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The REAL Story Behind Zuckerberg and the Founders of Snapchat...

  • Published on Jan 2, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The REAL Story Behind Zuckerberg and the Founders of Snapchat...
    Video Host: Michael Sikand👈
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Comments • 1 063

  • Joe Biden’s Husband
    Joe Biden’s Husband 4 months ago +38758

    If somebody is really offering you that much money to buy your company. It usually means that your company has huge potential to be successful.

    • IDZpremiums
      IDZpremiums 11 days ago

      Yahoo left the chat

    • Soumik Saha
      Soumik Saha 19 days ago

      Not in the Case of Yahoo. The exact opposite happen.

    • memify official
      memify official Month ago

      zip2 💀

    • Ric Condinato
      Ric Condinato Month ago

      usually the one who made the offer has seen themselves using the company's full potential.

    • Flare VFX
      Flare VFX Month ago

      Yes but it’s not always a bad thing to accept the offer, because the company might only become successful with proper connections and with people who know what they’re doing

  • Alias
    Alias 4 months ago +16675

    Zuck is like the rich kid who wants your pokemon cards, gets mad when you won't trade, gets his parents to buy him boosters and still can't get the holo charizard

    • MK Rangel lll
      MK Rangel lll 10 days ago

      Don’t get the point of the colorful Charizard card being worth that much , is it supposed to mean you can never beat that card like he’s too powerful 🤨

    • Snipes
      Snipes Month ago

      He made himself that rich kid

    • CakeBakeMakeCreate
      CakeBakeMakeCreate Month ago


    • xavier bérard
      xavier bérard 2 months ago

      Except he is a multimillionaire buisness genius

    • Elixir M
      Elixir M 2 months ago

      he’s a businessman.

  • Trippie Chris
    Trippie Chris 4 months ago +5020

    If someone attempts to buy your business for 3 billion dollars you have something on your hands. That’s like the number one sign to never sell is when the offer sounds amazing

    • george feeney
      george feeney 20 days ago +1

      3 billion is all you need for life

    • Skole Skole
      Skole Skole 2 months ago

      Not always. Some companies want companies for their market share, not really for the growth

    • Bloopy
      Bloopy 2 months ago

      Then again, you could mismanage your company and end up with nothing
      Sometimes it’s better to take the buyout

    • Trippie Chris
      Trippie Chris 2 months ago

      @Darrell LeBlanc i get that. But youre legacy can do a lot more

    • Trippie Chris
      Trippie Chris 2 months ago

      @Brex its a joke. Quit it

  • zx_omb
    zx_omb 4 months ago +890

    Mark tryna collect companies like they’re infinity stones 💀

    • Aiden
      Aiden 27 days ago

      Underrated comment!

    • 420
      420 3 months ago

      Just like Disney

    • Ford Mustang GT
      Ford Mustang GT 3 months ago +1

      he doesn't wanted to add an dark theme lol

  • Lol • 10 Years and
    Lol • 10 Years and 4 months ago +2989

    Bro, he really just said "Hey, I tried to copy your company but it looks like I failed, please let me buy yours?" on that.

    • Salvation Godstime
      Salvation Godstime 2 months ago +1

      @Chimera's Flame I think you just consider yourself too mature, and that's where insecurity starts

    • Blackmello
      Blackmello 3 months ago

      @SweetTarts w continuation

    • Was never given A name
      Was never given A name 4 months ago +1

      Mark did the same thing with Facebook

    • Chimera's Flame
      Chimera's Flame 4 months ago +31

      I got snapchat back in 2014 and deleted it a week later. I thought it was for kids back then but now I think it's for idiots

    • SweetTarts
      SweetTarts 4 months ago +29

      @JC Jasso cares

  • Trash_
    Trash_ 4 months ago +2987

    Mark really said “we could do this the easy way or the hard way”

    • Requiem
      Requiem 3 months ago

      @Danymok ye, I hate that it pushes the verified comments to the top

    • Requiem
      Requiem 3 months ago +1

      @NewLandsDW ye it sucks

    • Joaquin Llamazares
      Joaquin Llamazares 4 months ago

      I like raccoons too

    • Trash_
      Trash_ 4 months ago +1

      @Danymok ik

  • Average Sensei
    Average Sensei 4 months ago +1784

    Thank God, I'd rather have anyone but Zuckerberg look at my conversations, he already has seen enough

    • Dark Soul
      Dark Soul 4 months ago +2

      *WhatsApp sweating in the Corner* 👀

    • John Spence
      John Spence 4 months ago +4

      Egomania= thinking anyone wants to see your chats

    • Henrique
      Henrique 4 months ago

      @Average Sensei Agrre

    • JC Jasso
      JC Jasso 4 months ago


    • Average Sensei
      Average Sensei 4 months ago +2

      @funnyname. Not yet, Son, not yet

  • skeglar
    skeglar 4 months ago +347

    Would've never guessed Snap could be worth anywhere near 70B. That's wild

    • Anuj Agarwal
      Anuj Agarwal 2 months ago

      I am Barbara and that is why I am out!

    • S Hawk
      S Hawk 3 months ago +1

      It’s not if you understand the market

      DONITO MOJITO 3 months ago

      @donovan williams Don!!! Omg!!! We were looking for you everywhere!!! Are you ok???

    • Cory
      Cory 4 months ago +4

      @M S you’re probably worth 20 dollars

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han 4 months ago +404

    When an oil company tries to buy your house. There is oil underneath.
    But I personally hate Evan Spiegel. He stole the idea just like Mark.

    • Jesus Doesnt Exist
      Jesus Doesnt Exist Month ago

      @James Cassar just because you have a brain doesnt mean you can use it

    • ace
      ace 4 months ago +2

      @Some random Guy what's even the idea? An app to send pictures that delete? When I was 12 I said there should be a map that shows where you are and where you have to go, but I'm not ousting garmin

    • Grqfes
      Grqfes 4 months ago +1

      @Centipede bro I'm laughing my ass off in bed thank you

    • Armondo Picou
      Armondo Picou 4 months ago +1

      @Some random Guy We saw who came out on top though.

  • %%b
    %%b 4 months ago +93

    golden rule: if zuck comes to you and tries to buy your bussiness,DONT sell it to zuck

    • Kuchiki Byakuya
      Kuchiki Byakuya 3 months ago +2

      Lol i sold to him my data already. He pay me nothing

    • sunfire65
      sunfire65 3 months ago +2

      Noted📝 I'm sure this is gonna come in handy.

  • Jacque P
    Jacque P 4 months ago +7

    I had an economics professor say in 2016 “they really messed up going public, the app doesn’t do anything unique” remember thinking he was insane and I’m glad to be validated.

  • Flamingo XE
    Flamingo XE 4 months ago +448

    snap is honestly one of the worst things for human social interaction

    • Masoom Shafi
      Masoom Shafi 4 months ago

      *Enter Twitter*

    • Jamrah
      Jamrah 4 months ago

      @Space Uncharted the absolute irony of this is that you are on Clip-Share short which is pretty much just bootleg tiktok which is way worse when it comes to hours on your phone. I only use Snapchat to text people I use it at max an hour a day? Maybe 2

    • Wikterror 2807
      Wikterror 2807 4 months ago +1

      @The BrawlGuy hahah yeah.
      Although both of them send rather uninspired stuff.
      One guy sends his bedroom with the time when he goes to sleep, 2nd one usually shows his car

    • The BrawlGuy
      The BrawlGuy 4 months ago

      @Wikterror 2807 1200? That's 3 years right there. Wtf

    • Wikterror 2807
      Wikterror 2807 4 months ago

      @The BrawlGuy i get your point.
      People who care about streaks do tend to sometimes (or some even everyday) send rather uninspired snaps.
      I personally like to send at least one good one a day, and when i don't i will send my cat in a cute pose 😅, that always gets some people chatting.
      And tbh up to. Recently i didn't care about them at all, my biggest rn is like 45 days?
      I have 2 mates that have like 1200 between themselves

  • Nna
    Nna 4 months ago +22

    Snapchat could make the entire community happy by just making a option to delete multiple friends at once

  • Ajinkya Pandit
    Ajinkya Pandit 4 months ago +2

    Yet he introduced stories first and later disappearing messages to both Instagram and WhatsApp!!! After Instagram got that feature snapchat's revenue did fall drastically.

  • Artur Plonka
    Artur Plonka 4 months ago +22

    Who would have thought that being a middle man in drug deals could be so profitable

  • Bad Juju
    Bad Juju 4 months ago +7

    So glad they didn't sell, imagine 3 of the biggest social media platforms being under the same company

  • Reese Romeo
    Reese Romeo 4 months ago +1

    When you don’t sell your soul like Instagram did. You can accomplish great things.

  • Zer0Fukz
    Zer0Fukz 4 months ago +1

    I watch these videos and I always wonder because I'm that outcast in society that hates technology and hates social media even more. So when all these apps come out Snapchat and Instagram and WhatsApp I don't even bother considering downloading them. So when you say Snapchat which I know what it is and how it works is worth 70 billion dollars I just scratch my head.

  • Dezimio
    Dezimio 3 months ago

    I'd legit never receive a trade from someone who tried to crash my own company 😂

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 4 months ago +1

    Imagine looking some guy dead in the face who would offer you and your friend a split between 3 billion dollars and you just look at him and say.

  • AsteroidBuilds
    AsteroidBuilds 3 months ago +1

    What I learned : Never sell your things when you're offered the price

  • Pax Americania
    Pax Americania 4 months ago +255

    Zuck is controling to much of the onternet I love hearong stories of compaines being successful when rejecting zuck

  • someusername121
    someusername121 4 months ago +8

    People always go to whatever platform is the shadiest at the time. Before Facebook was open to non-college students that was where you’d post photos of you doing bong hits and shit. Everyone just playing whack a mole with their parents and employers.

  • rminitials
    rminitials 4 months ago +3

    Good for them ! Many would have folded even on the first offer. Not to mention a 3 BILLION dollar offer. +respect

  • Allen_loves-toh
    Allen_loves-toh 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake it's a✨ MASTERPIECE✨

  • slimanity
    slimanity 4 months ago +1

    If there’s a king of privacy its snapchat if there’s a king of exposure it’s facebook

  • smoke...
    smoke... 4 months ago

    Awesome how Facebook is trying to monopolize everything

  • V Nebula
    V Nebula 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake its a masterpiece

  • Sabiq Rusydi
    Sabiq Rusydi 4 months ago +26

    Then Zuck copy it on insta, Whatsapp, and Facebook to halt Snapchat growth outside 'Snapchat country'. Clip-Share tries to copy snap but fail, because it isn't social media per se

  • 123456789million
    123456789million Month ago +1

    Imagine if instagram never sold to Facebook

  • 2nd_place
    2nd_place 3 months ago +1

    Yeah but you’re only worth what someone will pay for you. I can’t imagine anyone paying Snapchat $70B now. Does anyone even use it still? I thought TikTok took over.

  • Young Stunna
    Young Stunna 4 months ago +17

    “All these damn chains modern slavery”-Quavo

    • blevlix
      blevlix Month ago

      @yes yeah, shaking my demons off

    • drake
      drake 4 months ago +1

      @yes CASH

    • yes
      yes 4 months ago +1

      But this ain't 1800 so they pay me

  • AncientNoodle
    AncientNoodle 4 months ago

    Imaging paying over a billion dollars for Snapchat when you can download it for free.

  • Kaity Marie
    Kaity Marie 4 months ago

    Literally Snapchat is how I talk to everyone I know… it’s weird to think old mate tried to copy it and failed lol

  • suom shrestha
    suom shrestha 4 months ago +2

    It's not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • •Dandan•
    •Dandan• 4 months ago +2

    “It’s not a mistake” ✨ITS A MASTERPEICE ✨

  • Artex Loop
    Artex Loop 4 months ago +3

    Does anybody fact check this dude? I feel like he's making up a good portion of these stories lmao

    • Astral'o Pithecus
      Astral'o Pithecus 4 months ago

      It 's storytelling. He's condensing a lot of messages and meetings into a 1 video. He's not making things up

  • Henry Livingstone
    Henry Livingstone 4 months ago

    Well Snapchat has been losing profitability in recent years and I don’t know how long they’ll be holding out. Both of their founders lost about a billion dollars from their net worth so maybe that’s an indicator of their future trajectory

  • Shocked
    Shocked 4 months ago +1

    Mark is like Thanos, tryna bring all the stones together

  • K2 Fuego
    K2 Fuego 4 months ago +28

    Wow imagine doing a school project creating a pretty cool app that’s wouldn’t actually be that hard to make and ending up making 70b

    • Eren Jäger
      Eren Jäger 3 months ago

      Wow so where is your app? If its soo easy

    • Eren Jäger
      Eren Jäger 3 months ago

      @Pro Gamerz how old are you 8?

    • Pro Gamerz
      Pro Gamerz 4 months ago +1

      Ur making it sound so easy to the point it makes me feel bad as a programmer who only knows how to print hello world

  • Fly4er
    Fly4er 4 months ago

    remember that the guy we are talking about is the owner of Facebook
    and you know the story and everything

  • Icid
    Icid 4 months ago +40

    It’s great they reject him also because of a moral standpoint

    • lucky gamer
      lucky gamer 4 months ago


    • Leonardo da vinci
      Leonardo da vinci 4 months ago +1

      @Icid I hate mark but if we are being honest snap isnt any better.

    • Icid
      Icid 4 months ago

      @Antony D'Andrea at least better than Marc that’s quite easy

    • Antony D'Andrea
      Antony D'Andrea 4 months ago +1

      What morals, you think Snapchat is any better?

  • KK and sims 4
    KK and sims 4 3 months ago

    Honestly if I started a business I would keep it if people like Elon and mark and Jeff want to buy it it’s clearly a good business why would I sell to them .

  • nobody nowhere
    nobody nowhere 4 months ago

    i’m impressed that Snapchat is still worth that much because as far as I know it’s a dead platform

  • ThatGuy Brooke
    ThatGuy Brooke 4 months ago +5

    The balls it takes to turn down 3 billion when last years offer was was 60 million.. ridiculous luck especially when it turns out to be a 70B evaluation in the end 😳 legendary= #HODL

  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt 4 months ago

    One thing I know about someone with a great idea is that they know it is a great idea and will not sell just like that

  • DontBanMeBroDontBanMe!
    DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! 4 months ago

    It takes a lot of balls to be offered $3 billion dollars and say, “thanks, but no thanks”.

  • Dallas J
    Dallas J 4 months ago

    He didn’t give them anything he just failed like he deserved

  • B
    B 4 months ago +4

    Who tf is using Snapchat these days 😂

  • pxmens
    pxmens 4 months ago

    It's basically the same story with Twitter. Tried it several times but they kept declining.

  • Phillip S
    Phillip S 4 months ago

    Something I never waste my time with.

  • Johnny Williams
    Johnny Williams 4 months ago

    I woulda just let him be an investor for a quarter of what he offered in the 2nd offer

  • dulce.amore
    dulce.amore 4 months ago +1

    The fact that I only use Snapchat as my social media and Clip-Share says more then I imagined

  • Rakhi Jaiswal
    Rakhi Jaiswal 3 months ago +1

    It's not a group ✨ITS A FAMILY ✨

  • dhaq abk
    dhaq abk 3 months ago +2

    As Jian Yang said, “if oil company want to buy your house, it’s a because there is oil underneath.”

  • Spaceify
    Spaceify 4 months ago +1

    Thank God. I do NOT want Zuckerberg owning Snapchat

  • Coltonandgen
    Coltonandgen 3 months ago

    Good thing they didn't sell Snap to Mark, since that app would go down whenever Facebook and Instagram would go down too 😂

  • Antony D'Andrea
    Antony D'Andrea 4 months ago +4

    Disappearing stories is now on every social media including Facebook. I don't know anyone using snapchat

    • HaywardHummus
      HaywardHummus 4 months ago

      Snapchat is still going very strong though,

  • Prolly 2 Stoned
    Prolly 2 Stoned 4 months ago +9

    Snap been the goat 💯 I remember in highschool it’s how we got our sales. 2012 -2014 was lit for snap trappers. The cops had no clue. I haven’t paid attention since then. Can they watch your snaps now?

  • Dog P00y
    Dog P00y 4 months ago

    Honestly I would do a deal like that but only if i get stake in the company

  • Xir20.0
    Xir20.0 4 months ago

    I have snapchat downloaded since 2012 just to use filters lol
    I never posted stories only like once or twice

  • lexian
    lexian 4 months ago

    I mean granted Mark DID end up stealing stories and filters from snapchat

  • FlowerRose160
    FlowerRose160 4 months ago +11

    It’s not a mistake”, ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

    • IcattErr*
      IcattErr* 4 months ago

      Wom is not a mistake, bake is a masterpiece

    • JuniorzGT
      JuniorzGT 4 months ago

      Ayo 😳

  • sugonmad
    sugonmad 4 months ago

    Yo, 60M$ for a company like Snapchat is freaking peanuts. Good thing they turned him down.

  • MzVirgo
    MzVirgo 3 months ago

    How do we know this wasn’t an investment plan by mark

  • Parker Bower
    Parker Bower 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake, ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Jonny Lynch
    Jonny Lynch 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake ITS A ✨ MASTERPICE✨

  • Hadrian Diem
    Hadrian Diem 4 months ago

    I would probably have sold it and moved onto new other great ideas I had.

  • JaylenIsOP
    JaylenIsOP 4 months ago

    He knew the app had potential and tried to finesse them outta billions of dollars

  • Fancy Duck
    Fancy Duck 4 months ago

    He pulled a “hey I broke my phone let me have yours”

  • Somehow Surviving
    Somehow Surviving 4 months ago

    Facebook owns Snapchat... They bought it like 3 years ago...

  • lbvl0mc 99
    lbvl0mc 99 4 months ago

    Didn’t he actually buy Snapchat? Isn’t the app part of Facebook already?

  • CͨEͤOͦ Y.
    CͨEͤOͦ Y. 4 months ago

    Lmao how cocky after getting rejected he immediately uploaded the app.

  • NichoLad
    NichoLad 4 months ago

    Obv big offer means there a good potential of it making him money. The question is whether the creators want to risk it by doing it themselves or be lazy and take the money outright

  • Christopher Alexander
    Christopher Alexander 4 months ago +1

    The code was written made to go in grocery stores scan code see if it was cheaper somewhere it was on shark rank code was used to make snapshot started not on a university

  • Ernest Ziegenfelder
    Ernest Ziegenfelder 4 months ago

    How is snap still worth anything? I'm pretty surprised tbh

  • Intuen_Manny
    Intuen_Manny 4 months ago

    Thank GOD they rejected them, there’s enough propaganda on our youth, but imagine if it was zuck’s propaganda. 😬

  • Tyler
    Tyler 4 months ago

    The day mark could buy snapchat is the day I'll never use it again.

  • Alba Perez
    Alba Perez 4 months ago

    I wonder when the value of Snapchat will start decreasing

  • Traveler’s Chosen
    Traveler’s Chosen 2 months ago

    I’m beginning to hate Zuckerberg since he continually does stuff like this

  • Bridger Lee
    Bridger Lee 3 months ago +1

    I’ve deadass never heard of Poke it definitely was a big big failure I’m guessing…

  • vlekarmy
    vlekarmy 4 months ago

    Snapchat isn’t even fun anymore. Apart from being hooked to sending ‘gm’ and ‘gn’ with a black screen, the rest gets annoying really easy. Those videos you can watch, every 2 seconds you get an advertisement. Even when the video doesn’t want to play, it can still go over to advertisements.
    Such a dumb app...

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  • Jonny- B
    Jonny- B 4 months ago

    Oh yeah remember when you could fucking poke someone on Facebook. Nice to see at least one company not selling out to first corporate conglomerate offer to make them a subsidiary

  • Bishop M
    Bishop M 4 months ago

    The $60m? Definitely could turn down. But $3B? Like with a “B”? I couldn’t have turned that down.

  • Heetal Rathod
    Heetal Rathod 4 months ago

    This video reminded me to check my snap for new messages 😂

  • Sydney Starkey
    Sydney Starkey 3 months ago

    Imagine someone saving every disappearing picture ever sent and violating more privacy than you already do. #fuckzuck

  • ProdigyCustomz
    ProdigyCustomz 4 months ago

    If someone offers to buy your company for 60 Mil you know your app is gonna blow up

  • Ilak Xunil
    Ilak Xunil 4 months ago

    And I still don’t know the purpose of Snapchat

  • Angry Mario
    Angry Mario 4 months ago

    To turn down 3 billion dollars takes a lot of balls 😂

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 4 months ago

    So instead of sexting being the number one thing done on Snapchat its changed to teens trying to sell weed and woman trying to sell their bodys. Wild

  • JustGaming
    JustGaming 4 months ago

    snapchat at least from what i know its a unique app at least at that time so from then snapchat can only go up

  • Carter Rutherford
    Carter Rutherford 4 months ago +19

    Im still looking for the "best christmas present"

    • Anthony
      Anthony 4 months ago +1

      It was inadvertently increasing thair user base.

  • Arika Karin
    Arika Karin 4 months ago

    And now all his apps have the "dissapearing post" kind of thing too

  • Sandy Windows 🪟
    Sandy Windows 🪟 3 months ago

    The fact POKE looked like a knockoff Facebook but tryna be a knockoff Snapchat just shows he has no original ideas just stole Facebook and can't even be smart enough to add to the app or create a new app that will work.

  • Michael Whale
    Michael Whale 4 months ago

    He tried to steal Snapchat like he stole Facebook

  • WalkerBrosFilms
    WalkerBrosFilms 4 months ago

    When the big guys offer to buy you tell em to kick rocks and keep doing what you’re doing. Second thought if anyone offers you $ for you business tell em to kick rocks. Third thought “if you have a business at all tell everyone to kick rocks lol

  • Shit Universe
    Shit Universe 4 months ago

    Wait what? Poke was that? I remember poking my friend for over 4 years. We were just poking each other on Facebook, not understanding wth was it for but doing it because we found it funny and stupid.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 4 months ago

    If snap was owned by fb there would have been no privacy

  • Timm Luckey303
    Timm Luckey303 4 months ago +3

    Good thing they didn’t sell to him