • Scapegoat4
      Scapegoat4 2 months ago

      @Zachery Santa 100%. They're all there to take your money off of you and they don't care how they do it

  • BurningGlory
    BurningGlory 2 months ago

    It almost makes you wonder if with the promise of no layoffs they are trying to go into another part of their business (yes I know they deny that they are growing new sectors but thats just what they told steve (and jay) and it could be a decision already made behind closed doors).

  • Armega
    Armega 2 months ago +1

    Note: I'm both an NVIDIA and EVGA fanboy. I love both products.
    I can totally see how EVGA would do this. I have always been team green but know a lot of GPU manufactures have shady practices (to miniplate the market). Jay's video seemed to be spot on and pointed this out recently. Not that this type of tactics is not used all the time but the way that GPUs are purposely held back to inflate the price of GPUs and justify charging more for the next series. Or how Nvidia tries to "look out for consumers" by creating this cutting edge LHR tech to "stop the miners from buying all the cards up" (which did nothing to add GPUs to our stores shelfs) only to turn around and release the solution in drivers to get around the LHR barrier "by mistake" 🙄... It's very clear (even from this video) that EVGA has a CEO that cares more about the people then the money (unlike NVIDIA). I know you wanted to come off like you stand in the middle and don't take sides on this video but honestly to me personally it was like an NVIDIA fanboy was forced to not talk bad about EVGA. You talk less about the fact they are willing to give up 80% OF ITS INCOME because of the bad relationship NVIDIA has with it's partners and want to focus on how it's not possible for the current employee roster to stay onboard with them getting rid of GPUs. Who knows what they have in mind down the road. The CEO is smart I'm sure he will land the company in a great place in the coming quarters. I just wish you would not have sounded so one sided in this video. Even though you said "nice things" about both companies I can tell in the way you talked about things you don't believe the EVGA CEO and see the standard cost of business with being a third party GPU board manufacture is perfectly fine. The whole idea Nvidia makes boards and the chips is kind of dirty... At every turn they treat partners like dirt.

  • Bob Coco
    Bob Coco 2 months ago

    This sounds to me as an actually very interesting journey, for them & in a sense for us indirectly. The NVIDIA burden can't be surprising to me, even though I didn't know any bit of the story, that's how shady N has managed to get felt in my perspective.
    I never bought EVGA's products but could've, now from reading about it, it seems I have reasons to pay attention to their next products, as they align with my utopic vision of how "dream companies" (I over do it but the principle move leans toward it) could behave, + than any other I know in the field.
    Obviously, you've just shown again you're the validated & fully deserving Legend through that delivery, I'll always respect that & get inspired by your work, dedication, & values incarnation.

  • Jim Frederick
    Jim Frederick 2 months ago +2

    Sounds like they need a new CEO.
    What do they have if they dont sell VC's? Overley expensive cases, no ones going to buy? Rebranded PSU's? Just fire the CEO, keep the employees and keep selling video cards.

    MISTER SIR 2 months ago +537

    Steve and GN quicky rising to the absolute top of tech research and news coverage- a spot that nobody has ever had the integrity to hold until now. Great work to you all, and especially you Steve, for keeping a thoroughly unbiased stance in a tech tuber world where clicks are easy and controversies sell more than the local celeb paparazi shots

      MISTER SIR 2 months ago +2

      @Excellent Money can't buy improved leadership, and the most efficient way to cripple talent is through poor leadership. All things start from the top down.

    • Excellent
      Excellent 2 months ago +1

      @Okami NekOkami You say that as if money can't buy talent.

    • Okami NekOkami
      Okami NekOkami 2 months ago +4

      LMG must be sad they can’t buy a new building / team to be able to report like this. Team size and money can’t make up for talent and industry trust.

    • Sipansibab Dreddknot
      Sipansibab Dreddknot 2 months ago

      and maybe this a silent dab on mlid calling out steve GN on not referring them oin leaks

    • Head over Heels
      Head over Heels 2 months ago +4


  • SlaughteredInside
    SlaughteredInside 2 months ago

    When EVGA says they have no intention of moving over to GPU's for AMD or Intel I think they may be saying this out of frustration from their toxic relationship with Nvidia. They NEED to sever ties with Nvidia completely and move on to AMD and it will be a beautiful day I truly believe.

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller 2 months ago +1

    after swapping to team red when I downsized my casual gaming build (strix 1070ti->rx580 4gb), and having a great experience.. After watching the last two generations of nvidia gpu's becoming ridiculously unaffordable and ever-higher power consumption .. and now seeing just how they treat their AIB partners. I can safely say I will never buy another Nvidia card again. It's disappointing to me that EVGA won't swap to AMD, but i can understand. I hope all the staff have a smooth transition here and wish EVGA all the best for the future, serious respect for telling Jensen where to stick it.

  • TrueCarthaginian
    TrueCarthaginian 2 months ago

    The one experience I had with EVGA wasn't a positive one. I ordered a PSU from them and it died within a month. After receiving a replacement for the defective unit they tried to charge me for cleaning the broken one so they could fix it and resell it. Needless to say, I did not pay for that nonsense.

  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks 2 months ago

    I have lived long enough to know that EVGA didn't react on principle alone; at least where their personal dealing with Nvidia is concerned. I suspect that Nvidia has signed a deal with another. It just may be that a console is about to get a mobile version of the 40 series and expected to sell a bunch of units. Wisdom or hopeful dreams this would be what we'd see.
    A mobile 30 series with 40 series power draw improvements would be perfect.
    When will Nintendo officially release the Nintendo Power? 🤣🤐

  • All Black Everything
    All Black Everything 2 months ago +251

    This is the most insane tech news I’ve heard in a long time. When I first started pc building a decade ago evga was and recently still was the main board partner for nvidia. After a while I started seeing high end intel Motherboards and excellent power supply and great cases like the mini itx hadron. Shit, right now I have an evga card in my system. Nvidia has been a bully in the tech industry for a while and down right dicks to its consumers. This is a huge change for EVGA and the industry.

    • All Black Everything
      All Black Everything 2 months ago +1

      @AmpEdition it’s not just super flower, some higher end ones are designed by seasonic. And they aren’t “made” by those companies and they aren’t straight up rebrands. That’s not accurate information.

    • Slavolko
      Slavolko 2 months ago

      Hopefully it makes a positive difference, and not just the withdrawal of Nvidia's best vendor.

    • AmpEdition
      AmpEdition 2 months ago +1

      They don't make the power supplies, it's other companies like super flower and has since changed! Evga slaps they're name on it.

  • MadMaxBLD
    MadMaxBLD 2 months ago

    Loving the style of this video. Keep making more of these; it’s a fresh change of pace!

  • Power5
    Power5 2 months ago

    10:05 They most certainly will sell less due to this EVGA split and the pricing they just released which reinforces what EVGA said about how Nvidia functions as a company. I am not sure why EVGA would not want to work with AMD or Intel. As stated, it would be a massive benefit to either if they got EVGA on board.

  • Belfor09
    Belfor09 2 months ago

    This is the journalism I loved and respected GN for. This is the stuff I want - facts, straight to the point, unbiased matter