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You Got A New Line 6 Helix Now What Do You Do?


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  • RaceGrooves
    RaceGrooves 2 years ago +7

    Sounds great! I looked and it's quite an investment but I presume that the units last for many years. I was just thinking of pickup up a guitar again. I just knew some chords but I sold my cheap accoustic guitar around five years ago. I still have my childhood accordion though!

    • sh4rkbyt3
      sh4rkbyt3 7 months ago

      @justnTime077 In fairness it could've been the people using them also but I found that consistency several times too.

    • sh4rkbyt3
      sh4rkbyt3 7 months ago

      @justnTime077 They were heavily lacking at the time in the two areas I mentioned (compression and EQ). Since then I've heard they've gotten much better. Nowadays there's enough closeness in all of them that they should be priced fairly equally to be honest. I still stand by original post. It wasn't to bash on the Fractal line but it took them some time to get it right. To say it's SO MUCH better than any of the others isn't really the truth either. They all now have the same adjustment and modulation abilities. Features are all almost identical and the only real difference at this point are there interfaces.

    • justnTime077
      justnTime077 7 months ago

      @sh4rkbyt3 I don’t know because I started with what I guess is the third generation, but then again when I listen to the previous models they seem close to the 3. You make it sound like they were awful. I’d say ever since at least Ax8 they were gaining a reputation as being in a different game all together. It’s not defensive to read the room.

    • sh4rkbyt3
      sh4rkbyt3 7 months ago +1

      @justnTime077 Having listened to the Axe FX1 and Axe FX2 both in live scenarios they just didn't have a believable sound at all. They're compression and EQ were pretty bad to be honest.
      You don't have to get defensive because you own one. What I've said is actually true it took them 3 models before they could catch up to what was already available.

    • justnTime077
      justnTime077 7 months ago

      @sh4rkbyt3 I don’t understand what that means. I had a helix last year. When I got an Axe 3 I finally believed in modeling because the sound, response, feel, dynamics, and functionality was so believable and authentic. For you to say that I have to think you’ve got some weird bias toward helix, probably you don’t like having to pay for quality.

  • Chris Giannola Music
    Chris Giannola Music 3 years ago +17

    Fantastic demo! Probably one of the best i've seen out of all the helix demos on here. Well done!

  • David Dowdy
    David Dowdy 3 years ago +27

    I’m glad you pointed out how easy it is to put in a noise gate! I’ll remember that, next time I’m using real single coil pups 😁🤘

  • Adey Payne
    Adey Payne Year ago +5

    Thank you Eric for the amazing insights into the Helix! Being an old school technophobe, I panic at certain digital technologies! Panic over, Helix Floor purchased! Thank you so much 🤘

  • L B
    L B Year ago +2

    This was a truly helpful introductory video -- the best I found for a first-time user. The Line 6 Updater didn't work for me. But the HX Editor has the update functionality and did work. Building a first patch that used some of the best sounding effects was just great and really fun. This takes away a lot of the "what did I get myself into" effect" from first attempts to use the Helix and opens the door to learning how to use the Helix incrementally. There is so much. Thanks!

  • Doc Mompean
    Doc Mompean 3 years ago +4

    Hiya Eric, great patch! I'm not new to Line 6 (played a Spider for years) but I am new to Helix and this is perfect for explaining the creation of a patch quickly and easily. Thank you very much. Also a big Ed fan so that helps too.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      Very glad this was of help to you! Thank you for watching and the nice feedback!

  • Larry Leech
    Larry Leech 3 years ago +3

    Wow and Wow. I fell into this Clip-Share Channel by accident and by all accounts, you have been my greatest help in showing just how simple and complex programing the Helix can be and so Versital. I will be reviewing all of your productions for the Helix and will be ordering the Presets below as soon as I get mine. Saving up for it now. Thanks for your insight and you have a great ability to teach and PLAY. Fantastic. Thanks Again!! Larry

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      Thank you so much for the very kind words. I am thrilled to see that the content was of value to you. I promise to work even harder in 2020 to earn these kind words. Please keep us posted when you receive your Helix. Happy New Year!

  • Anthony DeFabees
    Anthony DeFabees 3 years ago +3

    Helix is so amazing. I sold mine & got the HX Stomp, which works EXACTLY the same. Line 6 is really amazing. I decided I can get away with the Stomp, a Morningstar MC6, a Seymour Duncan PS170 & basically tour the world & be just fine. Tiny board that I can carry on a plane with no issues. Technology is incredible nowadays. This is a great video to show someone just how easy the Helix can be.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      Huge thank you. Glad you enjoyed the video and agreed, much easier and cheaper to travel with a full rig these days!

  • Johan Blume
    Johan Blume 2 years ago +3

    Fantastic video. That very first preset you built blew me away. I’m a huge VH fan. Still deciding the Helix or the Axe-Fx III. Your “how to” guide is awesome!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago +2

      Really glad you enjoy this stuff, and I think if anything it shows that it is very easy to create great sounding presets in mere seconds/minutes. Trust me with Helix, you can drop blocks on a path without a guitar in your hands. Pick up your guitar and adjust the tiniest of settings and be in love with your tone. Thank you so much once again.

  • Dave Carsley
    Dave Carsley 3 years ago +3

    Thanks a lot for the video, Eric. I just found your channel-- on the very same day I ordered a Helix LT!! I should have it Saturday. And if there are more incredibly helpful videos like this, I'm sure we're going to be spending a lot of time together!
    I play/sing in a cover band on the weekends, and I'm really hoping this thing will be able to replace my 80+ lbs Egnater for the vast majority of gigs. We'll see. I hope Line 6 doesn't let me down!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      Thank you for the kind words. I really hope you enjoy your Helix!

  • TJ
    TJ 2 years ago +6

    You earned yourself a new subscriber!!! Simple straight to the point. This unit can seem very intimidating I was ready to box my up and send it back.
    Will you be building more presets mor?

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Thank you! Happy to have you here. Yes indeed I just released a new Helix preset that I really love. It's called Helix Trifecta and can be purchased here: shop.line6.com/marketplace/helix-trifecta-helix-rock-preset-bonus-acoustic.html

  • SJS Photography
    SJS Photography 3 years ago +7

    awesome video and patch Eric. Great job. Hoping I can be able to get my Helix LT one day and join the Helix comminity....once I get back to work :) Keep up the good work

  • Leslie Diedrick
    Leslie Diedrick 2 years ago +22

    Exactly the tutorial I needed to convince me to get the Helix. Cheers

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago +1

      Thank you so much for the feedback, I am thrilled that this was of help to you.

  • GuitarNerdz
    GuitarNerdz 3 years ago +3

    Just got one and I've been recording with it like crazy. It's a great tool especially for home use. I can easily see being able to gig with it.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      Congrats on your purchase. I hope you are still having fun with it!

  • Juan Ignacio Saba Veloso
    Juan Ignacio Saba Veloso 8 months ago +2

    This is amazing. I've been looking for a simple demo of making a patch (great patch btw) using only the board (no software). Kudos man :) I appreciate the simplicity.

  • R2R3 Lockingnut
    R2R3 Lockingnut 3 years ago +2

    Very cool video Eric. You made it look easy and fun to use 👍 This video helps take the fear out of connecting everything which is big part of it. Thank you sir!!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      You rock buddy, thank you for taking the time to check it out!

  • Strum Rock School
    Strum Rock School 3 years ago +2

    Thank you! I am very intrigued by the Helix. I have not purchased it yet. Still using a lot of Boss pedals with my old school pedal board. This is a pedal board I am definitely planning on getting.
    Thanks for your great teaching video.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      You are very welcome and thank you for the very kind words! Hope to see you around here again!

  • Steven Curtis
    Steven Curtis 3 years ago +5

    Thank you so much for doing this video, excellent easy to follow with no fluff or opinions, very appreciated!

  • Nick With-Seidelin

    This is so helpful. I've been looking at getting a Helix or Helix LT for a while and this is what I needed to feel comfortable with taking the plunge. What do you suggest hooking it up to for the sound? Would a 2x12 cab work or are quality PA speakers best? I am pretty new to this stuff. Cheers

  • In the DAW
    In the DAW 2 years ago +2

    Hi Eric, I know this video is old but I wanted to say that I love your helix and variax videos. I have gotten a shuriken and a helix rack in the past few years and really love them. and your videos really make me want the variax so thanks.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      I can't thank you enough for the kind words. I'm really glad you enjoyed this and other videos. Keep on rockin and have fun!

  • Mitch Haman
    Mitch Haman 3 years ago +2

    This is definitely one of the best videos on how to update the Helix. I'm trying to read as much as I can because I'm thinking about getting it , or the LT.. To me, it seems so complicated and like to consider myself a tech guy, or at least somewhat in computers. Looking forward for your other how to's.
    Thanks Eric.

    • awbourne
      awbourne 3 years ago +1

      Well and truly worth it mate, I'm a tech guy myself and now hitting my 5th year studying guitar, I started in my mid 40's after a lifetime of wanting to play. 18 months since buying my LT I now have a stomp for backup and run a group the midi mad scientist club. Your first week may be a little daunting with so many options open to you but helix absolutely lends itself to any situation. Expect amazing progress as a musician using this gear.

    • Mitch Haman
      Mitch Haman 3 years ago

      @Music Gear Network Thanks Eric. I just sent you a email explaining what I want.
      You are the best.🙂

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      I cannot thank you enough Mitch. I truly think if you got one, you will love how you sound and play with it. And I will be more than pleased to do many more hands on tutorials with people like yourself and other new Helix owners. I will do everything I can to make it easy and fun for you. I'll get you going fast so you can have fun right out of the box. And to be 100% honest, what you saw me do here, you could do in 3 minutes tops (as I was talking in between). It's that easy to get up and running the day you bring it home. Keep me posted and I hope you get one!

  • Michael Siteman
    Michael Siteman Year ago +1

    Absolutely outstanding demo showing everything I needed to know about how to get started with the Helix! Thank you.

  • Angel Avila
    Angel Avila 3 years ago +4

    Thank you for this very detailed video. You just earned your subscription like you said! I'm considering buying this pedal and your video is guiding me closer to making that decision!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      Awesome I cannot thank you enough. Promise to keep working hard for ya!

  • Mark Hofland
    Mark Hofland 2 years ago +1

    Great video! Fast and clear! I always played in my studio with a Boss GT-6 and two Lexicon MPX-1's, not only for guitar but also for organ. This video convinced me to buy a Helix!

  • duke gdl
    duke gdl 3 years ago +2

    What most of us look for is how to reproduce those tones that are heard in Helix's videos. Through the different brands of frfr speakers, real speakers, PA, amplifiers that work very well with stomboxes, such as the Fender Princeton. but as much as I try I mean adjustments in the equalizations, compressors, changes in the signal chain. etc. We never found, mainly with distortions and amplifier emulators.

  • KL Shelton
    KL Shelton Year ago +2

    I know I'm late to the game but, this is really really good. Helped me wrap my brain around a few things in just 5 minutes. Incredible - Thanks!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  Year ago

      You are very welcome, I am happy to hear that our video was of help to you! Hang around for some more tips here on the channel as well!

    FaRT IKiltNOOBS 3 years ago +3

    Great video for new Helix owners to view. Loving that preset you created. Bravo and THANKS \m/

  • Joey Julia
    Joey Julia 2 years ago +2

    Hey man, I just ordered my first Helix in space grey! Will take a while because of all this COVID 19 thing! but I wanted to thank you for the info! Very helpful! Keep up the good work! Oh and I will be buying your Pasadena patches! They sound great!!!

    • Joey Julia
      Joey Julia 2 years ago

      @Music Gear Network Ive been a Line 6 user since the Pod 2.0, matter of fact, I still have it in my studio. LOL! But yes, I agree, after a long research I came to the conclusion to get the Helix being a corporate musician I have to have every tone possible in one unit. from 70s funk and Disco to Rock to todays music and with those IRs, Oh man! Cant wait!! Thanks lot and please be safe!!!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Wicked awesome! Congrats on your purchase, you will be thrilled with this technology I'm sure. Thank you as well regarding purchasing my presets, but most importantly, I wish you and your family to be safe.

  • Christopher Cunningham

    It's very interesting to me that he goes with a "Legacy" reverb when building his first preset bc I find the native Helix verbs to be godawful. Was he hiding that? I always have to plug a pedal reverb into one of the effects loops and use it instead.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  Year ago +1

      I enjoy the new reverbs to a point, but I'll always be a legacy reverb fan. Especially being a Van Halen fan, I can't get enough of plate reverb. Glad you enjoyed the video, thank you for watching!

  • Chris Grabowski
    Chris Grabowski 3 years ago +1

    Wow. I don't even own a Helix and I watched all the way through. Easily explained in a lay-backed style. You made it look easy - which I guess it is. Now I don't know shit about new guitar technology, but I'm intrigued by this!
    What do you run this into? I thought you mentioned a laptop, but I mean to hear it. A cab? PA? I'm lost in that regard. *And I'm not embarrassed to ask*. thanks!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +2

      Thank you very much for the kind words and question. I ran directly to my mixer and recorded with no post processing what so ever.What you hear is what came right out of Helix. Thanks man!

  • Richard Henderson

    I was kicking around the idea of getting a Helix - vs - a Kemper Stage. I had owned the Kemper "toaster" before, so I was leaning that way. I viewed this video and the fact that I own a James Tyler Variax, I decided to spring for the Helix. Glad I did - there are some great tones in there and it can do a lot with regard to stage and DAW - and I am sure that the sound guy will like it too! Thanks for making a highly understandable video!

  • Dennis Pack
    Dennis Pack 3 years ago +1

    Hey great channel great content! I am curious how you set your “Guitar In Impedance”. From what I’ve read, most people leave it on the auto setting. Is there an advantage to changing this? Do you need to adjust it for different pickups? Or is it a personal preference? Thanks!

    • Dennis Pack
      Dennis Pack 3 years ago +2

      EVH & Gear TV Network thanks! Keep on rockin and continued success to you!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +3

      I have never touched mine, always leave it at auto and then just adjust amps etc accordingly. This way you can switch a dozen guitars, with a dozen different pickup styles and still sound good. Hope this helps!

  • Bryan Monk
    Bryan Monk 3 years ago +4

    Dude! I’m only at 17:00 right now. I just have to jump in and say that Duel Pitch is bad ass! Right when you strummed the chords I thought I was back as a Van Halen concert! I had no clue this board it that bad ass! I’ve had my helix for about 6 months now and been doing shows with it on simple setting but, now after watching this in going to delve deeper and see what I can come up with!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +2

      Thank you so much!! And if you dig Van Halen, you may just LOVE my EVH Presets!! Check them out here: shop.line6.com/marketplace/?addon_vendor=137&_ga=2.102913088.1115941410.1578670249-1904409394.1567864498

  • Steven Sass
    Steven Sass Year ago +2

    Straightforward and simple, but still very informative! Not sure why but it seems like a lot of new demo videos have a snotty presumption that the viewer should have previous expertise (mainly with recording/production things. Sorry I don’t have a clue what the acronyms no one bothers to decode mean!). Anyway, you have a new subscriber.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  Year ago +1

      I really appreciate your kind words. And this was my goal, to help people with little to no experience with recording/sound gear etc. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the video and thrilled to have you as a new subscriber. Thanks again!

  • Warren Fassbinder
    Warren Fassbinder 9 months ago +2

    Thank you Eric for your great tutorial, very well done. You remind me of the painter Bob Ross if he was a guitar teacher. Thanks again. Have a blessed day.

  • SirSneakerPimp
    SirSneakerPimp 2 years ago +4

    Beyond Spooky. Yesterday I was looking, I repeat 👀 at the Line 6 Helix to see if I wanted one. And 24 hours later your video pops up to view. Your video alone has convinced me to make the purchase. Thank You so much for such an easy, user friendly intro into getting started with this.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Love this! Very pleased to see this helped you. Let me know when you receive your Helix and welcome to an entire new world of inspiring tone!

  • sh4rkbyt3
    sh4rkbyt3 7 months ago

    Hey Eric, would love to see you do a video from start to finish of how you do a system update when ver 3.20 arrives! Including saving/adding your presets etc and then. Most of the vids I've watched weren't very thorough explaining that. They skip over many important parts.

  • Keith Darling
    Keith Darling Year ago

    Hey Eric, an EXTREMELY EARLY GOOD MORNING and hopefully you're getting ready for a wonderful Holiday Season.
    Hope you and your clan have a great one!
    I have 2 quick questions.
    I just got my new Helix.
    With the TON OF PRESETS this thing came loaded with, there are only maybe 3 or 4 that are reasonably useful for me.
    1st, with these all seeming to be Snapshots, are they able to be tweeked to my liking and saved?
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong but when I have tried saving the tweeks, they don't save. Am I doing something wrong?
    2nd question; Is there a way to delete the Presets I don't want or need since they're Snapshots Line 6 loaded?
    I'd really appreciate your feedback on this.
    Have a great Holiday Season from warm, sunny Florida!!

  • Walter Stoermer
    Walter Stoermer 7 months ago +1

    Thank you for this video. I got it home and you got me started with my Helix; it sounds like my pedal board, and it fits in a Gator case (with wheels!).

  • kossoff91
    kossoff91 2 years ago +1

    I've just had a Helix arrive today, now the lessons and fun begin. You're video is a great help to start setting new sounds.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Congratulations! Welcome to a world of fun & killer tone. Keep us posted on your results!

  • Charley Kilmain
    Charley Kilmain 3 years ago +3

    Just of the Helix today. Thank you for the quick and informative instructions... keep em coming!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      You are very welcome and I am happy that this was of help to you!

  • Don P
    Don P 2 years ago +1

    Just got my new LT , and used this as a guide. Thank you so much for this info, but for Windows users, there's a bit more (for Windows 7 users anyway). You'll need to install a device driver prior to doing the update, otherwise you end up seeing a black screen on the updater. I'll try later booting into Windows 10 to see if the same problem exists....

    • sh4rkbyt3
      sh4rkbyt3 7 months ago

      I've used Win 7, Win 10 and now Win 11 and have not had anything like you experienced?

    * WOLVERINE * 2 years ago +3

    This is a great video Eric. I don't own the hardware but this tempts me a step closer. Other brands should be take note and be cognizant how much their ambassadors contribute to the success of a product as you do for this.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      I greatly appreciate your very kind words & support! Thank you!

  • SoundWaves
    SoundWaves 3 years ago +3

    Thinking about grabbing the helix this week. I’ve been playing on my HD500 since 2009. I need to upgrade badly lol. How do you feel about their powercabs? I run my Hd thru an Marshall preamp thru a stereo orange cab.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +2

      I think you will LOVE Helix. I also greatly love the Powercabs. I run my setup with a Wet/Dry/Wet setup using (2) Powercab 112+ units (for left and right wet) and a Powercab 212+ for the dry center. Beautiful sound!

  • The TR SHOW
    The TR SHOW 2 months ago +2

    This is the Absolute best i've seen , such a master class , i learnt so much .... i really appreciate you sir

  • Brad -Guitar- Miller
    Brad -Guitar- Miller 3 years ago +73

    Gave you the thumbs up just for "it's got that new Helix smell"

    DYNA KLO 3 years ago +2

    thank you eric for your professional quality video and tips and for being so cool.

  • Borg
    Borg 3 years ago +1

    Great video. But how do you know where to put certain effects in which order? I'm quite new to this, and have some trouble with regards to best practices for these types of effect loops.

    • Borg
      Borg 3 years ago

      @Music Gear Network Thanks, man :)

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      There is no official rule or right/wrong way to do it. It's all a matter of preference. However I tend to put effects like WAH, chorus, flange, phase, tremolo, pitch detune etc before the amp, and effects like delay, reverb etc after the amp. Just experiment to see what works best for you.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 3 years ago +1

    Thank you for this great video! Very helpful! Not sure if I missed this in the video, but are you running the Helix through the front of an amp, amp effects loop or computer or powered monitor? And which do think would be best?

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      In my case here I run direct to my mixer. Really glad you enjoyed this video.

  • Haz Music
    Haz Music 2 years ago +2

    Ordered my helix this morning.. more than excited to get it and not so worried that I won’t understand it after watching this vid! Thanks man!

  • Losalus
    Losalus Year ago

    Great tutorial, thanks! An update point though: If you like me have just bought the Helix (Feb 23, 2021), you need to install HX Edit to get the necessary drivers to connect it to Windows 10. When I just installed the updater and connected Helix it was not recognized by my PC.

  • Dan C
    Dan C 2 years ago

    Here is the issue I have with these Helix and Stomps, its the inconstancy of tone and setup. I picked up a Stomp a couple days ago, I figured I would give this a try first before the Helix or Helix LT. I 4 cabled the unit to my tube amp which is a Marshall DSL. The preamps were considerably lower in volume then the Marshall amp channel. I couldnt even get it close even with the channel vol and master at 6 or 8. Yes I set the Global to Instrument, actually the Out sounded louder in Line, who knows why. Then I flipped over to amps (no cab) and some of them sounded better that way, not the preamp. So some models sound better in preamp (when I get some volume) and some as amps. Then I tried running through a "power in" of a 100w Katana head and that sounded horrible. So I tried the unit through the return effects loop and yet another different tone, not good at all. So whats gonna happen if I decide to run it into a PA system at a gig? What will that sound like? Powered cabs are not an option for me. I love the versatility, but the inconsistent tones depending on how you run it is crazy. Some of the preamps were really bad in 4 cable. At lease with a tube amp, you know what you are going to get, there is that much of a drastic difference if you are using different cabinets.

  • Hockeyman
    Hockeyman Year ago

    Great tutorial- very well and professional look to the video. If I may ask, what speakers or monitors are you running the Helix through?

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart 3 years ago +3

    Very informative. Love my Helix. Please keep up the great work!!!

  • ultra888
    ultra888 2 years ago +1

    Great review. I just ordered the rack system and was wondering if it sets up and programs like the one you just demoed here.I also ordered the foot controller.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      @ultra888 Heck yes!!

    • ultra888
      ultra888 2 years ago +1

      @Music Gear Network Thanks man...just ordered !

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Really glad you enjoyed the demo. And yes, right out of the box you can easily drag and drop amps and effects and have great tone in no time. It's that easy. Sounds like you got a great rig, with the Rack and controller. Although I have a few Helix units, the Rack is my main unit used every day. You may want to check this out as well, a way cool rack case for Helix Rack. (This one is a 4 space) amzn.to/33BMKbb But you can get a 3 space (will fit Helix Rack and nothing else) amzn.to/2QCJ5Vv (These are our affiliate links and we get a tony commission. Also be sure to check out some of my presets at: line6helixpresets.com/

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed the video. The reason I looked in was I have had the helix for bout a year and just got round to using it. I have it connected via focusrite to generic speakers on my studio desk. I want to get a basic set up from my Stratocaster the uses Vox AC 30 to create a Beatles Liverpool sound and also from my Les paul to create an AC/DC sound. The video was great to show how to create a sound but the technical stuff discussed was over my head as I don’t understand the impact of each item added to the chain (jus a beginner with wet dry etal)
    The video I need (you may have it?) will discuss what each block does, will show how to create or modify ones that are there (I see a Vox configuration) and the how to get my page of buttons that are all in the same place. Can you copy a sound and move it to a clean page so you can create new and retain the original?
    Perhaps it’s because I have a piece of equipment that is too advanced for where I’m at that has led me to ask the questions. Any advice and sign posting to more videos would be appreciated....

  • Blake Bauer
    Blake Bauer 2 years ago +2

    Might have to get one of these.. Definitely beats Kemper in ease of on the spot changes

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Incredibly inviting user interface. Let me know if you do get one!

  • Martin Stolfa
    Martin Stolfa 2 years ago

    Eric, I think you sold me for this Helix vs GT1000. Thank you for very thorough and relevant explanation!

  • Cullen Van Dyke
    Cullen Van Dyke 2 years ago +1

    Great video, thank you! I just got the helix and 2 powercab plus speakers. This will keep me sane while I explore and learn for sure

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Thank you so much and feel free to hit me up with questions. Congrats on your purchase and PS, I have all my premium presets at 20% off on my website. line6helixpresets.com/

  • TheAxe4ever
    TheAxe4ever 3 years ago +1

    Very cool and informative video! The Helix itself sounds okay. But it sounds like it needs new tubes installed already. 😜

    • TheAxe4ever
      TheAxe4ever 3 years ago +1

      EVH & Gear TV Network 😂 But seriously. It sounds amazing! It’s incredible how far along digital modeling real tubes amps have come since the genesis of digital guitar technology. Awesome tools to have. But I’m extremely old school, or maybe just too lazy to learn how to use the new stuff. So I think I’ll just have to stay with my EVH 5150 iii 50 watt head. Which isn’t a bad place to be stuck in at all! Cheers!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      yep, I have to put a new set of 12AX7's in there today!

  • daffyd771
    daffyd771 2 years ago +1

    Wow you’re a MASTER of the sound ...sir thank you for helping a lot of people including me ,how to use the helix ...I have the same one you’re using but I can’t get the sounds you’ve got ...I’d really apretiate if you can please help me on this ....I have a Marshall 150h headstack and a Marshall 1960 A speaker ...someone told me I can connect my helix to them and get the unit working ...what you recommend me to do ...or please show how you got your unit connected to an amp? Or a console...or how you have it working ....thanks in advance....you really rock sr

    • daffyd771
      daffyd771 2 years ago

      Music Gear Network Thanks for replying hope you’re having a great morning ...i was looking some videos about the 4 cm and I have a little problem cus I have a Marshall avt150 h headstack and I’m not to familiar with the connections I need to do with the helix ..and about the updates I was trying to use my Mac laptop to do it but it doesn’t allowe me to ...any idea how to do the update ? But I’m really impressed with your tone ...I want to use the most I can with my Marshall equipment and the helix ...if you please can tell me any other way to do the update ? Thank you very much for your time sr

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Hey there! Glad you enjoy my tone! If you are really happy with your Marshall tone and want to use it's clean/dirty settings, I would recommend hooking up your Helix in 4CM ( 4 cable method) that send certain signals to the effects loop to your amplifier and certain things to the front (input) of your amplifier. Things like reverb, delay etc go nicely in the effects loops while things like WAH, chorus, flange, distortion, pitch etc, are best to go to the front of the amp. Google Helix 4CM and there are a wealth of instructions (even pictures) how to hook up easily. Keep me posted with your results!

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    hey brother ed from cape breton ,i never took interest in the helix . i was concidering buying an axe fx but watching this vid realy opened my mind .this is a great machine.and i just subscibed keep up the great work please more helix adive,this was a great video for guitar players like myself. again thankyou

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      Thank you so much for not only the kind words, but also for subscribing. Happy to have you here and glad you enjoyed the content!

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    Rob Groden 3 years ago +6

    Excellent video Eric, that patch sounds great for something just “thrown together.”

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +2

      Thank you so much! I appreciate that, and just shows how good the technology is to be able to do that!

  • Joseph Dunegan
    Joseph Dunegan 3 years ago +2

    Eric, I realize that it will be totally dependent on monitoring, but how does Helix do live with decent monitors on stage. How does it sound in house PA? I'm getting away from heavy amps. I'm just too damn old to tote a 90 lb head and 100 lb cab, or even a 2x12. My thinking is I can either go stereo panned in the house with signal sent to my monitor or send mono to house and have a separate powered monitor with other mono channel with monitor mix in another stage monitor. what has been your experience?

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      Sadly, I currently do not perform live (I will again someday) so I am not the best to ask. But I know from others that use Helix LIVE it sounds fantastic through the house PA. You could have them send you a monitor mix back to you (if monitors are available at the venue), or you could use something like a Powercab or small FRFR speaker just to have some sound in your face on stage. But you would be surprised how many people now are showing up to gigs with literally ZERO on stage other than a Helix and some guitars. Hope this helped answer a little bit.

  • Dwayne Robare
    Dwayne Robare 2 years ago +1

    After quite a few months of research I have decided that the Helix is the way to go. There is just one open detail that you may be able to help with. I Play 40% Acoustic Guitar, and 60% Electric in an evening. Having one piece of equipment would be great. How does this unit work with acoustic guitars? Thank you in advance for any input. D.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      @Dwayne Robare Yes indeed, many people use acoustic/electric guitars with them. For Variax guitars, I have a couple models. The Shuriken (kind of a metal looking guitar) and the JTV 89F. I recommend either of these models strongly. If you like a whammy bar/floyd, the 89F is your choice. They do make it in a non-floyd version too.

    • Dwayne Robare
      Dwayne Robare 2 years ago +1

      Great I will look at them... any suggestions?
      Also, is it possible to use acoustic guitars wi the unit?
      Thanks again!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      If you could work it into your budget, I would recommend getting the Helix and a Variax guitar. Then you bring one guitar to a gig and it will do electric and acoustic PERFECT! It will be the best investment you could ever make musically.

  • sh4rkbyt3
    sh4rkbyt3 2 years ago +3

    My Helix should be here Monday. I bought it because of this channel, thank you for the tutorial, I can't wait to learn more!

    • sh4rkbyt3
      sh4rkbyt3 2 years ago +1

      @Music Gear Network You can be assured I'll be checking them out :). Big thanks for your work and this channel!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago +2

      That is AWESOME to hear! I can't wait for you to get it. Congrats on your purchase and thank you for the very kind words. Many more LIVE Helix tutorials coming soon as well.

  • Curt Pair
    Curt Pair 2 years ago

    I wish I had this in 2017 when I first started! Still, it helped me, as I pretty much ONLY use the computer to set up stuff... so I learned how to do it without the computer!

  • Jorge A
    Jorge A 3 years ago +1

    Heavily considering getting one mainly for stage volume. I am a pedal guy using my Moen Gec9 to control pedals in scenes for specific songs. This avoids the "pedal dance". Can the Helix be set up this way? My goal is to set up the helix exactly like my board to have as back up an keep any confusion of scenes from happening. Finally, for output, is that an issue with GOH sound engineers or is there a default setting?

    • Jorge A
      Jorge A 3 years ago

      I ended up purchasing the LT, from what I understand the stomp mode is basically pedals on and off. I dont want that as I use the ml oen gec9 to set.up scenes per say, song specific. One switch can bypass many pedals annturn on others, ie; clean modulated to clean to dirt lead with 1 switch respectivily. This is how I wish to set up the helix, as a replica to my current pedal board where i can swap according to venues. Looki g at vids, Im hoping the learning curve is not too big. I had the Fractal Fx8 and did not like it. Hoping this is better.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      You can easily set up Helix in Stomp mode so you could do exactly what you do with a pedalboard. Just toggle on/off whatever you want, when you want. And more and more sound engineers are welcoming of modelling devices (Helix) as it helps keep down stage volume and so much easier to control in situations where volume can get out of control.

  • Paul Creed
    Paul Creed 2 years ago +4

    I am so glad I watched this as I nearly threw away the USB stick and the cable as they were in the bottom of the packages. Thank you!! :-)

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      I'm glad you watched it too! The USB sticks are cool looking as well, and saves the unnecessary printed manuals. Less waste of paper. Thanks for checking out the video!

  • Eric Tornad
    Eric Tornad 3 years ago +1

    OMG!!!! I just bought my Helix LT a month ago. Have been really struggling to get a good tone. Finally figured out IRs (impulse responses) and that has helped. Hoping that this video and others of your's will get me over the "figuring out new gear hump??"

    • Sean Anderson
      Sean Anderson 2 years ago

      The reason you are struggling is because you need real tubes

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      Thank you so much for checking out these videos!

  • Dean Bibb
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    I finally have a Helix Floor on the way to me! I’m so jazzed! Thanks for the info Eric!

    • Music Gear Network
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      I could not be happier for you! Welcome to the family. Any trouble or tips needed, hit me up. More of these tutorial videos coming!

  • MatthewDean
    MatthewDean 3 years ago +1

    Stupid question time from a beginner-to get a big amp sound can I use studio monitors or will I need a proper cab? Thank you for all you do to honor Ed and his impact!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      @MatthewDean You are very welcome and I cannot thank you enough for the kind words either. Glad to have you as a subscriber here on the channel!

    • MatthewDean
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      EVH & Gear TV Network Thanks for the reply, Eric. Im considering either the Helix or the Fractal 3 down the line.
      Hey, I’m glad I found this channel. It’s awesome what you’re doing here and it’s doubly awesome that you and your son get to share it; what a gift! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come. Blessings!

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago +1

      Not a stupid question at all. To be 100% honest, I find myself often using my Presonus 8" powered monitors with Helix and they sound amazing. But if you want a bigger sound and louder you could go with a Line 6 Powercab or other FRFR style powered cabs like Mission, QSC and the like.

  • BAM Mözzi
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    I work nights and this evening I saw my Helix was on my porch from zZounds delivered by FedEx. Whoo hoo! All I had time to do was get it out of the box and I brought all the cheat sheets and documents and have been studying them on my breaks and lunch. I just checked and it’s firmware 3.1 I believe. Yours is the first video I have come to and I am glad it is so good! Soon as I get home I am logging in and checking. Liked and subbed

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  11 months ago

      Congrats on your new arrival. Your life will be changed from this day forth. Thank you for the very kind words and the sub as well.

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    Thanks very much!

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    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  Year ago

      Fantastic, glad you enjoyed it. And enjoy your new Helix as well!

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    But what happens if you just want to turn on a volume pedal and make a little bit louder for leads
    Or how about if you just want to click on one foot button to get everything you just did.
    And then click on another button to go back to dry with just the amp to skip shutting everything on and off.
    Or see if I have another preset I want to sign to another floor button with a completely different amp setup..
    I learn how to do this on Guitar rig with the line 6 MIDI controller floorboard in my computer

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    • Music Gear Network
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      Thank you and I will do that, just for you! Thank you for the suggestion!

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    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      Yes that could be done down the road. however these units have good resale value so if you ever decide to jump up to the next level my thoughts would be to sell the HX Effects and move up to a floor. But in the meantime, congrats on your purchase.

  • Poo Ninja
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    tech tips :) glad your internets is good. when I got my 1st podxt live I had to go to a friends house to update and register my purchases. I've upgraded from the dial up since then thank God. now I just gotta keep my drivers up to date for the 500hd as windows loses them like every windows updates :(

    • Music Gear Network
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      Indeed I am thrilled to no longer have to worry about internet! Thank you!

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    Hi Eric, thanks for this video. Very clear. Do you have same kind for starting with powercab 112 plus ? I'll get mine next week.

  • Marstudios 7
    Marstudios 7 2 years ago +1

    Excellent!!! One question how you can make some balancing level effects in Helix Line 6? I’m struggling with the snapshots volume level every time I make a switch between clean sound, distortion, lead distortion and so on. Some of the effects are too loud or too low. Any help please.

    • Marstudios 7
      Marstudios 7 2 years ago

      Also one suggestion. I love the way you explain all these features. You should make a Helix bundle videos. I mean explaining step by step about this multi effects from the beginning to the end. Because it is now for me very difficult jumping around looking for helix tutorials in Clip-Share. Some people make the set up through the computer but I like the manually way you do it with the interface. I would be the first one to buy it. Just a suggestion.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago

      @Marstudios 7 I'll do one in an upcoming LIVE stream. I have not gone live (with guitar) in at least a few weeks.

    • Marstudios 7
      Marstudios 7 2 years ago +1

      Music Gear Network Do you have a tutorial explaining about this volume changes. I’m totally a rookie with the Helix Line 6 and this interface has a lot of things in there.

    • Marstudios 7
      Marstudios 7 2 years ago

      Music Gear Network Thanks a lot 🙏🏽 master.

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  2 years ago +1

      When it comes to changing volume between snapshots there are several ways to go about this. 1 way is using a compressor at the end of the path. Example: Clean channel, comp gain say 5.5db. Dirty channel 7db, Lead channel 8.5db. Another way is to just change the volumes of the amp's master or channel volume per snapshot. Clean channel master say 5.5, Dirty 7, Lead 8.5 etc. You just need to make subtle differences, you don't want any of the snapshots to slap you in the face, but just be loud enough to be heard. Hope this helps.

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    Line6 are missing the 10% of guitarist who spend 90% of the money on gear.We have large guitar and amp collections.We gig regularly and would love to reduce the weight and size of our gear.
    Don’t forget,the first company to build a simple Helix will sell out within hours in our country.
    Thanks again for your prompt reply.We love good service.👍🎸🎸

    • Music Gear Network
      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

      A USB thumb drive is a small portable storage device that you can use to back files etc up. In this case the manual comes on it. There are many thorough video tutorials here on Clip-Share on how to use Helix as well. Not just on my channel, on many channels. I'm happy to assist where/when possible as well. Trust me, I was never a digital person. Probably the most unlikely to ever go digital. But I learned rather quickly.

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      @Michael Tuggey Awesome so great to hear!! Here is to a great 2020 filled with awesome tone and inspiration. Cheers!

    • Michael Tuggey
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      Music Gear Network yes I just purchased a Helix a few months ago and have felt a bit overwhelmed, even after playing got 30 years or so. (I’m 46). This was a great primer on getting a Van Halen time that I love! Thanks again!

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      Music Gear Network  3 years ago

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    • Dave Carsley
      Dave Carsley 3 years ago +1

      No. It will just overwrite the last registrant of that serial number. Line 6 planned for used sales. Of course, the warranty only goes from the time the FIRST person registered it-- you don't get the full warranty if you buy used, but you get all the other benefits of registering